Prison Planet - Hell Frozen Over (Female Only - still open if you want to join)

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Hell Frozen Over

The Galactic Empire spans may worlds and many cultures, most of them human or humanoid. In such a vast civilization, of course there are criminals. Those considered worth saving are given "rehabilitation treatment" and released as useful (if somewhat uncommunicative) members of society.

However, character restructuring (as the scientists like to call it) can only do so much and only works on those who have the right sort of personality to begin with. Plus, of course, the individual must give consent to be so "restructured". This means, of course, only those who plead guilty get to undergo Character Restructuring.

The Galactic empire is (allegedly) humane and does not have a death penalty. But prisons are expensive places to run and no-one really wants a prison in their back yard. but with all those planets out there, many of them uninhabitable and even more of them just barely inhabitable, the solution of what to do with the criminals who are found guilty is fairly obvious.

However, the earliest experiments with penal colonies revealed a flaw in the system. Put men and women together on the same world, and even if they are separated by a vast ocean they will find each other eventually. And of course this will inevitably result in a new generation who's only crime is that their parents were criminals.

Again, the solution is obvious: put the male prisoners on one planet on one side of the empire, and put the female prisoners on a different world on the other side of the empire.

And so, we come to the planet HZ1128, or as it's inhabitants call it, "The Cooler".

The Cooler is a world covered almost entirely in ice. The temperature never rises above -10°c and can go as low as -75°c (14°F to -103°F, but as this is sci-fi I would prefer we use the Celsius scale). The world is approximately 200 million Km away from the closest of the three primaries, a blue dwarf star. This star orbits a binary system of a blue giant and a yellow dwarf at a distance of around a quarter of a light year, once every five thousand years.

There is indigenous life on the planet, mostly some edible lichens and fungi and a few non-sentient creatures that are edible and appear like giant millipedes, each being something around a metre long with more legs that anyone has bothered to count. There are rumours - but only rumours - that somewhere in the deep ice fields there are other things that live, and that some of them may even be intelligent.

There are no guards on the world. There is no possibility of escape after all. Newly convicted inmates are transported in suspended animation in special shuttles. The shuttles are heavily armed and armoured and are impregnable to anyone forcing their way in. Each prisoner is revived on the descent to the planet and placed in a rotating chamber. Once the shuttle lands the chambers will rotate, allowing the prisoners to exit. They have ten minutes to do so and get clear, and then the shuttle lifts off again. The chambers do not rotate back until the shuttle is back aboard the main transport, thus anyone attempting to escape that way will die of asphyxiation and/or fall to their death.

Food and replacement clothing are brought down by the shuttles in metal containers that are not airtight. Minerals mined by the inmates are loaded into the same containers that are returned to orbit slung underneath the shuttles. Not being air tight, anyone attempting to escape in one will, of course, suffocate. In fact, the containers start their journey empty on the planet's surface. Once full, they are taken to orbit by the shuttles and returned on the next scheduled visit full of food and supplies. If the prisoners don't supply the minerals, they don't get the supplies from outside.

The only clothing provided for inmates is a transparent body suit made of a material that is a super-insulator. It will keep 95% of the wearer's body heat inside it. The suits are skin-tight, with an opening at the neck, or at the face when the hood is pulled up, also at wrists and ankles. There is also a seal-able opening at the crotch.

The suits look something like this, only transparent:

Inmates are provided with a variety of different gloves from thin transparent ones the same as the suit to thick, heavy protective ones. The same applies to footwear.

Inmates are expected to provide a certain quota of various rare minerals, some of which can simply be picked up on the planet's surface, and others need to be dug out of the ice.

It is in the deeper mines that some have claimed to have come across signs of intelligent life, but no one has ever successfully proved this. Mining The Cooler is a dangerous bisiness and people disappear anyway, even if one's companions are not all murderers and thieves. For one thing, the planet may not be solid all the way through...

Moraline's List Of topics

  • The game is going to be Freeform, and will be placed in Extreme
  • The RP is open to all female players and also to male players who wish to play female characters 
  • Players will all be female convicts. They can be guilty as charged, or they can be innocent and wrongly convicted, however they all pleaded not-guilty at trial and were convicted by jury. 
  • Setting is the Ice planet HZ1128, known as "The Cooler"
  • The game will be a freeform sandbox (or should that be Ice Box? *snigger*) 
  • Character Sheet will follow if i get sufficient interest. All characters are to be female (no futa, hermaphrodites or trans-gender, please, also no neuter characters. They would be on a different world). All characters are to be at least recognisably humanoid - i.e., two arms two legs, walks upright with a head at the top and genitals between the legs. No shape shifters either. Other than that, pick a species. Humans are of course going to be the most prevalent. 
  • Game Pacing: I would prefer a minimum of one post per week, please. Anyone not posting for two weeks without saying why will be nudged twice by PM and then assumed to have left the game. Players who drop out with their character "in play" will be taken over by myself or another player. 
  • This is going to be a principally smut based RP. If you're looking for hot F/F action in a cold place, this could be for you. There will be side plots and stories, too, which may or may not include the mysterious indigenous creatures alluded to above!   
  • Post tagging will be required. The code to tag posts will be specified in the OOC thread as and when.   
  • NPCs will mostly be handled by myself and/or any Co-GMs I may appoint. However, players may feel free to create NPCs "on the fly" in ordser to move their plots along.   
Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)

  • If interest in the game exceeds a certain level i will appoint a Co-GM from among the players, at my discression.
  • The play will be sandbox - in other words you make your own plots. I may, from time to time, throw in a side plot.
  • NPCs may be created on the fly by players and then discarded when they are no-longer required.This is an entire world, after all. However all NPCs created in this way must be fellow inmates. I and any Co-GMs will also create NPCs for players to interact with as required. If a NPC is used repeatedly by the same player, I will deem her to be a player character and require a character sheet to be submitted.
  • As GM I will control the environment (the weather, the stability of the planet's surface, etc) and many of the NPCs. I may, also, have a "player character" of my own.
  • There will be an OOC thread. Players may use it for out of character discussion of the game, planning sub plots, choosing IC partners, raising issues with the GM or other players, letting everyone know of an upcoming absence, discussing sporting results, leaving random messages and general goofiness. The more players use the OOC the better they are getting on and the better the game goes.
  • Anyone wishing to contact me about the game may do so (initially) in this thread. Once the OOC thread is open, posting there willalso get my attention. If you wish to discuss something privately, you may also send me a PM. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY YIM ADDRESS TO CONTACT ME!
  • If you have an issue with another player, or with their post, take it up with them first, by PM. If that doesn't work, bring it to me, I will hear both sides of the issue and make a decision. I do try and be fair, but equally i expect my decisions to be abided by, please. If I cannot resolve the issue, i will take it up with staff. IC issues should be resolved IC and OOC issues resolved OOC.
  • PVP will be allowed, by mutual consent between players, but please clear it with me first and respect each other's offs.

  • Player Oath "Oath of the Drake" - this is mostly common sense, but it gives players some good guidelines on how to behave in a group game.
  • My golden rule for non-consensual RP is that non-consent applies to the CHARACTER, and not to the PLAYER. In other words, if my character is screaming "NO! PLEASE DONT!" at the top of her voice, you carry on! But if I say, "Please don't do that", I expect you not to do it! Before interacting with another player please read their ons and offs, and abide by them. If the player does not have an O/O page published, do not assume. ask them!
  • Players are required to post at least once per 7-day week, unless tyhey have indicated that they will be away or unable to post. Any player not posting for two weeks will be PMed. If I see they have been active since the PM was sent and they have still not posted or replied, i will PM them again, and if I still get no response they will be assumed to have dropped out. Characters that drop out will simply be ignored for the duration. If the player returns, they may (if appropriate) pick up where they left off, or bring their character back into the action in some other way. 
  • New player characters may simply appear - having bee there all along but not having taken any part yet, or they may arrive on a prison shuttle   
  • Players may post in first person or third person as they see fit. I would prefer all posts to be in past tense, but i will not insist on this if you prefer to post in present. All i ask is that you try to be consistent within a post and preferably throughout the RP, but again, I'm not going to enforce the latter.     

Please post here if interested.


Recruitment Thread (This one)
OOC Thread
Character Thread

IC Threads

The landing Pad
The Settlement
The Mine - Above Ground
The Mine - Below Ground

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Character Sheet and Info

As stated above, all characters must be female, must be at least vaguely humanoid, and must be convicted of some crime or other.

Players may be any gender, but please respect people's offs. If someone does not wish to play with you because you are the wrong gender IRL, be a sport about it and pair up with someone else?

To be explicit, characters MAY be an alien race, or they may be human.

For now, I am restricting this to a maximum of two characters per player, but ONLY is one is dominant and the other is submissive.

You may not have two dominants, two submissives, or two characters if one is a switch.

Character Sheet

[b]Player name:[/b] Your Login ID.

[float=right][img height=300 padding=5][/img][/float]
[b]Character name:[/b] In Empire standard transliteration

[b]Character age (in Empire Standard years):[/b] Minimum 18, no maximum.

[b]Character sexuality:[/b] Straight, bi, lesbian, don't know. Also, Dominant/submissive/Switch/don't know

[b]Height:[/b] In centimetres (multiply inches by 2.54)

[b]Mass:[/b] In kg (Multiply Lb by 0.45)

[b]Species:[/b] Human, or be inventive.

[b]Physical characteristics:[/b] For non humans, what makes this species of alien different from humans. (Eg scales, prehensile tongue, detachable tail, fur, retractable teeth, etc... Be creative)

[b]Planet of origin:[/b] Be original?

[b]Crime:[/b] Be evil! Note: this is what she was convicted of, not necessarily what she did!

[b]Guilty or innocent:[/b] Note: This is whether she [b][i]actually[/i][/b] did it. To be here, she was found guilty after pleading not guilty!

[b]Likes:[/b] A few things that make her happy.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] A few things that make her unhappy.

[b]Time served:[/b] How long has she been here? Everyone is here for life!

[b]Personality:[/b] What is she like? What makes her tick? Please type at least a paragraph

[b]History:[/b] A synopsis of how she got to be where she is. Please type at least two decent sized paragraphs.

[b]Other info:[/b] Anything you think might be relevant that I haven't included?

The character sheet as is looks like this:

Player name: Your Login ID.

Character name: In Empire standard transliteration

Character age (in Empire Standard years): Minimum 18, no maximum.

Character sexuality: Straight, bi, lesbian, don't know. Also, Dominant/submissive/Switch/don't know

Height: In centimetres (multiply inches by 2.54)

Mass: In kg (Multiply Lb by 0.45)

Species: Human, or be inventive.

Physical characteristics: For non humans, what makes this species of alien different from humans. (Eg scales, prehensile tongue, detachable tail, fur, retractable teeth, etc... Be creative)

Planet of origin: Be original?

Crime: Be evil! Note: this is what she was convicted of, not necessarily what she did!

Guilty or innocent: Note: This is whether she actually did it. To be here, she was found guilty after pleading not guilty!

Likes: A few things that make her happy.

Dislikes: A few things that make her unhappy.

Time served: How long has she been here? Everyone is here for life!

Personality: What is she like? What makes her tick? Please type at least a paragraph

History: A synopsis of how she got to be where she is. Please type at least two decent sized paragraphs.

Other info: Anything you think might be relevant that I haven't included?

Please do NOT change the format. If you do i shall ask you to put it back the way it was, and if you do not, I will not accept the character!

Pictures can be artwork or photos. Photos of aliens must be genuine! *wink* Clothed or nude pictures will be allowed, but if nude please use the spoiler tags (click the button with "HIDE" on it) to hide your character sheet as this is a public area..

A few explanations:

Character name needs to be in Roman script (what a standard Western typewriter uses), please, and not some alien script. Equally not in a human script such as Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, etc...

Empire Standard years are Earth years. It is totally possible for your character to be one year old if her home planet goes around it's sun once every eighteen Earth years, but all ages are to be converted into Earth years, so her age will be given as 18.

Sexuality: All sexual activity is going to be F/F. If you don't want that you are in the wrong place! (I'm considering doing an all male version, just for the hell of it!) But that doesn't mean your character has to be a lesbian. She can be straight and be raped repeatedly if you like.

Mass: Normally I would say weight, but weight is a function of gravity, while mass is a constant!

Time served: Player characters may start already on the planet or they may arrive with the next shuttle. If already on world, please state how many EARTH years they have been there. If they are just arriving, put "New".

History: This is effectively a sample post. Please treat it as such. If you can't come up with a decent back-story for your character you aren't going to last long in a sandbox RP.

I will not allow "godlike" characters or supercharacters of any form. If your character has strengths, she also has weaknesses. NO ONE is invulnerable, and everyone is vulnerable to the cold! NOTE: In order to be participating, YOUR CHARACTER WAS CAUGHT!

A note regarding "cyberpunk-style" enhancements

This is a hard sci-fi "space opera" style game, NOT a cyberpunk game. As such, technological enhancements to characters' bodies are not allowed.

My IC justification for this is as follows: The Galactic Empire has outlawed all biomechanical enhancements such as bionic replacement limbs, cranial implants, etc, around two hundred years ago. Any person caught with such implants will have them surgically removed and not replaced. (Limb regrowth is the preferred way of replacement).

What this means, OOC, is that anyone submitting a character with "enhancements" will be offered a choice: Either resubmit the character without them, or the character can be approved, but all enhancements will be considered to have been removed by the police surgeons.

A word about The empire

The Galactic Empire does not, in fact cover the entire Milky Way galaxy, but only about a third of it. The Empire is, however, almost religiously expansionist and will , some day, cover the whole galaxy.

The Empire itself is more like the European Union that the United States of America. Most worlds are pretty much free to govern themselves the way the local populace see fit. They will have a civilian government, police force, and many will be allowed to maintain an armed militia. All worlds within the Empire have an Imperial Bureaucracy Office within the capital city. Many will also have an Imperial garrison. The Imperial Space Navy and Imperial Space Marines draw their troops from nearly all worlds within the Empire. Volunteers and/or conscripts are sent for training to one of the worlds that is owned and run by the Navy for the Navy, They will never be posted back to their home world.

The Imperial Police are more like the FBI, or perhaps the US Marshal service. They have an office on most worlds and will investigate crimes that threaten the security of the Empire. Local law enforcement will often hand their more violent or dangerous, or slippery prisoners over to Imperial "justice", rather than deal with them.

The empire levies taxes on all worlds. Certain worlds are required to send quotas of certain products, others are required to supply people. Other worlds simply give money. These taxes are used to support the bureaucracy, and in some cases are used to stabilise or prop up worlds where there is a shortage of certain things, so for example a world that produces a lot of wheat might be tithed on the wheat and this food then distributed to worlds where the wheat harvest has failed. This distribution would not, of course, be free. The world in question would be required to pay with something they had a surplus of, most likely being people.

The empire is not benevolent. It is perhaps benign. However it can easily be aroused and turn a malevolent eye upon something that it perceives as a threat.

I think that's it. Any questions, please ask.

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I love how original and in-depth this world is! I'd love to join in!


Oooh Shiny Should be able to come up with an interesting alien girl.


Five is a good start. I'd love a few more. Hopefully by the time you ladies get character sheets up, we will have some more inmates.

There was something I had meant to add to the character sheet.... *scratches head....*

[edit] Ah yes, that was it! a word about over-powered characters and cybernetic enhancements, basically disallowing both!

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Player name: deusexkristina
Character name: Dr. Kimb Fern (She was technically stripped of her Doctorate, but reacts violently towards anyone refusing to use it)
Character age (in Empire Standard years): 40+/-3 years (were she humans she would appear to be in her late 20's/early 30's)
Character sexuality: Lesbian (Y chromosome/phenotype is biologically inferior). Switch (submissive preference). Xenophile.
Height: 163 cm (64'', or 5' 4'')
Mass: 63.2 Kg (~139 lbs)
Species: Imperial Institute of Science Classification: Xeno-Human Symbiote Species Type 47R-Mu Common: “Liffan”

Physical characteristics: Upon cursory inspection, she appears to be a normal human. Platinum blonde hair, pale blue eyes, average height and built. The most noticeable difference in anatomy is that she has pigment modulating structures in her skin (similar to chromatophores of the Vityr Mimic or the Earth octopus) allowing her to change its color along the shades of the normal human spectrum (or in patterns of these colors) as well as rudimentary photosynthetic properties allowing her to go slightly longer periods of time without eating (provided she doesn't move much). She has a large amount of control over the pigmentation of her skin but certain responses, such as the bold or erratic patterns caused by strong emotions like fear, anger or surprise, are hard to suppress. She has four fingers on each hand, three plus a thumb.

Planet of origin: Feynman 3. Third inhabited planet of the Feynman System. Actually the Moon of Feynman Prime, the entire surface of the 'planet' is covered by a large metropolis. Feynman 3 know for the precious minerals and gems harvested from the extensive mines below the city.

Crime: Crimes Against Science, Reckless Use of Technology with Malicious Intent, Unauthorized Experimentation on Sapient Creatures, Intentional and Unauthorized Research into Controlled Fields, Use of Banned Genetic Sequences in Live Subjects, Violation of Galactic Treaty 642A-ZZ9: Ethical Use of Technology Act, Intentional Breech of Brannigan's Law, etc.
Kimb's most notable crime was her short-lived career as a scientific terrorist, where she attempted to ransom the world of Jolla 6—which she threatened to infect with a rather deadly and possibly uncurable retrovirus—to the Imperial Institute of Science for an extension of her research funding. The incident caused the authorities to look into her lab practices, where they found a lot of unsavory things. Aside from the rather public Jolla 6 Incident, Kimb has been tied to the ecosystem collapse of UN-KXT-67, a 'pristine' world that had been designated an Imperial Protected Planet, the outbreak of resistant bluepox in the Charon sector and the death of four student test subjects. Her PhD was stripped as a result of 'unseemly conduct' with former lab assistants. Despite the overwhelming evidence and the repeated recommendation of her lawyer, Kimb refused to admit to any of it.

Guilty or innocent: Guilty.   

Likes: Machinery. Sterile environments. The smell of ozone. Florvian Eels.

Dislikes: Inefficiency. Boredom. Things that aren't sorted/stacked correctly. Lingonberries.

Time served: Three years, plus two spent awaiting trial.

Personality: Despite being known as what amounts to a supervillian in the Jolla system, she comes across as fairly normal human; until you happen to mention the Imperial Opera or seedless jam on the wrong day. She is excessively quick-witted and very resourceful, but is often hampered by her irrational desires and mood swings. For a Liffan, a generally calm species, she is considered highly excitable. This still makes her rather demure; however, she will react with extreme, efficient violence to any threat, or to those who attempt to stand between her and her goals. Her most prevailing desire is to learn and understand, followed ever so slightly by the will to survive.
**Sexuality: For Liffans, the ideal relationship is Symbiosis. Like most of her kind, Kimb willingly assumes whatever role is required of her (though the submissive role is more natural), but only if both sides benefit or there is acknowledgement of mutual respect. Despite submissive tendencies, Kimb is not the kind of person who can be 'broken' by force; she will fetishize a thing before being broken by it.

History: Some say there is a thin line between genius and insanity. Those that know the truth know that this is just a comforting lie and that there is no difference.
Wherever Kimb was born, she grew up on Feynman 3. It is unlikely (though still possible) she was born there, as there are no documents of a Liffan birth ever occurring on that world, or anywhere in the Feynman System. She was initially found and taken in by a religious orphanage, which gave her her name (After St. Kimb the Unexpected). but was soon discovered by local scientist, Mr. Tarrol, who wanted her 'for study'; Liffans are not exceedingly common and not much has been written about them since their initial discovery. While Tarrol did study her, it is not known if that is all he wanted her for. Little is known about the years she spent there, but based on what little can be gleaned from the papers and articles published by Mr. Tarrol it was not a nurturing environment. However, Tarrol did educate her and keep her in well fed. It is unknown when Kimb escaped Tarrol's lab, but if we go by the publication date of his last paper on Liffans and work backwards from her University application where she claims to be fourteen then she was probably around 11 or 12.
    Nothing is known about the few years between escape and admission but Kimb did not leave Feynman 3. She reappears when applying to University on the mainworld, Feynman Prime. Her initial application is denied, but her second (on which she also claims to be 14, increasing the uncertainty about her age) she is accepted. She initially applied to study psychology, but was eventually drawn to neuroscience and then into genetics. She would graduate five years later with degrees in microbiology, molecular biology, and neuroscience. After three years writing a dissertation on Models for Evolution of Human-like Intelligence in Non-biological Systems she was granted a Doctorate as well. At the age of 22 Kimb was given her own lab at the renowned Advanced Research Institute of Andiff (ARIA) in the Andiff system. It was here over the next six years that she produced most of her well-known work; curing three diseases previously thought to be uncurable, cloning of the extinct Rngyr Pigeon-bat, and the discovery of new, non-DNA-based life on an asteroid. A few weeks after her 28th birthday, Kimb unexpectedly left ARIA to run a lab at a backwater university in the Stervon system.
    Due to her being so respected, the people on Stervon didn't really bother to look into her research. So long as she continued to publish astounding papers—which she did—they were happy to sit back and bask in the grant money she brought in. In fact, the administration went out of its way to ignore any slanderous claims made against Kimb. For five years Kimb conducted her research in almost complete secrecy in Stervon until an outbreak in her lab killed four students. Rather than submit to an inquiry, Kimb resigned and set up her own lab on a sparely-inhabited moon of the rural farm world Jolla 6. She spent the remaining three years of her freedom there conducting experiments that top scientists of the day still do not entirely understand, including but not limited to excessive augmentation experiments on her own person.

Other info: Species Origin: The modern population of Liffans are the biological descendants of a colony expedition that crashed on the planet now known as Liffa several centuries ago. At the time, Liffa had a wide variety of complex vegetative life but nothing animal-like. The dominant characteristic of life on Liffa, beyond high adaptability to the chaotic ecosystem, was the nearly ubiquitous presence of a certain cellular structure that seemed to be highly conserved across all observed organisms. It was later discovered that this 'structure' was in fact a symbiotic organism that had infected nearly every known organism on the planet. In order to increase the survival of infected hosts, once it had been incorporated into a species genome the symbiote would begin to introduce semi-random genetic mutations in an attempt to speed up adaptation of its host population. It took a few decades given the complexity of human systems, but eventually, the organism managed insert itself successfully in into the colonial genome where it began to 'modify' the population to life on Liffa.
    Liffa was eventually rediscovered and the Liffans were re-integrated into wider human society where they are considered distinct from humans despite the cursory similarities between them. The Liffan Symbiote only had a few centuries to modify its new human hosts (the symbiote is not conscious, this is speaking in evolutionary terms) but has produced some surprising and stable genetic alterations in that time. The most notable being epidermal chromatophores and the trademark pale hair and eyes which result from so much melanin being used by the skin. The loss of the fifth digit on hands and feet is also notable. Beyond the readily apparent differences, Liffans require a much different mineral content in their diets than humans to support their unique bone structure which incorporates biological 'plastics'. They also need to eat substantially more than a human of comparable size and activity to provide nutrients for the symbiote colonies living inside them. Liffans have an diminished sensitivity to motion but possess a wider degree of color sensitivity, with many individuals able to see into infrared, ultraviolet or both. Generally, they have a lower ratio of muscle mass to body mass than humans, a result of their lighter skeletal structure. Liffans are obligate herbivores and are unable to digest animal proteins. They have significantly reduced body hair and thinner scalp hair, as the temperate climate of Liffa does not require it for thermoregulation.


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Player name: Chrystal.

Character name: Harrin Ffrrit

Character age (in Empire Standard years): 27 (68 Mrinoa years)

Character sexuality: Bisexual, Dominant

Height: 181cm

Mass: 92 kg

Species: Mrinka

Physical characteristics: The Mrinka are covered in soft fur. They closely resemble an earth feline or canine in facial features, and have a prehensile caudal appendage. This tail often is more expressive than the face, although the Mrinka ears are also a good indication of emotion, once one learns to read them. The Mrinka have three genders, Male, Premale and Female. The premale is in effect hermaphroditic, having ovaries and a vagina but no womb. The ovum is fertilised by the male within the Premale and then transfered to the woumb of the female. Only the female has breasts.

Planet of origin: Nruuna, Fourth planet of the Graabori Nu system. Nruuna is an old colony of the Mrinka from before the contact with the Galactic Empire.

Crime: Piracy. Incitement to rebellion. Illegal possession of firearms. Illegally operating an armed space vessel in contravention of the treaty of Goth. Terrorism. Attempted mass murder. 207 counts of murder. Resisting arrest. Wilful destruction of public property. Wilful destruction of private property. Theft. Armed robbery. Assault with a deadly weapon. Discharge of anti-ship weapons in contravention of the treaty of Goth. Wilfully causing the deaths of 34 serving Naval personnel.

Guilty or innocent: Guilty as charged.

Likes: Hnahag (An old Mrinkari word best translated as honour), well cooked meat, people doing as she tells them, having her tail stroked.

Dislikes: Hnahagrrr (The opposite of Hnahag), getting wet, stupidity, Humans, having her tail pulled.

Time served: Six years.

Personality: Harrin is a total bitch. She is ruthless and totally without remorse. The only reason she pleaded not guilty to the charges against her was because so far as she was concerned she had done nothing wrong. So far as Harrin is concerned, she is a patriot, fighting for the freedom of her people from a ruthless, dictatorial and hnahagrrr empire. She has no desire to live in the empire and was trying her best to destroy it, waging a one-Mrinka war against Imperial forces in the former Mrinkan star systems.

History: The war between Humans and Mrinka had been over for nearly three hundred Mrinoa years, or nearly a hundred Imperial years, when Harrin was born. The war was a draw, called off for a number of reasons on both sides, the most obvious being tha fact that the loss of life on both sides was becoming unacceptable even to the Mrinka, who did not fear death so long as they died with "honour". The history of the war was taught of course in Mrinka schools as it was in human schools, but only as a passing footnote.

Harrin found the subject interesting in her early teens (in Human years), and researched it further. She was horrified by what she learned - how her people had been treated since the treaty, how the "Druubs" (humans) had integrated the proud Mrinka into their empire and subjugated them far more subtly but more completely than they could have if they had won the war.

Harrin determined to do something about it. She tried rousing her fellow college students but was laughed at. She tried getting on the media and was ignored. It seemed her people were blind and complacent. More drastic measures were needed.

She began by robbing a few banks, amassing enough money to buy herself a small, fast interstellar freighter. She then stripped out all non-essential systems and equipped it with the most sophisticated weaponry she could afford.

Harrin then began a rain of terror along the border between pre-war Mrinkari and Human space, attacking freighters and taking what she wanted from the wreckage, attacking human run and human owned facilities and businesses. At the scene of every attack she left a message, calling on the Mrinka people to rise up and throw off the shackles of Human oppression. At first there was a small degree of media interest in her activities and a very slight amount of public sympathy for her cause. However as the death toll mounted the sympathy waned, and evaporated completely when she attacked and blew a passenger ship with the loss of one hundred and seventeen lives, including thirty seven minors of various species.

With this atrocity, the operation to catch her, which had to that point been nothing more than normal anti-piracy sweeps by the Imperial navy, was stepped up into a full-scale hunt. Her career as a pirate lasted for a little under an Imperial year. She was eventually cornered by a flotilla of naval vessels who had orders to take her alive. She had no desire to be so taken and in the ensuing skirmish damaged two naval vessels and destroyed a third with the loss of 34 lives. Finally her ship was disabled and she was captured, disarmed and locked up.

Her trial was fast-tracked. The prosecution cited a list of her crimes. She refused a defending attorney, instead insisting on conducting her own defence. She refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Imperial court, insisting that she would not receive a fair trial. Her defence to all the charges was that the treaty of Goth that had ended the war had been abrogated time and time again by the Empire and as such a legitimate state of war existed between her people and the Empire and she was acting within the rules of warfare.

Of course, the jury, which, to be fair, had four Mrinka jurors as well as three other non-humans, found her guilty on all counts.

Other info: The Mrinka originated on the planet Mrinoa, a world similar to earth but orbiting it's red dwarf primary at a distance approximating that of Venus. The star being much cooler than the earth's primary. This also resulted in the retention of fur by the Mrinka.

The word "hnahag", while best translated as "honour", has connotations far beyond the English word. It implies the ability to act without fear, to kill only when necessary, to enjoy life to the full, to welcome death but not to seek it, and to pass these values on to the next generation. It could be argued (and indeed was, by the prosecution at her trial) that Harrin was hnahagrrr - without hnahag - when she killed her victims unnecessarily.

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Would love to be in it.  Will develop character over next day or two real life and Formula One not withstanding.


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I would rather watch a movie then have dinner than have dinner then watch a movie!


Found a great image that shows perfectly what the body suites look like. Shame the woman is so flat chested...


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I would rather watch a movie then have dinner than have dinner then watch a movie!


I think I'd be interested in this! Actually, the more I read about it, the more interesting it sounds. I do have an alien species half-formed in my head...


Looking forward to seeing your idea Ayahka.

I do hope there are going to be some humans? I may have to create a lot of NPCs!

Also, I'm hoping that there will be a few dominant characters.

I mean I don't mind having a harem all to myself, but... *giggles*

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I would rather watch a movie then have dinner than have dinner then watch a movie!


Don't worry. A Domme human is in my future.


I'd be interested in joining, if no one minds me coming aboard.


Quote from: Chrystal on May 09, 2013, 03:42:44 PM
Found a great image that shows perfectly what the body suites look like. Shame the woman is so flat chested...

Hey!  Some of us are challenged you know.  I should qualify for a Handicapped tag.  :)


I'll be rolling as a submissive human in all likelihood.


Quote from: Branwen on May 09, 2013, 09:02:12 PM
Hey!  Some of us are challenged you know.  I should qualify for a Handicapped tag.  :)

Lol. I second that motion.


Hey nothing wrong with us flat chested girls, although for a change I might have a busty character.  She'll still be submissive though, might even experiment with a non-human, pushing my comfort zone.


Here we go; here's my suggestion for a character!

Player name: Ayahka.
Character name: Diah (which is her "off-world" name; on her planet Quyl women don't have personal names -- more on that in a moment -- but individuals who leave Quyl usually adopt names for themselves to better fit in with societies where names are important.)

Character age (in Empire Standard years): 63 (early 20s in Quyllian years)

Character sexuality: Bisexual, switch.

Height: 147cm

Mass: 62kg.

Species: Quyllian.

Physical characteristics: Quyllians are often viewed by outsiders as an all-female species, but this isn't completely accurate; male Quyllians do exist, but are very rare and for that reason never seen off-world. In fact, no off-worlder has ever seen a male Quyllian, so it's hard to say what they look like. The females, at least, have a mostly humanoid appearance, but are in general rather small (the tallest ones seldom surpassing 150cm in height) and not very physically powerful. They have blue-tinted skin, in neuances that vary between light sky-blue and deep purple, they have four fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, and are also completely bald. Most of them also have some kind of tattoo on their face; a sigil or mark that tells who their father is. (This is done because all Quyllian males are expected to mate with and impregnate hundreds if not thousands of women over the years, and the one sexual taboo on Quyl is sex between father and daughter.)

Their most noted feature, though, is their eyes, which are large, orange-tinted (varying in neuance from light yellow to deep orange) and have a strange hypnotic gaze -- see "More info" for details on this particular ability.

Planet of origin: Quyl. (Pronounced "Quill.") Note that "Quyl" is the name the Empire has given the planet; the inhabitants don't have a name for it, and generally only refer to themselves as "Quyllians" if talking to people from other worlds.

Crime: Accomplice to slave trading, human (and other sentient races) trafficking, taking active part in at least eighty known cases of kidnapping free citizens to sell as sex slaves. Smuggling of highly illegal and dangerous goods, and aiding and abetting known criminals by giving them access to lethal weapons and/or banned technology. Numerous cases of attempted bribery or otherwise control of official public servants. Several cases of rape, with the aid of drugs or hypnosis; the exact number is unclear because most of the victims remember nothing afterwards.

Guilty or innocent: Guilty.

Likes: Talking, joking around, sleeping.

Dislikes: Violence (especially being the victim of it!).

Time served: Three years, give or take.

Diah is a pleasant, cheerful and intelligent young woman whom you could mistake for being an innocent dupe who was taken advantage of and framed for crimes she didn't commit. However, there is a reason she is now on the Cooler; her affable, bubbly and innocent-seeming behavior hides a sociopathic, self-centered nature almost completely lacking in empathy for others. While she does have the basic emotions and can even have feelings for other people, she doesn't particularly care for anyone else's -- which is why she has cheerfully tricked, scammed, robbed and sold other people into slavery without so much as a twinge of regret.

It's easy enough to classify her as "harmless," especially compared to most other people on the Cooler -- and it's true that she is among the least physically threatening women there. Not only does her small stature and general lack of physical strength make her easily overpowered, but she hates violence and isn't particularly brave; hence she is usually the first to try and run away when violence looks like it might happen.

She is, however, very clever and has no qualms about manipulating and using people for her own benefit. And she hasn't lost her hypnotic abilities either...

The planet Quyl is one of the more recently-discovered worlds; it's only been officially part of the Galactic Empire for a few decades, but the "small, bluish bald women with the strange hypnotic stare" have adapted readily enough and have established friendly (or at least non-violent) contacts with several other worlds.

One of the several women who left Quyl for other worlds in search of adven ture and excitement was the 247th daughter of the male Grifnakh, who upon leaving the planet adopted the name "Diah" (which in her tongue means "sister") and very quickly landed in bad company. Already a bit of a sociopath with limited ability to care about others, she was easily seduced into a life of crime, quickly falling into the clutches of one of the bigger intergalactic organized crime rings.

It started out with a bit of "harmless" smuggling of spices and drugs, with Diah's role essentially being to use her suggestive abilities to convince officials and law enforcement that no smuggling was taking place -- but soon enough it escalated; she got involved in weapon smuggling, buying and selling of highly illegal goods such as the forbidden cybernetic enhancements, kidnapping and human trafficking (using her hypnotic abilities to get the victims to quietly come along). She was enjoying herself immensely, and got more and more daring and deranged in her escapades; employing not only her hypnotic abilities but the various contacts and resources of the crime ring to pull off bigger jobs...

...until she got too careless and was caught.

She was blindfolded so she wouldn't be able to attempt her hypnotic stare on anyone, and placed on trial for her various crimes -- to which she initially pleaded "not guilty" because she thought her many contacts would see to it that there would be no solid evidence. This turned out to be much too optimistic, though; either the crime syndicate was unable to help her or (more likely) they considered her an acceptable loss, because no help came and she was found guilty by an unanimous jury. Whereupon she was placed in suspended animation and shipped off to the Cooler.

Other info:
Quyllians, generally non-violent and not very physically powerful, have another way of defending themselves: A partly inborn, partly learned ability to use a combination of their voices and eyes in order to lull others into a deep, hypnotic trance. On Quyl, this ability is usually used in order to calm aggressors, as a non-violent display of dominance (the one who gets hypnotized first is the one who yields) or as a way for mothers to get their children to sleep.

It's fully possible to resist this hypnosis, especially for people with strong willpower (game-wise, this means that you, as a player, get to decide whether Diah's abilities have any effect on your character or not).

The planet Quyl is otherwise made up of small societies, most of which consist of a few males to a large number of females. Perhaps one in every hundred Quyllians is born male, which is why males are seen as extremely important  and are given all kinds of special treatment from birth on. Among other things, the males are the only Qyullians who have actual names, and almost all the females and societies define themselves by their relationship to a male.

This is both positive and negative for the males; they are at the same time the kings of the Qyullians and their closely-guarded prisoners. While a male is automatically a VIP in any society, his word is law and everyone is dedicated to ensure his continued welfare, he completely lacks the freedom the females have. A female might do as she pleases and choose her life as she desires, but a male has his life decided for him at birth: His role is to keep the population up by impregnating women. When old enough, he'll be sent away from his home (accompanied by a few of his sisters) to a new society where he'll act as a stud and eventually become the father of a large part of the community. He'll seldom leave the community he's been placed in after this, and never unaccompanied -- and he'll be kept away from all off-world visitors and is banned from ever leaving the planet.

Almost all Quyllians are highly sexual beings (otherwise the poor males would have been exhausted very quickly) and all of them are effectively bisexual; with so few males available a female Quyllian usually only gets to have sex with a male if she is trying to get pregnant. Which means that in most cases the women seek comfort and pleasure in each other. Your average Quyllian is very easily seduced, and there are few restrictions on who can have sex with who -- the only absolute taboo is sex between a father and a daughter.

(I wasn't sure if the hypnotic abilities were okay or not; I thought they might add some play options, and I've tried to present them not as a flawless power but as an ability that can be resisted if the players want -- if it's still too much, let me know and I'll drop them altogether. Oh, and I added a history in smuggling illegal cybernetic enhancements; I figured if they were outlawed by the Empire there would be at least some demand for them on the black market. It's just a background detail, though; Diah herself has never had any such enhancements.)


Character is totally approved as is, on one condition: please change the spelling on the "species" gad to match the rest of the uses of the word, or vice versa.

I have no objection whatever to the hypnotic ability the way you have presented it.

I am going to give a GM ruling on it's use, however: As with any ability, like running, lifting, being creative, solving problems, her hypnotic ability requires her to use energy. The more energy she uses, the more likely she is to hypnotise someone, and the more exhausted she will be afterwards. If this were a system game I would assign a scale and a dice roll to see if her hypnosis attempt succeeds, but as it's freeform we must rely on player sportsmanship.

Also, I rule that if a character succumbs to the hypnosis once, she will continue to succumb to it. Over time, however, she may (at the owning player's option) develop a resistance, OR she may become more susceptible. This is entirely at the player's option, BUT it must be a gradual thing. You can't agree to be hypnotised one day and refuse to be the next!

From my personal perspective, the Mrinka are feline and thus immune to hypnosis. However I will also have control of a lot on NPCs!

And I love the touch about running illegal enhancements!

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Oops... that was a typo. The species' name is "Quyllian," but as I typed up the post I occasionally misspelled it and made it "Qyullian." I thought I'd gotten all the typos, but it looks like I missed one.  :-[ Fixed now, though!

I like the hypnosis rule, and felines being immune actually mirrors my thoughts pretty well (they're cats! Of course you can't command them!).