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Author Topic: Prison Planet - The Fires Of hell (Males Only) GM NEEDED PLEASE  (Read 1067 times)

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Offline ChrystalTopic starter

GM Needed
Hey guys.

I am creating this recruitment thread, based directly from my idea for a girls-only prison planet group.

However, being a lesbian I have very little interest in this side of the game, and will certainly not have time to run it.

I therefore would like someone to step forward and take the reins please? Otherwise this is not going anywhere.

Please PM me if you would like to run the game, just to discuss the world I have created. Once you take it on, I will not interfere.


The Fires Of Hell

The Galactic Empire spans may worlds and many cultures, most of them human or humanoid. In such a vast civilization, of course there are criminals. Those considered worth saving are given "rehabilitation treatment" and released as useful (if somewhat uncommunicative) members of society.

However, character restructuring (as the scientists like to call it) can only do so much and only works on those who have the right sort of personality to begin with. Plus, of course, the individual must give consent to be so "restructured". This means, of course, only those who plead guilty get to undergo Character Restructuring.

The Galactic empire is (allegedly) humane and does not have a death penalty. But prisons are expensive places to run and no-one really wants a prison in their back yard. but with all those planets out there, many of them uninhabitable and even more of them just barely inhabitable, the solution of what to do with the criminals who are found guilty is fairly obvious.

However, the earliest experiments with penal colonies revealed a flaw in the system. Put men and women together on the same world, and even if they are separated by a vast ocean they will find each other eventually. And of course this will inevitably result in a new generation who's only crime is that their parents were criminals.

Again, the solution is obvious: put the male prisoners on one planet on one side of the empire, and put the female prisoners on a different world on the other side of the empire.

And so, we come to the planet KV8113, or as it's inhabitants call it, "Hell World".

Hell World is a world of intense volcanic activity, far too close to the primary. The temperature never falls below above 60°c and can go as high as 150°c (140°F to -302°F, but as this is sci-fi I would prefer we use the Celsius scale). The world is approximately 100 million Km away from it's primary, a red giant star

There is no carbon based indigenous life on the planet, but there are apparently some silicon based life forms - life, but not as we know it. Obviously these are totally inedible to carbon based humanoids, and are best avoided. There are rumours - but only rumours - that somewhere in the deep lava fields there are other things that live, and that some of them may even be intelligent.

There are no guards on the world. There is no possibility of escape after all. Newly convicted inmates are transported in suspended animation in special shuttles. The shuttles are heavily armed and armoured and are impregnable to anyone forcing their way in. Each prisoner is revived on the descent to the planet and placed in a rotating chamber. Once the shuttle lands the chambers will rotate, allowing the prisoners to exit. They have ten minutes to do so and get clear, and then the shuttle lifts off again. The chambers do not rotate back until the shuttle is back aboard the main transport, thus anyone attempting to escape that way will die of asphyxiation and/or fall to their death.

Food and replacement clothing are brought down by the shuttles in ceramic containers that are not airtight. Minerals mined by the inmates are loaded into the same containers that are returned to orbit slung underneath the shuttles. Not being air tight, anyone attempting to escape in one will, of course, suffocate. In fact, the containers start their journey empty on the planet's surface. Once full, they are taken to orbit by the shuttles and returned on the next scheduled visit full of food and supplies. If the prisoners don't supply the minerals, they don't get the supplies from outside.

The only clothing provided for inmates is a transparent body suit made of a material that is a super-insulator. It will keep 95% of the environment's heat out it. The suits are skin-tight, with an opening at the neck, or at the face when the hood is pulled up, also at wrists and ankles. There is also a seal-able opening at the crotch.

The suits look something like this, only transparent:

Inmates are provided with a variety of different gloves from thin transparent ones the same as the suit to thick, heavy protective ones. The same applies to footwear.

Inmates are expected to provide a certain quota of various rare minerals, some of which can simply be picked up on the planet's surface, and others need to be dug out of the rocks.

It is in the deeper mines that some have claimed to have come across signs of intelligent life, but no one has ever successfully proved this. Mining Hell World is a dangerous business and people disappear anyway, even if one's companions are not all murderers and thieves. For one thing, the molten lava is never that far beneath the solid surface.

Moraline's List Of topics
  • The game is going to be Freeform, and will be placed in Extreme
  • The RP is open to all male players and also to female players who wish to play male characters 
  • Players will all be male convicts. They can be guilty as charged, or they can be innocent and wrongly convicted, however they all pleaded not-guilty at trial and were convicted by jury. 
  • Setting is the fire planet KV8113, known as "Hell World"
  • The game will be a freeform sandbox (or should that be Fire Box? *snigger*) 
  • Character Sheet is in the next post. All characters are to be male (no futa, hermaphrodites or trans-gender, please, also no neuter characters. They would be on a different world). All characters are to be at least recognisably humanoid - i.e., two arms two legs, walks upright with a head at the top and genitals between the legs. No shape shifters either. Other than that, pick a species. Humans are of course going to be the most prevalent. 
  • Game Pacing: This is down to whoever takes over as GM. I would suggest a minimum of one post per week. Anyone not posting for two weeks without saying why should be nudged twice by PM and then assumed to have left the game. Players who drop out with their character "in play" should be taken over by the GM or another player. 
  • This is going to be a principally smut based RP. If you're looking for hot M/M action in a hot place, this could be for you. If the GM wishes, there could be side plots and stories, too, which may or may not include the mysterious indigenous creatures alluded to above!   
  • Post tagging is up to the GM, but I recommend it's use.
  • NPCs should mostly be handled by the GM. However, the GM may allow playersto create NPCs "on the fly" in ordser to move their plots along.   
Game Master Info / GM(s) Participation Level (If/where applicable)
  • Co-GMs are up to the GM to appoint.
  • The play will be sandbox - in other words you make your own plots. The GM may, from time to time, throw in a side plot.
  • I recommend that NPCs may be created on the fly by players and then discarded when they are no-longer required.This is an entire world, after all. However all NPCs created in this way must be fellow inmates. The GM will also create NPCs for players to interact with as required. If a NPC is used repeatedly by the same player, he should be converted into a player character and require a character sheet to be submitted.
  • The GM will control the environment (the weather, the stability of the planet's surface, etc) and many of the NPCs. The GM may, also, have a "player character" of his/her own.
  • There will be an OOC thread. I recommend that players may use it for out of character discussion of the game, planning sub plots, choosing IC partners, raising issues with the GM or other players, letting everyone know of an upcoming absence, discussing sporting results, leaving random messages and general goofiness. The more players use the OOC the better they are getting on and the better the game goes. This is down to whoever steps up to run the game.
  • Anyone wishing to contact me about the game may do so (initially) in this thread or by PM. PLEASE DO NOT USE MY YIM ADDRESS TO CONTACT ME!. Once a GM is appointed, he/she will need to post his/her own preferred contact method.
  • If you have an issue with another player, or with their post, take it up with them first, by PM. If that doesn't work, bring it to the GM, who will hear both sides of the issue and make a decision. If he/she cannot resolve the issue, it will be taken up with staff. IC issues should be resolved IC and OOC issues resolved OOC.
  • PVP will be allowed, by mutual consent between players, but should be cleared with the GM first and respect each other's offs.
  • Player Oath "Oath of the Drake" - this is mostly common sense, but it gives players some good guidelines on how to behave in a group game.
  • My golden rule for non-consensual RP is that non-consent applies to the CHARACTER, and not to the PLAYER. In other words, if my character is screaming "NO! PLEASE DONT!" at the top of her voice, you carry on! But if I say, "Please don't do that", I expect you not to do it! Before interacting with another player please read their ons and offs, and abide by them. If the player does not have an O/O page published, do not assume, ask them!
  • Players are required to post at least once per 7-day week, unless they have indicated that they will be away or unable to post. Any player not posting for two weeks should be PMed. If they have been active since the PM was sent and they have still not posted or replied, they will be PMed again, and if they still do not respond they will be assumed to have dropped out. Characters that drop out will simply be ignored for the duration. If the player returns, they may (if appropriate) pick up where they left off, or bring their character back into the action in some other way. 
  • New player characters may simply appear - having bee there all along but not having taken any part yet, or they may arrive on a prison shuttle   
  • How players post is entirely up to whoever takes on the GM role, however i recommend that players be allowed to use first or third person as they prefer. Using past tense is usually preferable.     

Please post here if interested. Pleas PM me (Chrystal) if you wish to take on the running of this game?

Offline ChrystalTopic starter

Re: Prison Planet - The Fires Of hell (Males Only) GM NEEDED PLEASE
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2013, 01:50:32 pm »
Character Sheet and Info

As stated above, all characters must be male, must be at least vaguely humanoid, and must be convicted of some crime or other.

Players may be any gender, but please respect people's offs. If someone does not wish to play with you because you are the wrong gender IRL, be a sport about it and pair up with someone else?

To be explicit, characters MAY be an alien race, or they may be human.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[b]Player name:[/b] Your Login ID.

[floatright][img height=300 padding=5][/img][/floatright]
[b]Character name:[/b] In Empire standard transliteration

[b]Character age (in Empire Standard years):[/b] Minimum 18, no maximum.

[b]Character sexuality:[/b] Straight, bi, gay, don't know. Also, Dominant/submissive/Switch/don't know

[b]Height:[/b] In centimetres (multiply inches by 2.54)

[b]Mass:[/b] In kg (Multiply Lb by 0.45)

[b]Species:[/b] Human, or be inventive.

[b]Physical characteristics:[/b] For non humans, what makes this species of alien different from humans. (Eg scales, prehensile tongue, detachable tail, fur, retractable teeth, etc... Be creative)

[b]Planet of origin:[/b] Be original?

[b]Crime:[/b] Be evil! Note: this is what she was convicted of, not necessarily what he did!

[b]Guilty or innocent:[/b] Note: This is whether he [b][i]actually[/i][/b] did it. To be here, he was found guilty after pleading not guilty!

[b]Likes:[/b] A few things that make him happy.

[b]Dislikes:[/b] A few things that make him unhappy.

[b]Time served:[/b] How long has he been here? Everyone is here for life!

[b]Personality:[/b] What is he like? What makes her tick? Please type at least a paragraph

[b]History:[/b] A synopsis of how he got to be where he is. Please type at least two decent sized paragraphs.

[b]Other info:[/b] Anything you think might be relevant that I haven't included?

The character sheet as is looks like this:

Player name: Your Login ID.

Character name: In Empire standard transliteration

Character age (in Empire Standard years): Minimum 18, no maximum.

Character sexuality: Straight, bi, gay, don't know. Also, Dominant/submissive/Switch/don't know

Height: In centimetres (multiply inches by 2.54)

Mass: In kg (Multiply Lb by 0.45)

Species: Human, or be inventive.

Physical characteristics: For non humans, what makes this species of alien different from humans. (Eg scales, prehensile tongue, detachable tail, fur, retractable teeth, etc... Be creative)

Planet of origin: Be original?

Crime: Be evil! Note: this is what she was convicted of, not necessarily what he did!

Guilty or innocent: Note: This is whether he actually did it. To be here, he was found guilty after pleading not guilty!

Likes: A few things that make him happy.

Dislikes: A few things that make him unhappy.

Time served: How long has he been here? Everyone is here for life!

Personality: What is he like? What makes her tick? Please type at least a paragraph

History: A synopsis of how he got to be where he is. Please type at least two decent sized paragraphs.

Other info: Anything you think might be relevant that I haven't included?

Please do NOT change the format. I recommend that the GM NOT accept characters that are submitted on a different format.

Pictures can be artwork or photos. Photos of aliens must be genuine! *wink* Clothed or nude pictures will be allowed, but if nude please use the spoiler tags (click the button with "HIDE" on it) to hide your character sheet as this is a public area..

A few explanations:

Character name needs to be in Roman script (what a standard Western typewriter uses), please, and not some alien script. Equally not in a human script such as Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, etc...

Empire Standard years are Earth years. It is totally possible for your character to be one year old if his home planet goes around it's sun once every eighteen Earth years, but all ages are to be converted into Earth years, so his age will be given as 18.

Sexuality: All sexual activity is going to be M/M. If you don't want that you are in the wrong place! (This is the male only version of a F/F group I am starting, I'm doing this one to be fair!) But that doesn't mean your character has to be gay. He can be straight and be raped repeatedly if you like.

Mass: Normally I would say weight, but weight is a function of gravity, while mass is a constant!

Time served: Player characters may start already on the planet or they may arrive with the next shuttle. If already on world, please state how many EARTH years they have been there. If they are just arriving, put "New".

History: This is effectively a sample post. Please treat it as such. If you can't come up with a decent back-story for your character you aren't going to last long in a sandbox RP.

I recommend that the GM not allow "godlike" characters or supercharacters of any form. If your character has strengths, he also has weaknesses. NO ONE is invulnerable, and everyone is vulnerable to the heat! NOTE: In order to be participating, YOUR CHARACTER WAS CAUGHT!

A note regarding "cyberpunk-style" enhancements
This is a hard sci-fi "space opera" style game, NOT a cyberpunk game. As such, technological enhancements to characters' bodies are not allowed.

My IC justification for this is as follows: The Galactic Empire has outlawed all biomechanical enhancements such as bionic replacement limbs, cranial implants, etc, around two hundred years ago. Any person caught with such implants will have them surgically removed and not replaced. (Limb regrowth is the preferred way of replacement).

What this means, OOC, is that anyone submitting a character with "enhancements" will be offered a choice: Either resubmit the character without them, or the character can be approved, but all enhancements will be considered to have been removed by the police surgeons.

I think that's it. Any questions, please ask the GM, or if you are the GM, please ask me.
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