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Author Topic: Kaldur'ahm x Wonder Woman? (Incest, Lesbians, Interracial and Traps Oh my!)  (Read 1747 times)

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For the past few weeks or so I've been doing some thinking about roleplays in the format of 3 or fewer players. I would definitely be interested in having someone to play opposite for a few ideas I have. I'm not just limited to roleplaying the content featured on this page, if you have a thought then bring that to my attention. If any of these ideas appeal to you. Let me know and we'll work something out. These ideas are still tentative and subject to change. I generally write anywhere between 3 to 4 paragraphs per post. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't require the same from my partners.

*Red are games I'd really love to explore.

The Heirs (Interracial, MFF, erotic thriller, incest, class-play)
The Heirs

The Coat of Dumas

Ch√Ęteau Dumas


The story is about a privileged but morally questionable unusual brother sister pair who "adopt" an underprivileged white teenage orphan from the united states with the intention of spicing up their lives by engaging in mental and sexual games with the poor girl to prepare her for her role as an indentured servant of sorts, all for their personal amusement of course. 

 The brother and sister are members of french bourgeois society-direct descendants of France's first and only black general Alexander Dumas, father of renown three muskateers playwright- making them French Haitian to be precise and rightful heirs to Dumas castle and all it's inheritances.

Maybe the grooming starts out innocently enough, despite only being a few years older than the girl they take in(21 and 22 respectivey),  they feed her, clothe her, educate her, and show her how the other side lives , and in return..she obliges to their demands. Of course sexual slavery is wrong but the wealthy like to have their fun with the commoners. There's nothing wrong with a little fun and mind games, is there?  Of course the poor girl will be at the receiving end of much of their "play".

I'm thinking I would play the role of the count naturally, the lord and co-heir of the estate.

 The countess is submissive but otherwise equal to her brother and dominant to the American.   They share everything and are very close, in a kind of opposites attract away. The brother is a strict authoritarian businessman, whereas the sister is more of an artsy genius type. Together, they rule house Dumas.  They seem to be comfortable exploring each other sexually, but what they really like is to play games involving sex-based humiliation. The brother likes to watch his sister ruin her own panties,  the sister likes to see her brother masturbate in public, they both like to see their toys broken and dominated.



The Count

Name: Maurice Dumas
Age: 22
Orientation: Dominant-straight
Played by: Me
Character Information: Maurice is a very busy enigmatic character. Ambitious, shrewd and supremely confident, the typical aloof perfectionist older brother, and something a consummate bachelor. He's taken an interest in fencing as of late, tries a lot of things,  but he doesn't commit to anything in particular. 
He is responsible for much of the business affairs of the Dumas empire, he has ventures in several financial vehicles at the moment and is looking to secure the Dumas family name above all else, though he is a bit out of touch and many would describe him as a straight up jerk.   

The Countess

Name: Melisandre "Melanie" Dumas
Age: 21
Orientation: Switch-bisexual
Played by: Open
Character Information: Melanie is the capricious younger sister of the count. She is very charming and always gets what she wants, but also the worse kind of person to make an enemy of if you get on her bad side. At 10, she took the mensa admission test and scored 159, making her a super genius. She also seems to have a knack for visual design , her interests are fashion and art. She owns her own fashion line. She likes to play sexual pranks and enjoys teasing others, such as walking about the mansion usually with no panties and being overly friendly with her brother in view of company.

At times she can go a little too far with her games, but otherwise is a very sweet compassionate girl.

The American

Name: Abigail Adams
Age: 18
Orientation: Submissive-bi
Played by: NightfallRose
Character Information:

 Despite growing up without her parents in the foster care system, Abigail turned out pretty well overall but seems to have some lingering intimacy issues. At times, she tries too hard to please others which causes her to make less than wise decisions. Having grown up without parents for most of her life , Abigail is pretty independent for what you might expect a teenager to be. 

 Abigail is very musical and was a singer in a band, though she's currently slumming it in Paris of all places after a deal fell through which left her hanging. Instead of worrying about being stuck in a foreign country with little money.  She decided to make lemons of out her situation and learned a bit of french and is enjoying her summer vacation. She's is a kind of go-with-the-flow kind of girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.

She has be known to use recreational drugs from time to time and is a bit preachy in a self-righteous kind of way. Consensual incest is something she wouldn't quite understand as she has something of an ordinary worldview. Despite her party-girl rocker image, she is still a virgin by choice and is openly bisexual.   

Once you go black stingray (superhero, interracial, cheating girlfriend, sub/dom)
Once you go black stingray...
tags: superhero, interracial, powerplay, non-consensual,  bondage, master/pet, humilation/degredation, cheating girlfriend.

You are a buxom super heroine presiding over the large metropolitian city neotropolis as its singular greatest hero. Though there are plenty of guys who put on costumes and play hero, they aren't real SUPER heroes like you are . You possess strength no man will ever equal, speed faster than any automobile or locomative, flight that no bird or airplane can replicate, all the abilities that a  fictional superman in theory possess, but you're real. You consider yourself somewhat a feminist symbol for a strong empowered woman both literal and figuratively. By day you work a fullfilling career, you're able to successfully juggle your work and your other work. However, It's gotten to the point recently though where you tire of being a hero , you find that the common street crooks offer no challlenge to you whatsoever and it's grown boring. That was until HE showed up. A villain going the name of Black Stingray has drawn a lot of attention in the streets of Neotropolis , he is described as the king of the underworld. A title he earned from uniting all the gangs to serve underneath him.

This man is certaintly not your average thug, for one he's a super genius, he has technology designed specifically for dominating you if the need arises. Though you've never seen his face due to the helmet hiding his identity, you've estimated a few things in your profile about him. He has a military past possibly as a navy seal, he is human though very peak in his condition, he is african-american, the black in black stingray must stand for something right? He has access to a relative fortune and resources.

You Power Woman have dedicated a lot of time toward thwarting this threat. Your boyfriend suspects its because you secretly admire him, you scoof at the idea though since your first encounter with black stingray , you've been having strange thoughts lately, your boyfriend while nice can never satisfy your sexual desires, to be completely dominated but what man could ever do that?

 It doesn't  help that your new boss, a black man seems to see right through you at times as if he knew your secret. To further complicate things  you may be attracted to him and he is quite flirty.  Can you manage it all? Your relationship, work, and your superhero life?

Purge a Queer Day( bondage, alternate history, trans, watersports ) 
Purge a Queer Day

I know the title is quite an eye catcher. I was wondering if someone might be interested in hearing out what I have in mind. I apologize in advance if any of this comes across as somewhat insensitive, but I've never been one to shy away from a kink just because it may be un-PC.

I have an idea somewhat inspired by the movie, the purge as well as fahrenheit 451. It's based around a "what if" dark alternate historical timeline in which the religious right comes into power in a nazi-esque sort of way.

 The church and state are a singular governing institution , a virtual autocracy in which the religious right reign supreme, biblical law being the law of the land and such, all previous lgbtq gains since now have been revised and though tolerated year-around,  on one particular day queers are hunted down like sheep to be slaughtered in an event know as "The Fag Purge" .

 I'm thinking my character could be an officer in the holy army who initially loathes all queers like the good little soldier he is , until he develops a crush on the mysterious beautiful new neighbor who recently moved in who happens to be a pre-op transexual passing as a woman, your character.  I'm thinking your character could somehow be outed during the purge, gagged and blindfolded  ready to be sent to the re-education "camps" where I work. Initially, I'm conflicted to find you, to find out that I had feelings for a "queer", I hate fuck you, jizz down your throat, even mark my liquid territory over you , I'm no saint, but not a complete monster either.   Ultimately I decide to save you from the camps and stow you away in my place until things die down. We learn about each other and from there who knows what will happen, sounds interesting?

Fine China(asian woman/black man, supernatural, slave trade, action)
Fine China

The girl in the picture looks kinda japanese but I'm open to any Asian nationality really, the basic premise for this plot is along the lines of a rush hour east-meets-west story about a criminal conspiracy in which asian female adoptees are sold to underground slave traffic rings under the false cover of legitimate international adoption agencies. 

My character is an african-american cia agent who looks into these unscrupulous practices only to find the truth behind the human trafficking rings, something as disturbing as it is extraordinary. I'm thinking there could be some supernatural themes at work fueling the mass adoption fraud. On his journey, the agent crosses paths with an mysterious female swordswoman who seems to know a great deal about the traffic rings and the "things" puppeteering them,  and the two form an alliance to put an end to the dark forces behind the trans-asian slave rings and find the missing girls before it's too late.

Heroes Love Red Heads - Young Justice Edition

Aqualad x Wonder woman(I'm leaning towards this the most out of any)
Aqualad x Mera
Aqualad x Poison Ivy
Aqualad x Rocket
Aqualad x Harley Quinn

Aqualad x Queen Bee
Aqualad x Batgirl
Aqualad x OC(preferably a villainess)
Aqualad x Zatanna
Black Beetle x Cassie Sandsmark x Wall

Slice of Life -

note: My characters are right.

Bored Soccer mom x  Mysterious New Neighbor
Cuckold x Girlfriend or Wife x Black brother-in law
Black woman x White woman x Black Man
Female Roomate x Male Roomate
Female Coach x Star Athlete
Cross-dressing Trap/Trans x  Bully
Male turned into a woman x Best friend
Alternative girl x Bad boy
Alternative girl x Athlete
Neo-nazi chick x Immigrant
Prominent Republican x Prominent Democrat ( or alternatively)
Democrat Politician  x Republican Rival
Country Singer x Rnb Singer
Mafia Heiress x  Rival Gang Leader's son (sort of like an urban Romeo and Juliet)
Female Cop x Male Cop

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