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Author Topic: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)  (Read 1148 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

The year is 2122 and the world is a very different place then what it was a year ago. Massive cities have fallen silent and become eerie ghost towns, falling to ruin. Cars and other vehicles sit in complete quite on deserted streets.  Progress as we know it has come to a grinding halt, the economy has collapsed, political leaders are absent while gangs of scavengers run lose in the  ruined cities and surrounding wastelands while para military forces try to keep order.

No one seems to know when or where it all started or when the first sightings of the entities were. Most can't even remember hearing anything about it on the news until it was too late. The first wave of casualties were never made pubic and the true causes were swept rapidly under the rug by the governments who passed it off as industrial accidents and natural disasters and supplied new stations with doctored footage. By the time the truth came to the surface it was too late. There was no stopping them, they moved too fast, there were too many and humanity knew too little about them to be able to fend them off.

IGEN, one of the largest and most powerful corporations of medical and military technology, created the Evas in an attempt to combat the hordes of entities that had become known as angels.  But even advanced technology was nothing compared to the powers of supernatural entities hell bent on sweeping humanity off the face of the planet.

A few cities still stand. Humanity is scattered, some stay huddled in small fortified towns while others roam the destruction.  Some still fight the supernatural entities while others worship them while still others place the blame on technology.

What this rp is

This is loosely based off an show called Neon Genesis Evangelion but no knowledge of the show is needed since its only loosely based.

This is an RP were survival is paramount. The game will focus on the survivors and their struggle to live in a post apocalyptic world populated by powerful supernatural beings, roving hordes of scavengers and gangs while dealing with supply shortages and small well fortified towns that are not what they seem. You can start your characters in pairs or small groups or by themselves. You may join other groups or keep moving separately. Ultimately the game will be what the players and the characters make it to be.

Keep in mind there are not just your fellow human you need to be concerned about, there are maundering gangs of scavengers who have no qualms about attacking small groups of characters and stealing their supplies and worse, powerful demons, IGEN soldiers and Angels.

This RP may contain the following

Extreme themes
Non -con
Some gore

Make sure you talk to the other players to make sure you don't hit any of their offs

Characters needed

Humans of all walks of life and any gender

Potential human classes
Peon- basically just a civilian
Scavenger- Someone who specializes in living in the ruins and wastelands, has survival skills

Angels - The angels of this world do not look like the biblical ones. They come in a massive verity of forms, anything from the nightmarish and alien to something that looks like a creature that escaped from a lab to appearing to be completely human. They have regenerative abilities meaning they can lose entire limbs and regrow it though it varies on how long it takes. They are hard to kill.  Since they are supernatural entities like the demons they can appear to be truly bizarre or as nightmare inducing as you want.

There are two factions, one faction who likes humanity and can still the good in us despite everything humanity has done and protects them as much as possible while trying to guide us. And then there is the other faction, the ones who are jealous of humans and hate us and would just love to see humanity stomped out like the pests we are.

Demons - These are angels who have lost their humanity. They have allowed their hatred and jealousy to corrupt them and their original form so now they resemble nightmarish creatures that detest humans. They are not evil per say but they have no qualms about killing humans, other angels or anyone who gets in their way. They are cruel and manipulative and still possess their regenerative abilities. Since they are supernatural entities like the angels they can appear to be truly bizarre or as nightmare inducing as you want. Like the angels you can add a extra pair of arms, tentacles, wings, whatever you want. Supernatural entities are limited only by your imagination

With demons, I'd like to see their physical form reflect their inner corruption. For example one that is very manipulative may end up appearing to be like a succubus or incubus, unnaturally beautiful though it would lack a real succubus\incubus ability to suck the life out of a character

Eva They were originally created to combat the threat of the Angels and other threats. Despite their appearance they are not machines but cyborgs. The plating they are covered in serves as armor and to hide their true nature. They are free willed sapient beings despite past efforts by IGEN to control them. Their senses are greatly heightened compared to ours. They typical stand an average of six feet tall and no two look alike, their plating comes in a massive verity of colors and styles. As unfortunate as it is, IGEN's efforts were too little too late and most the Evas were destroyed. Only a tiny handful are rumored to have survived destruction though none have been seen in years.

They have regenerative abilities like Angels, able to regenerate even lost limbs over time which comes in handy since most humans see them as some sort of abomination and will attack them.

Universal Solider
After the largely abysmal failure of the Evas, in great desperation IGEN reinstated the ill fated Universal Solider Project as a last resort. It involves grafting cybernetic parts onto flesh and bone. The subjects are rarely willing and often are IGEN guards or ex-soldiers.

Its been rumored they have grafted parts of Angels or Demons onto unwilling test subjects that latter went mad and were hidden away at some secret location.


Can we make a Hybrid?

Yes, yes you can. I can see there being a hybrid that results form a union form an angel or demon. The resulting offspring will have some regenerative abilities and it will be obvious that they are a hybrid. They will be shunned by society for the most part since they will be considered to be unnatural, unclean, and the like. You cannot, however, have an Eva\human hybrid unless it was grown in a lab since Eva's are sterile. That and they are cyborgs.

What do the Evas look like under the armor?

Surprisingly enough they look very human (and this is canon to the fandom they originate form) their skin is a very dark tan to a dark brown; some of the cybernetic implants will be visible. Their faces however, are not human appearing and tend to be very alien in appearance. They have a complete digestive system.

Rules and Guidelines

-Adhere to all Elliquiy rules
-Respect your fellow players and take any issues to PM to work it out. If needed you may include the GM(s)
-Non-consensual activity is permitted, however, players are NOT required to participate. Any non-con activities MUST be approved by all players involved.
-Please respect player/character ons and offs.
-Do not try and create an ultimate character of unlimited skill and knowledge

Character Sheets

-Players will be allowed up to thee characters to start with. (more will be allowed at a later time.)
-Characters can be human, angel, Eva, demon or the rare hybrid.
-Characters may be submitted here or via PM
-Connections to other characters are encouraged. Its possible some of the characters have come across each other before or have been traveling together for some time. After all there is safety in numbers
-Be creative! This is your character, make someone you will have fun with.

Character Sheet

Character  images can be anime or RL faces
Character name:
Nicknames / Aliases : if any
Age :
Marital Status :

Former Occupation/Position : What did your character do for a living?
Strengths : Whatever skills/abilities you think may be pertinent.
Weaknesses : Even if your character thinks they are the embodiment of perfection itself there should be something here. Generally the balance of strengths and weaknesses should be close to even.
Special Gear : If your character prefers a certain weapon (and has it) or always wears something particular, this is where you note it. Subject to approval.

General appearance:

Personality : What is your character like? Tell us!

History : How did they get to this point? A brief background will do.

Sexuality : For no other reason than to be clear for those who may be interested.
Sexual On's and Offs : You know what these are.


OOC thread

Rural Locations

BrookHaven Hopital

Urban -

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Huge fan of Evangelion. You, madam, have got my interest.

Yes! An Eva fan. I thought most of us died out since its near impossible t find any one who even knows what the fandom is. Since its so hard to find any one I'm loosely basing something off it using some of the characters

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

I'm in a big dom phase atm, so I'm thinking of making a demon under the rules. Seems to fit the flavor of what I'd enjoy atm :-)

Awesome. I wanted to step away from the usual Angels from above, Demons from below thing.  Making them angels that corrupted themselves fit better

Offline TheBlackThrone

This has my interest. I'll send you a character idea in PM to see if it even works out. I never watched the entire anime. I only saw the movie that made no sense to me so my knowledge of it is not that great lol. I'm willing to do a bit of research on it to get an understanding though. Once I do that, I'll send you my idea.  :-)

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

This has my interest. I'll send you a character idea in PM to see if it even works out. I never watched the entire anime. I only saw the movie that made no sense to me so my knowledge of it is not that great lol. I'm willing to do a bit of research on it to get an understanding though. Once I do that, I'll send you my idea.  :-)

You don't have to watch the show to play this since it does not follow the show, just borrows from it. 

Offline Metro Mech

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I would like to join this

Offline TheBlackThrone

Sergei DeShannon
The Wastelander

Species: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 171 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Marital Status: Single
Former Occupation/ Position: Scavenger
General Appearance: Without his gear, Sergei’s face is slightly dark about the jaw with hair sometimes grown into a short beard running from one ear to the other or stubble. When it’s cold, he’ll grow it out to put some warmth on his face, and when it’s hot, shave it off. The same goes for his hair. He tends to keep his hair short and feathery to keep it from getting grabbed or snagged, but when it’s cold, it can grow to shoulder-length. The scavenger carries a dusty appearance. He will sometimes go for weeks to months without bathing. It always depends on the availability of water and how much he has to waste on such a luxury as opposed to drinking. Both of his arms are wrapped up to his shoulders in bandages—perhaps to keep the sand from eroding his skin or perhaps not. Only he knows. For living the life of a nomad hunter-gatherer, he manages to stay in shape, appearing lean and solid in physique as opposed to thick with muscle. On first appearance, he seems to be like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. Sergei is capable of holding his own, and occasionally, he likes to believe that he’s a gentleman, but when it comes down to survival, sometimes there just aren’t any pleasantries to offer. Wearing his gear, Sergei is indiscernible. He becomes a complete stranger loaded down with a pack, bags, and most noticeably weapons. Someone with such gear must be slow and easy to ambush—not this guy.

Strengths: Survivalist, trapping, hunting, orienteering, knowledge of most weapons (expert), vehicles (moderate), and devices (moderate) he's uncovered, and creativity. Sergei can craft weapons, traps (from tripwires, pits, to nets), and cages out of the salvage that he finds. Everything suits a purpose is his motto. He'll set alarms that will warn him of strangers and that will never cross his enemy's mind as being one. He knows most of the vegetative native to the region and will use such knowledge to his advantage whether as food, medicine, or poison.
Unusual Strengths: [All of his unusual abilities are above the performance of a normal human.] Slight enhanced strength and speed, slight increased regeneration,  heightened senses, and resistance to most diseases and infection. [To be further investigated in game]

Weaknesses: Items that he can use: whether it be food (he loves sweets), water, a weapon he's never seen before, hygiene products, clothes, etc. If you have something that he needs to survive, then you will have bought his service. Women, particularly human ones, are beings that he doesn't encounter often. A beautiful woman could possibly win his sympathy. Human weaknesses - a little harder to kill than the average human, but any damage to the vitals, poison, or extensive hemorrhage would do the job. If he's not killed quickly, then the chances of him surviving increase.
Unusual Weakness: If ever one sees him change his bandages, it's always at night.

Special Gear [Equipment]
Just remember, a scavenger's best weapons is his hands.
  • Machete - comprised of modified steel that makes it more durable than normal. He often uses the weapon as a cutting tool to set up his traps or as a cutting knife when he prepares game.
  • Multi-Tool - standard pliers, needlenose pliers, three flathead screwdrivers, one Phillips screwdriver, filer, saw, straight-edge knife, strap cutter, mini wrench, replaceable wire cutters, and can and bottle opener and an electronic sensor that blinks when an active machine is nearby.
  • Survival Ropes (2) - 100 ft; used for mountain climbing, parachute lanyard, saving lives, or in Sergei's case, useful for traps. He uses one rope for traps and the other for climbing.
  • Crossbow & Bolts [Scope] (20/reusable) - mostly for hunting or silent take outs. He'll often try to retrieve the used bolts.
  • Pistols (2)/ Clips (2) / Capacity (8) - 30 rounds per power cell - ammo for this weapon isn't difficult to come by in this violent day and age.
  • Binoculars - used for seeing further than the scope of his crossbow. They also allow him to see infrared and night vision.
  • Shotgun / Capacity (6) - some creatures require a stronger takedown than others.
  • Hunting Knife (1) - for stabbing, shaving, silent takedowns, and slitting throats.
  • Ice hooks (2) - the handles protrude from the top of his backpack for quick and easy access. He doesn't just use the hooks for scaling dry and icy terrain, but they also make handy dual weapons.
  • Canteen - usually full of drinking water.
  • Clothing & Gear - pants, long-sleeved shirt, duster with hood and four cargo pockets, knee pads, elbow pads, facemask (allows him travel through toxic areas and sandstorms), backpack, all-terrain boots, and gloves.
  • Blanket & Sleeping Bag - not just to wrap up with at night, he uses it sometimes for cover, camouflage, and tent material. The sleeping bag is self-explanatory.
  • Starter Pack (what's currently in his bag at the start of the game) - ropes, canteen, multi-tool, ice hooks, ammo, jerky, two cans of chicken noodle soup, dwindling bar of soap, flint, an old political book that he uses for kindling and sometimes even toilet paper, sleeping bag, and blanket.
All items on Sergei's person vary. He can lose items or acquire new items. It'll change as the game progresses.

Personality: Sergei’s grey eyes have seen the world at its most beautiful and at its darkest. Cold like steel, they reflect his independent, survivor nature. He thinks only about himself so if he’s all you got for company, you best keep up. Bad habit—maybe—but it’s kept him alive. Deep down, he regrets having to forsake compassion, and there are many memories in his past where he wished he had stuck around to help, but he’s grown to understand that that’s the nature of The Waste. If he likes you, he might try to help you, and if he doesn’t, he’ll leave you stranded. The man knows how to vanish and some say if you see him, it’s because he wanted to be seen.

As for Sergei’s perspective on the war between the remaining humans and the freaks, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. He’s living the life to his understanding. He has everything he’s ever wanted and can’t seem to see any hope beyond that. If you have something worth trading or something very useful to offer such as food, water, medicine, or even hygiene supplies, you just might be able to hire him. He is very familiar with the waste and ruins of a once lush and prosperous planet. Tracker; scout; or hired gun; Sergei can lead a lost group to their next destination and teach it to survive along the way. Beware: you must always pay the piper.

History: Sergei grew up in the waste, living a peaceful life with a moving caravan of survivors. Like how most stories go nowadays, peace never lasts and his family was forced to separate from the group when a band of demon bandits had stormed them. They managed to escape for the night, but the bandits were able to mercilessly hunt Sergei and his family down. Before his eyes, Sergei watched the demons steal from his family and beat his parents. His mother, especially, for resisting them. The injuries she had suffered killed her and his father too after when he attempted to avenge her. He was the last one, and having lost everything, he thought that he too would share the same fate. A mercy it would have been. The demons instead left him alone, leaving him to The Waste. They couldn’t help but wonder if he would survive, but knew that he would perish. It was, however, the boy’s will to survive that kept him alive.

Sergei painfully learned to live off The Waste, eating things that most would cringe at. It kept him alive and when he was no longer afraid of sin, he became a scavenger and thief, stealing from the freaks and salvaging anything he could find. When he was a teen, he was able to track down the demons that had killed his family with an appetite hot for revenge. Desperate to finally put an old grudge to rest, he took no notice of the rivaling angels that had been following the demons. Caught in the crossfire of their gang war, Sergei lost his arms amidst the carnage and was left among the dead to bleed out. He hadn’t exactly received his revenge the way he had wished, but both sides had suffered and died that day. And as he lay himself down to sleep, closed his eyes and prayed the Lord his soul to keep, he soon later awoke where his life had supposedly ended, and no longer was he without arms.

Sexuality: Bisexual - he can lean either way, although he leans mostly toward women due to their rarity. He isn't biased. It all depends on who he finds attractive.
Ons: He hasn’t seen a woman in a loooong time. A woman just as clever as him and foreplay. A guy who has his back.
Offs: The demons and angels he calls “Freaks.” Also be sure to see my O/Os. If it belongs in a toilet, and if it’s bloody, then do not want.
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Offline Thrasius

I'm interested in this as well.

Offline TheHangedMan

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Definitely interested.

Offline Julles

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I think I am interested. Lol. I want to see if a previous character I have created fits, so, I will send a pm to you. :)

Offline TheHangedMan

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Right, so, Wind approved my character. Here he is for people to check out.

Character name: Ixilthuth
Species: Hybrid
Nicknames / Aliases: Ix, Freak, Abomination, other derogatory terms
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Former Occupation/Position : Scavenger
Strengths : Tracking, trapping, salvaging, repairing, firearms knowledge, high tolerance to physical injury, regenerative abilities (stuff like fingers take about a day to grow back, appendages take closer to a week), prehensile tentacles, above average senses of sight, taste, and smell, excellent low-light and no-light vision.
Weaknesses : Ostracized, difficulty with speaking/understanding words, targeted by humans, below average hearing and tactile sensation, light sensitive.
Special Gear :
Long Horn: A spear made of bone that is as strong as high carbon steel. Made from a Demon. The horn can repair itself over time. About seven feet in length.
Judge: A Taurus Judge revolver, capable of firing .410 shot shells, and .45 colt. The word 'peace' has been engraved on the barrel, and partially scratched out.

General appearance: At six and a half feet tall, Ix would have a hard time hiding. He weighs roughly 200 pounds, most of this due to his heavy and strong bones. He looks much like an abomination, to the point where his physical differences can not be hidden.

He has no left arm; in its place is a black pauldron-esque lump, with holes in it. His tentacles usually remain coiled up inside it, unless he has a reason to use them. From this strange body cavity, he is capable of unleashing up to six tentacles, each roughly twenty feet in length, and about two inches in thickness. small suction cups on the end can adhere to surfaces and substances. Each tentacle, on its own, can carry up to 30 pounds; but tentacles can work together to pick up heavier objects.

His right arm appears to be mostly human in size and shape; however, the arm, like the rest of his body, is covered in a lattice of midnight black, leathery scales. The shoulder itself also seems to extend further than it should, by a full inch.

His legs are abnormally thick, and rather than having normal toes, he has instead five claws.  His feet have a distinct, bird-like appearance. It prevents him from wearing footwear, but on  the other hand, the bottoms of his feet are tough enough that he can walk over broken glass without being hurt.

He has three eyes, two being found in the normal position, where one would expect a human to have them, and one centered on his forehead.  The 'whites' of his eyes are black, while the rest of his ocular is a bright orange in color. Additionally, he has a pair of three inch long horns that start right above his ears, and curve around towards the black of his head, making it look almost like a circlet.  He is absolutely hairless.

Personality : Mostly angry. At humans, at the Angels, at the Demons, at the Eva's... He can be nice, good, when he wants to be, but it's very rare for him to ever encounter good in the world. He has no real qualms when it comes to his survival, to the point where he's even gnawed off and consumed his own tentacles for sustenance.

History : Born from an Angel and human coupling. This was one of those rare cases of consensual sex between species. However, his father, the Angel, soon left after his birth, leaving him and his human mother alone.

Although a number of years passed in relative peace and quiet, without the Angel to keep them safe, the human community they had settled in eventually grew distant from the human and her abominable son. Eventually, they were exiled.

With his superior constitution, Ix was able to survive fairly well. But his mother couldn't handle it, and eventually grew sick, and died. She was given an unmarked shallow grave, because what else was there to do? Ix then took off into the wastelands on his own.

He's wandered the world, surviving, and picking up the skills needed to survive, as he went along. He has tried, before, to earn the trust of communities... but thus far, he hasn't found a one that would be accepting of him.

He once watched a human gang fight, and kill, a Demon. Well, 'kill' wasn't quite the right word. By all appearances, it seemed dead. Some trophies were harvested from it, and the humans eventually left. Ix went forth to see if he could find some palatable meat, perhaps, or something else... only to figure out that the creature was barely clinging to life. He didn't allow it to live long, though; he butchered it heavily, and then created a pyre of scrap wood and other debris, and burned it.

After the burning, not much but bones, ashes, and charred chunks of meat were left behind. From this pile of now very dead waste material, Ix took the long, spear-like horn that had been a part of the creatures left arm.  He can grip it fairly easily in his tentacles, and use it as a weapon.

Sexuality : Straight
Sexual On's and Offs :

Offline CrazyIvan

I'm interested, but can't work on a character right now, if you are still looking for people.

Offline catherinehellfire

I'm interested as well.

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

The game is still open and recruiting.

Offline catherinehellfire

Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #14 on: April 20, 2014, 08:47:39 PM »

Character name: Kira Xerces
Species: Half human half demon hybrid
Nicknames / Aliases : Wanderer, orange eyed girl, and once what she is is discovered there are usualy many degrading terms
Age : 20
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Single

Former Occupation/Position : All she really does is wander and survive off a what she finds or what she can get from others, so I guess you may call her a scavenger
Strengths : Salvaging, persuading, Voice of Persuasion (due to her mother's nature she can minorly change the quality of her voice so as to increase the chance of them helping her), she has great seeing and better than average hearing and smelling,  she's good with close range weaponry, she's a bit stronger than people think she is, she has regenerative abilities though they take quite a while to grow back limbs, she is good at making food, she can fly (she hides her wings under her cloak though), and she is slightly resistant to pain
Weaknesses : Her regenerative abilities are slow, she will go overly far to hide what she is, with her vision, bright light can get to her pretty easily, though she slightly resists pain her pleasure receptors are slightly heightened.
Special Gear : Black: Black looks like a pretty simple, long, black knife but it is actually very strong and sharp, hard to break and able to cut through many materials.
Gift: a simple name, it was the last thing she ever received from her mother.  Gift is a clawed metal gauntlet made out of a polished metal that resembles steel.  She barely ever wears it but she does carry it in her bag with her at all times. 
Lastly she has a 9mm pistol that she scavenged and always keeps at her hip opposite of the knife.

General appearance: Kira is 5'6 and 129 pounds with a slender build and no see able muscles.  She has very pale skin, red hair, and orange eyes.  She usually wears a white shirt usually with black jeans.  She wears a blackish red cloak that has a hood at just about all times as to help hide her features more, when wandering the hood will usually be up.  Under her cloak she hides her wings by having them sort of fold, her wings are red and are a lot like what people imagine a dragon's wings to be like.  She has the usual female parts with a tight pussy and smallish breasts that suit her slender build.  Her pale skin is smooth to the touch.

Personality : Kira is shy and at first pretty secretive.  Once she opens up she will prove to be nice, playful, and flirty.  Her sadness can be pretty bad and will usually cause her to just mop about doing nothing.  When she's made, which she is rarely, it is a furious and unconquerable anger, she will blindly rage, hurting the target of her anger and most likely anyone who gets in her way.  She only approaches others when wanting supplies or when starved for company, though she will usually stick around them for a while.  Though she doesn't have any friends yet she would prove to be a loyal one, guarding them closely and would sacrifice herself for them.

History : Kira's mother was a so called succubus, lustful and beautiful.  When she got Kira, she at first thought she was a full blooded demon as she rarely if ever slept with a human.  Kira was raised for 15 years among demons and always knew she was different, she was looked down on because she was to nice, but being one of the more beautiful demons and due to her nature, she still managed to attract other male demons of her age.  During these year her mother searched for the demon who fathered Kira, but when Kira turned 15, Her mother had finally tracked down the last demon she had been with the month she had gotten pregnant with Kira, and upon figuring out it wasn't him knew that Kira must be only half demon.  That day, Kira's whole world was shattered as her own mother, furious over the discovery, cast Kira out on her own.  For a while Kira sat near the spot where her mother had left her, convinced this might be some sort of joke or game.  She waited for days and when her mother never cane, she wept and wandered off.  For the next few years she wandered the waste, surviving on what she could scavenge or get from human and demon groups, sneaking away before they could figure out her secret

Sexuality : Bi sexual
Sexual On's and Offs : anything except heavy bondage, excessive pain or blood during sex, nothing you would produce in a bathroom should be included

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2014, 10:57:35 AM »
Hey, cool, another hybrid.  ;D

Offline Thrasius

Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #16 on: April 22, 2014, 08:39:23 PM »

Character name: Oseton
Species: Demon
Nicknames / Aliases : None
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single

Former Occupation/Position: Angel

Strengths: Incredibly strong, high tolerance to pain, difficult to maim due to his bone exterior, master of hand to hand combat, can regenerate lost limbs, dark vision, hard to convince/change his mind, will keep fighting until death.

Weaknesses: Not as intelligent as other demons/angels/humans, often rushes into combat without thinking/having a plan, hard to convince/change his mind, can't smell or taste, extremely easy to provoke/anger, slower than most.

Special Gear: The 'helmet' a lot of people think he wears is, in fact, his actual head, made apparent when he speaks. Oseton generally prefers fighting with his hands, although he sometimes uses other weapons if he has to. He is capable of lifting extraordinarily heavy objects and throwing them hundreds of feet. He is also capable of shooting red beams of energy from his mouth which can melt through thick metal/armor.

General Appearance: Every area of Oseton's body is covered by a thick leather, save for his chest, which is made of an incredibly resilient material similar to bone. He stands just under twelve feet tall and weighs about two tons. Despite his weight, he can move around fairly easy, although it's not impossible to outmaneuver him. In place of where his skin would normally be, the same bone like material covers all of his body and provides a second armor underneath his first set of armor. The dragon-like skull, which many assume to be a helmet, is actually his head.

Personality: Oseton thinks high of himself when compared to anyone else, especially other demons. He takes orders from nobody and, should he ever be put into a team, will want to take his role as leader. He expects everyone to listen to him and, if they don't, he will make them listen. Oseton is almost always cruel and hateful, having absolutely no problem with killing innocents for no reason other than for fun. When in combat, he will never surrender to anyone even if it means the difference between life and death. Around other demons, he simply wishes for them to stay out of his way unless they want to die. Same goes for angels. He likes to toy with humans before, more often than not, killing them. 

History: Oseton used to be an angel and, even though he would never admit it now, he used to like the humans. Perhaps he would even go as far to say that he would've protected them to the death. However, all that changed over the course of his time as an angel. He began seeing how humans were just as destructive and corrupt as the demons that were now destroying the planet. And even though the other angels tried convincing Oseton otherwise, he decided that they were wrong and went into hiding, not allowing them to blind him any longer. In Oseton's mind, the difference between a gang of humans killing hundreds and a demon doing the same thing was nothing.

Soon enough, he developed an intense hatred for the very existence of humanity, seeing it as a disease more than anything. Many, such as the Evas and Angels, see the last of the humans as a beacon of hope. Oseton sees them as something that needs to be destroyed to cleanse and purify the planet. Soon after his transformation into a demon, Oseton has been constantly on the move, killing and destroying every trace of humanity that he can get his hands on. Currently, his mission to purge the humans is still continuing as he makes his way trough the wasteland. 

Sexuality: Straight, but never with a human or an angel.
Ons: Dominating, anything not listed in offs. (Ask me if you're unsure about something)
Offs: Scat & Urine, being submissive.

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2014, 04:23:33 PM »
I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed being the only female so far.

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #18 on: April 23, 2014, 09:17:25 PM »
This game is still recruiting and I don't think it'll start until it gets a substantial amount of people, so don't fret.  :-)

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #19 on: April 24, 2014, 02:56:15 AM »

I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed being the only female so far.

We are still recruiting and the game won't start until I get a co GM and we get a few more players. We can use a few humans and a few more females since we are getting a bit male heavy

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
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I could possibly be talked into co-GMing, if you are still looking by the time you see this?

If the Co-GM is allowed a player character (some games allow this, others don't), or if you already have someone, I would be interested in creating a female Eva, as you don't seem to have any yet?

Um, the only thing is, I'm not helping to redress the M/F balance at all...

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
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Character name: Michel Romano
Species: Human
Nicknames/Aliases : Mike
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Marital Status: single

Former Occupation/Position : Former Mechanic turned scavenger

Strengths: if it has an engine and he has the tools and spare parts, he can get it running. Salvaging mechanical parts, good with putting things like engines back together and building things

Weaknesses: All the usual human weakness, ostracized, easy to provoke, the cold. He hates the cold. His mother, who is the only person he will openly admit that frightens him and small enclosed spaces.

Gear: At the makeshift garage he has a wide range of tools scavenged from the wastelands, a generator and few junk heaps he works on in his spare time. While in the field he carries a ratty old pack full of all manner of odds and ends. The only weapon he has is a hunting knife though if forced to defend himself or others he tends to resort to words and\or his fits.

The Garage- It may have been some sort of small factory before the war that has tapped into a underground reservoir or natural spring so it was likely a bottling pant of sorts, so it has a seemly endless supply of one of the greatest luxuries in this war torn world, water.

The Garage itself is a one story building made of grey stone with most its windows boarded up, doors locked.  The ground around it covered in broken glass, rusted out hulks of cars and machinery. Inside while cluttered with tools, machinery and few cars, it contains all the luxuries of home....if home was a giant car garage. Mike tends to not be very open about bringing any one he doesn’t know well to the Garage since that is where they live and were all their supplies are.

If asked about the unusual high amount of water in his possession, he simply points out the complex system of gutters he rigged up to funnel rain water into rain barrels. The true source of the clean portable water is a very well hidden and closely guarded secret

General Appearance: At 5'6 Mike is fairly lean though quite toned from his life a scavenger. His hair is jet black with a choppy and shoulder length cut, usually messy, since he sometimes forgets to shave so it’s not unusual for him to be sporting a short scraggly beard that is until his companion gets on his case about it and he shaves it off. Mike often gets caught up in working on some rusting hulk or new gizmo or gadget and forgoes bathing and sometimes eating until his companion all but forces him to take care of himself.

Personality: Mike tends to act before thinking and easy to anger and it gets him into trouble more often than not forcing his companion or someone else to get him out of the situation he's put himself in. He can come across as anti-social, but that's mostly due to the fact that he's not used to being around others. He gets unconformable around large groups and prefers much smaller ones.

He has a protective streak in him, fueled easily by anger. If you threaten someone he cares for, he will cheerfully tear you apart with his bare hands. Or at least make an honest attempt at it, not once pausing to stop and think if taking on something that is potently stronger and bigger then himself is a good idea.

History: Native born New Yorker, he spend most his life in the big city, living with his waste of space lazy mother and his two wicked sisters. His father left when the was two so he has no memory of him how ever his mother fully blames Mike for his father leaving when in truth is was her that drove him off. She is an extremely selfish, self-centered small minded woman that blamed Mike for everything and anything while his two sisters were treated like queens and could never do any wrong

At 16 he dropped out school and moved several states away to live with a close friend and get away from his mother (AKA the Insufferable Harpy) and it’s there were he learned to work on cars and discovered he was natural at it. For a few years life was grand, until everything went to hell when the garage his friend owned and he worked was destroyed in an attack leaving him trapped under the ruble in a small, dark cold cavity. His cries for help were muffled by the layers of brick and concrete. Two days later just when he though he would perish in a cold dark tomb of stone something dug him out.

Mike has learned how to live off the Wastes, putting his skills to good use while stealing and salvaging anything of use while his very unlikely companion protects him and others from roving bandits and demons. Over the years he’s become very close to his guardian to the point many who hate the angels would consider it unnatural, even disgusting but he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

Sexuality: Bi
Ons: Dominating, anything not listed in offs. (Ask me if you're unsure about something)
Offs: Anything that happens in the bathroom, blood play


Character name : Sky Lynx
Species : Angel
Nicknames / Aliases : (all given to him by Mike) Feather head, My Superiority, Commandeer Modesty
Age: Unknown
Gender : Hermaphdite
Marital Status : Single

Former Occupation/Position: Angel

Strengths : Incredibly strong, high tolerance to pain, regenerates, flies, heightened senses, dark vision

Weaknesses: Fragile wings( By their standards) can't taste sweet things, fight fructose corn syrup and sugar make him very ill.  Targeted by humans, his ego sometimes gets him into situations that are over his head

Special Gear: He has a tough complex harness that fits around his  body that allows his human companion ride on his back if necessary as long as it’s not made into a habit. There are a pair of large saddle bags that attach to the harness that allow whim to put his superior strength to use by carrying bulk or heavy gear.

Besides his natural weapons of claws and teeth, he is capable of ‘breathing’ flames like the dragons of earth legends. His body produces a highly complex mix of potent chemicals in a pair of pouches underneath his throat. By contracting them he can produce a steady stream of stick chemicals that are ignited by a small organ on the roof of his mouth. The flames burn a brilliant blue that burn hot enough to melt metal and stick to their target. He uses it only as a last resort since he has such a limited supply. Once it runs out he has to wait for his body to manufacture more.

General Appearance: Almost every inch of his body is covered in a short gleaming white coat of ...fur. Yes fur save for the back of his head and neck which is covered in white feathers. His chest is broad and long legs cat like, the toes in the front paws have an extra phalanx allowing him to manipulate object despite being a quadruped.   His wings, when spread, reach and easy twenty feet from tip to tip and are covered with the same white feathers except for the primaries which are a vibrant cobalt blue. The feathers, while they may appear fragile like a birds, are surprisingly resilient. He stands just over six feet at the shoulder, his long neck adding a good three feet to his already impressive height.

Due to is appearance he is often the target of wisecracks, jokes and ridicule though he pretends he isn't affected by their insults points out that they are just jealous that he's more magnificent then they are the insults and jokes do hurt.

Personality: On the surface he appears to somewhat egotistical and thinks highly of himself though he can be friendly when he wants to be and is willing  to help those he can and is even willing to take on opponents that are out of his league even if it’s normally seen as his ego making him blind to his faults and not that the fact normally his actions tend to buy time for all.

 Sky Lynx is a creature who uses his ego as a mask to cover up some physiological possibly physical trauma that had happened in his past that he refuses to talk about, even to those that are close to him. Getting to what is underneath is a very difficult task. With perseverance, some might be able to see underneath.

History: Despite some of the unpleasant ‘mishaps’ he’s had with humans in the past, he still sees good in them. They may be a brutish primitive race but they still have such great potential. Potential that they will never reach if his corrupted brethren have their way. Unable to sit idly by he began to protect the humans, giving them a shining beacon of hope by taking on a form that would be familiar to them while ignoring the insults and ridicule from his fellow angels though it was too little too late.

The demons had already struck. After rescuing the human known a Mike from the rubble he vowed to become the human’s guardian and protect him despite the human’s protests that he didn’t need a guardian. Ever since then he has followed Mike into the wastes to help him find supplies while helping any survivors they stumble across while taking down any demon that comes in range.

Sexuality: bi
Ons: Dominating, anything not listed in offs. (Ask me if you're unsure about something)
Offs: anything that belongs in the bathroom, bloodplay, being submissive.

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Re: Recruting-War of the Angels (NC, exotic, supernatural, dark, post apoc)
« Reply #22 on: April 27, 2014, 02:48:53 PM »
Putting some interest in for this game. Having watched the entire Anime series it's borrowed from, I'm a fan of the genre.

Will work on the sheet as soon as I get some time.

PS: may be able to talk a few friends into it as well. Will depend on their free time, but that'll help with the imbalance some.

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Character name: Marcia Purbrook
Species: Universal Soldier
Nicknames / Aliases : Manic Marcie
Age : 27
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Married, possibly widowed. Her wife is MIA.

Former Occupation/Position : Former Army sergeant, then IGEN Security guard.
Strengths : Can morph weapons out of her limbs. Her skin can become pretty much bullet proof, and is also resistant to anything that can be thrown at it. If killed, she can effectively be re-booted from a core-dump of her brainpatterns. Has instant radio communication from an in-built two-way transmitter. Can see in the dark. Powered by a small cold-fusion nuclear reactor in her gut.
Weaknesses : Using weapons that she forms from herself is draining. If she fires solid projectiles, each one she fires uses up a party of herself. Firing an energy weapon will drain her own energy for a time, depending upon the power of the weapon used. Equally, if she is attacked, each hit will drain her energy by an amount proportional to the energy of the hit. The reactor in her gut generates energy at a constant rate, and she can store a fixed amount. If the energy required to defend against an attack exceeds her reserves and the amount her reactor can generate, then she will suffer damage.
Special Gear : Often carries an AK47 Assault Rifle, simply because it is the most efficient assault rifle ever made and it saves her using her own energy to fight. Likes to ride around on a big motorcycle whenever she can find one that still works and can find fuel for it.

General appearance: Normally looks like an attractive blonde woman in her mid twenties wearing biker leathers. She can alter her "clothing" at will to look like she is wearing anything she likes, or to appear as she actually is - totally naked.

Personality : Marcia is bitter, sad, and cynical. She has a biting sarcasm that she uses whenever she feels it is required. She sees no future for humanity, no hope, and only fights on because it is all she knows how to do. Her only desire is to find her wife still alive somewhere, but as the weeks passed, she has given up on this as being less likely that hell freezing over.

History : Marcia grew up in a world that was heading towards insanity, but didn't know it yet. One thing that she knew was she wanted to try and keep the world safe. And so at 18 she joined the army., much to her parents' disapproval. The fact that she was openly gay didn't exactly help her career, but she was such a good soldier that she was promoted in spite of prejudice.

Marcia was in the army for a while. She made Sergeant and then lost a limb to a stupid accident. While recovering in hospital, she met the prettiest nurse ever. The two of them fell in love and were married shortly after Marcia's release from hospital. She joined  IGEN as a security guard, after volunteering for their experimental cybernetic limb replacement programme. When the world went mad, and the Eva's failed, she was drafted into the Universal Sol;dier programme because she was already partly cyborg.

While she was in the surgery, her wife was working at a field hospital, which simply vanished, no one knows what happened to it, and so her wife is listed as MIA, not KIA. Marcia is something of a rogue because of this, and will rarely do as she is told, preferring to go her own way.

Sexuality : Lesbian
Sexual On's and Offs : As Player O/Os

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Locations BrookHaven Hospital  -Rural Areas  -Urban Areas

Current NPCS

Name : Janelle
Age : 27
Gender : Female
Status : Single
Former Occupation/Position : IGEN Soldier
Current locations; Ruins of Reno
Strengths :

Steady hands / Nerves of steel
Thinks well under pressure
High pain tolerance

Weaknesses :

Not very domestic
Self-Reliant - hates relaying on others

Special Gear :

Combat backpack (currently back at the vehicle)
shoulder holster (empty)
Glock  + extra mag (missing)
Police baton (Off a dead cop)
flashlight (dead batteries)
KA-BAR Becker Combat Bowie Knife - 6"
M-14 assault rifle + two clips

Appearance- Dressed in typical IGEN gear, black body armor and urban camo fatigues, has the dark grey IGEN logo on the left sleeve of her shirt. Dark short hair, tanned skin, stands 5'5, athletic build.

Name : Dr. Adrien Finch   
Current location- BrookHaven Hospital
Age: Mid 40's
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Former Occupation/Position: Doctor

Strengths :

medical Knowledge

Weaknesses :
Just a little bit crazy

Special Gear :

A hospital worth of supplies and make shift weapons through Fitch refuses to even so much as touch a gun and much rather use surgical tools to do his dirty work

Rumored that Fitch went off the deep end shortly after the war started and become unhinged and in an attempt to save his only child from a  fate worse then death he murdered her some where in the bowls of BrookHaven hospital. Its also rumored he keeps the company of two demons who resemble nurses and dress in very provocative manner but seem to lack faces disturbingly enough.