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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 15659 times)

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Quantum Urbs. A City of lies. A City of Secrets. People live their lives here, purposely oblivious to the underhanded deals and the darkness of the society. They keep themselves pent up within their own lives, disregarding the rest of the city. The true city. There are organizations which dont exist, and government factions that aren't afraid to change the rules of engagement. Or disregard them completely. A brother, a lover, a lost memory, and an enemy. Magic, science, religion...superstition to truth. Quantum Urbs. A City of lies...a City of Secrets

Glistening storefront. Bright light ripping the sky in two. The rhythmic tap of the falling rain. How long had I been sitting out in the rain, glaring eagerly at the store? It seems like I lost hours this sad excuse for an activity. Glistening storefront. Bright light ripping the sky in two. I noted the same things constantly, unable to waver from my spot. The worker inside was beautiful, and I fancied her greatly. Whenever I would make a purchase, I couldn't help but get lost in her eyes. This is how my story began.

Tonight was different. There was this...feeling I had. Like if I let my eyes off this woman, if my protective presence wasn't always aware, that something would happen. It was an overwhelming feeling.

Gabriel's unorganized thoughts confused even himself. As of late, his mind seemed not to be his own. Fragments of his memory were gone and his thoughts lacked a definite shape. He continued watching the store, protecting the woman, as a man entered. His eyes sharpened and his muscles tensed. Could this be the moment he knew was coming? Or was this his recently developed paranoia playing his mind like a piano?

The darkness outside cloaked his figure, making him a moving shadow. He crossed the street with intent, and intensity in his eyes. A horn blared annoyingly at him as the headlights moved up his body. Unflinching, he continued to walk as the car swerved to avoid him. Placing his hand on the metal handle, he pressed his way through the door. Stepping into the light, his attire and figure were both revealed. He stood slightly above average height and was habilimented in ebony regalia. His architecture was muscular, yet thin, a body of a runner. His eyes were an illuminant blue, literally harboring a soft glow. His features were slick and young, his boyish face holding a conflicting maturity. His hair was inky and long, reaching down just past his shoulders and partially obscuring his face. He shifted his head towards the young woman working behind the counter, rain hanging on his brow for a brief moment before losing it's grip.

"Excuse me." He said, embarrassed. The motive behind his actions were there, but not clear to himself.

((All spots in the story are open ^_^))
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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2010, 09:45:42 PM »
It had been a long day.  Stock had arrived.  The delivery had been wrong.  The driver didn't want to wait for it to be sorted out.  Her manager went home ill.  She worked alone.  She had been pricing and placing all day between customers.  She worked hard and fast to do the work of two in order to not be there all night and work again tomorrow.  The strain showed on her tanned, almost olive colored skin.  Her long raven hair in a single braid down her back - easier to work with it tied up.  Her almost amber eyes, seemed more orange than amber with the weary drudge she wore.  She tried to force a smile for the latest customer, after all, it was not the customer's fault she was having a lousy day.  She lifts her eyes to him.

The blue of his eyes almost glow.  They catch her immediately.  She is almost entranced.  It did not hurt at all that his face had that boyish charm that just melted her.  Nor did it hurt that his inky hair was only a shade or two different than her own raven strands.  The way the hair hung over his face shrouded him in mystery, but just enough to tease the mind into capture.  She was caught too.  Her mind racing with thoughts and images that would normally make her blush.  For some reason, she invited these thoughts and images tonight, not shying away from them at all.  Nor did she blush.  Finally, she remembers that he was asking her attention.  Well, he had it, but it was well past time to verbalize a response.  "yes?"  Her voice cracked.  She instantly started to kick herself for the lack of smoothness, starting to practice the simple word over and over in her head.  She tries once more with an only slightly more stable voice "yes? May I help you?"

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2010, 10:05:26 PM »
Across the rain soaked street of the store where Gabriel had just entered, stood a man dressed in a midnight blue over coat with armored pants and knee high armored boots of the same colour. his hair was was a light shade of blonde, almost white, and was tied in  up in a long pony tail going down his back. His eyes were gray and had no sign of pupils. He also had a long braided beard that made it down to his lower neck. But his most shocking feature was the fact that frost and ice clung to him like the water from the rain clung to everyone else. He brushed some of the frost from his eyelashes and brows as he watched the two in the store converse. He smirked a toothy grin, showing all of his oddly sharpened teeth. "Looks like I found my prey."             

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2010, 10:26:56 PM »
She is lost in the eyes of the one before her.  The rain's movements along his brow and hair only sealing her capture by him.  She notices not the other man.  How did such an odd creature enter the store without her notice?  That bell is most annoying when someone enters.  Still she is rather tired and the work has been much.  So as far as she knows there is only those blue eyes framed by that inky hair with a bit of movement by the rain.  And a voice that caresses her ears from the boyish charm.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2010, 11:44:13 PM »
"...intoxication that pulls us, From where come all these words that attack me, Incomplete pleasures that bewitch me, We don't have the right to close these doors anymore...."

Luke shoved the glass door open carelessly with one deeply tanned elbow, snapping his fingers lazily as he sang along with the voice in his earbuds. The rain made his short black and red hair cling to his scalp, and his unbuttoned bright green and blue island shirt flopped wetly about him as he danced carelessly into the store. His shorts were mostly dry at least, thick, heavy cargo style denim cutoffs with more pockets than ten people could need, and his black rubber sandals "plop"-ed over the slick tile. Over the edges of dark, rimless shades, Luke noted Shaggy and the shop girl; a grin crept over his face as he wandered up and down the aisles, searching for suitable snackage and watching the pair surreptitiously.

'Ah, young love. How sweet thy kisses,' he thought wryly, bobbing and weaving to his music. Then his eyes fell on Frosty and his grin widened. 'No frakkin' way,' he thought as he snagged an apple from a stand of juicy reds. 'They couldn't possibly have hired two for this job...' Luke smiled as he rubbed the apple on his shorts and took a bite, savoring the juicy crunch as his teeth pierced the shiny skin.

'This might be fun, after all!'

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2010, 01:47:09 AM »
"I..." He wasn't exactly sure what to say. 'I had this feeling that something bad was about to happen, so I have been watching you for some time...for your protection' wasn't exactly a good, or proper, explanation. He shook his head, claiming his thoughts once again. He locked eyes with her again, regaining his confidence. "I am looking for someone. I wanted to know if you had seen him. He looks like me, except his eyes are brown, as well as his hair. He's also younger than me, my brother to be honest." He smiled nervously, the feeling of danger creeping upon him with a more severe intensity. He heard a quiet hissing sound and he snapped his head to the side for a better listen. "Do you hear that?" he asked the woman.

In a fraction of a moment, his feeling had become more than that; it had become a reality. Orange light spread to the walls around him and the glass behind him shattered. He dove forward, over the counter, tackling the woman to the ground roughly. A blazing fire passed overhead, scorching the counter and it's contents to black. Almost simultaneously, gunshots sounded, ricocheting through the store. At this point, nothing really made sense, and Gabriel's oddly calm demeanor allowed him to react quickly to anything that should happen. These kind of things weren't exactly common in Quantum Urbs, though it was not unheard of. People called it magic, but the users called it science. It came down to personal views, either paranormal or scientific.

"My name is Gabriel." He introduced, looking down at the girl.

Minutes Before...

Agent Jayden had been chasing this man through Quantum Urbs for some time, now. The fugitive was just within his reach, and he wouldn't let anything stop him. Rain smacked his windshield heavily, creating a constant loud noise and partially obscuring his vision. His headlights cut through the darkness with precision; enough to see the idiot in the middle of the road. Jayden pressed in the horn, sending the warning shot to the man but to no avail. The man walked, almost in a trance, towards the small shop on the side of the road. He noted a few more people enter the shop, and thought to himself At least they will be safe inside.

He parked his car in the parking lot across the street from the small shop. He stepped out into the rain and the darkness, disregarding the wetness. As he stood to full height, he came face to face with his target. "What the-!" Jayden shouted, reaching for his firearm. The man, dressed in a simple sweat jacket, which was now drenched in rain, kicked Jayden into the car. The agent slammed into the vehicle, falling to the ground, but quickly reaching for his gun which had slid across the ground. The target jumped backwards with insane distance, landing in the middle of the street. Jayden quickly stood, aiming his gun at the criminal. "Been expectin' ya, Agent." The man whispered in an eerie tone. Trying to keep it quiet, as to not rouse the citizens in the store, Jayden simply walked slowly towards the target, his finger resting readily on the trigger.

The man dashed to the left, throwing his hand out and sending a wave of fire through the window of the small store, probably killing everyone inside. "Damn it!" Jayden yelled, firing his gun and moving forwards.


A man made his way into the shop, probably the one that exerted the fire a moment ago. Gabriel peered over the now black counter, interested in the scenario that his instincts told him was coming. A part of him wasn't surprised when he seen who it was. The man was actually a boy, brown hair and brown eyes with a faded goatee. "Isaac..." Gabriel growled, realizing it was his brother. It didn't make sense why Gabriel wasn't shocked, or didn't scream 'What the hell are you doing!?'. It was his younger brother, after all. Gabriel approached his brother cautiously, attempting to calm the situation. "Calm down, little brother." Gabriel said, putting his hands in front of him in an easing motion. He knew it would do no good; his brother was frighteningly calm. Stoic, even. Gabriel's eyes couldn't even keep up as his brother moved over to the girl with quickness and finesse. He grabbed her by her black hair and pulled her up. He looked at her with a confused look, then looked at Gabriel. "Hey, now." Gabriel said. "Don't do anything you may regret, little brother." Gabriel cautioned. Isaac held up his hand and fire formed in it, giving Gabriel a provoking look. With speed nearly matching his brother's, a speed he had never known existed, Gabriel raced forward. He gripped his brother's hand and bent it back, striking his brother in the throat. His brother coughed and, as a result of the pain, released the woman and grabbed his own throat. He scowled, taking his still burning hand and striking Gabriel with it, scorching his brother's shirt.

Shots rang through the air at Isaac and a man rushed over. "Damn kids..." He growled as Isaac made his way out the back entrance. "Leaving me with no damn choice..." He knelt over Gabriel, looking at his scorched shirt. The damage seemed pretty bad. The man looked up and called to the man in the back of the store. "You! Call 911!" He shouted. He began to rip what was left of Gabriel's shirt off of him. "What happened just now, lady?" The man asked to the woman. "What the hell?" He said once the shirt was fully removed, revealing his torso. The man was uninjured, and was excellently fit and healthy. Gabriel had tight, defined pecs and a four pack to boot. He was healthy and none of the fire had diminished any part of his body. "That isn't possible..."

OOC: Sorry if this is sloppy. It's really late and I need to get the story moving along :p Promise it will be better tomorrow!

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2010, 02:01:00 PM »
*Shar stood opposite the shop as the rain eased to a light mist. Her right foot tapping impatiently against the slabs beneath her. Fighting the urge to lean against the bus stop pole. Though the day had been good none the less she was tired. She had finally gained that promotion she had been seeking for two years , she had a dinner set for business talk with her boss tomorrow night. Finally everything in her work life was going in the right direction.*

*She lifted a right hand up to pull the brown hood that covered her hair as far forward as possible. Trying to cover and protect the dark red hair from the constant damp.*

*Her eyes briefly flitted about the stores as her impatience and boredom grew as no bus seemed to be appearing in the horizon any time soon. Her attention caught as the man that had been gazing into the store seemed to finally decide what he wished for and entered in. She did not seem to notice any one else until the sudden blaze of fire lit the street brightly as she instinctively ducked down even though the fire was drawn towards the store. Seconds seemed to pass before the sound of gun shots reached her ears, surprised by such with the blaze of horns and sudden cars braking.*

*Her eyes narrowed as she reached into a purse, grasping with ease her phone rapidly sliding the ,outh piece down she pressed it tightly against her ear as she backed into what darkness was left trying to blend in.*

Police please.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #7 on: June 27, 2010, 03:06:26 PM »
OOC: I got a bit confused with the last section.  I will do my best with it.

He started to explain he was protecting her.  A confusion washed over her.  She was a mere store clerk in a nothing town in the middle of nowhere.  If you looked up nowhere in the dictionary, you got a picture of this store.  Why would she need protection?  From what?  From whom?  She started to protest, but then he reasserted himself as looking for someone.  This made sense.  She began to pay attention.  She began to relax again, a smile claiming her features.  Before she could reply, he asks another question with only a momentary breath before he was whisking her over the coutner.  Dazed, she could not fathom what was happening.  A sense of panic, fear, confusion and surrealism grips her.  It was oddly countered by a brief flash of joy.  He was on her.  Those blue eyes so close....  Those boyish features, including the jock-gone-silly-when-near-a-girl smile were so close she could feel his breath on her skin. Then the flame shot past them, followed by the bullets.  Her notice of him was stolen, much to her chagrin.

She was happy to stay down, behind the counter, but her savior jumped up and started speaking to... HIS BROTHER???  She had to see this!  She stands and looks at them rather confused.  If she had to take a picture of what she saw at that moment, it would be a whirl of lines and blobs of color and motion to keep anything from convelescing.  A hand grips her hair and she is on her tip toes.  She hears voices, but the words are gone.  Pain closes her ears.  There was a flash of heat.  Where did this heat come from?  She can only guess where the flames originated as her mind shuts down further.  A blackness threatening to take her.  Her hair is released.  She slumps to the floor.  If she can get some rest through this, she might actually wake up in a better place than she started the day, but how likely is that?

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #8 on: June 27, 2010, 05:25:49 PM »
Luke was debating whether to strike now or bide his time, when fate intervened and made the choice for him. A blast of flame ripped through the shopfront windows and devoured the first couple aisles of junk food and outrageously overpriced groceries, and he noted approvingly as Shaggy tossed the cutie pie over the counter to safety. Luke dove behind a nearby stand of toilet paper and plucked his earbuds out of his head before taking another bite of his apple.

'Ah, Marcos, you really do provide me the most interesting jobs...'

As the fire dissipated, Luke poked his head up just high enough to catch some of the conflict between Shaggy and the toaster, and his grin returned as he heard enough snippets of the conversation to piece their relationship together. His teeth sank back into the apple and a bit of juice ran down his chin as he watched little brother pop Shaggy and hightail it out the back. Luke was just about to move forward to take advantage of the situation when a suit burst onto the scene, cursing to himself and scanning the area for further threats, his weapon at the ready.

"Hey, you! Call for help, 911! Now!" The suit cried, his eyes on Luke before turning back to inspect Shaggy's wounds. Luke manufactured a suitably panicked expression and pulled out a burn phone, jammed the buttons in what appeared to be controlled hysteria, and forced himself to hold back his laughter as he spoke to the emergency services operator.

"Uh, uh, yeah, um, there was this...this huge EXPLOSION, I'm-I'm-I'm in a store on, what was it, yeah, 43rd Street, yeah, right, 43rd, and there's, oh man, I think there's people hurt, oh jeez, send help, send the cops, send somebody quick!" Luke quickly hung up before the operator could reply and slid the phone back into an empty pocket.

'And the Actor of the Year is...' he thought with a smile. He crept forward toward Shaggy and the girl, warily watching the suit and observing Shaggy's distinct lack of damage. He knelt beside the girl and gently shook her shoulder, rousing her back to consciousness.

"Hey...hey, cutie. Are you ok?" He asked, his face a mask of concern. 'Maybe I'll wait to strike after all,' he thought to himself as she lolled on the floor.

'So much more fun to make them trust me first....'

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2010, 05:32:32 PM »
She is shaken a bit.  Her eyes half open and her head pops to attention, but the blackness refuses to receed.  Her eyes fall shut and her head rolls back to the side, resting against whatever it fell against.  She will remember being referred to as 'Cutie' through the blackness but it will float freeform in her memories, unconnected to anything at this time.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2010, 05:45:59 PM »
The man of Ice had witnessed the events from across the street, all the while holding his sharp toothed grin. As the the  man who fired the shots at the one who caused the fire run inside to check on the damage, The man of ice as well made his way casualy across the street. "Damn, this Isaac fellow can sure do a lot of damage. The pay better be good for this little brat!" He said under his breath as he stepped in side what was once a store. the small fires that had still been burning from the blast all seemed to disappear as the man of ice entered, a cool breeze blew through the store.

He took in what was happening around him now, The guy with the weird clothes for the weather, the almost past out girl on the floor, The boy with the inky hair being helped by the man with the gun, But no Isaac! 'Shit! He got away! some one here has to know something, or else theirs going to be some civilian casualties.'   

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #11 on: June 27, 2010, 05:58:53 PM »
*Shar slung herself against the wall behind her. Thankfully most of the shadows seeming to prevent her being spotted as she waited for the emergency services to respond to the information she gave them. The street address and as much information on the situation she could give.*

*Her jaw dropped slightly as she watched another man enter the shop.*

"Has everyone's survival instincts finally burned out?"

*She muttered silently to herself as the sound faint sounds of sirens began to taint the air, though they were still some distance away. Her phone felt as if it had been glued to her ear. The pressure she put against it causing her ear discomfort as she observed what she could from across the way. Her eyes narrowing as the flames started to dim as the last man entered. Her curiosity starting to fill her more than the knowledge of the risks at hand. *

*Lowering herself to the ground she slowly half shuffled and half crawled as close as she currently dared.*

*The  operator sounding oddly and frustratingly calm as they continued to converse. Some how seeming to make light of the situation that was unfolding before her.*

"Yes I hear them coming now. !

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #12 on: June 27, 2010, 09:11:09 PM »
OOC: Ahh, back from Ihop with a full mind

Gabriel's eyes stuttered open before a gasp of air was released from his body. He focused on the light in the store, trying to maintain consciousness. In a haze, he looked to his right to see an unfamiliar man, dressed formally. By the looks of it, the man was a fed. He nodded his head to the left to see the woman, who seemed to be in a confused stupor. "Hey, don't move." An echoing voice warned. Against the voice's instruction, Gabriel began to sit up. "Get away from me. I'm fine." Gabriel said angrily. He placed his palm to his head, trying to stop the hectic spinning. He noticed a man above the woman, gripping her shoulders. He felt like saying hey back off, but Gabriel had no legitimate reason to. Yeah, he liked the girl, but seeing as he had no relationship with her, he had no grounds to say anything. Instead, an angry glare was in his eyes. His eyes shifted from a glong, light blue, to a radiant dark blue. A scowl briefly washed over him, just before looking back down at the girl. "Are you ok?" He asked her, his eyes brightening back to it's original tone. "She wasn't the one hit with the fireball, kid. You should really-" He stopped when he took note of how the boy looked at the girl. "You two dating or something?" Jayden asked angrily.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #13 on: June 27, 2010, 10:09:00 PM »
She begins to stir with so much attention.  She flutters her eyes, but they don't quite open.  She listens to them over her.  She can't quite piece the meanings of the words together right.  She must have hit her head somewhere through that event.  It is the only way she can account for the waves of dizziness and the absolutely persistent darkness fighting to keep her in its graps.  She remembers those soft blue eyes and pushes to the light.  Those eyes.  That hair.  The boyish charm.  She snapped awake as his voice finally reaches through the darkness to connect to her disjointed thoughts and images.  She looks up and sees not him but another.  Was he wearing an island shirt?  In this weather???  She blinks again, thinking she must have hit her head harder than first thought. 

The pain hits her then.  Like a badly dubbed kung-fu movie, the pain took a bit of time to realize itself.  Her hand flies to the back of her head and she scrunches up into a ball.  She does not cry out nor complain.  The tightly closed eyes squeeze out the pain she refuses to verbalize, wetting her cheeks.  Her arms now block her face as the are pulled elbow to elbow in front of her face with hands behind her head.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #14 on: June 27, 2010, 10:36:02 PM »
Luke struggled mightily to refrain from laughing at the look on Shaggy's face, and only managed to withhold his amusement by remembering the suit's presence. 'Stay cool, man; they still think you're an average civvie, so let's not disillusion 'em too much,' he thought. He shifted a little, cradling the girl's head and shoulders in his lap, and looked over at the two men.

"Dating? Well, nah, not yet. But, I am an optimist," he said with a wink and a grin. Luke realized the suit was talking to Shaggy, but he just couldn't pass up a chance to mess with the poor guy a little. His response was priceless, and he drank it in over the edge of his shades. Just to drive the nail in a little deeper, Luke absently reached down and stroked a lock of shop girl's hair out of her face.

Luke's enjoyment of loverboy's expression was a little short-lived, however, as he noticed Frosty's presence. He seemed to suck the heat out of the surrounding air, and radiated a sense of ''don't-fuck-with-me-ocity''. He would have loved to stand up and pick a fight with the snowman right then and there, but the circumstances demanded he uphold his current 'concerned citizen' persona a little longer. Besides, shop girl was beginning to stir a little, and he was very comfortable...

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #15 on: June 27, 2010, 11:06:56 PM »
Joren, The man of ice; quickly remembered all of what had just transpired in the store while he was outside, and chose his first person to interrogate, Gabriel. Joren, with a toothy snarl on his frozen face, walked to where the two were and swiftly punched the man in the suit hard in the side of the head. Like a rag doll he flew into the side of the counter knocked out cold, then his gray gaze of determination turned to the boy with the inky hair, who was now trying to stand. Joren swiftly grabbed him by the neck and pushed him up against the wall. "Okay kid! Tell me every thing you know about the person who just lit up this place like a fire work on Quantum day!!"   

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #16 on: June 27, 2010, 11:48:08 PM »
Her head pounds and throbs.  The pain begins to dull with the moments that pass though.  She begins to be aware that arms are about her and she is in someone's lap.  There are clues that it is a male someone.  The hairy legs below the shorts.  A vague scent that is definitely not one women have.  The shorts themselves and the shoes.  What woman had feet that large?  The hands were stronge and worn, uncared for.  She thinks 'so this is what it takes for me to get a date???'  Then she realizes suddenly that this is not the one with the blue eyes.  Who is in the store?  WAIT!  THE STORE!!!  She sits up suddenly only to be dashed with waves of dizziness.  She falls back into the lap and the waiting arms.  Bits and pieces of the conversation float past the pain, but not enough that she can understand anything yet.  Later she will note that in all the chaos she had two guys fighting over her when she had not had a date in so long.  She will later think about what sort of events will have to happen before she gets another date.  For now she focuses on stopping the room from spinning.  She screams out "STOP!"  To her head, but they may have been to Joren for the timing of it, he had just pushed the one with those blue eyes against the wall.  Had she been aware, she would have done her best to stop Joren right there anyways.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #17 on: June 28, 2010, 12:40:06 AM »
"Do you want to die...?" Gabriel asked, his voice different than before. Darker. "I suggest that you let me down..." He locked eyes with the Ice Man, Gabriel's eyes turning back to the dark blue, almost black. "You know, you shouldn't have done that." Came Jayden's voice, who was thought to of been knocked out. They all turned, surprised. "Cybernetics." He said, blue lines quickly passing through his eyes. "Makes it hard to knock me out. Actually, it makes it hard to do much of anything." Jayden laughed, drawing his pistol. He aimed it at the Ice Man. "You know, you pricks really need to work on your attitude. Superiority complexes haven't really worked out in the past, and they won't start now. Are you familiar with the term 'Tragic Flaw'?" Jayden asked the Ice Man. "Your Tragic Flaw is underestimating an Agent. We were made to deal with people like you."

Anger boiled over in Gabriel. "Put down the kid, please." Jayden requested. "I got this, sir." Gabriel growled. Gabriel noticed the girl awake, and in the arms of that bastard. "Let me go...or I will melt you, Snow Man." The ice that clung to the man was cold against Gabriel's flesh. He looked to the panic woman, his eyes returning to their soft glow and the scowl on his face gone. "Don't worry." He said to her softly. "It will be fine."

"And you," Gabriel said, talking to the man who was caressing the woman "You can stop the act. Bastard. If we all want to get out of this alive, I suggest we all calm down. First and foremost, you have got to let me down." Gabriel instructed to the man holding him. "Secondly, you need to get off her and be on your merry way." he then shifted his glance to Jayden. "Lastly, you need to stop hunting my brother."

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #18 on: June 28, 2010, 03:37:45 AM »
Luke watched, somewhat amused, as Frosty stomped over to Shaggy and tossed him against the wall. 'Tough,' he thought, 'but not exactly Mr. Subtle. If he fights like he interrogates, he's way more out of his league than I thought.' He shifted once again to catch the shop girl as she tried to rise to her feet, only to fall back into his grasp, and maneuvered himself on the floor as unobtrusively as he could manage. He was mildly surprised when the suit picked himself up out of the rubble, but in truth part of him had expected it. Only an idiot would actually chase an elemental without a few tricks of their own up their sleeve. He glanced down at shop girl and shifted a little more on the floor, turning his gaze back to the men.

"Great. So now we've got a refrigerator and a can opener on our hands. Good news, Kitten; if this place goes out of business maybe you can open a home furniture department," he stage whispered to the dazed girl, his laughter barely stifled. Then he looked up at Shaggy as he spoke, and his grin turned from entertained to psychotic.

"Oh really, Shaggy? Well, you know what? I can count, too. First and foremost, this isn't an act. I really am a bastard." Luke tightened his grip on the girl with one arm, while the other reached back beneath his shirt. "Secondly, I'm not so sure I should 'get off her', as you say. She seems quite comfortable right where she is," he said, baring his teeth in a feral smile as he stared the men down over his shades. "And three, I'm not really that interested in the three of you getting out of this alive, anyway." And with that he withdrew his hand from behind his back, holding a pair of charged frag grenades. He threw the grenades recklessly, aiming for both Shaggy and the Popsicle and the agent, and as they left his hand Luke nueroactivated his personal gravity manipulator to wrap himself and his captive in a small, impenetrable, perfectly frictionless sphere of relocalized gravity. The blast was enough to pick them up and send them flying straight out through the broken storefront onto the street outside, where they landed unharmed. Immediately Luke shut down his pgm and swept the shop girl up over his shoulder, just gentle enough not to give the poor girl another concussion.

"Now, are you going to be a good girl, or will I have to tranq you?" he asked, calling back over his shoulder as he broke into a light run. He didn't wait for an answer, however, deciding instead to put as much distance between himself and the others as possible. Luke didn't honestly expect the grenades to kill the others, certainly not the agent and probably not the kid, but he was definitely hoping they'd spend a little extra time killing each other before starting the hunt for him.

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*The sirens in the distance started to grow louder as they drew closer, though the stop in traffic prevented them getting too close to the store itself. Shar slowly drew enough courage , stupidity or perhaps curiosity to place herself behind a car in front of the store. It was badly burnt and she could feel the heat that still radiated from it. She watched inside as much as possible making a silent head count before passing the information to the operator. She watched one of the men rise to slam another into a wall. Her eyes tightly focusing on each minute detail as muchas possible. As she saw the two grenades get launched into the air she ducked down once more as the earth seemed to shake beneath her. Two people appeared, one male and one female , from the over heard conversation she deemed the gentleman was anything but.*

*She watched silently as the man started to move off with the female, a brief glance within the store once more before her gazed turned to the direction of the unhappy couple.*

*For a moment she was torn over how to help if at all. Her voice sounding barely above a whisper as she informed the operator of the kidnap then took pursuit. Her intention not to catch him but at least find out where he was going.*

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She if vaguely aware of the events around her.  They do not make the conscious brain at this time.  Later bits and pieces will disjointedly come back to her and it will be a puzzle that keeps her busy.  Stories from others may help her place her puzzle into a slightly askew picture, but that is all later.  For now, all she is aware of is the pain and the dizzy, the way when she turns her head, she can see movement lines like a badly done cartoon.  She feels the tenderness leave the one holding her and is not sure what is happening.  She opens her eyes again, but only gets a peak before the lights blind her.  It wasn't even sunny out, why do the dull lights blind her?  Not having a concusion before, she does not know what is going on with her.  The earth shakes, but she is unsure if that is the earth or her own issues.  Still she cries out in pain as the spinning in her head sped up.  She feels herself jostled about, tossed over the shoulder like a sack of potatoes, only with a bit more care.  She moans loudly as her head has to readjust.  As he begins to move about, she whimpers.  She clings to him, really unable to put up much fuss.  Somewhere in that darkness one image remains strong and true before her eyes.  Softly glowing blue eyes.  Her heart calls out to those eyes.  She lifts a pathetic hand towards the store, but the man steps over something or off a curb or such and her body is slightly jolted.  The hand goes straight to her head and tries to steady it.  Somewhere in the back of her mind, a rather odd sense of humor would ask "I wonder if he is enjoying the view" with her backside so prominently displayed.  At this point, she would have begged for the tranq, but could not.

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Joren struggled to get to his feet, but after a few seconds finally stood. 'WHAT THE FUCK!? The little piece of shit! Clearly i'm not the only interested party here, but i am the most powerful.' Joren was infuriated, almost enough to melt him if got even more pissed off. He thought not of Gabriel and the agent, but was focused the fool running with the store girl over his shoulder. "Your dead!!" He yelled at the one who through the frags. Joren, with a piece of sharp ice, cut the band holding his pony tail and let it hang loosely down his back. As he focused on luke and the girl, Joren's eye turned white. He pointed his hand at the ground and in almost a second the road and walkways in the direction of luke tuned to solid ice, causing luke and girl to slip and fall hard on the ground. "HA!"           

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Gabriel quickly rustled himself free from the Ice Man and kicked the grenade closest to him out of the open back door, sending it safely away from him. In the small amount of time, he ducked behind one of the shelves as he grenades exploded. The shelf toppled over, almost crushing him, had it not been for the next shelf holding it up. He emerged quickly, and left the store, knowing what he wanted. In the distance, he seen the man with the girl over his shoulder.

Gabriel appeared in front of them, the speed of his run almost like a teleportation. He walked towards the man with anger. "Oh, I know your a bastard. The 'act' was acting normal. Now you all have had your chances, now its time for MINE!" Gabriel shouted, finally having enough of everyone's antics. He reached his hand out, sending a wave of blue, fog-like energy at the man, sending him flying back, losing grip of the girl. At the same time, the ground slicked to ice. Gabriel braced himself, ready for the unbalance to come. The ice spread under his feet, though he had a firm placement. He jumped forward and caught the girl before she hit the ground. "Are they going to keep knocking her around?" Gabriel asked aloud. He landed, slidding to his knees. Angrily, he spread heat through the ground, melting the ice in the area around him. Gabriel turned to walk away, swiping his hand backwards and sending a wall of fire shooting up, extending far enough to make a nice barrier between the two and everyone else. "By the time you find your way around this, I will be gone. Have fun you two!" Gabriel shouted through the fire. Before anyone could respond, Gabriel and the girl were gone.

Where had this power come from? How did he know how to use it? Why was his brother being chased by an Agent? Many questions that could not be answered yet. With the girl between his arms, Gabriel returned to his home. He fumbled with the keys, finally finding the one that suited the lock on his apartment. He was on the fourth floor, and had recently outfitted his house with technology to cloak his presence among all the other people there. He went into his room and carefully placed the girl on the large bed, covering her up. He made his way back out into the living room for a brief moment, turning on the tv. As he watched, he checked his pocket for the device he used to cloak his presence. The last few days had been extremely weird. Odd reports on the news, all this information popping into his head, and all these weird people? His life had spiraled out of control. He wasn't sent into this situation empty handed. The information in his head included schematics for devices to cloak him and anyone around him. It was impossible to track him. He pulled out the device, and it was working perfectly. It was small, black, and silver. He stretched, letting out a grunt. He went to sit on the couch, being stopped by his own dirtiness. He had forgotten how dirty the nights event's had gotten him, and it had left him shirtless. He went back into the room and picked out some clothing, heading into the bathroom that was attached to his bedroom. He turned on the light, and partially shut the door, quickly getting into the warm shower.

His room was surprisingly clean for someone his age. His bed was a king size with black covers and black pillows. It was insanely comfortable, and it was almost like sleeping on a cloud. His floor was carpeted, the color white, and his furniture was a slick marble black. He had different portraits throughout the room, the frame for each being black. Needless to say, black was one of his favorite colors. He also liked the color scheme of black and white. In the room was a tv, as well as a covered candle at his bed side.

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Like it always seems to, everything happened at once. Luke had just barely had time to slip a nanotracer into the girl's clothes when he was distracted by a chick with a cell phone trying to tail him, and being very bad at it. Before he could turn around and warn the poor girl off, the ground snaked out from under him and the girl was suddenly out of his hands. On pure instinct he reactivated his pgm an instant before Shaggy appeared and blasted him with what probably would have been a lethal shot of energy, hurling him almost clear through a brick wall. He and the girl were gone before Luke could push off the wall, and he stood just feet from the towering firewall, shaking his head with a smile.

"Guess my working vacation's over. Looks like it's time to go to work for real," he muttered to himself. He called up Nirvana, his on-board A.I. companion, for assistance and the two discussed matters at thoughtspeed.

'Looks like you underestimated things, Luke. As usual,' Nirvana said as she scanned through the evening's events. 'Three elementals AND an Agent? You do love to piss people off, don't you?'

'Come on, 'Ana. You know the stated parameters of this job; Marcos never said anything about anyone being involved besides the girl. How were we supposed to know she had some creepy secret stalker waitin' around to play hero? Not to mention the cop and the yeti.'

'Speaking of which...' Nirvana said calmly as she picked up the snowman's approach. Luke ran a hand through his damp hair, re-calibrated his pgm and turned to face the oncoming blizzard, his cocky grin firmly in place.

"Hey, Frosty! Come on over, pull up a chair! Maybe bring a few hot dogs, we'll have a weenie roast, what do you say?" Luke shouted, smiling like a madman. The snowman picked up the back end of a car and flipped it end over end without breaking stride as he stomped toward the slowly diminishing flames. "I'm gonna kill you, you little shit! That's what I say!" Frosty roared, shards of ice and clumps of snow falling in his path. "You're a dead man! Fucking dead, do you hear me!"

Luke continued to smile as his opponent moved closer, an imperceptible shake of his head the only acknowledgement of Frosty's presence. 'Yep. Just as I thought. All brawn, no brains. Nirvana, let him have it, sweetie.'

Luke puffed out his chest and brought up his fists, mockingly over-swinging, his grin never leaving his face. "Is that right, pal? And just what are you gonna do to me, Popsicle? Fix me a sno-cone? I'll have cherry!"

Joren's eyes widened in rage and disbelief as Luke taunted him. He raised his hand to attack, but hesitated for a split second in confusion as Luke relaxed, brought his hands down and shoved them into his pockets. For just an instant Luke's smile left his face, replaced with a cold, cruel expression, and he lifted a finger from his pocket in mock-salute. "See you around, Snowman," he said quietly.

And then he vanished.

Joren whirled around in a frothing rage, scanning for his target in all directions, but he found nothing. Nothing except a dozen pinpoints of light, directly overhead, growing bigger and brighter, until...

~35 Miles North~

Luke materialized on top of a derelict old apartment building, and watched as the Seraphim Satellite cannons hit their mark with deadly precision. The blast was big enough to completely lay waste to 7 square miles of area, and every ounce of force had been centered on Frosty. He seriously doubted he'd be running into that little headache again anytime soon.

He felt a little bad about the casualties he'd almost certainly incurred. He really hadn't had anything against the Agent, and the cellphone chick was probably just an innocent looky-loo. Luke supposed it wasn't completely inconceivable that they might have survived, but he really preferred not to think about it. If they did survive, it meant there might have been a chance for Frosty to escape, as well. But even if he did manage to crawl away, he certainly wouldn't have come through unscathed. He decided to push those thoughts out of mind and refocus on the job at hand.

'Nice shooting, 'Ana. Now, about the girl. I slipped a 'tracer into her clothes before Shaggy managed to steal her away again. Is it activated?'

Nirvana threw up an overlay of the entire city over Luke's shades, and a small, green dot blipped intermittently. 'The nanotracer is active, but there appears to be heavy interference. The signal is very weak, but it should be enough to track.'

'Excellent. Now, what about Shaggy? What do we know about him? And, what do we know about little brother? I think someone called him "Isaac". Do a db scan, check out the Agency's records for any outstanding warrants or fugitives and cross reference all known and suspected elementals as well as physical and EEG identifiers. I want to know exactly who and what our little white knight is, and how the hell he's related to the girl...'

'Luke?' 'Yeah, 'Ana?' 'I think you should really up your price for this job...'

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Gabriel stood in the shower, deep in thought. His mind went back to the tracer had had found while en route to his house. Silently, he thanked the little device he had. Unfortunately, it may have fried the girl's cell phone if she had one. This was why Gabriel did not carry electronics on him. Once activated, the device would slowly destroy any electronics in Gabriel's immediate area (only about a foot away or so). The little tracker had begun to make noise, and Gabriel ditched it far away from his home.

He began to wonder why these people hounded him so much. Whoever this guy was, he was more than met the eye. he was almost admirable, had it not been for his lack of human safety and his abysmal attitude. The night was beginning to come to a close, the next day seeming weeks away. Gabriel continued his shower, wondering why this had happened, and why he was prepared for nearly everything thrown at him. And what of the girl? Of his brother? The Tracer Man, the Snow Man and the Agent?

He needed allies. There wasn't any way that he would befriend the Agent; after all, the agent was trying to kill his brother. The Snow Man was also after his brother, so he was out of the question. That left the Tracer Man. Why did he hound Gabriel and the girl? What was his attitude? What was his name and what was his purpose? Something bigger was going on, and Gabriel felt like the only one to notice it. Hell, maybe he was. Him and the Agent. The other two, and the girl, probably had no idea. And he couldn't confront the two hostiles because both were rash. It was an impossible situation. What the hell is wrong with that Tracey guy?

Gabriel leaned against the shower wall, letting the water pour over his head. There were two options. Either leave the city, far away, or meet with the Tracer Man and propose a deal. But, for that to happen, he needed to know what Tracer wanted. For a moment, he had actually considered going towards the tracer and meeting the man. Not a good idea.