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Rules and Announcements
This forum is where the Site Deities will post important rule updates or other forum changes that occur.

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Elliquiy Wiki
Temporary wiki link board while I get things fixxored.

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HELP! (ask/report/suggest anything)
A place to post any questions, suggestions, or report any technical issues you might have. Any member of the site may answer these questions, from how to get a game going to more in-depth issues concerning the forums.

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This forum is where the new members post their introductions. There is a sticky that points to the Questionnaire for prospective members. All members are encouraged to welcome the new comers with much silliness as well as get to know them.

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Elliquiy Blogs
Only blogging members may create topics here. Topics in these forums will show up as your blog entries, so post carefully : ) Anyone may feel free to comment or reply, however.

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Role Playing Requests

For expressing all your role-playing desires.
One on One / Solo Adult Roleplays Wanted
This forum is where to look or post for a single writing partner to write in a roleplaying game on Elliquiy.

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Group Requests: GMs/Groups seeking Role Players
This forum is where GMs and established groups should look or post for multiple writing partners in group games on Elliquiy.

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Sub-BoardsGM's Corner

Group Requests: Role Players seeking GM/Groups
For individual players looking to scratch an itch.

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Public Writing and RP

For stories and roleplays visible to the public.
Non-Adult Storytelling
This board is for non-adult solo writing - that is, individual works that do not contain explicit sex.

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Non-Adult Roleplay Requests
Look for and request Non-Adult roleplays in this forum.

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Non-Adult Roleplays
This board is for role playing that does not contain explicit sex.

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Last post: February 14, 2024, 08:42:09 AM The Devils brew by ikasaba

Sub-BoardsNon-Adult Archive

General Chat

Off Topic
A forum that is basically a catch all. If it is non-adult and does not fall into one of the other categories, this is where it should be posted.

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Forum Games/Socializing
This forum is where much of Elliquiy's silliness is allocated. Thread games, the Salonbox, and other goodies are posted here.

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Politics, Religion, and Other Controversies
This forum is for discussing political climates, religion, and other controversial topics. Please do be aware of what you post and how it is phrased so that it is less likely to seem confrontational.

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