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Started by Britwitch, August 20, 2019, 12:11:07 AM

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What is The Story Lottery...?

A fun new way to challenge yourself and meet new writers in the process.

Every other month (or so) you can sign up to be paired up at random with another member of E who shares certain writing qualities with you. These include genre preferences, posting speed and so on.

You will also be given 4 or 5 prompts that you can use to help inspire your story if you want to. These might be images, quotes or maybe even the odd music clip now and then.

How does it work...?

  • First thing you need to do is create a profile post for yourself here in the Participants thread using the code lower down in this post to share the information we need to match you up with a writing partner.
  • Next, between the 25th and 30th of the month (or thereabouts), sign up in Monthly Sign Up thread by posting a link back to the profile post you made in this thread.
  • Once we have all the participants we will announce the partnerships in the first week of the following month.
  • Then...? Well, then it's up to you and your partner to go start your story over in the One Shot Forum. We'll then link to it in the monthly Feedback thread so people can go read your story and give you some encouragement or help you brainstorm if you get stuck. ;D
  • It’s entirely up to you and your chosen partner whether you opt to brainstorm a little first or…just pick a genre/theme, nominate one of you to start writing and see where the words take you!

Why do I have to create a profile post...?

Even though this is a lottery and you have no idea who you'll end up writing with, we want to give your writing partnership a fighting chance :D so we will use in the information in your profile post to make sure we give you a partner who likes the same sorts of things as you and whose posting frequency is close to your own.

Why do I need to include story tags and what does each tag mean...?

To help us make sure you get the kind of story you're looking for, we need to make sure you include the correct story tags in your participant profile.
You'll find definitions for each of them under the spoiler and you can list all of them or only one or two but please only include ones you're actually prepared to write.

What do the tags mean...?
[NA] : Non-adult, no sexual scenes or ones that fade to black.

[L-H] : Light consensual sexual scenes, between humans or near-humans

[L-E] : Light consensual sexual scenes, between non-humans

[BON] : Bondage and light S&M

[BON-E] : Bondage and light S&M involving non-human encounters

[NC-H] : Non-consensual involving humans or near-humans

[NC-E] : Non-consensual involving non-human creatures

[EX] : Gore, bestiality, snuff, mutilation, very heavy S&M

[UN] : If you are undecided or unsure which direction the story will go

How are people paired up...?

It's important to remember that this is a lottery, not a match making exercise. Your profile will be used to make sure you and your lottery partner have enough in common to give you a fair shot at writing together but the rest is up to chance and the two of you. The idea behind this is to give people a chance to write with people they might not write with ordinarily - be they new members or members who aren't as active in the social areas or whatever the case may be. So with that in mind, names are drawn at random and, having checked the profiles have enough in common, the pair is made. We would hope that you give one another and your ideas a fair chance before deciding it won't work out.

What if you can't find me a partner...?

To the best of our ability, we will match people up with a different partner each month based on interests and participant numbers etc. - but in the event a suitable partner cannot be found, participants will be encouraged to try to write solo pieces using the prompts as inspiration either in the Monthly Feedback thread or in one of Elliquiy's solo writing forums - such as the Storyteller's Café or the Storytelling Forum.

Do we have to make it a One Shot...?

To start out, yes. Given that you'll be writing with someone new there is always the chance that the partnership (or the story) won't work out and the One Shot forum is designed for trying out new things.
Obviously, if you click with the person you're matched with and the story between you really takes off then you can ask any member of Staff to move it to the appropriate forum based on the content.

Can I have more than one Story Lottery partner/partnership at a time...?

Yes, yes you most certainly can and in your profile post you can list the number of stories you’d like to take on at any one time, up to a maximum of 5.
The first time you participate you will only be given one partner but then you can always sign up to be given a second (and maybe third) partner when the next month rolls around.

Do I have to take part every month...?

No you don't. You only sign up for those months you want to take part in. That might be every month or it might be once every few months. It's entirely up to you.

How can I tell people about the Story Lottery...?

I was hoping you’d ask that ;D you can use our very funky patchwork participation badge in your signature or E thread location of choice, linking it back to this thread.

[url=][img height=100][/img][/url]

I still have questions...

That’s not a problem, just PM Britwitch and she can help you.

I am ready to get started!

Fabulous news!
Just copy the code below and add your profile post to this thread. ;D

[b]Preferred story tags: [/b][NA], [L-H], [BON], [EX] etc.
[b]Preferred pairings:[/b] M-F, F-F, M-M etc. as well as your preferred gender to write in each pairing.
[b]Preferred genres:[/b] Romance, horror, sci-fi, historical etc.
[b]Preferred content:[/b] Smut heavy, Story heavy, Flexible either way.
[b]Maximum number of stories:[/b] 1-5
[b]Typical post length:[/b] 100-200 words, 500+ words, 1000+ words
[b]Typical posting rate:[/b] Slow (once a week or less)/Moderate (every other day or so)/Rapid (capable of multiple posts per day)

Current status : Selectively seeking new stories


Here you'll find a listing of all members who have participated or are interested in participating in the Story Lottery.

Current status : Selectively seeking new stories


Name: CyrodilicBrandy
Preferred story tags: L-H, BON
Preferred pairings: F-M (preferably) F-F, F-Any
Preferred genres: Romance with a bit of angst, historical (particularly Tudor/mediaeval), certain fandoms (Dragon Age/Kingdom Hearts)
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: Anywhere from 100 to 500 words, but can write more if I'm feeling it
Typical posting rate: Between moderate and rapid posting, I'm often online daily but can't always write, so please be patient!
[Hope I've done this right!]


I'm in:

Preferred story tags: [L-H] to [BON-H]
Preferred pairings: Two player M-F, M-F-M, F-M-F  I play only heterosexual males with hetero or bisexual females.
Preferred content:  Smut and Story both, with the relative balance flexible depending on agreed-upon story and partner preference
Preferred genres: Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Alternate History, Strange New Worlds, Space Operas, WWII, Contemporary, Humor, Horse Operas, Westward US expansion, Pirates, Time Travel, and selective Supernatural
Maximum number of stories: 1 new per month
Typical post length: 500+ words or 1000+ words depending on partner
Typical posting rate: Slow to Moderate, depending on story and RL

Cheka Man

Name: Cheka Man
Preferred story tags: [BON] (is not sure what the other tags are, but at least I admit it!)
Preferred pairings: M/F, F/F ,M/M disguised as or changed into a girl. Not personally interested in M/M as such.
Preferred genres:  witness protection, romance, magic, sci-fi, fantasy, horror,dark.
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: 100-500 words depending on the story. Could post more, but that would slow my posting rate.
Typical posting rate: Moderate to Rapid, depending on story and post length. Very long post lengths would bring my posting down to Slow.


Name: SassyB
Preferred story tags: L-H, BON
Preferred pairings: F/M - I can write either role
Preferred genres: Romance, Modern, Slice of Life.
Preferred content: I prefer more story.  I enjoy the character relationship build up more than the sexy stuff.  Not that any sexy time is not welcome, I prefer it isn’t the central focus and is more a nice extra. 
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: 300 to 1000+ words, dependent on partner
Typical posting rate: Slow to moderate.
Slow postings and reasons why? - Work as usual! 
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Name: Wolfling72
Preferred story tags: Any except for [NC] or Incest
Preferred pairings: Any including trans characters (F/M | F/F | M/M)
Preferred genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical, Certain Fandoms, Marvel or DC comics, Horror
Preferred content: Story  heavy, please.
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: varies by the story but the average length is upwards of 500 words per post
Typical posting rate: Smack dab between slow and moderate (no more than two times a week)
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Name: marauder13
Preferred story tags: anything except exotic
Preferred pairings: M-F (for now) - Writing as Male
Preferred genres: Sci-fi, fantasy(any kind including Urban), Post Apoc, Modern, Steampunk & anything specific idea that sparks my muse
Maximum number of stories: 1, for now
Typical post length: 100 ~ 500 words, capable of more when the mood strikes
Typical posting rate: Slow to Moderate (current predictions)


 Name: Peripherie
Preferred story tags: [NA], [L-H] - [BON]
Preferred pairings: M/F, M/M (new to this); I would like to write the male role for this round. (Open to all writers.)
Preferred genres: Romance, supernatural/fantasy, mostly modern; alt-universes, sci-fi, and urban fantasy depending on an idea
Preferred content: half smut, half story
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 300 - 500 words for most posts, sometimes more
Typical posting rate: Slow with some moderate spurts depending on RL
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Name: Manaan
Preferred story tags: [NC] [EX] etc.
Preferred pairings: M-F prefer to play the M
Preferred genres: Post Apocalyptic, Superhero (Fandom or original)
Preferred content: Flexible either way
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: 300+ (depends on what I have to work with, I like 3 meaty paragraphs though)
Typical posting rate: Moderate to Slow (every other day or so)


Name: Rustic
Preferred story tags: [L-H], [L-E], [BON], [BON-E], open to many things
Preferred pairings: M-F, M-MTF, M-F-F, M-M-F (me as Male)
Preferred genres: Romance, modern, scifi, fantasy, and more...
Preferred content: I'm flexible, depends the story
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 250-600 (not too long unless it calls for it, not too short, but quality over quantity)
Typical posting rate: slow to moderate


Name: Seabird
Preferred story tags: [L-H] - [BON]
Preferred pairings: FxM (I prefer the female role)
Preferred genres: Romance, forbidden romance, slice-of-life (with a mix of lighthearted, comedy, and fluff); modern, historical fiction, horror, dark, post-apocalyptic.
Maximum number of stories: 1, for now.
Typical post length: 300+, depending.
Typical posting rate: Slow to Moderate.


Name: ZephyrInk
Preferred story tags: Any - no anthro, no furries please
Preferred pairings: M x F (no incest)
Preferred genres: Any
Preferred content: Story over smut.
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: Anywhere between 1,000+ to 1,500+
Typical posting rate: Can vary between moderate to rapid depending on available time.


Name: Wyatt
Preferred story tags: Story dependent, from Light to Extreme
Preferred pairings: M-F (either role), F-F, Genderfluid/non-binary combinations as well.
Preferred content: No specific smut to story ratio, depends on story type and ideas.  Character driven story and/or smut, not a fan of heavily pre-plotted stories.  More interest in story starters that the characters can take places organically.
Preferred genres: Taboos, romance, forbidden or star crossed lovers, adventure, modern, fantasy in a modern setting, dystopian, supernatural - no anime or furries, I enjoy realistic face claims and lots of pics and even music in stories.
Maximum number of stories: 1-2
Typical post length: 300-600 words
Typical posting rate: Slow to Moderate
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Name: Rinzler
Preferred story tags: [L-H], [BON] - but no incest, thanks.
Preferred pairings: M-F/TF - and I prefer to write as the chap, cheers.
Preferred genres: Superhero, Sci-fi, Historical (particularly 18th C), Alt-historical, Retro-Futurism, Crossover fiction, Hard boiled crime, Comedy, Modern day, Slice-of-life, Horror and the macabre.
Preferred content: Smut - medium to heavy, preferably within the context of an interesting, compelling storyline.
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: Extremely variable. Anything from 300-2000 words. It all depends on what the story demands.
Typical posting rate: Moderate. About two times a week.


Name: FlowerMagnolia
Preferred story tags: [BON], [NC-H], [EX]
Preferred pairings: M-F and F-F with me as the female
Preferred genres: Historical, medieval, fantasy, cyberpunk.
Preferred content: Smut 50/50 story heavy
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 500+ words, sometimes even up to 1000+ words
Typical posting rate: Moderate (every other day or so)


Name: DrMcQuark
Preferred story tags: Any/All
Preferred pairings: F-F but open to all others
Preferred genres: Supernatural, science fiction, superhero, western, steampunk, pulp adventure, horror (H.P. Lovecraft style), vampire, transformation
Preferred content: Smut to story ratio: 70/30. Heavier on the smut side but I like a good story and characterization.
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 100-200 words
Typical posting rate: Slow (once a week or less)


This story lottery is a great idea  :-)

Name: badmoon1955
Preferred story tags: [NA], [L-H], [BON], [NC-H]
Preferred pairings: M-F (prefer to write the male role, but have written female on occasion)
Preferred genres: Fantasy (low, high, urban), Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Contemporary, Historic, Crime/Detective, Espionage, Western, Post-Apocalypse, Supers, you name it
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: Typically 200-600 words, but I've been known to go beyond 600 if the situation merits it
Typical posting rate: Typically once or twice a week
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Name: Echoes
Preferred story tags: story dependant. NA, L-H, BON. I do not do non- con but can do heavy S&M.
Preferred pairings: M-F , writing in the m role.
Preferred genres: High adventure and/or pulp, Noir, Historical/era specific, Horror, Steampunk, Southern Gothic, Age of Sail and willing to discuss supernatural/ fantasy.
Preferred content: Story over smut. Stories do not even need a sexual theme or element. Looking for depth, rich settings and detailswith a solid plot or purpose. Sexy times to be included where/if fitting. See o/o for various elements.
Maximum number of stories: 1 at the moment.
Typical post length: 750+ words
Typical posting rate: Slow to Moderate (one to the two posts per week)


Name: Remec
Preferred story tags: [NA], [L-H], [L-E]
Preferred content: Either is fine, sort of depends on the characters and storyline
Preferred pairings: M-F
Preferred to write as: M, but can do either
Preferred genres: Romance, sci-fi, fantasy (high, low, and urban), superhero
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 200-500 words
Typical posting rate: Somewhere between Moderate and Rapid


Name: Syene
Preferred story tags: BON, BON-E -- not craving non-con right now
Preferred pairings: M/F, F/F; I usually prefer a female role
Preferred genres: historical, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, superhero
Preferred content: Leaning toward a smut heavy one-shot, but I like to put at least a little thought into the story as well
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: 300-500+
Typical posting rate: Moderate


Name: Gannameade
Preferred story tags: [L-H], [BON] - but no incest.
Preferred pairings: M-F (Me male please).
Preferred genres: Superhero(Marvel or DC comics,), Sci-fi, Crossover fiction, Comedy, Modern day, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, WoD
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: Extremely variable. Anything from 300-500+ words. It all depends on what the story demands.
Typical posting rate: Moderate. About two times a week.

Theta Sigma

Name: Theta Sigma
Preferred story tags: L-H up to EX
Preferred pairings: M/M & M/F (Myself as the M)
Preferred genres: Forbidden Romance, Horror, Modern slice of life, Sci-Fi, Twisted and dark and gruesome stuff
Maximum number of stories: 1
Typical post length: Anywhere from under 100 to 500
Typical posting rate: Slow to Very Slow

They/Them pronouns

Mister Morgue

 Name: Morgue
Preferred pairings: M-F
Preferred genres: Romance, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Victorian era fantasy. Fantasy in any setting, really. Horror/thriller. Add in a bit of villainy and dark themes to spice it up.
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: 500-1200 on average
Typical posting rate: Moderate to Rapid


Name: LocusVonErich
Preferred story tags: [L-H], [BON]
Preferred pairings: M-F, M-MtF
Preferred genres: Romance, sci-fi, Fantasy(Low and High), Noir
Maximum number of stories: 2
Typical post length: 100-300 words
Typical posting rate: Moderate to Rapid