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Author Topic: Looking for a Co-GM  (Read 29371 times)

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Offline HockeyGodTopic starter

Looking for a Co-GM
« on: February 14, 2012, 07:06:46 PM »

This is a test thread to see how it goes over. There were a few discussions about the difficulty in finding a co-GM when starting a game. Michi kicked our butts inspired us to test out a thread specifically for recruitment.

Are you creating a group game and  looking for co-pilots (co-GMs)?

The guidelines are fairly simple:

1. Respond to this thread listing your group idea in as much detail as you would like.
2. Anyone interested should PM the individual rather than adding to this thread.
3. When the position has filled, please return and mark it as filled.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2012, 07:49:11 PM »
Thank you to all who have PMed me. I will be discussing it with everyone and, eventually, a Co-GM will be picked.

Camp Gamall

In keeping with my former Camp Half-Blood game and Aiden's amazing Camp Jupiter, a Norse camp has been discussed. A safe place for the human children of the Norse Gods to train and interact with others of their own kind. Much like other pantheons, the Norse Gods have 'evolved' with the times and now their children must survive the modern world while still keeping with the traditions of their Deity parents. While not as well known or talked about as the Greek and Roman Gods, the Norse Gods are just as interesting and have their own issues. In truth, I find them more interesting in many aspects.

I've already worked out a few details on my own, such as the location of the camp. I felt an Alaskan coast line would work the best. More so since it's so remote and isolated that they would need a way of getting out quickly and a quick means of Earthly Bifröst. This Bifröst would allow them quick travel to various places in America and, with special permission, into Asgard (guarding and use of the Earthly Bifröst is controlled by the children of Heimdallr).

For a quick over view of some ideas I had:

Frost Giants (of course!) attacking Asgard and the camp.
Fenrir (or his children) devouring campers who are brave enough (or stupid enough) to travel outside the camp alone.
Loki (or his children inside the camp) causing mayhem.
Meeting Jörmungandr (Midgard Serpent) who is currently living in the waters of the Bering Strait.

Anyway, I'm looking for a Co-GM for this. I'm no good at GMing on my own. I get overwhelmed, so I need the help. As for specific 'missions' and 'quests', I would prefer to discuss them in PM so as not to leave them out in the public eye for everyone to see and spoil the surprises.

The kind of GM I'm looking for is someone who can tell me that an idea sucks when it needs to be said, but also someone who has at lease minor knowledge in Norse Mythology. While I dislike doing it, I do plan on pulling a bit of lore from the Marvel universe since that is a more well known 'Norse' lore.

Anyway, as the first post says to do, PM me.

**Gamall means Snow. It's called Camp Snow. >.>
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2012, 01:52:21 AM »

So with the upcoming movie coming out, I dived into the books and after reading them thought that a game based around the arena and the actual Hunger Games is just too good an idea to pass up.  The setting itself would surround the 51st Games, and the tributes who will enter the arena.  The Tributes will be made up of one boy and one girl(ages 16-18 per Elliquiy rules) from each of the 12 districts.  They will than be thrown into a game of survival, where they can form alliances to kill off the other tributes, but in the end, only one will stand.

The wikia for it has already been put up, here, but it hasn't been completely finished yet.  The game itself will have a very simple d20 system, where each character will have a determined number of Attack, Defence, and HP points, that's reliant on which district said character is from. In battle the attacker, and defender will roll a d20, and the one with the higher number will be the one who inflicts damage. The difference in rolls will be the number of HP subtracted, and when a players HP count hits zero, their character dies.

The system part is mainly why I'm looking for a co-GM.  While it's simple, I've never ran one, so having someone there to help with it, would be extremely helpful.  I plan on there being a lot of planning for this game, details worked out down to how many, and which weapons will be available in the arena.  But don't get me wrong, all the planning will result in lot's of fun.  Ideally, I'd like for any co-GM to have read the books, and be familiar with the setting.

So if anyone is interested, please let me know via PM, and we can get this thing started!
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2012, 04:57:30 AM »
I am looking for a Co-GM for Abducted by Tentacle Monsters, a game with the essential synopsis being that there is a intergalactic conglomerate known as the Collective runs a business where they capture girls from underdeveloped planets and then store them upon their ship as property to be used by their guests in a space cruise type of service that travels along the Galaxy stopping at certain planets to sight see or stop in order to switch out the supply of girls or even missions that the Collective needs to complete in private with certain individuals or governments.

Currently we are in an period where there have been pirates that have captured the Collective ship in a trap and they are now trying to board in order to rob, pillage, murder, do pirate stuff basically. I need a Co-GM that is experienced, doesn't mind that there will be times due to RL that they will be the driving force of the RP for a bit. Someone that I bounce ideas off for the game with so that it is not just my game but it will be our game that we are running with our players.

I know that my summary so far has been pretty brief but there is much that is not set in stone in this little story and so there are things that are changeable or have unstated so far in the story. I am sure that when we get in further correspondence that I will be able to further shed some light on the matter.

Contact me by PM and let us see if we can get this partnership started.

Offline kckolbe

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #4 on: May 31, 2012, 12:47:12 AM »
Hello!  I am about to kick off a Hogwarts-themed group RP using a modified version of Song of Ice and Fire RP by Green Ronin.  The game will be set 5 years after Deathly Hallows.  With Voldemort dead, the Death Eaters have begun splintering off into smaller cells, and one of the characters will be playing one of them.  I would love a co-GM or two to help with NPCs and plot brainstorming.

The system is very easy to learn and the rules are posted in the threads.

Offline AndyZ

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2012, 10:35:39 AM »
So I'm working on a game called Soulblades.  Oversimplified, it's about a college in which various people suddenly manifest various abilities as monsters start attacking en masse.  I'm hoping to combine a sort of college experience feel with a kick-butt-and-take-names anime style.

Right now, though, we're getting rather heavy on heterosexual males, and even if someone doesn't want to help with the monsters and fighting aspect, I could really use someone to help throw together NPCs of heterosexual females to complete the story and round out the feeling of an actual campus before all hell breaks loose.

Offline BlackestKnight

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2012, 02:15:44 PM »
Lately, I've been  craving a roleplay based on tv show American Horror Story though with original characters but set in a different house. Characters would play either a ghost, neighbor or a member of the unlucky family that moves into the house. The only going in is that I'm really tired of GMing roleplays, and I need someone who's a bit more detail and task oriented to balance my big picture creative personality.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #7 on: February 25, 2013, 08:31:03 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'm throwing together ideas for my first group RP - it's based on the zombie comic series/TV series "The Walking Dead". It'll take place in a universe based on those sources, but it'll be set in California, a few thousand miles away from what's happening in the canon material. All new characters, all new storyline.

It'll be a system game - probably something very simple, primarily to address combat and zombie attacks. I'd like most of the social interactions to remain freeform. I have some ideas for the type of system I want to use, but I'm amenable to ideas and suggestions. But plenty of zombies. ;D

I've not ever run a group RP before, so I'm looking for an experienced GM to give some guidance and lend a hand in collaborating on this bad boy. :) My RL job also can take me away from E for a couple of days at a time every few months or so, so I need someone who's willing to take care of things solo sometimes.

I have some strong ideas for the storylines of this RP, and the direction I want it to go ... but as I said, ideally, I want this to be a collaborative GM effort. Input and ideas from a Co-GM will be more than welcome. :)

PM me if interested. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #8 on: March 05, 2013, 03:35:07 PM »
So, rather than the "Walking Dead" RP - which I decided would be more complicated than I originally thought, and probably wouldn't be a good RP for a first-time GM - I decided to go for something simpler, and freeform.

Here it is: The Maiden Voyage of the RMS Mystic. "Titanic"+"Twin Peaks" = weird, smutty, semi-historical goodness (hopefully).

Anyway ... interest proved to be a little more than I expected, so if anyone's interested in co-GMing with me, I'd appreciate the help, and would be glad to collaborate on this with you!

Online Dhi

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #9 on: March 12, 2013, 11:17:00 PM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Planescape was a Dungeons & Dragons setting that focused on the otherworldly planes of existence such as heavenly Celestia, clockwork Mechanus, volcanic Gehenna, and the near planes such as the Elemental Plane of Fire. Connecting all of these places and untold more is the incredible city of Sigil, a trade nexus and battleground for fifteen philosopher-orders each competing to shape reality through the power of belief. These powers, and the grudges of extraplanar creatures who populate Sigil, are kept in check by the silent and enigmatic Lady of Pain, whose power within Sigil is absolute.

What I want to do here is a sandboxy plot-based, freeform game set in the pre-Faction War era of Planescape. What this means is that all Planescape lore up to the last book, Faction War, is canonical. Since the website is mostly dedicated to speculation of what happened post-Faction War, it's going to be a mixed bag resource, but it is still one of the best resources out there.

I have it in mind to weave a small-scale story within Sigil, focused around the Society of Sensation, the Sign of One, and the Doomguard. The rest of the factions are probably too ambitious for a small group game, but would make appearances as minor characters. It would be a lesbian-friendly game, with lesbian NPCs and emphasis on the sexually liberated elements of the setting in the vein of Great Gatsby.

I prefer a co-GM who knows the setting, or at least the Dungeons & Dragons game. Access to the books The Factol's Manifesto and Uncaged: The Faces of Sigil would be extra awesome.

I'm also willing to share my AIM contact info to help us communicate faster. It isn't required, though.
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM -BOSCO!!!
« Reply #10 on: April 28, 2013, 03:26:13 PM »

Summer Crest American school in Switzerland is the most prestigious boarding school in the world.  It's undeniable that only the cream of the crop can attend, considering how high the tuition is.  But the school isn't just the playground of the rich and influential, it's also the only known school to accept supernatural creatures in the world.  The waiting list to get in is so long that there's automatically a two year waiting period, but for those who are accepted, they'll find an education rivaled by none other.

But something new is coming to Summer Crest, something never before done at the school.  For the first time, the senior class will be required to participate in a pen pal program.  The program is completely confidential, and even the students won't know who they're writing to.  But what the teachers and school board isn't aware of, is the possible drama that this program could bring.  It's a good thing the students need some shaking up, or this could all end in disaster.

This group game will be lightly plot driven, and freeform.  It' will center around the senior class of this supernatural boarding school, and I'm expecting most, if not all of the students being played will be some sort of creature or other.  The universe would be one where the knowledge of such beings aren't widespread, but  I'd say 2/10 people would have some sort of connection to them, be it either through family, acquaintance , or rumor.  The school itself would require, and binds with magic the silence of all students before they are admitted, so that no scandal would spread past the schools walls.  So although all the student's would need to have a humanoid facade, it's not uncommon for them them to go around with their real physical features peeking through. 

BOSCO is an American boarding school, so the majority of it's student's are American, but it's possible that some students are from elsewhere.  It's an elevator school, so the students would have started off in it's Pre-k program, and pass up through the elementary, middle, and finally high school.  Any student, unless specifically recruited by the staff, would have had to started in the Pre-K program, meaning everyone would have known each other for years, even if just in passing.

What I'm looking for, is one or two co-Gm's to help me flesh out any details that seem to be lacking, come up with some fresh ideas, and help me with plotting.  On the technical side, I'd need help approving characters, handling questions, and in general help with managing the game.  I've tried several times with this game, and it's never failed to gain a good number of dedicated players.  But I definitely need help keeping it's momentum going, and so on and so forth.  The game itself is pretty interactive, since we've implemented fake google+ accounts, to enhance the play.  So please let me know if you'd be interested in helping me.
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #11 on: May 08, 2013, 02:13:16 PM »
Actually, I'm looking for a GM.

I recently posted a recruitment thread to Prison Planet - Hell Frozen Over. The game has not yet started, but I figured as it is for female characters only, I would be fair and post a recruitment thread for a male only version.

It is this all-male game that I am looking for a GM for.

Prison Planet - The Fires Of Hell.

Please PM me if you are interested in running this game.


Online LamentingQuill

Need Co-GM for Sailor Moon/Marvel group roleplay
« Reply #12 on: July 24, 2013, 11:30:33 PM »
I want to bring together the group of Sailor Moon and the marvel universe to take down a new evil and perhaps even find love :)

I would very much like to find a Co-GM knowledgeable about the Marvel side of the rp as I am very knowledgeable about Sailor Moon.

Drop me a PM and we'll get crackin!

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A Harry Potter group game shouldn't be too hard right?
« Reply #13 on: August 02, 2013, 11:54:58 PM »
Hey, I'm looking for a Co-Gm to help me run a Harry Potter Cannon RP. While I don't need one for the initial bits, if the game gets big, I would like to know I have someone willing to help me out.

This is the premise
Harry Potter and the Rise of the Light

That year was supposed to be the end of everything. We were about to head towards Hogwarts to end it all. We were to find a horcrux and face Voldemort. We were late. The Light, as we call ourselves, had already destroyed two horcruxes before we broke the locket. And the break in to Gringotts was hardly a quiet affair. So when Bellatrix alerted her master of the loss of another horcrux, Riddle didn’t hesitate to move on the final hold of the light, the castle meant for learning where he had stored one of his many horcruxes, Hogwarts. He couldn’t risk losing another and having the target come closer to him. Nagini after all was usually close by at all times and her death would mean four pieces of his soul obliterated. Not even including if they did manage to destroy the goblet or the diadem.

This RP was inspired by]this group of pictures. This is the timeline that is set in stone as of right now:

Gringotts Bank was robbed by the Golden Trio. However, instead of heading to Hogsmead, they lay low for a few days. This was a mistake.

Voldemort attacks the castle, intending to reclaim his diadem. Knowing Harry is not in the castle due to the Horcrux in Harry, he doesn’t wait and instead storms the Castle immediately and without warning. Details of the battle are unknown as of yet. Casualties unknown.

I want the RP to start with the news of the Battle to the Trio/Aftermath of the Battle to other Cannons, just so you as the player understand where we’ll be starting.

This is, for the beginning, a Canon RP. I’m willing to take volunteers for the following Cannons:

  • Harry Potter
  • Ron Weasley
  • Neville Longbottom
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Draco Malfoy

Mind you, these are the Cannons open for the beginning of the RP and I will add more Canon options when we’re getting further along (including but not limited to other Weasleys, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Severus Snape), as well as the potential for OCs. Also, I will not open availability for Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood. Hermione, I intend to use and Luna is who I want to play (and will use in the beginning for plot).

This is intended as a long running RP running years of Game Time. As such elements I wish to implement: Torture and Non-con. I intend for people to get caught at some point or another.

That being said:

  • This will be in the Non-Con section
  • When I open this up for OC’s, All gender types and Sexualities will be accepted.
  • Cannon Players: I expect you to have fun. These kids are going into what we expect to be college age. Any experimentation you want to have, as long as it’s mutual between players, go for it.
  • This RP is not a sex RP: This is meant to be highly emotional situation so sex will happen. It’s not the focus. Story/Character Development is.
  • This doesn’t have a system yet. However, in the meantime, I will ask for rolls of dice and character deaths/captures will occur. I will let you know and I will have a true system prepared for OCs. Cannon Players, I will make sure you see my rolls so you know I’m not just randomly deciding this. I will have consistent numbers by the time we start for Cannon characters.
  • My Cannon characters listed now need to be dedicated to this RP. I really want these characters to stick around for the long haul and do not wish to have to pause the RP or take on another Main Cannon to continue.
  • A minimum post requirement of once a week (barring emergencies and the like) will be implemented. I will ask after one week of no posting (if you’re not waiting for someone else) if something’s going on/check A/As.

Please PM me if interested or if you have any tips. This will be my first time GMing so any tips will be more than welcome.

Edit: Fixed a code...
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Offline Dotley

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #14 on: August 05, 2013, 10:34:03 PM »

A [Psychological] [Science Fantasy] [Mecha] Small Group Game

This is an idea for a small group story that I’ve had brewing in my head for a while now. I’ve led numerous group games outside of E for years, but this will be my first time hosting a group story on E so I’m a little nervous. This will be a small group, probably no more than five-ish writers, so I can handle most of the technical things on my own. What I need help with is solidifying the plot and fine tuning/organizing my ideas. I’m great at developing characters, concepts, themes, worldbuilding, and I’m a fountain of miscellaneous ideas, but I need someone who would be happy to act as my sounding board and help me tweak the plot. I need someone willing to invest themselves in the story as much as I am and isn’t wary about giving me a nudge when they notice something amiss or think it could be improved.

Premise of the Story

The basis of the story is that in 2050 a large meteorite crashed into the ocean. A few months later the earth was attacked by abnormal, monstrous entities that arose from the ocean. Most of these monsters were no bigger than a horse or a school bus, but some were bigger. And they were numerous. They swarmed villages, towns, and cities and attacked indiscriminately. They destroyed structures and hunted down humans seemingly without purpose. There was no way to negotiate with them and no matter how many were killed they seemed to continue rising from the deepest depths of the oceans. The militaries of the world managed to stand against the onslaught until something much bigger appeared. It was humanoid, almost a hundred feet and it’s destruction capabilities were so severe and unlike anything human’s could explain that it was attributed to magic. And most horrific was there resistance to human weaponry. More followed in its wake. Humans named them demons and welcomed the apocalypse.

But humanity made the decision not to go down without a fight. The nations of the world pooled their resources and their greatest minds together to make humanity’s most complicated achievement of technology: the Grigori. Large constructions both mechanical and organic piloted by two people that possess the ability to hurt, and even kill, the demons.

The story will kick off in 2099 with humanity still battling against demons using the Grigori. While humanity has managed to somewhat recover the war is far from over. It will focus on an international military organization that is charged with safeguarding the world using the Grigori. Characters in the story will include the pilots of the Grigori and various other personnel within the organization. The mecha in this story will be heavily inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion and Pacific Rim. And Twin Peaks.

Essential Information
  • Recruitment for this story isn’t roaring to go yet. I’d need my Co-Pilot to be willing to hash some things over with me for a while before we go searching for interested writers.
  • Freeform. No system or dice will be used to determine character actions. However the story will be structured and writers will be following a plot guideline. This isn’t a sandbox, but writers will have control over their character’s fate and how their character develops.
  • The genre of the story will be primarily science fantasy and psychological. It will also have a strong apocalypse and military influence. When the characters aren’t busy fighting demons there will be “slice of life” scenes that will spice the story with romance, tragedy, etc.
  • Sexual Activity: Romance and sex will be allowed to occur, but will be optional. Flirting and sex can be a great way to express or deepen character relationships, but it’s not the main point of the story.
  • Writing Style & POV: Third person and past tense.

Co-Pilot Checklist
  • Non-negotiable requirements: Must be willing to write with and OOCly talk with Lieges, Ladies, and Lords. Writers will be allowed to write characters with any sex, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation they wish. The writer’s characters might not reflect the writer’s real life sex, gender, or sexual orientation. My co-pilot must be 100% comfortable with that. They must also be comfortable with the story including gay/lesbian/bi/queer/etc characters and the possibility of trans* characters. The story will be very LGBT friendly.
  • Must be available to respond to PMs within at least three days and finds a one or two post per week posting requirement for when the story starts agreeable.
  • Should be quivering with anticipation at the psychological exploration of characters that the story will allow.
  • Should be comfortable and willing to play multiple characters. The structure of the story will work best if each writer controls at least two characters and I need my Co-Pilot to help out with that.

Interested in being my Co-Pilot for this story? PM me!

Don’t want to Co-Pilot, but like what you've read? PM me so I can let you know when the recruitment for the story goes up!
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Offline kckolbe

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2013, 12:07:26 AM »

Looking for 1-2 co GMs for this game, which will be run for between 5-12 PCs.

EDIT:  Surprisingly, this has been filled.  Still accepting players, though.
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Offline kckolbe

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #16 on: October 11, 2013, 09:14:26 AM »
Looking for 1-2 co-GMs for a system-based Battlestar Galactica game.  The system is an adaptation of Green Ronin's Song of Ice and Fire.  The game will "zoom out" from focusing on Viper pilots and give a little more spotlight to political and leadership issues, to include resource managements.  I've almost finished adapting the system (which I also adapted for my Hogwarts game) and it is easy to learn. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #17 on: October 19, 2013, 01:31:53 AM »
Toying with the f the item of getting my group game running once again but I need 2 Co-GM's and will not go forward without having them.

Everything can be found Here Please feel free to PM if you have questions.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #18 on: October 19, 2013, 06:49:11 PM »
Toying with the f the item of getting my group game running once again but I need 2 Co-GM's and will not go forward without having them.

Everything can be found Here Please feel free to PM if you have questions.

Sent you a message. I was part of that game, and was hoping it hadn't died yet. I just knew you had gotten busy with life and other things. :-)

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #19 on: February 10, 2014, 07:21:11 PM »
Sengoki Academy. Where warriors, mages, and all different races meet from across the realms for only one purpose. The hopes of becoming a HERO.

When you enter Sengoki Acadmy your first exam is a display of your magic/skill in front of the whole school. The senior psychics and Hero's of the school use this to judge your potential. And when it is complete you are either named Hero or Guardian. This combo is not always as typical as it seems. There have been healers that possessed the will of a Hero and had a strong protector at her side. As well as Mighty warrior heroes supported by mighty magicians. At Sengoki Academy It takes more than skill and power to be a Hero.

After your role is chosen you must find a partner. Every Hero needs a guardian. The Hero and Guardian live together in their own suite and will train and learn together at the academy. At the end of every month a tournament is held to determine rankings in the academy. The role of Hero and Guardian will be chosen at random after enough characters will join. Unless you would like the have the start be where everyone displays all their skills!?

So I really want to join a rp like this but i dont really want to gm it so if anyone wants to take this I have much more storyline. Plot ideas and NPC's and such to share. Also in addition to this one because this school is geared towards Heroes. If there was enough interest there could also be.

Sengeki Academy

School for witches, demons, killers and all others seeking to be Overlords. The school simply encourages teamwork but does not take away anyone's right to be an Overlord. The school only has one large dorm to encourage mixing and mingling. And a relaxing spa. For the days of training are harsh, rough, and for lesser demons deadly. :) Every month there is a tournament held to see who the strongest is. You may partner up or you may not. Doesn't matter to us we just like to see the torture.

I was thinking the schools were run by twin sisters. The Evil school often attacking or playing pranks on Hero school. Of course with the living arrangements on both schools there will be varying sexiness. For example, Hero school seems more consensual while Evil school could get close to NC, exotic. Well these are my ideas to get you interested. Any interest in this rp? Or if you would like to gm and want more of the storyline i have in thought let me know.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2014, 08:56:16 AM »
Position filled, but I wouldn't say no if someone else offered to help

The Paradise Camp Site

Welcome to The Paradise Camp Site. We have well over twenty acres of spacious pitches for your tents, interspersed with woodlands and streams. Our facilities include a heated outdoor pool, an on-site shop, a restaurant with fully licensed bar serving buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners, a games room, a well equipped dungeon, a private sandy beach, complete with licensed bar, sun loungers and sun shades.

Please do not light camp fires or barbecues on the ground. Barbecues are permitted if they are kept off the grass. We offer an ice-pack freezing service. Electrical hook-ups are available on most pitches. One car per pitch please.

Please be aware that clothing is not permitted to be worn at any time on the site. The only exception is an apron which may be worn whilst cooking.

Singles and swingers are welcome. Under 16s are NOT permitted, under 18s are permitted with written consent from a parent or guardian.

The camp site is SLGBTI friendly. Any activity is permitted between consenting adults.

Now Looking For a Co-GM

Duties to include:

  • Playing the various NPC staff characters I have created, when they are needed to interact with players characters.
  • Creating threads for player character's "pitches"
  • Assisting with moving approved character sheets to the appropriate thread
  • Assisting with approving characters and explaining how the game runs to new players (Full training will be given)
  • Monitoring the IC threads and bringing any anomalies to the players' attention.
  • Monitoring the OOC discussion thread, sorting out any queries that may arise, helping to keep the peace and generally contributing to the overall flavour of the game
  • Communicating with the GM constantly regarding in-game activities

In addition to the above you will be allowed to have a player character of your own, should you wish. I would prefer you limit this one one PC, as the NPCs could very well take up  some time.

All of the above activities will be shared with myself, hence the need for communication.

I would prefer an experienced Co-GM, but I'm willing to give someone new and enthusiastic a go. Please note that all the Rules Of Play detailed in the OOC thread apply equally to you and me! We get to bend them occasionally, is all.

Here is a link to the recruitment thread. From there a link can be found to the OOC thread, and llnks to the IC threads are in the fourth OOC post.

If you are interested, please send me a PM and we can discuss it.
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #21 on: March 11, 2014, 08:18:53 AM »
Looking for a Co-GM for Magic: The Rousing. 

Co-GM responsibilities would include:

Leading scenes as a story-teller for the players.
Assisting in the management and running of the OOC and story threads.
Assisting in the mitigation and resolution of future conflicts between players.
Operating as a sounding board for plots and story arcs.
Adding to the creative element between the GMs and the players.
Assisting with the creation of plot, story, characters, and setting

Game Details, Player Expectations, Rules, and so forth[/spoiler
~~The world is much like our own.  Technology is at the center of the average person’s daily life.  Texting has usurped talking as the favored mode of communication.  Cell phones are owned by all but the most underprivileged.  Wiki pages have replaced reference books as quicker and easier ways of learning.  Despite rising gas prices, Americans continue to drive their S.U.V.s and trucks, and “Big Oil” continues to ensure that “alternative energy” is nothing more than a dreamer’s dream.  Dozens of animal species enter extinction each year.  Drastic weather changes are occurring across the globe.  War continues to rage in the Middle East.  The United States has troops committed to several fronts; while North Korea actively seeks to gain nuclear weapons.  A world-wide recession has effected much of Europe and North America.  And a rash of natural disasters has strained the already-struggling countries.

But, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Behind it all, is something that has been hidden since Ancient times.  Magic.  It is real, and with it an entire world that has never been seen by the average human.  It is a world of wonder and danger.  It is a mysterious world with rules and laws that we do not understand or comprehend.  A place in which a select few can wield unimaginable power, if they can but survive long enough.~~

About the game: This will be primarily a GM-driven role play with some sandbox elements.  It will have a somewhat episodic structure with GM-driven missions bracketed by sandbox-style role play.  There will be planned character growth with the ability for the characters to gain both positive and negative stats and attributes.  No system knowledge is required as everything will be managed “behind the curtain” by the GM.  Inspiration has been taken from shows such as; Grimm, True Blood, Teen Wolf, Lost Girl, The Dresden Files and Charmed.

Characters: All Player Characters will be college-aged (18-26) with a history of having experienced something unexplainable.  Characters can come from anywhere in the world and I will be looking for five characters altogether.  I will be looking for rounded and well-developed characters.  The more time you spend on creating your character the more potential for growth and development during game play.  Character advancement will be discussed between the GM and the player.  No "loner" type character will be accepted at this time. 

Players: Looking for players who can commit to posting once every 2-3 days; who can illustrate and develop their character’s personality with their writing; who can write descriptive action scenes; who can make their character’s magic come to life with their words; and who can adapt to twists in the story, as well as, accept unexpected happenings to their character.  I'm looking for players who can conduct themselves with maturity, work amiably to resolve misunderstandings, and who will keep drama out of the OOC.  Further, I’m looking for players who are willing to collaborate with the GM and each other in an attempt to create a dynamic and enjoyable story for all.  Please enter this game with a genuine interest in interacting with other players and a desire to post as frequently as you are allowed.

Rules and Expectations:
   1.  Drama is good in the story, not in the OOC or PMs.  That being said, there are bound to be misunderstandings.  It is critical to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and to attempt to communicate your thoughts and feelings as accurately as possible.  Any misunderstanding should be settled via PMs with the GM included in the discussion.  If the parties involved are unable to settle the misunderstanding the GM will intervene.  The GMs word is final.

   2.  In order to maintain the pace of the story it will be important for players post once every 3 days.   If you know you will be unable to post within 3 days of your last post, please do the following: remove your character from the scene, notify the other players in the OOC as to why you needed to remove your character from the scene, and PM the GM as to how long you believe you’ll be unable to post.

   3.  If a player does not post within 3 days the player’s character will be skipped or controlled by the GM, depending on the scene.  If the player does not post within 2 weeks, and does not notify the GM of the absence, the player character will become inactive.  Inactive characters will be written out of the story, either through character death or another means.  A player may be allowed to return to the game, after becoming inactive and having their character written out of the story, if there is room in the current cast.  The player’s character will start from the beginning or half the average character’s value (determined by the GM).

   4.  Please post using a third person tense (I.e, "He", not "I")

   5.  One liners - Please, don't do it. Even in conversation, things happen around your character. People pass through, observations are made, thoughts happen. Give your partner/s the consideration of having something to react to

   6. Power gaming/Meta gaming - will not be tolerated. I define this as reacting to OOC information in an IC manner. If your character has no way of ascertaining said information, and you react to it, this is powergaming, and you'll be receiving a post from me to edit.

   7.  God-Mode - 9/10 times, if this happens it's going to come back to bite you in the ass. This includes random plot points that were not discussed with me that have an unfair impact upon game play. The 10% of the time that it will be allowed is if previously discussed with me. If what you’re about to have your character do feels like it might be considered Godding PM me. It is better to ask first then be penalized for it later.

   8.  Combat - It's going to happen here and there, pleas, use common sense.  If it's with a GM controlled character, give me/it a chance to respond.  If you write nine paragraphs, and mortally wound whatever it is as soon as it appears, I'm going to counter the very first thing you attempt, and your entire book of actions will result in squat.  If you manage to get the jump on a sleeping combatant, or it has its back turned, with no attention paid to you, we'll talk.   If Player vs. Player combat occurs, it will be expected that the players involved work out an amiable solution.  If this is not possible, rolls will be used and the players involved will be expected to accept the results.

Items of Note:

    1.  Character death will only occur if a character becomes inactive or the player requests it.

    2.  There will be both negative and positive consequences for in-character actions.  Most negative consequences will not be permanent unless the player wishes them to be.  Positive consequences will be permanent unless something happens in the story to remove the boon.

    3.  Cast selection will not be “First come, first served”.  The GM will select the best character applications for the story the GM wishes to tell.  Males can play female characters and females may play male characters.

    4.  All human character types will be welcome, from anywhere within the world.  Sexual preference will not be taken into consideration when selecting the cast.  Players should realize that there may not be a romantic partner for everyone.  While romance is welcomed, that will not be the focus of the story. 

    5. The PC's magic, early on, will not be all powerful.  Through IC activity and training the characters will be able to develop their abilities and those abilities will gradually progress in strength.  Players should expect to be on the bottom of the food chain for awhile.

    6. This game is about exploration and survival.  That being said the game world will be small, to begin with, centering around Denver, CO.  As the characters gain strength, more things will be drawn into their sphere of awareness.  Eventually, I would like to expand the game to be world encompassing.

    7.  Although character death is reserved for characters that become inactive (or upon player request), I expect players to treat every situation as if that was a real possibility.  Please, don't make me regret the decision to avoid character death.

    8.  Stupidity (I.e., deciding to reveal the magical community) will alert authorities, resulting in very bad things.

How the game began
It was but a single random meeting in a day full of random meetings.  It happened in a public place - a supermarket, a gas station, on the subway, on a bus or at the bus stop, in the quad of your campus, or the lobby of your work.  The older, distinguished looking man didn't seem to be out-of-place, though he was dressed remarkably well with a grey pin-striped shirt and solid grey tie underneath a navy blue colored Sport Coat and tucked into his matching dress pants.  His shoes, for those who pay attention to that type of thing, appeared to be of Italian leather and didn't have a blemish on them.  Short, grey strands of meticulously groomed hair peeked out from beneath his grey Homburg style hat.  The man may not have appear to be out-of-place, but his walking cane with a golden emblazoned Derby shaped handle definitely was.

It would have been easy to have disregarded the man and for him to have been lost in the sea of faces you see everyday - even with his lavish cane - except for three simple words, that you would later swear were whispered into your ear by the man despite the fact that he never came closer than an arm's length to you. 

"Magic is real."

For the remainder of the day those words echoed and repeated through the vastness of your mind.  It became difficult to concentrate and focus and you found yourself absently scrawling the words on a number of pieces of paper, on the back of your hand and forearm, on your desk at school or work, and on the napkins when you ate.  Other things occurred during the day.  No fewer than three light-bulbs blew as you passed by.  The fluorescent hall lights flickered when you walked beneath them, as did the street lamps on your way home that evening.  Shadowy objects danced on the edges of your vision, but when you turned your head to look there was nothing, and when you entered your home that evening the hairs on the back of your neck stood up as goosebumps prickled upon your skin and a very unsettling chill raced down your spine.

You didn't get much sleep that night, as your mind was continuously and undeniably drawn to a memory you hadn't thought upon for years.  It was a memory that you were certain had happened sometime during your childhood.  Your parents, siblings, and friends have always denied its occurrence, but deep down you know the truth.  The memory is unique for each of you; though, whether it was in your room talking with your grandfather after he had passed; or that time you had nearly drowned, but at that last moment, when you couldn't hold your breath any longer and your body had no other choice but to breathe water, you found yourself safely sitting at the water's edge; or when you were watching your younger sibling who chased that ball into the street as that bass-booming, texting teenager raced with impending doom upon the place the child stood, doing 75 in a 25 - the brakes were never even applied and the car didn't even swerve - yet, somehow, after that car had gone-by, your sibling was standing, in that exact spot, unscathed, clutching that ball to their chest with bulging eyes the size of baseballs; or any number of other unbelievable tales.

The next morning, amidst the carnage of messed blankets and sheets upon your bed, you found it.  A simple white 2x4 business card.  At first you thought it was blank, but when you picked it up you saw the gold calligraphy.  David Godhand, III.  2014 Hidden Crest Dr., Denver, CO, 80220.  (303) 362-4364.  It was an interesting card, as you soon discovered that you were the only one who could read it.  Whether curiosity got the better of you, or you were compelled, you called the number and before you were more than a minute into the conversation, you were graciously accepting an invitation to fly, all expenses paid, to Denver and to meet with David Godhand the Third.  It was only after you hung up the phone that you noticed, when the sun's rays reflected off the back of the card at just the right angle, a message appeared.  Magic is real.

Please PM me if you have interest.

Thank you.


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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
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Looking for a Co-GM, no knowldge of the world the game is based off is necessary.

Co-GM responsibilities would include:

Leading scenes
Assisting in the management and running of the game
Assisting in the resolution of any conflicts between players.
Assisting with the creation of plots, story ideas and NPCs

PM\IM me

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #23 on: June 15, 2014, 01:23:09 PM »
I'm planning on trying to run a psychological horror/thriller game with a heavy dose of Twilight Zone-esque mystery, and I think a co-GM would be a very nice thing to have to lighten the load and broaden the idea pool.

The Who (PCs) would be a bunch of ordinary people, unconnected, waking up as apparently the only people left in existence.
The Where (Setting), at first, would be a metropolitan city, or the shell of one, before transitioning to stranger places.
The What (Plot) would be environments or scenarios drawing from the characters' subconscious for various purposes.
The Why (Metaplot) is unformed right now, but could benefit from brainstorming.

Help creating/running scenes, managing IC location threads, adjudicating conflicts in Player vs Player or Player vs World, designing and adapting plot progression...everything a solo GM would do, basically, split over two twisted brains instead of one. Details to be discussed with interested volunteers, via PM.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #24 on: June 20, 2014, 04:41:43 PM »
I'm planning on running a freeform group game set at an exclusive Las Vegas casino/resort, where extremely rich and beautiful people can openly enjoy hedonistic pleasures without fear of having their exploits being splashed across the tabloids.

The real people running the casino are the entertainment - a hypnotist, and a magician and his sexy assistant - whose powers are quite real, and who can influence the behavior of others. The game would be considered N/C for this reason.

I'd ideally like a co-GM to work with. There's a lot of background stuff to still flesh out, and in case the game gets big I don't want to GM this myself (that's been a problem for me in the past).

PM me if you're possibly interested. Thanks. :)