The Story Lottery - April 2022 - Sign Up Thread

Started by Britwitch, April 24, 2022, 01:34:00 PM

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If you'd like to be entered into this month's Lottery, please leave a link to your Participant profile in this thread.

Please make sure you have updated your Participant profile to include the new element of 'Preferred content' as well as your current RP preferences and the maximum number of stories you'd be willing to take on during this month's draw.

Registration is open between 25th and 30th April..

Here are the Story Lottery partnerships for this month...

We would recommend checking out one another's O/Os threads and RP request threads to give you a starting point for discussions together. If you'd like some extra inspiration, you'll find this month's prompts beneath the spoiler below.


Once your story is up in the One Shot forum, please PM a link to Britwitch so she can include it in the story listing over in the Feedback and Chatter thread.

Current status : Selectively seeking new stories

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Have to give it a try, right? *smile* (I'm right over here, btw)


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Huzzah for the Story Lottery! Count me in. :-)



I really don't know how to link to a specific message. So this is my post from the lottery application thread? :)

here it is?
Name: Kristen
Preferred story tags: Flexible, dub con, or non-con.
Preferred pairings: F/F
Preferred genres: Fantasy, modern or futuristic

Preferred content:
- 60/40 smut-story (give or take).
- Teasing seduction
- I tend to play a dominant predatory temptress who enjoys interaction with a beautiful prize who gets in over her head.
- The rest is really based on partner preferences.

Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 2-4 paragraphs (Dialogue heavy posts may be shorter for the flow of conversation, while descriptive posts could be longer depending on what's happening). No real set rule for this as it's highly contingent on the interaction between the characters and what's happening in the scene.)
Typical posting rate: Moderate-to-fast

- Kristen -
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Response time: About a week
Availability for rp: I am not looking for new rp partners.
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