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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 15669 times)

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Offline Gwindolyn

She pulls herself up out of the water, embarrassed and grateful she was alone.  Or so she thought as a voice reaches her.  A voice she longed to hear.  Instantly those blue eyes set in that boyish charm with the inky black hair comes to her mind.  She pushes it aside and says softly "I'm ok..."  She says under her breath "I guess."  So much going on, she is having trouble taking it all in.  She climbs from the bath and begins to wring out her hair, her skirt and whatever else she could to lessen the water she carries on her.  She turns to leave the bath, for a bedroom with blankets to wrap up in.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter


As Alice led Luke down the hall, she called out once, close enough to the bathroom. "Your clothes are where you left them at, in your room. It's the last room on the right, if you remember correctly. Don't worry, I kept them clean and washed them frequently. Your 'nice clothes' are there also." She explained, continuing to walk.


Gabriel had not heard Alice from beyond the door, since his head was under the water that poured from the shower head. He stood up out of the water, grabbing a towel and beginning to dry himself. "Im ok, I guess..." Came the cute voice from beyond the screen. Gabriel reached for clothes that were not there. He hadn't thought to get a change of clothes. He silently cursed to himself. He remembered where 'his room' was. It was funny, even though he couldn't recall what role this place played in his life, he knew which room was designated his. "Uh, Gwin. Could you get some clothes from my room, please...? It should be..." He scanned his memory. "Like...the last room on the right, I think?"

Offline Starlequin

Luke's trademark grin sat firmly in place as he and Nirvana consulted. 'Nihon Urbs. What do we know about this area?' 'Processing...almost 300 square miles, less commercialized than Quantum proper, population 170,000, mostly Asian citizenry. Current satellite readings show...Luke.' 'What is it?' I don't have satellite access. It appears something is jamming my communications; we're cut off.' 'Hm...check the pgm; is it still functioning?' '...Affirmative. As far as I can tell, my broadcasting and reception abilities are being suppressed by a signal originating within this building.' 'Can you hack it?' 'I think so. It will take a while; I'm not running at full capacity without my mainframe access.' 'Quick as you can, 'Ana. Just because no one's thought of trying to kill us yet doesn't mean it won't occur to them. I don't like the idea of facing one of these people in a fair fight. Get us some options, sweetie.' 'I'm on it.'

"Oh, I know Nihon Urbs. I was just a little surprised that a svelt little thing like you managed to drag us all this far." Luke said, his breathing once again under control. He was certain she expected him to bristle at the ''children'' comment, but it merely rolled off his back. He'd been called far worse. 'Hm, an upstairs, huh? We'll be sure to check that out.' He shrugged his shoulders at her challenge and pushed off against the bar, looking around the room.

"Eh, I've never really been the chivalrous type, doll. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer...some other form of exercise?" He asked, rifling his eyebrows playfully as he followed her down the hallway.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"I need to get warmed up before I go full force. And what better way to get warmed up than a sparring match?" She asked. "It wont hurt or anything. Just take downs and submissions. Think mixed martial arts without the striking. I think you may find me quite...adjustable to anything you throw my way." She said playfully. She began to sway her hips from side to side, allowing him to enjoy the view. Her white outfit was still wet from the rain, and as a result, it was shiny. They made it to a large outside courtyard with walls on all sides. The path, which was a nice dirt path outside, widened to a larger area, surrounded by grass. The courtyard wasn't enormous, but it wasn't small either. It was decorated with weeping cherry trees, cherry blossoms, and a few banzai trees. It was very zen. Very peaceful. She smiled as she quickly turned, grabbing Luke's arm and slamming him to the ground. Surprisingly, the ground wasn't that hard, causing little pain from the slam. Luke was surprised by her quickness. She quickly took over him, assuming an MMA position. She got on top of him, her legs straddling him to each side. Her legs were impressively strong. She waited for a moment. "You're supposed to fight back, you know." She said after drawing in close to him. "This is called a full-mount, if you didn't know. This specific one is a low mount. If I were to," She slid up his body, her knees at his armpits and her body up near his chest. "This is a high mount. Is the most...dangerous position for the one on the bottom. And that would be you. But I get the feeling that your enjoying your view from down there." She smiled.

"Throw me off." She instructed. "What?" Luke asked. "Throw me off! Technology won't always be there for you, darling." She said to him. "This will be the first exercise. The warm up, if you would. Perform good enough and I may show you some more...'techniques' later." She bribed.

Offline Gwindolyn

That voice called to her, asking her a favor.  He had been by her side and helped her since she met him.  Those blue eyes kept her through so much this past day or so.  She had lost track of time.  Her hand was on the door when the voice stopped her.  "Yes, I will get them."  She walks, oddly knowing the path without looking.  That is more than a bit disconcerting to her.  She had always lead a safe life, a sheltered life, a lonely life - or so she thought.

She opens the door to the room and looks about it.  A wave of home floods over her.  She sways and catches the door.  At least she tried to.  Her watered down hands slid off the cool metal.  She fell against the frame.  The residual effects of the concussion really couldn't be making life easier either.  She rights herself and begins to look around.  A sense of ownership flood through her.  She knows this room.  She knows this stuff.  It was hers.   And his.  And his???  She looks around and his was mixed with hers.  "Gabriel and Gwin.  GG.  Cute really," some twisted sick sense of humor in the back of her mind shoved forward.  She pushed that humor back and stepped in.  She opened the closet and sure enough, clothes for her.  Clothes she remembered.  Dry clothes that fit!  DRY!  She was almost exstatic in stripping off her wet regalia and donning some nice warm dry clothes.  She looks around for what to do with her wet stuff and sees nothing obvious.  She leaves them for now.

She remembers Gabriel and gathers some clothes for him.  She knew he liked black, so she gathers a pair of black slacks and a black shirt and rushes back there.  She is barefoot.  She found her clothes, but forgot to pause for the shoes.  She is sure she will have to go back there in a minute.  Her wet hair drips down her back and face as she rushes back to Gabriel.  She bursts into his half the bathroom and then thinks "what if he isn't covered."  She instantly turns her back to the room and keeps her eyes trained on the door.  "Here... your clothes.. uhm.. from.. our.. I mean.. your... No, definitely our... our room."  She stammers not sure how to talk to him suddenly.  She shifts with nervousness.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

He wrapped the towel around himself and glanced around. Considering Gwin, Gabe, and Alice all had long hair, there had to be a hair tie around somewhere. Finding one, he tied his hair into a ponytail. He was beginning to feel at home. The door crashed open, causing Gabriel to jump, and he slipped and fell into the water. "Uh...Gwin?" He asked, propping himself up. His entire body and the towel were wet. She was turned away, holding his clothes out towards him.

He stumbled out of the pool of water and walked towards her. He reached for the clothes, but instead of grabbing them, he grabbed her hand. He turned her around and put his hands on her shoulders. His chest was perfectly toned, and glistening with water. His body was soft, but his muscular and slim features were hard. "You remember things too, don't you?" He asked her. He smiled and laughed. "You know, it's really cold with the door open. Why'd you crash through it?" he laughed boyishly, and sweetly. "I hope you didn't break it. Alice will be all up in a huff if you did." He smiled and laughed heartily. "It feels like I know this place. Like I know Alice. Like...I know you." He said to her. "

Offline Starlequin

Luke grunted softly as some of the air was knocked from his newly re-grown lungs, and he lay on the soft earth looking up at the blue sky. He wasn't certain whether his laughter amused or annoyed Alice as she sat atop him. Luke folded his arms behind his head and nodded absently as she explained her techniques. "Right...uh-huh...fascinating..." He laughed again at her last comment, nodding vigorously as he openly ogled her leather-clad frame.

"Now throw me off." She commanded, her eyes hardening a little. "Technology won't always be there for you," she said, a slight air of superiority in her words. 'The hell I won't,' Nirvana thought huffily. Luke smiled and looked up into Alice's face, his own eyes growing serious for just a moment.

"You don't get it, doll. I don't use technology because I can't fight." Without warning his legs shot up and snaked around her arms and shoulders, trapping her upper body and holding her almost immobilized. Her shocked expression was priceless as she stared down at him, his own expression one of complete relaxation.

"I use it so I don't have to." And with that he bodily lifted her off of his chest and threw her fifteen feet away, using the momentum of the throw to flip himself back up into a standing position. His aloha shirt flapped wetly against his body as Alice climbed to her feet, surprise still etched on her face. Luke shoved his hands back into his pockets and turned to face her, his cocky grin back in place.

"So, sugar. You wanna spar? Let's spar. Oh...and I'm gonna hold you to those 'techniques' later..."

Offline Gwindolyn

She hold the clothes out to Gabriel with a flush on her face.  She hears him fall in and burries herself further against the wall, lest he lost his towel.  She waits for him to right himself and get another towel.  She is surprised that a wet hand takes her hand instead.  She spins around to see his soft blue eyes set into that boyish face.  That smile that melted her heart the instant she saw it at the store the other night.  She feels her knees buckle slightly with him so near her, so undressed near her. 

"You remember things too, don't you?" He asked her. "yes and no," she responded. "I know this place, but I don't know how.  I mean... our room was home when I entered it a moment ago, but I don't remember anything about the room.  I know the items in it, but I don't remember them.  Does that make sense?" 

"You know, it's really cold with the door open. Why'd you crash through it?" he laughed boyishly, and sweetly. "I hope you didn't break it. Alice will be all up in a huff if you did." He smiled and laughed heartily.  She blushed, not knowing why she blundered through the door.  It was a mixture of things really.  His laughter made the world right though.  Nothing else mattered but that laugh, that smile.  She smiled shyly.  Why was she so blustered around him anyways, it wasn't like she was like that with any others.  Then again, any others didn't bring those butterflies that turn the stomach upside down either.  Nor do they have those softly glowing blue eyes.  "I don't know what I remember"  She admits honestly.  Her mind a jumbled mess of memories not quite there and bits of moments hanging in empty space, unattached to events or time in general.  She longs to throw her arms about him and hug him, but as she was blushing, her eyes dropped lower.  The comment of the cold hits home and she blushes further.  He had lost his towel and though she blushed, she was not upset by it.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

She laughed with enjoyment. "You're cute when your cocky." She said, darting at him. She grabbed his legs, trying to take him down, but he pushed her to the side, making her fall to the ground. Her hair fell in front of her face and she angrily blew it away. She stood up, brushing herself off. "Ok, so maybe you do know your grappling." She admitted, walking to the edge of the small arena. There was a pile of equipment on the grass, thin gloves for the hands, and some padding for the legs. She equipped herself and threw the equipment to Luke. She awaited for him to put on, and when he finally did, she set new rules. "Striking and grappling. You ready?" She asked with a smile. She charged at him, ducking under his first punch, which seemed hesitant. She swept his feet from under him, but he surprisingly caught himself with his hands. He kicked upward, striking Alice in the face. With a strong moan of surprise, mixed with pain, also mixed with an odd sense of pleasure, she went to the ground. Blood trickled from her mouth. Her thin, pinkish tongue grabbed the blood from her lips.

"You're rough. I like that." She charged again and they continue their sparring.


"Interesting." The man said, walking up to Joren. "You're aspirations are are the ambitious one. My name is Cornelius. I work for ArmsTech. Well...I suppose you could call me an employee." He said, quickly seizing Joren's arm with crushingly painful force. Lightening went into Joren, causing him to scream in pain. Ice began to crawl from Joren, and then it shot out, freezing the surrounding buildings as well as all people that were in this huge brawl to solid ice. Before, the area was only coated with ice. Now, it actually was. Joren continued to scream until Cornelius let go. "This is your power. But that is only a taste." Cornelius told him. "That is what you could have. If you work with me. Right now, you are limited to your previous abilities. But, this is your potential." He said gesturing to all the frozen people and buildings. "You could go from something far greater. And far more dangerous."

OOC: Wyrn, you don't have to read most of the stuff going on with Gabe/Gwin/Alice/Luke right now. Obviously, it doesn't tie into your character yet XD. So dont feel overwhelmed if we post a lot during this time.


Gabriel had honestly not realized that he lacked a towel. His face turned red, but he simply laughed. Somehow, it didn't exactly feel wrong. He took the clothes she held and slipped on his pants, after she had turned away (without him asking). He then dried his torso, wrapping the towel around his neck. He approached her from behind and wrapped his hands around her. He whispered in her ear "When you kissed felt...right. I don't know how to explain it. I can hardly remember the kiss, but the bit I do remember felt right. You felt so...familiar. But, I want to be sure. I want to be fully aware for it." He said, turning her back around. He brushed her hair aside.

Offline Gwindolyn

She realizes that she held her gaze at his lack of towel a bit too long and turns.  Her cheeks so fired up, even her ears were red.  She doesn't know why she doesn't just leave and let him dress in peace, but something held her there.  Something about him drew her to him.  The way she got lost in his eyes, the stomach fluttering at his nearness or maybe just how right the world felt when he was there.  She felt everyone of her lonely, isolated dreams find fulfilment as his arms slipped around her.

The hot breath of a whisper in her ear melts all bones in her legs.  She is suddenly very glad her has his arms about her because she had no legs under her. Her eyes closed as his breath is her life.  She barely registers his words excpet.. "Kiss... right... I want to be sure."  So she was a bit suprised when he turned her around.  She looks up to him as his hand brushes her cheek to shove the hair aside.  She leans up into him, ready for the kiss.  Ok, to be honest, way past ready.  She was ready when she first set eyes upon him in the store, if not before.  But now she is prepared for it too.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Gabriel pushed her head up by the chin and leaned into her. Their lips connected and he embraced the warm feeling. He brought his hands up to the side of her head, leaning more into the kiss. Her lips were soft and succulent, inviting and seducing. He let his tongue roll into her mouth for a moment, embracing the kiss for a bit longer. He slowly pulled away from her, his mind racing. He let out a warm breathe. His memories did nothing. There was no recollection at all. But he didn't care. It just felt right. 

The words 'I love you' came to mind. But he couldn't say it. And he didn't know why. Neither of them could. Maybe there was a fear? Maybe there was an awkwardness because of their lack of memory

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Offline Gwindolyn

His touch lit her skin aflame. Parts of her woke up that had been sleeping for a very long time.  Just too bad none of those parts were her memories.  She leaned into the kiss, enjoying his firm, velvety lips encasing hers.  Her lips part to grant him entry, to invite him in.  Her tongue slips forward to meet his, a bit hesitant at first, but falling into motion with his quick enough.  There was a rhythm there that felt natural.  It was just normal to be in his embrace with his tongue in her mouth.  Her mind shuts down completely like a computer frying from overload trying to beat itself at tic tac toe.  The only thing in her mind at that moment were his eyes.  The only thing in her mind since she had glanced up to them - barring brief moments of panic for Miss Kit and confusion about Luke's presence off and on.  Those eyes had held her through the worst of the past day or so since she met him.  "It's only been that long???  Really?!" her mind protested.  Surely that much adventure couldn't fit into such a short span of time when her whole life had not even enough adventure to fit into one hour of this past day. 

Offline Starlequin

Luke's limbs burned pleasantly as the sparring wore on. 'Is it just me, or do I seem to have a knack for attracting beautiful, violent psychopaths?' 'Nope. You definitely have a talent.' Nirvana answered, her voice sounding distracted. 'How are we coming on disabling that suppression signal?' 'We're making progress; I've managed to circumvent most of the surrounding security routines.' 'Excellent. Once you're through, check your records. Tell me if we have any Saints in the area; I think there should be at least three by last count.' 'Affirmative...Luke?' 'Yeah?' 'Are...are you really attracted to this Alice woman?'

Luke's thoughts were silent for a long moment, as he dodged and countered Alice's strikes. After that last kick to the face, he'd started pulling more of his strikes. He was putting forth an effort, but she could tell from the faraway look in his eyes that he wasn't paying his full attention to their match.

'Maybe a little,' he replied at last. 'Maybe even a lot. But there won't be anything between us. Once this job is over, I doubt we'll ever see her again.' 'It's just that...if you were...and, if you wanted your privacy, I mean...I'd be happy to shut myself down, if you wanted...'

Luke dodged Alice's fist; his body glided on autopilot, and she barely grazed his cheek, a blow almost strong enough to send him flying. 'Nirvana, I would sooner cut out my own heart than shut you down. For anything. I don't know what I'd do without you in my head, 'Ana.'

It was Nirvana's turn to be silent, and Luke took a moment to escape from a particularly vicious hold Alice had locked him in; his shoulder dislocated as he twisted and jerked free of her grip. It was a pain he had felt a thousand times before, dull and toothless in its familiarity. Without a thought he rolled and popped the bone back into place, a small contingent of medichines applying a low-level anaesthetic and massaging the abused muscles and tendons.

'Besides,' Luke thought as he deflected blow after blow, 'I've already got the perfect woman. I don't need anything else.' 'Ana still didn't reply, but Luke could feel her return to work on the suppression signal. Her emotions were rarely tied to his; she always claimed they were too irrational and made her less efficient. But when they were strong enough, he could feel a glimmer of them for himself.

For just an instant, Luke felt like the happiest man alive.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"I didn't mean to do that!" She apologized as Luke put his dislocated arm back into it's socket. "You're out of it, Luke." She said to him, standing. She unzipped her one-piece outfit down to her belly button, allowing her skin and body to breathe. He breast were half-exposed, sweat rolling down the curves. She swung her hair over her shouldder so that it hung in front of her. She grabbed the braided hair and began fiddling with it as she normally did. "You're good." She told him. "Next time I won't hold back as much. I am sorry about the dislocation, though." She said sincerely. She turned and began to walk, heading upstairs where her extremely large, expansive room was.

She opened the door to her room, heading inside and leaving the door cracked behind her. The cross-draft felt amazing. There was a large opening in her wall, a window of sorts. The screen was left open most of the time, giving the room a natural breeze and giving it the smell of the trees. From here, Alice could look over almost the entire home. She could look down into the training areas, or even across to the kitchen, which happened to be in the line of sight. The sun was high in the sky, casting a light into the room. She turned away from the opening and unzipped her outfit down, half way through the crotch area. She removed her arms and upper body from the outfit, but left the pants on. She let the top half hang down to her back. The breeze was amazing against her skin, and she rolled her shoulders, stretching.

Here, her sorrow could be free. She enjoyed the presence of Luke greatly; and she enjoyed teasing him as well. A sad smile spread across her face as she stroked the end of her large bed with a fingertip. Luke distracted her from what hurt her the most; But she doubted anything could happen between them.

The truth was, this place used to be a sort of dojo. It was filled with people, students of hers.  She had opened it when she was eighteen; almost ten years ago. It slowly gained popularity, and she then had to restrict admission so that everyone could fit comfortably. Just four years ago she had met Isaac, Gabriel, and Gwin. Isaac and Gabriel; the two brothers. Gabriel and Gwin; the two lovers. The four years seemed long, and it was surely eventful. Until a year ago, when everything went to hell. Now Isaac was dead.

Her beloved Isaac. She had thought him dead a year ago, along with Gabriel and Gwin; along with everyone else that died. She had moved on. But when she learned that he was still alive, it had given her hope. Only to find him dead in the rain. Isaac, Gabriel, and Gwin's memory had been altered; as well as everybody involved. That meant the people in the areas that three were planted in, those people's relatives, and even government officials that would occasionally look over employment and occupancy documentation. It was a thick rooted conspiracy. These three were important, but the picture was bigger than them. The only one that retained all of their memory was Alice. And she thought it best for Gabriel and Gwin to remember things on their own. It would make it far easier on them.

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Gabriel's body wanted her. But Gabriel had to hold himself back. He wanted to have her; intimately. He pressed himself against her, kissing her again. Then he pulled away. "I'm sorry...I...think we" He said nervously. Why did he stop himself? He wasn't sure at all.

Offline Gwindolyn

Gabriel's body wanted her. But Gabriel had to hold himself back. He wanted to have her; intimately. He pressed himself against her, kissing her again. Then he pulled away. "I'm sorry...I...think we" He said nervously. Why did he stop himself? He wasn't sure at all.

She was fully enveloped in him.  There was no part of her left guarded to him.  She was his.  Yet he pulled back.  Instantly the space was felt.  The connection straining to pull them back together.  She felt it, but did not understand it.  She wished with all her might that he had not stopped.  He pulled away.  She blushed.  She didn't even know why she was blushing.  She felt like a love sick school girl, the kind that would normally turn her stomach and make her roll her eyes.  Yet here she stood with a silly smile on her reddened cheeks "uhm... yeah... food."  In this instant she realizes she hasn't eaten since noonish the night the guys busted into the store.  how long was that now?  Felt like a lifetime ago.  Her stomach growled a matching response.  "I think eating might be good."  She giggled.  A silly giggle that made her want to gag.  Still the smile stayed true as she turned towards the kitchen with him.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

The kitchen was surprisingly far off, but they knew that it was in the opposite direction of the courtyard. The kitchen was large, filled with items used to make large quantities of food. With Gwin at his back, Gabriel peered into the refridgerator with intent. He hadn't even eaten dinner the night before. His eyes zoned out with the new found need for food. They both leaned in closer, eyeing a glass pan that was covered. Gabriel slowly opened it, and Gabriel's eyes almlst popped out of his skull. There were three large, juicy stakes sitting there, calling to be eaten. "Steak? Steak??" Gabriel said in a silly tone that made Gwin giggle. He snatched it up, forgetting that he needed a plate. Knowing where everything was turnee out very useful. He swiped a plate from the cupboard and set the steak on it, transfering it into the microwave. He fetched a knife and fork as well. He took the now-warm steak from the microwave and stabbed the knife and fork into it. Once Gwin retrieved her choice of food from the fridge (of which there were many), the two walked into the dining area.

It was big. Too big. Too empty. "I think we should eat in the room...something doesn't feel right here." Gabriel commented, leading the way back to the room. The bed there was enormous; Gabe could lay in any directions, stretching, without his body hanging over the edge. He plopped down with the plate. Now he realized how tired he was. "If you want, I can sleep next door..." He said, exhausted. "Just...just let me lay here for a  moment..." He tiredly. Then he caught sight of the steak he had nearly forgoten about.

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Offline Gwindolyn

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Offline Gwindolyn

The kitchen was massive compared to her closet style one in the apartment.  She took a moment to close her eyes and mentally see everything.  There were shapes moving about the kitchen.  She pops her eyes open to find herself alone with Gabriel's head stuck in the fridge.  Well that was a good view to say the least.  She didn't rush him at all.  He gets silly with joy for steak and she giggles at him.  When he vacates the space, she dives in.  Oh!  The food choices.  Her mouth can tell her what many of the things taste like though she had not seen such food before.  She was getting use to this odd quirk of life, but it was offsetting.  She grabbed some things, not sure what they were called.  She warms some up and leaves others cold.  She follows Gabriel.

She turns around in the dinning room.  It was meant for many people.  They were only two.  It felt huge and lonely.  He suggested their room.  Her stomach flips at this, but it was at least more comfortable feeling than this room.  So again she follows.  She laughs at him sprawled out on the bed, trying it like a little boy.  His exhaustion starts to overcome him until he spots the steak again.  She shakes her head "men and distractions."  She teases lightly.  She uses the teasing to give herself a moment to consider sleeping arrangements.  "Gabriel, with all that has happened, I wouldn't mind some company tonight.  I swear, just sleep, but please, sleep in here with me?"  The look on her face was of sincere desire not to parted from him and exhaustion.  Despite all her sleep in her concussion, she had a very emotional time since meeting him and emotional times take as much energy as rescuing a damsel that didn't know she was in distress until you rescued her. 

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Alright. I think I can manage that." He said with a smile. It was going on four pm. Since they were in Nihon Urbs, the sun wouldn't set until around eight. Once Gabriel finished his meal and stood up, stretching back. That was a damn good meal. Gabriel sat his dishes on the night stand next to the bed and stripped himself of his shirt, preparing for a nice rest. He continued stretching until finally he climbed into bed under the covers.He buried the side of his head into a pillow as he looked at Gwin. "This bed is like heaven." He commented.

Offline Gwindolyn

She laughs as she heads to the dresser that is hers.  She reaches in and pulls out a nighty.  Oh, fine silk with lace across the deep, but covering neckline.  The loose way it fell over her curves felt luxurious to her.  The fine quality of the silk was appreciated instantly.  She hadn't owned anything like this in her memory.  She couldn't afford it on her wages and she would not purchase cheap imitations.  She curled her arms about her and twirled like a little girl.  Her long black hair - finally dry - fanned out about her and wrapping around tight when she stops before falling into place.  She looks to Gabriel in his heaven and smile, a true, sincere, deeply grateful smile.  She climbed into bed next to him and pulled his arms about her.  It didn't take either of them long to fall asleep inspite of the early hour and the bright sunshine.  Exhaustion has a way of overruling sunshine.  A peaceful, happy moment in a whirlwind of craziness and emotions.

Offline Wyrd

Joren could not believe what he just felt.the power he always thought not to be in his reach now that Isaac was dead, but now this odd man wants to give him this power? Joren put his hands on his knees as he tried to regain himself."Armstech... Armstech.. Armstech? what is Armstech? That name... I feel I should know that name for some reason. " Joren stood straight again and looked around him taking in all his handy work. With this power he could still achieve his dream. "Well... What are we waiting for!"

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Offline Gwindolyn

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Cornelius led Joren to his shuttle, which was just down the street. They were heading to ArmsTech. It was there Joren would get his answers.


Gabriel watched as Gwin took off her shirt, changing into night clothes. For some reason, he still blushed. She came into the bed, drawing herself closer to him. The feeling of her against him in the bed was intoxicating. They slowly drifted to sleep, just to wake up about four hours later around eight. Gwin was still asleep, but Gabriel was wide awake. He stroked his hand along her figure, admiring it. He raised her shirt up a tiny bit, just exposing her abdomen, and he simply watched her body move rhythmically. It felt like he had done this before. And he now believed he had.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

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Gabriel propped himself up, the moonlight shining through the window, highlighting Gwin. His eyes glowed through the darkness, watching her sleep. She turned in her sleep, facing Gabriel. He looked t
at her excellenr breasts, hee beautiful face, and imagined her eyes. She then, as if reading his mind, slowly opened her eyes.