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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 16623 times)

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #50 on: June 29, 2010, 10:19:06 AM »
With the idea of a shower ahead and tending to her cat, her cries slowed to mere sniffles.  Still she looked longingly along those arms.  The ones that made her feel safe and protected when her world exploded out of her control.  True, she did not enjoy her life, but it was HER life.  Suddenly, she felt like an accessory to everyone else's life, as if hers did not truly exist.  She was pushed, pulled, kidnapped, taken, lifted and thrown.  She focuses all her emotions on the shower.  Her mind already mentally washing her long raven strands.  Subconsciously, her hand reaches up to her head and undoes the braid.  The long, straight strips of midnight fall about her olive skin.  She rakes her fingers through them to undo the weave fully.  As her hand retreats from the hair, it pauses to wipe some tears off her cheek.  She looks back up to him with her amber eyes shining with a shimmer that only tears can produce.  A grateful smile plays coyly along her naturally dark lips.  "Thank you."  She says softly and her eyes drop from his face.  As she looks down, she cannot help but not the view along the way.  A pleasing sight to say the least.  A flush overtakes her cheeks.  Her mind starts thumbing through her wardrobe.  The key to quick changes is to know ahead what you want and where it is.   Her mind scours her imagined image of her room, tearing it apart.  Finally, she spots what she desires.  The outfit bought for that event which was cancelled.  She had gone out on a limb with that outfit.  It was sassy and flirty, but entirely cute at the same time.  A short black skirt, net stocking, a fitted black waist that curled under her breasts and up over her shoulders, flouncy purple and white checked material trimmed in black lace cupping her bra and capping her shoulders.  Her smile takes on a bit more strength as the thought gives her a strange sort of courage.  A little bit of reclaiming herself.  A little bit of stepping out of her normal life.  A little bit of her choosing adventure.  A little bit of her comfort zone.  She begins to play with the hem of her shirt as she pictures herself in this with her heeled boots that almost reach her knees, straps and buckles adorning the calf perfectly.  Her mind jumps to an ornamental dagger given her.  The only tie to a family she had no idea of.  For some reason, though she had never used it and was pretty sure it was useless against any she was suddenly thrust among this night, this dagger felt needed.  She would strap that around her thigh with the red silk it was wrapped in.  Her hand flies to her neck as she continues to plot.  Racing through the inhabitants of her dresser top, she finds the perfect necklace.  It was more a jewelled collar, but it dipped into a V at the front and was adorned with dainty fillagree work and dangly bits.  A pleased grin comes to her smile as her head was still lowered.  "I can't thank you enough."  The words are low and soft, but audible. 

She pushes to ask a few questions about him.  "You...."  She pauses unsure if she should ask, but neededing more information, "you said that guy was your brother?"  She wasn't sure where this need sprang from as it was not in a logic thought pattern with her shower and change of clothes, but it pushed outward anyways. 

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #51 on: June 29, 2010, 02:54:26 PM »
Luke wandered through the apartment, peering into each room and rifling through the various drawers and cabinets, and took a few minutes to raid the fridge. He withdrew a carton of orange juice and sipped it leisurely as he leaned against the counter. 'Place seems a little spartan, doesn't it? Well-kept,'s like this girl lives on the world, instead of in it. Honestly, you'd think she'd see we're trying to do her a favor.' Luke thought, as 'Ana skimmed through the building's mainframe. She found nothing of interest; the terminals were all dumb, and there was almost no direct outside connection. Maintenance use only.

'Luke, we should go. They'll be here in ten minutes.' 'Yeah, yeah. Alright, let's find the cat' 'What?'

~20 Minutes Earlier~

'Found anything more about ArmsTech yet?' Luke asked Nirvana as he shuffled down the stairwell into the empty street below. 'So far all I've found is their public web presence. Officially they serve a lot of military and private army contracts, mostly just bigger and badder machine guns and anti-personnel hardware. I can't find evidence of anything more sinister than that; it's not an iceberg, it's a smokescreen. SOP. They seem to keep their real records on a closed network. No way in so far without a physical presence.'

'Alright, send a message to Marcos, let him see what he can find out. In the meantime-' Luke stopped short a few steps into the alley as Nirvana routed a transmission into his implants. "...please, let me...Miss quick..." A smile blossomed on Luke's face as he leaned up against the side of the building. 'So, little miss has a little kitty? Aw, the poor thing must be lonely. We should pop in for a visit!'


Luke picked up a small, ornate dagger from it's display stand. He grinned at the notion running through his head, and quickly removed a tracer round from his pocket. He unsheathed the dagger and pierced the bullet with the blade's tip, letting the neoglydium drip down the knife's edge. 'What's the point of wasting another tracer? You already marked Gabriel's car.' Nirvana watched, curious.

'Yes, but I haven't marked the girl, and she's our real target. A little redundancy never hurts,' Luke replied as he replaced the sheathed dagger back onto it's stand. He stepped back and withdrew his notebook, tore out two scraps of paper and scribbled a couple of notes. The first he placed beneath the dagger's stand, right in plain view. The second he tacked onto the inside of the front door.

'We don't want them getting too comfortable, now do we?' Luke smiled. 'OK. Let's get that cat and scat.' Nirvana overlayed an infra-red view of the apartment onto Luke's shades, giving him a precise indication of the cat's hiding spot. He crept over to the little make-shift cat carrier, reached in gently and coaxed the little thing out "Yes, there we are...that's a good kitty...good girl..." he murmured softly as he stroked her fur. He turned the collar over and read the name. "Miss Kit? OK, Miss Kit. You're gonna go on a little trip with Uncle Luke!"

Luke turned at the sound of keys jangling in the door, and grinned as the lock unlatched. Without a sound he activated his pgm and both Luke and the cat vanished.

Offline Gwindolyn

Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #52 on: June 29, 2010, 04:25:10 PM »
She barely got the words from her mouth to ask of his brother when they arrived at her place.  It wasn't much.  She didn't need much, which was good because she couldn't afford much.  It isn't like they pay you a grand wage at the store to take money and intimidate would be shoplifters.  She wasn't very good at intimidating anyways.  So she thought it evened out.  She did keep a tidy space.  She hated clutter.  She lived in it at the store most the waking hours.  It was just peace to come home to walls you could see and floors you could move across. 

Her walls were rather bare as well.  Having no one but her mother in life, pictures were sparse.  She did enjoy a good painting, but saw no need to have the low quality junk she could afford.  She was saving up for a real piece of art.  Something she could rest her eyes on and fill her mind with endless thoughts.  The furniture was all second hand, but not garbage.  She was poor, but not trash.  She took great care to find the best she could get for her money.  She had one piece of furniture she loved.  It was an antique chair.  Some old guy died and his family threw this chair out.  She happened to be driving by it and picked it up off the street.  It had a few stains, but she carefully worked them out.  The red velvet was faded, but the wood was good and solid.  There was a table under the window for Miss Kit.  A pillow laid on the table, full of the soft grey and peach fur.  Her food on the floor next to the table.  There was no TV or computer.  She had no need of them.  But the shelves were full of books.  Novels mostly, some poetry.  Oddly, she had a desk.  Tidy enough to be mistaken for unused.  One drawer held in it sketch books.  She wasn't very good, but she enjoyed the attemtps.  Another drawer held journals.  Writings of all sorts, actual journals, stories and poetry - even an odd essay here and there.  Again, she wasn't all that great, but it gave her pleasure.  There was a music system with classical near it.  By the wear and tear on the cases, it was obvious she used her music a lot.

As soon as they arrived at her place, she opened the door of the car and looked around to check for the path of least noticability.  Last thing she needed was to be grilled about this amazing car and her lack of clothes.  She blushed at the thought.  They would never believe.  She marks her path and darts to the door and up the stairs.  She pauses for nothing and no one in hopes of not being seen.  She reaches the door and finds the note.  Instant panic wells up inside her.  She goes to unlock the door and realizes she left her purse at the store.  Her keys are not there.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #53 on: June 30, 2010, 12:01:54 AM »
Gabriel runs to catch up with, finding her at the door with the note. "Someone has been here." He stated. He took the note from Gwin's hand before she could read it. "Whatever this is, it cannot be good. Let me take a look at it first." He read it and sighed, knowing the girl's reaction wouldn't be good. He handed Gwin the letter, which said 'If I can't have one kitten, I will have the other'. Gabriel drew her close and attempted to comfort her, shaking his head. "No matter what I do...I can never seem to do it right."

Years ago

"What are we going to do now, brother?" Isaac asked in a small, sad voice. He sniffled his tears, the water streaming from his face. Isaac was ten and Gabriel was fourteen. They both stood in their best outfits at the grave, everyone else already gone. The sun set against the green hills, which would be a beautiful sight, had it not been for the reason the children were there. "What are we going to do without her? What are we going to do without mom?" Isaac asked. "The only thing we can do, Isaac. Push forward, and don't give up. I won't let anything hurt you. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." He said sincerely.

Gabriel had not delivered on that. Busy trying to provide for his brother and himself, as well as going to school, Gabriel wasn't able to protect his younger brother from life. The bad parts of society had gotten to him over time, changing him. Yes, they were still close as brothers, but there was a rift between them. A lack of understanding, having grown up with different things in life. Gabriel was losing his younger brother to the world, an enemy which he could not fight. His brother had always been his closest friend, and the most important person in his life.


"There is only one thing we can do, Gwin." He said, looking into her amber eyes and setting his hands on her arm, her skin soft and smooth as silk. Such beautiful skin she had. "Push forward... and don't give up. I won't let anything hurt you. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." Gabriel said to her. "We are going to find your cat. I know who has it. We just have to wait for him to find us." He explained.
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Offline Gwindolyn

Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #54 on: June 30, 2010, 12:43:13 AM »
She pulls out of his touch and looks to the door.  She begins to rattle it and bang on it in desparation.  She bends to the lock, but with nothing on but a t-shirt and boxers, she has not implements to pick the lock either.  Not that she had done that before, but at least there was a bit of hope there.  She has no hope at the moment.  She begins to cry out, whimpering "Miss Kit" as she bangs her fist against the door again.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #55 on: June 30, 2010, 10:29:23 AM »
Gabriel returned to his car and came back promptly. "I have a tool that can unlock doors." He explained. "Watch out." he warned as he eased her away from the door. He pulled his hand up, which held a silenced 9mm and place two bullets at each of the four sides of the door knob, then able to forcefully remove it. "Don't worry, I can replace anything of yours that is broken." He explained, opening the door, allowing her to go first.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #56 on: June 30, 2010, 11:55:05 AM »
She wrings her hands as she waits for him to get his "tool".  When he shoots out the door, there is a bit of surprise as he was the smooth one that didn't do violence first, but then it was effective and thoughts of Miss Kit flood her.  She rushes in and checks all the cat's normal hiding places.  No cat.  She whimpers a little with worry, but realizes worry will not help this along. 

She rushes into her room and goes straight for the items she needed for a shower.  She lived alone, she was unused to needing to change in the shower.  She forgot items.  She did remember the towel though, so she is safely PG.  She dashes into the shower and turns on the music.  The calming sounds of Beethoven fill the apartment "Moonlight Sonata", a favorite.  She turns it up a little more than normal to hide her soft singing along and her bursts of tears, mourning all she ever knew and worrying about her cat and tomorrow.  Once she finishes, she finds herself without all she needed.  She sighs and wraps a towel about her.  She peeks out of the door and checks to be sure he is not looking.  He is not.  She dashes into her bedroom and shuts the door by falling back against it.  She takes a deep breath. 

She goes directly to all that she wished to wear, putting the outfit on first, the boots, the collar.  She brushes her long black hair, arranging her bangs neatly across her forehead.  She turns to get her dagger.  Another little note there.  She reads it and knows the one who took her kitty wants her to have this dagger with her. "Why?" floats through her head repeatedly, but she has no idea.  So she takes his word for it.  She straps the dagger about her thigh with the simple red silk strips and lets the ends tease the back of her knee as they hang down.  For some reason, she is suddenly worried about having something in her teeth.  With all that is happening, she pauses to brush her teeth and check them to be sure nothing shows.  Finally completely dressed, she adds no perfumes - never having the need for them before, she owned none to wear.  She straightens her skirt and her top, runs her hand over her hair once more and strides out into the living room.  Something about certain outfits can change everything about you, right down to how you walk.  This was one of those outfits for Gwin.  She stood taller and more confident than before, her strides were more purposeful.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #57 on: June 30, 2010, 01:26:34 PM »
Luke rematerialized outside of an abandoned car dealership, Miss Kit cradled limply in one arm. He made his way around to the back of the lot, avoiding shards of broken glass and puddles of fluids better left unidentified. There were no surveillance cameras for miles, and his network prevented satellite imaging from providing anything other than a 72-hour video recording. Luke brushed aside a thick film of dust and grime from a small section of the building and peered into the recessed retina scanner, while Nirvana accessed the building's security subroutines through an encrypted channel. The defense system shut down, and a part of the wall retracted to reveal a dark, descending staircase. As Luke passed through, the wall slid shut behind him and a mechanical arm emerged from the top of the wall to swing down and replace the disturbed dust and filth with a ''fresh'' coating, preserving the illusion of structural neglect.

Miss Kit jumped down from Luke's arm and ran to a pair of bowls in the corner filled with water and fresh tuna paste, and shoved between a pair of solid black calicos who were eating their fill. "Heckle, Jeckle, you two play nice with our guest," Luke called as he headed deeper into his command center. He reached a thickly cushioned, six-wheeled office chair and sat down in front of an expansive bank of monitors, each offering a different view. He removed his shades and laid them on the table as he scanned through each screen, one by one, reviewing the progress of various operations currently ongoing, and picked up a small black headset lying on a nearby desk. 'Let's see how things have been going without us, 'Ana. Bring up cameras 15 through 20, give me eyes on the Calloway op.'

Six of the screens changed to show a young man with light hair and a heavy coat loitering outside an office building. 'Ana opened a comm link and Luke spoke into the headset. "Chen. Have you made contact with the target?" The man almost jumped out of his skin at the unexpected voice coming through his earpiece, but composed himself short of actually screaming in terror. Chen looked around for a moment before replying. "Affirmative, boss. Op has entered its terminal phase; I'm awaiting confirmation of the package's delivery now." "Excellent work. Keep me posted." Luke made a cutting motion with his hand and the comm link was terminated.

For the next two hours, the song remained the same. 'Ana monitored communications and progress reports as Luke made contact with various operatives under his command, requesting updates and accepting or denying requests for backup, supplies, timetable extensions, whatever was necessary. At last he leaned back in his chair, pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers and asked 'Ana to display the girl's location. On the move again. Two blue dots this time, she'd taken his note to heart. Marvelous.

'Do you think it's wise to allow Ureha to continue holding the girl in his custody?' 'Ana asked as he rose from his chair. 'Hm, probably not. At first I was worried about the other players that might have been involved in this, but it seems clear that Joren is only after Ureha's younger brother, and I doubt the Agency has any interest in her. Marcos suggested I let Ureha handle the heavy lifting, but at this point that only increases the risk of our opponents learning of the girl's existence. No, I think it's time I brought her home. I'll give her a few more hours with Wonderboy and get some sleep, then we'll go collect her.' 'And Ureha?' 'What about him?' 'You've said it yourself; he won't let her go easily. How will you deal with him?' 'The same way we deal with any other problem, 'Ana. Decisively.'

Luke left the command center and shuffled down another flight of stairs, this one leading to a small room at the end of a long, well-lit hallway. He shoved the door open and kicked off his sandals, tossing them against the wall, and peeled off his damp bright aloha shirt to reveal a deeply tanned, well muscled, and frighteningly scarred upper body. He stripped off his cut-offs as well, and dropped the wet clothes in a pile opposite a large walk-in closet. Luke fell onto a large, bare mattress and fell asleep almost instantly.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #58 on: June 30, 2010, 01:35:02 PM »
Gabriel looked around the simple room. It was vastly different from his own; it was far emptier. She was different from him, and that was clear. And that was interesting. Perhaps he had already known she was different from him; maybe thats part of why he was so attracted to her. He stood, looking around. The note that Tracer left worried him. But then again, maybe it was just a game. Gabriel was good at figuring people out, and that was a skill he prided himself on. Tracer liked to play games, that much was clear at the shop. And the place wasn't destroyed, which probably meant that the man meant no harm.

He had known that Tracer would come here. In things like this, his adversary was a step ahead of him. The only way to keep moving, while keeping Tracer a step behind, was to not know where he was going himself. But that probably wouldn't work out too well. How had he known that Gabriel and Gwin would be coming there?

He heard a door open behind him, the direction of Gwin's room. She stepped out, carrying herself with more confidence. His eyes, wide, scanned her body. Starting at her legs, he cherished the sight. Black stockings over olive skin, complimented by dar boots. To a short skirt that was teasing to him; in a way, skirts were his weakness. His eyes drift over her chest, his face turning red, until finally he reaches her beautiful face and amber eyes. "Uh..." He began bashfully, shying away from her face by diverting his eyes. "You look nice." He said quickly, a bit quieter than normal and his face turning even more red. He was sitting on the arm of the couch, one of the few pieces of furniture present in the living room. He placed his hands in his lap, turning warm from the embarrassment. He was never good in situations such as these. "Uh...lets find" He said, his mind believing the statement accidentally perverted, but in reality it wasn't. He was just in a different mind set than normal, and he believed that anything he said would embarrass him.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #59 on: June 30, 2010, 02:22:38 PM »
Joren pulled up on his hyper bike across the street from Gwin's apartment building, and across from Gabs vehicle. "Doc I'm here, and I see the car." The Doctor's voice responded in the ear piece Joren wore. "They are in one of the apartments on the fifth floor. Will you be engaging sir?" Joren looked at the ground as he thought of his previous defeats. "No, not yet. Instead I want you to dispatch 'Red Eclipse' operatives all over the city to be ready to strike when I give you the order. You be me eyes and they'll be my hands, got that Doc?" "Yes Mr. Tolkki."

After a few more minutes of giving the Doctor some more orders, Joren hopped off the bike and walked slowly over to Gabs vehicle, making sure their was no one to see, he put his pale hand under the car and Froze the Fuel lines, breaks, Weapon systems and the gears that moved the wheels. "That should slow them down." Joren said to himself  as he walked back to his bike and swiftly rode away into the city.       
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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #60 on: June 30, 2010, 02:54:18 PM »
"Honey, you shouldn't of done that." Came Jenny's voice from the car, her voice reaching Joren's ears just before he got too far away. "Time for some fun." She said as a random car, sleek and quick, revved up, the lights turning on. The car bolted forward at Joren's motorcycle, pulling up next to it. "You can't just touch me there without even giving me your name. How naughty." Jenny's voice said from the car. She did a facial check against the man, the one that Gabriel called Snow Man. "You're the snow man? Don't you know there is only one way Ice can beat Fire?" She asked, laughing. "I guess you don't know it." She taunted. She went back to her original idea of fun. "Joren. You can't just touch a woman like that without taking her out on a DATE!" She said, ramming into the motorcycle. Joren quickly regained control of the vehicle.

Jenny. It was like she always forgot she was an AI. Either that or she just enjoyed having the persona of a woman that had a body. Probably made her feel more human. Unlike a lot of AIs, she had FULL artificial intelligence. She could learn, she could hate people, like people, love people. She could make assumptions, tell jokes, get angry. It was basically a very smart, virtual person. There was only one other AI like her. One day, Jenny was interested in seeing if anyone was like her. A male one, to be precise. Unfortunately she discovered that the only other one was a female AI, named Nirvana. She stopped her search there, uninterested because the AI was a woman.
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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #61 on: June 30, 2010, 03:31:01 PM »
Joren herd a the female voice from the car as he was rammed. "What the fuck?!" Joren yelled out with anger on his face. He quickly gained control over his bike, and laughed out loud at what was happening. "Look babe, If you want a date with the Ice man, all you had to do is ask" Joren was vary amused at his current engagement with what he thought was a woman in the car. Joren sped up to get a distance between him and the car, and then held out his hand. 'Ya know, black ice is the leading cause of car related death in north Quantum."  He said as the entire road behind him turned to black ice, causing Jenny and all other car on the road to swerve out of control. Jenny's car hit a light post and stopped on impact. "Red Eclipse agents are standing be to finish her off sir. Shall I give the order?" Joren grinned his sharp toothed smile. "Do it!" From somewhere in one of the darkened ally way of the city came out a man dressed in black and red body armor, and armed with a rocket luncher "Kill the bitch!"       

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #62 on: June 30, 2010, 04:04:42 PM »
As Luke's oblivious snoring rumbled the lowest levels of the base, Nirvana returned through the building's wi-fi system to the command center. She noted that the two blue dots were no longer together; rather the smaller one--the dagger--was still on the girl's person, while the car was apparently engage in a high speed pursuit. 'Ana called up one of the Grigori satellites and zoomed in on the activity below. E- and X-ray scans showed the car to be empty, leading 'Ana to one conclusion: the other A.I. Joren's peculiar temp signature registered as well, and 'Ana's curiosity was peaked at the notion of the A.I. trying to take on the assassin herself. As she watched the car wreck itself against a light post, her scans picked up a thug armed with an iridium-charged rocket launcher. It was immediately apparent that the other A.I. was either unaware of the oncoming assault, or was in no position to respond effectively. 'Ana hesitated a fraction of a second, seriously considering allowing the car to be blasted to particles in payment for the indignity of being spiked earlier in the evening. But in the end, her dedication to duty...and other things...prompted her to action. Within nanoseconds 'Ana activated and aimed the Grigori's on-board weapons system. Nothing nearly so potent as the Seraphim, to be certain, but enough to handle this.

~17,550 miles above QU~

A small pinprick of light flared in the morning sky. For an instant it grew, bright as a small star, before it lanced into the ground with the explosive force of 15 pounds of TNT. The goon and his rocket launcher were all but vaporized. There was nothing left of the poor fellow but a small crater, a pair of heavy-duty boot laces, and an unpleasant smell.

~Command Center~

'Ana shut down the Grigori's targeting systems and simulated a nod of satisfaction. She had evened the playing field for the other A.I.; no further assistance would be provided. Nirvana returned to her nest in Luke's cranial implants and fell into wait stasis mode.

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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #63 on: June 30, 2010, 04:07:38 PM »
"Bitch?" Jenny asked angrily. "Ok. You want me angry? I'm angry." Jenny shouted, the streetlights going out. The car shut off as the man was vaporized by something. "You assume I am human." Jenny's voice said, sounding as if going through a cheese grater. Without Joren's command, his motorcycle revved. "Want to kill me now?" She asked, controlling the motorcycle and making it fly forward wildly. She quickly jumped to another vehicle, a parked car in front of Joren. She sped forward, head on at Joren, then as he turned to avoid the oncoming vehicle, she jumped to another piece of technology. This was a light pole. She sent electricity through the light poles and sent it upwards, causing streams of electricity to come up from the ground in straight lines towards the sky. They were everywhere, and Joren would have to avoid them, which wouldn't be easy.

"Could you call me powerful please, baby? I like to have control." She laughed, her voice coming through the radios in the nearby parked cars. The electricity formed into her figure far in front of Joren and she walked towards him, flashing from one area to the other.

OOC: I added an intro to the beginning of the roleplay. An opening in the first post.
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Re: Quantum Urbs (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open to All*
« Reply #64 on: June 30, 2010, 04:27:45 PM »
*For a few hours Shar was left waiting until she was called into another oom. Her "friend" waiting for her a warm smile touching her lips as she waved a hand to a small computer desk in front of her.*

"Time to get to work Shar. Time to put those skills of yours' to you. We are still researching on this female as your description matches many but the an that killed all those people we can deal with now."

*She pulled out a chair as she indicated Shar to settled down, a assitant came and placed two pads connected to multiple wires that lead to a simple machine that clicked and grred with various tempos and tones. Varying lights flashed blue and green that seemed to meet everyone's satisfaction.*

"Do not press too far Shar if you start losing control step out. I want him alive."

"I some how doubt this is going to work, if he had any conscience at all I doubt he would of done what he did."

*A small chuckle left the females lips as she patted Shars head almost one would when petting a dog.*

"So much to learn Shar."

*With that suddenly the assistant flipped a switched as Shar was delved into darkness, it swirling around her as if caught in a tornado, only brief images of light managing to show through.*

*Back in the office.*

"Make sure this guys little friend can not get into our stronghold. I wish her to see us and what we wish her to know but nothing more. Allow her to connect to a outer database we can close down should she try to infect us."

*She smokes as she moved to another computer entering a data base.*

Name :Shar Hummingway

Age: 22

Gender: Female


*Not long after Luke fell asleep he began to dream. The dream hazy at first, then becoming stronger, the image of the female that had tried to pursure him standing a distance from him seeming to be made of mist. Her form willowing out along her arms and legs into nothing. Her angry eyes settling on him while behind her the street there were on began to form. Though the buildings were undamaged at this point, it seemed to be from before any of the mess had begun. She began to approach him, her hair swilring above her head as if she was in a pool of water.*

"I see you are awake at last."

*He heard though her mouth did not move, her gaze focused entirely on him despite the fact people started to walk around them, through them unaware of course of the two dreamers.*

"I wondered what kept you so long..but then I do remember a saying of those with a heavy conscience do not sleep well."

*SHould Luke try and speak he would find him self rendered silent, his lips and tongue able to move though no vocal sounds.*

"Perhaps you shall remember this..perhaps you shall not.. I certainly hope you do."

* A odd smile touched her lips as sher hands and arms lifted above her head suddenly the world rocking around them both. Two burning lights started to approach them, growing larger , more fearful as they came closer. The two lights struck them both as individuals though the dream kept on as people burnt, houses collapsed and people scream. The vision suddenly famishing though the screaming continued on.*

*Shar coughed as air seemed to enter her lungs once more, almost sliding from the chair to collapse on the floor if not caught by the gentle assitant from before.*

*Her eyes watered as she tried to calm herself down, almost feeling the burning herself , the screaming having more effect on her emotionally than she had expected.*

"Do you think it will have worked?"

"We shall know soon enough Shar."

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She watched his eyes take her in.  The surprise, the blush, the awkward turn away.  She felt a surge of feelings rush through her.  She was unsure what it was, having never experienced such power before.  She was surprised by his reactions, never having suspected that he would enjoy her looks as she enjoyed his.  Her olive skin melded to a reddish as she too breaks eye contact.  This is one moment she wished she had some cheap wall coverings.  Finding nothing to rest her eyes on, she brings them back to Gabriel as he begins to speak.  She can't help but a relieved, but shy smile as his speaking is as awkward as she felt.

She nods and says "Yes, poor Miss Kit must be a furball of fear!"  She goes to pick up her purse and keys and remembers.  No purse.  No keys.  And the keys seem pointless at the moment anways.  Her car is blown up, her house has no door nob and the store has had better days.  She sighs and turns to him with empty hands "I am ready."  She crosses her hands over her chest for lack of imagination as to what else to do with them.

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Joren looked at the on coming figure of the Woman, with interest. "Power? What power!?" All of a sudden every light, every TV, and every electronic intently shut down. The electricity woman that was about to close in also disappeared from sight. "Good work Doc! That was fucking close. Now, what happened to my man? And what the hell was that?" The Doctors spoke up. "Well first of sir, you should know that I have shut down all electricity between you and the Arcadia Towers. Second, I'm not positive, but I think our man was killed be the same person that took your legs." An angry expression appeared on Joren Frost covered face. "That Mother FUCKER! What does this mean!? that Flip-flop boy has mercs working for him too!?" Joren yelled into the ear piece as he paced back and forth. "I'm not sure, but that was not any merc I'v ever herd of. I think that was an AI, and a powerful one at that too. It would be wise to lay low for now sir." Joren stopped in front of his toppled bike. "Fuck! Fine! But I want Red Eclipse Troops moving into positions all up this area!" Joren picked up his scratched bike from the ground and got back on, he revved and took of into the unlit street.             

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"Alright lets get going." He said, taking the lead. They made their way down the stairs, eventually reaching the car. He stepped inside the vehicle, ushering Gwin in first. He then took his spot at the wheel and attempted to turn on the car. No response. "Jenny. Whats wrong with the car?" He asked her. No response. "Jenny! I swear if your hacking the porn sites again..." He sighed and looked up. "Jenny!" Gabriel said louder, trying to get her attention. "Gabe, hold on! Joren is here. I am trying to take care of him." She said, concentrating. "Fuck!" She shouted. Gabe and Gwin traded confused glances for a moment, his eyes drifting to her chest for a split second. They both looked forward, seeing the bright blue lights shinning on the building. "Who the hell is Joren?" Gabriel asked. "The snow man." She responded while still in an electrical form and walking towards his moving motorcycle. Joren couldn't hear her, she isolated her voice to the car.

"Oh, ok." He said, sounding relieved for a moment. Until what she said set in. "Wait, what!?" He stepped out of the car and began to leave. "Wait here, ok? Wait...not a good idea." he said, deciding against it. "Gwin, get Gabriel." Came Jenny's voice. She motioned for Gabe to come back and he leaned in the window. "Gabe, something is fast approaching. I am not sure what...or who it is. Wait. It's getting larger. What the hell!?" Jenny shouted, freaking out. "How did they...GET AWAY FROM THE CAR! NOW!" She shouted, panicked. Gabriel flung open the door and grabbed Gwin, turning her away and enveloping her body with his. The car exploded, the fire overtaking Gabriel's back and sending the two flying forward. Scraps from the car went flying in all directions as the fire formed into a hot cloud. A few pieces stuck into Gabriel's back, and the fire funneled out into the streets. Gabriel screamed and turned himself so they would land on his side instead of her. The impact was brutal, damaging his right arm. They slid on Gabriel along the concrete, coming to a slow stop. A blood trail was left, spanning from where they initially landed, to where they stopped a few feet away.

Gabriel's body was smoking. Everything was silent. The remains of the car were on fire, the flames raging. Gabriel moaned in pain. "Ah holy shit..." He grunted. He stumbled up, holding his arm. His body was beaten, burned, and bloodied. Pieces of metal stuck out of his back. "I just put on these clothes too." He said, trying to joke. He tried to laugh, but it turned to a violent cough. He fell down to a knee and Gwin helped him up. He walked out into the street. "Aghh JENNY!" He screamed. "Jenny!" He yelled again. "Go to the roof!" Her voice said, loud through all the cars on the street. "Gwin...I can't make it there on my own." He said to her. The area began to get cold. But it wasn't Joren. "Hurry, you two! They are coming!" Jenny screamed. It began to get harder to breath as well and the entire area, all buildings, all streets, everything, began to freeze over. "They are getting closer! MOVE!" Jenny panicked. "I know who they are! Holy shit!" Jenny shouted. "Its-" She was cut off when all the electricity died. "Jenny?" It was dead silent. "Fuck..." Gabriel cursed.

The roads slicked and Joren's cycle fell to the ground, sending him rolling. The motorcycle stopped in the middle of the street, as if hitting an invisible barrier. Which it had. There was no way out of the area. Not yet. Gabe and Gwin had to get to the roof of her apartment. Before it was too late.

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Luke stirred in his sleep as the psychic connection broke off. As he rolled onto his back, he giggled in his sleep and resumed his snoring.

Nirvana, however, was a trifle more concerned with the episode. The instant the connection formed, she pulled herself out of stasis mode and began recording Luke's brainwave patterns for later study, being particularly careful to preserve the image of the woman with the cell phone. After the connection was broken, 'Ana analyzed the information gathered during the attack, returned to the command center and immediately began running full facial recognition scans throughout every database in the city. Within moments a name was returned: Shar Hummingway, aged 22. Status: Deceased. According to records, Ms. Hummingway was presumed killed in the 43rd Street Incident along with several dozen others. 'Not so dead after all though, are you? And clearly not without friends of your own...' As Nirvana studied Ms. Hummingway's dossier, she also reviewed the episode again from beginning to end. Clearly the girl had some measure of psychic ability, but only a completely outfitted psychoneirological lab could manage to breach a mind as disciplined and defended as Luke's. Definite traces of directed lucidity had been detected.

'Ana was debating the merits of waking Luke to inform him of the assault when something caught her attention. Several of her back processes had been running silently for the last few hours, scouring the 'net for information on the other players in this game, and one of them had just gotten a hit. A psycho-tech firm on the west side of the city had just opened up a database filled, if not with information, at least keywords to make it seem as if it were. Nirvana shook her head at the apparent stupidity of these new opponents.

'Sure, of course I'll just waltz right in to an obviously protected server that conveniently opened up just as I was looking for it. Whatever could be the harm?'

And Luke said she didn't "get" sarcasm. Ha.

 'Ana quarantined a path from a blind server to the new database and quickly wrote a few dozen new subroutines. Once activated, the new program flooded the database with hundreds of low-level A.I.s, effectively clogging the bandwidth channels and preventing the server from shutting down the moment she entered. It was painfully obvious that whoever she was dealing with, their security was a joke. But their intentions were not. She stayed for less than a nanosecond, swiped every available bit of information, and escaped before allowing the A.I. drones to self-terminate. As an added bonus, the drones were programmed to fire 16 random viruses each into the database before terminating, thereby guaranteeing a complete server failure; her own personal "Fuck You" to her would-be opponents.

Once back in her own mainframe, 'Ana performed a full spectrum scan of her sectors, ensuring there were no viruses, no tracers, no bugs, worms, trojans, time bombs or hostile root kits, and quarantined the info stolen from the database for future analysis. Once that was secured, Nirvana returned to her nest in Luke's head.

'Wake up, Luke. We have a new problem...'

~10 Minutes Later~

'So you're saying that little mouse tried to mind-hack me?' Luke shook his head as he pulled on a clean, bright red aloha shirt and slipped into another pair of almost clean denim cutoffs. 'That's...well. That's kinda cute.' He smiled as he kicked his sandals back on and headed upstairs. ''Cute?' I don't think 'cute' is quite the word you're looking for, Luke. Try 'vicious', or 'alarming', or 'impressively psychotic'.' Luke just shrugged as he fell back into his office chair, grabbing his shades. 'Hey, every relationship is built on something.' 'Uh-oh...speaking of alarming.' He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. 'Now what?' 'It looks like our girl is under attack. Again.' 'Hm. Well, at least she made it for a few hours, this time. Alright, throw it on screen.'

Nirvana activated another Grigori satellite and zoomed in on Gwin's trace round, and switched to real-time video.

'It looks like they're under attack from Joren, as well as...oh, no.' 'Wait, wait, wait; let me guess: Hunters?' 'Got it in one.'

Luke let out another heavy sigh as he checked his pockets for his usual toys, then slid his shades into place. He rose from his chair and moved to the center of the room.

'Well, then. Let's go out and play, shall we, sweetie?' Luke grinned, a wide and feral smile crossing his lips as the pgm activated...

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Time seems dazed and lost as so much happens so quickly.  She is grateful Gabriel and Jenny are there.  Jenny is the guard dog, the ever faithful servant, the right hand that Gabriel would be lost without.  Gwin understands this quickly and follows Jenny's orders as they are said.  So when Jenny tells them to get out of the car, she lost no time asking stupid questions - she got out.  The car exploded and Gabriel protected her - again.  He took such heavy damage though.  She looks at his wounds even as he was too busy with Jenny to think on them.  Before she could begin to do anything about them, Jenny said to "RUN".  She knew instantly that Gabriel could not run.  She also knew she had a better chance of standing with him then being without him.  Besides that, those blue eyes....  If he walked away from her and left her to her lonely, empty life after this - that would be devestating enough.  But to watch him die to send her back to such a life was out of the question!

She runs to him and dips her shoulder under his, wrapping her arm about his lower back.  She moves him along as fast as she can - fighting against him as he desparately wanted to check on Jenny. Finally, he starts moving.  She can't even really see where she is headed, she lets him lead the way.  At one point he looks like he is lost.  She lifts his arm, listening to the pain roil from his mouth and takes the lead.  Half dragging, half running, she gets them to the apartment building and the progess slows considerably as the stairs didn't really have room for her to help him up the stairs.  There was no elevator.  When was this building built anyways?  A vision of women wearing corsets, large bustled skirts, hats, gloves and parasols enters her brain.  Possibly, is her only thought.

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There was a severe tingling sensation in Luke's extremities as he materialized on the roof of the apartment building. 'Nirvana, did we just-' 'Affirmative. Sensors indicate the presence of a class two shield.' 'Hehe. Kids came to play, huh? Alright. 'Ana, warm up some Cherubims. I think four should do the trick.' 'Ana simulated a sigh and shook her head anxiously. 'Roger that.' 'Ana sent a routed command to the command base mainframe, and a small hole in the building's roof spiraled open...

~Command Center~

The darkness was almost a physical thing, blanketing the upstairs hangar and flight deck. Dust hung thick in the air, and clouds of insects swarmed near three of the room's inky corners. Small machines reminiscent of fighter-jets rested on racks bolted to two of the walls, and tools lay scattered about on tables throughout. A single red light blinked lazily in the center of the room, barely larger than a pencil eraser.

Then the light turned green, and all hell broke loose.

~Gwin's Apartment~

'They're awake. Luke...are you sure you want to call the Cherubim? They've never been exactly...stable.' 'Aw, come on. What's the worst that can happen?'

~Command Center Flight Deck~

Four of the machines winked and whirred to life, LEDs and DRDs flashing in bright electric blue and green. The drones' A.I.s pulled themselves out of hibernation mode, noted the time passed since they'd last been operated, and performed  full maintenance and equipment checks.

'Drone Andiun, prepped and ready for launch.'
'Drone Etriun, prepped and ready for launch.'
'Drone Mikiun, prepped and ready for launch.'
'Drone Soriun, prepped and ready for launch.'

Within moments the four were airborne, hovering silent and still below the hangar's exit as they checked their on-board weapons caches. Etriun was the first to break the silence, speaking to his brothers in a high, child-like voice.

'Guys? Hey. Hey, guys?' 'What?' Soriun replied, spinning to point his nose at Etriun. 'Do you think we're gonna go get to kill some people?' Etriun asked, his excitement evident as he revved his engines in mid-air. Mikiun revved his engines even louder and began to hover in a slow, lazy circle. 'Ooh, I hope so! I bet we'll get to kill lots n lots of people!' 'I bet I can kill more people than you can!' Andiun shouted, issuing a challenge that would not go ignored. 'Nuh-uh! I'm gonna kill the most people' 'No, I am!' 'I'm gonna do it!' they cried, their voices jumbling with each other into a high-pitched screech of joy and bloodlust.

At last the hangar door ratcheted open, like the maw of a demon spitting forth a plague upon the world. The drones began to fly in a circle, round and round the room, speeding up with each revolution until reaching almost Mach 4, and blasted out of the roof single file, laughing and shouting and whooping with glee, singing playfully as they locked onto Nirvana's transponder signal.

'We're gonna get to kill some people, we're gonna get to kill some people...'

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The door to the roof slammed open as Gabriel and Gwin stumbled through. Gabriel fell to the ground, almost pulling Gwin down with him. "Come on..." Gabriel said. "Come on..."He repeated, looking to the skies. After a moment, a light was approaching. As it got close, Gabriel could hear Jenny's voice saying "They're here!". The vehicle stopped over the roof, hovering just above it. It was a tan aircraft, the windows of it tinted black and blue fire shooting out of what looked like two small jet engines. It was sleek in style, the wings looking almost like boomerangs curving backwards. The front was mostly a reinforced windshield, so enduring that it could take nearly any explosion without a crack.

Gwin helped Gabriel into the vehicle. There were two seats, the second seat in as if it was built with the vehicle. Jenny had fully installed a second seat once Gwin joined the gang. The inside was white and nicely designed. The aircraft was very spacious as well, having a small area for riding, a very tiny bathroom, and a small room literally the size of the twin-sized mattress that lay in there, save a small area at the front for standing. Both the bathroom and 'bedroom' were like small closets, with sliding doors that were actually Shoji Screens. There was a light inside each room as well.

The structure and style of the aircraft allowed for sleek maneuvering, the wind able to flow against it easily. It was also fairly small and compact. Jenny had always been space efficient. The ship then took off on auto-control by Jenny. Gabriel fell into the driver seat and sat, Gwin behind him in the secondary seat. 

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Luke stood with his back to the roof's stairwell, his ocular implants tracking the Cherubim as they approached. The A.I.s sang as they flew, broadcasting on all open channels, and Nirvana relayed the soundstream to Luke as he leaned against the railing. 'See? And you were worried they'd be crazy or something. They're just being playful!' Luke grinned. 'Ana's holojection slumped her shoulders and shook her head anxiously. 'Luke, we really need to sit down and have a long talk about your childhood someday-'

Nirvana was interrupted by the sound of bodies struggling up a stairway. She and Luke turned as Gabriel and Gwin exited onto the rooftop, the girl dragging her hero along almost every foot of the way. A sizable jet plane hovered harrier-style just over the railing, and the intrepid duo were clearly headed it's way. Luke's smile grew, and he called out to them as they staggered away. "Hey there, you two!"

And stood perplexed, his hands on his hips, as they blatantly ignored him.

Luke glanced over at 'Ana, one eyebrow cocked in a 'get-a-load-of-this' expression, and shouted once again.

"Hey! Princess! Ureha!...HEY!"

And they kept on a-walkin'.

Luke threw his hands up in exasperation and shouted once more.

"Well, fine, then! Be that way! See if I care! Ya big jerks!" He turned to 'Ana, who watched the unfolding scene with a mixed expression of pity and mild disinterest. 'You know, I'm starting to really not like this town. The people here are so rude! They don't die when they're supposed to, they just ignore you when you talk to them; it-it-it's just bad manners, that's what it is!' 'Aren't you going to chase them? They're right there. Ureha is clearly injured. This would appear to be an excellent opportunity to collect the girl and be on our way, yes?' 'Ah, let them go. They're practically in the plane already, and have you seen that thing? If it's anything like the rest of this asshole's toys, it probably reaches supersonic speeds and serves you tea and dumplings in mid-flight. Better to let the kids take a crack at it; at least they won't have trouble keeping up.' 'Speaking of which...'

Luke felt a sharp prodding sensation at the base of his spine, and turned to find the Cherubims hovering silently in a perfect column. The drones each performed a barrel roll in greeting, each in the opposite direction of the one above it. At once, all four voices erupted in Luke's head as the Cherubim began to circle him like affectionate puppies armed with death rays.

'Hi, Uncle Luke!' 'Hello, Uncle!' 'Hey, Uncle Luke!' He grinned and allowed them to circle him, holding out his arms and letting them do hover tricks as he waited for them to calm down. 'Hey, guys! Are you excited to be back at work again?' 'YEAH! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!' They cried, spinning in circles. Luke snapped to attention, a mock-serious expression on his face.

'Alright, then. First order! See that plane?' As one, the four drones turned their sensor-packed nose cones toward the jet. 'Yes, Sir!' They shouted. 'Do not let that plane out of your sight, under any circumstances! Second order! If anyone tries to hurt that plane, you have permission to kill them. Kill them hard.' 'Can we use our particle cannons, Uncle Luke?' asked Etriun, for all the world sounding like an anxious child on Christmas day. 'Cherubim squadron, you have full permission to use any means necessary to escort and protect that ship!' 'YAAYY!!!' The drones each pulled a quick loop high above Luke's head and returned to formation. 'There is one little condition on your orders, guys, and it's an important one: No Noncombatant Casualties. Understand? Zero.' 'Awww...' 'I mean it, guys. This isn't going to be like that job in Baruga. Your attack pattern is to be Provoked Response only.' 'Yes, Sir...' Luke turned to look at Ureha's plane as it gained altitude, and watched a pair of incoming aircraft sighted their weapons on his ship. He grinned as he spoke the Cherubims' authorization phrase that would send the drones on their mission of protection and destruction.

" the kids."

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The aircraft went forward quickly, and Gabriel relaxed. Until a sharp sensation passed through him. A ping of fear, a ping of longing. His brother. "Gwin..." Gabriel said. "Come here, please. It's important."

His mind was screaming to him. A warning. "You and I been through a lot. Feels like it's been weeks. Every minute feels like an hour and every second a minute." He laughed, gripping his injured arm. "We met just last night. Both got thrown around the city together. It's kind of funny if you look at it in a certain way." He reached out and grabbed her arm softly. "Come morning, I don't think you and I will be together." He admitted. "I promise you one thing, though. I promise you will live." He told her. After he said this, he turned and grabbed the controls for the aircraft. "Alright? Gwin? I promise you are going to get through this. I really wish I could of helped you find your cat." He laughed. "Maybe if we had made it through this, I would have gotten some reward from you. Like a gift crd for that tiny shop...uh...once its know, rebuilt." He looked down. "Or maybe a dinner out with you or something." He smiled, the kind of smile that said 'dont worry'. A smile that said 'everything would be alright'. A lying smile. "I know this one place just outside of Arcadia. Really nice. Expensive, too. I am friends with the owner, ya know. He would of given us a discount." This was Gabriel's nervousness speaking. He spoke a lot when he was nervous. As he flew, he continued chatting away.

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*As the computer system shut down around them the female laughed though there was a dark edge to it.*

"Wow a feisty one I see.. Almost sorry I do not have one of those. I am afraid Shar this has put us out of the race. Should that female survive going to have to be her own luck that guides her."

*Shar stared at the dying computer screen the etremely faint image of her news status seeming to be there or perhaps that was just her imagination. It would take time to enter her old life, though perhaps not too long for her status to be changed when the computers were back up.*

"Can only do what is given to us."

*She muttered quietly.*

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