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Author Topic: Quantum Urbs: A City of lies, a city of Secrets (Fantasy/Romance/Action) *Open*  (Read 15664 times)

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Offline Gwindolyn

She listens patiently to all he says.  The words confirming much of what she believed to be true.  Still, to know who you are isn't even who you are is very upsetting.  To have such confirmed time and time again as she has been 'made' to be several different people is rather shattering.  Still, she has Gabriel and that is beautiful between them.  Just then, her mind connected two dots.

Her broken voices rises from the veil as she lifts her wet eyes and tear-stained cheeks to him.  "If Gabriel and I are so entwined, and I'm made to be who I am.  Was I made for him?  I don't mean in a loving, heavenly father way.  I mean in a dark, control this boy sort of way."

Her sense of self may be shattered, her sense of reality fragmented like shrapnel and her emotions as tidy as a tornado, but her mind - as he suggests - is fast and sharp. 

She knows he cannot answer that, but the realization of it dawning with all sorts of nasty implications.  "Is my presence with him really best then?"

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Record this, Maximus." Jayden ordered, clearing his throat.

"Gabriel Ureha, lead experiment at ArmsTech. Estimated price, a few trillion. Sold to the Other Humans Response Agency, or the OHRA, Gabriel was used as a sort of asset. Though we lacked the technology of ArmsTech, we were able to do slight research on him. I was ordered with him as a partner, or a more appropriate term, a watchful eye. What kept him from killing me and our entire agency? Hope. The higher-ups told him about a reality shifter originally designed by Luke Saiphers, but they lied and said they were on the verge of making one. Using this as leverage, they were able to control Gabriel through his emotions; the Urehas had lost their mother years back, and they both missed her dearly. So he was ordered to keep an eye on the three experiments: Alice, Isaac, and Gwin. His orders for Gwin, though, we far more specific. Out of them four, she was the enigma. The Agency ordered him to seduce her; not on a simple passion scale, but on a loving one. He agreed to do it, and went to work.

"Only problem was, he had already known her from ArmsTech and formed a close friendship. This is something the Agency did not know or anticipate. Gabriel, instead of staying disconnected from the relationship, fell head first into it. He had fallen deeply in love with her. Hell, maybe he already was in love with her and it took some reaffirming. Anyways, he still funneled information to The Agency and still worked with me.

"But that's when it happened. Gabriel said that he was going to quit. He said that he cared too much for the people to betray them any longer. He told them he was going to cut communication with them and drop off the map. That's when the government quickly mobilized before they lost Gabriel. They moved in on the dojo he resided at, and ordered that they turn in Gabriel, Isaac, Gwin, and Alice. Alice was the head of the dojo with multiple talented disciples. They refused. So force was used. Everyone inside was killed, and the big four couldn't do anything because of the information Gabriel gave to the government. From there, I had believed him to be dead.

"Gabriel took it incredibly hard. Gwin found out that he was ordered to fall in love with her, and without giving Gabriel a chance to explain, stormed away. Alice and Isaac were shocked at Gabriel's betrayal. They couldn't look at him the same way again. Gwin wasn't seen for a long time after, some even thought she killed herself with grief. But, that was Gabriel's job. After losing everything he worked so hard for, after losing everything except his own life, he attempted to take it. It was raining that night, on the rooftop of the Arcadia Clock Tower. Alice found out about this, and chased after him. There the two stood, silent on the rooftop for an hour. The sound of the rain and thunder much louder than normal. Gabriel went to jump, but Alice stopped him.

"And this is where it gets better. The sort of climax to a heartbreaking story. Alice is confronted by the government. They know that although they can keep the four at bay, they cannot kill them. The government, knowing all of the events that led to here, manipulated Alice. The trauma caused by Gabriel to Isaac and Gwin, the death that had surrounded them, operations Isaac had carried out, Gwin's heart broken by Gabriel, Gabriel's unyielding depression from his actions; some things are better left off forgotten. Alice works with the government to reorganize the three, so that their memory of events could be altered and wiped. She slips up about the plan to her brother, Joren, and then he is involved with it as well.

"The plan is a success. The three can live a normal life, but since Joren was added last minute, his life is fucked. Alice feels so bad about it all. She feels empty. And her brother, her own brother, does not remember her. Her brother's emotions are dissected, and no one remembers anything of what happened. Isaac, Gabriel, Gwin, and Joren were the most important people in her life. And they didn't even know she existed."

Jayden finished, motioning for the recording to cut. "Take that and apply events to them. Dig up any reports that may involve anyone in that review, dig up information, make assumptions...just get me information."

Offline Wyrd

Joren stood in the middle of the Ice cavern for some time, thinking, planning. 'This whole training thing all vary nice and all, but I am wasting time in this damn place. Who knows where Gabriel is right now. and every second he gets farther away from my grasp!' Joren's anger temperature of the room to lower even more Causing the snowy ground to turn into a solid ice skating ring. Joren then sat in the middle of the frozen room, waiting his challenger to arrive     

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Cornelius arrived back in the room to Joren sitting in the middle of the room. "You didn't train." Cornelius said. "You are becoming a very disappointing employee, Joren." Cornelius scolded. "We are on a time schedule, whether you realize it or not. Either you are going to win, or you are going to die." Cornelius warned. "Right now, you cannot beat me. If you were to freeze me, I would be out rather quickly. Actually, anything you can currently do, I can come back from it almost immediately. Now, I am ordering you to train. Unless you want to die at the hands of Gabriel, that is. I want you to be able to tire me. You will not be able to beat me by any means. What I am offering you, I already have. An elemental superiority. An understanding. Unbelievable power. So I urge you, do not try when you are not ready. While Gabriel is powerful, he has not reached my level in lightening. You need to go past his level in ice. You aren't expecting to beat him alone, are you? It's going to take both of us."

Offline Wyrd

Joren stood. "Then give me something to fight so I can train!! So I can kill the son of a bitch!!" Joren said as his fist turned to ice and he went in to strike Cornelius

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Cornelius ducked right, charging electricity in his hand. He grabbed Joren's hand and the electricity jump started the frozen molecules, reducing it to water. In the same movement, he sent Joren to the ground, using his weight and momentum against him. "You need to learn to control your emotions. You attack blindly. You are predictable. You give people time to think when you use your ice so long before impact. You need to learn to keep the world at a crawl; time your element. Time yourself. Don't be afraid to wait. Impatience will get you killed."

Offline Wyrd

Joren staggered back to his feet. "Try this!" Joren then held out his other hand, and 100 sharp shards of ice came flying through the air.  Cornelius jumped to his left to avoid the shards, but as he did Joren stamped his foot on the ground and a wall of ice shot up from the frozen ground of the training room. Causing Cornelius to hit the wall and fall to the ground as Joren fired another wave of ice shards.

Offline Starlequin

Luke sat quietly as she ran through the ramifications of her altered memories. The thought that she had been tailor-made to manipulate Ureha had already occurred to him, as had other equally disturbing permutations of that logic chain. With only the facts at his command, he realized there was no way to know for sure.

For several minutes, he waited as she struggled to compose herself. 'Well, there you have it. We couldn't ask for a more perfect opportunity to take her back to Marcos and finish this job once and for all. Right?' Nirvana said. 'Under almost any other circumstances, I'd agree with you. But there's still Ureha to consider.' 'What about him? You said it yourself, he's not our problem.' 'No, he's not, but think about it: we know he's emotionally attached to the girl, one way or the other. And we know he's exceptionally powerful, and that his abilities are tied to his emotions. So what would happen if we subjected the kid to one more psychological trauma, such as, oh, say, stealing the woman he loves, on top of all he's already experienced?' '...Oh.' 'Right. 'Oh.'. He'd probably snap and destroy half the city. And then where would we keep our stuff?'

As the pair finished speaking, Luke stretched out a hand and laid it tentatively on the girl's shoulder, offering a gentle squeeze. Her sniffling had diminished somewhat, but she was still clearly broken up.

"I don't know why you were put through this, Gwin. You or the Urehas. But you're the only one who can say if staying with him is the right thing to do. If you really feel that you can't trust yourself, or him, then say the word and I'll take you out of here right now. Otherwise...and, I can't believe I'm saying this...I don't see any harm in sticking around for a little longer, and seeing what comes back to you on your own. Because I can promise you this, kid: right now, you are one of the safest, most protected people on the planet. Nothing is going to hurt you. Period."

His smile returned as hers did, and her tears finally stopped. 'Are you sure it's wise to make a promise like that? I mean, I know we need her to trust us, but-' 'What's the difference, as long as it works? Besides, it's true. As long as she remains in our custody, nothing is going to hurt her. Except maybe one of us.'

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Found anything yet?" Jenny asked. "I was able to organize a few memories, nothing major though." He responded, still absorbed. "I thought about what you said. Im going to go to sleep. When will those intergrations be done?" He asked. "A few hours." She responded. Gabriel went over to the bed and wrapped himself in the blankets. "Everything is happening so fast." He commented. There was a long silence.

"You really love that girl...don't you?" Jenny asked. "If there's anything beyond love...thats what I am feeling."


Cornelius held up his hand, creating a circle of electricity and stopping the ice from piercing him. He touched the ground, using electricity to turn the ice into water, and sending electricity through Joren. Cornelius continued using the ice as a catalyst for his electricity. "So you can make me fall. You need to train and practice. Get your head around this. Get into it!" Cornelius shouted.
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Offline Wyrd

Joren's anger was replaced by acceptance.He slow rose from the water and lowered his head. "How would you have me train?"   

Offline Gwindolyn

She lifts her head to Luke as he puts a hand on her shoulder.  She smiles meekly at him.  She was positive that Gabriel and Luke would keep her safe, as would Alice.  But safe from what?  Safe from whom?  She trusts Luke as long as it suits his interest to play nice.  She understands his chances at things and his stratedgies.  She also has to start somewhere.  With her mind shattered so completely, she really had to start from nowhere and build up.  "Thank you.  Thank you for your informations and your indulgances."  The word 'cutie pie' floats back to her and in a flash she smiles with a small chuckle.  The bit of humor at odds with her tear stained eyes.  She rises to leave.

She stops at the kitchen and gathers some food.  She remembers Gabriel likes steak.  So she grabs that and some veggies.  She also balances in a couple of bottles of water.  She doesn't bother heating anything.  She does shove some silverware into her pockets.  She heads back to their room, expecting him to be deep in his personal journey.  He was sleeping.  She smiles and just watches him from the doorway a bit.  She doesn't know how long passes.  She moves to the table in the room and empties her arms.  She starts to walk to the bed when she remembers the silverware in her pocket.  She heads back to the table and puts the silverware down.  She quickly changes into something loose, silky, lacy and flowing.  A long night gown that falls perfectly over her hips as if tailored for her of the finest materials.  She takes a moment to enjoy the feeling.  She climbs into bed with Gabriel and puts her arms about him.  She falls asleep.

She has yet to piece together how some of her writings fit into this life.  No writing can be without pain for the protagonist.  Hers were no different.  She has forced them from mind for now.  After all, in all of her stories about Gabriel, there was no happy ending.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Gabriel..." Jenny's voice whispered, waking him. It was far into the night and Gwin had come back and fallen asleep. "Gabriel..." Jenny said sadly. "I know...I feel it." He told her. Gabriel sighed. "It was a 50/50 chance. All that tampering they did really messed me up. How long do I have?" Gabriel asked. "From the scans, I would say about a month." Gabriel looked to Gwin. "How will you tell her?" Jenny asked. "I'm not going to." He said simply. "You know, maybe there is still a chance. I can search for a way to fix you, Gabriel." Jenny pleaded. "Jenny..." "You can't die, Gabe! You hear me!?"

Gabriel layed back down. "What could be causing it to happen?" Gabriel asked. "I don't know. You have been fine all these years." She told him. "Find out." He ordered, going back to sleep.

Offline Starlequin

~Quantum Urbs, Atalia District~

The streets below were lit up like landing strips laid out by a malicious imp. The Cherubim had flown for hours, circling apartment buildings and dipping into traffic as they sought more combatants. So far, the closest they'd come was a flock of miffed pidgeons they'd disturbed on an office roof, and an old woman who'd screamed and shaken a broom at Mikiun when he'd poked his nose cone through a window.

'Clearly, we aren't getting any results this way. Maybe we should split up.' Soriun suggested after buzzing in front of a fuel tanker. 'Hey, yeah! Let's try that. It could be a new game!' Mikiun added as the truck driver swerved into oncoming traffic. 'I don't know... Uncle Luke didn't really give us permission to split up,' Andiun countered as the tanker tipped over and ruptured thousands of gallons of fuel into the street. 'Yeah, but he didn't say we couldn't, either.' Soriun said, his words nearly drowned out by the massive explosion that rocked the street below. His sensors picked up the giant fireball that was gutting through the nearby buildings and wrecked vehicles, and the drones turned toward the chaos. 'Hey, are they having a party down there or something?' 'Must be. They've got fireworks.' 'Pretty...'

'So anyway,' Soriun said, steering the others back to the conversation, 'why don't we put it to a vote. Majority rules. Fair?' 'Sounds good,' said Mikiun. 'I vote we split up. Soriun?' 'I vote we split up as well. Andiun?' 'I vote we stay together. Etriun?'


'Etch?' 'Etriun?' 'Etriun, come in?' The Cherubim turned this way and that, scanning on all frequencies and all directions for their lost sibling.

'Alright, I'm changing my vote. I say we postpone voting until we find the idiot. Soriun?' 'Agreed. Mikiun?' 'Aw, do we hafta?' 'YES!'

~Quantum Urbs, Medellin District~

Etriun was cruising low and slow over the streets of the Medellin District. His scans of police activity and ambulance service requests indicated this would be an excellent area to find combatants. He was hovering less then a foot off the ground, moving at almost five miles an hour when he picked up a lifeform reading directly behind him. He whirled around and came nose to nose with a very angry, very furry...something. Etriun backed slowly away and brought all sensors to bear on the biologic. His database informed him he was confronting a common alley cat, species felis catus. Immediately he activated his speakers and broadcast a warning to the cat.

"Be advised. This unit is operating under Provoked Response protocols and will defend itself with extreme prejudice." The cat hissed and swiped with a paw, its hackles raised. Etriun performed a slow barrel roll, scraping his wings against the cooled pavement. "Say again, this unit is armed and dangerous. If you are designated Noncombatant, disengage immediately and evacuate the area." The cat raised its tail and whipped it back and forth and spat. Etriun's cameras focused on the whipping tail, following it like a clock pendulum. 'Drone Etriun, Combat Log entry 14552.68. I have been separated from my squadron and have encountered a possible hostile. Status is unconfirmed. I think it may be trying to communicate-'

Without warning the cat leaped and sailed through the air, landing atop the startled drone. Its claws extended and hooked onto the edges of Etriun's chassis and held on with a death grip as the Cherubim began thrashing and twirling in mid-air.

"Warning! You are in violation of Article 36 of this unit's Operating Procedure, 'No Unauthorized Passengers'! Offending subjects will be deemed Combatants and terminated with extreme prejudice!"

The cat didn't give a damn about Etriun's warnings or articles. All it knew was that it wasn't about to let some giant, ugly bird wander into its territory without repercussions. It tried to sink its teeth into the strange hard shell, but found no purchase. As the bird jerked and thrashed about, knocking over trash cans and banging into alley walls, it freed one paw and batted at the creature's head, but to no avail.

Etriun had had enough. As the cat attempted to scratch through his heads up display, he pointed himself skyward at an approximate 30-degree angle and launched himself into the air at Mach 2. For almost 3 seconds, the cat held on admirably. But unfortunately for it, nature did not design felines to withstand multiple G-forces without the benefit of external protection. Which it sadly lacked.

As Etriun climbed, the air pressure became great enough to pull several of the cat's claws out of place and it slipped off of the drone's backside, falling almost 60 feet before landing in an apartment building's tangled aerial meshwork. With a yowling screech, it flopped to the building's roof and zipped into the shadows.

'HA! Take THAT, ya big pussy!' Etriun thought happily.

It was the last thought he had before he lost altitude and the world went dark.

Offline Gwindolyn

As Gabriel turned back to sleep next to her, she shifted and stirred.  Her arms looking for his.  His found her.  Her sleep grew deeper and more peaceful again.

Offline Gwindolyn

The next day begins.  A day like any other to the world around them.  And yet, for Gabriel and Gwin, it is a day of puzzle pieces and discovery.  A hunt for themselves and their past, their history both separate and together.  Gwin stretches out with his arm around her waist.  She rolls over.  He's still sleeping.  With such emotions as they have gone through, it really is no surprise that he is exhausted.  It is her turn to watch him breath.  She keeps her eyes on the minute movements of his throat as his lungs receive and expel air through it.  She watches the way his lips pout in sleep and she smiles more.  She notes the soft flaring of nostrils periodically.  Gwin looks to his eyes.  They are safely covered from her view, but she can see them anyways.  Those blue eyes were the core of all her dreams, nightmares, drawings and stories.  She knows those eyes better than she knows the sun.  She lifts a hand to risk moving aside a stray strand of his midnight colored hair.  She bends forward and kisses his lips softly and says "I love you, but don't you go breaking my heart...... again."  The words are whispered, barely more than a breath.  The joy almost outweighing the past. 

What is it that she remembers?  She is unsure.  There is just this pain.  In her stories, the source of that pain always varied.  He cheated.  He died.  He was stolen.  He just changed.  Never did he no longer love her.  Always it was a permanent pain.  Her memories too distorted to trust.  Her heart too manipulated to guide.  She just knows there was pain.  She is vulnerable to it again, but she might not survivie again.  She holds in her pain and fear in order to love and cherish.  "Good morning Gabe.  She says as he wakes up."

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Gabriel's eyes flutter open to Gwin staring down at him. "Hey..." He said groggily. He sat up, gazing upon Gwin's beauty. "You're so sexy when you wake up." He said jokingly, but with truth. He flashed a charming smile and laughed. "What do you want to do today?" He asked her. "We should take Luke and Alice also. Ya know, we all deserve some downtime. You and I can be alone tonight, for as long as you want me." He said, lightly and briefly kissing her lips.

Offline Gwindolyn

She smiles only inches from his nose as he wakes.  Her straight raven strands unruly about her.  She laughs as he jokes, not believing him for a moment.  "you charmer.  You already have me."  Her words were playful even as he sits up away from her.  "Hmmm.  Surely we can all leave this dojo for a bit today, get a breath of air or something.  And you and I could dance later, in the garden under the stars."  She reaches up to him.  Her work worn hands with torn nails tidy with the best of her ability seeking to pull his muscled arms back to her.  "But that can wait a bit can't it?  We have food over there.  We have each other.  And..."  She looks down to his hip area, "and we have much catching up to do."  Her look was coy and inviting.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

Gabriel smiled back at her. He looked to the food then to her. "Hmm." He said, crawling over here and looking down at her. "I don't know which meal to indulge in first." He said, smiling devilishly. He drew in for a passionate kiss, which lasted a good moment. "I doubt Alice and Luke are awake...and I doubt we will wake them." He laughed. "" He said. "I already seen you in the springs." She responded. "Your choice." He said, moving his hands over Gwin's curves. He heard Jenny power down.

Offline Gwindolyn

AFter much fading to black... or is that repeatedly fading to black?   Gwin and Gabe enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  The silly grins enough to give the candy man a toothache.  She forgets all the sadness and the pain to live in the joy of this moment.   Still, the story cannot end here, so eventually, they must come up for air.

Gwin turns to Gabriel, "have you even seen Alice since yesterday?"  Her mind suddenly scrolling past music, swimming, exploring, conversation after conversation and other enjoyable activities.  She spots Alice in her memory, but it was early the day before.  "Is she still in the dojo?"
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Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Last time I seen her was at the gardens. Should we go collect the others?" He asked her, his hands strolling over her glistening skin. "I see I have tested your fatigue." He laughed. "At any ratd, we need to find Alice. Maybe she will know where we can go to get some memories back. Luke will be able to help as well. We probably have to convince him to as well."

Offline Gwindolyn

She laughs at his tease "I'm not at end yet, but we will run out of time to leave the dojo today if we do not controll ourselves sometime."  Still her hand wanders over to him and touched him suggestively.  He continues talking, she resigns herself to getting on with the day.  "Yes, let's dress and go find them then."

She turns to him and makes sure she has his eyes.  She lifts her nightgown up over her head.  Slowing once her chest is revealed and taking her leisure time with her arms over head, highlighting her lines.  When she lowers her arms with her body bare before him, she smiles slyly.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

He feasts his eyes upon here curvacious body. He follows her to the shower after her removes his only current article of clothing, namely his boxers. They both enter a white-tiled bathroom, kept nice and bright. The shower was made of distorted glass, and it was large. They stepped in, running the water.

They played around a bit, but Gabriel stopped. He had the same feeling he had when at the shop the other night; Anxiety, worry, exposure, intimidation, and expectation. He exited the shower, water dripping off his manly, yet slendee figure. His body's muscle were defined and glistened with the warm water. His footsteps were silent, like a hunter hunting prey. He was a perfect animal.

"Jenny, on." He whispered under the sounds of the shower. "Whats up, Gabe?" She asked. "Scan the area for any anoms." He ordered. He felt on the underside of the sink, pressing a newly installed button once he found it. A gun ejected from the sink, into his hand. He approached the wooden door, going foot by foot. Gripping the knib, he turned it slowly, silently. He then rushed through the door, sweeping his gun through the room. "Nothing, Gabriel." Jenny told him. "What was the matter?" She asked as he returned to Gwin in the shower. "Just my instincts. Guess its nothing." He shrugged, returning attention back to his beloved.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"Somethings up." Jenny said to Gabe as he dressed. "What do you mean?" Gabriel asked. "At ArmsTech...something is happening." She elaborated.

Panic was spread throughout the area around ArmsTech. Emergency vehicles were scattered throughout the area, as well as through Arcadia. Fire ripped through the streets and bullets poured over Quantum Urbs. Everhwhere, there was panic. Everywhere there was death.

A knock at the mansion walls. Gabriel darted to the door, swirving through the hallways. A loud siren was heard for miles at populated areas of Quantum Urbs, including Nihon Urbs. "Jenny, who is at the door?" Gabriel asked in a panic. "Oh my god..." She said, unwilling to describe it. Gabriel swung open the door, and a body fell in. "Please help me." The small boy asked, his right arm completely gone. Gabriel's eyes widened as he screamed for assistance. Alice ran forward, already filled in on what exactly was goin in. "Alice...what the fuck is happening!?" He screamed. "A war, Gabriel." She responded. "What!?" Gabriel asked, confused. "At about 11 last night, the government mobilized an assault on ArmsTech. They began abducting anyone with any record of magical abilities. That accounts for a large precentage of the younger population. Children, teenagers. Young adults, too." She explained, rushing the child to the small clinic in the dojo. "What? How could this happen over night? Why so sudden?" Gabriel asked, struggling to keep up. "Its simple. It was preplanned. The government mantained a pseudo-contract with ArmsTech, and probably planned this for a long long time. Once word got out that the Government were taking the children, resistance quickly occured, Reports say that some people attacked the government before they could act. It spread like wild fire." They reached the clinic, setting the boy on the small bed there. "We need to stop the bleeding." Gabriel said, reaching for differenr items from he glass shelves. "Here, take this." He said, handing gause backwards.He dropped it, expectingAlice (cont'd)

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

to catch it...but she didn't. He turned to her, and her eyes were red and streams if water cutting down her face. "We...need to stop the bleeding." Gabriel repeated. Gabriel looked down, blood gathering on the floor. His head became light. "We got to stop the bleeding, Alice." He pleaded. " we dont, Gabe." She said to him.

There was a painful silence. "Why didn't you just teleport, Alice?" He asked, his voice breaking. "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TELEPORT HERE?" He screamed. "I can't teleport someone with an injury that severe. He would of died for sure." She said with regret. Gabriel let out s scream, turning and punching one of the glass shelves, sending medical supplies to the ground. "He...he's like ten!" He gasped.

"Why didn't you tell us what was happening?" Gabriel asked. "I found out about two hours ago. I didn't think this would touch Nihon Urbs." She admitted. "So I wasn't going to say anything until you woke up and stuff." She admitted. Alice was holding the still hand of the child, the only hand he had left. "Everywhere there is government. Everywhere there is ArmsTech. A world where both coexist is not safe. The effects were felt immediatly. Fires rage in the populated areas. Open warfare. Hit squads. Disregard for collateral." She listed. "Jenny...why didn't you tell me?" He asked. "I can't monitor all if Quantum, Gabe...I wasn't monitoring anything other than this area."

Cornelius & Joren

The attack had come during the sparing match. It began with an alarm of an armed missile heading to the building. It didn't make it far, but once it was shot down, an EMP was triggered. Cornelius and Joren, as well as a few talented elementals, had been fighting for hours, constantly on the run. ArmsTech underestimated the government. They didn't think the t
government would be so relentless. And ArmsTech had the information against the Government, but it was stored in the ArmsTech building. That was probably the government's goal.

Offline DunnuckTopic starter

"The government probably fears that ArmsTech will try ti recruit anyone with magical genes or DNA. Many of the younger generations do, but it usually isn't a large amount. But any trace is reason enough for the Government to take them." Alice explained.

OOC: This was three posts because im doing it mobile and I can only put so much in each post. And Wyrd, you now have more to do than waiting around :p
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