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Author Topic: Brit's Request Thread  (Read 3150 times)

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Brit's Request Thread
« on: December 14, 2017, 02:11:38 PM »


Here you will find all the story ideas I’m seeking partners for as well as my current and past stories too.

At the moment I am tentatively considering stories and am also happy to discuss potential stories with a plan to start at a later date. Life is rather hectic at the moment so my posting rate is considerably slower than usual - please bear this in mind! <3

Please do check out my Ons and Offs thread for more information about my likes and dislikes and if you have an idea of your own that you think I might suit then please do shoot me a PM and let me know!

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 02:36:44 AM »

Developed story ideas looking for partners with the most recent additions at the top.

The Messenger

Content: Light/romance but open to suggestions for other elements if they fit

Setting: 1940s England, World War II

Scenario: Daisy Daniels joined up when the call came in December ’41. She’d been itching to ‘do her part’ ever since that dreadful day two years earlier when Chamberlain’s voice had carried through the airwaves telling them that England was at war with Germany and when the National Service Act was passed, there wasn’t anything her parents could do to stop her any longer. She was 24, old enough to go and so she went. Her older brother was already fighting, he’d joined the Air Force and made it through the horrors of Dunkirk. Now he was running bombing missions over Germany and his infrequent letters intended to ease their worries almost always did the opposite.

Daisy was no where near the frontline and likely never would be. She was trained as a mechanic with the ATS, taught to drive and had become part of the postal service. It wasn’t the most thrilling of jobs but she knew it was helping. She was doing a job that freed up one or two men to go and fight the good fight. Plus she got paid, the first time she’d ever had money of her own, and there were other perks too. Living with the other girls was a riot most of the time and then there were the dances… The chance to go and smile at soldiers and airmen, to listen to wonderful music and feel as alive as one possibly could.

After 1942 she was sent to a depot at Woolwich Arsenal as a Dispatch Rider, there she found she was to be on standby 24 hours a day. Her main task was to carry orders and despatches to the various bases and Ack Ack sites, to Commanding Officers whenever it was necessary. This could be during air raids whether bombing or strafing, come rain or shine. She didn’t think she’d ever get tired of seeing the surprise in high ranking officer’s eyes when she removed her helmet to reveal her curls beneath and she’d lost count of the amount of times she’d heard, “Blimey, a woman!” Although there were more and more women now, less and less men.

Yes, she heard the sirens more than she’d ever done back, felt the rumble of the ground beneath their feet during a raid, knowing each shudder was another bomb falling, but as terrifying as it was to be in the shelter during a bombing raid it was nothing compared to the first time she’d had to don her helmet and goggles and head out with documents that had to be sent while the sky overhead rumbled and flashed as bombers tried to destroy the nation’s capital and anti-aircraft guns blasted up into the clouds to try and keep them at bay. There had been a few near misses, times where the road ahead had simply vanished into a crater in the ground or the crumbled remnants of a building all but blocked the road but she’d been lucky so far. Other riders hadn’t been. She knew she was a target, riders always were, but at least she was in England. The risks were lessened and that was what she kept telling herself. If she kept her eyes open, she’d be fine.

Several of the girls in the same barracks as her had beaus in the service but she knew the dangers of falling in love in wartime. Not just the worry of heartbreak but the idea that ‘we may die tomorrow so we should live tonight’ often meant many young women found themselves in trouble with no husband to help them through it. She’d do her falling in love after the war, of that she was sure, there would be plenty of time.

Then one night, as the sirens wailed to life she was preparing to ride out into the night with dispatches firmly secured in her satchel. As the motorcycle growled into life the first bomb hit somewhere nearby and she forced herself to focus on the task at hand.

She had no idea that night was going to change her life…

Requirements: I have a few ideas about what might happen that night to alter the course of the war for Daisy, she is carrying military dispatches after all, but would like to build a story with a partner for this.

Hoping for some love in there somewhere but not necessarily a straightforward story. It could be a fellow member of the services, or perhaps a young man unable to fight for his country (or returned from the front wounded and honourably discharged)…or perhaps someone else entirely. I'd love to know your take and ideas on this.

I just love the idea of a capable young woman, wanting to do her bit for the cause, possibly getting caught up in something far more dangerous than she’d ever have expected.

The Portrait

Content: Light/romance most likely but open to 'darker' themes as might be appropriate

Setting: Late 18th century England although historical details are not as important as a familiarity with the general feel of the era (Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility etc).

Scenario: A talented artist is commissioned to create portraits of a wealthy landowner and his family, following his recent marriage. His first wife, of many long years, had died and he had remarried a woman much younger than himself. The rumour in society was that the girl's father had run up several debts that the landowner offered to 'take care of' in return for the hand of his daughter in marriage and a share of the family business/land/prospects. Her family was well regarded so the union made sense in that regard, even if their different ages caused many brows to crease when they saw them together.

The artist arrives with little knowledge of the situation other than the list of paintings that have been commissioned. A portrait of the landowner himself, a similar one of his new bride and then a family portrait including his now adult children from his first marriage. The artist stands to gain a lot from the job. His work would be seen by some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the land.

But then he sees the charming new Lady of the house and the problem begins. He knows he wants far more than to simply paint her... He finds excuses to keep coming back to paint her, suggesting he paint parts of the estate to give him even more reason to be around the house...and gardens. One day asking to sketch her, the poses gradually growing more risqué...

Requirements: Ideally looking for one partner, but would be open to two, to write the dual roles of the husband and the painter.

Depending on how we want to portray the husband, he is either entirely disinterested in his wife and so she relieves her boredom and heartache with the painter...or perhaps her husband has rather dark tastes he could never satisfy with his late wife (going to other women for such things) but now he has a young wife who can't refuse him anything and our painter seeks to rescue her from the ill treatment he believes her to be suffering... The content of the story could change quite drastically depending on this element.

Stories cut short and abandoned for now but could be resurrected with the right partner
Name: Wrong

Content: Light/Romance mostly

Scenario: They shouldn't want to be together, but they do.

She's a teacher, adored by her little pupils and their families, respected by her peers. He's a widower, recently moved to town and his child has been placed in her class. As a new starter, the two have a meeting to discuss how the child has settled in and find out how best to meet their needs.
Things start innocently enough, he thinks she's pretty and loved by his kid, she thinks it's a shame that he's been through what he has. Then they start seeing each other, bumping into one another, around the small town. In the store, giving each other tips on what to buy. Once or twice at a bar when they're out with friends. Neither thinks anything of it but late at night, when they're alone...they always find themselves thinking of the other.
Gradually they admit to themselves, not each other, that they might have feelings there. But, it's wrong.

Isn't it?

Things will come to a head after a parent/teacher meeting some weeks/months later where something is said that makes them both react. Passions are high and difficult to ignore.

But then what...?

Continue an illicit affair or risk the condemnation of those around them and make their love public?

Requirements: This I would like to be a long story, with tension and romance and a real sense of their struggle with what they want. I'm open to discussion on setting and details - his history and background, perhaps she has a fiance (another teacher even) who he finds isn't worthy of her. There are issues of professionalism for her, she shouldn't get involved with the parent of a student. Which is more important...her job...or her love?
Would love to work out the kinks in what I think could be a very romantic tale with a passionate co-writer.

Madame Guillotine
Name: Madame Guillotine

Content: Light/romance with elements of BON, not planning on NC but would depend how my co-writer and I flesh out the general idea

Setting: 1794, Toulon, France

Scenario: The aristocracy are being systematically wiped out as the new Republic takes shape. The man responsible for keeping the prisons empty and Madame Guillotine well fed has made an enemy who plans to use him for her own ends before taking his life.

Looking for someone to play Pontmercy, the newly appointed ‘agent of the Committee of Public Safety’. The man charged with making sure Toulon is brought under control and that all possible counter revolutionaries are removed. He’s a zealous citizen who devotes his every waking hour to making sure the Republic’s ideals are being upheld and protected.

In the few weeks he’s been in charge he’s sent hundreds to ‘Madame Guillotine’ amongst them a brother and sister, Patrice and Yvonne Renard. It’s these two recently sentenced victims that are the reason for the story.

My character, Stéphanie Marchand, was childhood friends with the Renards. She is no member of the aristocracy herself but she only survived the death of her parents in her own childhood because of the Renards’ benevolence and generosity. Her parents had been loyal servants and so she was taken into the household as a companion to Yvonne but grew into a cultured young lady as a result.

Her friends’ only crime was their family name and the family they came from were nothing but generous landowners. So, she plans to seduce Pontmercy and release her friend from jail before using any methods she can think of to shatter his career and destroy his life.

What she doesn’t count on is Pontmercy himself.

At the beginning it’s a seduction, dangerous for certain but a seduction as a means to an end (breaking her friend out of jail).
But then things will take a turn for the unexpected when Pontmercy returns after the furore calms down. She’s awoken desires in the man that he’d almost forgotten in his dedication to his new position. There will be elements of bondage and dominance between them.
She indulges his desires and plays up to the feminine stereotype almost eradicated by the revolution. To her surprise she finds herself developing feelings for the man she originally planned to kill.
Then when it’s Pontmercy himself who is in danger (a rival for his position using the earlier jailbreak as reason to doubt his commitment) Stéphanie has to decide whether to cut and run or try to save the man she might have actually fallen in love with.

Requirements: I’m looking for a detailed co-writer for this story who has some appreciation for the time period in question. Think ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ and you’ll be in the right area. While I have the general story arc figured out I am open to suggestions for plot devices along the way.
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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2018, 03:12:26 PM »

Images that have caught my eye and make me want write about them in some way.
If they catch your eye too, send me a PM and let's see if we can't brainstorm them into something we can write together.

I love the potential in this image!

Is he going back or coming forwards? Does it work with everyone or just him? Is there a magic coin that makes it work?
I'm not usually one for time travel type situations but this really appeals to me. Maybe it's the photographer in me ;D

Is he searching for the girl who sat to have her photo taken only to vanish before his eyes? Kinda like a 'Quantum Leap' vibe, he goes from booth to booth, looking for her.

This is one I've had saved forever and have yet to come up with a story for.

Could you help me?

Oh this could be the start of so many different kinds of stories, couldn't it? ;D

Is it a buy your own mermaid kind of deal, buy the can, open it and tip into water to 're-animate' and bring to full size?

So many options for this and would love to see what my mind and yours could come up with for it...

Oooh, this is so appealing right now.
Mists and magic, a clash of cultures and an inexplicable attraction...

She's the leader of her tribe and he's a soldier for the enemy, the invaders threatening everything they know and hold dear.

An ancient rite promises to protect their homestead from invasion but when he stumbles upon her in the middle of her call to the Gods, naked in the moonlight, other forces are unleashed far more powerful than either of them may realise.
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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2018, 01:42:42 PM »

Claimed story ideas in development

Remember Me?
Remember Me?

Content: Light/romance but open to suggestions for other elements if they fit

Setting: Contemporary

Scenario: They knew each other a long time ago, twenty years ago to be precise. Now their paths cross again in the wake of tragic events. Can he finally summon up the courage to tell her what he always wanted to?

In their youth they’d all belonged to the same social group, their parents were friends and so they spent a lot of weekends and holiday times together. She was a few years older than him, something that seemed incredibly important when you were a teenager. He had a massive crush on her (she was funny and clever, not to mention pretty) but she clearly only had eyes for his older brother – as did most of the girls. He trailed around after her and they were good friends, but that was as far as it ever went.

They grew up and universities called them all away from home and off into their shiny new futures.

She met a guy during her studies, got married after graduation and then after a very rocky marriage (insert whatever failings we like for the husband to have had – drinking, gambling, violence etc.) they divorced.

He dabbled in a few things, ended up making a name for himself as an actor. Nothing huge but some well-reviewed plays in London, a few guest spots on tv shows. The rest of the time he runs a small but lucrative gardening business back in their hometown.

Then her parents pass away. Her father had been ill for a long time so his loss, while awful, wasn’t entirely unexpected and her mother followed shortly after, from stress and heartbreak most likely. She inherits a huge house with a massive garden that’s fallen into disrepair in the last few years. It’s a chance for her to start over but she can’t do it alone.

At her mother’s funeral she remembers someone mentioning their son having a landscaping business but who they were faded into the emotional turmoil of the day. She finds the business card they’d given her and shoots an email asking him to come to give her an estimate.

He remembers her but does she remember him?

He certainly doesn’t look the same as she remembered. He’s tall now, taller than his brother in fact. His sandy blonde hair has darkened and his boyish looks have grown more defined. And when she does finally realise who he is (or was), will that help or hinder things between them?


Essentially this is a love story between the two of them. She’s hesitant about having any kind of relationship given how her marriage ended and he never stopped caring for her – never had more than ‘one night stand’ relationships. I’m hoping for some kind of plot twist, perhaps debts with the house or some other problem that pushes them together, going into business perhaps which then becomes something more. I’m open to suggestions for this.

I would really really like to see this young man I found used as his face claim but that’s not set in stone ;D

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Content: Open to discussion about the direction this could take.

Setting: Modern day but open to discussion about the geographical location

Scenario: Thinking of a heist situation, bank is robbed and a hostage taken. He picks a nervous woman, the type who he figures has a husband and children to worry about her and for her to keep in mind - enough reason for her to behave, to not give him too much trouble as they flee. But their escape goes awry and they're forced to spend more time together than he intended. So, to fill the time, they talk. It turns out she had less than honest business in the bank herself that day.

Do they become partners in crime or does she become the thing that keeps him 'honest' as his plans grow in audacity and danger?

I think there are a few places this could go, with the right partner.
I came up with what could work as an opening post over in the Storyteller's Café, which I've added below.


“It’s only just bloody November,” Bobbie grumbled to herself while she waited, the muted sound of Christmas songs played on a piano already grating on her nerves. The air in the bank felt unnaturally warm in comparison to the brisk air outside, the fresh air that tingled when it brushed over your nose made it feel like it might snow. She’d been in line long enough to hear ‘Hark the herald angels sing’ three times already, in amongst the other carols and festive standards, and she just wasn’t in the mood for it. Tutting softly she lifted her azure toned eyes towards the ornate clock on the wall and huffed in frustration. Her lunch hour was rapidly ticking away and at this rate she was probably going to reach the front of the line just in time to turn around and have to walk back out again.

Pushing up onto her toes slightly to look over the shoulder of the old woman in front of her she saw there were only three of the bank tellers at work. The rest of the service points in the bank of windows were shuttered and not in use.

“Of course they only have three open,” Bobbie muttered to herself as she lowered her heels back down onto the floor, rolling her eyes out of a need to do something to vent some of her irritation. “It’s only the middle of the day, when most people have the time to go to the bank, makes perfect sense to have less than a quarter of the available desks working.” Her sarcastic words were hissed under her breath. She knew it wouldn’t help but it did feel a little better when the woman in front of her glance back over her shoulder and offered a sympathetic smile.

“I know, dear,” the woman sighed wearily, “it makes no sense to me either. If you like, you can go before me.”

“That’s very kind of you,” Bobbie smiled gratefully, “but you’ve been waiting even longer than I have, I couldn’t make you have to stand and listen to this god-awful muzak any longer than absolutely necessary!” The two of them laughed for a moment or two before they both returned their attention to the queue. Slowly inching forwards until the little old lady had tottered off to a counter and Bobbie found herself the next to be served. Running a hand back through the long, dark lengths of her hair and wishing she’d thought to bring a hair tie with her. A glance at the clock confirmed she had little time left but there should just about be enough time. Providing she was called forward in the next-

“Everybody down on the floor!” came a gruff yell from near the door followed almost instantly by the loud sound of a gun firing. There was a rush of activity, hushed screams rose up in the air as every person in the bank flattened themselves against the marble floor. “Nobody move and nobody gets hurt!” The male voice added in a menacing tone.
Bobbie, on her stomach at the front of the queue, squeezed her eyes tightly shut for a second or two. This couldn’t be happening.

Booted feet thundered through the trembling people sprawled across the floor and while it sounded like hundreds had stormed past, Bobbie reckoned there was only five or six of them. Plus the ones who had to have been left behind to make sure no one tried to do anything heroic. Or stupid.

“We all want to get home for the holidays,” came the voice again, closer now and the tone in it made the hairs on the back of her next stand up. “Would be a shame for someone to spend Christmas in hospital…or worse.”

“Oh Christ, shut up will you!” came a new voice from a little way away, this voice was also male but sounded a little younger somehow. If not younger then less sleazy at any rate.

“Awww, c’mon,” the first voice laughed, a harsh barking sound that made Bobbie wince, “you know there’s no harm in it.” As her eyes fluttered open she saw a pair of boots move to stand right before her. “Besides, it’s fun to watch them squirm.” There was a whimper somewhere to the right of where she lay, the sound of a woman clearly terrified and Bobbie resisted the urge to try and see what might be happening behind the curtain of her hair.

“That’s as maybe,” the second man said sharply, his voice now coming from above her head and clearly belonging to the boots before her, “but if you keep yapping like that, someone could ID you further down the line and then where will you be?”

“Spoil sport,” came the waspish response, punctuated by another frightened sound from the woman and then it went quiet.

Well, quiet apart from the thundering pounding of Bobbie’s heart in her ears. Her breath was shallow and quick and she just prayed the robbers would find what they were looking for and go before the police came. Most banks had warning systems in place now, she was as sure as she could be that help would be on the way before long. She had never wanted to get back to work as much as she did in that moment.

“Fuck!” came a furious shout from somewhere behind the row of counters.

“Don’t tell me it’s not there,” growled the first man dangerously as the air filled with the sound of boots slapping their way back out of the rear of the bank into the main hall.

“It’s there but I can’t open it, not right now,” someone answered angrily, their voice strained which made Bobbie think they were carrying something heavy.

“So we take it with us and-“ the first man stopped abruptly and the room fell silent as the faint sound of distant sirens began to warble in the air. “We go. Now!”

Bobbie was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the first voice issued a command that she knew wasn’t going to end well for someone.

“Hostages! Grab a couple now, we might need them later on.”

“You can’t be serious!” The second voice retorted.

“Someone that looks like they might be worth something to someone,” sneered the first as the same female voice whimpered and Bobbie could guess who he’d selected as his hostage of choice. “And do it now! We’ll meet back at the rendez-vous tomorrow night. Until then, lay low.”

With a sigh of frustration a large hand suddenly wrapped around her upper arm and Bobbie found herself hauled unceremoniously to her feet.

“Please, please don’t,” she said quickly, desperately, “not me, take anyone but not me.”

Whoever he was he was tall, taller than her. Broad shouldered, his features hidden behind a swathe of fabric that covered the lower half of his face, the hoodie he wore shielding the top of his head, but his eyes were the brightest green she’d ever seen.

“I…I’m not worth anything to anyone, I swear.” She stammered, blue eyes wide as they pleaded with his.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but you’re worth something to me right now,” he said with what sounded like genuine remorse before quickly hitting her at the back of the head with something hard and then the world went dark.

Love and Duty
Love and Duty

Content: Could be anything from light/romance to extreme depending on how we approach it.

Setting: 18th century England

Scenario: A Lord and his ward.

After the death of her parents she came to live with him as his ward, her father and he being best friends since childhood. He doted on her, having not managed to find a wife of his own to lavish with affection. He saw to it she was as well educated as any male counterpart of equal age, she wasn't spoiled - making sure she saw the responsibility attached to their position in society. She was witty and charming, not to mention having inherited the beauty of her mother. She was well liked, by nobles and servants alike. He was proud of the young woman she had become, and knew her parents would be too.

One day, when her personal maid had a day off, she was trying to dress for a ball. She could do most of it herself but her corset was something that took two people. Certain he wouldn't mind, she asked him to help. He did, embarrassed to see her in such a state of undress, and off she went.

He was left with the image of her, more adult than child, barely dressed. Shocked to find long forgotten feelings of desire rising up inside him, he is a little lost as to how to continue. He's certain she doesn't feel anything for him, he isn't sure he can think of her in the same way he did before.

Does he try to woo her? He knows her better than anyone so he knows what she likes, what her passions are. But, could a young beauty like her ever be happy with an older man, one she saw as a father? Perhaps there is a suitor comes calling who spurs him into acting, knowing he'd make her far far happier.

Does he find his want of her is too much to wait and so feels he is due something in return for his caring for her all these years? Letting a dark side rise to the surface.
Marrying her, as did happen between wards and their guardians from time to time, and keeping her for his own.

Requirements: This would need a degree of planning before we start so looking for a partner who's happy to brainstorm first as well as someone with an appreciation for the historical elements of such a story. Sensibilities of the time and so on.

The Stranger at the Door
The Stranger at the Door

Content: Open to discussion about the direction this could take.

Setting: 1940s/1950s, probably the US

Scenario: I came across these two photos during my internet travels and they seemed the perfect beginning for a story.

He comes into the diner where she works every week. Same day. Same time. Same table. Same order. He sits by the window and watches…something or maybe someone for an hour or so and then pays his tab before leaving.

He doesn’t cause trouble, always tips well, but even so she does find herself wandering who he is and what it is that captures his attention beyond the glass. He’s not unattractive, older than her but not married going by the lack of a ring on his finger. She finds herself looking forward to him coming in, although she can’t explain why.
Then one day, something changes. A rowdy customer causes her to bump into his table, perhaps his usual table isn’t available. Whatever it is, they are forced into a situation where they must talk more than they would normally during one of his visits. Time passes and he leaves.

However, when she gets home that night she’s surprised to find him, waiting outside her door with a serious expression on his face. Asking if she’ll let him inside. There’s something he needs to ask her.

Requirements: Someone to help me brainstorm this opening into something that could be taken down any number of routes. Does he work for the mob? Is he an undercover cop? Or something else entirely.


Content: Open to discussion about the direction this could take.

Setting: A fantasy setting rather than anything 'real' I feel would be best for this.

Scenario: For as long as anyone could remember the fog had come. It's arrival was never exactly predicted but everyone knew when the nights began to draw out in length and the days grew shorter that one day the breeze that drifted almost constantly along the valley floor would drop and then the fog would inevitably come.

Streets would be deserted, wherever you were was where you would most likely remain until the wind returned and the fog would recede. Sometimes it was a week but there had been years when the mists had lingered for more than a month.

There were those few opportunists for whom the fog was a blessing. Tavern owners, for instance, relished the prospect of a captive set of customers obliged to eat and drink at a price. Local lawmakers had discussed bylaws to prevent such things being taken advantage of but landlords inevitably 'changed their mind' when the fog descended and the chance to discuss such things publicly was no longer possible.

There were also those who would offer to accompany those for whom travel in the fog was a necessity. Many were honest men, good with a sword and pure of intention. There were others, of course. Just as there had to be night and day there were guides who would take the coin offered by travelers but then lead them astray. After all, in the fog one road looked very much like another. It was all too easy to 'lose' their way or 'misplace' their charge. Some travelers would simply vanish, some - mostly trusting young women - would suffer far worse fates at the hands of those who led them willingly into the fog. Taken advantage of in the darkest of ways, used...sometimes sold.

Even if your guide was trustworthy who knew what dangers might be waiting down the road, the villains waiting in the fog to pounce on passers-by.

No one really knew why the fog came. Some said it was judgement for the sins of the town's founders in past, a punishment. Some said it was merely weather and nothing more. Nevertheless, whatever the true cause might be, when the fog came no one wanted to wander far from home.

A young man or woman travelling on business finds themselves stuck in the town with no prior knowledge of the fog or it's consequences. When the clouds seem to fall from the sky one night and fill the streets they definitely don't want to stay any longer than they have to. But what choice do they have?

Strike out on their own and risk getting lost, try to find a guide willing and trustworthy enough to take them into the fog and convey them to their destination, or simply wait it out...however long that might be.

Requirements: I'm open to either variation of characters, is she the guide for his bookish and mysterious traveller with something to protect or is he going to be the one who volunteers to take the young woman with a desperate need to get through the fog? Hoping to tell a good tale here with the right partner.

A light in the dark
Name: A light in the dark

Content: I’m seeing it as light/romance but depending on how we approach it there could be other elements

Setting: A remote lighthouse but could be almost anywhere in the world and time period is open too

Scenario: A stranded sailor seeks refuge in the lighthouse.


I’ve been wanting to write a story in a lighthouse for years but was never sure how to do it. Then I found this picture today and an idea popped into my head that might just work. ;D If I can find the right partner for it!

Location inspiration

The idea is that she is the lighthouse keeper of the remote lighthouse, she inherited the position from her father (her mother had died when she’d been young) and now the job and responsibility is hers.

His ship is wrecked in a storm and she takes him to the lighthouse to recover. Romance blossoms between them as he gets his strength back but he has a secret. Depending on when and where we decide to set the story will obviously affect the kind of secret he’s hiding.

I’m looking for a creative co-writer for this who enjoys plotting as much as I do to help fill the gaps and make this glimmer of an idea into something bright enough to pierce the dark... ;D

A Helping Hand
A Helping Hand

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2018, 03:48:15 AM »

Remember me? with HazySky [L-H]

A Matter of Taste with Marek [L-H]

Silver-Eyes with midnightblack [One-Shot]

Private Party with Qt [NC-H]

The Stranger at the Door with Bearman54 [EX]

Sweet Soul Music with Marek [BON]

Awry with Marek [UN]

Everything Has Its Season with Marek [L-H]

Just the Three of Us with Geraint [L-H]

All Too Familiar with Marek [L-E]

Bought & Paid For with Daeva [NC-H]

Cost of a Mistake with Gman001 [NC-H]

Behind Enemy Lines with CrownedSun [BON]

To Kiss the Wild Sky with Nowherewoman [Light]

In nomine Patris with Marek [EX]

Along the Path Yet Revealed with marauder13 [UN]

The Virgin Widow with Geraint [L-H]

Community Property with marauder13 [EX]

Shadows of Yearning with Wistful Dream [BON]

Off the tracks with LustfulIntentions [NC-H]

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Family Business with Marek [NC-H]

RSVP with Marek [One Shot : BON]

Necessary Evils with Marek [NC-H]

The Rose with Marek [BON]

Stowaway with Marek [NC-H]

The Garden of Eve with Marek [BON]

Trespassing with Marek [VAN - One Shot]

In The Neighborhood with Mellific [VAN - One Shot]

Office Party with Geraint [VAN - One Shot]

The Business Trip with Kitteredge [VAN - One Shot]
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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Masquerades with BlackStone [BON]

Fogbound with Zelta Runa [L-H]

A Chambered Heart with wigglebiscuit [NC-E]

The Cracked Façade with Vlexia [BON]

Absquatulate with Delirium147 [NC-H]

The Present of the Past and the Promise of the Future with Marek [EX]

Down The Rabbit Hole with Daeva and Marek [EX]

Unexpected Predicament with Cliffspiracy [EX]

Remiel and Britwitch write a Fairy Tale with Remiel [One Shot - NA]

Stranger than Fiction (CYOA) [UN]

Chasing Shadows with Eikichi [NC-H]

Underneath your Skin with Delirium147 [NC-H]

Getting Square with AMessOfADreamer [BON - One Shot]

Remember me? with TheSilentBang [VAN]

Vive La Republic with Victorian [EX]

Bad Road Trip with apocryphan [NC-H - One Shot]

Wrong with PervCelebre [VAN]

Forget with frostsider [NC-H]

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Updated everything and added 'The Cost of a Mistake'

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Updated stuffs and added 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time'

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Added 'The Stranger at the Door'

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Re: Britwitch's Cauldron
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Added 'A Helping Hand'

Thanks for those who expressed interest, that particular story is now no longer available. <3
Do please check out my other ideas in case anything else catches your eye.
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Re: Brit's Request Thread
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Added Fogbound

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Re: Brit's Request Thread
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Added The Messenger and The Portrait