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Author Topic: Role Play Ideas  (Read 10881 times)

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Role Play Ideas
« on: August 11, 2010, 03:02:36 AM »
Alrighty I will admit I feel oddly nervous putting this so to speak advert here so may be a little mish mashed but hopefully clear enough. I am sure the following idea has probably be done into the ground but here goes.

The idea is largely based on the classic film The Labyrinth starring David Bowei and Jennifer Connelly.

For those who may have not heard of it here is a quick rundown of the film.

Sarah a teenager unhappy with her current home life tries to live her life as much in the fantasy realm as she can especially the book The Labyrinth. Though she is unaware that there is a Goblin Castle and a Goblin King that has fallen in love with her. One day when she is forced to baby sit her cranky younger brother she unwittingly wishes him to be taken by the Castle beyond the Goblin City. Though when she realizes what has happened she bargains for her brothers freedom and is given 13 hours to find her brother by getting to the castle through the Labyrinth that surrounds the city.

Now the roleplay will be changed a little.

First of all the young woman (played by myself)  would be eighteen years of age rather than the fifteen in the film. She would also have some magical abilities being a witch but nothing too powerful.

If you are interested in this role play your character (The Goblin King) does not have to be portrayed as David Bowie. I am perfectly open on various physical differences as well as personality differences to the film.

I have no particular set for where this role play goes IE Bondage/NC/Extreme so if you have any ideas please let meknow and willing to discuss the idea further either here or by PM.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2010, 04:53:43 PM »
                                                                                                                   Dark Moon [M/F] [F/F]

If any one ever watched Sin they would never have realized that she was the daughter of a long line of Druids. Magic and beliefs taught from mother to daughter over hundreds of years now in the modern day ( futuristic 2250 ) she has found that everything he mother taught her has a element of truth and her skills are needed now more than ever. Dark creatures such as vampires and were wolves have been finding ways to confuse the hunters of their kind. Having the ability to control their shifting under a full moon, or creating substances that allows them to walk under the strongest sun light even if only for a short time.  The old rules may be dying but are the old ways?

Sin spends her days sleeping and her nights hunting for the dark creatures that threaten to topple humans from the top of the food chain though now they are not killed but brought in for experimentation. Sin being a Druid herself has a extra dislike of the undead believing they are a insult to the circle of life and filled with evil. She is almost at the top of her command chain and happy to do to keep the balance even but one night she meets a dark creature who attempts to show her the pleasurable side of the night time world while trying to pass off as human themselves as they set the perfect trap for Sin.


                                                                                                                                               The Sea Witch [F/M]


Galene had always loved water as a child. Summer days were spent swimming at the seas side. Winter days were spent skating on near by frozen lakes. Her love continued as she grew up. By the time she was twenty five she was still pure and did not care for the love of a man. Sadly a powerful man fell in love with her but when she refused him he grew jealous of her love for the sea and placed a terrible curse upon her. She became part of the sea in a way she could not imagine. By the day light hours she had no body, no form but was part of the water and able to control it. As the moon rose she could take her once more take her human form but always had to remain near the water. Several years have passed since the curse was set upon her and she has not aged a day.

Now she spends her nights wandering the seas shore from sun set until sun rise when she becomes the sea again. Can anything or anyone break the curse?

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2010, 01:10:47 PM »
     The Sea Witch [F/M]


Galene had always loved water as a child. Summer days were spent swimming at the seas side. Winter days were spent skating on near by frozen lakes. Her love continued as she grew up. By the time she was twenty five she was still pure and did not care for the love of a man. Sadly a powerful man fell in love with her but when she refused him he grew jealous of her love for the sea and placed a terrible curse upon her. She became part of the sea in a way she could not imagine. By the day light hours she had no body, no form but was part of the water and able to control it. As the moon rose she could take her once more take her human form but always had to remain near the water. Several years have passed since the curse was set upon her and she has not aged a day.

Now she spends her nights wandering the seas shore from sun set until sun rise when she becomes the sea again. Can anything or anyone break the curse?

Hi Aviva,

I was reading the story above and wondering whether you have already watched Lady Hawke, one of my two favourite movies: to a certain extent, your idea bears some common points with this old movie. If you have not watched, I strongly recommend.

Just like your idea, a powerful bishop familiar with black magic cursed them to live under a curse, but the heroine turns into a hawke during the day while her beloved one turns into a wolf during the night.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2010, 06:14:24 PM »
Aye I have watched the movie several times. Especially when I was younger. It was a favorite of mine.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2010, 02:51:34 PM »
* giggles *

I suspected that!

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #5 on: March 23, 2011, 04:00:20 PM »
The Wedding Gift
[M/F, F/F]
Rose Hutchinson has always been a good kid, did her home work, never back chatted and did well in school. These traits continued into her teenage years and into early adult hood. She went to college and began training to become a veterinary nurse , spending her evenings and weekend helping her parents run the family business. Unknown to her , her family began to get into debt once the recession hit and her family decided to sell the business but found no buyer as they continued to keep they business above water as much as possible.

Six months into the course her family reveal the truth and she drops out of college to work for them and to get a secondary job to help bring the money in.  At first she takes normal jobs such as waitresses, secretaries etc but the family business keeps sinking and one night she is offered more than double her normal wages to sing a "Happy Birthday" song to a well known and rich business man recently divorced. She completes the job but the man takes more of a interest into her which she refuses due to him being a business contact.

The man stung by her refusal begins to research into her families activities and finds out about the current poor state the family business is in. So he decides to try and buy Rose as a gift to himself.

(Though stated during the post he/him etc this could be just as easily done by a female character also.))

The Camping Holiday

[M/F] [F/F]
Selena decides to spent her summer holidays after a hard year of college cross country camping. The trip starts off well but starts to lose the glamor when she has to continually queue to simply go to the bathroom. At her next camping destination she decides to hire a static caravan and goes to the local village pub to let her hair down. On her way there she meets a hitch hiker...

This one can go many ways. I am certainly open to discussion on it depending on the other persons interests and o/os.

The Trouble with Ex's[/b]
A idea born from the film Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston. A whirl wind romance couple got a divorce three years ago and have not spoke or seen each other since. In the three years a lot has happened to them in the single network and career wise. He has become a bounty hunter and she owning her own store. One day she is witness to a murder but the criminal set her up. She goes on the run to prove her innocence and the bounty is set which her ex husband gleefully accepts...

This would fall into I would say light human perhaps even romance and certainly good humour.

The Princess and the Shadow Man

Inspired by the Disney film "The Princess and the Frog" .

Princess Celeste Shar has always been a spoiled, short tempered and inpatient female. Everything has always been handed to her upon a silver platter and with a silver spoon.  Her parents decide that they have had some part in her becoming the way she is and sends her to New Orleans for a brief time but she is to live the life of a commoner or change her ways.  During her time as a commoner she runs across the path or a Shadow man (voo doo man)  She has never believed in magic and she takes his magical abilities as slight of hand parlor tricks and insults him.  The next morning when she wakes up she finds she has been changed into.....a cat. The shadow man informs her that she must find a prince to kiss her and break the spell. He leaves out the detail that he is actually a prince and could do so himself.

The Sea Witch
Galene had always loved water as a child. Summer days were spent swimming at the seas side. Winter days were spent skating on near by frozen lakes. Her love continued as she grew up. By the time she was twenty five she was still pure and did not care for the love of a man. Sadly a powerful man fell in love with her but when she refused him he grew jealous of her love for the sea and placed a terrible curse upon her. She became part of the sea in a way she could not imagine. By the day light hours she had no body, no form but was part of the water and able to control it. As the moon rose she could take her once more take her human form but always had to remain near the water. Several years have passed since the curse was set upon her and she has not aged a day.

Now she spends her nights wandering the seas shore from sun set until sun rise when she becomes the sea again. Can anything or anyone break the curse?

The Masters Daughter

The year is 1750 and Virginia has legally permitted slavery for nearly one hundred years . The trade blossomed well, with them not being paid and only fed enough to survive and be able to work, even when families flourish within the males and females of the slave confines they are cheaper to keep than paying for a white mans trade. Sir Winston has been in the care of his families cotton farm for ten years before the need to ease costs forces his hands to bring in slaves to be able to financially be able to survive let alone compete in the harsh climate. Normally a fair and just man, he knows he is not able to play the villain to the men and women that were forced to his home so he hires one he knows can. Edward Jones is brought in , who carries a sinister side and loves the screams of those he inflicts pain upon.  He keeps the slaves in line and punishes them when they cross it.

Sir Winston has a daughter named Sarah, who despite her fathers and mothers attempts to bring her up fair, is more drawn to the teachings of Edward. As she reached her early teenage years she becomes a demon to any slave children and adults when she can, hitting, kicking them , calling them names and if she can getting them into trouble with Edward. Time passes and Sarah is approaching her seventeenth year. Her father has begun the process of seeking out a suitable suitor for her and on a day when he feel he may be close to settled the bonds between his and another well to do family, a young slave is given the trust to take Sarah to the prospective families home. On the way he makes a simple mistake and Sarah begins her usual tirade. The young man snaps and Sarah soon learns what it is like when the shoe is firmly upon the other foot.

Friendly Affections

Jennifer and Carla (example names) have lived in the same village their whole lives, they went to reception together, primary school together and high school together. They have been the best of friends for years but when they both go to college even though it is the same one they start to drift apart.

Jennifer becomes mixed up a group that tend to steal, lie and chest and it is not too long before she begin to follow suite. Carla on the other hand attaches herself to the music and art group hoping to one day become a actress but she has a big secret. She is a witch and one of Jennifer's new friends lets the secret slip.

What would not be a problem at all in the big cities is a nightmare in the small, church based village where witch craft and it's ilk are still tales of dark deeds and hell demons in disguise. AT first Jennifer does nothing but her jealousy at her best friends separation starts to get the better of her and she starts to blackmail her best friend into various acts knowing Carla will do anything to keep her parents and the church from finding out.

The tasks are small at first, smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol, do her home work, make pranks phone calls etc...but as time passes Jennifer suddenly realizes this secret has for more potential and she could force Carla to finally sate the true reason to her anger...but as time passes who is it that is going to finally reveal the truth of the other...?

The Grass Is Always Greener

[Light Human]

Fern has been married now for fifteen years but she had not been happy for five years. Her husband spends every moment of his waking life working and had long forgotten about romance, lust and desire except for in the work place. Fern has for the last five years longed for her husband of old and when a new gardener starts working next door she allows her fantasies to flourish in her bathroom as she showers and bathes. The two start talking and begin to flirt with each other. The gardener reminds her of how her husband used to be and she tries to relight that spark in her husband but when all that fails she finally gives in to her guilty fantasies and brings the gardener into her home...but is the gardener simple seeking another notch on his bed post or can the grass truly be greener for once..?

Those Blue Eyes
[F/F] [F/M]
[Exotic Light possible Ex]

Recent television and newspaper reports inform the public of a dangerous large cat on the loose. Thought there have been no fatalities there have been several injuries inflicted upon those that have tried to capture the large panther.

Though it is often seen by night and hunted for during the day it is never never seen and it's tracks appear to simply disappear. At first this is put down to the panther using the trees as it's walk ways. There also appears to be a odd physical anomaly to the panther and that is that it's eyes a dark midnight blue.

At the same time Tessa has started to have strange dreams of running wild and she has vague recollections of the reporters and injuries inflicted that appear in the news. She puts it down to the fact that the story has simply got under her skin until one day the panther gets wounded. When Tessa wakes up at home she finds the same wound on her as was on the panther. Not helped by the fact that her hearing improves, her sight becomes clear and does her sense of smell.

Are the two connected or something far more complicated happening...and should certain people find out the truth what do they intend to use Tessa for?

In this story I see Tessa being just turned twenty one and as with her family on that birthday they develop a gift her's is to shape change but Tessa was adopted so her family are unaware of this.

The Heart Remembers
Light Human

Ally was three years ago a very happily married woman but on the third anniversary of their marriage her husband is killed in a car crash.  Knowing her husband's wishes she donates all the organs that could be used to save or improve other peoples lives.

At the same time a young woman loses her parents and her heart breaks so much so that it begins to shut down. She receives Ally's husbands heart and is spared dying. Time passes and both start to move on though when one day they meet up unknowing of what has happened the woman starts to have flash backs that are not her own of Ally. They start off innocent enough but start to become intimate and she wonders why she is having such thoughts about a woman she barely knows. Fate seems eager to keep crossing their paths though and they start to become friends. Soon Ally notices that the woman does similar actions and actions as her husband once did and she feels a odd connection there.


ADDED 23/03/2011

[M/F] [Light Human]

Inspired by watching the BBC series with the same name and watching the interaction between two characters during the first season though this story shall veer off of the storyline a wee bit.

Stacy was born into a grifter family. She was taught how to con people out of their money through long cons and short cons. She marries once to a fellow grifter but once they had raised enough money to give up the grifting life he emptied their savings and did a bunk.  Now she ahd to fall back on all the tricks she has learned and been taught to support herself. It is during a small con that she runs into Danny Blue , seeing him having more money than she could spend in a life time she chooses him as her next target...unaware that Danny is a grifter to.

Beauty and the Beast
[M/F] Light Exotic = Exotic BDSM]

Kalika was always told not to take what does not belong to her and yet one day when she is walking through what appears to be a old grave yard that is surrounded by walls of rose bushes and well maintained though no one knows who cares for it she can not resist the urge to pluck a single rose and take it with her but as she approaches the main gates (the only way in or out) a shadow comes out of no where and takes her to the scene of her crime. Though she had already plucked one flower the bush it came from is already wilting  and the owner maintains that only a drop of her blood shall renew the life of the dying plant.

She refuses and he takes her into the veil between words where his true form is revealed. The man in the human world looks more like a minotaur , his world a vast garden and a large castle protected by the Goddess Hecate.  The beast is her guardian of the garden and also takes care of those that have served her when they pass on in the human world.  To pay for her crime Kalika is taught how to care for the plants and in time finds herself falling for the magical world she is within and the beast starts to fall for Kalika.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #6 on: March 23, 2011, 06:15:07 PM »
Earth Bound
[M/F] [F/F]


The Muse Urania had spent many centuries observing the human world and inspiring those that showed talent and love for the skies and the stars but recently that love has been dying. Fewer and fewer people look to the skies now and with light pollution the skies are becoming harder to see for those that do wish to see the heavens.

To try and bring change in the human world Urania takes human form and begins a search to find a lover of the heavens and skies but also someone powerful enough that change on a larger scale would be possible. 

This story can goes many ways so I am open to ideas.

[M/F] [F/F]


The secret of the mermaids was never truly maintained but nor was it proved beyond all doubt. Meredith a protector of the sea has been charged with exploring the human world and trying to find out how close the humans are to finding them with humans creating ships now able to travel through the waters and deeper and deeper.

When her skin is dry her tail turns to human legs disguising the biggest give away of her blood. Once upon land she has to find a way to survive while pretending to be human and blending into the human world.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #7 on: March 25, 2011, 05:27:23 PM »
Snapes Doe

This is story comes off of the Harryverse  story by the fact that Hermione is not saved when Dobby appirates Harry, Ron and the others out of the castle. He attempts to but is almost killed in doing so and decides to save the others.  Snape enters only moments after they are gone and finds Hermione ( is eighteen in this story)  on the floor with Bellatrix atop her continuing her handy work.  Snape has been fascinating about torturing Hermione for years and now finally he can do at his leisure when he manages to win her in a duel against Bellatrix.

He finds that torture up to now has not been as fun and finds that shockingly one Hermione is used to his savage treatment she develops a craving for it.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #8 on: March 26, 2011, 12:05:46 AM »
The Darker Side of the Moon

An idea tried before but did not get very far sadly.


Two life time enemies are brought up against each other in separate fights for life. After they have killed their foes they are given two separate gifts. One is gifted being turned into a vampire, the other a were wolf compounding their desire to kill each other but by some twist of fate they must learn to depend on each other for survival while fighting their own basic instincts at the same time.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #9 on: March 26, 2011, 06:58:12 PM »
This is a idea that I can not shake off. It keeps returning to me though not yet tried the idea out before. This one would part take of playing two main characters though not at the same time except for possibly for a minor time at a point in the future.


Fighting for life, fighting to live

Akima Jonus had since she could first walk, swim, ballet, martial arts and running. She was now twenty five and her day to day job was training children from the age of five until sixteen in London UK. She has a live in partner but no children. She has a small circle of friends that are akin to family to her.

One night when walking home a car pulled up next to her asking for directions. The last thing she remembers is leaning towards the window and then pain across the back of her head. When she wakes up she is in a small cell with another five women. They are left there with little to eat and drink for twelve hours before two women are dragged out. A hour later only one returns bloodied and limping.

She explains the game. The game of survival. The women shall be fighting for their lives against women, men and even wild animals. Those that prove their worth are scientifically experimented on and given animal qualities such as speed, hearing sight etc.

Akima becomes a favourite and though longing for her former life she fights for life in more ways than one.

In time she and those that have survived are rescued but are taken into protective custody and aided in adjusting to normal life once more. Akima becomes used to her guard and guide whom she developes feelings for and he her despite the rules that say they should not.

Edited to add.

This story would go from Extreme and into Romance and I am sure some twists and turns along the way.

I have no preference on whether the bad guy or the guard are female or male but both shall have a physical life with Akima though for different reasons. I see this as quite a long drawn out story.

Despite the detail here I am willing to discuss various ideas on where this story can lead.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #10 on: March 27, 2011, 08:42:26 AM »
Lesson Learned....?
Human Light

This idea is based on the reincarnation theory.

When Amber Willow begins her first day at work she can not help but feel attracted to a member of staff though she has never met him before and nor is he normally her type. Yet when she goes to bed that night it is he who fills her dreams but not in the modern era. Her dreams go back to years before , even centuries.

She puts little into it other than perhaps she should stop reading the stupid mills and boons books before settling to sleep but as the week passes the dreams become clearer and stronger and she begins to wonder why after two weeks he looks as if he has had very little sleep.

The idea is that these to have been together before in a previous life but something happened to prevent them being together. Now they are together again at least knowing of each other and become friends which eventually leads to more, The only problem is this life time she is a young white woman and he is a slightly older black man living in a community where even now mixed relationships are frowned upon.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2011, 11:45:46 AM »
Taming the Wild Heart
[M/F] Light Exotic


This story is fantasy based and set in a magical realm.

Hera knew she was w itch from the age of five, slowly as she grew up herself, her mother and a sister set up a small coven of about ten witches. The world that was once open to magical abilities and often looked to the coven for help is starting to turn against them. Belief in magic is starting to fade and it seems to only receive negative attention. If a freak storm happens, cattle die for seemingly on reason now those that were once sought out are shunned.

The coven believe this is happening due to a appearance of a rise of support for a leader who claims magic is dangerous and should be stopped at all cost. He manages to convince more and more people that everything bad that has happened to them is due to the fact of magic...but the rapidly rising leader has his own secret. He is a werewolf and in the past only those born with magical sense have been able to sense that side in him. Not wishing to risk being found out and killed or worse in his opinion lose all that he has gained he now seeks to destroy those that could reveal the past.

Hera and her coven at first try and usurp his actions and his rumors but when one is killed they go into hiding. They become the hunted. The new leader starts hunting for them himself and one night he does not make it back in time to avoid the power of the full moon. He kills his own guards and is seen by Hera in the forest. Even when she knows the truth she knows to speak of it would only bring more trouble to her, when he returns to the city the following day he blames Hera on the deaths of his men and have her truly hunted down and brought in as if she was the wild animal.

She expects death to be her punishment but instead he attempts to make a example of her, holding her mothers life over her head to keep her in line

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #12 on: April 21, 2011, 11:55:46 AM »
Hooker, Line and Sinker
Light Human


When Lily is passing a quiet night on the street corner with her fellow prostitute friend Laura she is unaware of how her life is going to change within the next ten days. As they chat about the possibility of getting a pinp or moving from "their" spot a car breaks down at the side of the road. The car is a Lotus, the man inside wearing Armani but looking completely lost and utterly confused as steam rises from beneath the hood.

Lily approaches to see if he needs help but he is already on he mobile to arrange for a pick up except he has no idea where he actually is. He asks Lily who tells him the truth and while he is waiting they start talking. By the time the pick up truck has arrived they are quite comfortable with each other and after a brutal break up with his ex he decides that he can relieve all of his frustrations of the day through Lily.

He has never been able to commit fully to a relationship, he works around the clock and girlfriends quickly tire at only gaining his attention for public events such as parties and social gatherings. When she gets ready to go home for the following day he makes Lily a great financial offer if she shall be at his beck and call for the next ten days until he returns home.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #13 on: April 21, 2011, 02:06:09 PM »
Drow's Kiss


Zesstra is ranked highly among her kind that roam and rule the Underdark. She has had many male slaves over the years and a frequent female bed mate when the fancy took her. She is able to weave magic and has not been known to be merciful to any surface dwellers that take it to try and challenge their ability to travel through the Underdark.

In a place where females rule , where murder is not rare and ignorance of the politics can lead to a painful death . Only the strong survive but on he surface trouble brews more than normal.  A large team are planning to come down to find those that have gotten lost in the grounds. They are planning to bring magic weavers, skilled fighters, archers and rumor has it that some have learned to control the powerful dragon kin.

It is rare that the Drow are nervous but they are with the rumors of this coming, they start to set up stronger defences, increase patrols and make sure they have enough provisions should they be truly bothered.

Zesstra is the mage in a small cluster of Drow that are sent out on a routine patrol when they are attacked by surfacers. To Zesstra's surprise and disgust Elven kind have joined up with the humans and make the fight interesting though they thankfully appear to have no magic weavers with them...that was Zesstra's last thought before bright light blinded her and she wakes up hours later chained out in the open, in sunlight that she is not used to and hurts her eyes.

It seems the shoe is on he other foot as Zesstra is given as a slave to one of the higher ranking female battle mages.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2011, 09:19:07 AM »
My Best Friends Daughter
Light Human

Christopher last saw Lauren when she was a hot headed, exciteable and badly influenced eighteen year old. At the time he had not been able to stand her because simply he could not understand her nor her behaviour. Her father and him had known each other since they were eighteen and had children at the same time, became business partners and got their divorces at the same time just three years after Lauren had left home and gone to university.

He never had seen Lauren return to help her father deal with everything or support him but he has made her the maid of honour at his wedding with his new partner and Christopher the best man. When he first see's Lauren after so long he is surprised by the changes in her. She has grown into a woman and a gracefula nd elgant woman at that who has learned how to express her opinion without insulting everyone at the same time. She has devloped a sense of humor he never expected her to. At first though he is frustrated by the fact that his best mate seems to have no time to arrange his own wedding and Lauren has taken on the role but she requires his help to make it a successful day.

Soon the pair are spending more time together and romance starts to build but what will her dad do when he finds out that Christopher is in love with his own daughter?

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Re: Role Play Ideas
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2011, 07:08:30 PM »
This story came to me while I was debating how I would react if I was stuck in a lift. This is a one off story and in truth mostly sexual related rather than any true story line though that can change.

The Lift
[M/F] [F/F]
Light Human

When two people get stuck int he lift one begins to panic especially when they find out they are going to be there a fair while due to a power cut that has swept most of the city. The lift though is a old fashioned one and when the two start to struggle when the panicing one becomes  aggressive they end up breaking through some painted over boards that lead into a small alcove that is curtained off though the curtain is extremely old and almost thread bare.  The one that does not panic then goes to extreme measure to keep the other occupied.

Doctor, Doctor
Light human possibly bondage.

This one was born from a conversation with a player here.

Andy short for Andrea has been seemingly happily married for ten years to her partner Darren. They both work, they live in a small rural village, they both have very good social lives and they love each other but Andy has never been able to climax with Darren. They have tried every position they can think of and used toys yet still for some reason when that crest comes she can never get over it but she has been faking it. Eventually she plucks up the courage to go to her doctor and seek medical advice. It is there she meets the new doctor Doctor Emma Gray. A closet lesbian as she has been brought up in a similar life style as Andy but though the attraction for Emma is instant due to internal openness on her sexuality it will take time and persuasion for her to be able to convince Andrea of what is truly keeping her from cumming and plenty of rules get broken along the way.

History Repeating
[M/F] [F/F]
Exotic bondage

Sophia returns to her home village after one hundred years of being away. When she stumbles upon the grave of her mother and father she decides that to avenge for being taken from her parents and turned into a vampire she is going to get revenge on her makers living relatives by courting and romancing one. Making them fall in love with her rather than simply using her abilities to create the feelings and then turning them into a vampire so that they shall in the blood craze they shall be born into kill the last remaining relatives. At the last moment though just as her chosen one is about to kill their first relative she prevents them from doing so and takes them away causing history to of course repeat itself.

But can she bring her charge beyond wishing her dead and have them fall in love with her all over again in death as they had life?

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Re: Role Play Ideas
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The Gangster's Daughter
I would prefer a male on female for this one but if some one brings me a strong female character I am happy and willing to talk through the possibility of F/F.

This is a story already been tried and I loved though due to real life issues never got to complete it and with my domme side having a good run in a few stories my submissive side is calling for a good work out.

The mafia has always had it's own ways with dealing with those that work against them but those lengths pale compared to what extremes they go to when they discover one of their own is betraying them.  Celestina was born to a Mafia father though her mother was innocent of that knowledge until after she was born. When she realized what her husband was involved in she left him and took Celestina with her. In time he tracked them down so he could get to know his growing daughter but agreed with her mother to keep her out of the line of fire especially seen as he was a rat amongst his own. He has been for years simply biding his time until he had enough information to secure his freedom, make sure those that could seek revenge would be kept in prison and he would have enough money to never have to work on either side of the moral line again but just as he is about give over the information to the law his own find out what he is planning.

With a mole inside the law they find out about the hidden daughter and when he refuses to give up the information they now need to know she is punished for his crime. Yet while Celestina has remained innocent of her fathers acts, kept away from boys and been as her name suggests a heavenly child and young woman. There is a secret desire within her than she does not even know exists yet and beyond that there is also a nastier side that has been biding it's time and waiting for the right time to show itself.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
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The Spell
Exotic Bondage

Two arch enemies have been trying to kill each other for years but when the demoness has the idea to have her angelic enemy  glamoured into a demon to other angels but remain a angel in front of demons she feel it won't be long until the angel is either killed by her own kind or the demons that persue them yet the spell goes wrong and both angel and demoness are cast out of their planes and have to seek refuge together.  The demon does nto admit to the spell at first of course and oddly once they get passed being the polar opposites they find a common ground while trying to get the other to understand how they see the world.

This story is meant to be light and humorous.
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Re: Role Play Ideas
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The Descent

[F/F] [F/M]

It is Halloween night in the big city of London and Catherine is spending the night in the local hot spot club Heaven and Hell. She has been single for over a year now and longing for some attention that comes with a relationship attached yet she is not quite prepared for the attachment that comes with the person that sweeps her off her feet that night.

Unknown to her a succubi/incubus has decided it is time for them to capture another human to sustain them but something about Catherine catches their attention beyond sexual survival. The growing relationship though is put to the test when the demon brings Catherine home and tries to change her into one of their own.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
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[M/F] [F/F]


Eva appears to be like any normal business woman. She works in London doing her day to day job of selling advertising. She mostly works nine to five Monday through Friday. She has no children and no partner. She spends time with her friends at the weekends and spends her holidays touring the world. She looks like millions of woman except she has one huge secret which leads to thousands of others. She is a alien. She has been herelong enough though to certainly pass as human except. She has helped friends conceive, helped friends find the perfect partner while she finds the perfect male for her plans. The perfect man in power to be able to wield his power through him , the pure man to corrupt and bring under her control.

Now open again after my partner for this story is unable to continue.

Gypsy Mine
Human Bondage through to Extreme


Nadya was born and raised a gypsy in the out skirts of Paris. She has used magic and cunning to survive but one day she uses slight of hand on the wrong gentleman. A man who dislikes thievery and cheating of any kind. The gentleman is also the Governor of the police and has been watching Nadya for some time. He has always tolerated herpeople and their ways but he has had a secret longing for Nadya for some time. While she remained on the righteous path though he had no claim to her and his familywould-of disowned him for desiring her due to their religious beliefs. The rules of thievery are extreme though and he gives her a choice, continue on be imprisoned or become his assistant and learn the proper ways. She agrees with no idea of what he truly hasplaned for her.
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Re: Role Play Ideas
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The Bet
[F/F] [M/F]
Light Human


When college student Eric Jones finds his cheer leader girl friend cheating on him with a member of the football team one of thel ast comments she says to him before he storms out of her dorm room goes through his mind time qnd time again. "Why would I notsleep with you? You could not even make a geek girl cum let alone me."  Day's later he runs into the class geek Maria, a prettylass but a loner, slightly forgetful and with no style or class she certainly falls into the geeks of the college. It is as he watches her trip over a step he decides that she is going to be his geek girl, even better she is going to be the next popular girl of college and he certainly would make her cum and let the whole college know about it...especially his ex girlfriend.  Goal set he now has to make that happen and he knows he has a lot of work to do.

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Re: Role Play Ideas
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The Trophy Wi....tch


Anna-Rose Huntington was brought up with a mother and father who loved her dearly but felt no love for each other. They were married to ensure the joining of two highly respectable families. Except these two families had apass time in common beyond their one and only grand child...gambling.  Once the money is gone on btoh sides they decide Anna-Rose must be the perfect trophy wife. She is taught howto dress, howto act and how to keep her mouth shut. Just a couple of years out of univercity as she is married to a highly ranked business man who unknowing to her also works in the shadier sides of the streets. Her parents and grandparents have made sure she and they in turn shall never want for anything. They know her through and through..except onepart. While she was at univercity Anna-Rose discovered Wicca. Now she hides her magical abilites and natured path within the house of her husband. Her gets to show her off, have a bright, gorgeous wife when he wishes her and she gets rooms and gardens to herself neverto be interupted on entered. Except one night a new assitant to her husband walks into her private garden during a magical ritual.

Anna-Rose though horrified at the discovery at first find out the new assitant is a Wicca follower to. Now she has someone that starts to discover the true Anna-Rose she begins to discover herself to.
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Re: Role Play Ideas
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Heavenly Rise  
[F/F] [F/M]

Coroline Richardon was born with a heart of gold. She has always given money to charity , helped the homeless, and done voluntary work. She has since she can remember believed in God and though she does not know it yet set to become a angel due to her efforts on earth but that is a long time in the future. She is set to change many lives but someone wishes for her to play for the other team. A demon/demoness is sent to bring her morals down, to have her come away from her set path by any means possible . At first the demons remains out of sight, bringing her ill luck any way she turns but despite the trouble brought she remains stead fast until the demon/demoness decides to take human form to try and break her heart along with her soul.

What the demon does not expect is the effect Coroline will have on him.
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Re: Role Play Ideas
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]Dream Weaver
[F/F] [F/M]


A redo of a story started long ago that sadly came to a untimely end.

Setting: Medieval/fantasy/magical

Avalon is a witch by birth. A gift passed on through the female blood line through her family, each one granted a gift on the night of their twenty first birthday. They all have the ability to cast magic, but the gifts granted to them are for them alone to wield and use. Each one seemingly dependent on the witches nature. Avalon's mother is able to tell when people are lying, no matter how talented they are. Her grandmother was able to sense sick people from miles away and her great grandmother was able to , to a small degree harness the weather. When Avalon's birthday comes and goes without any clear revealing of her gift, her family begin to worry that their magic is fading or perhaps being wiped out altogether. It is a few days after her birthday when Avalon appears in her mother dream defending her from a night mare that her mother realizes her daughters gift.

Time passes and Avalon'spower increase, not only can she save people from nightmares she is now able to enter and change any as she wishes but she is not the only one able to do that. When she incidentally enters the mind of one who's power out shines her own the person decides to seek out Avalon and see if he can either harness the witches power or at least have her forfeit it in the name of love.
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Re: Role Play Ideas
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Cry Little Sister
Despite the title this is not a incest story.
Exotic vampire story

This idea was inspired by the song Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann (the original version for The Lost Boys not the new one for True Blood) The lost Boys (1987) Tribute - Cry little sister

When Savannah's mother married Matthews father seven years ago she had felt that she would never grow close to her step brother but over those next seven years the step kin arguedlike cat and dog, smoked their first and last cigarette together, started high school together and college. They went to the cinemas together and became close friends. Sadly on the eve of Matthews twenty first birthday he dies. He is given a quick funeral and the whole family are set into mourning though Savannah appears to have been affected the most as she sees Matthew around the city when she goes from college to home or simply hanging with friends.

Unknown to her, Matthew had been killed by a vampire and turned, for a long time before his death he had sought to make Savannah his own beyond a step sister but never managed to work up the guts. Now he seeks to claim her but the old Matthew Savannah once knew, the gentle step brother she had grown to love has gone and in his place is not only a vampire but a man she is not sure she ever quite knew.
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