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Author Topic: Looking for a Co-GM  (Read 31048 times)

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #25 on: June 21, 2014, 03:30:24 PM »
My other current idea for a group game is for a freeform "Mad Max/Escape From New York" inspired post-apocalyptic/dystopian game. Again, there would be a need for some world building and game management, so I'd ideally be looking for a co-GM for this as well.

Since I've gotten no interest in the group RP mentioned above so far, I thought I'd throw out this idea as an alternative.

If interested, please PM me. Thank you.

Offline Drake Valentine

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #26 on: July 05, 2014, 08:21:59 AM »
Seeking One or Two Co-Gms for Modern Fantasy, Freeform, Fanbase Game {Persona III}

Iwatodi city, 2004, most citizens go about their daily lives, unaware of the Dark Hour that exists between one day and the next.  This phenomena happened five years prior within a lab by the Kirito Corporation; which was destroyed through the experimentation regarding a certain entity.  Gekkoukan High School was built over the ruins of where the laboratory once was to cover up the truth of the incident, and only a selected few from its origins know of the reality of that series of events leading to its former destruction and the hidden aftermath upon the city. At a peculiar hour at night, time freezes and the majority of humans are transmogrified into coffins and have no awareness to this timeframe known as the Dark Hour. Only a few gifted individuals are freed from this event, those possessing a concealed power known as Persona.

Personas are the true manifestation of an individual’s character and generally come into existence once that person comes into acceptance of who they are. Those who tend to fight their true selves often find themselves attacked and killed by the phenomena beings known as Shadows-demonic creatures- that run rampant during a full moon phase of the Dark Hour. Unfortunately, these ghastly murders cannot easily be identified and often are passed off to the media as a professional serial killing instead of an ‘unbelievable, supernatural’ incident.

To prevent these disasters from repeating, a few surviving scientists from the incident five years ago have taken their own methods to trying to stop the shadows. Most of them have prove futile and many citizens have become victims through additional experiments involving the intake of drugs to wield ‘persona.’ There is another scientist who strays from that path, using a different approach without the necessary of medication. This person has invented a prototype ‘weapon’ called an Evoker. A gun like item that is fired into the head of an individual to bring out their inner self, known as Persona. Still, this is only achievable if that persona has accepted that side of themselves, otherwise nothing will happen; even if they happen to be able to see the Dark Hour and monsters known as the Shadows that roam it.

Presently a small group has been gathered of students that attend Gekkoukan High, the scientist hopes to acquire more individuals with a similar talent to help in the fight and investigation against the shadows. Also, to assemble a proper party to one day investigate the floors of Tartarus, a massive tower consisting of six blocks and over two hundred floors, that sprouts out of Gekkoukan High School during the Dark Hour. For now the base of operations is The Dorms for those students and possibly any other allies the Scientist may acquire down the journey for truth.

Main Request Thread - Has more information included.

What I Expect
+Activity. I know we all live busy lives, I can relate. I am not going to ask you to be available every single day; though you should be able to get to me or others with pressing concerns within a three-four day frame of any PM sent(unless you stated any away notice.) Also if there are some days you cannot be reached period, let me know. I am understanding to this as I am hardly available every Sunday.

+Ability to write comfortably with all genders and chat OOCly with players; even those that may not be Role-playing a character of their gender. Also, to be comfortable around any variety of sexual scenes that may happen through the RP. I will not ask of you to partake in any events that may not fall under your prefer sexuality, I only wish for you to be accepting of sexuality in general in the roleplay itself and not discriminating to what fellow players may do. Bluntly speaking, I will not tolerate any OOC discrimination in my game.

+Communication. Able to come to me and discuss any concerns and/or ideas. I will get back to you as soonest as I can(better whenever I do sit down at a computer.)  Also,, reflecting on the prior two, you should be able to socialize with others as well.

+Flexibility. Able to take on a variety of roles through the game, even if they are brief roles at that. I will be doing some myself and sometimes it is crucial to have NPC involvement to keep a story going.

+Follower and Enforcer. The rules are there, I do not want any GM breaking rules I established as a core to the game itself and I expect them to be able to handle such. If not the latter, then I want information given to me so that I can handle and address any issues that arise. I honestly don’t mind being the ‘bad guy’ myself if it boils down to it. The rules themselves are things I established that I will be following by and I expect similar given to who else I give power to.

+Excitement for the Setting. This actually goes without saying, but you should at least feel some enjoyment in helping with the game. Even if you are not familiar with Persona series and if you find yourself interested in the concept as a whole, then don’t be afraid in shooting me a PM. 
Nice, but Not Mandatory
+Knowledge of Persona or Shin Megami series.

+Also if you want to help in mapping, that is fine. Again, not a requirement, I am mainly working on a few map layouts myself, by few I mean the Dorm and probably the School later for the setting. Other than that, that is about it.
Shoot me a PM, I will get back to you ASAP. I will let you know ahead of time that my availability is hard to come by on Sundays, so if there is a delay, my apologies there. Also, I work third shift so my hours on are usually split in half in day and night.

Offline Chrystal

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #27 on: July 07, 2014, 01:20:40 PM »

Following my recent poll of which idea for a group game I should pursue, the idea that came out on top was:

The Pony Palace

Human Extreme N/C Freeform Sandbox

This one is a new idea I've been toying with for some time. It is all about Pony Play.

If you don't know what that is, Google it, but not at work or when you family is watching! Basically people dress up in sexy bondage costumes that resemble ponies, and other people train them make them pull carts, reward them with sex, punish them with pain...

The idea is tentative and I require a co-GM or two, but basically my idea is that I run a "pony ranch" with male and female ponies, some there willingly, others not, and rich customers come to the ranch for a ride...

My requirements for a Co-GM are as follows:

  • Interested in Pony Play (obviously)
  • Experienced as a GM or CoGM
  • Willing to do sexual scenes with male players and male characters
  • Have ideas for things to do with ponies other than "the obvious"

I'm more likely to accept people I know, but will  not discriminate against people I don't. I would actually like two Co-GMs for this if possible, please.

I have some ideas already that need to be discussed.

Firstly there are a number of different aspects to Pony Play, which are generally highlighted by the costumes worn by the pony and the "rider".

The number of variants of Pony costume are staggering. Some people prefer to be encased in a skin-tight rubber pony suit, others prefer to be naked apart from their harness. Some ponies like to wear "hoof gloves", some have their hands free and others have their arms bound behind them. Most will wear hoof-boots, but others might go barefoot. Some ponies have a head dress while others will have their own hair made into a mane.

And of course there are tails... Some are strapped to the waist, most are inserted into an orifice...

Then there is the saddle versus the cart. Few pony girls will be strong enough to carry a full grown person on their back for long, but most pony boys would. However a pony play cart is light enough for one person to pull with a driver, and two can pull it with a driver and passenger. We could even have teams of four, although that might be pushing it.

What I need at the moment is someone to help collate ideas I have regarding how to allow people to be selective, both with respect to what their character, as a pony, is "forced" to wear, and what their character, as a "rider", can force the pony to wear.

Please PM me if you are interested and have some ideas.
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #28 on: July 09, 2014, 04:53:45 PM »

I'm not really looking for a Co-GM, per say, more of a full on GM, since I suck at managing games, and don't have the time to dedicate to running one.  I'd definitely help out though, since yeah, I love being helpful.

The game would center around the Alpha/Beta/Omega trope that's prevalent in fandom, and would be GBLTQA Friendly.  And basically, those are the only things that are required, everything else is up for grabs, if you volunteer for this!

Offline TheGlyphstone

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #29 on: July 09, 2014, 05:24:58 PM »
Should probably post that in regular Group Roleplays Wanted, with a specific mention of needing a GM for the game. Your odds of getting interest are a lot higher.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #30 on: July 11, 2014, 08:58:41 AM »


Hello!  I'm looking for a co-GM to help run a Pathfinder game (Lost on the Planes) I'm starting.  The following should be the most pertinent information regarding the game:
  • Handling a group of up to 6 players (with help from me, and probably helping me do the same).
  • Two types of adventure sets: one on board a relatively large sized air/planar ship, and others on the planes they visit (usually in the 'wilderness').
  • Episodic in nature.  Adventures need not be related to one another.  Try something new every time!
  • Won't be as combat heavy as some games.  The main challenge of this game will be the environment (and all those rules that rarely get used) and limited time to get things done in.
  • Adventures can range from anything like treasure hunting, hunting for resources and rare components, find a way to get to the destination they seek, etc...
  • Inputting ideas to help a loosely based plot (which may turn significant).
  • There are four significant NPCs to control, which we could share between us.
  • Posting every 2 to 4 days.  Usually about 2 paragraphs.
  • Be inclusive of every players desires.
  • Stick around for perhaps 3 - 4 (or more) episodes worth of adventures.
  • Be firm, but not inflexible.
I believe those would be the main points.  It would be an advantage if you O/Os encompass a wide variety, beginning with different sexual orientations (if it becomes necessary).  This call is open to multiple people, so not only one person will get the post - you can do a few adventures and quit as is your temperament (though I'll ask not to quit in the middle of an adventure), and even return later if you like.

If you need any other information, please drop me a line!

Best Regards,

Offline Lyron

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #31 on: August 31, 2014, 08:05:05 PM »
I'm thinking about starting a gay village sandbox roleplay, and I could really use a co-mod who's experienced with running roleplays on E. I've moderated a handful of groups on another site, but this would be my first time doing so on E, where things seem a little more serious and seem to run a little differently, so an extra hand would be most appreciated. Even better if you're capable of writing non-m// scenes.

If not that, then at least someone who could give me pointers/suggestions would also be great.

Here's what I have so far:

Our Colorful Neighborhood

Indigo Way is quite the colorful place. Many LGBT people flock to this Chicago neighborhood to live. Here there is no fear of being called disgusting or an abomination, and there is no need to stay in the closet, for everyone here is among their brothers and sisters, and mommas and daddies, of the community. It's become quite the safe haven for many, but, of course, between the hot sex and merry times, the residents have their squabbles--what can you expect from a place full of queens? So, come, the residents of Indigo Way invite you to join in on the fun.

Hi, and welcome! Basically, this is a sandbox roleplay taking place in a fictional gay village in Chicago. Here's the setup at a glance:

Sexualities: The focus is on LGBT individuals, but heterosexuals are welcomed, too!
Smut Level: This roleplay will focus more on story, so conflict and character development are grand. That doesn't mean smut can't happen, but if you're just looking to get your rocks off, another roleplay might work better for you. The RP will be placed in ____. [I was leaning toward bondage because I don't want to limit kink too much, but, personally, I'm more light, and I'm afraid that tagging it as bondage will make everyone expect BDSM. Or am I overthinking this?]
Post Frequency: At least once a week, though it's understandable if real life gets in the way. Just keep us updated. Being gone for more than three weeks, without word, will result in removal.
Post Length: At least two paragraphs.
Writing Style: Third person.
Characters: Humans, aged 18+. Otherwise, all character types are welcomed! Character ideas that could have a substantial impact on the roleplay, though, should probably be run by me first before tackling the skeleton. Up to 2 characters per person, if you can juggle both of them.

Character sheet:
Code: [Select]
[center][img]real pictures, please[/img]
[size=18pt]Full Name[/size][/center]

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]

[b]Personality:[/b] At least a paragraph

[b]Bio:[/b] At least 2 paragraphs

[b]Likes:[/b] At least 4
[b]Dislikes:[/b] At least 4


[b]Additional Details:[/b] Anything else you want to share. Delete this line if you don't want to add anything.

[b]Played By:[/b] Username

Posting header:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=200][/img][/floatleft]

Indigo Way, located on the north side of Chicago, is a snug community full of various shops and eateries. Most apartments, such as Crystal Lake Estates, are better suited for the middle class, with an affordable one, called Parker Commons, tucked off in a southern corner, and a luxury high-rise, The Kensington, in the north, closer to the lake.

There will be a club. Otherwise, the exact establishments within the neighborhood can be primarily up to those who want their characters to run them, but for at least the club, there should be some additional player input. There'll be a limit on establishments: they must be unique from each other, so no two restaurants (a coffee shop can be separate from a restaurant) or two clothes stores, for example, and, at least initially, only a few will be accepted so we don't spread ourselves too thin. [Does this sound good?]

The time of the year in which we'll begin is open for discussion, but I'm thinking September or October. We'll begin with some kind of special event to get the ball rolling. With that said, October (obviously) offers Halloween, but if anyone has any alternatives for what events we could use, let's hear 'em!

As far as thread layout, everyone can have a room for their character, if they don't want to room with someone. As far as the other IC threads...[I'm really not sure. I'm used to there being only one IC thread, which would be easier to maintain, but I do wonder about the possibility of this gaining more than a handful of people, in which case one thread might not be such a good fit. But I also don't know how well creating a thread for each establishment would work if everyone were to create a thread for their character, since two threads will be devoted to OOC and characters. Would it be better to wait and see how many people join initially?]

When it comes to time lapses, we'll all stay within a two-hour period. [Or would one hour be better?] I want to give more specifics on how quickly time will progress, but we'll see what the pace looks like when we start.

And that's all I have to say! Questions and suggestions are welcome! [Yes, this could probably use some suggestions!]

Offline DarkAngel111

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #32 on: September 07, 2014, 08:26:20 AM »
I am looking for a Co- GM for a Post Apocalyptic Game. Yes it has Zombies, What's different is that it will not be as Sand boxy as most games and will be controlled heavily by GM Events. Starting from Day 0. So there are A LOT of plot bunnies that will wriggle out during the first 2 days of the out break.

Mainly looking for a Co-Gm to Help Answer Questions, Run NPC Characters, and help in planning and executing GM Events. I have some experience running games on E but never something with that big of a scale. So I will need some help from someone, Preferably someone who will be Good at playing the Female NPCs As I have little to no experience playing female NPCs.

Offline mia h

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #33 on: September 24, 2014, 07:21:51 AM »
I'm looking for a Co-GM to help out with a slighty silly and definately smutty idea that I've been kicking around my head.  A small group who look down on the 'geeks & nerds' that attend sci-fi\comic book conventions, but they end up agreeing to attend one, just to prove how much better they are. The game won't be focused on that group, but they act as a catalyst for all manner of things that then end up happening at the convention.

So I'm looking someone both to act as sounding board for ideas and to help set up the convention, npc's etc.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #34 on: December 24, 2014, 12:49:25 PM »
Well an idea has been picking at my mind for a while. It is based in a Medieval fantasy world, where a formerly peaceful city, neutral in the wars that surrounded it due to it's prime trading capabilities is attacked and occupied by a barbarian force that came out of nowhere. An occupation RP, with people perhaps playing an underground resistance, criminal underworld fighting for it's own gains, the occupiers, and maybe even a royal family, being held hostage by the occupying army. With a plot surrounding getting the royal family free and out of the city, I think it has a lot of potential both as a sandbox RP with a decent plot behind it.

I would be needing Co-GMs both to help me out with the world building as well as to help out with creating the premise for the underlaying plot. I know it's an ambitious project, which is why I feel a little daunted taking it on by my own.

Offline Zeth

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #35 on: January 24, 2015, 07:25:29 AM »
Well an idea has been picking at my mind for a while. It is based in a Medieval fantasy world, where a formerly peaceful city, neutral in the wars that surrounded it due to it's prime trading capabilities is attacked and occupied by a barbarian force that came out of nowhere. An occupation RP, with people perhaps playing an underground resistance, criminal underworld fighting for it's own gains, the occupiers, and maybe even a royal family, being held hostage by the occupying army. With a plot surrounding getting the royal family free and out of the city, I think it has a lot of potential both as a sandbox RP with a decent plot behind it.

I would be needing Co-GMs both to help me out with the world building as well as to help out with creating the premise for the underlaying plot. I know it's an ambitious project, which is why I feel a little daunted taking it on by my own.

Do you have a system in mind?

Offline kckolbe

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #36 on: January 24, 2015, 07:32:26 AM »
So are you wanting players to be from different factions, or are you just unsure which side you wish them to be on?

Offline Chrystal

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #37 on: April 06, 2015, 12:16:53 PM »
I'm after a male player or female player who plays male characters, preferably someone I've written with before, to play a specific character in a Western group game I'm thinking of running. This character is pivotal to the plot and the player will be co-GM on the basis that he will know what is going to happen and will help me implement it.

The character's name is Daniel Gator and the face claim is Lee Van Cleef.

The character is a widower with a daughter in her late teens or early twenties, so he is going to be in his 40s. He is a wealthy rancher and land owner in West Texas in 1874. He is an ex colonel in the Confederate Army. His grandfather fought alongside Sam Houston in the Texian War of Independence against Santa Anna and later founded the town of Gator's Crossing, where the story is set.

Gator owns the GX Ranch which occupies much of the land to the South of the town. To the North are a number of smaller ranches and homesteads.

And Dan Gator is not a nice man! In fact, one of the reasons I chose Lee Van Cleef as the face for him is because, quite simply, he's the bad guy!

If you are interested in the role, please PM me and I will discuss the plot with you, which you need to know in advance in order to carry it out.

There is a recruitment thread for the game, here:
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #38 on: April 24, 2015, 02:24:44 PM »
I need a co-GM to play as a rebel leader role in my new group idea. Character can be male or female, though I admit when I first envisioned the story I did sort of imagine a tall, dark, mysterious, devilishly handsome, gentleman thief sort of character, BUT that is far from being set in stone. As for the co-GM's gender, I don't give a rat's behind. Male, female, flying monkey, as long as we can work together to make a really awesome story.

Here is the link to the story, Bloodstains and Ballgowns:

The rebel leader and my character will sort of end up being the masterminds, the two characters that nearly everyone ends up interacting with, if perhaps only indirectly. There's plenty that needs to be worked out. Send me a message if you're interested, and I can tell you more of my current thoughts, and we can start brainstorming the rest of the story.
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Offline mia h

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #39 on: May 10, 2015, 05:17:26 AM »
I'm sure you've had similar RP experiences in D&D\Pathfinder type settings, the party of heroes wanders into a small village in the middle of nowhere on the very edge of civilization. Within one or two days ride of the village you can find an orcish horde, an undead infested castle, roaming packs of wolves that four times larger than normal and then of course there is the ancient dragon in the mountains. With all of these dangers surrounding it the village should have been wiped out many times over but it has been perfectly safe for as long as anyone can remember, which is odd. The other odd thing about the village is how well stocked with supplies it is, the blacksmith always has a spare magic sword that's just perfect for your next quest and also he's more than capable of adjusting and repairing even the most magical armour. If the blacksmith is that good why isn't he making a fortune working for the King in the capital instead of living in the arse end of nowhere?

What if the village was more of a high fantasy theme park? Imagine that an elite group of blacksmiths, necromancers, herbalists, illusionists etc. moved to village decades ago as way to make easy money? The blacksmith charges twice the rates he would in the capital because there is no competition. The undead infested castle keeps getting re-infested because the necromancer reanimates the bodies each time a party of heroes visits. The oversized wolves are bred in pens under the village. And as for the crappy little hovels everyone lives in? They are just for show, the villagers real homes are hidden by powerful illusions and are more opulent than any hero could ever imagine, elementally powered indoor plumbing and heating etc.

I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off for the "What happens next..", if the village is a well organized money making machine, what kind of things might happen to throw the equilibrium out of balance?

Offline Zillah

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #40 on: May 20, 2015, 11:03:42 AM »
I'm looking for a co-GM - at least one! - for a freeform group RP that I've been developing for awhile. It'd be a sort of "behind the scenes" soap opera-ish look at a porn studio, and what happens there when the cameras are (and aren't) rolling. Kind of like "Boogie Nights", except set in modern times, and not nearly as dark. I'd also potentially like this to be a LGTBQ-inclusive (and friendly) RP as well.

What I have in mind may be something of a sprawling monstrosity, so I don't think I'll be able to manage and organize all of it myself. I'd also really like to be able to bounce ideas off someone else in a collaborative fashion. Ideally, I'm looking for a creative partner, as fully invested in this as I will be.

Anyway, if interested, or if you have questions, please PM me. Thanks!
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Offline Chrystal

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #41 on: May 29, 2015, 04:22:46 AM »

Sudden inspiration....

I was looking at the "players seeking groups" board, and one ad there resonated. Someone seeking an all-female sci-fi game. I have joined a number of sci-fi games, both all-girl and mixed, and the problem has always been that they are set on a small ship with a limited crew and people drop out, leaving big glaring holes in the game.

And then I had an idea, based on one I'd been thinking on anyway.

What if the all-female group were an army (or marine) unit, actually engaged in combat when the game opens?

Infantry units are usually "open TO", which means that they have a flexible structure. This is specifically to account for combat losses. If a platoon of 30 soldiers looses half it's strength, it gets amalgamated with another platoon that has also lost half it's strength.

And a company can be anything from three to ten platoons, giving masses of scope for NPCs and new players to join.

Drop-outs? Hey we're in combat. Casualties happen! Just because you're in your fox-hole fucking your oppo in the middle of the night, doesn't mean that sniper can't still shoot you dead, or that a sudden artillery barrage isn't going to land nearby and you take a nice bit of shrapnel! And of course there are the actual combat casualties - most of whom would be NPCs...

So, the setting would be a future war on some world or other - possibly even Earth. I would make it human vv human. Sorry but the human vv alien theme has been over-worked. The actual background to the war and the politics behind it are all totally irrelevant, as is the overall grand-strategic situation. We have a battalion of women all fighting for whatever reason. The setting is in fact irrelevant in terms of what world they are on.

I would most likely play the company commander (and all officers of higher rank as NPCs), and possibly a buck private. I would also play most of the enemy troops.

I would need someone to play the Company Sergeant Major (CSM), who would also be in charge of the NPCs on our side as well as any enemy movements delegated.

You also have the option of playing a second low-ranking character if you wish.

If this tickles your fancy, please send me a PM?
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Offline rachels270692

Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #42 on: June 07, 2015, 12:14:21 PM »
Hello I am looking for someone to help me make a game. :)
the idea I have is a fantasy island type idea.

The base idea for the game is this island has been made for fantasy beings to go to get away from humans, this island has many locations for the being to live and is spelled so that no humans can find it unless they are invited. It also changes in shape and size as more people move to it, so it can handily any amount of people.
(idea can be improved this is just a base line idea)

the island is home to any kind of fantasy being a few would be:
vampires, were-wolves, elves, dwarfs, nekos, anthros, dragons, weres, witches, wizards, mages, gods, goddess, merfolk, shifters, shape shifters, phoenix, trolls, giants, fairy's, fae and any others people an think of.

Now there are a mix of locations for it:
The school (for beings of any age, to go and learn to use there power, ot teach if they want)
The town (where there are shops for everything someone could want, and new ones opening all the time)
The beach
The forest
the desert
the mountains,
the caves

and any other which can be thought off.

Open to ideas and help in making this game, would need someone who has started a game on here before. This is my first time making one, so I would need help in how to do so.

I hope someone would like to help me :) please pm if you do :)

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #43 on: June 13, 2015, 02:06:39 PM »
1) Looking for a Co-GM to help me build the Grimm'verse

2) Looking for my Co-GM to take the lead in at least one group game of their own. I would create the initial threads with some input from you because it would be your game to lead.  I would play the role of some NPC's in the story/setting but you would take the lead overall in it.

3) It would be up to you how you wanted to run the game you'd lead.  IE:  System, Freeform, Guided, etc... And I would help you create the story, setting, and create a couple NPC's for my use in your game as needed.

4) The Goal is to get a game going for every realm and maybe a few others. Then place them all under a single sub-board for the entire Grimm'verse under the banner of "Grimm Fairy Tales Presents..." (GFTP)

5) I should mention that all my games are always LGBT friendly so if that's a problem don't bother contacting me.

The main thing that I ask is that we loosely stick to the canon of the Grimm'verse. It's pretty simple and I can easily tell you everything you need to know and provide information as needed. Mostly I'm just trying to stick to the mood/environment and basic lore where needed.

Note: The games are currently in Extreme section. Not because of the kinks but mostly just to cover all the bases. Some worlds like Wonderland can be pretty bloody and I just didn't want to restrict player kinks so they could have fun with it all.

This is what I told my players previously about sex/kinks in threads:
Everyone can be as naughty as they want in the threads.  Just be sure to Tag your threads well.
Feel free to add to the tag "NSFW" or something to the posts with sexy scenes. 
Then it will be up to the others if they wish to read it or not, at their own risk.

I don't think anything to crazy will happen with this group.  But if the issue of Non Con, hardcore BDSM, Scat/Bathroom Play, Bestiality, or the extremes like that happen then people can just drop them into spoilers. Sometimes even characters have dreams.  :P

Here is a brief glimpse at the "Realms" of the Grimm'verse:   (Click Me)

See Below for links to the Group Games currently being played:

(GM) GFTP: Madness of Wonderland (Group - Guided Freeform) - Extreme
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents... Set in the Grimm Fairy Tales comic book verse, this is a tale of mystic powers, fairy tale realms, and specifically the Madness of Alice's Wonderland. A group of college students are brought to a tea party and introduced to their parents lineage by being thrust into the surreal and insane landscape of Wonderland.  Beware the Jabberwocky!

(GM) GFTP: Arcane Acre (Group - Guided Freeform) - Extreme
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents... Set in the Grimm Fairy Tales comic book verse, this is a tale of mystic powers, fairy tale realms, and specifically a sort of Prep School for the young powerful future heroes. A place where Realm Knights are trained. The tend classes, get themselves into trouble, fall in love(or lust), and generally have adventures.
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #44 on: July 12, 2015, 11:19:45 PM »
First and foremost, I'll start off by saying that I don't absolutely need a Co-GM on this one.  It would be really, really nice to have one, someone to bounce ideas off of and to help share the load of keeping this game running, dealing with NPCs and generating ideas and interest.  But I'm not desperate for a Co-GM. 

The Church of the Sacred Union is an extreme group solo based around a group of religious fanatics which believe in the sacredness of Incest.  This patriarchal society also takes in, or "saves" as they call it, people from the world beyond the walls of the Church (called Outsiders). 

The game has been launched a few months ago back in April.

We're very close to 650 IC Posts.  We hit 500 in less than two month.

We have a large cast, and a bunch of writers, so you're not going to get bogged down in a tidal waves of sheets to approve.

I'd just really appreciate someone who can come in and help run it with me.  Someone active, who can do up some characters, or NPCs, and just help me with getting others active and running events with me.  I've got a few ideas for events already in mind and already planned.  I would also really like for this person to have some experience writing with me, in groups or solos, someone I can trust and work with instead of a stranger (though I'd be more than welcoming of strangers' proposals).

Like I said, I'm not desperate for a co-GM.  It's something that I want, but I'm not going to say yes to anyone and everyone who shows interest.  It has to be a right and good fit.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #45 on: August 16, 2015, 02:10:40 PM »
Looking For a Co-GM

Duties to include:

Playing NPC staff characters when they are needed to interact with other characters
Creating threads and locations though I want to keep the locations limited to prevent the players from being too spread out
Assisting with moving approved character sheets to the proper thread
Monitoring IC threads and bringing any possible anomalies to the players attention
Monitoring the OOC thread and helping sort questions that may arise
Communicating with the GM

You will be allowed to have a PC if you want.

I would prefer an expiranced co-GM.

If you are interested, please send me a PM

Costa de Sol is a light hearted, partly smut driven, partly character driven RP. Its open to all character orientations and genders and allows both OCs and CCs.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #46 on: August 21, 2015, 05:23:09 PM »
Status: Searching
I am looking for a co-host to help me get this concept off of the ground. This is a game based off of the party game Mafia with a werewolf twist.

I am looking for someone who can help me build a nice and coherent plot surrounding this role-play, as well as bounce ideas and what I currently have for it against. Ideally I am not looking for a yes man/woman. I want someone who can critique what I have got so far, and help improve my work.

Please PM if you are interested in applying for the co-host position of:
Red Moon

In Red Moon, players are on the clock. Every post counts, and time will advance based on it, as every 2-3 pages in the IC (In Character Thread) will result in a change in the time of day. The only exception for this is during Trial. When the time of day changes either I, or a co-host, will post to indicate such, which will be sounded by the tolling of the Town's Church's Bell. The game is played in four cycles, morning, afternoon and evening, and night. These phases shall be further explained below:

Morning [05:00 - 11:59]: During the morning, characters will either find corpses dragged from homes and examined, or nothing will happen. After examination, this will give the villagers plenty of time to muster their thoughts on the matter, as they will be called to the Town Hall at Noon.
Afternoon [12:00 - 17:59]: At noon, the Town will be ordered to attend a Trial, which are explained further below. Once the trial is over, the town will be given the rest of the afternoon off to do as they please.
Evening [18:00 - 22:59]: During evening, the Town will continue to play as they please, however they must prepare themselves for the following phase: night.
Night [23:00 - 04:59]: When night ultimately falls, the Town's curfew will come into effect, and all town residents will return to their homes. No IC activity occurs during night, as during the night, characters with special roles are able to use them during this phase. This phase will be communicated through the GM. Night will end when the GM posts in the IC to start the next morning.

Trial:Trial occurs at noon. Once a Trial starts, the rule of time progression in the roleplay is briefly paused as the town must then attempt to lynch someone whom the town suspects is a Werewolf, or in turn reach no majority vote or rather simply not vote to skip an execution. Votes will be held via a Poll added to the IC. Once a verdict has been reached, the voted character will plead their case of innocence. After this, a final vote is held to determine the character's fate. The other player characters either vote innocent or guilty, or in turn abstain from voting. If found innocent, the character returns to their seat and another vote will be attempted to bring someone up to the lynch (this can only be done once per day.) If found guilty, the player's character will be executed, and their role will be revealed.

*Disclaimer: During the first morning, all is calm, and no-one knows that the Red Moon will rise until evening. As such, there will be no trial, and characters should have no reason to be suspicious of each other. Once the Red Moon has been spotted in the sky, an event will occur which will fill all the characters in on the context needed.

Three factions are trying to work their way to a victory clause: the Werewolves are trying to kill anyone who opposes them while the Villagers are trying to rout out evildoers. As for the neutral parties, they each have their own agenda and work to suit this track.

Remember, it is important to keep your roles close to your chest and secretive - you do not know who you can inherently trust. You should be careful on who you reveal this information too.

The Werewolves: The werewolves are the main antagonists of this game. Within this faction, there is only one role:
1 - Werewolf: A werewolf is a killing role. At night, the werewolves will be instructed to kill 1 player character. In Red Moon, there will be 1 werewolf per 5 players. Only one werewolf may perform the killing, and the werewolves must decide this.

The Villagers: The villagers are the main protagonists. Within this faction there are a number of roles:
1 - Villager: A villager is a benign role. They do not gain any special benefits at night. The vast majority of players will be Villagers.
2 - Constable: A detective is an investigative role. During night, they will target a player to investigate, and will learn that player's role. There will be 1 Constable per 2 Werewolves.
3 - Priest/ess: A priest is a protective role. During night, they will target a player to heal. If that player would die during the night, the priest will prevent that death. There can be a maximum of 2 clergy.
4 - Escort: An escort is a protective role. During that night, they will target a player to prevent their role. If that person is a werewolf, the escort will die instead of the werewolf's target. An escort may optionally trigger a sex scene with a non-werewolf player (should said other player be willing to reciprocate.) There may only be 1 escort.
5 - Medium: A medium is an investigative role. A medium may hear the whispers of the dead at night. Furthermore, upon death, they may channel themselves as a ghost to speak to a player at night once. There may only be 1 escort.
6 - Hunter: A hunter is a killing role. A hunter will fight off and kill visitors. They can only go on alert 3 given times, and should they kill an innocent, they will commit suicide on the following turn. There may be up to 2 Hunters.
7 - Scout: A scout is an investigative role. A lookout can visit a house and watch who comes to visit that house that night.

The Others:The neutral roles are players who do not follow the normal win conditions of the werewolves or the villagers. They have their own win conditions to pursue. Each role is exclusive and there will only be one of each per village.
1 - Lunatic: A lunatic is a neutral evil role. The lunatic is a deranged and doomed individual who only wins if their character is executed at a lynch.

2 - Alien: An alien is a neutral evil role. An alien must probe 5 player characters during sex scenes. Once the alien has done so, they will win regardless if they die or not.

3 - Drunk: A drunk is a neutral benign role. If a drunk is killed by a werewolf, the werewolves become tipsy the next night and are unable to act. When a drunk dies they will be disclosed as a villager.

Sex is an important part of Elliquiy and adult Role-Playing, however based on the given nature of how time works for Red Moon, it may seem completely implausible to do and enjoy doing so. As a result, sex scenes will not occur in the IC thread, but rather a Sex Scene Thread. Players may post to their heart's content and enjoy each other's characters as much as they like without worrying about time passing in these sex scene threads. In terms of IC threads, you would do best mentioning in someone's post that they are taking their partner, and your next IC post should reflect their aftersex state.

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #47 on: October 10, 2015, 02:20:26 AM »
I'm looking for a co-GM that's more familiar with the Pathfinder system than myself. I have (what I think is) a cool idea and started working on it in the World Building forum. Here's the link.

What I Need Help With
~Creating NPCs to interact with
~Possibly a map/visual representation?
~Allocating stats for the bosses, as well as normal monsters
~General aid and someone who can answer any questions I have

I realize that might seem like a lot, but it's not as bad as it seems. I promise. I'm not looking for someone to hold my hand or anything. I just need a partner that can help guide me through the process of GMing my first D&D game. I can usually catch on pretty quick after the first time something is explained to me.

Thank you!

Position seems to be filled.
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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #48 on: November 24, 2015, 03:23:10 AM »
Here I am again, looking for anyone interested in helping me with GMing my game ideas. I'm just going to post all the links to each idea, and people can pick which ideas they like the best and would like to be involved with. A few ideas, I've done all I can do with and just think a fresh set of eyes might help. Other ideas, are just that. Ideas. I don't really have anything else with them because I don't know where to go from there.

I'm NOT looking to start these games in the immediate future. Lots of people that know me, know I like to get as many details out of the way before I parade around a finished product.

HUGE thank you in advance to anyone/everyone who decides to help me. ^^

Sephie's Steampunk Idea - Just the opening post and that's all I have.
Mahoutokoro School of Magic - Potterverse idea. I have A LOT of information for this game.
Defenders of Earth (Marvelverse) - Marvel themed world idea. Not too much information; just basics.
Anvia - I've tried to get this game going for over a year with no luck. I'll take any help I can get because I built this world from scratch myself.
Sephie's Zombie Idea - Might be close to completion?
Sephie's First Attempt at a System Fighting Game - Kind of self-explanatory. Someone who is knowledgeable with systems would be extremely helpful for this.
Rare Breeds - Mutant sandbox game, similar to Deviations: The Outbreak which was run by RampantDesires and Adonis before it closed down.
Shadowrun - Again, just an opening and nothing more. Pretty much just a placeholder to remind me that I want to create a Shadowrun game.

So, there you have it! If you're interested, just PM me with the name of the thread you'd like to help with. If it's more than one, that's fine. I'll adjust the list accordingly.

Thank you again. :-)

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Re: Looking for a Co-GM
« Reply #49 on: December 30, 2015, 10:13:19 AM »
My muse has been ridiculously uncooperative, pretty much demanding something Swords and Sandals with fantasy mixed in. I've written out a basic concept for the world (Based on the Roman Empire, but as if it were a different universe, with magic, God-Kings and Olympians.). Gladiators, politicians, soldiers, intrigue, drama, sex and a looming danger from the north. I'm looking for 2, maybe three co-GMs because of the size and scope of the game, and I wanted to institute a basic dice-based combat system, as it will be inevitable that two characters face off in combat, and I wanted to make it fair. Anyways, if you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll share what I have with you.

Thanks for reading! :)