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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 15656 times)

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #25 on: June 28, 2010, 02:50:35 PM »
*Shar felt her feet almost slip out from under her as the path suddenly turned into a ice rink. The ice appearing in a blink of a eye before another man, or was it the same as before appeared. A odd sensation started at the bottom of her spine, and started to spread up wards,. Like liquid ice filled with electricity. Her hands started to shake as the phone dropped from her hands. The girl was taken by another before she could even react. She was extremely confused by the who they were, why they were there and what was so obviously special about the shop girl.*

*For now though those thoughts were put on a back burner, the feeling starting to spread to her legs and fingers. She knew this feeling well...though not one she had experienced in a long time. Her heart started to race as sweat beaded along her forehead. Despite the chill of the ground she pulled her hood back exposing her eyes as she started to run away from the scene. She could not be found here, not now, the police were on their way asshe felt the sensation in the pit of her stomach solidify and crystallize . Her body starting to shake as she shook her head roughly.*

"No..not now..not now please....."

*Unaware that the next event would actually spare her life Shar suddenly faded from view a loud scream sounding the air before silence fell...until a few moments later when all hell broke loose.*

-Some where-

*A unknown length of time passed before Shar woke up to find herself laying on a branch in a tree. Some where was she in a park? She glanced about the unfamiliar place. She leaned back against the branch she had been resting on. Such had not happened since her youth due to her hold on such skills now though the icy chill continued to swirl along her frame. She briefly pondered what had happened to those back at the shop and the female and male that had taken off. The female certainly had not gone willingly and that concerned her greatly though she had no idea on how to do anything now.*

*One thing was for sure, she would settle nothing here. Climbing down from the tree she began to walk looking for a phone some where or at least people.*

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #26 on: June 28, 2010, 02:59:46 PM »
Jayden's body was enveloped in metal just before the grenades exploded, shielding him from the blast. He went flying through the back wall of the store, and into a nearby apartment where a family was watching a movie. He stood up, frightening the family. His armor was slick and a dark gray. It was smooth and plated his entire body, even his face. There were two, glowing slits for the eyes as well as for the mouth. "I hate this's so damn hot." He said to himself, brushing the dirt and debris off of him. "Sorry about the wall. I will get it taken care of." Jayden said, then exiting out of the front door casually.

Without a moments notice, was sent flying and flipping forward, his body doing a 180 for him to see the sight. The store, the building, and everything around seemed to engulph in a fiery explosion. Explosion after explosion kept his momentum up, sending him through windows, buildings, and vehicles. Awake the entire time, Jayden was cursing hectically. Finally, it all came to a rest. He was miles away by the time all was said and done. He didn't move, but instead just sat there. "God damn..." Jayden said.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #27 on: June 28, 2010, 03:42:54 PM »
"joren..."  "Joren..."  "JOREN!" The ice man forced himself awake at the sound of someone calling his name. His eye were just open enough to take in surrounding. It looked like he was in a ware house of some kind. He saw he was on a hospital bed with surgical equipment all around him. 'grrrr! so much pain. My body is not meant to feel pain...' Then Joren looked down. "MY LEGS!!! THAT LITTLE FUCKER METED MY LEGS!!! My melting point is +175c! How strong was that blast. Where am I!!?" Suddenly, a voice spoke to him again. "Take it easy boss, It's me, Doctor Kursch" Joren had haired the Doctor a few years ago to help maintain Joren unique frozen body. "Now Joren, that blast was a big one. A lot of down town felt it" Joren spoke up. "Hell yeah it was big! It took my legs!" "Joren your legs well be back by morning, all you need is time for the nitrogen and Element F to settle in your body and they should regrow themselves just like the last time this happened, remember." Joren put his hands over his face and remembered the embarrassing incident when his legs were cut off be one of his targets last year. The Doctor spoke up again. "You and those others have been the talk of the news for the last 3 hours, apparently some woman near the area saw the whole thing. She even escaped that blast the took out 43ed street to tell her tale. I thought were dead for sure Joren until I herd she survived, Luckily I got to the blast site to get you before the authorities did." Joren looked at the Doctor. "When can get out of here and back to work?" "Soon Boss, soon. In the mean time, I have this access card the Federal agents data base." How did you get this!?" Joren asked "It must of fallen from an agent, for i found it at ground zero where I found you sir. With this we will be able to find out more about the those people you engaged at the store. And, More about Isaac." Joren smirked with sharp tooth grin. "Perfect..."             

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #28 on: June 28, 2010, 03:45:47 PM »
Luke stood on the sidewalk, across the street from a busy Bucket O'Cluck fast food restaurant, almost doubled over with laughter. The 'tracer had led him halfway across the city, and Nirvana indicated the trail led here. Or more accurately, to the dumpsters around back. He straightened up, shook his head with a smile and wiped a tear of laughter from his eye.

"Classic...I love this guy!"

Luke leaned against a traffic light, waiting for a lull, then shuffled across the street into the restaurant. At the counter he ordered a Number 3 special with extra Buck'n'Cluck sauce, then moved to an open booth near the back of the dining room. As he tore into his meal, he discussed matters once again with Nirvana.

'So, anything on Sir Lancelot and his brother?' A projection of Nirvana appeared in his visual cortex, sitting across from him in the booth, and she shook her head discouragingly. Her long black hair glittered with a million speckles of light, and the markings beneath her iridescent blue eyes glowed and shifted like lightning.

'Nothing. Whoever they are, someone's gone to a lot of trouble to keep them off radar. I did get a few hits on the other two, however. Your boy Frosty was a hired gun, a merc named Joren-unknown if that's his first name or last-and as far as I can tell, he was hired to capture or assassinate the one named 'Isaac'. It looks like he has a contract with one of the local syndicates, but the records are buried under too much security. Apparently, he's one of the best. A real heavy hitter. One hell of a rap sheet, too; it seems the agency has laid more than a dozen high profile assassinations at his door.'

'Whew. Here's hoping we took him down a few notches.'

'Definitely. As for the agent, all I could find on him was a name and department. Agent Jayden-again, I can't be sure if that's a first name or surname-assigned to the Department of Nexthuman Affairs. Promoted recently, but it's standard practice for agents' files to be wiped when they get assigned to the DNA. He's got quite a record, too; nearly a dozen commendations. Oh, and it seems he got to cut the ribbon on a local grocery store opening, isn't that special.'

'Alright, enough. Open a line, put me through to Marcos. I'm definitely raising my price; this is worth way more than 50K.'

Luke sipped at his soda as Nirvana hacked a telecomm satellite and routed a call to Adrian Marcos' office. Not for the first time, he thanked whatever was listening for the advent of neural implants as he thoughtspoke with Marcos while forking down his chicken dinner.

~200 Miles Southwest~

"Luke, I didn't expect to hear from you this soon. Do you have her already?"

Marcos' jaundiced face ran pale as he took in the freelancer's report. "Protected? By whom?... No, she shouldn't have been under watch from anyone, nobody even knows she exists! How the hell...!"

The old man eased his overweight body into a luxuriant leather chair as he stroked his mustache thoughtfully. " you think this fellow means her any harm?...Is that right...I see..." Laughter erupted from the old man, his belly shaking to and fro as he leaned back in his chair. "Luke, my boy, it seems fate has an even more twisted sense of humor than you do...Yes, yes, of course...Well, I suppose you'll have to make contact somehow...No, of course not...No, if they find out about her, they'll surely kill her...No, in the meantime, let him do the heavy lifting...just keep a watch on them, and..." A heavy sigh escaped the old fellow, and he nodded absently. "Yes, of course...quadruple the fee...anything for the best, my boy...Very well...I'll be expecting updates...Very good. Good hunting."

Marcos disconnected the call and turned to stare out the expansive bay windows of his office, and absently fingered an old silver locket that dangled about his neck as he stared out over the nightscape...

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #29 on: June 28, 2010, 03:59:10 PM »
*Shar stared at her reflection in the window. Her head was fully covered as she had changed clothes repeatedly. The alien yet known sensation sliding over and beneath her skin, starting to feel like snakes slithering about her.*

*With a sigh she walked away and towards the motel she was currently hiding in. She had called her parents once she had tracked down a phone to assure them of her safety. The news was still focused on the activities in the street. She felt sorry for thsoe that had died and hoped at least it had been quick though now she felt guilt for running when she had. She did not know what she could of done but perhaps there had been something.*

*She felt some comfort though in the fact at least any involved and may have seen her would assume she was certainly long dead and that left her with one advantage. Though hardly much seen as the men had powers beyond her understanding and imagination, also they were long gone themselves.*

"Hell I can not even understand my own let alone any others."

*She muttered to herself as she walked into her room. She felt it best to stay under the radar for now. It was time to plan though how to step was uncertain....there was one person she could turn to, though such a idea awoke dreams and nightmares of the past rapidly.*

*Before she could change her mind she picked up the motel phone and dialed in a sequence of numbers.*

Please pick up.....

*Her foot started to tap against the floor while her hand shook as she pressed the phone tightly against ehr ear. As the rings started she began to count them..*


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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #30 on: June 28, 2010, 04:23:30 PM »
With all the jostling of being passed around like a football in a game of keep away, the dizziness was more than she could stand.  She had lost her lunch somewhere, probably on Blue Eyes.  With the sudden speed and so on, she lost her breakfast and what little belonged to dinner last night as well.  Her stomach completely empty and her head clouding over with blackness, she slipped from the world again. 

She awakes nestled among the clouds, black and soft.  She reaches out and grabs one and pulls it to her.  She latches onto that cloud, wrapping arms and a leg about it.  Pictures, sounds and movements paint a picture that jars the mind the way Philip Glass's music can do.  Sharp, jagged memories needle her awake.  Only the calm of those blue eyes and the softness of the clouds she rests amongst lulled her this long.  She awake to hear the shower going.  She is immediately confused as she lives alone.  Ok, so her cat was there, but no one who would use a shower.  Her eyes spring open and she takes in the monochrome colors of black and white throughout the space.  She stuck out like a sore thumb with that bright yellow vest that was the store uniform.  She looked down and it hung in shreds.  Her clothes were not exactly what she would call... there.  Falling, being shot at, having fire too close to her, frag shots and all the other ado, it was amazing she lived at all.  Some questions assault her brain like the firing squad on crack.

"Where am I?  Who am I with?  How do I get my hands on a bed like this?  But maybe some color... red possibly...   What the HELL HAPPENED????  Why me?  Who were all those people?  not just names but WHO???  Who shoots fire, ice, air, water whatnot from themselves without the joys of specially made weapons?  Why me?  I'm no one special?"

Her confusion lies in the simple, mundane life she leads.  She lives alone with her cat.  She works too hard for not enough money or credit.  She is mainly ignored, unseen by those who actually live life.  She hasn't had a date in longer than she dare to think about.  She has no family that she knows of, her family history being a bit sketchy.  She was raised by her mother alone.  The mother took ill with an illness that takes forever to actually claim a life but a fortune to diagnose or manage.  Her mother never really did tell her about her father or grandparents.  She just lived a nothing life in a nothing town in the middle of nowhere. 

She begins to climb from bed, trying to piece together all the fragments of thought and memory.  Her feet touch the floor as she rolls of the massive fluff of comfort.  She finds something solid, plants her feet and begins to rise.  She takes a step and tries to stabalize herself as her head begins to assert itself.  Less painful, less dizzy, less confusion, but not completely right yet.  She falls to the floor, grabbing anything for balance.  She got a hold of something, but it was not grounded and it went tumbling to the floor and is no longer whole.  Pieces around her.  She lays a hand on her arm and closes her eyes, letting the darkness claim her momentarily as her head fights against the urge to sleep.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #31 on: June 28, 2010, 07:58:23 PM »
Gabriel was just turning off the water when he heard a crash. He quickly slipped on some pants and rushed out to find the girl on the floor. Still wet, gently picked her up by the shoulders, her back to him. "Hey. Can you hear me?" He asked, the threatening tone of voice he had with the others gone, and replaced by his normal, boyish voice. She slumped against his chest, causing the back of her shirt to be wet. The water was probably going to wake her up, which could be a good thing. Still supporting her, he turned her around to face him and wrapped his arms around her back, giving more support. He took a closer look at her, inspecting the damage. He hobbled her over to the bed and eased her down. Now that his mind was clear, and it was just he and her, he actually noticed her lack of clothing. Multiple parts of her were exposed, causing him to blush rapidly. He turned to the drawer to retrieve some clothes and returned promptly with a white t-shirt and a pair of boxers. He went over to her and set the clothes on the bed. He went over and leaned over her, examining the wound further. There was a bump on her head, and some blood, but she would be fine. His eyes rolled over her face. He hadn't been this close to her before, and he realized the beauty was evident at this range.

He went to the bathroom, grabbing a wet towel for her, and returned quickly, as he did with everything else. He was naturally hasty. He leaned back over her and placed the towel on her head. He brushed her hair back, removing it from under the towel.

Offline Gwindolyn

Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #32 on: June 28, 2010, 08:39:46 PM »
With the tender administrations from Gabriel, him, she starts to stir.  Her hand goes to the towel.  The coolness an anchor in the hurricane of her brain.  Slowly, she was able to gain herself amidst the torrent.  Her eyes flutter open.  Black lack on tanned, olive skin opening to reveal her almost amber eyes.  She sees the one thing that she clung to since this strange night began.  Those soft blue eyes nestled in the boyish charm that was his face.  The inky black hair falling free about his features, framing them completely.  She blushed softly.  As is natural with a blush, her eyes lower.  She notes his chest, still glistening with dampness from the shower.  It does little to dissuade that blush.  As her cheeks flush a bit deeper, her eyes fall lower.  Black pants over a well toned thigh.  Ok, that was safe.  "Who..."  She paused as she cleared her parched throat.  She curled her lips in to wet them, but with the cotton filling her mouth (or so it felt), it was a futile gesture.  "Who are you?"  Her voice sounding harsh in her own ears, a few tones lower than normal and raspy.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #33 on: June 28, 2010, 08:58:36 PM »
Luke finished his dinner and sat back in his booth. He pulled out a small notebook from one of his rear pockets and laid it out in front of him, opened it to a mostly clean page, withdrew a pen from the bent spiral and redirected his attentions to Nirvana.

'Alright, looks like we'll have to track them down the hard way. 'Ana, see how many orbital viewing stations you can access, and give me a readout on the city. Three or four stations should give us the data we need.'

Nirvana's holojection vanished with a nod, and seconds later a hi-res aerial view map of QU was displayed on his shades. 'OK, give me UV and infra-red filters...zoom in to 150 mile remove all commercial and non-residential structures...probably a safe bet to eliminate suburban and rural areas, too, this boy strikes me as a city crawler...doubtful he's a homeowner either, so remove all private homes and secondary dwellings...' With every command, the brightly lit mini-map grew dimmer and emptier, until all that remained were image locations of apartment buildings, shelters and hotel/motels.

Of which there were many.

'Right...'Ana, bring up the heat emission records for each of these locations for the last three weeks. Let's try to find ourselves a pattern.'

For the next three hours, Luke sat quietly at his table, pen in hand, occasionally scratching a doodle or a note in the margins of the page. For all the world, he appeared to be nothing but a night owl killing time at an all night diner. But internally, he and Nirvana were working furiously, checking ownership and registration records, digging for information that would indicate the number of people expected to be living in each domicile, and crosschecking that information against the infra-red heat emissions to determine how many were actually staying there. Information over a three-week period should have been enough to provide sufficient data to develop a few low level heuristic algorithms, and as the night went on the number of buildings displayed on the map diminished greatly.

At last, there were only 37 buildings left. A little more digging determined 17 of those to be squatters' residences. Twelve were simply unregistered home offices. Five proved to be instances of people using empty apartments to cheat on their spouses, and two were actually legitimate but were filed incorrectly.

But one...

The last residence was an apartment, on the fourth floor of Arcadia Towers. According to the records, it had been leased to QuantUmbraTech for several years, but there were no occupants registered. Yet satellite readings indicated long-term occupancy of a single tenant-and what's more, the current emission readout pointed to an additional heat signature.

Mystery occupant + mystery occupant = Lancelot and Guinevere.

Luke sat back at the table, a triumphant smile on his face as he stared down at the address circled on the page.


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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #34 on: June 28, 2010, 10:22:37 PM »
OOC: Extremely well played.

"You're awake. Good." Gabriel said, reaching his finger into her mouth and plucking out the cotton. He had inserted it in to absorb any blood that may have been in. He examined it, noting a tiny bit of blood. "My name is Gabriel Ureha." He answered, leaning off of her. He ambled over to the entrance of the room, flicking on the lights. "I normally prefer candles, but...I only have one and I don't think it is exactly safe to leave this place right now." He spoke. "I am not exactly sure what is going on..." He admitted, scratching the back of his head. A towel hung around his neck and he used it to dry his hair by rustling it. "I will start from the top. You may have to think about it for a moment before fully understanding it, but this is what happened so far: A week ago, just under two, I woke up with a heightened sense of alertness. This was only recently, but about a year ago, almost two, I woke up, and it was like information was fed to me in my sleep. I suddenly knew how to make all these devices, make all this technology. My bank account was filled with money, and I somehow knew where to acquire parts needed. I purchased all the parts needed, though at the time I didn't know what it was I was building. I had an odd drive to do so. And I completed a lot of things, things which would take months for an entire corporation to make." He went over and sat closely next to the girl. He eyed her up and down and turned red. "You...may want to change, ya know." He leaned back on the bed, arms behind his head. "I outfitted myself with a device that can hide my presence from almost everything. The only way to know where I am is to directly see me or something. I outfitted the apartment, as well as the ones below it, with a lot of stuff as well. The most notable is the cloaking device, a more advance and larger version of the one I carry on my person. Crazy stuff, really. Unlike the smaller version, which may have fried your phone, this one is technology safe. I also built an AI into it. Crazy, huh?" He laughed. "Somehow, during all this weirdness, I remain calm. Like I expect everything. And just tonight, everything changed. I first seen you working in the store about a month ago. I have seen you walking around and the such as well. I live in the area, you see. And tonight, I had this instinct, this feeling, that something was going to happen. That you were in danger. I watched over you for most of the night, without you knowing. Eventually, I felt that if I didn't do something, you were going to die. So thats when I came into the store."

He looked over to her, her clothes shredded. "That's when the fire started. It was me, you, some tracking guy, some ice guy, and an Agent. I didn't notice anyone else, but we were all there. The chances of that are slim. And the tracking guy had an interest in you. A dangerous one." His eyes turned a deep blue. "And the man that came crashing through the store, the one that grabbed you, was my brother. There is no point in trying to sugar coat anything. He actually tried to kill me. My brother..." Gabriel sighed, leaving a moment of silence. "The entire area, and everyone there, were destroyed by the tracer guy. As far as I know the Agent and Snow Man are both dead. I know this is all coming fast at you, and sudden, but believe me, it is real and you are not dreaming. The Tracer guy tried to kill me. He tried to kill everyone. Except you. He was trying to force you with him. I don't know why. But he is dangerous."

His eyes turned back to their normal shade of blue. Gabriel never knew of this eye-color change, and still didn't. "If any of them are still alive, they will be coming for us." He admitted. "Tracer will try to kill me. And take you. I won't let that happen. I have no idea what he plans for you. My brother...he intended to kill you." He looked away from her. "I won't let that happen. I won't let anything happen to you." He swore.

He felt like it was his fault. And in truth, all though he didn't know it, it was.

"Gabriel." A female voice said. The room illuminated an emerald green and a projection came down from the ceiling. It was a figure of a woman, and next to her was a large rectangular area. "There has been some refocusing on satellites. Specifically, ones in this district of Quantum Urbs. I think you have been located. Suggest immediate departure from current location." She said. "Who is this?" She asked. "She is...uh." Gabriel just remembered that he never received a name. "Your girlfriend?" She asked. "Why does everyone keep asking that?" Gabriel asked, packing a few things. "You two look good together. Don't screw up with her." The AI commented. " and her aren't going out." Gabriel said, embarrassed. "That's not what it looks like." She said in a sing-song, taunting voice. "Is this REALLY the time for this, Jen?" Gabriel asked. The AI dematerialized, then reconstructed right in front of the girl. "Her clothes are destroyed. You really couldn't wait until you got home, could you?" She asked teasingly. "You know, for an AI, you sure are a pervert." He snapped back. The AI laughed. "Go change, dear." The AI said to the girl. "Gabriel, the car is in the parking structure, spot number fourty two. Whatever you don't have here, is in there. Bet you feel like a Secret Agent. Isn't that right, double-oh Gab?" She joked. "Don't make me turn you off." Gabriel said back to her.
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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #35 on: June 28, 2010, 11:00:16 PM »
Joren had finally recovered after around 4 hours in a ice tank. 'Now I can get some work down.' Joren thought to himself as he seated himself at a large array of computer and other electronics. 'Now to see if what we got from that agent was worth me getting blown up.' Within an hour Joren has gained entry into the Quantum Urbs Agent data base. Ha now had access to specs on every person in the City. And, to Joren's surprise all of the agents security cams that scattered the city. 'Okay first I need to identify everyone who was in the 42ed street area at around midnight last night. After a few minutes, Joren found the recordings from the Store where the events of last night took place. "Computer, Zoom and Identify." The computer held the image of the boy with the inky black hair, the one Joren held by the neck before the frags. "Citizen's Name:... Gabriel Ureha" Joren stroked his beard and brushed some of the frost from his pale bluish white face. "Computer. Give me a list of known relatives." "Mother:...Unknown/ Father:...Unkown/ Brother:... Isaac Ureh" A toothy smirk appeared on Joren's pale face. "No fucking way... This is to good. Computer! Give me the address of Gabriel Ureha." The computer went silent for a minute. "^RESTRICTED^ Working.... working.... working.... Access granted Agent Jayden. Address:.. 4th floor, room 117, of the Arcadia Towers. "Doctor!" Joren called "I'm going to work now, hold my calls!"           

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #36 on: June 28, 2010, 11:15:04 PM »
OOC: Made an edit to my last post. I switched it a bit. The heightened sense f awareness was about two weeks ago, and the information for the technology, as well as the money into Gabriel's bank account, was almost two years ago.

"Gabriel," Jenny began, "We have another problem." She began. "Jayden has found us. He found this location." She said, causing Gabriel to halt. He sighed deeply. "Moving again?" Jenny asked sadly. "Yeah. Do it as soon as we leave, and make sure nothing is left here. You know the procedure. Take all the technology and go. Burn everything else." He ordered darkly. "You know I can-" "No, Jenny. There isn't enough time. Linger in the place we agreed upon until I contact you with a new home." He explained. After the woman had changed, Gabriel grabbed his bag and took her hand. "We have to get out of here. I am sorry we can't rest for a while. You can sleep in the car." He explained. Fingers interlocked, they made their way out in a soft sprint. Once they reached the outside, which was faster than taking the stairs down since the car was near the entrance, he heard a sonic boom and watched the light shoot from the apartment into the sky. It was impossible to hit with any weapon at that speed and had the AI maneuvering it, which means it could avoid any missile fired at it.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #37 on: June 28, 2010, 11:42:26 PM »
OOC: Hm, you as well.

Luke was putting his notebook away when a stabbing pain lanced through his head, and it took a considerable amount of discipline to keep from screaming. As it was, he nearly collapsed against the table, and ordered Nirvana to run a full diagnostic.

'No need, Luke. I already know what happened: I was spiked. Hard.' Luke managed to lift his head and stare at the manifesting holojection sitting across from him through blurred vision. 'Spiked...? That', no fucking way! The kid?' Nirvana nodded silently, her ethereal elbows resting on the back of the booth. 'I was doing another search through the systems and I found a hack trail in one of the DNA's systems. I've got good news, bad news, and some more bad news. Which flavor do you want first?'

'...Shit. Give me the more bad news first,' Luke replied, cradling his head in his hands.

'First off, it looks like our friend the Ice Man managed to scrape through that blast, after all. The hack trail was accessed from a secure syndicate terminal, and Agent Jayden's access card was used in the break-in. Since Jayden hasn't been heard from since the blast, and it's highly unlikely he's a syndicate plant...' Nirvana left the thought unfinished. Luke could fill in the depressingly ugly pieces for himself.

'I knew I should have used the Archangels on that asshole...OK, OK, give me the bad news.' 'Apparently, it seems Lancelot has himself an A.I. of his very own. Hi-tech specs, from the look of her. And she's a bit of a bitch.' Luke lifted his head for a moment and flashed 'Ana a toothy grin. 'Jealous, sweetheart?'

Which he promptly paid for with another sudden, splitting brainache. 'Ow! Goddammit, 'Ana, cut it out, I'm only teasin'! Besides, there's no way she's as good as you, babe. We both know that.' He threw Nirvana a playful wink as soon as the world stopped seething in bright red. 'Ana simulated an exasperated huff and settled back down in her *seat*.

'You just remember that, tough guy. Besides, that brings me to the good news portion of our programming: the white knight has a name. While that air-headed algorithm was spiking my connection to the satellite links, I managed to slip inside and rummage through her files. I didn't get much, but I did get a few tidbits. Our hero is named Gabriel Ureha, older brother to Isaac Ureha, ages yet unknown. Oh, and as payment for jacking me out I left a little something in his system; a nice, undetectable little copy of moi. Now we should be able to access a lot more information from his A.I. when it becomes available.'

Luke leaned back and smiled, and for once Nirvana actually returned it. 'Excellent work, 'Ana. Now, since the connection was spiked, can we assume they know we know their location?' 'Safe bet.' 'Well. Guess we should get over there before the party ends, huh?'

He gathered up the trash from his meal, piled it neatly on his tray, and scooted out of the booth and shuffled outside. Luke wandered down a side alley, input the coordinates of Arcadia Towers into his pgm, and...

~25 Miles Across Town~

rematerialized on a roof three buildings down from Arcadia. 'Still there, do you think, 'Ana?' 'Most likely. They haven't had enough time to escape by conventional means.'

Luke decided to take no chances. He pulled out pieces of hardware from various pockets, fitted them together with the practiced ease of a true professional, and loaded a small tracer round into the assembled sniper pistol. His ocular implants zoomed in on the apartment building's parking basement and he took aim as a dark, unmarked car pulled out of the gate. Two passengers, one male, one female, the right ages, builds...jackpot.

The gun fired silently and the round flew true, the small degradable jacket shattering on impact and splashing the rear fender of the car with .3 grams of neoglydium oxide, odorless, colorless, guaranteed to attach to any surface in any environment, and absolutely undetectable without a specialized tracking device. And wouldn't ya know it...

A solid blue blip appeared inside Luke's shades, and he leaned one foot on the roof's railing.

'I'll be seeing you two lovebirds soon enough...'

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A soft tune played in the car, setting the atmosphere. Inside the vehicle seemed like a small, relaxing club. A piano played a smooth, slow melody with a jazzy drum accompanying it. The windows were tinted, blocking out the light from outside. A dim blue light emitted from the floorboard, as well as the ceiling of the car. It was calming. There was a steady flow of cold air in the vehicle, needed to keep all of the technology within cold. It also prevented the car from being seen thermally. While it wasn't extremely cold in the vehicle, it was uncomfortably cold. "Hey, Jenny." Gabriel said. "Yes, Gabe?" Came the voice. "Can you lower the seats?" He asked. There was a pause for a moment. "It's for her, not for me. And not for us both..." Gabriel said, knowing what the AI was assuming. The AI laughed and lowered the woman's seat. "This car is made with comfort in mind. It is meant to be a sort of moving home. An area to sleep, pillows, covers in the trunk. All accessible right behind you." Gabriel said, smiling. "Hell, there is even a mini fridge and a tiny tv. As you maybe able to tell, I have been a nomad in the past years." Gabriel explained.

"You can press that button over there and the tinted windows become one-way." He explained. She pressed it, out of curiosity, revealing the city. "The city is actually quite beautiful." Gabriel said to her. "Especially in the thick city areas. Since it's almost always night here, all the sights are to be seen at night."

Quantum Urbs, which is latin for "The Great City", was on the back side of the planet. The city was the size of a large country, it's boarders being defined by protective walls. While the city was large, not all of it was dense and highly populated like Arcadia. There were smaller areas, even some trees. But, there was no farming land or anything of the such. 80% of the city's floor was cemented, the other 20% being grass areas. It made parks very popular among the people. In most areas, the buildings were dark, blending nicely into the night. The lights used in the city were called Illustro Lights. They were made specifically for the night, because of how often it was dark. The glowed bright and far, but not too bright so that it wouldn't blind the citizens. In Quantum Urbs, it was Dark until 11am, and was light only until six.

The passing lights outside the window were like dots in the darkness. The reflection off the mostly-glass walls of buildings keeping a constant mirror effect. The sky was a a dark purple, almost black. It got that way around four or five in the morning. Right now, it was Rain Season, which accounted for the rain nearly every night. The city was already a rainy city, but during this time of the year, it rained far more. Right now, the rain was gone, leaving water throughout the city. It made the sight unforgettable. Lights shown off the streets, different colors and different reflections. It added another layer to the city.

"Auto-Drive." Gabriel said. After a moment, Gabriel repeated himself. "Jenny! Auto-Drive."

"Is that how you ask?" Came Jenny's voice. "Please?" Gabriel asked. The wheel pulled in and Gabriel leaned back in the chair. "You can sleep there. I don't want to invade your space or make you uncomfortable, so I will sleep up here. We should be safe on the move. This car has the same technology as my house. The cloaking. The car isn't registered, but the plates are real enough to keep someone looking for days. The cameras in the apartment were shut down before we even entered the building. Cars come in and out of the garage all the time, they can't pinpoint ours. Even if they did, I have a little device just for the occasion. So rest easy." He explained, maintaining a light, comforting tone. He looked back at her, his eyes glowing with the car. She stared into his eyes, almost entranced. Of course, he didn't realize it. "Hey, you ok?" He asked.

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Joren soon arrived at the apartment building. He made his way to the door of room 117. Joren placed his cold hands on the door, and in moments the door turned to ice. He looked around for anyone who would and kicked in the door causing it to shatter. But to Jorens dismay the apartment was empty. "No fucking way!!! I should have known no one would be here, no one has lived here for years!" After Jorens outburst he saw that the room had been burned and striped, vary recently. Joren walked over to an open window and looked out side over the entrance of the parking area for the building. 'looks like I just missed him after all.' Just then Joren saw a black car pulling out from the parking area. "Looks like it's show time." With that, Joren jumped out the window and landed on the road with a "thud". With inhuman speed, chased after the car for about half a kilometer. Joren's hand reached out in the direction of the car as he got closer and his eye's turned dark. The car with Gabriel and the girl stopped abruptly. "What the fuck?" Gabriel said with annoyance. He stuck his head out of the car window and saw that the tires were frozen to the ground by solid ice. "Oh fuck!"   

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She listened to the crazy story and most of it sounded unreal.  She did not speak.  Not once was her name asked.  Not once was anything of her asked.  This was surreal as things seem to center around her, but no one knew her.  There really was nothing to know either.  She dressed when told to, having not realized she was missing so much clothing until he blushed.  She followed his orders, too dazed and confused to put up a fuss.  She finds comfort in the small touches, the interlaced hands.  In the car, she continues to remain silent, basking in his presence.  He lowers her seat, but stays upright himself.  She continues to stare into his eyes.  Those softly glowing blue eyes.  She had noted the color changes and pondered on them.  He asks if she is OK.  She simply says "hold me."

Then the tires freeze.

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Luke was headed for the roof's stairwell, feeling rather pleasant about the night's progress when suddenly he pulled up short. The little blue blip had stopped moving, apparently right in the middle of the street. 'Um...'Ana? Why has the little blue blip stopped moving?' Nirvana immediately called up an overhead satellite and panned around onto the target car. 'Luke.' 'Yes, 'Ana?' 'Remember how I said you should increase your fee for this job?' Sigh. 'Yes, 'Ana.' 'You should probably increase it some more.'

Luke held his silence for almost a full minute, tapping one sandal against the roof.

'...Frosty?' 'Yep.'

Luke grit his teeth and mightily resisted the urge to stomp his feet in frustration. "Alright, see, this, this right here, this is bullshit, that's what this is. That's all there is to it. Here I am trying to be all cool, make a smooth exit after a job well done, and then this. I mean, seriously, what kind of world are we coming to! I hit that motherfucker with a goddamn array of space cannons! Cannons! From frakkin' space! If he couldn't just die, he could at least have the bloody courtesy to go crawl off in a hole and suffer for a couple months! This is just plain...rude!"

Nirvana crossed her arms and drummed her fingers against one shoulder, waiting patiently for Luke to finish his venting. 'Feel better yet?'

Sigh. Some people just got no sympathy.

Luke nodded slowly, reached down to one pocket and pulled out a very large grape sucker as he marched back over to the railing. 'Alright, then. Show me.' He unwrapped the candy and popped it into his mouth as real-time video overlayed his shades. From atop a roof almost two blocks away, Luke watched the battle unfold and waited to see if he would have to intervene...

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"Hold on, im on it." Jenny said before Gabriel had to ask. The cold air in the car turned off, causing the vehicle to heat. Within seconds, the Ice was melted. "Get ready, Gabriel." Jenny said. Gabriel jumped back and embraced the girl. "I apologize in advance, if you throw up." He smiled and said to her. The car filled with light, and whirling sounds filled the vehicle. The front of the car opened up and the car closed around them, forming into a smaller, faster vehicle. A strong windshield rose up over the opening in the front and condensed. With the girl under him, Gabriel extended his arms, taking hold of the controls. "Hold onto me." He told her. She did so, as the formation finished into an enclosed motorcycle-esce vehicle. The front tires combined into one, as wella s the back, making it a bi-wheel vehicle. The tires skidded as he did a 180 degree turn, facing Snow Man. "I told you to leave us alone!" Gabriel shouted, his voice going through intercom. The tires skidded, and the outside of the vehicle heated. It was now impossible to freeze the vehicle. "Why do you persist? Ice beats fire!" He shouted.
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She slided down in her seat as the car comes to a halt.  She climbs back up into her 'bed' as Gabriel asks her name.  Before she could offer it, the car filled with lights and things began to shift.  The only good thing at that moment was a pair of arms about her.  He pressed against her.  Her whole being clutches to him, finding him the only constant in a ripple of motion.  She feels her stomach rise as things shift and change about her.  She fights hard to keep it in.  She has to swallow some that escaped her throat, but not her mouth.  She grimaces at the taste of her bile.  On the upside, emptying her stomach earlier kept this one from really happening now.  The cotton, the vomit and the lack of anything new makes her mouth one place even she did not want to venture.  What she wouldn't give for a drink of water about now.  The car finishes shifting.  She comes back to the moment long enough to notice the car was now a motorcycle.  She takes some time to marvel over this process.  Everything seemed unreal.  The concusion did not help this effect at all.  Nothing made sense and she felt like she was watching a movie happening to someone else.  She hears "hold on"  And she obeys willingly.  The warmth of his body reaching into her and keeping her warm.  She was only wearing a t-shirt and some boxers and it had rained earlier.  The streets were now slick with the residual wetness.  She greedily soaks up his warmth and lays her head against his back.  Her anchor to reality, if that was what this was.  She listens with detachment as he yells at the other man.  She doesn't even really look at the other.  She just takes this time to enjoy her contact with Gabriel.

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"Your safe with me. I promise." He said to her, once again giving his distinct smile. Fire shot out of the vehicle in a controlled line, surrounding Joren before shooting up. "You want information!?" He asked as Joren looked around a the fire. The fire connected at the top, making a dome around Joren. "ArmsTech. You want my brother, you better dig into that!" He shouted. His brother had tried to kill him. More importantly, his brother tried to kill the girl that he would give his life to protect. "ArmsTech...take it up with them. But I don't suggest your approach. They will kill you if you do that. Expect the unexpected. 555-2390" He said, giving a number. It was not the ArmsTech number, though. ArmsTech was a 1-800.. This was another number.

The vehicle did an about-face, racing off in the other direction. Joren was unable to follow for a while until the fire died down. Gabriel liked to avoid fighting, He always sought a better solution. Escape was normally the best option. This does not mean he was a coward; it just meant he was smart. Once they were a safe distance away, the vehicle returned to it's normal, four-wheeled state.

"Seems like every time I ask your name, we get interrupted." Gabriel laughed. The entire inside of the vehicle had been turned into a laying area, the wheel retracted for Auto-Drive.Gabriel sat in the corner, looking at the woman. "They will both keep chasing us." He explained to her. "The lead I gave Joren can only go so far. And my brother is my brother. He will come back eventually as well." She simply responded with an 'uh-huh'. He crawled over to her and sat, crossed legged, in front of her. He smiled sweetly at her and cocked his head to the left. His blue eyes maintained their constant glow. "You should really talk more. You have a nice voice." He continued to look at her. "So whats your name?" He asked.

They would be safe soon. Magic couldn't be used during the day (for a reason I shall explain later).

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Luke climbed onto the railing and sat down, his long legs dangling from the rooftop. One eyebrow lifted in amused wonder as he observed the car's reconfiguration over the overhead sat relay. 'Who the hell is this kid? And where can I get his toys?' He rested his head on one hand and plucked the lollipop from his mouth, smacking his lips loudly. He could tell the two were discussing something, but there was no sound on the satellite view. 'Can you bug his A.I., find out what they're saying?' 'On it.'

Within moments a soundfile was being played through his implants. "...dig into that! ArmsTech...take it up with them....555-2390..." 'OK, check it out, see who that number's registered to.' 'Processing...'

Luke sat and watched patiently as Gabriel left Joren in a flaming cage and tore off into the night. His respect for the fellow grew a little as he watched, amused, as Joren screamed in a rage under the flames. 'Anything on the number? Anything on ArmsTech?' 'Negative. The 555 number seems to be a dead end. Doesn't even appear related to ArmsTech; their corporate number is 1-800-255-3323.' 'Any reason to suspect this has anything to do with our girl?' 'Negative.'

Luke climbed up from the railing and headed back for the stairwell, slurping on his sucker. 'In that case, I suggest we go home and I get some nice, long shuteye, and whatever it is that you do when I'm not around. All this fun has left poor little me exhausted!'

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((Wow so much to cath up on and hard to keep up with you all. ))

*On the twentieth ring she was contemplating putting the phone down then just as the phone left her hear a voice sounded.*

"Who ever and what this is about. It better be good to wake me up at this time of night."

"If that is the way you normally greet people then I am not surprised you gets so many complaints about your bed side manner."

"A faint chuckle would sound from the other side.. A deep , husky almost masculine sounding voice. Though the pitch was slightly off.*

"Honey, you have no idea about my bedside manner and that certainly receives no complaints."

"I need your help...well some one else may do."

"Ah that incurable nature to help people will only get you in trouble Shar. So to save this person you willing to finally come over to the "dark side" Shar. It has certainly been waiting for you for a long time."

*Another chuckle sounded though this time a harded edge threaded through the sound it causing a pit of dread to open in her stomach.*

"I just want to help some one in danger Beth. Nothing mroe nothing less...just after what has been seen...I doubt the normal people would be able to help."

"Very simple Shar, you are either in or out. You wish to try and save the person drowning you got to get into the pool."

"Fine I'm in. I'm at...."

"Honey you don't have to tell me anything..I know where you are leaving a faint trail after the fun at the store..."

"But I didn't say ..."

"You wouldn't be calling if you really thought you did. See you soon."

*Before Shar could respond all she got was the infuriating droning signal.*


"She muttered under her breath before going to the bathroom and cleaning herself up. Within the hour a knock at her door soudned through the simple room. Taking a deep breath she moved tot he door opening it slightly to peer out.*

*A woman stood out side dressed in a pair of worn jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. Ankle boots gave her extra height to her five foot six inch frame. A a bob of black hair and dark blue strands  leading to a pair of bright blue eyes. A warm smile touched the womans lips.*

"I knew one day something would throw you over the egde Shar...though certainly not some thing on this kind of scale. How did you manage to find this much trouble."

"It found me and how much trouble are we talking."

*The female laughed as they made their way towards the womans car.*

"Honey if my readings are right then the trouble is mighty high, mighty wide. Though I doubt you or I will be on their radar yet. How did you actually manage to survive?"

"I'm not exactly sure. One minute I was outside the store and the next in a tree to the west."

"Not the most heroic of stories but at least you are here. Now tell me everything..."

*The drove through the city in a normal family looking car as Shar started to explain everything from her time at the bus stop and what followed. Part of her wishing she was simply exaggerating or at least had been day dreaming. At least then she could wake up and all be back to normal even if she was back at the damn bus stop. The woman listened for the first time in silence only nodding ehr head at certain parts until Shar finishes her story.*

*A long drawn out whistle filled the car at the end.*

"I almost envy you. Especially seen as no one appears to know about you. Though certainly got to be something special about this girl the men were fighting over. A bit of a extreme to go to for a simple bit of tail."

"I wouldn't know. So what next?"

"Our next stop off is my work and trying to track where the female went if she is the one you wish to aid. Nearly there."

*Shar fell silent as she watched the buildings passed by, her hands wrapping about themselves to give her comfort and warmth. Time seemed to change once more as it started to speed passed now. Hours passed by as they walked into a goverment looking building. Several guarded doors having to be passed before finding their way into a large room. A hive of computers were filled with life. Some with the news, some with numbers and letters all another language to Shar from what she could see.*

*The woman begin to explain to her what was going on from their perspective.*

"Everyone's packing a punch Shar I am not sure how you alone can help but I wish to know more on this woman so I shall help "

*Shar smiled the look in her eyes changing from confusion to determination.*

"You would not have brought me here if you was going to do anything else."

*The woman chuckled as they moved to a quieter room, her locking the door behind them.*

"We currently have a idea of where two of the three men are. They of course are seeking the man with the female. We shall be observing them from a distance..and hopefully step in at the right moment. Did any of them manage to see you at all?"

"Maybe one of them , the one that initially tried taking the female."

"Hmm that could be useful..perhaps time for him to see a ghost..."

*A puzzled look crossed Shars eyes as the woman leaned in closer, grasping the back of Shars neck and whispered quietly into her ear.*

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With apparent safety now at hand, her head relaxing into a constant, but dull thud and a moment to actually think about things, she feels overwhelmed.  Tears burst forth from her.  She cries not her name but "Why?  Why me?  What did I do?  What am I being punished for?"  A slight pause in her outburst before she almost yelps out "MY CAT!"  In all the flurry no one has thought of her furry.  She needed to get home and feed the poor beast, give it some company.  It is awfully lonely being stuck in a room alone for full day, she knew that all too well.  Her fears for herself now rechanneled to something she could do, she focused on her cat.  "We need to see to my cat."  Her eyes were pleading even as the tears poured from her eyes.  Waves of emotions finally finding an outlet would not be stemmed easily.

She reaches up a hand to her braid and releases the long black hair with an audible sigh of relief.  The pounding in her head lessens slightly as she rakes her hands through her hair.  She wipes a few tears from her face to find the wetness is not pure.  Her face must be a mess.  If her face is a mess, she realizes her need for a shower.  She looks down and is still in his shirt and boxers.  "PLease, let me go take care of poor Miss Kit.  I would be quick about it."  She begins to plot for a shower and a change of clothes while she is there.  She is rather fast at this stuff, even in spite of the long raven hair.

His request for her name finally gets an answer though, "I am Gwin."  Her amber eyes, wet with hysterics seek the calm of his softly glowing blue eyes.

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Gabriel reached out and wiped a few tears away with his thumb. "Yeah. I think we can manage that." He said to her. "I already have the address." Jenny said, turning the car at the next intersection. "It's going to be ok." Gabriel comforted. "I don't know why you. I don't know much of anything right now. All I do know is that I was given these things for a reason. There is a reason we all met at your shop. But I don't know what the reason is. I wish I had answers for you, but I don't. I'm sorry." He apologized. "ETA, Jenny?" Gabriel asked. "Twenty minutes tops. Going to change the color of the car and change the build a little bit on the exterior. Don't want to get noticed en route. Gabriel...this is really out of the way." She warned. "Just do it, Jenny." Gabriel pleaded.

"Don't cry, ok?It will be fine."

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Joren stood in the middle of the fire with a angry scowl on his face, deep in thought. 'That little fucking coward. I bet he can't even fight! Well i'll show him! When the time comes i'll KILL HIM!' As that went through Joren's head, He raised his arms up and extinguished the fire with little effort.

"Doctor, do we still have access to the camera net work?" Joren said in to the ear piece. "Yes Mr. Tolkki We have full clearance to every cam in the city, I'm watching you right now." Joren grinned. "Good. now I want you to track that vehicle I just encountered." The Doctor spoke up. "Will you be pursuing Mr. Tolkki?" Joren thought for a minute. "No. But I don't want those little brats out of your sight, got that!. Keep me updated." "Yes sir." Responded the doctor. Joren was now in the middle of the empty road in front of Arcadia Towers. He presses a small button on the inside of his black ,heavy metal type over coat and a minute later, an illegally modifier, hyper street bike came around the corner riderless. It was vary sleek and was a metallic mid-night blue with a large painting of an ice dragon on the side. Joren quickly hoped on the bike and sped away vary fast.


"Yes Mr. Tolkki?"

"Research every thing you can find about ArmTech!"

"What about the phone number he gave you sir?"

"Fuck it, it's fake. I'v seen it before."

Joren looked up though the tall buildings of Quantum Urbs. 'Soon Isaac, soon...'