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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 15652 times)

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Offline Gwindolyn

Gwin does her best to help Gabriel through the tiny maze of stairs.  She is very concerned about his blood loss.  She keeps up encouraging chatter as they go.  "You're doing great."  "Just a little further."  "Jenny must have something waiting for us at the roof, we're almost there."  They burst out there.  So intent is she on Gabriel that Gwin does not see Luke and the hovering aircraft hides his voice.  It isn't until they are seated and taking off that she sees him.  She looks around and sees thing coming in at them, seeking something other than the tea and dumplings Luke wishes upon them.

As Gabriel calls her forward, she goes to him.  She lets him speak but then interrupts his nervous chatter.  "Gabriel... There is a man... on that roof!  We can't leave him! PLease... He can have my seat."  Her eyes implor him in a way that only accentuates her voice.  All the while she begins to look at his arm.  There is metal still in it.  She begins to take a stock of what in the vehicle.  Looking for something to help him.

"What do you mean we won't be together by morning?"  She begins to think he is worried about dying, about them both dying.  "Gabriel, don't leave me."  Her voice is almost a pathetic whine as she bites back tears.  The past day, for all its nightmares has been the first day in a long time she felt alive.  She felt worth something.  Most of that had to do with Gabriel.  Those softly glowing blue eyes and that awkward blush when she stepped from the shower.  The thought of her old life worst torture than almost anything else, she fights against separation from him.  "Please, don't leave."

Offline Wyrd

Joren staggered back to his feet from his second time falling of his bike. He looks over to the motor cycle and sees that the damage is to much for him to ride. As Joren goes to inspect further, he feels the mysterious inviable wall stopping him from exiting the area. "What the Hell!? Doc? Doc?!" There was nothing but static in Jorens ear piece, it was then Joren looked back down the road to see strange ice that caused him to fall.'This is not my work. What the fuck is going on here!?' Joren thought to himself. In the distance down the road toward Gwin's  apartment building, Joren saw an explosion, with all the lights still out it was the only thing that could be seen. Just then, 4 or 5 Jets flew over head. "Where are they going?" Joren looked in the direction that the Jets were heading and saw a medium sized craft, the likes of witch Joren had never seen before, even when he was in the army. The only thing running through Joren's head now was to see what was happening. Joren feet moved swift as he ran at top speed down the street to see what was happening.         

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

OOC: Showdown time

"That guy on the roof was Tracer." He told her. "He isn't on our side; He also knows how to handle himself. He will be fine." Gabriel looked around, the world was almost blue. Gabriel remained silent as Gwin pleaded. He simply looked forward, his hair draped over the sides of his head. "Here is the lowdown, Gabriel." Jenny said when she thought it appropriate. It as now snowing outside and all the buildings were frozen over in a light blue ice. "We are cut off here. There are multiple layers of shields throughout this area of the city. It's about a five square mile radius." She explained to him. "At all ends of the five miles, there is a shield that shoots up. Far up. A few thousand feet. On the ground there are a few shorter shields, probably about twenty feet high. The most I can do right nowis make them visible. Those jets that passed overhead a while ago were going fast enough to break the shield without being destroyed." She explained. "There are jets?" Gabriel asked, not having noticed.

A missle passed by, just barely missing the vehicle they were flying in. "They are hunters! They are very skilled people, Gabriel! Do not underestimate them!" Another missile flew by, just missing them. "Jenny! Make the back transparent!" He commanded, demanding to see what was attacking him. The back wall flickered like a television set, and the two inside beheld the site. Behind them was a battalion of enemies, multiple shapes and sizes. There were a few aircrafts, as well as some men on jet packs and unmanned vehicles. From behind the pack of Hunters, one of Luke's jets shot something at the group. It stopped about eighteen feet away, hitting a very strong invisible barrier. "Raise the machine gun!" Gabriel shouted, panicked. Gabriel rushed over to the back as a small turret raised from the ground. A slit appered in the now-transparent back wall for the barrel of the gun.

Gabriel fired wildly at the enemies, hitting nothing. "No way." He said, partially amazed, partially terrified. The shells from the bullets bounced off of the ground and created a pile around him as he panned around, shooting at random. They fired more missiles, this time more furious than before. Gabriel took aim and shot them from the sky, the last being too close for comfort. "Gabriel! In front of us!" Jenny shouted. There were a few men on jetpacks and a couple of aircrafts, all adorned in white and blue. One of the men carried a high caliber machine gun and fired it, smacking into the front of the vehicle. "It's impossible to touch them." Gabriel said with fear. Then, the vehicle started dipping downwards. "JENNY, WHAT HAPPENED?" Gabriel shouted in surprise. "They hit the auto-control! Jenny shouted. "Someone take the wheel!" She shouted, thw steering device for the aircraft coming out of the headboard. It was two sticks, looking nearly like vertical handles.

The enemies in the back and front all fired a barrage of missiles at the small, landing craft. "Gwin! Pull the vehicle up! Pull it up!" He cried as he shot down as many missiles as he could.


A figure jumped off of one of the aircrafts that were hanging back. She had been leisurely standing on the wind of the vehcle as it floated well above the ground. She was wearing a white outfit, made of leather. It was as tight as a second skin, the clothing curving over every considerable curve of her body. Her face was soft and beautiful, her hair was long blond strands. Her hair was extremely long, being tied back in artistic braids that were interlocked thickly with each other. However, she preferred her hair over her shoulder and to the front. She rubbed it constantly as she approached Luke. She smiled sweetly, almost innocently, but Luke could see past the facade. Her eyes were an odd bright pink, the black of the eye seemingly darker than a normal person's. A zipper ran from the collar, between her breasts, down to her crotch. The line where the zipper would unzip was a dark blue, and there were multiple thin, blue designs on the outfit. She put her lip out in a pouting manner. She leaned in, turning her hed to the side. "You must be Luke, right?" She asked, her voice as beautiful and seducing as she was. "Normally I can seduce a man into what I want. But for you, I don't think thats the case." She said turning, her rounded and rather nice bottom facing Luke. "She tilted her head back, looking at Luke. "So I propose a deal. Oh...and I wouldn't try shooting me or blowing me up. Any projectile will just bounce away or blow up a few feet away from me. But that doesn't mean we can't be" Her body turned to smoke as she disappeared completely, reappearing pressed against Luke. "Intimately close." She finished, looking at his face closely. Her lips were also pink, matching her eyes. The lips were luscious, almost perfect. She disappeared into smoke again, reappearing sitting on the edge of the building, dangling her feet.

"I can propose a deal for you." She said putting her hands on her knees. "You help us...and we won't kill you." She said, her voice flattening and deepening on the last part. "And don't worry. I'm not like a lot of other...girls like me." She said, jumping up from her spot and striding towards Luke. "A lot of us attractive girls are actually monsters on the inside. Literally." She said, recalling a certain event where she was flirting with a girl and she transformed into something grotesque. "You see I was an experiment. Not a test tube bay or anything like that." She explained. "Not anything like shaping me to look like this. I am all natural, babe." She explained. "But I was the eye of certain experiments by ArmsTech. Heard of em? Of course you have. What I propose is that I get your hands on some of the...proven modifications. I was a test, that ice man Joren down there was a test, the Ureha's were a test. All of us. Tests. Tests that turned out well. Wouldn't you like to be a freak like me?" She smiled.

Offline Gwindolyn

Gwin had been through so much so quickly that she had lost track of who tracer was.  "Whose side is he one then?"  She looks down to the roof.  "Miss Kit?"  The thought of her cat being with him came to her mind.  They didn't know who wrote that note.  Gabriel didn't know of the second note.  She notes the aloha shirt and the shorts with sandles.  Her mind snaps to attention as some of the memories that were disjointed and fogged in her unconscious state found a home in her unfinished puzzle of that event.  The word "cutiepie" falls from her lips disguised in a breath.  She looks back down to him with confusion.  Just then Jenny interrupts.  Good timing Jenny.  Reality reasserts itself into her focus.

She tries her hardest to stay out of the way as Gabriel maneuvers about the small aircraft.  She screams as the front of their plane is hit and the auto-pilot gives way.  There are shouts for her to take over the piloting.  She jumps up and sits in the seat, but she has no clue what to do.  They don't teach you to fly an aircraft along side counting change to run a small store.  She hears "pull up."  She ranomly grabs one of the two sticks in front of her and begins to pull on it.  It didn't quite give the desired effect, pulling half the plane upward, turning them onto their side.  She grabs the other one and pulls it up.  Better.  With some random combinations, she manages to get the plane to pull upward.  The randomness of her attempts to figure out the driving did have one good effect - random flight patterns are hard targets to hit.

Offline Wyrd

Joren dove behind a car as bullets flew past his head. 'Hunters!? What are they doing here? I thought I rid myself of them long ago?' As Joren sat behind the car catching his breath he noticed every thing around him was covered by ice. From an ally way across the street of the car Joren hid behind, 15 Red Eclipse troops your huddled behind a wall. They motioned for Joren to cross the street. To keep himself safe from stray bullets, he forged himself a large shield of ice. He swiftly made his way to the ally way, and crotched next to the lead Trooper. "Commander Roberts of the Red Eclipse . It's good to finally meet you Joren, your our top operative." The Commander shook Joren cold hand then spoke some more. "We were closing in on the target when Hunters came in from all sides, They killed our drones and 10 of my troops. By the way sir did you need to freeze the place?" Joren sighed heavily. "First off, I did not cause this, some hunter POSER must be doing this. Second, I need to know if any of you have a working communication device." The soldiers all shook the're visor covered heads. "We have not been able to get a signal since that barrier went up, sir." The commander said. "Fine!" Joren said as he stood up. "Then I guess we're on our own then. Okay boys! Lets go kill some hunters!"       

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Gwin continued to pull up as the missiles collided with each other and it began spinning wildly, sending Gabriel off of the gun and into the wall. It had taken a lot of strength to maintain his position on the turret while being vertical, him being in the bottom portion of the vehicle. She eventually levelled it out, still jerking in random directions, surprisingly dodging enemy fire. "Get ready!" Jenny shouted. "For what?" Gabriel shouted. "A little something I cooked up." She responded. A man with a jetpack, having noticed the opening in the craft, flew over to it from the turret's blind side and swept across, throwing an incendiary grenade through the small opening, it landing inside. The fire spread quickly, and the fire extinguisher was on the other side of the flame. As it spread, Gabriel backed up to Gwin. "We have to get out of here!" Gabriel shouted, putting a hand n Gwin. Quickly smoke began to fill the area.

"Get on top of the carrier. It's your only choice. Their ground forces are moving in." Jenny explained. Near the cockpit area, just out of reach of the fire, there was a ladder. "Set it to hover. You should be safe up there." She convinced. "Are you out of your mind? They are all still out there!"

"Just trust me." Jenny urged. Gabriel helped Gwin up the ladder, and they both eventually made it to the top. They both looked around, seeing that they were surrounded by ships. Just then, a blue wave went flying out, causing windows to shatter and all technology around the ship to nearly explode. It went out in a straight line, but only at the level of the aircraft they were on. They both watched as the ships fell from the sky, crashing into the ground. "I guess they don't explode like in the movies." Jenny joked.

Then there was a thud. A black jet, which had blended into the night sky, was above them and dropped a passenger. His hair was rustled and brown, and he was wearing a long brown jacket. He stood up, revealing himself to be Isaac. Gabriel protectively stood in front of Gwin, reaching back and placing his hands on her hips, keeping himself directly in front of her. Isaac gave a partially confused look, then a smile of understanding.  He began to walk toward Gabriel, drawing two swords and flaring them. He threw one to Gabriel, then assumed a fighting stance. Gabriel looked down at the sword, then back at his brother. Slowly, he bent down and picked it up with one hand. He looked at the blade again, seeing his reflection, seeing his glowing blue eyes.

He didn't want to fight his brother. He held the sword up horizontally, seeing his reflection again. Then he seen Gwin's. He flared the sword and walked forward, assuming a fighting stance.


"I never properly introduced myself. My name is Alice." She said with a wicked smile. her feet were positioned in a way that she was ready to be attacked.

Offline Gwindolyn

Gwin works furiously to learn in an instant how to dodge bullets with a steady hand.  Oh wait.  She is still learning how to keep the plane going forward with any sense of 'I meant to do that' on her part.  Somehow, she manages to dodge the majority of the logicly aimed things.  Logic cannot predict the chaos of the unlearned.  Chaos will win more times than not.  But somehow the plane starts filling with smoke.  She starts to cough and gag.  She had nothing in her background that would help her to breathe in a moment like this.  It just is not taught along with how to price a can of corn.  Jenny starts urging them to the roof. 

She turns to follow Jenny's orders and Gabriels reaching hands.  They climb to the roof only to be confronted by Isaac.  She stands behind Gabriel as if to find safety behind him.  His hands reach to her hips and she melts.  Oh, how she wished time would stop right there that she may fully enjoy such a touch.  But Isaac tosses Gabriel a sword.  Gabriel pauses but looks as if he means to fight.  "NO!"  She would not risk him.  Not after just finding him.  She moves to stand between the two.  "Please, Gabriel...  Please?"  She begins to appeal to him.  "I need you with me.  You are injured, it is not a fair fight.  Don't leave me."  She means please don't fight, but if you must, DON'T LOSE!  "Gabriel, do you even know what he wants?  Why he is here?  Why he wishes to fight?"  She tries to keep the two separate so they will not fight.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"He tried to kill me." Gabriel said. "He tried to kill YOU." He said coldly. "Move, Gwin." He said, keeping his eyes from hers. Isaac rushed forward at Gwin and Gabriel quickly grabbed her and spun, causing Isaac to miss his long horizontal slash. He spun the blade back into a defensive stance. Thunder struck, cuing a downpour of rain. He held Gwin, his arms around her back. He drew her close. "I'm sorry." He whispered to her.

He turned and slashed forward, Isaac dodging. They both attacked and evaded, like a choreographed dance. Their grace was matched, making it clear they were brothers. With each lunge and dive, their dance was becoming more violent. The music was the thunder and tapping rain. Isaac leaped forward and Gabriel leaped back, their swords touching. Gabriel spun majestically on one foot, the sword passing over Isaac as he leaned back. Gabriel fluidly turned the spin into a piercing lunge and Isaac jumped back. Isaac caught himself on one foot and propelled himself forward, striking with his sword in a fencing fashion. Both of their styles changed, going from two hands on the sword to a hand behind each of their backs. Their stances changed, their legs spreading farther apart and in a more solid stance.

The danced back and forth in a fencing fashion. Isaac did a spinning flare on one foot, similar to what Gabriel had done. His jacket mimicked the flare, spinning outward. Again, Isaac lunged forward, but instead of backing up, Gabriel did a risky maneuver. He spun sideways, the blade barely missing him, and followed through with his momentum with a kick, sending the blade flying off of the aircraft. Gabriel raised his brother's head quickly with the sword. "It's over brother. Now I want answers." Gabriel said angrily. The rain fell harshly, covering the three. Their hair was soaked downward, and rain dripped from their body. Gabriel's shirt clung to his shape.

"Why are you in love with her?" Isaac asked, speaking for the first time since all of this started. "What?" Gabriel asked. "I asked 'why are you in love with her!?'" isaac demanded. "What business is it of yours!?" Gabriel screamed, seizing his brother by the shoulder, and pushing the blade forward, forcing Isaac to back up. "Do you even recall when you first seen her?" Isaac questioned. Gabriel thought for a moment. He couldn't remember. "What does this have to do with anything?" Gabriel asked. Isaac looked to Gwin. "I see the way you look in his eyes. Do you even know why? Truly?" He asked her. Gabriel shook his brother, bringing his attention back to him. "This has nothing to do with her! Why are you asking these questions!? Answer mine!"  Gabriel demanded. "You don't get it, do you?" Isaac asked. "You two already knew each other." He explained. "I don't know about you, Gwin, but my brother's memory was filled in sloppily. That's why you're so confused, Gabriel. That's why you have all this technology. You had accepted it the past few years because you had no answer. Here is your answer: You and Gwin knew each other. Both of your memories were wiped and a false history were constructed for you." He told them. "You know why they are after you, Gwin?" He asked. "They are after Gwin?" Gabriel said, shocked. "It's because-"

Blood. Shooting up to the man with black hair's face. A feeling of shock. Confusion. Like something is missing. His informant's body slumped, a hole in his chest. Disgusting. The body thudded to the roof of the aircraft, blood mixing with the rain. He looked down at the still body. The shot had to come from below. They were too high up for anyone else to hit him. It was Gabriel's fault. He had forced his brother near the edge. Gabriel stumbled back, falling to the ground and dropping the sword, it falling down to the streets below where Hunters were already out of their downed vehicles. He laid down, staring up into the rain. His brother was dead. It was his fault. His world, as he known it, was revealed to be a lie. How high up in the air were they? Hell, where were they period? Tears rolled from Gabriel's eyes, mixing with the water on the roof of the aircraft. Falling down to the streets below, indistinguishable from rain. He let out a sorrowful scream.

Below, another set of hunters arrived. Another faction. A battle waged in the streets, hunter group A versus hunter group B. Not to mention Joren and his team. And Luke. It was pure chaos. Gabriel had overcome the pain to fight his brother. The adrenaline had numbed the pain. The need to protect the woman he loved was overwhelming. And what was that about them already knowing each other?

"Gabe..." Jenny's voice came, trying to comfort him. There was a long moment of silence between Jenny, Gabe, and Gwin. Thunder struck. The grounds below were probably sleek as hell. Gabriel's skin began to re-patch itself, the skin, muscles, and everything else rebuilding. The burn marks on his back began to fade and the few metal pieces left in his body pushed out.

All the rain that was falling stopped. All the rain on the ground began to be taken from under everyone's feet. His eyes began to glow more than before. Slowly, a large wave of water began to form at the end of the street, getting larger and larger by the second. It was Gabriel. But at the same time, it wasn't. He had no idea what he was doing, and right now he was disconnected from reality. Words wouldn't bring him back from the darkness he stumbled into. Words were not enough.

At this rate, a lot of innocent people would die.

"Luke!" Came Jenny's voice, sounding right near the Tracer. "This is Jenny, Gabriel's AI. You need to get to the basement of the building NOW."

Offline Starlequin

Soriun and Mikiun concentrated their fire on the lead aircraft that approached ''their'' plane, over 3000 micro-mercury rounds per second lancing through the air. After almost 5 seconds, the two drones held their fire and consulted with each other as Andiun moved into a position directly below Ureha's ship.

'Hey! Why aren't they dying? I thought when you shoot something, it's supposed to die!' Mikiun cried as the two began performing complex evasive maneuvers against the hail of enemy fire. Soriun's sensor arrays flared to life and he transmitted the readings to his siblings. 'They have electromagnetic buffer shields in place!' 'Well, that's not fair!'

Etriun scanned through his programming and weapons stores, searching for anything that could counter EMB shields. 'Hey, guys! Hey, hey guys! I think I found somethin'!' 'What is it?' Soriun asked as he flew dizzying circles around a group of jets that had broken off from the main force. 'I don't know, something called "Hard-Light Weapons System"!' 'Well, activate it then, idiot!' 'Don't call me an idiot!' 'Idiot, idiot, idiot!' 'Andiun, Soriun's being a jerk again! Make him stop!' 'He'll stop when you activate the HLWS, Etriun! Just do it already, I wanna see what it does!' 'OK, OK...there!'

In nanoseconds Etriun's processor kicked into overdrive, and his little circuits were filled with fascinating new ways of inflicting death on organic targets. 'Coooool! Check this out!' The little drone broke out of formation and strafed toward a pack of jets moving at subsonic speeds. His targeting computer calculated the strength and placement of their EMBs, and a small barrel emerged from the tip of his nose cone. The HLWS fired a small, almost invisible beam of light from the tiny barrel, and the aircraft were sliced to ribbons. As they fell dead from the skies, the others revolved around Ureha's ship in appreciation. 'Ooh, cool! What was that?' 'Yeah, how'd you do that?' 'I don't know, guys, there's something in here about using delayed-reaction photon collision to create physical matter out of light! All I did was fire the weapon, and it's like the bullets didn't actually form until they were past the shields!' 'Awesome! Do we all have one of those?' 'I dunno. Look and see.'

Andiun, Soriun and Mikiun scanned through their systems and located their own HLWS, and activated them immediately. 'Boys,' said Andiun, 'we're back in business!'

~The Rooftop~

Luke stood slouched on the rooftop, the night wind flapping and rustling his bright red floral-print shirt all over. His hands were shoved in his pockets, and he watched with a smile as the Cherubim figured out a way through the enemy shields. As he looked on, the drones began to massacre the offending aircraft, and bodies and debris rained screaming down from the sky like shooting stars.

Almost as soon as the show began, however, he Luke was interrupted by the sight of a woman leaping onto the roof, her calm grace and obvious power rolling off of her in waves. He pulled one hand out of his pocket and hooked a thumb through his belt loop, waiting casually as she approached, her hips swinging soft and low. 'Ana enhanced Luke's sensory abilities and scanned the newcomer, detecting definite traces of genetic manipulation and bioengineering. She stopped within a few feet and spoke, her words like smoked honey.

"Normally, I could just seduce a man into doing what I want...but I don't think you'd be so easy, would you, handsome?" Luke smiled and enjoyed the view as the woman turned away, and his gaze lingered on her firm, perfect ass. "Maybe," Luke replied with a grin. "But there's no harm in trying." She laughed. "That's what I how about a deal?"

Luke shook his head and laughed as she warned him not to try shooting at her. He raised his arms in the air, the universal motion for 'I'm unarmed'. "Babe, take a good look at me. Do I look like the type to carry a gun?" His smile widened as she vanished and reappeared, her gorgeous little body pressed close to his. Before she could move, he lowered his arms and wrapped them around her, pulling her tightly to him as his hands fondled her ass. "Keep talking, beautiful. You've got my partially divided attention," he said, staring into those exotic black and pink eyes as he scanned 'Ana's reports on the battle's progress above.

'How's it looking, 'Ana?' 'Not terrible. The Cherubim are performing within acceptable parameters, and the new Hard-Light Weapons Systems are proving quite effective. There are only a few stragglers remaining; most of the attacking force has either fallen or scattered.' 'Good news. Now, what do you think about our newest would-be girlfriend?' He asked as she revealed her history as an ArmsTech experiment. 'It would explain why each of them seem to possess powers far beyond that of most Elementals. Marcos sent me some more data on ArmsTech; we'll have to review it later. Right now, we should focus on what's in front of us,' Nirvana said. 'Agreed. I want to see where this goes. That shifting ability of hers is going to make achieving target-lock with the satellites almost impossible, and I believe her when she says physical projectile weapons are useless against her.'d be a damn shame to kill someone that hot.' Luke chuckled to himself as 'Ana rolled her eyes in disgust.

" to be a freak like me?" She smiled, her long legs barely reaching the rooftop from her seat on the guardrail. "Oh, I never introduced myself, did I...My name is Alice." Alice hopped off the guardrail and positioned herself into a defensive stance. Luke returned his attention to her as she prepared for an attack, and shrugged. "Well, gosh, Alice, I don't know...I mean, it's an awful lot to take, you know what I mean? Hm...I think I'll have to take some time to think about this. Could I sleep on it for a few nights?" Luke peered at Alice over the edge of his shades, looking her up and down, a rogue's grin masking his thoughts. "You're welcome to join me, of course," he said with a wink.

~The Sky~

The Cherubim assumed an escort position on either side of Ureha's ship, easily keeping up with Gwin's wild, reckless piloting. 'Do you guys think we've protected the plane long enough?' Mikiun asked, rotating in lazy circles as they flew. 'Probably not,' Andiun answered. 'We should probably stick with it until it touches down.' 'Hey! There's a person down there! Can we kill him, please, please can we, huh?' Etriun squealed as the quartet passed over an old man sitting alone on a bus stop bench. 'No, Etriun. Remember what Uncle Luke said: No Noncombatant Casualties, and Provoked Response only! You don't want him mad at us again, do you?' The Cherubim went silent as they each recalled the last time Uncle Luke got angry.

'Good point,' Etriun conceded. His vocal pattern only oscillated a tiny bit.

'Hey, check it out. There are people on top of the plane!' Soriun said, breaking them out of their thoughts. 'Should we kill them?' 'I don't know...scans indicate that two of them are supposed to be passengers in the plane.' 'What are they doing outside?' 'Are we supposed to protect them, too?' 'Uncle Luke only said we're supposed to protect the plane.' 'Yeah, but maybe he meant we're supposed to protect what's inside it, too.' 'Even if he did, they're outside it now, aren't they?' 'I guess so...' 'Cherubim Squadron, continue escort and holding patterns. And remember, Provoked Response only!'

~The Rooftop~

Luke was trying to determine a way to pump Alice for further information when a new voice sounded in his implants. 'Luke! This is Jenny, Gabriel's A.I. Get to the basement, NOW!!' 'What the-' 'She's right, Luke, something's going on. I can't get a clear picture through the shields, but meteorological reports indicate there are strange phenomena occurring in this area, and it looks to be on a pretty sizable scale. We should evacuate.'

Almost as one, Luke and Alice turned to see the massive typhoon building at the end of the street. Luke's eyebrows cocked in surprise, and he barely took notice as Alice vanished without a word. 'Well. That's new.' 'Luke, it appears Ureha has lost control. I'm detecting inhuman levels of psychokinetic energy from his location; we should collect the girl and leave.' Luke licked his lips and shook his head. 'These kids are starting to be more trouble than they're worth...alright, lock me onto the girl's signature.'

Moments later...

~The Sky~

Luke appeared atop Ureha's plane, the harsh winds whipping at his shirt and stinging his skin. Directly in front of him stood Ureha, his body tensed, eyes glowing fiercely; behind him, shivering in the slashing rain, Gwin stared up at the newcomer in shock. "Ureha! Snap out of it!" Luke shouted, reaching out a hand to grab Gabe's shoulder. At the first touch, a jolt of energy surged into his arm and he fell back with a cry of pain, the length of his arm smoking. 'Looks like Lancelot is unresponsive. 'Ana, thoughts?' 'He seems to be in some kind of trance state. I doubt very seriously he knows what he's doing. I suggest we leave him, grab the girl and go.' Luke assented, his mind already off the pain in his arm as Nirvana directed a dose of medichines into the singed tissues. Within seconds the damage was repaired, and he turned away from Ureha to grab Gwin.

"Sorry about taking so long, princess, but it's time to get you home..."
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Offline DunnuckTopic starter

OOC: She is on the roof. Edit it when you can, I will accommodate

Water came from seemingly nowhere and pressed Luke to the ground. There was no visible command of Gabriel sending the high pressure wave at Luke, but it was clear that the commands came from him. Water began to swirl around the plane in large strands, constantly spinning. Luke noticed the body of Isaac on the ground and probably put together the puzzle.

Alice morphed quickly onto the scene, having followed Luke. She looked to the ground and seen the body of Isaac. Her eye twitched and her hand clenched into a fist. She sighed, her eyes unable to waver from the sight.

Offline Starlequin

The weight of the water slammed Luke to the roof of the plane, wave after wave of force pounding against his body. 'This kid is really starting to chomp my cheese,' he thought as Nirvana activated the pgm and enshrouded them in a protective gravity bubble. Immediately the pressure relinquished its grip on his body, and Luke rose to his feet. The wave force was still trying to pin him down but the gravshield redirected it away from him, allowing the water to fall harmlessly over the side. He grimaced at the sight of Isaac's corpse below, and the implications blossomed darkly in his mind.

Alice's presence registered almost instantly in Luke's awareness, and he shot her a grin when she turned to him. "Sorry, sweetheart. I can't play right now; Daddy has some chores to finish. Why don't you go play with your friends downstairs?" As he spoke, Nirvana relayed instructions to Etriun and Andiun, and the drones moved into position on her flanks. Alice started forward, and Nirvana gave the order to Etriun to fire his HLWS; the photon rounds passed through her shield with ease, but she countered with lightning reflexes. Her entire body shifted to smoke.

Just as Nirvana expected.

'Now!' 'Ana shouted to Andiun, who sprayed the Alice-cloud with a green, sour liquid. The liquid bonded to the smoke particles and weighed them down, turning her ''body'' into a brackish green sludge which splattered to the roof of the plane and washed away in the rain.

As Nirvana and the Cherubim disposed of Alice, Luke returned his attention to Gwin and Gabe, his gravshield firmly in place to prevent another cheap shot from Ureha.

"Alright, let's try this again..."

Offline Gwindolyn

With all that is going on, with all the confusion, she could only focus on Gabriel and Isaac.  She screams out as Isaac dies.  She is paralyzed having never seen death so close - well at least not that she knows of.  If Isaac is right, there is much about her own life she does not know.  Either way, she is in shock and stunned.  She stares at Isaac's bleeding corpse.  Her mind searches for ways of making that not real or at least undone.  She has nothing.  Then Luke appears.  His words snapping her from her paralization.

Gwin all but pushed Luke aside and dashed to Gabriel.  She bends down in front of him. She grasps his face in hers.  She looks deep into those distant eyes.  She closes her owns and presses her lips into his.  Her soft, full lips, cold with the recent weather oddities press to his unresponding lips.  The rain still manages to find pathways between them as she presses her body to his.  She tries to use her presence, their connection to draw him from his state. 

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OOC: Retyping

Alice reappeared unexpectedly next to Luke again. "I told you not to try that." She said, sounding emotionally hurt and offended. "You may know a lot about technology but little about magic. Once I am gone, all thats left in my place is magical residue. Kind of like if someone is going to fast, you see more than one of them. Like an after-image." She walked up to him and slapped him, then grabbing hia face and turning it back towards herself. "I didn't even attack you, darling. Come on...can't a girl get a little respect?" She ask coyishly. She disappeared again in defense. "Now, I suggest we get this boy here under control, don't you?" She asked, reappearing clinging to Luke. "Don't grab me without permission, Darling." She said, returning Lukas' grab from earlier on the same fashion. She laughed and siappeared again, this time reappearing in mid motion as she sat down.

The world eased back into color. Everything began becoming clear once again. The intense glow of his eyes reduced back to the slight glow it had before. What had happened? The wall of water fell calmly, the water spreading into the streets like a small river. It was tough and quick, but not deadly. His head was banging. What was going on? He felt warmth against his body, and warmth against his face. He felt the soft lips on him, and it was calming. It wasn't until then, he noticed what exactly was going on. His heart raced, not knowing what had lead to this moment. But he wasn't complaining. He embraced her, pulling her closer, and returning the kiss. "Gwin, I-" He was stopped by a louder, more dangerous bolt of thunder shooting through the sky. It echoed loudly, and all the fighting stopped. It wasn't natural. The shield which surrounded the entire area became visible, even the one far in the sky.

It was shiny, like crystal, and close to a transparent white. How was it raining and thundering within the shield? A bolt of thunder struck the aircraft, the force of it sending all on the roof off into the air, and knocking the power out of the aircraft. It was fast and brutal. It was an example.

Alice disappeared and Gabriel and Gwin clung to each other. They were in a freefall. Alice reappeared, grabbing Luke. She disappeared again with Luke, reappearing next to Gwin and Gabriel. She did the same process, able to get Gwin and Gabriel at the same time. They were in a small room that was carpeted and nice. It was tan, and candles were lit around the room. The entire area was Japanese style, expertly made swords on display, and wall scroll with Kanji on them. The doors were all Shoji style, and everything was made of wood.

Luke was throwing up off to the side in a sink. Alice stood over the two of them, who were on the ground. "Do you know why you two aren't doing what he is doing?" She asked. "I am sure Isaac told you before he..." She couldn't finish the sentence. The room triggered memories for both Gwin and Gabriel.

"Where are we?" Gabriel asked. "This is my home. It is very very far away from where we were. We are in Nihon Urbs." She explained. Nihon Urbs was the Japanese part of Quantum Urbs. It was large, and had a lot of trees and grass. Almost everything was natural, which means that a lot of people throughout Quantum would be amazed at it. It was a rare and beautiful sight. Also very guarded. People could not just come and leave as they pleased here. It was a away to keep the place clean and beautiful. Unlike most of Quantum Urbs, this area was in a part where the sun came out on a normal schedule.

"There are multiple rooms. This place is basically a mansion." She told them, going to walk away. "Wait. Why should we trust you? You are dressed like those hunters that were trying to kill us." Gabriel said. "Then why would I of saved you? You are safe here. This place is hidden, and because of how we got here, you cannot be traced so easily. Rest up, enjoy yourself. Take a look around the area. Have some fun. I doubt the night was nice to you." She explained. "Hey, what time is it?" Gabriel asked. "It's one PM. It's nice out. Everything is open. Remember your magic doesn't work here. Our magic." She said, going to walk away again. "Then how did you come back and get us?" Gabriel asked her. She smiled and turned around. "I worked closely with the people that made us this way. Did you think I would leave before having a parting present?" She asked. She went over to Luke. "Rough trip, huh?" She asked him.

"I need to find a bathroom. Im going to take a shower." He told Gwin, heading to one of the nearby doors. The floors were made of wood, and it was nice and shiny to boot. The hallways were narrow, but they were wide enough. There were multiple shoji screen doors that  lead to different rooms, and two doors side by side were bathrooms. He went into one, and noticed that there was a Shoji screen separating the bathroom he was in and the one next to him. He walked forward into the actual bathing area, which dipped into the ground so the water didn't go out into the hallway. The shoji screen was just above the floor, and the floor had drains in it. Interested, he went over to the screen door and discovered that it was movable, which would change the two bathing areas into a large one. The shoji screen made up the entire wall between the two rooms from door to back wall. The only part slide-able was the section over the bathing area, which was very large and able to fill with water. Gabriel removed his clothes and turned on the water.

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(OOC: I'm a little confused. Can some one give me a quick summery of whats happened and where everyone currently is. Sorry guys) 

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OOC: Its cool. Ok. So there was a giant fight. Before the fight, everything was frozen. Your guys were down on the street with Joren while Gwin and Gabriel were in their aircraft. It also started storming Events occured and Gabriel, Luke, Gwin and the new character Alice were all on top of the aircraft (after a fight between Isaac and Gabriel). Gabriel was going crazy because his brother died and was controlling the water to make a giant tidal wave. However, he was calmed and the wave did not come crashing down, instead the water kind of just filled the streets. Then thunder struck, a very loud, unnatural thunder. And everyone stopped fighting. The lightening struck the aircraft and everyone was about to die but Alice used her fancy teleportation magic to get everyone that was falling out. You are still there, which means you get to team with another character, who will be introduced after your post. Needless to say, it is the thunder man.

Offline Wyrd

Joren and his Red Eclipse team moved in to the battle zone as fast as the're feet would go. Joren was easily freezing Hunter troops left and right into blocks of ice, 2 men on jet-packs attempted to neutralize him from above, but Joren swiftly fired Sharp pieces of ice straight at the heads at amazing speeds and killed them. Joren looked back and saw that his team was doing just as good. "This brings me back to my war days!" Joren said with a smirk. Just then joren saw the great battle that was taking place in the sky over head. As Joren and his team moved up the street to wards the building where the black plain hovered above, water started to raise around they're ankles. "Whats happening sir?" Asked the commander. Joren spoke up. "A shit storm, Roberts. A shit sto..." Before Joren could finish, he was cut off by Thunder, the likes of which no one had ever herd. Every one around stopped fighting, even Joren and the Red Eclipse stopped Joren looked up and saw that his targets he was fighting for had been teleported from the plain by a mysterious woman 'Alice...' Joren thought as he looked up at the sky. Lost in thought, all Joren could say was. "What is happing out there?"
As Joren stood in thought, a Red Eclipse Agent came stumbling out of his hiding spot from within a overturned car and stood next to Joren out of breath with an exhausted look on his face. He spoke. "Joren... Joren their was nothing I could do... I'm sorry mr. Joren but Isaac is dead!" Joren turned to face the man, his eye's as black as the night. In a matter of seconds, the Red Eclipse agent turned to Ice and fragmented into a million pieces. the other troops watched with shock. "Sir? Are you okay?" Joren through up his arms. "I NEEDED HIM!!! AND NOW I'LL NEVER HAVE WHAT WAS SO CLOSE IN MY GRASP!!!" after a few minutes Joren looked around at the troops. They looked at him with fear and wondered how much longer they would have to obey him.

OOC: *Sighs with relief* Okay thank you 
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A thunderbolt struck down near Joren and his squad. But instead of being quick and disappearing, the thunder spread to the ground and remained. Eventually, the thunder dissipated. A man was crouched down in it's place and he slowly stood up. He had dark, short, slightly spiked hair and a rough goatee outlining his jaw. He was wearing black sunglasses, a long leather black jacket witha white undershirt, and black pants. Lightening pulse from his hands. "Where are the Ureha's?" He asked, his voice dark and smooth.

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The Red Eclipse troops all instantly raised the're guns ready to fire at the sight of the Thunder man. Joren turned to them and motioned them to lower the're weapons, then turned to the Thunder man with a frozen scowl. "What business is it of yours!?" Joren said as he clenched his fists, as he did a bluish glow of frozen air formed around him, Turning the ground in the area near Joren in to pure snow and ice. Joren was clearly not in the mood.     

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"You don't seem to understand," The man began. "I am the one with the business here, you stupid fucks." He glanced around, noting the men with weapons. Mentally marking the down. "Now. Where are the brothers?" He repeated. "I offer money to whoever is willing to help me. A healthy sum. Along with protection from whoever may be after you once you switch allegiances." He looked at Joren, directing the comment to him.

Offline Gwindolyn

The world fades and all that exists is Gabriel as those soft blue eyes come back to her.  The kiss having drawn him out as she had hoped had also worked to melt her to him.  The rain somehow finding paths to flow between them even as she holds the kiss.  She doesn't notice anything else.  All the craziness is gone until .... poof.

She looks around her and sees she is in a Japanese room.  She is surprised to see Luke there and some woman she had not seen before.  "Where..."  "What..."  "Who..."  She keeps starting questions, but they talk over her and around her.  She listens to the hints of the answers but nothing real.  The feeling of having been here before assualts her. Like a mob overtaking her, it gives her no peace.  If you asked her where the can opener was, she could tell you.  She could find her way to the bathroom without being told.  She could find her way around the many rooms.  But who sleeps in this room or that or who owns this place or why she knows it all escapes her.

She stands lost and alone, feeling abandoned and overwhelmed, dripping wet in the room.  She shivers wildly.  She looks around for a blanket or something to warm herself and to hopefully stave off the shock her body wants to slip into.

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He recalls the bathing room, the memories slowly gaining on him as he bathes. He remembers the shoji screen being open multiple times, he and another sharing the space. The area is filled with steam from the embracing warm water. The sense of being calm. He let the dug in bathe area fill with water, and he sat in it, the shower head constantly pouring water down on his head. He pressed a button, which partially opened the drainer, allowing a constant amount of water remain in the bath. It also allowed it to remain clean. He ran his hands through his hair, leaning his head back. As he does so, he sees a figure through the steam. He quickly shifts, surprised, thinking that someone was there. There was no one. His memories and the present were melting together here. He remembered that Gwin's lips felt oddly familiar. He returned to his position and allowed his eyes to close. He heard the door to the next bathroom open, and it startled him. Why had it done so? There was a divider between the two rooms. The answer was because the divider was usually down in his memories. He cracked his neck and continued lounging. He hoped that Gwin would be able to calm down now that they were in a peaceful place.

Offline Starlequin

~The Sky~

Luke reached out once again to grab Gwin's arm and escape before things went any further south, but he was a fraction of a second too slow. Before the last of the 'Alice-sludge' had even fallen from the plane's surface, Alice had re-manifested right beside him. "I told you not to try that," she said with a pout. Her hand shot out with a rattlesnake's speed and stung his cheek, then gently turned him back to face her. Luke grinned as he reached up to cup her hand on his face. "Actually, doll, you told me not to shoot you. I thought you'd appreciate corporeal dispersal as something a tad more creative," he said. 'Ana and the Cherubim prepared another attack, but Luke waved them off; obviously it would take more than superior firepower to handle this situation. "Besides," he continued, "I thought my respect for you should have been obvious. It's the reason I attacked first." His grin widened as she pressed herself against him once again, and once again he caught her in his arms before she could move away. He leaned his head in closer to hers and whispered in her ear. "I've always preferred forgiveness to permission."

As she smiled and faded out of reach again, Luke heard the Cherubim chattering in his head.

'Uncle Luke? Something's weird.' 'Yeah, weird.' 'The air seems different.' 'Yeah, different and weird.'

'Ana dipped into Luke's sensory perceptions and returned with her agreement. 'They're right, Luke. There's something in the air, something with a heavy charge-'

Nirvana was interrupted by a magnificent crash of thunder, and without further warning the surface of the plane beneath Luke's feet vanished.

'Aw, hell. Now what?' Luke thought.

As the four fell through the air, Luke's only thought was to grab the girl and complete his mission. He looked in all directions and found her not too far away, only a few feet from himself, above him. He angled his body to slow his descent and reach her, but as his fingertips brushed against her sleeve, Alice appeared and snatched her away. 'Dammit!' He thought, shifting his attention to Nirvana. 'Get us out of here, we'll get her lat-'

Before the thought was completed, he felt a soft hand grabbing his arm, and the world turned to smoke.

~Nihon Urbs~


Wrenching, thunderous, thought-ripping pain.

Luke's limbs felt like jelly as he fell to the floor, his insides burning with hellfire. Nirvana rebooted in his head, her own thoughts a jumble of information. She regained full expression within seconds, and sensed something very wrong with her beloved host. Frantically she dispatched a full complement of medichines throughout Luke's body, and as they worked to repair the damage to his internal organs Luke began to respond. Slowly, groggily, he climbed onto all fours and crawled forward because it was the easiest direction, stumbling with nearly every inch. After an eternity he reached a cabinet and climbed to stand on unsteady legs, his form hunched and slumped. Whether Nirvana had steered him here, or he was just plain lucky, a sink gleamed below him, and without hesitation he leaned over and spewed the remains of his old organs onto the shining clean steel. The liquified pulp splattered into the sink, wet and heavy, and as the process continued, the medichines rebuilt more and more of his internal structure, and Luke actually began to feel more human again.

At last, the final drops spilled and Luke reached up with a trembling hand to run the faucet, washing the ich into the sewers. He turned his back on the cabinet and leaned heavily against the smooth cherry wood, white knuckles gripping the counter's edge. A few thousand medichines scrubbed the insides of his mouth clean, and then they returned to their stations on the underside of his epidermis.

"Rough trip, huh?" Alice asked, approaching him warily.

Luke shook his head, panting and laughing breathlessly. "I've had worse rides..."

'Ugh. Thanks, 'Ana. A few more seconds of that might have finished me.' 'You're sure you're OK?' She asked, her worry evident. 'You'd know as well as I do, 'Ana. You're in here with me,' he thought wryly. 'And on the bright side, now we know I can survive another trip through the smoke.' 'All the same, let's try not to push our luck on the matter, shall we?'

Luke looked over at Alice, not for the first time appreciating her flawless form. "So, thanks for the lift, I guess. Were my ears just ringing, or did I hear you say Nihon Urbs?"

Offline Wyrd

Joren played with his frosted beard for a minute, then he turned to the Red Eclipse troops and said firmly. "Go! Leave me be! Go back to your Crime lord and tell him that their is no longer any need of my service' to the Red Eclipse." The Commander gave a nod then him and the rest dispersed in the ally ways. Joren turned his attention back on this new player. "Isaac Ureha is dead, and with him my dream of turning my curse into a gift is gone. The only thing I want now is death! Pain and suffering to Gabriel Ureha, the girl and The tracker! Money will not be necessary for my services... Partner!"   

Offline Gwindolyn

Listening to Luke wretch was not the highlight of her night.  her clothes clinging to her with wet.  Her top is almost see-through at the breasts.  She looks about the room and finds nothing to wrap up in and warm herself.  She begins to wander the rooms.  Finding the odd sense that she knows this place only growing stronger.  She passes the bathroom.  There is steam from it.  Oh she was cold.  She opens the door and steps in.  She hears the water running but sees the screen up between the two spaces.  She remembers Gabriel saying he was headed for the showers.  She enters the back and settles into the water, fully clothed.  The hot water feeling so good as she continued to shiver.  Her teeth clattering.  She didn't even bother taking her boots off. Why should she?  They were soaked already anyways.  She had no change of clothes with her. 

The thought of Miss Kit crosses her mind and her worry for her cat claim her over tired, overwhelmed senses and she begins to cry softly.  Her arms wrapped about her body.  She begins to imagine a pair of arms about her.  They would have been before, she senses.  That realization startles her and quiets her instantly.  Suddenly the bathroom felt too small.  She begins to climb from the tub, but wet boots are not always wise.  A loud splash with an indignant cry is easily heard by all around as she falls back into the water.

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"Yes. Nihon Urbs. Quite the ways away, really. The only reason I was able to get this far was because of training." She explained. Alice turned, dissolving into smoke again and reappearing in the same motion in front Luke.

"So, this is my home, Luke. There are rooms literally everywhere, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a place to bunk down." She turned to leave, but stopped in her tracks. "And upstairs is off limits. To children. That means you and the two others." She laughed. "Oh, I almost forgot to mention, I have a sparring area if you want to fight me. I am always up for a fight, Luke. And to deny me such wouldn't chivalrous of you." She provoked. "Or, if your scared..."


Gabriel heard a splash in the room next to him. The water came from under the shoji screen, indicating that someone had fallen in. " ok?" He asked from beyond the shoji screen. He wasn't sure who it was at first, but the cries were familiar.