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August 17, 2017, 12:44:58 PM
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Author Topic: Codexa's Writing Corner - My Story Collection.  (Read 1387 times)

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Offline CodexaTopic starter

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Codexa's Writing Corner - My Story Collection.
« on: March 16, 2016, 10:42:35 AM »
Current Status: Very Selectively Seeking

Spoilered = Not Open

Non Spoilered = Open for discussion

" There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

🌟The Basics🌟

Hello and welcome. I am Codexa. So named due to my infatuation with The Guild with Felicia Day. It was something I enjoyed immensely when I first joined E.

What can I say about myself? Well, I am in my late twenties, and am still figuring out this adulting buisness. I'm rather introverted and writing for me is a stress reliever, a hobby and simply something I do for enjoyment. Reading is another love of mine, among many other things. I occasionally roleplay outside of E, but this place is by far my favorite.

You can expect me to write lengthy replies, usually 3 paragraphs or more. Of course this depends greatly on the scene, the amount of interactions and things to reply too and even my partners style. I am a slower writer, even when things in my life are peachy keen. That being said, I do have a bit of a busy normal life, with family and children and my posting can vary. I do try to post at least once a week at minimum. Now, sometimes my muse is one happy little camper and I can reply more often.

Even if I can't get in a reply right away, I am usually around in some way. Reading PM's, keeping an eye on OOC threads that I'm involved with, checking out replies etc. I value communication. It doesn't need to be constant, and we don't have to get personal or discuss anything beyond the story. But I do appreciate a partner who is willing to discuss not just the beginning, but keep the communication open and flowing throughout our writing adventure together. Who is honest and willing to contribute ideas and move the story forward.

Below, you'll find some of my little plots and ideas. I'm always open to changes and discussion, and want my partners input in everything. I do recommend checking out my On and Off thread. [Located above] to see if you think we'll be a good match. :) Thanks for reading!

If you find yourself interested, please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.


  • My posting is at a big slow point at the moment, so please bear with me.
  • Due to some RL issues, my muse took a pretty big hit and is still recovering. I'm around, and wanting to write once more, but I'm also taking things slowly.
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  • Introverted Fluff 💖 Sakky's Sugamama 💖 Rebelle's Writing Wife 💖 RegretNot is the Varric to my Merrill 💖 Arcanum's Sweetheart
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Re: Codexa's Writing Corner - My Story Collection.
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2016, 11:16:03 AM »
Quick Plots and Pairings
These have no real plot, and are more an idea of what I might find fun to build off of.

Star Wars Canon
Jedi x Padawan
Smuggler x Former Jedi

Western Setting
Outlaw + Sheirff
Outlaw + Outlaw

Modern Supernatural
Lone Werewolf x Alpha Werewolf
Mage x Human
Mage x Mage
Vampire x Human
Werewolf x Human

Apollo  x  Human
Mars x Human
Poseidon x Demi-God
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Offline CodexaTopic starter

  • Introverted Fluff 💖 Sakky's Sugamama 💖 Rebelle's Writing Wife 💖 RegretNot is the Varric to my Merrill 💖 Arcanum's Sweetheart
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  • Join Date: Apr 2010
  • Location: Cast the boat, take a ride, cross the rift to the other side
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Re: Codexa's Writing Corner - My Story Collection.
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2016, 12:21:10 PM »
Closed | Taken Stories

Stories that are either taken or have fallen down on my list of wants.

Wayward Princess - Closed
Wayward Princess

"Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way."

Princess Astrid

The Story:

The North Sea Kingdom was once a large area inhabited by many clans. But long ago the clans were united when war came to them, and there was little choice but to unite. After the war, some clans were nearly completely destroyed and ended up creating new clans with others who'd suffered greatly. But ruler of them all, old and new was Astrid's great grandfather, the Uniter of Clans, and now King. Bjorn Anwed.  He did a lot of the lands, brought comfort to the people beneath his rule, and sent the Warriors out on raids that only helped the Kingdom grow in prosperity.

Eventually, when Astrid's father took the throne, the Kingdom was in a good place, it was peaceful and wealthy. The clans outside of her father's rule, the other kingdoms in outside territories whispered about how the gods must favor him, his bloodline. Envy, Jealousy breeds hatred and by the time it came for her chance to rule, her kingdom was nearing it's first real war in generations. Astrid had always been a wild one, more interested in earning a name as a shield maidan than by being a princess. But she had accepted her obligations and responsibilities.

But the gods and fate had other things in store.

On the eve of a grand feast, her uncle Ragnar appeared, he drank and laughed and talked about riches and plans he thought her father should hear about. But as the evening wore down, he revealed a surprise she'd never forget. Her uncles men attacked, men that had been her fathers turned, and her family was slaughtered. Astrid narrowly escaped, but not without injury, and fled into the woods and mountains surrounding her home.

Her uncle made a great many changes, he exiled or killed her father's warriors, those loyal to him. He brought war to their enemies and had his men enforce strict laws on the people. The North Sea Kingdom became a place of battle and blood, where women were widows and children went through their years without fathers, brothers, uncles. The women weren't allowed to carry a shield, as a woman's place was at home, and those who had carried one before her uncles take-over were either forced to retire, or exiled.

Small rebellions were quickly put down, countless lives lost.

It's been five years since Ragnar became King, and there has been no word on what became of Astrid. Some believe she is in hiding, others believe she was killed.  And while there are no longer those who openly speak of rebellions and uprisings, there is a ever growing group of men and women, the rebels who hide in plain sight. They alone want to take the Kingdom back, some wish to find Astrid as she is the rightful Queen with her father dead, others don't care, as long as Ragnar is removed from the throne.

Yet, her uncle is not without his supporters, and they grow more dangerous by the day.

Our story begins when a small group of rebels is ambushed by a gang of bandits, taken by surprise, and mistaken for Ragnars warriors. Among them is a young man who'd been on the verge of joining the old kings personal warriors and was exiled along with many others. He's a strong fighter and wants to see Ragnar off the throne. He's also part of the group who believes the princess is alive and can be found.

He and the others get a shock when among the bandits is a fair woman, with long white blonde hair and striking pale blue eyes. A scar on her cheek and looking every bit like the bandit group she travels with is Astrid, Princess, Queen, Bandit, Shield Maidan like her mother before her.

Setting: Scandinavia. Alternate World where gods and magic are very real.

Keywords: Romance. Hot and Cold. War. Rebellion. Betrayal. Reluctance. Norse Mythology. Gods. Vikings.


Need To Know:



You, Me, and Zombie Makes Three? - Taken

Story : A boy and a girl from fairly different backgrounds, yet share a few friends in common make it on their busy body pals 'Cupid List' a silly thing small towns do to torment the singletons in the town and raise some money for future acts of torture. They meet for the inevitably awkward and maybe slightly optimistic date, more or less strangers, yet paired together by chance. It's expected to be a classic date, dinner, dancing, flirtatious or awkward conversation and if things go well, a goodnight kiss. That's assuming they can even stand each other for more than ten minutes.

But nothing throws a wrench (or possibly severed limb) into their evening like a Zombie Apocalypse. The news papers, the reports on television and on cellphones weren't just paranoid overreactions to some variation on a flu virus. Something is really turning the recently deceased into the shambling undead, and that virus has finally made it to their small southern town by way of the adventurous young city goer who wandered a little to far off the beaten path. When fate, tragedy and drooling undead throw them together in a game of kill or be eaten, how will they manage to overcome this?

Will he remember to bring flowers?

Will she order a salad?

Will they find True Love?

Will they escape the First Wave?

Setting :The characters are from a small southern town in Georgia, that until recently hadn't been seeing to much of what the bigger cities and towns had been dealing with. Something happens, the infection has been slowly creeping up on everyone until all hell breaks loose.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the male of this duo, his background, FC and details are up to his writer.

Things to Know: I kind of want a vibe that is a mix of walking dead and Shaun of the dead. A darker setting with moments of levity and even comedy in appropriate places. I'd like to avoid over the top Negan type of characters and things that touch a bit too much on NC or Mutilation of people, torture etc. I'm okay with it being referenced or our characters coming in to see the leftovers of some horrible act. I want there to be romance and love, at it's core, while this is a story about zombies, it's also about love and survival, and adapting to the world you're being presented with.

Tags :Romance, Modern, Zombies, Dark Comedy, MxF, Opposite side of the tracks, Potential for darker and gritty elements.


A Touch of Madness- Closed
A Touch Of Madness

Song Inspiration: Sweet Dreams

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense"
"Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't"

The Story: There are those whose destinies are simple, whose destinies are meant to end happily. Then there are those who no matter how hard they struggle against it, fate has chosen them a role, and will drag them to that final destination.

Before there had been an Alice, before The Hatter became mad, and before there was a queen. There was another girl who fell down the rabbit hole, who dreamed of a place called wonderland, the world that thrived on whimsy and magic, on madness and monsters. But the world of her dreams is not quite what it seemed, its darker, corrupted by the mad king's desires. Shes a target, hunted by the king and his minions when she is rescued by a young man, handsome as he is strange, he is known simply as The Hatter. Hes a leader, the voice of the rebellion, and against the odds, they find themselves falling in love.

Before she became the infamous queen of hearts, she was simply a young woman in love, determined to make her own destiny, and fall in love on her own terms. But fate and Wonderland have other plans for her, for them. This is their story, of love and love lost, of friends, turned into foes, and of destiny and fate.

Setting: Wonderland

Keywords: Whimsical, Wonderland, Heartbreak, Love, Romance, Action, Adventure, Dark, Gritty.

Seeking: The Hatter - He's of course based on The Mad Hatter - But his details, looks, etc are up to his player to decide.

Notes: I don't anticipate these two characters having a happily ever after. I have a vague idea of the things that happen in the story is what helps drive him completely mad, and that even perhaps she ends up being the infamous queen of hearts.

"And contrariwise, what it is it wouldn't be"
"And what it wouldn't be it would"
"You see?"

Status: Closed

Dance with the Devil - Closed
Dance With The Devil

Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight.
Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight.

Dominick Black

The Story:

Dominick Black isn't your run of the mill man, he isn't even really human, not anymore. He was once, a long time ago, when the world was a much different place when phones weren't the fancy things people obsess about today, and there were different expectations of men and women. Once he fell in love, and when that love was threatened, he did the unthinkable and bargained for her life by summoning a crossroads demon.

When it came time for the demon to collect. Dominick expected to perish and be forced to endure eternity in torment. But things aren't quite what the stories tell you. Dominick was now a servant to darker and higher forces, he became a soul collector, a guide to the souls of the recently departed. It was his job to collect the souls of those who like himself, had made deals for whatever reason. Be it love, be it more youth or health, or most often, fame or money.

Now, sometimes people don't realize what they've done, or perhaps think that time will never come for them. But demons don't forget, and contracts don't fade into anything. When your name comes up in the big man's book, you'll find yourself having a day of miracles and good fortune, and then it all ends, accident, mugging, drunk driver. Thousands of methods.

No one escapes.

Until HER.

When Dominick goes to collect his latest contact, he finds the woman survived, despite the odds. Someone screwed up somewhere, and now he has a woman whose time is up, and her soul is still firmly latched on to her mortal vessal. Weirder than that, she can see him, hear him, and is trying to bargain for more time, just a little more time.

So he gives her 30 days, 30 days to clean up her affairs. The one rule? He will remain by her side for the entire time.

What he didn't count on was falling for her, and uncovering something far more sinsiter than he thought possible. Her survival was no accident, and suddenly Dominick and this young woman are thrown in the middle of something that could possibly change how the entire system works for good.

Setting: Modern Setting.

Keywords: Romance. Betrayal. Bargains. Psychopomp. Star-Crossed. Fate.

Seeking:  The young woman. Age: 19-25. Other details, including FC up to her writer.

Need To Know:

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