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Started by Codexa, March 16, 2016, 10:42:35 AM

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Hello E! My name is Codexa. I've written off and on various sites over the years, and my writing hasn't been limited to just forums. I have been a part of E for a long time, although I've only recently been poking around again after a bit of an unofficial hiatus. I'm hoping to once again join other writers here on E in creating and telling amazing stories.

Below are stories (1x1) that I’d love to write.


  • Post Length: I don't have any 'requirements' or hard 'expectations. All I ask? Is for more than two or three lines. Other than that, as long as we're having fun, and giving each other plenty of goodies to work with. I'm happy.
  • Flexiblity: I am a very RL and break-friendly writer. Creativity comes and goes, and muses don't always play nice. My level of busy fluctuates and all I ask for is patience. That said, in general, I am a slower writer.
  • Comminication and Collaboration: I love to talk about the story, the characters, and the world they are occupying. Chatting about the story, and characters is absolutely a must for me. I prefer discord, but am fine using PM's. I just tend to be slower E's PM system.
  • Partners: Literally no preference. Everyone is welcome.
  • Visuals: I am a very visual person - I always use face claims (preference for 'real' pictures over anime) and greatly appreciate it when my partners are also willing to use visuals. But it isn't a requirement.
  • Smut: I am fine with smut. Detailed, FTB, etc etc. It isn't the focus of my stories or character interactions. I also don't like to write it out -every single time- and prefer a balance of fade to black and detailed.



11/13 - Got rid of a story, and added one.


"Deal With the Devil?"


In a world very much like our own - but infinitely better - magic exists. Demons exist. Vampires, werewolves, fae-creatures that protect our national forests. They all exist.

This story is about a witch who desperately wants to prove herself to her coven - a coven that hasn't always treated her fairly - due to no fault of her own, but due to some behind-the-scenes factors she isn't aware of. Now summoning is hard work, it requires a lot of power, concentration, components, etc.

So, she works her butt off and gets all these things together. Studies the spells needed (secretly) and decides to attempt a summoning. Just a low-level demon, something to show off her potential, maybe impress the coven's mistress, and since it's already there, help her out with some chores, or knock out a college essay or three.

The summoning goes off with only a few minor hitches - but instead of some imp - our witch finds herself staring into a human-ish face, a grinning face - one that belongs to a demon of much higher level than what she had planned for. The binding is only sort of successful, as it happens in a rush of adrenaline and HOLY MOLY.

Now, she assumes she summoned some mid-level demon, something capable of taking on a human appearance. What she doesn't know is that this demon deliberately took over the summoning, and he is far above some low-level or mid-tier demon.

But, that little piece of news will have to remain secret for now.

Together, they'll get into all sorts of shenanigans, learn to deal with each other, and uncover some nasty truths about her coven, and the lengths they've gone to keep potentially powerful witches in line.

Oh, and deal with all his BS once it catches up to them both.

The icing on this crazy cake?


Just what will they do once feelings start to develop? Can romance really exist between a witch and a demon?

Stay tuned to find out!


Had this craving for something magical and witchy for ages. I have more fluffy thoughts about the idea and setting. Definitely thinking about a more magical take on our own world. I love world-building, and would appreciate a partner who wants to dive into it a bit with me! :)

 I absolutely want romance and just ALL the shenanigans. Overall, I feel like this story is a bit more on the 'light' and 'quirky' side of things, but having challenges, gritty elements and dangers pop up to kick the MC's arses here and there is an absolute must-have.

Let us appreciate the softer, fluffy kinds of stuff.

P.S. The ad is written as if the witch is meant to be female, but I am absolutely fine with that role being a male character as well.

Inspiration & Keywords: Practical Magic | Summoning | Witches | Curses | Demons | Quirky, light-hearted shows |
Setting: Somewhere in either Europe or the U.S.A
My Role: The Demon Prince (Male MC)
Seeking: The Witch (Female/Male MC)