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Author Topic: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP  (Read 3757 times)

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #25 on: July 28, 2010, 12:34:49 PM »
"Rosa." She said, stepping foreward, recognizing the scent of the sea immediately. She held out her hand for the girl to shake. "I have been expecting you. I truely thought you would be the first to arrive. I must admit, you are rather different from the rest of your kin. Your facial features are different, though your grace and confidence are certainly not lacking. You have the same eyes as your great grandmother I believe she would be, and the poise of your great great grandfather." Rosa smiled as she guessed the girl might be a bit surprised by this evaluation.

"Anyway, there will be plenty of time to speak of such later. At the moment there are more pressing matters. The organization is growing in its following and the hunt has begun." She looked directly into the woman's eyes as she said this. She knew she knew. She had heard it from her family no doubt. "Perhaps you know of somewhere large enough to have a meeting in?" She asked. She had traveled far, and judging by the limo that she had pulled up in, her family funds certainly were not lacking. Knowing the nature of her kin to be a bit lavish when it came to their travels, she assumed that she had gotten a large enough suit in a hotel here that should comfortably fit them all. Even if not, it was the best bet she had. If need be, she herself would pay for a conferience room to use.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #26 on: July 29, 2010, 09:16:04 AM »
Curled inside his generic wooden box, Undercroft's animal sobbing was seldomly heard except on this night. The open crate surrounded by many similar crates sat amongst many, trapped in the ware house district. Though once abandoned, it was now resurrected by his over active behavior. Lights were flickering every so often, stacking machines were progressing by constantly reorganizing crates and other sorts of material. A child, no younger than seven laid brutally slain. Teeth marks ripped her throat in half, claws strung her body out around the surrounding area, most of which was stained from blood and savage devouring of the tattered corpse. There are times when he clues into reality, and this was one of them. His overall perception of today's world is blinded by gunfire and crime, but not this, this disaster. Glancing up in the darkness, threw his orange swimming goggles, he couldn't even recognize what was in front of his very eyes, only a bloody massacre meant for fantasy worlds. "You did me proud....." A cold feminine voice whispered out, complimenting his ruthless behavior.
Thick black leather boots stepped beside Undercroft's box, clearly making themselves known by their heavy thumps. "She didn't deserve it." The hyena man said, speaking to Greed. Giggling in response, she peered inside to note his actions. Her silver hair bangs curtained over her face, but those bright glowing pink eyes peered into his goggles, lighting his day. The thick red overcoat was attached through belts instead of buttons or zipper. Large bulky belts that were individually buckled together. Her coats shape emphasized her 6'6 height and hair that touched the tip of her heels. Such long straightened silver hair was beautiful beyond comparison. "Crawling inside the box beside Undercroft, she held him close in her arms. "Shh... I'm here now." Undercroft never would have cried over spill blood, but this was a rare occasion of lack of self control.
"I couldn't control myself." He whimpered in her arms, holding her close for comfort. Though he had no idea that she was pulling the strings on these impulses. Greed only grinned behind her blinding silver hair with delight. "The time of sobbing is over, Undercroft, their are intruders in your city." Quickly snapping out of reality and into his fantasy world, Undercroft became the monster once more. Months of brutal slayings, terrorists attacks, and vigilantism made him proclaim this city as his, no one else. Using powerful animal legs to jot out the box, Undercroft stood amongst the storage house where police were just stepping inside, investigating the recent action. There weren't many prior to the central park scene, but there were investigators and off-duty police investigating.

Radio transmissions came in from near by squad cars at the shape shifters gathering. Loud hyena whooping was heard as screams cried out. Tapping duct over the radio to constantly transmit the horrors, police turned blankly but with a slight fear in their faces at the sounds. Gun fire echoed out in mayhem as shotgun fire reacted to each shot taken.
Embedded in a thick kevlar vest that stopped most small armed fire, which undoubtedly there were some bullet casings lodged in his vest. Greed, being an imaginary friend stood amongst the officers trapped in the dark warehouse. Pointing their flash lights in all directions, Undercroft was finishing barring the doors with steel pipes. Using every muscle, twisting them along the handles, he whooped once more so the radio's could listen. "Where's Dennis." One officer whispered out, trying  not to alarm their predatory hunter. "Dennis?" Another officer whispered out trying to locate their companion. Sneaking inside the warehouse, Undercroft lurked above, watching his prey closely. Walking on all four legs instead of two, the shotgun on his back jingled against the many other gadgets he had attached to his vest. Pointing their flash lights in their stalkers direction, orange goggles sparkled brightly in the light. "There!" They pointed firing their weapons in response. Leaping off without hesitation, the sparkling sharpened teeth bared down on them. Shooting a hole in his round ear, tarring away chunks of his vest, and bullets skimming by his face leaving wounds of war.
Pouncing down with ferocity, his claws swiped forth, tarring flesh clean off one officers face, sending him spinning where he stood. Hopping back, dodging more gunfire, his shotgun was whipped off his back quickly, releasing two slugs, killing two more officers, sending them far away with vicious gaps in their chest. The last two officers began running in panic but Undercroft was in hot pursuit. Greed was lavishing in the bloodshed, loosing her mind in the carnage, dancing among the dead bodies. She gave an illusion in Undercroft's mind that the recent dead officers were dancing with her. Adding even more to her dance party, he leaped forward, landing on on officers back. Digging his talons and claws deep into him, pinning him, his teeth lunged forth. Crunching down, he could feel his spine snapping between those monstrously strong hyena jaws.
Trapped in the darkness, banging vigorously on the large doors for escape, it suddenly went silent. Reinforcing officers stood outside watching the blood leak from under the door forming a pool. Using the radio inside the squad, he reported to other officers. "We need a breach team in South Port harbour. "Time to greet you're my new friends." Standing on the roof, looking past the port into central park, far from his current position, the dragon and their friends stood.

((Note, he doesn't actually talk, only thinks he talks. ))

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #27 on: July 30, 2010, 04:12:57 AM »
Vye’s heart warmed with recognition and pride. She had no idea that this strange dragon had such intimate knowledge of her family, let alone the depth and breadth of familiarity with her heritage. Vye was instantly humbled to be compared to her great grandmother, even in the slightest of terms, as her great grandmother had ruled the seas during the reign of the great Egyptian Gods. She was a bit tongue-tied to have received such a remark. She firmly shook Rosa’s hand and gave a slight bow in respect to the elder dragon.

“I regret that I did not make it here sooner, but I’m glad to see that others have made journey,” Vye acknowledged with a tinge of guilt for not making better time, but transportation wasn’t the best these days. Vye listened intently to Rosa’s request and gave a firm nod with an affirmative reply, “But, certainly, you’re correct. Pleasantries will be saved for another time, Miss Rosa. I have the penthouse suite reserved for the evening at the OTA, just a few minutes time from here. We could take the auto and …” She hesitated for just a moment with the epiphany of inviting four people into her limo when she felt it was barely big enough for herself. Her stomach grew queasy, but she concealed her distress with ease and a smile. “And, we could speak of matters with privacy, and perhaps order some room service? I fear I’m famished after such a long flight, but I could not wait to speak with you.”
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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #28 on: July 30, 2010, 03:36:51 PM »
'Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did she just say 'hunt'? As in, 'hunt'? What organization? What the hell is going on? And what is this chick talking about, that 'great grandparent' business? And who, exactly, is Little Miss Trump?' Val shook his head silently, his thoughts racing at turbo speed as he watched the exchange. 'Man, I got a bad feeling about this...'

His reluctance took a back seat in his mind, however, when the new girl mentioned room service. His stomach rumbled practically loud enough to rattle the nearest building's windows; that dollar menu burger he'd eaten earlier hadn't stuck with him worth a damn. He glanced around sheepishly in case any of the others heard. 'Way to follow up that first impression, Valentine. Speak with your stomach. What a charmer, boy.'

He had to admit, the idea of rolling up to one of the city's priciest hotels in such a posh set of wheels was more than a little tempting in itself. Still, he couldn't shake the nagging notion that tagging along with this bunch would wind up changing his life--and not in a good way. But his curiosity was tweaked, and though Val wasn't the most dedicated of newshounds, he couldn't resist a chance to learn at least a little more before cutting out.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #29 on: July 30, 2010, 04:08:02 PM »
Rosa nodded. She noticed how uneasy she seemed, but she couldn't press matters any more than they were already. Sensing eyes on her once more, she glanced in the direction from which the stare was coming. She couldn't see for the darkness, but she knew someone was there. A sense of dread and foreboding came over her for a brief moment, but she soon pushed it away. Looking back at the rest of the group, gathered around her, she smiled.

"I think that will do well. And don't worry about not being here sooner. I understand that things are much more difficult than they were years ago." She said to Vye. Stepping towards the limo that she had stepped from, she turned back and looked at her. Her suspicions had been correct about where she was sure Vye had planned on staying. It was best to move quickly before something grave happened. "There is no time to explain here or now. We may begin to discuss on the way to the hotel, and then once we are in the room, we may continue."


"Get our men in there now. We don't want this going public. If that happens, scientists and animal lovers alike will be up in arms against us and we'll never be rid of the vermin." A tall figure with long, black hair hissed, standing at a window in a tall building. Turning around, the tall figure revealed a thin, defined face with piercing golden eyes and pale skin.

A man, considerably shorter than the first, stepped towards the taller man near the window. "Sir. If I may--"

"If you may what?!" The taller man snapped. "If you may ignore my orders?! Get our men out there!" He yelled, interrupting the shorter man.

"They are already on their way." The shorter man stayed calm as the taller one yelled at him.

The taller man calmed again and turned back to the window, clasping his hands behind his back. "Good!"

"Now, sir, as I was going to say before, I have been observing this particular creature. It appears they are highly unstable. A wild card if you will." The shorter man stepped up beside the man at the window.

The dark haired man turned his head to look into the face of the man now beside him. "A wild card?" He asked, curiously but skeptically. "What are you getting at?"

"A wild card would be a great asset in our hand. The hand of the vermin is growing in power and this one may be the card that topples their house." He explained. "This creature is uncontrollable, not trainable, but seems to be easily influenced. If we get him to come with our men, we can possibly turn him against his own kind. Once he has killed and or betrayed the others, we can kill him ourselves and be rid of every last one of them."

The tall man stood there, staring out the window silently for a few moments. "Alright. You have convinced me. Have our men bring him into the facility."

"Yes sir. Right away." The short man promptly left the room and entered into a smaller one, filled with people and equipment for espienage of all kinds. "Tell the squad to bring him in alive, and of his own free will if possible."

"Yes sir." A woman with a headset replied, flipping a switch and conveying the message to the squad leader.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Understood. Bring him in as peacefully as possible men." A man in the passenger seat of the lead vehicle said over the radio. Pulling up to the building, a bunch of men got out of the van and pointed guns at the creature. The man who had spoken into the radio got out and walked over to the police officer in charge of the scene. "We've got it from here. This is one of our men who escaped from an asylum and he is needed back. I appologize for the damage he has caused, I assure you, he will do no more."

Looking up at the roof, he saw the creature leaning over the edge slightly, seeming to look in the direction of central park. An ominous thought went through the man's mind, but he pushed it back so he could do his job as best he could.

"John! Come down! I need to speak with you! It is very important! I'm leaving my gun in the van!" He yelled up to the beast in the hopes it would comply.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #30 on: July 30, 2010, 04:40:46 PM »
Turning away form central park to disappear once more in the shadows, he hunched over walking towards the roofs edge. Some one yelled out to him, asking for him to come down. This would prove a futile effort, Undercroft talked or socialized with Greed, no one else. Suddenly, the imaginary mistress appeared. "Mmm, he looks tasty." Laying over the edge, her feet swaying up and down with arms folded, licking her lips at the site of their reinforcements. Glancing past his goggles, towards dozens of armed men surrounding his warehouse, there wasn't much choice in question. Straightening his back, cracking his neck to both sides with owl like twists, red dots appeared, more than he could possibly count. It seemed they were taking extreme precautions with this one. Greed gave Undercroft a little grin, nudging her head towards the armed men. "Your fan club awaits." Grinning her rainbow smile, Undercroft followed it with a grizzly yet horrific hyena laugh that echoed through the night.
Dashing forward with three massive steps, his powerful legs lunged him forward, toppling a sniper with ease. Silenced sniper rifles whistled releasing tranquilizer darts, making feeble attempts to put Undercroft to sleep. Greed glided playfully above, swirling and dancing for his entertainment. Darts jabbed into his vest, digging deep eagerly trying to pierce him. Jagged teeth clamped on top of the mans head, crushing and shaking without remorse. Growling ferociously, letting everyone listen to agonizing screams. Snipers were rushing for better point views, hoping for better visual over the ledge Undercroft was hiding behind. "Sir, he's on the move." Though it was moments, it seemed like minutes of savage feasting. Rushing away on all fours, trying to escape with every bit of strength, gun fire blocked each turn. Their weapons were silenced, so no one would be aware of the event conspiring. Firing squads breaking down the door were quick to fire. Giving him little reaction time, Undercroft dived off the building in panic.
Slamming brutally, indenting the mysterious mans van roof in completely, soldiers, agents swarmed over him. Swiping claws frantically, hitting one or two unlucky individuals; Undercroft leaped once more. Frantically rushing off in panic, snipers easily scoped him, shooting correct shots into his hips. Tripping instantly, he tumbled, crashing and ruggedly sliding across the pavement. Making one last ditch effort to stand, nets were cast down, heavy metallic nets that pinned him with their immense weight. Aiming their weapons with itching trigger fingers, armed assailants began approaching with caution. Observing his body that was half awake, still waddling, they noticed grenade belts, shotgun shell boxes on his belt, several pairs of thick orange tinted goggles, a foul smell that was sewage and blood mixed into one; this was indeed an atrocious creature. Reaching his palm out, clawing the ground, easily scratching cement, he whooped when opening his mouth. Greed stood before him, snickering with delight. "Don't worry, I'm not leaving you..... just yet." His goggles broke when one man booted him, chipping his back tooth. His squinting eyes were full of sorrow, sorrow that he hid for so many months. "Please... don't leave...." She leaned over him, curling his mowhawk with a tender smile. "I'm sorry, but our little adventure ends here."
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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #31 on: July 31, 2010, 05:14:46 PM »
Vye couldn’t help but smile as the reporter looking man spewed a small stream of inquiries. She quietly giggled at the comparison between her and Donald Trump. She had a read a little about him on the plane, and if the figures about his fortune were correct, his entire savings and investments combined would make for a modest bed of gold for Vye, but little more. For Vye, all the reporter’s questions solidified the fact that America was still socially backwards despite their technological advancements.

Vye arched her neck with serpentine grace and coyly played with her hair as she looked over at the gentlemen. “Nothing to fear, my good sir,” she spoke with an air of confidence reaffirmed that would’ve made Queen Elizabeth’s knees grow weak under her authoritative gaze, “Come. All will be explained in good time.” Her smile did not retreat, but her gaze softened as she lifted her eyes from the gentleman and onto each member of the group. She knew that Rosa must’ve gathered these people because of their blood abilities, but she couldn’t tell at all what person could shift into which creature. She could only tell that none of them were as old as Rosa or herself. However, she did feel a vague familiarity with the beautiful girl that had been standing next to Rosa. She couldn’t place it, but something just seemed so right about her movements and stance--so perfectly fluid and calculating.

She gave a small bow of her head to the others, more in recognition than anything else, but she knew time was growing short with each passing moment. Governments were already moving together and the organization was pushing forward. “I humbly request you all to join me this evening, we will discuss the situation on the way,” Vye urged with a sense of gravity behind her formal words. Vye stepped aside to allow the others to past as she stuffed her ego and phobia into her pocket. These individuals were the key to the success of her mission. The accursed had to survive and fight against the skinheads of this generation to pave a path for future generations to live freely of their own accord and gifts.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #32 on: August 03, 2010, 02:52:41 AM »
Val felt the limo-rider's eyes on him, and for a moment he would have sworn he was staring into the eyes of royalty. Her grace, the formality of her speech, her absolute confidence...he didn't like her. He steeled himself under her gaze and cocked one eyebrow defiantly. She had too much of that same 'unquestionable authority' vibe as the nuns had had back in the orphanage, as though she expected everyone around her to bow down and do her bidding just because she was breathing in their direction. Still, he wouldn't allow  personal animosity to override his curiosity. Well, not yet, anyway.

'She said her name was Laurent. Need to check that out when I get a chance. Where did she say she was from...Picardy, that was it. French, coastal region if I'm not mistaken...huh. I'd always heard French chicks were stuck-up. Too bad it's true,' Val thought to himself as she turned her attention back to the others. 'Of course, that thing about French chicks being hot seems pretty true, too. More's the pity...'

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2010, 06:04:51 PM »
Rosa heard distant gunfire and realized it must have been a hunt for one of their kind. She heard bestial laughing, like something from a hyeena and then screams. It was so. A hunt was on for one of them already. Not turning her attention away from the group at hand, her muscles tensed and a near shiver of apprehension went through her body. Her eyes became a deeper color, closer to purple than blue as she spoke.

"We have no time. We must go now." The shortness and urgency in her voice made it clear that something was unsettling her, and she was sure the others would catch on quickly. Or at least she hoped they would. Feeling eyes on her again, but much farther away, Rosa looked up in the direction and saw nothing but a tall building, the glass windows shining in the lights of the New York City nightlife. Shaking the thought from her head, she stepped up to the door of the limo, opened the door and got in. She knew it was a rude action, but she needed to get them all at least moving, which would keep them safe from any hunters that might have been sent out to kill them.


Some fuzz comes in over the radio and a voice can be heard in the communications room of the large tower from which 'the organization' is run.

"Sir. We have captured the creature successfully. Transporting it now."

The short man with dark hair picked up the other radio and pressed the button to reply to the message. "I will tell Mr. Darque."

The door to the large, well furnished room where Mr. Soule Darque stood, the leader of 'the organization', at the window.

"I hope you have good news for me Sangly." Darque said coldly, not moving from his place by the window. He had a clear view of Central Park from there and he could see a bunch of people standing near a limo, seemingly about to step into it. One person, a woman by the looks of things, approaches the limo. As if sensing his eyes upon her, she looks up directly to where he was standing. A chill ran down his spine. He could not tell why, but he had the feeling he would see her again.

"Yes sir. The capture was successful. They are on their way back now." Sangly said, breaking through Darque's thoughts.

"Very good. Get the interrogation room ready." A wicked, and unnaturally large grin crossed his face. Things were looking up, for the day at least. This beast could very well be the key to the success of his plan. Turning his head towards the shadows, his grin and his gaze softened, as his muscles seemed to relax some as well.

"Soon my darling, we will have the world to ourselves and will never have to worry about the filthy vermin anymore." He said, his voice strangely soothing.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #34 on: August 04, 2010, 10:21:41 AM »
Bound to his site, shackles lining down his spine cuffing his neck to thick bar hand cuffs. Legs locked into the squad van surrounded by heavily armored soldiers, Undercroft's orange goggles starred up blindly, finding some amusement. Giggling his hyena giggle, one soldier poked him nervously attracting his attention. Shooting an unlikely friendly stare. "Does it talk?" Another soldier asked curiously examining the small but overly developed and athletic creature. "I think it has some screws loose." The third soldier said, smirking a smug smirk. Though they didn't notice, Undercroft had been picking his hand cuffs, freeing himself. Acting restrained while observing his possibilities of escape, the soldier began conversing about Undercroft and what he was. Falling back against the steel wall, the broken goggles gleamed with suspicion following a smile.

"Ambitious but foolish." Dressed in a special decal business suit with red tribal tattoo's reaching out, evening out the black and red on the suit. Her Long slicked back silver hair touching her ankles, Greed sat comfortably in Darque's office chair. There was little imagination for sexual appeal, only her own style that diverted from those thoughts. Corking an eyebrow, she couldn't help but find herself amused by Undercroft's capture. "Be weary, this... creature isn't as submissive as you might assume." Her voice was stale, cold like deaths grip. Moving to Darque's side, her smile was heart warming, an expression she learned from the hyena-man's antics. A smile stretching across her smooth well defined facial structure was wicked in design. "These vermin have their uses...." Displaying casual pleasantries towards her counterpart, she couldn't help but admire the accursed and their unique abilities. "I remember when empires kidnapped them, forcing them into their armies..... how I long for those times to return." She sighed with deep regret, dwelling deep in past events.

Laughing infectiously at Undercroft's predicament, it suddenly got awkward when he joined, whooping his hyena laugh. "You shouldn't be laughing little man." One soldier said, leaning over expressing his muscularity by flexing when approaching him. Slowly peering in his direction, Undercroft lunged out, clamping his jaws around his throat. Ripping and tarring with savage vengeance, the others. Coming to a complete stop outside Darque's tower, Greed watched from above as the van rustled back and forth, screams of horror screeching out in agony. Appearing once more in his mind, Greed's mental persona sat among the bloody bodies chewing her nails. "Follow me please." She said as Undercroft whipped the van doors opening. Starring upon several armed guards holding him at gun point, Greed in the tower not mental state spoke into the comlink attached to her suit collar. "Let him walk." Basically undermining Darque considerably. Glancing at each soldier individually, the hyena-man continued, frightened of their advanced weaponry. Hunched over, butting his head against the door opening it, a taser struck his neck knocking him unconscious once more. Greed looked to Darque, her wolf blue eyes slitted gazed into his. "Subtlety is bliss."

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #35 on: August 06, 2010, 03:39:46 AM »
Vye was slightly taken aback by the tone of Rosa’s voice. Vye knew there wasn’t much time to diddle-dally in the alley, but she didn’t think that they were currently in imminent danger of any sort. The only sounds of danger were faraway gunshots that hung in the air. Gunshots were common accessory of New York City’s evening crime sprees and Vye casually dismissed the soft booming as nothing more than an armed robbery attempt. Vye was tempted to linger a moment longer to prove that everything was fine, but she heeded to the senior dragon’s command and turned towards the limo.

She was hesitant in leaving without knowing that the others were following, but it seemed like Rosa had captured the others’ curiosity about the untold events that apparently hadn’t reached American soil. Vye took a few steps forward before stopping and looking back at the motley crew. Without subtly, Vye motioned with her head towards the black limo to have the others follow as she picked up her feet again and moved briskly towards the vehicle.

She stepped forward into the limo, taking up her purse under her arm as she slid down the far window. She hated cars so much, but knew haste was important, especially now, despite automobile’s cramped confinement. With so many people in the car, Vye knew she was going to need all the space she could possibly attain. Vye rolled down the window and gave a small smile to Rosa, knowing that the hotel was merely a few blocks away.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #36 on: August 06, 2010, 06:51:31 PM »
Smiling back at Vye, Rosa ducked her head in to speak with her briefly alone.

"You know who I am. I know you've known since you scented me on the air. And you have heard of me no doubt and so know at least one reason why I am here. The reason I am sure you don't know, is that this is where I have heard from many birds and butterflies and other manner of creature, that this is where the largest number of our kind live their lives." Rose spoke all this quickly, and only audible to Vye. "You and I have been drawn together because of our background and our knowledge and we must bestow it upon them that are attracted to us as we are to each other." She gracefully got the rest of the way into the limo and came to rest just beside her with nearly a foot between them. She knew that most of the girls' family had a fear of over crowding, and she wanted to try and make the ride as comfortable as possible for her fellow drake. She had left the door to the limo open for the others to follow, sure that they would.

"Darling, must you always do that?" Darque said, turning and putting his arm around Greed's pretty, slender waist.

Though he wouldn't admit it to anyone but her and his closest friend and advisor, Sangly, but he was madly infatuated with the lovely and mysterious woman. Though he knew little about her, he knew plenty of his feelings for her and her professed feelings for him. Sangly had often told Darque that she would be his downfall, but Darque never listened and instead, at hearing her name, would go into a state of waking dreams in which he would dream of her.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
« Reply #37 on: August 06, 2010, 10:00:19 PM »
Valentine caught the look of controlled panic on the face of the beauty in gym shorts, and subtly tuned his senses for whatever could have afflicted her so. His ears pricked at the sound of distant gunfire, and his nose rankled with the biting scent of discharged gunpowder. He turned toward the source of the disturbances, a few blocks away, and closed his eyes to focus more of his attention on the sound. He could hear the crackling static of radios, of tires peeling on asphault. The thick, coppery taste of blood permeated the air and screamed of death as plainly as the pealing of church bells. He assumed it was police chasing after a suspect, and his eyes snapped back to the cop in their midst.

'But his radio's on, and no calls came through about a disturbance in that area. Hell, no calls came through at all! So...what, not cops? Geezus, but with that much ordnance...military? Naw, no way, there's not even a base nearby and who the hell could they be fighting that takes that much ammo, gang warfare, but since when do street gangs use radios, maybe they've upgraded, pfft, bullshit, even the most hardcore vatos don't have automatic rifles, that leaves what, a bunch of heavily armed nutjobs, but there's still nothing on the radio from the cops, they should be swarming through by now, what the hell is going on?'

Valentine's mind raced through the possible explanations, generating and discarding ideas at light speed as he caught the cop's gaze. He was about to ask him if he knew what was going on when he noticed the look that passed between the blond and Miss Moneybags. With a few terse words, she turned and climbed into the limo, obviously expecting the rest of them to follow suit. For Valentine, that tore it. 'Alright, fuck this. I have no idea what's going on, and at this point I'm not sure I care. Let 'em have their party; I've got work to do.'

He reached one hand inside one of his jacket pockets and reassuringly stroked the small, powerful digital camera tucked inside, and stepped back from the others. He slowly looked from each one to the next as he spoke, ending with whats-her-name Laurent.

"Well, folks, it's been fascinating meeting you all, but if you don't mind I have other places to be. You ladies have fun with your meeting. Gentlemen, have a pleasant evening. I'll see you around," he said, offering a mock-salute as he backed away from the group. Then he turned on his heel and started walking at a brisk pace toward the sound of the gunfire.

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Re: The Accursed Bloods - A were creature RP
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Vye listened to Rosa with fascination and awe. She had heard rumors of other dragons, most hailing from Europe and Asia, and she had heard of the Great Tribal Bear Twins of North America, but Vye had not heard any stories about the great or terrifying Rosa. Vye had only known there had been another dragon in town because Rosa smelled so similarly to herself. Vye couldn’t scent out the difference between a rat and pigeon if they were in the same bucket. Also, unlike Rosa’s detailed recollection Vye’s family history, Vye knew little more about Rosa than her race. It was ironic that the only information Vye truly held was that she had heard wind of shifters living in New York City.

Vye simply nodded in agreement to Rosa’s statements, not foolish enough to contradict the elder dragon. It was engrained with anyone of dragon-kind: the older the dragon, the  power they possessed. Rosa had made the picture very clear that she was older and Vye wasn’t going to attempt to bite off more than she could chew, at least not more than what she couldn’t already chew. The evening had been very eventful, and she was excited to truly speak with the others. However, Vye’s throat went dry as the reporter announced his leave and left towards the dying sounds of gunfire. Her blue eyes followed him down the alley street, wanting to pull him back into the cab, but knowing he was probably just off to catch what remnants were left of the story.

Her tense gaze shifted up to the officer who stepped into the limo. She smiled. At least one had decided to join us, she thought inwardly. What little information could be shared would be beneficial to everyone. Vye peered across outside the door of the limo, towards anyone who may have been standing there a few minutes ago. She remembered that there had been another girl there, and maybe a starving musician, but she couldn’t seem to place them in the conversation. Perhaps they had run off with the reporter, or gone their separate ways, but, for the moment, the limo door was still open and accepting any takers. She buzzed the limo-driver, who she assumed would by asleep by now, “Monsieur Driver, please come shut the door and take my acquaintances and me to the OTA.”

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A quiet grumble and shuffling was heard from the speaker as a gruff voice grumbled, “Right away, Miss Laurent… One moment.” The sound from the speaker went silent. A few seconds, the stout, grizzly man in a very fine suit stepped out of the car and walked around to the car. The driver peaked his head into the limo for a moment, looking around at the passengers. “Everyone comfortable?” the driver observed more than asked. “There is water in the fridge. Feel free to help yourselves to it,” he added glumly in a robotic manner. With a firm nod, the driver stepped back and closed the door.

Less than a minute later, the limo purred to a start and merged with traffic.  The familiar husky voice announced, "We'll be arriving at OTA in about ten minutes due to heavy traffic." Once again, the electronic device went silent.

Vye glanced between the cop and Rosa. She wasn't very good at starting conversations, but she wanted to avoid the awkward silence more than anything else. She reached for a fridge, which were conveniently located on each wall, and pulled a water from its cold confines. She took a sip, and brought herself to break the silence, "So, um... What an eventful night, meeting so many new people in a new city. It's all very exciting, don't you agree?" She took another sip as she nervously fidgeted with the bottle cap.

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Snickering at Darque's expense, enjoying his inner cravings for her, Greed, couldn't help but tease without moving a muscle. Her peculiar appearance and non-feminine look and secretive personality lured him. "Lust is weakness." Dismissing without showing any immediate affection, she completely under minded the powerful, industrial man for obvious; there was more important business at hand. Strutting, her straight athletic figure as if a model walking down a runway. "Come, we have work to do. " She requested, suggesting towards their newly captured victim, Richard Undercroft, the Hyena-Man.

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Rosa smiled at her as she tried to break the silence that seemed to make her uncomfortable. A bit worried about the others being caught or found out by the organization while on their way to where herself, Vye and the cop were going, she tried to get her mind off of it by engaging in this conversation.

"Indeed. Especially for someone who has not seen others for a great many years." It was true. For an unknown number of years, she had been hiding in her cave so as not to be caught and killed by those who hunted her. She had housed many others, unknowingly, in her cave and had later heard of their stay there, but she had never seen or interacted with them. Now that she had come to this large, great city, the sheer number of people and other living beings would have been exceedingly overwhelming for her, if she had not had a purpose and a reason for coming here. It was her focus on the task at hand that kept her mind from wandering the city and observing every living thing it came across.

Just to make sure that the connection she had established with the others was there and strong, Rosa allowed her mind to wander to them and to make sure that she could sense the direction in which they were and their distance away from her. The smile having faded off her face and her eyes returning to the light, she relaxed as she found each connection to her satisfaction and sat back in her seat. Thinking for a moment, she remembered how one of her informants, a raven, had told her that she was extremely distant and how she lost the light in her eyes when she allowed her mind to wander outside of herself. Perhaps it would be best if I gave them a warning She thought.

Looking back up at Vye and the cop, she smiled at them again and spoke softly, but distinctly and very business-like. "I hope you understand that a few times I may seem quiet and distant. If I become that way, and you see no light in my eyes, please do not panic. I am simply trying to reconnect with one or more of the others we have met tonight."


Darque's heart sank ever so slightly at her nonchalance, but he quickly recovered as he watched her cross the room. The way her body moved and the sound of her cool, calm, and cynical voice pulled at him and he followed without even realizing it.

"Yes. We do." He agreed, stepping up beside her. Smiling, he knew she would enjoy what would be to come. He loved watching her in action and couldn't wait to see how she treated this new capture.

"Lead the way."

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The night was rather quiet around the bookstore area, as Diane just finished organizing some books in the back, sorting them by the genre because they were kind of messed up.With a slight smile, she let out a soft sigh and fixed her glasses and her eyes looked over to the window from the store.Diane put the last book at it's place and got down from the chair, putting it aside and walked over to the desk which was near the main entrance at the store.She looked once again inside to see if she didn't missed anything, if everything was in order and could leave home.It has been a long and busy day, after all the store was assaulted by teenagers looking for new series from the mystery book, wrote by Anne-Marie Chateaux "The way I live".

"ah!..Finally I can head home,I better go before it gets to dark and scary" said Diane rubbing her hands, she took her jacket and small hat.Also, from a drawer got out the key from the store which the owner left her.He was out of the town for a few days, so he let her to take care of the book store.Diane, was working at the store for 1 year now, so she was trust worthy.

However,she walked over the door and got outside quickly while a small chilly breeze passed by, as she locked the door and turned her way on the sidewalk.Indeed, it was rather dark and she didn't liked that at all, they were a few people on the street but far away.Diane, mostly got a feeling as if someone was watching her from behind and any time it will hit her, making her to fall down.

"I just wanna get home already,lock the door and change my clothes getting in the fluffy bed.I don't got the mood for any other unexpected surprises." she thought to herself, passing over some people and crossed the street to the other side.Diane,put her hands in the jacket pockets as the wind made a bit her hair to fly, still her eyes stopped and were like glued to a window from a store.

"Ahh..! that cake looks so delicious, I don't got enough money on me now.Damn it.!" complained and pouted Diane,looking from outside the bakery and with a sad sigh, she returned to her road home still thinking of that chocolate cake.She really was a sweets addicted and nothing made her feel happier, than something sweet.That small joy, made her forget about the past year which changed her life.Oh,well.