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Author Topic: Desires of the Lamenting Quill (F seeking Alpha M characters, no submissives)  (Read 15481 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

I ask that no one comment on this thread anymore to avoid clutter. You may contact me in PM :)

I ask that my on's and off's are read through before any PMs are made to me. Believe me, I will know if you don't. Thank you for honoring my requests.

Ons and Offs of the Lamenting Quill

Color codes-

Green- Would jump through flaming hoops for this
Red- Want very badly
Blue- I'd really enjoy this
Dark red- Not important, but nice

Table of contents

1. Modern normal
2. Vampires
3. Fairies, Nymphs and other fantasy creatures
4. Werewolves
5. Demons/Angels
6. Deities and Gods
7. Monsters and Science Fiction
8. Dark Fantasy- where heroes lose
9. Historical
10. Fandoms
11. For the ladies (Storylines where I will play a male)
12. Youkai and Anthro (Example: Kitsune, Neko, etc.)
13. The Forbidden (Incest and other taboos)
14. Picture inspirations
15. Quill's male characters

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Modern/Normal (Basically containing only human beings)

They want me to marry my best friend?!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story is about a girl whose mother remarries a rich man and she gets sent to a posh French boarding school and meets the coolest friends in the world. She gets a big surprise though when she returns home to find out her parents and her friends's parents are forcing her to choose one of them as her husband!

The guys are as follows, looks are completely up to my partner of the character/s that he wishes to control, he may even change their names if he wishes, but not their nationalities, I wanted some variety :)

 Jean-Luc De La Rouche is French, Rourke MacDonough is Scottish, Aiden Welsh is Australian and then Hadleigh and Samuel Bristol are British twins .

There is a diary entry below written by the heroine :) Characters can be divided up between me and my partner unless he thinks he is up for the challenge of controlling all the guys. Otherwise, I do not mind controlling some of them myself.

Sample Post- Aaria's diary entry:

Dear Diary,


Now I understand that a lot of wealthy families can have very old customs that seem either eccentric or archaic, but this is just completely insane… Have they lost their marbles? Is this legal?

When I returned from Burner Side Boarding school in England, my final year a shining success, I expected to come home to my glowing parents, their faces full of pride and their lips unleashing praise of only the highest sorts, I expected to relax and enjoy the rest of my glorious summer in triumph, but no…

No… I come home to find my best friends, each of them as disgruntled as I was, it appeared my families wealth was decreasing rapidly and the business from my father’s shipping company was falling behind, not the mention that the employees of his casinos refused to slave away from the miniscule wages any longer, many of them had quit and spread the worth of the lousy, my father was a loss and had come up with what he thought of a genius way to save the family… me…

During my time at boarding school, I never got along with the preppy snobbish females that attended, my friends were all guys, five of which I was inseparable and them from me as well, they were as shocked as I was when my father wrote each of their families with his dilemma and now here all six of us stood in the parlor after learning the parents of my friends were eager to get their claws into the Mortocolus family name with the promise of my hand in marriage to the son I chose, a legacy of wealth just as legendary as their own, this combination would make their family ten times as powerful and renowned then they ever were before, such glory…

My darling friends, how kind they are being to me, so understanding that none of this was my own doing…

I met Jean-Luc De La Rouche, Rourke MacDonugh, Aiden Welsh, Hadleigh Bristol and Samuel Bristol on the first day of school, the start if the final year for all of us, we’d never even crossed paths before, but fate brought us all together in the cafeteria, due to one of Rourke’s unfortunate outbursts, a reaction the crude arrogance of one of the school’s prized soccer jocks, Rourke despises them.

Well, the outburst turned into a fist fight between Rourke and the jock, it was after blood could be seen on the jock’s face due to his unfortunate tussle with the Scotsman that Jean-Luc, Aiden, Hadleigh and Sam interfered, prying the two apart, Jean-Luc doing his best with his thick French accent to calm Rourke while the others kept the jock wrestled down on the ground, I stood mere feet from the scene, approaching slowly as Rourke tried getting up from the seat Jean-Luc had managed to get him in, I intended to offer any comfort I could to assist the Frenchman with the furious Scot.

It was then that shit hit the fan for all of us, the dean entered the cafeteria, ripped the guys off of the jock and took each and every one of us to his office, the most unfair event of my life, the dean believed every word his precious jock uttered and glared at the six of us as if we were the devil incarnate trying to blemish the school’s perfect soccer record, or Football as they insisted on calling it here in Merry Ole England, we never even got to put in even so much as a few words before the dean cut us off and sent us packing with the threat of expulsion should we continue any further.

It was so unfair, Diary, we were banished at that point to an empty lounge that hadn’t seen cleaning in what appeared to be decades, the dean left us there with cleaning products, scrub brushes, a bucket of soapy water and a mop, we were to clean the place top to bottom and not leave until the job was done and the place sparkled.

Who ever thought six people could box so tightly over cleaning a stupid teacher’s lounge, but we did, we all hung out together every day after that, and now, the six of us could never imagine living without one another, however I should get back the predicament at hand.

The families of my friends had dumped them all of my families manor for three weeks, that’s all the time I have to choose which of them I will agree to spend the rest of my life with as husband and wife, it’s all so insane.

Bless their hearts, my pals are all so supportive and have even begun to come with real legitimate reasons why I should choose one or the other, all these reasons so sweet and so caring, so full of warmth, they have said that if they had to go through an arranged marriage, they are grateful it’s me, someone they all care for deeply and heavens knows how I care about them too, I just wish this whole thing wasn’t so insane.

I have to go now, Diary, I can hear Jean-Luc calling me downstairs to tell me dinner is ready, his French accent always makes me smile, it’s also pretty sexy, points to the Frenchman, lol. Kidding. Though accents are indeed hot, hee hee.

~Aaria Mortocolus

Engaged to the mafia prince

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bianca Francesco was having the time of her young adult life, she was the daughter of the wealthiest hotel chain owner in the United States and she was dating the sweetest and most caring guy in the whole world, one whom she was certain was just a smidge away from proposing to her.

Her whole world comes crashing down on her however when she finds out her father had been paying protection money to the Italian mafia ever since he opened up his very first hotel, the worst part? Bianca's father stopped paying them over five years ago and the debt has been piling up to an amount more than he can afford to pay when they decide to come knocking.

At first the plan was to kill the hotel chain owner and rob his bank account for the money he owed them, but the plan changes when the mafia don's son catches sight of Bianca and asks his father to propose a deal to Mr. Francesco... the debt disappears and no further protection money needs paid...... if he can marry Bianca...

Offered role: son of the mafia don

Under the president's thumb- Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
18 year old Kiara Pier thought herself the luckiest girl in the world to earn a scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in the world, on the south of France. Académie de l'excellence, The Academy of Excellence.
Sure it made her sad to have to part from her mother during the school year, but this was an opporunity for an excellent education that she would never see again.
When she gets there, she is shocked to find she had captured the eye of the arrogant and handsome class president... whose father donates majority of the school's money.
Will she be able to avoid ending in his bed or will she have no choice but to submit to the most powerful person in the whole school...

Offered role: Class president

Sold to the highest bidder

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bianca Lockharte was a wealthy American Greek heiress to a vast fortune, or so she thought... unfortunately her father gambled away all of their money and then some to the co-owner of his import and shipping company, the young and handsome Diomedes Alessandri. The most influential businessman of his era.
Fortunately for her father and not so fortunate for her, Diomedes is willing to forgive the entire debt owed to him under one condition... he wants Bianca, as his wife... in every way.

Offered role: Diomedes Alessandri

The president's lady - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her senior year of high school and Melody Hope has big dreams for her future, she had worked herself hard to maintain excellent grades and perfect attendence, she planned to get into a top college and make her life something worth living.
What Melody did not expect? The senior class president, an arrogant rich snob, notices her when she arrives in the office to apply for a spot on the senior student council... and decides the lower class beauty with both looks and intelligence is the perfect girl to put on his arm...

Whether Melody likes it or not....


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eighteen year old Rosella has just ascended the throne as queen of her small island country and the gifts of congratulations are piling in, jewels and art of all kinds.
One early evening bring a young king just a few years older than her with congratulations on her becoming queen, he brings a gift of a rare plant native to his home for Rosella's beloved private garden.

Rosella is so pleased with this gift and so charmed by his silver-tongued charisma, not to mention his handsomeness, that she invites him to stay for a private supper complete with a guest chamber for him to stay the night in while his ship is prepared for the journey home.

The young king however had been lovesick for the young queen ever since he attended her coming of age ball when she turned sixteen and he had come this day... with a plan...
He knew Rosella had no intentions of marrying anyone at all until she felt she was wise enough to enter such a sacred union as marriage, so he came armed with his nation's strongest bottle of wine...

At supper, the young king is so charismatic and charming that Rosella does not realize how much she is drinking as the young king makes sure to keep her glass full the whole evening all the while encouraging her to enjoy the spirits he brought all the way from home until the unexperienced drinker is completely plastered and her inhibitions practically gone.

The rest of the night is a blur and Rosella finds herself in the morning with a killer headache and the young king in her bed beside her... completely naked, she finds herself totally nude as well with a dull ache between her thighs.

The worst part? The worst part was her ladies maid entering the room to wake her as was normal and her shrill scream echoing around the room, more than likely alerting the whole castle. She wasn't sure with her horrible migrane, but she could almost swear the young king had a pleased smirk on his face, did he plan this?

Rosella finds herself facing a royal scandal and is thus pressured by the high council to either step down from the throne or wed the taker of her virginity, whom has so graciously offered to marry her...

Her world turned upside down

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Briella Lake comes home to England from after finishing up prep school all the way in Switzerland, she expected to find a nice comfortable job to occupy her time and please her parents... she did not expect to come to find that her parents had invited someone from her graduating class in prep school to stay a few days.

That someone back in prep school was the senior class president, French born Etienne Dupont. The situation gets worse when she learns he was invited to her home as... her fiance?! Apparently their parents thought the match was a splendid idea... which prompts Briella to corner Etienne and see how he feels about it... however much to her horror... the arrogant French bastard is completely on board, in fact he brought the idea up to his parents in the first place! That snail eating rat!

What was a girl to do?

The dragon's lady - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Twenty two year old Serenity Parker lives is rather dangerous part of LA, California, the streets are ruled by the notorious gang The Golden Dragons, their leader a handsome young man known only by the mysterious alias of Seiryu. The name of an Oriental dragon god.
She has done her best to avoid any and all areas The Golden Dragons frequent during the day and she never ever goes out at night, there is no where safe after the sun sets beneath the horizon.

True that the infamous gang did not go after every single individual that crossed their paths, however it really doesn't help her situation that back in highschool, Seiryu had tried to pursue a romantic relationship with her, but she had flat out rejected the dangerous alpha male. He had told her that one day she would regret rejecting him, that one day her only option would be him.

Then one night, the worst thing possible for her happens, Serenity receives a call from her eighteen year old younger sister Jasmine whom had just gotten her own apartment. Her sister sounded frightened and said there was someone at her apartment that wanted to talk to her.
Before Serenity can question Jasmine about whom it was that wanted to speak with her, a new voice speaks in the phone that chills Serenity's blood ice cold... Seiryu...

She only got a few short comments before the phone went dead.

"The Han Palace restaurant on Baker street.... 8:00 pm.... there will be a table under the name of Seiryu... be there Serenity or your sister is going to suffer something very unpleasant.... oh, and do dress nice, this is not some casual run of the mill restaurant..." Click!

Shipwrecked - Contains NC-

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Serenity Blenken is shipwrecked on a supposedly deserted island all alone as the sole survivor, she is shocked to find the island is not deserted after all, but instead inhabited by a large tribe of slightly primitive native folk.
She is taken in by the native people and treated kindly, the tribe's prince whom surprisingly spreak fluent English, assures her that no harm will come to her.

When she goes to bed, the prince himself comes to her hut and attempts to seduce her, explaining briefly that the gods of his people brought her to him to be his bride and he intended to collect his divine gift.

Wedding the prince Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
On the uncharted tropical island of Aloalo, the time has come for all the young unmarried maidens of the island to be presented to the many sons of King Ahohako, each prince will select among the maidens a bride. This year the amount of maidens of age equal to the number of single sons the king has.

Leilani, the beautiful daughter of the village pig farmer, is nervous about the presentation ceremony and unsure how to tell her father that she does not wish to be presented to the king's sons. She desired to marry for love, not because tradition demands it.
When she tries to tell her father, he brushes her off and simply tells her to dress in her mother's puka shell jewelry and prepare for the ceremony, the sons would be assembling in the palace to choose their brides at any moment.

After Leilani is escorted by royal warriors to join the other maidens at the royal palace, Leilani finds herself under the interested gaze of the crown prince himself...

The Obsession

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Liliana Park was normal pretty twenty year old girl living in New York, she worked in a nice little antique shop with a kind elderly couple, owned a nice little flat in Manhatten and was considering college to be antique authenticator. She lived a fairly nice and normal life... or so she thought...

Who knew the local youngest millionaire had been watching her every time she walked to and from work or wherever else she had to go within Manhatten, she certainly didn't.  Liliana also would have never guessed the obsession would take a step further to the young man fancying himself in love with her, going so far as to sending her anonymous love letter and flowers.

Liliana never believed the love letters could mean anything dangerous until she found herself abducted on the streets one evening while walking home, waking up then to find herself with her wrists and ankles bound as she lay upon the most comfortable sofa she'd ever felt before.

She learns the young man had her kidnapped and brought to his home to make her his wife... whether she wanted it or not...

(This can be made supernatural if my partners enjoys that stuff as I do, like the guy being a vampire or something. Just uh, no sparkling, I hate Twilight)

Finding love where least expected

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lovely and virtuous eighteen year old  Rosalyn finds herself sold to a local brothel by her drunkard father when he finds himself unable to pay for all of his debts, she is received by the establishments Madam as a prized jewel and saved specially for a very wealthy client that always comes into town around this time on business.

When he arrives, Rosalyn is stunned to discover he is not the old troll of a man she was expecting, but instead a handsome and charismatic rake.
He beds Rosalyn and then surprises her even further in the morning by purchasing her from the Madam, claiming the beautiful woman he deflowered that night had stolen his heart...

The princess and the warlord

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(This is a summary, not a sample post. I write in much greater detail and description than this is actual posts)

Liliana Silverdawn was once the heir to the throne of Alleria up until the age of sixteen when her kingdom was attacked a mysterious king no one ever heard of before...  with formidable forces that their peaceful kingdom was unable to contend with... Alleria was his in a fortnight...

With the aid of her trusted bodyguards, Liliana was able to escape the castle before their enemy could reach the final remaining member of the royal family and she disappeared into the darkness of that night... The invading forces searched and searched for the princess, with no success...
After her escape, Liliana spent the last five years training under the instruction of her bodyguards, gathering allies from the nearby villages as she slowly and secretly assembled an army in preparation to take back their kingdom from the tyrant that oppressed them these last five years.

The day has finally come that Liliana and her bodyguards have deemed their army ready and the time has come to attack, the time has come to bring down the tyrant and take back what is theirs!
While her army assaults the castle, Liliana takes advantage of the distraction and manages to sneak into the castle keep undetected, she navigates carefully until she finds the tyrant's bedchamber, where he is watching the attack that he believes will be easily squashable from his balcony.

As she makes her move to assassinate him, she is unprepared for what she discovers... the tyrant is a handsome young man her age... with far superior battle skills...
He overpowers Liliana and orders an immediate halt the to attack or he will deliver the princess's dead carcass to the rebels before he finally brings an end to their meaningless existence.

Adding insult to injury, the tyrant decides to not kill Liliana, but instead... he would make her his bride...

A case of mistaken identity

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Bianca Summers had finally decided she was ready to have sex with her boyfriend Logan Chambers and thus the pair arranged the perfect evening together at the posh hotel owned by Logan's family, everything was pre-arranged from a romantic candlelight dinner to a hot bubble bath for two, which would all lead up to the grand finale.
Little did Bianca know, but Logan's scheming twin brother was home from Princeton and tricked his brother to think the evening had been cancled... allowing him to take his place...

Logan never knew it, but his twin brother had always desired his girlfriend for himself and was now seizing this golden opportunity to make her his forever.
Things are going to get awkward for Bianca, especially when the encounter leaves her pregnant and she discovers Logan is not the father... his twin is!

Logan rejects her as he thinks she deliberately betrayed him and now the evil twin bastard is offering to marry her, going as far as to formally ask her father, show casing his glowing Princeton education and bright future.

(For clarity, we will not be starting at the end of this brief description, we will start at the beginning, when Bianca goes to the hotel to meet up with 'Logan')

What one must do to protect family (title may change)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Just forewarning, this is not an opening post, this is just a detailed summary. I can writer in much better quality than this for the real thing)

Brielle Landonally was worried. Very worried.

Ever since her father died and their family banker ran off with the family fortune, it had been nothing but hard times for her and her younger brother, Haedrian.
Brielle had managed to get herself a job as a secretary to local hotel chain owner and Haedrian a job a car parking, the pay wasn't spectacular, but it got them by without starving or losing the small two bedroom apartment they got.

There was still a small twinge of guilt within Brielle though, she had received offer after offer of marriage from her old boyfriend whom had more money than he knew what to do with, but Brielle couldn't possibly accept when she had dumped him after discovering some of the darker skeletons in his closet... like the casino he owned and what happened to people that were even the slightest bit late paying up what they owed... grisly... terrible things...

She almost wished she hadn't snooped through his desk that day when she popped by his office to surprise him with lunch from his favorite restaurant, she had arrived while he was in a business meeting and quickly discovered papers and pictures on his desk... left behind by henchmen most likely that had left moments before she arrived.
The paper had underlined on the top 'targets' and below was a list of names... the pictures... she could barely even look at them, the number of names of the paper and the number of photographed dead matched up... this prompted her to check his drawers... disturbing her even further... her boyfriend was not at all whom she believed him to be.

Brielle had left immediately after leaving a note behind with his dirty secrets that read simply this:

I thought I knew you through and through, I clearly didn't... I cannot be with you anymore... it's over... I never believed you would be capable hurting people like this, I never believed you were a murderer. You might say their blood never really touched your hands, but you are just as responsible for the lives taken as those you sent to do the 'job'.
You needn't worry about me telling anyone anything, I have too much to deal with as it is with my father being ill and my brother acting out because he's scared dad will die, I do not need hit men coming after me as well.

Just leave me alone, don't call me or try to see me.


Her father had passed shortly after all this and the bombshell from the theft of their banker was the icing on the cake, she received message after message on her answer machine for months from her ex asking her to consider marrying him and save herself from poverty.

Bah, as if poverty was enough to scare her into the arms of a scheming murderer!

The roleplay will begin with Brielle coming home from work after her brother excused himself early, she finds Haedrian in a scuffle with two thugs in their apartment, the men threatening him with guns for the money owed to their employer.
It comes out then that Haedrian in his depression, began to gamble at the casino and landed himself in some serious debt with his sister's ex-boyfriend.

When it looks like the men are about to shoot Haedrian, Brielle panics and shouts at the men “Don't hurt him, I'll marry your boss if he lets my brother go, I'll do whatever he wants!”
The men phone their employer and hang up shortly afterward, saying simply “The boss is on his way here to talk”

Within his power {Contains dark sorcery and some non-con}

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lily works as personal assistant to the big wig of the most prestigious law firm in the country, Mr. Renard Hale, so far her life has been perfect except for the fact that she hasn't yet found Mr. Right to complete the dream. The handsome spoiled son of her boss has pursued her relentlessly, but arrogant and self centered has never been her style...

What she did not know was that her boss's son's success in his father's firm is all thanks to black sorcery and he's sick and tired of being rejected, he's given her plenty of chances to be his willingly and his patience has run out, he is ready to have what belongs to him.

Which leads to Lily finding herself the victim of a curse that leads her life force trickling away little by by little, leaving her weak and feeble in three day period and after a week... dead.
He comes to her after three days and tells her what he's done and... how to stay alive... the only way for her to maintain strength and stay alive, she must share his bed at least once every day, allowing him to replenish her life energy by sharing the vast excess of his own.
Over time, when she comes to accept his permanent role in her life, he will reverse the curse... Can Lily bring herself to share his bed to save her own life? Even she is not sure.

We'd start like mere hours before the curse is cast, perhaps Lily rejects him again and he decides then that enough is enough. The Job the male lead's father owns and Lily serves as an assistant for is negotiable, I was just looking for something that would place our male lead on a very high pedestal, making him very arrogant and feel highly entitled to whatever it is he wants... regardless of the means he has to use in order to get it...
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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2013, 08:57:48 AM »

All I want for Christmas is a VAMPIRE - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Setting would be deep in the Louisiana Bayou in the December, about a week before Christmas Eve.

Kiara James, an aspiring opera singer, finds herself horribly lost in the Bayou on her way to spend two weeks with her folks whom retired to the quiet solitude the Bayou offered; Though she foolishly ventured far farther than was intelligent or necessary.
A storm would hit the bayou, not enough to cause fatalities but enough that Kiara would desperately need to seek shelter, especially after her car gets stuck in thick mud.
I am imagining a large mansion built deep into the Bayou, very deep. A place the locals know to stay away from.
I'm thinking Kiara would find her way there and ask for shelter, after her host would decide she was going to stay right where she was.... whether she liked it or not.

Offered role: The vampire owner of the mansion

Night Wars - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The world has been reduced to being post-apocalyptic due to vampires rising up and taking over the world.
A mysterious vampire king kept away from the sights of any human resistance leads the vampires in their campaign for world domination, vowing to crush the remainder of human resistance and force the humans to submit to their will.

Thirty two year old Ezekiel Blake A.K.A Zeke leads the main branch of the human resistance in Washington D.C with his eighteen year old younger sister Bianca.
What Zeke and Bianca do not know is that their location has been leaked by an unknown traitor... God help them all...

(The pairing is Bianca and the vampire king)

Taken - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Serenity Halliday was stolen from her bed in the middle of the night by probably the most sexiest man she had ever seen before, she quickly finds that he is a member of the undead, a vampire... and he has been watching her, waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch her and take her body over and over. Never stopping unless she begs him to make her his forever, perhaps even then, he wouldn't stop.

Offered role: Vampire kidnapper

The vampire's lover

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Healer witch Lilia thought it was all over for her after she was abducted from her woodland home by an organization of professional hunters of people baring supernatural origins. They delighted in telling her how they were going to execute her publicly in the nearest town when they were able to travel, to make an example of her to other magic users.

One night however, a large group of vampires storm the hunter camp to rescue their leader whom apparently had been abducted as well.
On their way out, they begin releasing all the captives stuck in cages, but when they reach Lilia's cage... the vampire leader is so taken by Lilia's beauty that he makes her a rare offer.

He would not just simply open her cage and hope for the best, oh no, he would deliver her safely anywhere she wished to go, complete with 24/7 protection and all the creature comforts she could want, she only had to do one thing for him...

All Lilia would have to do was give him her body any time the desire for love making struck him.

Normally Lilia would never ever consider something like this, but she is well aware how dangerous the wilderness of these parts are for a lone woman and there was miles between her and the nearest town, she realized she has little choice is she wants to make it through this with her life. She accepts his generous offer.

Kissing the doctor - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Liliana- 20 years old-
A young, talented witch and prodigy doctor fresh out of the most prestigious medical school in the entire world, there is only one thing… her patients are not human… Vampires, werewolves and demons alike all over the world flock to this famed doctor for aid to their wounds and illnesses.
Complete with a P.H.D in supernatural healing and a whole lot of spunk, Liliana thought her life was finally shaping up to be what she had always dreamed, that was until…. He… walked into her hospital… She knew her life was changed forever…

Emiliano- Age unknown-
Never is a thousand years would this tough hot shot former clan master ever believe that he’d take a lethal blow from a human, regardless if the human died in the process or not.
Still here he was, walking into a hospital for the unnatural, a large gash soaking his expensive Beige Armani shirt with precious blood, his face recognized by every patient in the waiting room, he never fathomed such humiliation, then again, no vampire ever did.
Get stitched up and go home… that was his plan… up until he got a load of his ‘doctor’…
All bets were off at that point, he wouldn’t be going home alone, he’d see to that…

In the Vampire's arms - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Living on her own running the family business since the death of her inn-keeper father, Kiana Winterbluff always felt as though she was being watched as soon as the sun fell each night, sleep never coming easily as the eerie feeling crept up upon her.
True she was well protected by three big burly villagers paid to protect since her father first started this inn, they stayed even after his death after coming to love the girl like a dear niece. However, it did nothing to erase the feeling of needing to constantly glance over her shoulder.

Kiana began to wonder after awhile if she was slowly losing her mind, until one evening when she is awoken by the screams of serving girls from the servants quarters down the hall from her room.
She fetches her father's musket and goes forth to investigate, she reaches the servants quarters to find all the girls slain with their throats ripped open with no culprit in sight.

That until she turned around to come face to face with a dreadfully handsome man with white hair, red eyes and his entire chin coated in shimmering fresh blood.
Kiana does not even have time to scream before he lunges forward to restrain her and cover her mouth, he leans in to whisper in her ear “I've been watching you, beautiful Kiana. I have finally come to claim you as mine...”

Before she can try to register what he said, he pinches just the right nerves to render the raven haired beauty unconscious.
When she wakes, she finds herself upon the best luxurious bed she had ever seen and her body cloaked in the most beautiful red robe... and the handsome white haired stranger kneeling on the edge of the bed, this time with no blood on his chin.

The Vampire's kiss

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The vampire high council was giving Prince Andreas a month to select a bride for himself before they forced him to marry the obnoxious daughter of Lady Sodworth, placing the handsome raven haired vampire prince in quite a predicament.
He decided to clear his thoughts by going down to the human village and getting himself a pint of ale at the tavern, it was only a pity that vampire's could not get drunk.

Andreas had sneaked away to this tavern for a pint of ale many times before, but tonight is different, tonight he spots a new serving girl with golden blonde hair and the most enchanting eyes, she stirs him as he had never been stirred before in all his centuries of existence... he knows then that he must have her, that never again will he comes across a woman that affects him so powerfully... Let the sedution begin...

Be careful what you wish for - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eighteen year old high school graduate Kiara Nest always loved to read novels about the world of the paranormal, she is a pretty but a loner, she is also a novice witch...
Curious about an old spellbook she found in an alternative antique shop, Kiara decides to ship her graduation ceremony and hides beneath the bleachers in the empty soccer field with the book open at a page describing a rather vague but interesting spell...

The description says that when a witch baring a true magical bloodline reads the incantation provided, the object of her desires shall be conjured. It also warns that before the incantation is read, it is advised that the witch be certain she can handle whatever is conjured and is aware of potential consequences of reading the incantation.

Brushing off the warnings and not really taking the book all that seriously, Kiara reads the incantation aloud. Before she knows it, a fierce thunderstorm brews and harsh rain ravages the earth below.
Kiara rushes home to her apartment, not sensing anything amiss about the sudden storm, she arrives home soaking wet and almost immediately as she passes the doorway she can sense something is not right in her home.

Never once of living her alone since she was seventeen did she ever sense anything so chilling or eerie, then when she turns to close the door, the door is slammed shut in her face and there standing before her and obviously hidden behind the door before, was a man that looked as though he stepped out of one of her sexy paranormal novels...

-The man is behind the door is the offered role, he is meant to be either a vampire or a werewolf. The spell Kiara read conjured into existence a paranormal hottie just like those she would read of in her books. He has his own free will and a whole shit load of lust going on-

Single Witch Seeking Sexy Single Vampire

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Giselle Simon is a good witch with beauty, a spunky personality and a very successful Wiccan supply shop used by witches all over the United States and even some aboard.
However, she is very lonely and longs for companionship, but she is unwilling to settle for meaningless hook ups with shallow men that only want one thing. She yearns for a soulmate.

Finally, she takes the advice of her best friend and signed herself with a reputable dating service, hopeful that she might be able to find the hunk of her dreams, a man comfortable with her being a witch and would love her for all she was. Someone she could love in return.

In only a matter of weeks after her application to the dating site, she is called and told that a blind date has been set up and that she was to meet him at the Burke cafe at a table under the company's name on Satuday at 8:00 pm.

Blood and sand - Contains NC

Artwork within by Mavrosh of Deviantart
Archaeologist Marina Sanders was over the moon with the discovery of a lifetime, she found in the sands of Egypt a lost tomb of a blood drinking god of darkness, locked away by Osiris and Isis for being too cruel, too evil...
As Marina and her assistants open up the sarcophagus of the god, Marina accidentally cuts her finger on the aged stone and a few drops fall into the mouth of the corpse within.

From there, all hell breaks loose as the corpse comes to life and slaughters all of Marina's assistants, he then transforms back into the sinfully handsome god he once was... he thanks Marina for freeing him and says he intends to reward her by making her like him and taking her as his bride for all eternity... whether she wants this reward or not...

When being noble turns on you - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the small village of Bayside, the villager's currently live in fear as the time comes around for the vampire king in the north to make his yearly feeding rounds, taking as many individuals as he pleases from each village and theirs always loses the most.

However this time when the king rides into their village upon his black steed, the baker's beautiful virgin daughter Rowena bravely approaches the king and offers him a bargain, he would spare her village and she would give him her virginity.

To her surprise, the king accepted and took Rowena to his castle to bed the virgin beauty properly under the assumption that he would return her to her village the following day.
After losing her virginity to the vampire king, Rowena asks him the following evening when he wakes from his slumber to bring her home to her father...

Much to Rowena's shock and horror, the king refuses and claims he has taken a liking to Rowena and intends to make her his vampire bride...

Bride of the Undead - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The mortals living under the rule of the vampires living within Ophem castle always knew the time would come when the vampires would grow tired of them and slaughter them all in the name of fun, they just never expected it to happen in their lifetime.
It had just fallen evening when Brielle James was tending the pigs when it happened, when the vampires came down upon them led by the vampire prince Kaiden Moonsong himself.

She watched helplessly as they murdered all the villagers in the village until they came to the pig farm, Brielle hid herself in the cottage as she heard them approaching, she heard the vampires merrily offer the prince the last kill of the evening, which he gladly accepted.
The sound of his boots upon the wood floor as he entered seemed to mirror the frantic beating of her heart, she cowered inside the cupboard praying he would not find her and just leave, but that was not to be as he ripped open the cupboard door to find her there.

She thought for sure that her life was done as he yanked her out by her arm, but he just stared at her for the longest time before he raised a hand to caress her cheek and then leaned in to kiss her on the mouth, Brielle heard him moan before his mouth slid to her neck and his fangs sank into her tender flesh.
He drank so much that she eventually lost consciousness, thinking her time on this earth was gone and over with before her life had truly begun at the tender age of eighteen.

Unfortunately, Brielle was faced with a worse horror as she awakened in a luxurious bed surrounded by finery... and extra sharp fangs in her mouth...
At the end of the bed then, she saw him... Prince Kaiden... smirking like a cat that just got the cream, it was then that he revealed to her what he had done... he had been so taken by her that he had decided to turn her... and make her his bride...

(Whether or not the massacre is played out is up to my partner, we can do that or we can start where Brielle wakes up a vampire bride. Also no multiple bride thing here, just Brielle)

The Highland Vampire

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Arabella StClaire was excited to arrive in Scotland after she'd been informed that her archaeologist Grandfather had willed her an old Scottish castle baring much history, she couldn't wait to see what kind of stories the ancient stones might tell.
When she arrived at the castle however, she found that the castle was in impeccable shape and still occupied by a small group of very handsome and very well built Scotsmen.

Arabella or Belle as she prefers to be called discovers that there was fine print in the will that details how to keep the castle and all the riches that come with it that will enable her to never have to work again means that she will have to agree to marry the Laird of the castle. The devilishly handsome Duncan MacLeod.

What she does not know however is that all the Scotsmen residing in the castle are very old vampires and that when her Grandfather had come across their castle many years ago, they had spared his life and shared many of their secrets with the intelligent American archaeologist. Their price? Her Grandfather had promised before he died that he had a beautiful Granddaughter that would become Duncan's companion and bride...

Tricked into the vampire's bed - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When eighteen year old Kitana St. James had allowed her friends to talk her into going to this college party happening not too far from their high school, Kitana only expected to get a taste of what the nightlife at college would be like.

Things took a different turn however from what she expected when she is asked to dance by probably the most sinfully gorgeous guy she had ever seen, as she enjoyed a calm slow dance with him, she learned he was as intelligent and sophisticated as girls still in high school dreamed college guys would be.

After he coaxed her to drink more than she normally would have, Kitana found herself getting extra sleepy and eventually passing out beside the dreamy college guy on the living room sofa that smelled of stale beer and cigarette smoke.

When she woke up however, she was surprised to find she did not have a hang over and even more surprised to find herself in a room dimly lit by elegant candelabras, nestled in a large feather soft bed... naked... and cuddled close to the gorgeous guy from the party... his hands caressing up and down her body as he grinned at her like the cat that got the canary...

All of this would normally have sent her into a screaming panic, but the sight of extra sharp fangs glittering in his mouth would freeze any girl with confused terror...

A spurned vampire is an angry vampire - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Almost two years ago, good witch Rosalyn's coven had been discovered by a powerful clan of vampire's seeking to drain them all dry and absorb the magic in their blood.
Many of the witches were drained and killed, but an opportunity arose for escape when the clan leader took a romantic interest in Rosalyn and attempted to seduce her into becoming his vampire bride.

He wined and dined Rosalyn as she sat with her ankles shackled to her chair, one could say his greatest mistake was allowing Rosalyn to regain her strength, because after eating and recovering much of her energy, she took her chance at vengeance and cursed the vampire clan leader. What was this curse? She made it so he would not be able to feed from any human being so long as the curse remained in place.
From there, Rosalyn rounded up the remaining witches left alive and escape the vampire fortress, all of them then going into hiding, blending into society as normal supposedly powerless human mortals.

Now, Rosalyn has been living a peaceful and normal life as a kindergarten teacher, completely forgetting about the very angry and spurned vampire she cursed two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rosalyn, her serene new life is about to be disrupted as the vampire clan leader's arcane researchers have found a way to lift his curse and his now tracking down the witch that denied him her love... And this time... he won't be taking no for an answer...

Mansion on Harlond Hill- Contains NC-

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Liliana Crest bought the old, but beautiful mansion atop Harlond Hill within the exquisitely gorgeous Ireland, she was warned by the elderly Natives surroundings the hills upon which the Mansion sat that the house was cursed, no one whom lived there survived, they died mysteriously with their blood drained dry from their pale bodies.
However, Liliana did not buy into superstition and bought the house, she needed a quiet and serene place to continue her writing of fiction stories, she didn’t anticipate though that the old folk whom warned her might be right and within the depths of this old mansion lurked a member of the undead, a beautiful as he was powerful, stalking her as she walked the dark elegant halls, determined to make this prey, not his meal, but his undead bride for all eternity…

Love is never easy

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lily Evering was the perfect and obedient daughter of the top adviser of the mage king... her uncle... though she secretly longed for her life to be more than her father trying to find her a royal husband and what not.
As if matters could not be worse, her father and her uncle decide to use her in a plan to smooth over their tense relations with the vampire kingdom, through marriage...

The eldest son of the vampire queen is looking for a bride and when he learned during a peace talk with the mage king that the king's niece was of age and unmarried, he jumped at the chance and requested the princess's hand in marriage in exchange for alliance with the vampire kingdom.

At first Lily sees no choice but to go along with this to make her father and uncle happy, but all of that changes when she meets her fiance's younger brother... and falls in love...
Upon spending time with Lily and realizing he loves her as well, the younger vampire prince proposes to Lily that they run away together and get married, staying away only long enough for their families to accept what is... she eagerly accepts...

The younger prince knows that it will not be easy as his brother was just as enchanted with Lily upon getting to know her as he is, but he has made a solemn vow in the name of love... nothing shall come between him and his lady love...

Offered role: Youngest vampire prince (Older one too if you want to control both brothers, which I would appreciate)

Hunted -  Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Okay, I came up with this idea that the magic in a witch's blood is so potent, that if given the mating mark from either a vampire or a werewolf, the mating bond would be ten times stronger and unbreakable due to the binding magic coursing through the witch's blood.
Another perk of a witch's blood that makes them so attractive to vampires is that the magic in their blood can resurrect a vampire's dead sperm, enabling them to have children with the witch they have claimed as a mate.

Offered role: Vampire coven master

Here is a sample of the rp which will be featured as the opening post:

It was pleasant tonight, the air was warm but not hot, silver stars dotted the inky blue sky hanging above the world, crickets chirped within the bushes and trees, filling the forest with their sweet song of the night.
A merry bonfire roared in the middle of the clearing, crackling and writhing along with the cheerful bodies dancing round it, feminine giggles and pretty smiles of joy were abundant this eve, they had much to celebrate.
Mira, coven mistress of The Purple Rose, stood back by the trees with her protégé Serenity, she placed a hand upon the younger witch’s shoulder and smiled “Tonight, Serenity, you have completed your training to become the next coven mistress, once I must step down, I know I can rest assured that you will protect this coven with all your heart”
Serenity beamed with pride at her elder, she had worked so hard to get this far, she would never been able to do it without Mira and her kind patience “I will, Mira, I promise, as sure as you raised me from an orphaned baby to the woman I am today, I will protect and guide our family when the time comes”
A warm smile crossed the older woman’s face, tenderness reached her ivy green eyes, she loved this young woman so much, she was the daughter that Mira had always wanted and so much more, why anyone would have wanted to leave this sweet girl in the middle of a remote forest with only a thing blanket to warm her was beyond the wise old coven mistress “I believe in you, my sweetheart, I believe you will be something amazing, you will do great things”
Fireflies danced gleefully above, swooping and circling, as if the insects could feel the joy radiating off the group below, their sparkling lights shimmering on and off, like they too wanted to celebrate with the witches, the hooting of owls could be heard as well, excited little hoots of joy and merriment.
“Listen to them, Mira” Serenity sighed with a sweet smile, moving a little closer to the source of the hooting “Such beautiful winged angels, gifting us with their nocturnal music”
“Yes, my dear, they………” Mira replied, then trailed off as something seemed to have caught her attention, something to cause alarm in her ivy green orbs “Serenity… gather up all of our coven, something is not right here…”
Serenity gazed at her coven mistress in confusion, but she obeyed nonetheless, quickly making her rounds among the celebrating witches, informing them to return immediately to their sanctuary deep within the forest, where they were safe and protected by spells and charms.
Once all of the women were on their way back to the abandoned church they made their home, Serenity walked near the back with Mira, her pale blue eyes glued to the older woman curiously, it was not easy to spook this powerful woman, so Serenity was most definitely desiring to know what had spooked her coven mistress so badly that they had to retreat back to their sanctuary “Mira? Please…. Talk to me? Please tell me what is wrong”
A long sigh escaped Mira, her ivy green eyes gazed up at the treetops with concern “We are being sought out, my dear, a vampire clan far to the north has begun to track us, they mean to capture us”
“What?!” Serenity exclaimed, but quieted when she gained some curious stares “Mira, why would these vampires want to capture us? What do they want?”
“Mates, my dear, they want mates” Mira replied softly “You see, Serenity, the magic flowing through the veins of us witches can do very interesting and sometimes very dangerous things when we are bitten by certain mannerisms of creatures, depending upon their intentions”
“Yes?” Serenity murmured softly, enthralled by the explanation being provided by her coven mistress.
“If a vampire or werewolf were to bite a witch with the intentions of gaining a mate for eternity, that witch would be bound to that vampire or werewolf forever, there would never be a way out, never”
“How do you know they want us for mates?” Serenity whispered fearfully of this ominous predication “Did you foresee this?”
Mira nodded and another long sigh heaved out of her “Yes, I foresaw this in a dream and I have begun to sense a powerful presence stalking us, they are getting close, we will have to be very careful”
Serenity nodded gravely and continued to follow her coven mistress back to the old church, Mira was very right, they would really have to be extremely careful before they were all sealed in an unholy bond as eternal as time and space.

Her Angel of Music - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What happens when a powerful vampire as old as the stones of Avalon becomes obsessed with a budding opera singer by the name of Arial Kolette? What will happen when at first he merely guides and teaches the object of his obsession in the ways of music without her ever seeing his face... to murders beginning to happen involving other opera stars posing threat to the roles she has trained her whole life for? What will happen when Arial's 'Angel of Music' turns out to be quite far from an angel...

Arial is about to discover her mysterious tutor is craving to become more than just her teacher... he desires to become her lover...

Saving the world... and falling in love

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When vampires start to rise up from the underworld to take over the world, a female vampire slayer has no choice but to join forces with a rival vampire hunter in order to tackle this dark menace and nip it in the bud before all hope is lost.

Snow cold loving

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story was inspired by this picture here, I saw this and a story immediately began to unravel in my head. (Yes, it is a vampire story)

It was all meant to be strictly routine, just take the snowmobile and deliver geological results to the lab located in the perpetually frozen mountains in Romania, but a huge tree fallen onto the path forces the choice of either taking a different route or losing their jobs...

The choice is clear to Serenity Evans and her geology partner Porter Deltan, neither one of them can afford to lose their jobs, the pay is just too good to pass up over what should a small little detour... right?
Neither one of them expects an avalanche as they leave the blocked manicured path, Serenity least of all expected to be left stranded out in the middle of a freezing cold Romanian mountain range... her partner dead... the snowmobile broken... her only hope is to find the path and hope she can make it back before she freezes to death... if only she knew which way was the way back to the path...

Forced to guess which way to go, Serenity walks for hours until she sees something in the distance that she never thought to see and could possibly be her salvation... a beautiful castle, some of the windows lit up with light from candles!
Chilled to the bone and starving, Serenity hurries to the castle... unaware that what waits within is even more dangerous than the treacherous frozen snow...

Caught up in a big bloody mess

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this universe, I think I should point out that witches and vampires tend to get along fairly well unless the vampire in question tries to take a bit of out her, then it's war. Werewolves (if they show up in this story at all, which I kinda doubt), witches are little iffy about them because their tendency to try and select mates and bite that neck without so much as asking the desired female her opinion on the matter, they will associate with them though if they know the particular werewolf to be trustworthy.

Anyway, here is the story idea:

When Serenity Yates finds an unconscious vampire in the alleyway behind her apartment building, she takes pity on him and brings him inside to take care of him until he should wake up, it would be cruel to just leave him there for the sun.
She treats all the cuts and bruises on him as best she can and much to her relief, her vampire friend Francesca left some blood packets in the fridge from the last time she'd come over to hang out... what Serenity was not prepared for was that the vampire she rescued was the leader of a vampire mafia type group on her side of town... whom is at war with another group at the other end of town... and one of the other guy's lackeys had been stationed in the building across the street to make sure the vampire Serenity had rescued was burned at sunrise... once the sun falls, he'll scamper back to his master and Serenity will find herself caught up in the middle of a huge mess she wasn't prepared for at all.

(A different picture can be chosen if redheads are not your thing)
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Fairies, Nymphs and other fantasy creatures
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Fairies, Nymphs and other fantasy creatures

Kingdom of the Water Nymphs - Possible NC due to the nature of aquatic folk in mythology

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay is about a young woman named Aaria Stone traveling by ship with her wealthy father on an important business venture, but the ship is caught in a lethal storm and sinks, everyone drowns… or do they?
When Aaria stone awakens in what appears to be an undersea palace straight out of old fish stories or tales of fancy filled with the sea, the last thing she remember is being consumed by the waves and losing consciousness, but she awakens in a bed softer than the smoothest silk, was this heaven? Did heaven have an ‘under the sea’ theme?
It seemed she was very much alive when a man too beautiful for words entered the room and announced that she had been rescued from the water and now resided in Atlantis, kingdom of the water nymphs… and he, king of the water nymphs, would take her as his bride…

Temple of the Stone Dragon - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This idea is about a hidden underground temple forgotten by the world and abandoned... at least by mortals. The temple houses a stone statue of a dragon with a strange mystical powers... and a will of its own...
Protecting this statue is a strange immortal with the the elemental powers of fire. The heroine would not know this, but the guardian of the statue is why the temple is abandoned, he killed all the monks that lived there long ago in an insane fit of rage, drunk from the power of the statue as he has the ability to seiphon power from it. That ability was for the purpose of having enough power to protect the statue and the monks from danger, but the guardian miss-used this ability for his own gain and tried to take over the temple so he could have the statues power all to himself.

After his wicked deeds of murder were done, the statue imprisoned the guardian within the temple with the power he so coveted, preventing the guardian from wreaking destruction and death anywhere else.
Unfortunately though the guardian can never leave, the statues power does not prevent others from the outside from coming in...

That is where our story begins...

Bianca Chambers was excited when she traveled to Japan with her brother to assist in the reconstruction of a remote Japanese village that was descemated in a quake, though she is a little disappointed when her brother reveals to her that the workers there would not approve of a woman working beside them and therefore, she will have to find another way to entertain herself while he is away during the day.

That isn't too hard to do when the place she and her brother decided to rent for the next few months turned out to be a charming little cottage not too far from the most lovely forest Bianca had ever seen in her life, her love of flowers and plants encouraging her to want to explore the beautiful forest... unaware of what she would find and the trouble her curiousity would get her into...

Draconis Forma Mutatio

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this modern day, we believe that dragons no longer exist as they are no longer soaring through the skies and breathing fire down upon the murderers of their families and friends. This however, is completely untrue.

Sick and tried of being unfairly judged and wrongfully murdered, the dragons species utilized one of their abilies to morph into a human to their advantage and blended in among humanity, disappearing it seemed for thousands of years until the fact they really existed was forgotten.
Most dragons these days live the lives of eccentric wealthy humans, living in remote places off the wealth of a horde gathered over many centuries. Though they keep their most precious treasures locked up and away from human eyes, intending never to part with them.

They do however long for companionship, a dragon feels things very deeply and loneliness is no exception, they passionately keep their eyes peeled for their one and only destined mate. Every dragon has a mate out there somewhere that was meant for them and when they meet them, the dragon half of the two... just knows, they can feel it to their very core of their being this is the one.
A well kept secret among the dragons is that their mates are not always other dragons, sometimes fate assigns them a human mate. Mating with a dragon with grant the human mate the same immortality as their dragon counterpart. This has certain conditions though, very important conditions.

With all mating situations, once the dragon catches the scent of his or her mate, they have until the next full moon to be claim their mate in the marriage bed or the connection will be severed and they will lose their chance as a mate forever. If they successfully claim their mate, the human will be granted immortality and the pairs souls will be bonded forever as mates.

Most dragon males are not as calm as dragons females about the opposite sex being around their mate, the males absolutely hate other males being around his woman, he becomes very territoral and possessive, though he won't become exactly violent until the other male tries to touch his woman in any physical way. This excludes male family of the female, he would be able to smell the shared genetics.

There are different species of Dragons as well: Fire dragons, water dragons, Tropical forest dragons and so many more. They tend to prefer homes close to their comforts. So say the subject is a fire dragon, he might want a home close to a volcano or perhaps in the hot desert. A water dragon might perhaps want a home on the shore of the ocean.

My idea is that my character, Marina James, whom works for a very upscale antique appraisers agency is assigned to travel to the home an eccentric billionaire to appraise and possibly buy for the agency a priceless antique. Completely unaware that she is headed straight into the arms of destiny...

The offered role is the handsome eccentric billionnaire whom just so happens to be a dragon and realized Miss James to be his destined mate the moment he catches her lovely scent beneath his nose.
Details about the dragon will be worked out when a partner if found.

The botanist and the wood nymph - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Twenty three year old Cleo Rivers, the most brilliant botanist of her age and time, has gotten to biggest excitement of her young life when the university she works for gives the okay for an expedition to a newly discovered rain forest in hopes of discovering new plants with medicinal properties.

When they arrive, Cleo and her crew of fellow botanists immediately set to work after base camp is set up. Cleo has the strangest feeling they are being watched, but shrugs it off as overly excited nerves... a poor mistake...

After they have all retired to bed that night, Cleo awakens in her tent to find the most startlingly beautiful naked man she had ever seen leaning over her on his knees, she tries to scream but finds her voice seems to have left her at the current moment and the man's eyes are seeming have a very hypnotic effect on her. Unable to fight it, Cleo is soon lost in a deep slumber.

She awakens shortly after to find herself laying in a closed off clearing beside a beautiful blue green lagoon, the man from her tent laying beside her propped up on his elbow. It doesn't take long for Cleo to realize she is butt naked, but for some reason she cannot seem to find the will to move or cry out.
The man explains that he is a wood nymph and has been entranced by her the moment she stepped off the ship the brought her to his rain forest and he intends to make sure she desires him back so much that she will never wish to leave him...

(There is room here for tweaking)

The Great Journey - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Leiliana's mother, Fionna, is the most revered sorceress of light in the kingdom run by the elemental Queen of Earth. Tragedy strikes however when a dark sorcerer jealous of the love and adoration lavished upon the sorceress of light, casts an evil spell on her that puts Fionna into a deep enchanted sleep as her life energy is slowly sucked away by the spell.

Leiliana must then take matters into her own hands and start the journey to the water kingdom to request from the Queen of Water to take some healing water from the sacred Temple of Healing Waters to save her mother.
Her journey will be long as hard as she travels through each of the elemental kingdoms to reach the water kingdom, it will be made especially difficult when along the way her courage and beauty catch the amorous attention of both the Fire King and the Ice Prince, the Queen of Water's arrogant and spoiled younger brother.

Can Leiliana reach the water kingdom in time?

-My Partner has the choice to play either the Fire King or the Ice Prince, both if my partner believes they can handle it. Though if both, be warned only one of them will end up with Leiliana, which of course will be the one of my partner's choosing-

You belong to me

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beautiful Eliana Swan wakes up one night in the midst of strange dream where she could hear a man's voice calling to her, so when she is unable to shake the ominous feeling of the dream, Eliana decides a moonlight walk in the forest behind her family's cottage is just what she needs.

Though when she enters the forest, Eliana hears the very same voice calling to her again, only she is not dreaming this time...
She follows the voice and eventually approaches a fairy circle where in the center stands the most beautiful and alluring man she had ever seen in all her life, a smile on his face and his hand extended to her.

Never would Eliana have ever imagined that she'd been watched for years by a prince of the Seelie court, desired as his bride... waiting only for Eliana to come of age before luring her to the fairy circle and taking her back with him to the world of the fey...

Once the entranced beauty takes his hand, there will be no turning back... a fey never releases their prize...

The merman's bride- Possible NC due to the nature of aquatic folk in mythology

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When Kalea Summers went on vacation to Hawaii with her family at eight years old, she rescued a young merboy that had washed ashore during a storm and was too dehydrated from his struggle, lack of water and the heat of the sun to make back to the ocean himself.

Now years later, twenty year old Kalea has convinced herself that it had just been a lovely dream and the merboy that had stared at her with such adoration as she rolled him across the sand back to the water was just a figment of her imagination.
After having accepted a high paying job at an oceanside aquarium in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kalea has packed up her things and moved to the beautiful exotic island.


Unbeknownst to her, the merboy she had rescued whom was now a handsome merman spots her eating her lunch on the dock and instantly knows the ravishing beauty is the girl that saved him all those years ago.
His heart swells with love and desire, he knows then that this is destiny and he must have her... no matter what...

Immortal love

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Brielle and her twin brother Kiernan, have finally gotten the okay from the university they work for to chart a journey to an island that Brielle strongly believes exists in theory, why would they do this you might wonder? Probably because of the legend of a flower that described in a scroll dug up in the Amazon rainforest, a medicinal flower that can cure the most brutal of ailments, like cancer.

The scroll spoke about many things, including an ancient civilization that abandoned the Amazon long ago after having been discovered, it said they sailed far, far away to another island and took many precious things with them, such an carefully dug up valuable plants, the only of their kinds.

Desperate to find this precious flower that could save billions of lives from deadly illnesses, Brielle and Kiernan gather up a crew of their most trusted friends and colleagues to journey to the quardinents the scroll dictated to find their miracle cure. The Moon Drop flower.

The twins their and group are unaware however that the civilization spoke of in the scroll is a tribe of elves that do not have much liking for humans...

When they arrive on the island and set up camp, the group is far too excited to try and rest up a bit, deciding to explore a little a bit.
It does not take long however for them to be discovered by the elves while the chief's son and a small band of elves are out hunting, the elves move in to dispose of the humans before more arrive,r t but Brielle falls to her knees and pleads with the chief's son to spare them, explaining why they came and how they will never speak of them or the location of their home if they let them live.

Moved by the beautiful human female and her story, the chief's son decides to bring them before his father for judgement instead of just killing them right there on the spot, he cannot deny as well that whenever his eyes meet with the human female's... his heart thumps as it never has before... and his loins stir...

(I was thinking they when they are brought before the chief, it will be decided that the humans cannot ever leave the island if they are to be allowed to live and they must somehow be intergrated into elven society. The chief's son would eagerly volunteer to take Brielle as his bride ~.^ )

Curse of the Snow Elves

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In society ruled by coldly beautiful snow elves, humanity has been reduced to little more than slaves to these frigid breathtaking beings, those the universe seemed to see fit to deliver a punishment for this cruelty that showed little kindness to anyone involved.

It has been 500 years since the snow elves took control and not single female, elf or human, has been born... and majority of the female elves... have been struck barren...

They are doomed to die out...

Or so they thought...

On the outskirts of civilization, a elven noblewoman has been living in hiding with her human lover for near nineteen years, cleverly evading the elves each and every time they have come closer to capturing them.

They have a secret....

They produced a child... a daughter...

On the eve of Liliana's eighteenth birthday, the family is discovered and Liliana is brought in front of the elven royal family...  where it is immediately decided by the crown prince that the half human female will become his bride... and provide the next generation of royalty!

The merman's captive mate

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Cause storms and steal away human women swallowed by the cold ocean waves...

Seduce the human women and then deliver them safely to shore with a babe in their belly, the women unaware of the hybrid child growing within their wombs...

A common practice for the merfolk... fitting that the humans should lend their fertile wombs to replenish their numbers... given how many merfolk they are responsible for murdering over the last couple hundred years...

However, one foggy night, a merchant traveling with his daughter sails across the Merfolks oceans, unaware of the danger lurking beneath the waves... and comes the danger does...

A young merman finally of age and ready to mate, waits below as a fierce and dangerous storm begins to brew around the unsuspecting import ship...

Unable to withstand the powerful crashing waves, the import ship is no match and sink below into the dark depths, everyone perishing in the cold water... everyone... except the import magnate's daughter...

Young Seraphina Perkins finds herself dragged down beneath the waves, her waist encircled by strong masculine arms, deeper and deeper down into the inky darkness... certain this ocean shall serve as a cold and dark watery grave...

In this scenerio, the merman responsible finds himself so taken with his captive that he defies tradition and decides to keep the human woman with him and seduce her into giving him more than one child, he might perhaps stash her in an underwater cave.

I was thinking as well that Merfolk have the ability to grant temporary underwater breathing through a kiss.

Bride of the Fey King

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay I am looking for involves a king of the Seelie Fey looking to make a human by the name of Liliana his bride and queen, I wrote an introduction and I hope it inspires someone to wish to write this story with me.  I think the intro helps to present what I am looking for with this.


Liliana Leon never put a whole lot of stock into magic or that her family had ever had relations in their past with the fey, a claim made by her great grandmother many years ago... she was... eccentric and a little bit off her rocker, no one really believed a word she said whenever she started prattling on about fairy kings and magic...

Her Great Grandma claimed to have brought a homeless man into her house one night after finding him all alone in the pouring rain, just sitting miserably on the street curb, his dirty hair and tattered clothing sopping wet.

As Great Grandma's story went, she gave the man a bowl of her freshly made vegetable stew and dug up some of her late husband's clothes for him to put on in place of the torn and soaked garment he currently wore. They hung a little loose on the man's malnutrioned frame, but they would be much more comfortable and warmer.
She allowed him to take a shower and clean up, before she put fresh sheets on the sofa for him and told him he could spent the night, then together they would contact the help shelter and see about getting him some aid.
Not once did the man complain or refuse her kindness, he simply gave her the most genuine smile she'd ever seen and thanked her whole heartedly for each and everything she did to comfort and aid him.
When she went to bed, she said she had dreams that night of the most beautiful man she'd ever seen in her entire life, more beautiful than anything she'd ever dared to even imagine, upon his lips was a strangely familiar warm smile...

In the morning when Great Grandma woke up, she said it was as if all traces of the man had vanished... the sheets were clean and neatly folded in the linen closet and Great Grandpa's clothes were also neatly folded back into the old trunk Great Grandma had dug them out of.
However, much to Great Grandma's astonishment, she claims that upon the sofa was a piece of parchment... material she did not have in her home and the homeless man had certainly not had with him...

Upon the parchement was written,

My dear, dear Yvette Leon,

I apologize for my deception, the physical form I assumed was a necessary guise to be certain your heart was good and pure...

Within your family line is a very special and radiant magic, you are unaware of it, but I assure you it is there. I wished to meet you and decide for myself if you were worthy... I did indeed find your heart to be kind and compassionate, perfect qualities for what I seek... unfortunately, you are too advanced in your mortal years to withstand the intense raw magic the sizzles in our very air ... it would endanger you physically to try and enter our world as you are and I could never allow someone so special and pure as you to come to harm. I could make you immortal as I am, but it would not ease your discomfort that you would certainly feel as your body desperately tried to cope with the stress our magic would have on your older human body. I would never forgive myself if you spent eternity suffering, because of my selfishness... nor could I ever hope to replace your dear departed husband, his memory should be treasured respectfully.

Your daughter, Fiona, needs you as well... I saw her sleeping in her room and my heart ached at the idea of taking you away from her to a place she cannot go, the world of the fey is too dangerous for an innocent young human child.

I will wait until a female descendant of your bloodline should come into being, one worthy within her heart and soul to be my queen... I am lonely and I long for a true companion to become my bride and queen, with qualities most female fey have long forgotten... it is not your daughter and not for reasons of lacking quality, but I have foreseen her future as I gazed upon her and there is a good human man waiting for her in her future, a life of happiness that I want her to have. Joy and beautiful children.

So, when the granddaughter whose heart proves true and pure comes of age into adulthood, I will come to her and grant her the immortality of my race, she will be protected from the fate you might have suffered if I had taken you, I promise I will protect your granddaughter and treat her well. I will make her a queen.

Do not despair for yourself however, I have blessed you and all of your descendants after you with good fortune and healthy life, the mortal world needs more individuals like you... maybe if there were more, we fey would never have felt the need to withdraw from mortals as we have for so many centuries... just maybe... Wishful thinking, I suppose, yes?

I thank you for all your kindness, dearest Yvette...

Your devoted friend for all time,

King Cainneach of the Seelie Fey Court

Liliana Leon stroked her fingers gently across the aged piece of parchment glued into her Great Grandmother's diary, the handwriting certainly was not her Great Grandmother's... but then who was to say the man she took in wasn't just crazy or maybe this was some idea of a cruel joke to play on a lonely aging woman.
With a heavy drawn out sigh, Liliana closed the diary and laid back on her bed, she supposed she should have told her mother than she'd taken Great Grandma's diary last Christmas dinner, but... her mother was already convinced that Great Grandma was off her rocker, so it was highly unlikely that the diary would be missed.
As for Liliana, she wasn't too sure what to make of the diary... she genuinely wished to believe that was something more out there in this world, something magical and fantastic... but then she wasn't sure at the same time, the idea of fairy king's looking for a human bride seemed a little... well... a little far fetched, a bit out there...

“I don't know...” Liliana sighed softly, tugging open the drawer of her bedside table and tucking the diary away inside, adding with a humorous chuckle “Maybe if some hot fairy king shows up in my apartment, I'll have no choice but to believe. Hope he has a cute butt, I do appreciate a nice backside on a man, hehe”

The dragons treasure
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The experts have always said it is highly dangerous to fiddle around with high level magics without the  proper know how and experience... the sad thing is, not everybody listens to this sage advise...

A lonely young woman, Serenity Yates, tries to alter the world so that her parents never got into the car on that fateful stormy night... unfortunately, magic this high scale in the hands of an emotional novice goes terribly wrong and instead of altering her own world... she is taken somewhere else...

Next thing Serenity knows is waking up in a strange treasure filled cavern, laying in a sea of gold coins and glittering jewels, and two dragon brother's bickering over how to split the treasure between them... her included...

Come to find out, Serenity accidentally transported herself to an alternate reality in a medieval time period where magic, dragons and all things fantasy are all too real...

This can be altered as another option to have sisters instead of one girl, so we can double up and each dragon gets a girl.
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Sleep with the wolf or die by the wolf - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Princess Celewyn of the moon elves has led the resistance against the hostile werewolves now for a century and kept them at bay with high success... until now..
The werewolves alpha male was suddenly defeated by his own son whom promptly took charge of the large pack, he was one far more aggressive and ambitious than his father had ever dared to be.

He decides to lead the werewolves in a full on assault on the moon elves fortress, leaving blood and carnage in his wake as he searches for the leader of these elven rebels, Princess Celewyn.
When he finds her, the breathtaking beauty of the princess inspires him to give her two choices regarding her fate and the fate of her people:

Become his mate and unite their races forever.... or she can watch as the remaining moon elves are slaughtered in front of her before she will be raped and eventually slain herself...

Be careful what you wish for - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eighteen year old high school graduate Kiara Nest always loved to read novels about the world of the paranormal, she is a pretty but a loner, she is also a novice witch...
Curious about an old spellbook she found in an alternative antique shop, Kiara decides to ship her graduation ceremony and hides beneath the bleachers in the empty soccer field with the book open at a page describing a rather vague but interesting spell...

The description says that when a witch baring a true magical bloodline reads the incantation provided, the object of her desires shall be conjured. It also warns that before the incantation is read, it is advised that the witch be certain she can handle whatever is conjured and is aware of potential consequences of reading the incantation.

Brushing off the warnings and not really taking the book all that seriously, Kiara reads the incantation aloud. Before she knows it, a fierce thunderstorm brews and harsh rain ravages the earth below.
Kiara rushes home to her apartment, not sensing anything amiss about the sudden storm, she arrives home soaking wet and almost immediately as she passes the doorway she can sense something is not right in her home.

Never once of living her alone since she was seventeen did she ever sense anything so chilling or eerie, then when she turns to close the door, the door is slammed shut in her face and there standing before her and obviously hidden behind the door before, was a man that looked as though he stepped out of one of her sexy paranormal novels...

-The man is behind the door is the offered role, he is meant to be either a vampire or a werewolf. The spell Kiara read conjured into existence a paranormal hottie just like those she would read of in her books. He has his own free will and a whole shit load of lust going on-

Claimed by the wolf - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Daisy Jacobs is an orphan, she was raised with a loving foster family that officially adopted her at the age of three... however, despite the loving and happy home she had growing up... Daisy always felt like  an outsider... like she was different from everyone else in a big way and couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Now on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Daisy will discover the truth about herself... that she is a werewolf whose DNA was altered at birth to make her unable to shift into wolf form...
She is one of four female children born to werewolf females in the past twenty years to have their DNA altered, this having been done to ensure that the four sons of the aging Alpha male would have mates that could safely carry pups to full term.

The werewolf species was dwindling at the time and with modern science, the scientists of the werewolf community chose to act in desperation to prevent extinction. They sought to prevent these four female pups from ever being able to shift due to the fact that with the current females of the pack being unable to resist shifting into their wolf form during pregnancy, the drastic changes in their body structure back and forth caused miscarriage after miscarriage to the point that very few pups were making it to full term.

Unfortunately, all four female pups were abducted from the laboratory nursery the night after the process was successfully completed.
The kidnappers being human werewolf hunters had intended to kill the tiny females as soon as they were safe enough distance away, however the female leader finding herself unable to be responsible for murdering small children decided upon an alternative option.

So long as the females were far from the werewolf clutches, they would be not threat, especially if they never knew of their werewolf heritage and chose human spouses, from there the werewolf blood would thin through the generations until it was no more.
With that, the leader of the hunters took the female pups in secret to a far off orphanage and left them there in the care of the kindly orphanage matron.

The girls were sent to foster families eager to raise a little girl after only having being able to conceive boys, each of them in loving and caring arms.
Now eighteen years later, Daisy is being tracked down by the male she had been meant for by the means of her baby blanket, the eldest son of the now deceased Alpha male...

He has been searching a long time for Daisy and now that he has found her, nothing will stand in his way to claim what rightfully belongs to him.

Chosen by the wolf prince Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Human Eliana has known nothing else but the werewolf culture ever since she was rescued from a burning cabin as a baby by a childless werewolf couple and adopted.
Now eighteen years old, Eliana's life has been rich with the love of her adoptive parents and she is being courted by a sweet werewolf her age whom serves in the current Alpha's army.

However, Eliana is not prepared for her life being turned upside down when the Alpha's eldest son decides he is ready to take a mate... and he fancies Eliana...

Bride by capture

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Traveling with her brother across a post apocalyptic world on their journey back to the place of their birth to claim a vast inheritance that can change their lives forever, humans Bianca and her older brother Skylar must pass through territory known to belong to a gang rowdy werewolves.
The siblings encounter the gang when they come to a trecherous river and attempt to cross the one and only bridge over it to continue their journey through the werewolf territory, Skylar pays the Alpha of the gang for their passage through the territory... but the way the leader stares at Bianca... the two siblings know they must move quickly.

Sure enough, when the siblings set up camp and fall asleep by the campfire, the Alpha and a few of his most trusted wolves sneak in as silent as the stars above and abduct Bianca, drugging her to ensure she would not awaken before they were ready for her to do so.
Bianca awakens a few hours later to find herself in the Alpha's tent and soon discovers the purpose for which the Alpha has taken her... to become his mate!

Seduced by the Alpha wolf

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Eliana Blake has just turned 21 and decides to celebrate in a time-honored tradition... gather her gal pals and head for the classiest bar in town!
At the bar, Eliana encounters probably the most drool worthy man she's ever seen in her life and he seems to have eyes only for her, he offers to buy her first drink and from there, the drinks just keep coming.

With her sensibilities dampened with inebriation, the luscious hottie is able to convince Eliana t o ditch her friends and come back with his place with him to be alone  for a more 'private conversation'.
As the pair begin to make love, Eliana is unaware the man kissing her is the Alpha of the towns secret werewolf pack and has chosen the lovely Eliana to be his mate...

Love's first nip

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is not an opening post, I would write an opening post in much more detail and elegance than this, this is merely a detailed summary.

Arial Newman is part of an elite werewolf hunting regime and tonight they hope to take down the most dangerous and formidable werewolf pack to plague the nearby villages/cities (depending on medieval or modern), hoping that when they bring back the head of the Alpha male that it will send a message to the other lesser werewolf packs that they are not a force to trifled with, violence will be dealt with accordingly.

However, the shadow of their arrogance, this once elite force meets their downfall... and for Arial? Her true destiny will now soon be revealed?
She finds herself wondering why the Alpha spared her that night when she was one of the few attempting to flee, when he held her pinned to the cold earth... she'd not soon forget the way he snarled and leaned in to rip out her throat... suddenly stopping then and bringing his nose in close to her neck, inhaling deeply...

A shudder had shook through the wolf's body and he sharply nipped at her throat before he fled into the darkness... leaving the frightened and defeated huntress confused and alone on the body littered battlefield...

Werewolves, gypsy curses and mating, oh my!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Young woman living on an isolated Montana farm with her family, the crops have been really bad lately and they are very seriously financially struggling... the girl however is unaware that the failings crops is the result of a gypsy curse cast by a powerful and very large pack of werewolves... very pissed off werewolves...

A long, long time ago the land upon which the farm sits was given to the girl's family in exchange for a promise... you see, the heroine's family is one of the type of bloodlines that werewolves craving growing numbers just love... the women down her father's side of the family are super highly fertile...

So when the heroine's ancestor was down on his luck, these gypsy werewolves took pity on him and made him promise that in exchange for his life to become as fertile as the fields will be, he must make them a promise... that one day he would provide one of their royal line a mate...

The werewolves have waited so patiently, but ever since the deal was struck, all the children born of the ancestor's bloodline were males... until her...
She had finally come of age to be mated to the son of the current Alpha of the gypsy wolf tribe, there is just one problem... the current patriarch of the ancestor's bloodline is refusing to pay up... hence the curse put on the fields to attempt a little... well persuasion...

When it doesn't work... they decide is enough is enough, they'll just go and fetch the girl themselves...
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Bride by rescue

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
-Set in Medieval times, high fantasy genre-

Eliana Westcliff has only ever wanted one thing, to be a normal young woman fitting in among society, however she had a particular talent that wasn't too popular among the superstitious villagers... she can heal almost any wound by placing her hand upon it and summoning a golden healing light.

One evening as Eliana is trying to return home after making purchases at the village market, she is abducted and taken the village square to be burned as a witch!
Just as the kindling laid at her feet is set ablaze, smoke filling her eyes and lungs, Eliana suddenly hears horrible scream erupting all around her before she loses consciousness from too much smoke inhalation.

When she awakes, she finds herself no longer tied to a wooden pole, but instead laying upon a soft bed of goose down and dressed in a modest nightgown of fine cotton sewn with gold thread.
Staring down at her are three of them most handsome young men she had ever seen in her entire life, each of them with flaming red eyes.

After calming her down and relaxing her with a cup of hot tea, they explain to her gently that the three of them are brothers and... demons...
They occupy the ominous stone castle the north of her village and that is where she now resides, they rescued her from the stake just in the nick of time before the flames could touch her flesh.
They tell her that they took great risk entering the village that night when they had been out hunting in the forest, they ask her for what they feel in a small fee.

The brothers ask her to choose one of them to wed, it does not matter which one and she would be given a month to decide in which she could reside in their castle with her own room as she got to know them better. They promise her that none of them will pressure her for intimacy before she is ready to choose among them which one will be her husband, however... she will not be allowed to leave and she must make a choice, though if she had not chosen by the end of the month, the brothers themselves will decide among themselves which of them will wed the lovely rescued human.

The Demon's price - Possible  NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Minor water deity Liliana was in quite a situation, she was being courted by a vile middle class fire deity and needed a way to send the arrogant jerk packing, there was only one thing that could dissuade such a powerful magic user from his amorous advances. A being more powerful than himself.

Liliana resorted to book of very old dark magic, she would summon a powerful water demon, though she was unprepared for one thing, a price, there was always a price to be paid when you asked for a demon's help.

So when she summoned him, she was surprised when he asked for no earthly goods, but instead asked for her virginity.
After doing some heavy reading and finding a spell in the book to send the demon back to where he came from, Liliana decides to agree to the demon's price with every intention to recite the spell and send him back before he can collect his fee after the fire deity's amorous advances are snuffed out.

What you see is not always what you get - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Young twenty two year old witch Briella Norman works overtime like you wouldn't believe in the Bubbling Cauldron, an alternative shop owned by her powerful warlock uncle. She counts herself like having her uncle as her boss, enabling her to get the overtime needed to save up money for Yule gifts for her friends and family. Being broke 90% of the time really sucked the big one.

One evening, the most drop dead gorgeous man she had ever seen in all her life walks in to purchase some rare and expensive herbs, so valuable they could only be purchased at the counter.
Unbeknownst to Briella that this dreadfully handsome stranger is in fact a very powerful demon lord, Briella proceeds to flirt with him the entire time she was putting together his purchase.

Unfortunately for her, demons such as he are very dangerous and once they desired you... there is no backing out...

-Further details will be discussed between partners-

Demons in the attic- This leans more on the theory of demons being fallen angels, rather than just the grizzly ugly things dramatized.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
<Female name here> finds an old dusty trunk in her recently deceased father's attic, the bronze lining engraved with strange symbols she had never seen before, she thinks nothing of it given that her father was an eccentric whom was always bringing some weird something or other home to be tucked away in the attic.

It didn't surprise her too much when within her father's will was a sealed envelope addressed to her, within simply requesting that she either leave his belongings in the attic as they or have them sent to the son of a colleague of his. As if touching any of it was some sort of big deal or something.

Never once does she have the slightest thought that maybe opening the trunk is really not such a good idea, that maybe... JUST MAYBE... the trunk houses something that was never meant to be released...

For instance... a sensual chaos demon responsible for mayhem around the world for centuries... imprisoned by her father many years ago and sealed away inside the trunk, the runes on the bronze lining serving to keep him contained for eternity.

Her father's reason for wishing her to refrain from messing around with his things? His spells can be undone, only by the doing of one belonging to his bloodline.

So what happens you might wonder when she does open the trunk? The powerful being within is released and before her stands the most beautiful man she has ever dared to imagine in her entire existence...

Lucky for her however, the demon became spiritually bound to her when she opened the trunk, giving her a metaphorical leash of sorts on the demon. She can't really control him too much other than for example, forbidding him to do harm to humans.

His only chance of regaining his freedom is through his lovely 'warden' to verbally come right out and saying “<Name here>, I release you”

Let the chaos ensue!

Hellfire desire- song inspired

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I found myself on youtube listening to some song covers of Hellfire from Hunchback and I suddenly got this fabulous idea in my head.

A half demon girl has lived her life in peace on the mortal plane with her human mother, her life is turned upside down however when she all of a sudden finds herself being hunted by an angel on the slightly mentally unstable side, this angel arrived at first with the intentions to kill the abomination... but finds himself powerfully infatuated with her. She will belong to him... or she will die...

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Deities and Gods
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Deities and Gods

Praise to the Fertility God - Possible NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Veria was a priestess among many to an Island fertility deity, worshiping this deity that ensured their tribe fertility and plenty of male and female children alike to keep their population going without having to involve any incestuous relationships out of sheer desperation.

Very few have seen the deity face to face and any that have not been given permission are forbidden from journeying to the sacred altar where the deity resides.
The deity asked only one thing of the villagers in exchange for the ensured continuity of their tribe:

Send one untouched priestess to the altar once every first full moon of the beginning of each new year and she will be returned unharmed with the promise of continued fertility among their men and women.

Frozen kisses - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In post apocalyptic modern day when the entire earth is now akin to Arctic due to the influence of an ice deity that now controls the world with a frozen fist, Liliana finds herself among a group of girls captured from a struggling village to be offered as sacrifices to the Ice Deity in return for mercy from his icy wrath.
Much to her surprise though, when the Ice Deity himself comes to look over the tribute sacrifices, he decides that she will not be joining the other girls as sacrifices, no... she would become his personal love slave!

Offered role: Ice deity

Winter's yearning

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Loosely inspired by the story of Hades and Persephone.

Eliana, the beautiful fey guardian of spring has lived in peace for eons in the ethereal Forest of Life, preparing year after year to thaw the chill of winter and herald in the green beauty of spring.

From afar in the Vale of Eternal Winter, the fey guardian of winter watches Eliana from his frozen mirrors inside his palace of ice, an unfamiliar yearning melting his frigid heart... For so long he has watched and yearned for the beautiful guardian of spring...

No longer can he bare to watch from afar and only be able to touch and caress her creamy skin in his dreams... he will take her... he will take her from her forest and bring her into his frozen realm... and she will love him... he would make her love him...

In the arms of the Aztec god

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story was loosely inspired by the movie 'The Ruins'.

When Aaria James and her friends are vacation in Mexico, their hiking trip proved way more eventful than they ever anticipated when they happened upon some uncharted Aztec ruins deep in the Mexican jungles, the place was beautiful beyond they imagining and practically begged to be explored.

When the girls enter the ruins, a stone slab suddenly blocks the way behind them and seals them inside, it is then... that strange plant life begins hunting them all down, devouring them one by one until only Aaria is left alive...
After she is certain she will not die in this place all alone, Aaria is soon met by a handsome Mexican Indian in cultural attire claiming to be the guardian god of this temple and the devoured girls had become the required sacrifices he requested as each century passed, he tells her she has been spared because he likes her and finds her attractive, so he'd let that last sacrifice slide as a sort of wedding gift to her...

Being a god is great and all, he explains to her, but it gets very lonely and now... he isn't going to be lonely anymore... whether Aaria likes it or not...
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Monsters and Science Fiction
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Monsters and Science Fiction

In the arms of the tiger -  Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the year 2085, Professor Harold Blakely has achieved a scientific break-through! He combined the DNA of a test subjects unborn child with the DNA of a Bengal White Tiger, endowing the boy with tiger-like abilities and stark white hair.

The boy's test subject mother died in the birthing and he has grown in the in facility under close study, practically a prisoner given no choices regarding his life.
Everything changes though when he enters his first mating heat at twenty two years old, he catches a glimpse of Professor Blakely's beautiful intern daughter, Belle and decides he desires to mate with her.

When he requests to the professor that he be allowed to mate, the professor is in complete agreement until he learn just whom exactly the young man wishes to take as mate, he forbids it and tells him other suitable choices for the project will be presented.

Furious about being denied the female that stirred his passions, he decides he is quite finished being their experiment and uses his superior tiger-like abilities to break out of the facility, with Belle as his captive... and his lover... whether she likes it or not...

It came from the Swamp - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ayela Burke was one of four in an elite group of women hunters whose specialty was troublesome monsters and now they had come the swamp village of Gull to answer a request to have a horrible swamp demon taken care of. Apparently the thing had been taking a different virgin from the village every couple of nights only for the poor girl to be found the next morning, sexually used and dead.

What no one knows is that the swamp demon is not truly a demon at all, but a member of a near extinct race requiring a swampy habitat, and it's reason for taking the virgin girls? The creature has entered his first mating season and is searching for mate that suits his sexual needs and preferences.

When Ayela and her friends arrive in Gull and begin to to hunt the creature, they are unaware that he has been watching them the whole time and Ayela... she stirs arousal in his loins like he's never experienced before...

Offered role: swamp monster

Bride of the Snake - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character would be an archaeologist traveling to a newly discovered island with a small team of other various types of explorers. Once there, my character and her colleagues discovered a temple dedicated to the legendary Naga creatures of mythology, never knowing that these creatures were not only real, but still in existence and making use of the temple daily for rituals to their gods.

The explorers would be found by Naga priests and brought to the Naga prince for their fate to be decided, the others would be killed, but my character will have attracted the fancy of the prince and finds herself taken as his bride... whether she likes it or not.

Offered role: Naga prince

The Martian Prince- Contains NC

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Thousands of years into the future, we have colonized Mars and made it livable, much to the annoyance of the illusive Martian empire, aliens with a very striking human resemblance...
The prince of the Martians has put up with the humans being on his planet only so much, allowing them asylum on Mars to escape their dying planet.

Yes, he had maintained distance from the humans, that is until... he catches a glimpse of the colony leader's daughter on his command center computers... he decides he must have her and humanity could consider this their payment for living on his planet...

The troll king - Contains NC

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Princess Lunaria of the moon elves was always told to stay away from the Golden Wood, no matter how beautiful a place it was... for there lurked the troll king and all his foul minions...
Hungering for the sweet sunberries that grew only the golden wood and to dance beneath the golden sunlight, Lunaria disobeys her father's rules and ventures into the Golden Wood with a basket just waiting to be filled with deliciously sweet sunberries.

Unbeknownst to her, she is watched from the very moment she entered the Golden Wood, by the troll king himself... he is entranced by the elven princess and vows that she will be his...

The Predator's Mate - Possible NC, maybe

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After their laboratory captures and subdues one of the infamous predator aliens, the scientists of the Black Lotus sector begins to conduct all sorts of experiments on him.
Arial Louis, Daughter of the head scientist is appalled by the cruelty they display the extraterrestrial warrior, wouldn't be better to display a more benevolent nature and try to befriend him?
Alas, she knows she would get laughed out of the lab and oversees the experiments anyway as her father had ordered to do, hating it the entire time and pitying the warrior behind the glass.

One evening however, the lab decides to experiment with the creatures sexuality, trying to determine what exactly the races reproductive organs look like or how they reproduce at all.
After injecting chemicals in him to make him aroused and removing the leather pants he donned, they saw that the creature's organ was very much like their own males cocks, but his was... bigger... very impressive...

After trying all sorts of things to try and get him to ejaculate for a sample of his sperm, they left him there like that for the rest of the night alone... or at least they thought he was alone...
Arial returned that night to visit him as she did most nights of his captivity and he seemed to understand her situation, that she hated what they did to him but could do nothing about it.

Well, being still a virgin at twenty four years old, Arial was quite desperate to be rid of the status and enter full womanhood and this predator... what more of a virile male could a female hope to give herself to.
She tried to explain as best she could what she was going to do before she mounted him where he was still strapped to the experimental chambers chair and impaled herself on him, giving him her virginity...
Arial made love to him that night and cleaned him up afterward, disappearing before anyone knew what she had done.

Then a few nights later, the predator somehow manages to break free and on his escape, he snatches Arial right out of her bed and takes her with him with intention to make this human female his mate...

Taken as the Barbarian's woman

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This idea was inspired by a short story I read by Gena Showalter that I just absolutely loved.

Brielle Jenkins is an agent working for the ATMA orginization, Alien Traffic Monitoring Agency, their job is to monitor all alien species stepping foot on Earth and intervene when necessary.

When their computers pick up a mysterious ship landing in the woods outside the agency compound, Brielle and a dozen other armed agents are sent out to investigate and discover whether the new arrivals are friend or foe.
They find the ship and form it, emerges golden skinned men that remind Brielle of what a combo of Adonis and Conan the Barbarian might look like, all big muscles and insta-orgasm good looks.

The ATMA agents soon discover these gorgeous barbarian space men are here looking for a new home after a plague has wiped out their planet and killed all their women... the leader of these delectable barbarians also expresses a not so subtle interest in Brielle...

Abducted by an Alien

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When new high school graduate Liliana Chase allowed her friends to talk her into one last 'hurrah' of misbehavior to salute their adolescence goodbye, they pick the barn of the meanest rudest farmer in the state to spray paint the logo of their school on... she expected they'd paint quickly and get the hell out of there before they were caught and nothing truly bad would ever come out of it...

What she wasn't expecting however was the nasty bitches abandoning her out in the middle of no where... leaving her to walk home with a duffel of spray paints in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where, all by herself... did she mention they were nasty bitches? Yeah, because they are. Backstabbing skanks.

What else was Liliana not expecting? Well, a beam of light to cut through the clouds and drag her up into the sky, of course! She finds herself in the custody of a fairly attractive male alien with a taste for sexy human redheads... apparently he's been searching for one he can breed with and keep, but thus far has been unsuccessful... she finds out he didn't just let the other girls go after they proved to be incompatible with him, they could have told people what happened and had evidence with their bodies... he had to dispose of them...

If Liliana doesn't want to join the other corpses redheaded girls... she'll have to do everything she can to please him and pray as hard as she can that she'll be compatible enough to get pregnant... or it's lights out for her, forever.
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Dark Fantasy- Where heroes lose
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Dark Fantasy- Where heroes lose

In the grip of Darkness - Contains NC

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A/U Fantasy world

The world is divided between two powerful empires:

Nevaeh- The Empire of Light- The people of Nevaeh are peace loving and gentle, unaccustomed to war or strife, they live bathed in the favor of the Gods of Light. Nevaeh is governed by the beautiful and   compassionate young empress, Savina, she wields a very special rod crafted by the Gods of Light entirely from enchanted crystal.
She still has much to learn in harnessing the rod's full power, but she has managed with it to raise a protective barrier of light around her empire's capital, Elysian.

Tenreth- The Empire of Darkness- The people of Tenreth are cold and harsh, they see little use in compassion and love, nothing to gain from being selfless or kind. They are fueled only by selfishness and greed, their hearts black with darkness and hatred. Tenreth is governed by the sinfully handsome young emperor Dorien, his heart and soul as black as his hair. Dorien is adept in dark sorcery and seeks to release a devastatingly powerful shadow monster once controlled by his family from it's imprisonment beneath the ocean, a being his father locked away for being both unstable and just too risky.

Savina- age 18- the daughter of the late Emperor Cornelious and the late Empress Alexandra, Savina is a gentle and kind young woman with intelligence and spunk to complete the package. Many would call Savina the most beautiful female they have ever seen, her warm heart only serving to make her even more beloved by all who know her.

Dorien- age 21- (Much of this may be tweaked)- the son the late Emperor Luca, it is rumored that Dorien is responsible for the mysterious murder of his father, that he killed him in a fit of greed and eagerness to ascend the throne. Dorien is very vain and arrogant, though he makes up for it with his high level of intelligence and cool calculating cleverness.
Dorien mastered the dark arts very early into his teens, his subjects do not dare oppose him in fear of being yet another victim of Dorien's unsurpassed dark magic... the emperor is not known for quick or merciful punishments...

The only thing more powerful than Dorien's greed for power is his obsession with the beautiful young empress of Nevaeh...

A charmed life gone wrong - Possible NC

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Princess Aaria had always lived  the comfortable and sheltered life given everything she could ever want or need, her life is absolutely perfect.
Suddenly her perfect life is complicated when the tense relations they have with the neighboring kingdom gets worse when Aaria insults the other kingdom's prince by declining his request to court her and even refusing to meet with him to talk about the subject.

To make matters worse, Aaria's father invites the royal family of the neighboring kingdom to their castle for a peace talk, which they accept much to Aaria's dismay.
Her father simply requested of her to be present and sit in quietly until the end of the meeting, however things do not go as planned when the prince brings an offer to the table that will end all the tension between their kingdoms and eliminate the possibility of war between them for good...  Aaria will marry him and join their kingdoms...

The prince also makes sure to make mention of the fact that their military is much large and much better equipped than theirs, therefore war would be quite foolish...
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Coup d'état - Contains NC
(First, for those wondering. The title is a French word for an illegal overthrow of a goverment body)

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Attending a private dinner beside her parents with a distant relative her third cousin twice removed Lord Arthas, Princess Arabella of the Sun worshiping empire Suncoran is shocked when her parents are suddenly stricken down by a lethal poison in their wine.
Matters take a turn for the worse when her devious relative convinces the whole palace that she was the one whom poisoned the king and queen of Suncoran in order to gain the throne, she is immediately taken captive by Lord Arthas whom now currently controls Suncoran until the issues are resolved.

Arabella now has no choice but to accept her scheming distant relative's terms of bargaining in exchange for him claiming her innocence of the deed.

The two things that she finds strange: Why was her life spared at the dinner and what could this relative of such thin blood relation want from her?

Offered role: Lord Arthas

(Below is a sample of the rp, this will be the opening post. Yes by the way, the name Arthas is from WOW, wrath of the lich king was my favorite ^.^)

Under the prairie sun (Please know what you are doing if you request this one)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Cora O' Bryant and her papa move away from Richmond, Virginia to the open prairies of 1864 Georgia in order to escape the painful loss of her mama to pneumonia.
Her papa finds wealth in the lumber business, but Cora finds herself lonely and bored with nothing but miles of prairie in sight.
She hears about a Native American village not too far from the lumber mill where her papa has found the profitable work, though her papa tells her to stay away from the Indians; Cora cannot help but find herself curious.

Offered role: Native American brave/chief

Shipwrecked pirate captains

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Arabella Crestellia had a truly golden upbringing, she was the daughter of the wealthiest lord residing in the prosperous seaside port town, she grew up happy and loved, never having to go wanting for anything, she was the happiest fourteen year old girl in the world... but... sometimes, even times of great joy and beauty cannot last forever...

When her father was mysteriously framed for aiding pirates supposedly by providing the routes the trade ships would be taking and what defenses they'd have, the other nobility turned on her father and turned her joyful life upside town... her father was seized and immediately sentenced to death to hang... as a pirate...
Her mother had fallen into a terrible deep depression, refusing to eat or sleep, inevitably dying from what people could only call a broken heart... Arabella was left all alone...

When the town mayor tried to secure her family fortune, titles and estates for himself by attempting to betroth her to his worthless son, Arabella fled in the night with a vow of revenge on her lips... the nobles of Gull Bay Port would pay for what they had done...

If they wanted a pirate, she would give them a damn pirate...

-six years later-

Six years after the incident that changed Arabella's life forever, she was now a pirate captain of great reputation and respect at only twenty years old, she had earned herself a place among the other formidable pirates sailing the rough seas, her ship Goddess of Vengeance manned entirely by women wronged and stepped on by one way or another and hungry for vengeance upon their wrong doers... and the world for standing by and doing nothing to stop it...

Now, when Arabella begins plotting a big heist on a notoriously wealthy merchant ship, it comes to light that another pirate captain (Your role) is also gunning for the same succulent prize... and so begins a fierce rivalry to claim it before the other...

(The two ships will never capture their target, the idea is that their antics disturb a sea beast slumbering in the depths and the ships are attacked. Arabella and the male captain of the other ship wash up on a deserted island and must work together to survive)

Let me make one thing clear for those that might misread, just to be safe: Arabella was 14 when her life went to shit, but when our story picks up, she is 20 years old.
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Behind the mask (Street Fighter)

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What if Sagat had a daughter no one knew about in the United States, what is she came to Shadaloo to find her father after him being absent in her life for six years and wanted to reunite. What will happen when she meets his charismatic partner Vega? What will happen when Ryu and Ken enter into the picture after saving Sagat's daughter from stalkers intent on either ransoming the girl or selling her into slavery for profit?
This could also feature Chun Li as my character instead of an original character. Speak with me for details on that if it sparks interest.

Time to burn some muscle!

Offered role: Vega

(This is very rough draft and there is plenty of room for tweaking once I have found a partner)

Sailor Moon: Second Chances

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What would happen if just after defeating Galaxia, the light of the silver crystal ressurected two old enemies that had repented just before their deaths: Prince Diamond and his brother Sapphire.

I have ideas on how to deal with Mamoru being I really desire for Usagi and Diamond to be together. I think they would have been great and besides that, I honestly found Mamoru fickle and distant.

I can also control Prisma so Sapphire can have a love interest too

Offered role: Prince Diamond (Possibly Sapphire as well)

Return of the prince (partner is required to have seen Hellboy 2)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala did not die, Red beat Nuada, Liz destroyed the crown and Nuada ran off while Nuala returned with the group back to the BRPD

19 years after the defeat of the Golden Army, Red and his family continue with the BRPD, their children are fully grown and the organization under new much more agreeable management.
However, chaos strikes a new organization of terror arises and has Red's daughter Usagi abducted in the middle of the night, to be used as bait for her father.

Though matters get even more confused for the half demon when an silvery blonde haired male elf 'rescues' her... why worse? The prince decides that Agent Hellboy is incapable of properly protecting his lovely daughter and takes upon himself to 'keep her safe' while the new menace is about, leaving Usagi abducted for the second time in one night.

Though Nuada craves vengeance upon Red, he cannot deny what the demon's beautiful and feisty daughter makes him feel...

What will happen?-Intended to be a romance between Prince Nuada and Usagi-

Offered role: Prince Nuada

The beauty and the snake- Cirque Du Freak fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lily Sinclare, a beautiful young woman with powerful psychic abilities has always known she was an outsider... unwanted by society...
From being dropped off at an orphanage at age six by strict Catholic parents appalled by their daughter's abilities, calling her the devil's child... all for levitating one stupid cookie. Then being treated like trash her whole life by the nuns at the orphanage, being told every day that she was a freak no one was ever going to want.

Her salvation came at sixteen, a freakishly tall man came to the orphanage to take Lily away, he told her that he belonged to a circus of freaks that would gladly accept her as a member of their family... they would treat her with the proper respect she deserved.

Lily jumped at the opportunity and Mr. Tall took her away to the Cirque Du Freak, introducing her to a certain snake boy...

(Meant to be a romance between Lily Sinclare and Evra Von)

Lotor's Victory -Fandom of 80's cartoon Voltron - Contains NC

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What is Prince Lotor actually managed to get Princess Allura back to planet Doom for a royal wedding? Let's explore that, shall we?

Reunited- Harry Potter Fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This roleplay is based off a fanfiction I wrote that got pretty popular with readers, I loved it so much that I decided to turn it into an rp. Though I am of course aware that it will most likely not go the same route as the fic, that is just unreasonable and hardly fun.

This fic starts at the beginning of sixth year, it is revealed to Harry by Dumbledore that he has a twin sister that was hidden for her safety and the time has come for them to be reunited, his sister Zelda is being brought to attend Hogwarts with him for sixth and seventh year.

Unfortunately for the Potter twins, they will not have much time to rejoice in their reunion as an old foe thought gone returns to threaten their new happiness.

(This is intended to be a romance for Zelda with one of the following males of your choice: Snape, Draco, Ron or Neville {He got hot, bite me, lol} )

Destiny calls- Labyrinth fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sarah turns out to be the reincarnation of a murdered queen from a fantasy world much like Jareth's, when she is attacked by her past murderers, the spirit of her past life slumbering within her transports her to the underground to protect her.

There Sarah must hide from her pursuers and deal with a sexy goblin king very angry over being rejected...

The Goblin Princess- Labyrinth fandom-

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What is Jareth had agreed to send Toby back home in exchange for Sarah agreeing to remain with him in the underground as his bride.
Eighteen years later, Jareth and his beloved queen have a sixteen year old daughter and heir, their sweet Melody.

-My character will be Melody, though since the Labyrinth world has such a wide array of possible beings to play, I will hear my partner out of what they would wish to try to play ^.^

As mainly side characters, I would be playing Sarah and my partner would control Jareth. Makes sense to have Melody's parents an active presence. We can also do the same with any side characters my partners wants-

Princess of Darkness- Buffy Fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if the night Dracula visited Buffy in her room, more happened than she initially allowed her friends to know... what if she and Dracula had made love...

What if Buffy had gotten pregnant?

Buffy was careful to keep the existence of her daughter a secret and sought help from the only person that had experienced this situation before, someone she can trust to help protect her precious daughter, her sweet little Melody.


What will happen when sixteen years later, Dracula learns of the existence of his daughter through spies he has placed in the United States. He promptly comes back to Sunnydale to meet the daughter that was kept secret from him and to confront Buffy for daring to rob him of sixteen years of their daughter's life.

(There will be two romances here. Dracula/Buffy and Connor/Melody. Possibly an OC with Melody depending on how interesting the OC is.)

Moonlight mischief -Sailor Moon and Avengers cross-over fandom

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sailor Moon and her soldiers chase the latest villain to the Avengers neck of the woods and after hearing their situation, the Avengers agree to assist the sailor soldiers and in turn, the soldiers agree to assist with defeating Loki.

(Paring is Sailor Moon and Loki, preferably, or a love triangle with Sailor Moon/Captain America/Loki with Sailor Moon ultimately choosing Captain America)

A demon and his moon princess- Devil May Cry/Sailor Moon Possible NC, depending on chosen male lead.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
First, I need to explain something about the Sailor Moon involvement in this storyline, absolutely no one but Princess Serenity is involved. The whole super heroine thing never existed here, the Moon Kingdom is still very much thriving on the moon ,Princess Serenity never died and never became reborn as Sailor Moon. Also, there is no Prince Endymion as there is no 'kingdom' on the earth, lol.

Besides, the intended pairing is Dante and Serenity, unless my partner is  die-hard Vergil fan, then an exception can be made

No knowledge of Sailor Moon is necessary, what is involved is very basic and easily explained if my partner has further questions.

Anyway, here is the plot:

When fearsome demons have finally reached the silver kingdom upon the surface of the moon and terrorize the peaceful Lunarians, Princess Serenity escapes the moon and travels to Earth to seek out the son of Sparda known to be on the side of good, Dante, in hopes that he might help her people dispose of their demonic menace.

Upon arrival on Earth, the princess is first approached by a demon she at first mistook for Dante and soon discovers to be his twin brother Vergil, a demon on the side of evil.
Serenity manages to escape Vergil, though not before unwittingly inspiring an infatuation for her in the normally heartless being, a most dangerous thing to do...

Her prayers are answered at last when she finds the demon Dante and explains to him her plight and his role in the entire thing.
Dante knows that the mission will be difficult, even more so when Vergil begins sending his minions to search the city for the lovely moon princess that bewitched his heart...

Sample Post:
The sounds of her shoes click clacking on the marble floor as she fled through the dimly lit halls of the Moon Palace echoed in Princess Serenity's ears, almost mirroring the heavy pounding of her heart as it beat like a drum in her chest.

Demons... Here on the moon... No one was certain how or why... but they were here and unleashing terror upon the entire kingdom, Serenity herself had barely escaped with her life when they had reached the throne room... her mother... Queen Serenity the first... had fallen...
It was up to her now to find a way to save her people and one name came to her mind, her mother had once told her about a benevolent demon by the name of Sparda whom had two halfbreed sons... One named Dante and the other Vergil.

According to her mother and what their sources had told them, they regularly liked to see how the Earth was doing, Dante had chosen to align himself with good while his brother Vergil, had chosen to align himself with evil.
Serenity had made up her mind as she fled down the darkened halls towards the teleportation room that she would use to escape to Earth and seek out Dante, surely he would listen to her plight and help her save the Moon Kingdom.

'Pretty, pretty princess... Where are you pretty, pretty princess?'

Terror gripped her heart as she heard that mocking voice echoing about the halls, the same vile beast that had torn out her dear mother's heart had found her and now pursued her, taunting her with it's malicious laughter.
Hiking up the front of her gown to her knees to enable her to run faster, Serenity kicked off her white satin heels and bolted as fast as her nimble legs would carry her down the corridor until she came to the large ornate double doors that would lead to her to the one that would save her home.

Pushing them open, Serenity burst inside, pushed them closed behind her with the bar down from the inside and rushed for the shimmering crystal platform, she punched in the correct coordinates for Earth.
The malevolent demon was now on the other side of the doors, beating against them desperately as if it could sense that it's prey was moments away from going well beyond it's reach.

Just as the doors were beginning to crack beneath the heavy beating the demon on other side was giving it, pale blue and magenta lights began to swirl and engulf the moon princess until she and the lights were no longer there.
It was now to Earth the princess was taken to and there her search for the Moon Kingdom's savior would begin...

Lord of the Rings: The moon's child

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Long after the events of the defeat of Sauron, in a time of golden peace for Middle Earth, something amazing is about to happen.
An ancient race forgotten by Middle Earth has chosen this time of peace to return to Middle Earth after their many, many centuries of absence. Where were they all this time? The answer is among the clouds...

Legends speak of a race baring wings of shimmering pale gossamer, hair of snow white with a silvery shine to the strands... and the most breathtaking description of all is the rumor of their bodies baring a soft silvery light blue glow like the moon and stars.

Fairest of all fair creatures, these ethereal beings said to have descended from the silver beams of the moon, are known as Moon Fairies or Children of the Moon.

As it happens,  these ethereal creatures immediately adapt to languages as soon as they hear them.
The king of the Moon Fairies, Ithilrin, has sent his royal children with gifts down to Middle Earth to visit each existing kingdom to spread the word of their coming and extend to each race their good will and friendship.

Princess Celebrinel has just arrived in ??? (depends on the male character chosen by my partner)

There are a few options here: We can go with Legolas and ignore the fact that he and Gimli went off the homeland of the elves OR we can say that Haldir never died and Celebrinel instead arrives in Lorien. With the freedom afforded by roleplay and imagination, anything can happen.

Another option I might be persuaded to try is to have Celebrinel choose Rivendell instead and we can pair her with either Lindir or one of Elrond's sons.

Love and Christmas- The Santa Clause

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A/U- Carol gave birth to twins instead one baby. Buddy and his twin sister Holly.

Set 18 years after The Santa Clause 3: The escape clause

It is Holly and Buddy's eighteenth birthday, Bernard has loved Holly silently since she was sixteen and now he has decided to tell her his feelings and hope she feels the same about him.

-There is much room here for improvement-

(This can be short or long term)

The princess and the king (title is optional)  -Beast Master A/U (Huge craving!!!) (Must be well versed in the show) Possible NC
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if Dar had a younger sister that was sparred along with him in the savage attack on their tribal kingdom, her name being Azami. She has traveled alongside her brother and Tao the entire time.

They come to Chinka and while there, Voden takes a strong interest in Azami...... but Azami's heart is stolen by a young man sparring in the city.....

There are two possible pairings for Azami, Voden or Bahktiar.

(This takes place in episode "Rage" of season 2)

Kissed by Moonlight (Inuyasha and Sailor Moon crossover, technically just the Silver Millennium)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
What if long ago when the Silver Millennium was still thriving, Princess of the Moon Kingdom never had a romance with any human prince, but instead an Inu youkai lord...
What if the reason for Sesshomaru's cold behavior partially had something to do with his beloved having been murdered along with her entire race when an evil witch attacked the Moon Kingdom?

Now in Feudal Japan, Sesshomaru encounters a young woman living alone in the woods... that looks exactly in every way, like his beloved moon princess...

Usagi believes herself to be simply an ordinary young woman with absolutely nothing special about her, but Sesshomaru knows better... he is certain this woman is the reincarnation of his sweet Serenity...

He will not lose her again... he would take her away to his castle and keep her safe... whether she wanted it or not...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The turtles rescue a mysterious beautiful raven haired young woman named Lily from soldiers of the Foot clan, quickly discovering the girl to have psychic powers the Foot clan hoped to exploit. What was it they were hoping to achieve from abducting the girl? And will they attempt to reclaim her?

It is quickly decided that it is in Lily's best interest to remain with the turtles until the danger to her has passed.

Desired Pairing: Lily and Raphael

World of Warcraft

This is a BIG, BIG, BIG craving, I want this story REALLY bad.  Bonus points to you if you actually know what you're talking about, I play to this day and will find a knowledgeable partner to be HOT, HOT, HOT. Like the panties are insta-soaked kind of hot, just sayin ^.^

Story takes place just after Mist of Pandaria.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

~Belorea Sunstrider-OC daughter of Kael'Thas Sunstrider / Lor'Themar Theron~

~Belorea Sunstrider-OC daughter of Kael'Thas Sunstrider/ Prince Anduin~

A little bit of information regarding Belorea is that she was conceived during the time her father attended Dalaran, though her existence was kept secret due her father's reputation as an accomplished mage, he feared that his enemies might harm her to get to him or worse yet and closer to home, members of his court might attempt to manipulate the young princess.
When Belorea was six years old, Kael'thas secretly took full custody of his daughter and took her with him into the Outlands, intending on revealing her existence at a later time, even intending to betroth her to Lor'Themar Theron if his trusted comrade was open to the idea.

However, things took a different turn when on Belorea's 18th birthday, when she discovered her father's involvement with the night elf turned demon, Illidin. The princess was horrified and pleaded with her father to reconsider and make things right while he still had the chance... but he refused to listen to her and attempted to persuade his daughter of the benefits there were in these unholy alliances... prompting Belorea's decision to flee her father's fortress and return to Dalaran, never disclosing her identity.

She has never forgiven her father.

Belorea is a hunter and has an orange fox named Sunburst.

Star Trek: Voyager

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My favorite Star Trek series is Voyager (please do request another series, I will not be open to it, my craving is Voyager, though we could potentially involve Next Generation characters) and I got to thinking how awesome it would have been in Chakotay and Janeway had actually acted on their attraction and hooked up...

Well in the reality that I wish to do this fandom, they did, they got married and had a daughter, naming Tom and B'elanna Paris as her godparents.

Young 18 year old Ensign Liliana Janeway is about to go along with her godfather Tom and her Uncle Harry on her first away mission to investigate a supposedly abandoned planet rich with all kinds of irresistible resources valuable to Voyager... but they will discover... the planet is not as empty as they thought...


Perhaps the son of Vorrik, Liliana's same age, is now going though his first pon farr or hell, Vorrik himself going through his next pon farr.. and he's chosen Liliana as the perfect mate... does Liliana reject the notion? Or perhaps... does she find him as appealing as he does her?

There are so many ways we can go with this outline, but I am not going to go any deeper, enabling myself and my partner to develop it more in ways appealing to us both.

Wizardess Heart- Bedding Klaus Goldstein (one shot)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Please only respond if you know what Wizardess Heart is, if you are intrigued, you can watch the routes for the different love options on youtube. Klaus is my personal favorite.

So here is the deal, I'd like to start off from the day that the heroine is supposed to graduate and she decides to repay her handsome boyfriend Klaus for working so hard to help her get to this point, she waits for him in the prefects office all dressed up in sexy light pink lingerie ;)

Pairings below have no plots yet, to be discussed between partners:

Mortal Kombat- Shang Tsung and Sonya Blade- The 1995 movie versions-
Outlawstar- Melfina/Harry Macdougall
Escaflowne- Hitomi/Lord Dilandau
Avatar: The last Airbender- Katara/Zuko
Rave Master- Elie/Lucia Raregroove
Inuyasha- Kagome/Sesshomaru or Kagome/Koga
Kim possible- Kim Possible and Dr. Drakken
Halloweenton- Luke/Marnie or Kal/Marnie
League of Legends- Soraka (Divine skin) and Male champion of your choice
Aladdin the series- Princess Jasmine/Mozenrath
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New storyline added in Monsters and Science Fiction section- The troll king

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New Storyline added in Modern Normal section- Wedding the prince

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New Storyline added to Fandoms section, The princess and the king- Beastmaster

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New storyline added to Monster and Science Fiction section- The Predator's Mate

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Updated in the Vampires section with Saving the world... and falling in love

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For the ladies
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Storylines in which I am willing to play a male will make here to this section.

Seduced by the vampire lord

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A handsome vampire lord from ancient Japan takes up residence in the United States, taking interest then in a lovely local, he finds himself unable to shake her from his immortal mind, the Japanese vampire makes plans to woo the female and make his immortal bride...

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Youkai and Anthro (Example: Neko, Kitsune, etc)
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The Kitsune and the Forest Nymph

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Lovely forest nymph Ariella had always lived peacefully in solitude within the Golden Wood, content with frolicking the lush forest and nurturing nature, but all of that is about to change...
A powerful fox demon comes to the Golden Wood with intentions to make the peaceful place his home as well, and when he spots Ariella while hunting for his dinner... well... he feels something much more... amorous...

He then makes the decision to woo the lovely creature until she willingly agrees to become his mate...

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Big Update!

Two new sections and three new storylines.

For the ladies section added with storyline Seduced by the Vampire Lord

Youkai and Anthro section added with storyline The Kitsune and the Forest Nymph

Kissed by Moonlight added in Fandoms section

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Updated in Fairies, Nymphs and other fantasy creatures with The merman's bride

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Updated fandom section with  Desire is blue- Kim Possible

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The Forbidden (Taboos and the like)
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Brother knows you best

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For years Bianca and her twin brother have lived apart, her brother took over the family business when their father died and Bianca was taken away with her their mother, whom Bianca had discovered was dying of cancer.
After her mother's passing, she goes to the only safe haven she knows, which is the centuries old Swiss family manor high in the mountains of Switzerland.

She notices when she arrives that her brother is behaving around her in ways he never did before, almost as if... he was trying to seduce her with his money and high ranking status, whats up with all that?

Lets find out and make some heat in that cold Swiss snow, eh?

Loving thy brother

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Set back in medieval times, Arabelle is the twin sister of a powerful werewolf Alpha and is due very soon to enter her first mating heat.
She is told that her brother as the Alpha will select which lucky male will become her mate and take her beneath the full moon to cement the bond... only her brother suprises her and tells her that no wolf will be taking her to mate... no wolf... but him...

Much to Arabelle's shock and confusion, this idea is far more agreeable to her than it should be...
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7/15/2013- New section added- The Forbidden (Taboos and the like)

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Need to find someone with a tendency to be up very late at night, I am a night owl and often find myself very bored at these hours.

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Updates added! New Storylines!

Modern/Normal section- The Obsession

Fandom section- Love in unexpected places: A world of warcraft romance