Looking for some Rule 34 Fun and some Slice of Life. Mostly FxF

Started by TheGrandAdmiral, April 22, 2020, 12:38:52 AM

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So during the quarantine I have been going through some Rule34 fanart (hehe) and it got me thinking that it has been a while since I wrote something like that with someone else. I am looking for a long-term RP. I love slow build up, high sensuality and more or less realistic scenarios. I am not looking for quantity, but quality.

Occasional typos are okay and relatively precise use of grammar (since I am not a native speaker, it is not a big issue, but still it should be legible and with no glaring mistakes). I don't expect to be replied right away as real life takes precedence. I will try to respond promptly as time permits as there probably will be some time difference with where we are. If you want to drop, please send a note saying so, as not to be left hanging and waiting for a response that won't be coming. I don't expect a deep knowledge of the "universes" that I propose, but some basic one is required.

I am going to list some of the settings I am more or less proficient in, but feel free to suggest though it will depend how much I know about them (in case of anime, I see that it is popular around here, but I have limited knowledge, though have seen some). I am kind of looking for FxF action, but boy on girl works fine. Also feel free to use original character (in the comic book setting I was thinking about pairing regular people with the superheroes).

So a short list of fandoms (for these I am mainly looking for FxF pairings, no MxM or TxM):

Star Wars (both Legends and new canon)
- I was thinking about maybe a couple of Padawans having some fun, or Master and Apprentice. Or a Rebel and Imperial? Feel free to suggest a scenario.

Mass Effect - it's been some time since I last played the games, but still remember some of the things. So I love the Asari, especially Liara...

Pokemon - hm, I have been a Pokemon fan for some time, but I had to pause for some time and now I am catching up. I know some of the later characters, but I have reached the Sinnoh League (I like Cynthia, Jessie), or we can pair Pokemon with humans (Gardevoir for instance...)

DC (comics, TV, films) - well I love Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Black Canary, Harley, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Lois Lane... and many more beautiful femmes of the DC universe. Maybe pair them up with some of the males? Or the girls? Or a regular guy/gal? Or any of the popular ships like Supergirl and Batgirl?

Marvel (comics, MCU) - I am not that knowledgeable of the Marvel side, but I surely love Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Sue Storm, Emma Frost... to name a few. I guess what I view will be similar to the DC list.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra - it has been a while since I last watched the series, but have been a Korrasami shipper.

The Dragon Prince - some canon FxF stories there too.

Some ideas for slice of life scenarios:

Name: Ménage à trois

Content: Human/Light/Con possible light Bondage and in certain scenarios Exotic

Scenario: I am looking for a player who is willing to play in a polyamorous relationship. I will give the basic gist and we can flesh out the details in a PM.

The possible pairings can be MMF, MFF, MMM, FFF, MTF, MMT, FFT, TTM, TTF, TTT (I think you get the picture).

It can be a couple who invite a family friend in their relationship.
It can be one of the partners is unfaithful, and the other one learns about it, but is open to expanding their relationship.
A couple hiring an escort.

A historic setting, set in the roaring 20s (not the current ones though :P) as some artistic types engaged in such type of a relationship.

I am open to scifi scenarios and some light fantasy (though I admit I am not that well versed)

I am also open to set the story in a fandom like: Star Wars, DC Universe, Marvel, Warhammer 40k, Mass Effect, Dragon Age (though am a bit rusty), Legend of Korra, Pokemon (though only with characters who fit the rules of the site), Dragon Age (I am a bit rusty but can give it a try).

For the fandoms it can be OC and canon (also a mix of the two).

Setting: Modern, historic, scifi, fantasy, slice of life, action, adventure

Requirements: I am looking for someone to play the other two characters in the relationship. We can discuss the details and preferences via a PM

Other info: I can be accommodating in regards to the posting frequency, also for these I am looking for a 50/50 ration between smut and story (but the ratio can be negotiated). Post lengths can be tricky, but no one liners, so at least one paragraph (though the ideal will be between 3 and 5).


Name: First Time With a Man

Content: Light/Human/MxM
Scenario: MC has an itch that needs scratching, he wants to try it with another man. Maybe they meet on an online dating site or it is the best friend who comes to help in this time of need?

Setting: Modern, Romance, Slice of Life
Requirements: I am looking for a partner who is willing to play a regular looking guy (I am not that into muscular or ruggedly handsome men, nor too feminine ones). Post length, depends on what is going on, but no one liners.
Other info: I don't like extreme stuff. Also would like YC to also be inexperienced in gay love, maybe he too wants to try it for the first time?


Name: A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

Content: Light/Human/TxM

Scenario: So MC goes on a date, with a beautiful woman. He does not notice her "Adam's Apple", so he does not know what secret she has in store.

Setting: Modern, Romance, Slice of Life

Requirements: I am looking for a partner who is willing to play as a trans woman. Post length, depends, but no one liners.

Other info: I am not into extreme stuff.

Feel free to suggest another scenario.

Looking forward to the PMs ;)

Kinks: anal, doggy, strapon, lesbian, gentle domination (receiving), romance, toys

Limits: hardcore BDSM, humiliation, gore, vore, toilet stuff

Other scenarios that I would like to explore

Student x Teacher (FxF, MxF, MxM)
Best Friends (FxF, MxF, MxM)
Siblings (FxF, MxF)
Father x Daughter
Escort (FxF, MxF, MxM)
Spy x Spy/Target (FxF, MxF)


Name: The Amazon and the Barbarian

Content: Action, adventure, romance (FxF, possible MFF), bondage, possible non-con

Scenario: Wonder Woman (or Red Sonja) is somehow transported in Hyboria (or Red Sonja in the DC Universe). They encounter each other and they clash (of course). After building up some mutual respect they engage on a journey to find a way back home to their respective universe.

Setting: the game can be set in Hyboria or DC Universe's Earth-1,

Requirements: I am looking for a partner who is familiar with the characters (no need for too deep knowledge of the lore, but that is always welcome).

Other info: I am looking for a good balance between smut and story. Post length usually varies, but no one-liners.


Name: The Flower of the Orient

Content: Light, seduction, taboo romance, possible BDSM (shibari)

Scenario: MC (in the picture) is a British aristocrat who decided to travel around the world with her husband, but in the middle of their travels he is contacted and had to return back, so she proceeds alone (with some servants). Reaching East Asia (can be either China or Japan) she decided to stay a bit more to learn about the local culture. YC is an educated young woman, who speaks English and will serve as a tour guide of sorts and as an interpreter. MC is frustrated by her marriage having certain taboo for the period desires, especially seeing the exotic beauty who accompanies her awaken her hidden desires...

Alternatively it can be a romance between two European/American women in the set between 1890 - 1920. Or an European woman and a Muslim one.

Setting: FxF (taboo for the time period), historical set between 1890 - 1920 in Japan or China, alternatively Europe, the US or Middle East.

Requirements: Someone who would play an Asian/European/American/Muslim girl, who can be an innocent one or a seductress.

Other info: I try to post at least once per day (time and inspiration permitting). I try to write at least several paragraphs (depending on what is going on). Prior discussion is welcomed. 


Name: The Rebound

Content: Light Human

Scenario: I watched a rather cheesy rom com from 2009, with the same name and I liked the plot. So MC is a single mom in her 40s who moved to another city starting a new life. YC is a younger man in his 20s, how they meet is left open to a discussion via a PM. Long story short they fall for each other, but MC is worried because of the age difference.

Setting: Modern, slice of life, romantic, age difference. Potential face claims for MC are Catherine Zeta Jones, Katheryn Winnick, Morena Baccarin

Requirements: Looking for a partner who is willing to craft with me a long term RP. Just want it to be a sweet romantic story, IRL gender does not matter.

Other info: Due to time difference I may be slow to respond if it is night where I am.


Name: WonderBat

Content: Light, can have some bondage, human

Scenario: I have been shipping those two since the hints that the Justice League animated series came out, I know they are not a popular pairing but still, I always thought that Batman was the only human worthy of Diana's love. So the scenario, we can base it on the animated series (though I would like to use Gal Gadot as a face claim), it can be an already established relationship or the an exploration of how they got there. We can discuss via PM or Discord.

Setting: Action adventure with some romance in the mix

Requirements: I am looking for a partner who is familiar with the characters and the setting. Post lengths at least a paragraph or two, the more the better. I prefer posting in a thread.

Other info: it will not be a smut centric game (though there will be enough of it).


Some of the Face Claims that I like to use:

Natalie Dormer
Katie Cassidy
Katheryn Winnick
Gal Gadot
Bridget Regan
Elizabeth Olsen
Irine Meier
Helly von Valentine
Anjelica (Krystal Boyd)
Ali Larter
Kate Beckinsale
Morena Baccarin
Alycia Debnam Carey
Catherine Zeta Jones
Chloe Bennet
Elsa Jean
Margot Robbie
Melissa O'Neil
Jessica Chobot
Killer Katrin
Melissa Benoist
Olivia Munn
Rebecca Ferguson
Sophie Moone
Amy Acker
Willa Holland
Ana de Armas
Kyler Quinn
Alexa Bliss
Brec Bassinger
Lauren Cohan
Jamie Chung
Kaley Cuoco
Kate Beckinsale
Kaya Scodelario
Nata Lee
Taylor Swift
Wallis Day


Name: Sisterly Love

Content: Human, am mostly leaning to Light to having some Bondage

Scenario: It is mostly a vanilla scenario - an incestuous love between an older sister and a younger sister (though she must be 18+). It can be the older sister lives alone and her younger one wants to move for college and needs a place to stay, depending on the setting it can also be they are on an adventure and things develop and so on (can be discussed via PM or Discord)

Setting: Romance, possible setting Modern/Historical/post-Apocalyptic/War/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror

Requirements: I am not a stickler for post lengths but should be a paragraph long (ideally 3 paragraphs and more), occasional typos are okay, as long as it is legible and understandable. The younger character must be 18 years of age or more (but younger than the other one).

Other info: My posting speed varies, but if I am delayed for more than a week I PM. I prefer to play the older sister but it is not a must.


Name: School of Love

Content: Light/Human/Light Bondage/Can also be historical

Scenario: It is a vanilla romance story between a female teacher (or professor) and a high school student (though the student character MUST be at least 18 - so a final year) or a college student (should be under 30). Was thinking that one of the characters should come from a culture where same sex relationships are a taboo. Neither character should have much or any experience in Sapphic love, so that they can both embark on a journey of self discovery.

Setting: As I mentioned it is a vanilla romance story, as for setting - can be from early 20th century to modern (historical setting is a plus for the taboo element of it all).

Requirements: Looking for a player who is comfortable with playing a female character (we can discuss the roles and face claims in a PM). I prefer Role Playing in a thread.

Other info: I would like to point out that I am looking for a story centered RP. I have done smut centered ones and I lose interest pretty fast. My posting rate is rather slow nowadays, so please bear with me.


Name: The Princess and her Knight

Content: Light/Bondage/Extreme (for graphic action scenes), Human/Exotic

Scenario: The scenario is rather simple, a medieval adventure involving a Princess and her Knight (who happens to be another woman). It can be the Princess is being escorted through a dangerous area or kidnapped or saved. The details can be fleshed out via PM.

Setting: Action, adventure, romance, historical fantasy, am open to it based in the Game of Thrones' world or Dragon Age's, another option is The Wheel of Time (though the scenario will have to be tweaked, either way that setting will have a priority).

Requirements: Some familiarity with the settings and the tropes. Post lengths vary, but at least 2 or 3 paragraphs. I prefer real people as FC. I can play either role.

Other info: My posting speed varies, but I try to post at least once per week (though recently that is a bit shaky so to speak). I prefer story over smut (though there will be that too).

Name: The Assisstant

Content: Light/Bondage, Human

Scenario: I had a similar RP before, but it seems to have died and I wanted to revisit it. It is another FxF pairing, between an early 20s girl and an older woman (between 35 and 45). The woman is a Senator or a high ranking business exec, who is looking for an assistant. There is an option for darker themes like blackmail. Details can be discussed via PM.

Setting: Modern (can be historical with some tweaking, set in the 60s - 80s), FxF pairing, I prefer to play the older woman.
Requirements: Willing to play the assistant, 2-3 paragraphs per post minimum, Story over Smut (though there will be enough of that too), I prefer a real life FC

Other info: My posting speed varies, but I try to post at least once per week (though recently that is a bit shaky so to speak).

Name: The Call Girl

Content: Light/Romance (optional light bondage), Human, FxF pairing

Scenario: It is a bit more smutty scenario (60:40 ratio of story to smut). A woman, between 35 and 45, decides to try Sapphic love for the first time, but does not want to be seen (as she is married and/or her position does not allow for such relationships), so decides to hire a call girl for that. The story and the details can be fleshed out via PM.

Setting: Modern, probably a hotel room at first, hopefully it will develop beyond the first encounter

Requirements: I am looking for a partner who will play the call girl. Post length varies but prefer it to be 2-3 paragraphs minimum. I play only in threads, I have tried PMs and Discord and doesn't work for me.

Other info: I am going to use Katheryn Winnick as a face claim. My posting speed varies, but I try to post at least once per week.


I have two scenarios in my head that I wanted to revisit, the details can be discussed via PM. I am looking for a partner who is well versed in the subject matter. Both scenarios are more story focused, though there will be smut where the story permits it. Both scenarios are FxF only.

Scenario 1: a supernatural thriller, similar to the X-files, about two people investigating the paranormal and/or conspiracy theories. I prefer MC to be a writer/journalist who is handed a mysterious flash drive, that sends her on a mission to prove or disprove the contents. My partner can choose their character's profession, though we will have to discuss how they can end up on the same mission. There is also a possibility for Lovecraftian elements.

Scenario 2: Assassin's Creed. I am a fan of the series wanted to make a RP in that universe. Would prefer the charactersto be original. The setting can be discussed, I have 3 on the top of my head: WeimarGermany jn the late 20s and 30s (it gives a lot of opportunities with the different factions fighting, a lot of historical figures and so on), WW2 in the European front, Cold War (can be mixed with a spy thriller). Our characters can be an Assassin and a Templar or two Assassins. Details can be discussed via PM.


Name: The Flight Attendant
Content: Human/Light/Bondage (optional, but no hardcore stuff)

Scenario: A spin on the story of the tv series The Flight Attendant (which I recommend as it is a quirky and fun little series), though this time Kaley's character is seduced by... a woman. It can be just a vanilla romance story between a flight attendant and a passenger from first class, or we can spin it into action adventure involving international espionage or a wanted criminal mastermind (just some random ideas, can be discussed via PM).

Setting: Romance/Action/Adventure/Thriller, international setting (exotic locales or Europe)

Requirements: I prefer a long term story, but a one shot is fine. I prefer more story than smut.

Other info: My posting rate can vary.


Some FxF Scenarios that I am open to discuss:

Scenario 1: set during the outbreak of a Zombie Apocalypse. Our characters can be civilians, or two soldiers, or a civilian and a soldier. Preferably character is older than the other. Having to survive brings them together.

Scenario 2: set in the Star Wars universe. Here I am most versatile in regards to the setting (though I love SWTOR, Clone Wars and post ROTJ from Legends). There are a myriad of potential pairings (Knight and her Padawan, Republic Trooper and a Jedi, Imperial and New Republic pilot/soldier, two Imperials or two New Republic). Details can be fleshed out.

As I mentioned above these three are FxF pairings only. I am looking for a more story driven (hopefully long term) RP, mostly 3-5 paragraphs per post (though I realize that certain scenarios that our characters are facing require shorter posts). I prefer it to be from third person perspective as I write that way and it kinda ruins the flow when one is from first and the other from third. My posting speed can vary.


Some more scenarios that I am interested in developing (note all of them are FxF)

Scenario 1: a story set in the world of the Wheel of Time, around the events of the first book. Prefer to play original characters. Was thinking a couple of Aes Sedai checking out the Seanchan.

Scenario 2: a historical story set in:

- Medieval Europe - a Viking woman and a local girl (England, France or the Byzantine Empire)
- Roman time
- Set during WW2

Scenario 3: some Lovecraftian story set in the first half of the century, or a variation of one of the scenarios from above involving Project Blue Book (UFOs, aliens)

Scenario 4: a slice of life romance involving a teacher and a college student (18 years of age is the lowest limit)


Current Cravings:

The X-files/Project Blue Book style story. I would very much like to develop this scenario. What I have in mind is having two characters who are not necessarily government employees stumble upon or see a UFO and that sets them on a path. My character is a semi-famous sci-fi/thriller/horror author who is doing research for her next book (face claim Melissa Benoist).

The other scenario that I am very interested is a Korrasami pairing story, set after the events of Legend of Korra. A lighter romance/adventure story exploring the development of their relationship.

The third scenario - as I mentioned above, set in the world of The Wheel of Time, original characters, set during the first book and then if things work out we can move forward.

Tentative Scenarios:

This is a list of scenarios that I am interested in developing but have smaller knowledge of the world of the franchise.

Scenario 1: the Dragon Prince, a story involving Amaya and the Sun Elf. A light, action adventure story, details can be discussed.

Scenario 2: the Witcher. I am new to the world of the Witcher (have played the 3 games, read some of the books and have seen the series), ideally I would prefer to play as an original character (female) to be paired either with Triss or Yennefer or Ciri, or another original character. Details can be discussed.


Name: Project Blue Book

Content: Light (in term of the romance between the characters), otherwise Extreme (horror, thriller elements), FxF pairing

Scenario: As the name indicates the story revolves around UFOs. My character is a young and successful SciFi author who is doing research for her next novel that involves UFOs, Men in Black, governmental coverups. Initially she did not believe in these things, but joined a conspiracy, UFO spotter sub-reddits/boards/channel and is soon plunged into something that she is not prepared for...

Setting: Thriller, horror, conspiracies, UFOs, aliens, modern

Requirements: A partner who prefers story over smut, who is familiar with conspiracies and the like.

Other info: Well my posting rate varies, but I strive to post at least once per week (depending on availability and/or muse).

Another Scenario that I am currently craving: a slice of life story involving a man and a trans woman - maybe involving online dating and a certain surprise when things develop.


Name: The Flower of Beauclair
Content: the romance part should be Light (NC can be discussed), combat can be Extreme

Scenario: It is a FxF pairing where I prefer to play as Anna Henrietta (as she is very similar to a character that I had made in the past for another game and on another site). We can discuss the nature of the mission via a PM, though generally a traditional damsel in distress story with some thriller, action, horror, adventure elements (the usual Witcher mix).

Setting: Set in the Witcher world, during (or after) the events in the novels/games
Requirements: Looking for a partner who is willing to play as Ciri/Triss/Yennefer or another female character (OC are also acceptable). Details can be discussed via PM.

Other info: Anything that you feel a prospective player may need to know.


Name: Reading the Mind of a Killer

Content: Light (though some of the cases can be put in Extreme), FxF (can also be FxTrans Woman or MxTrans Woman)

Scenario: Inspired by TV series like Rizzoli & Isles, Castle, Bones, The Mentalist.  A detective working with a Psychiatrist solving cases or a big one (involving a serial killer). It can either be an established friendship/partnership or the psychiatrist being brought for a case to get in the head of a serial killer. It is more story driven, but there will be some smut. 

Setting: Modern, multiple locations, Thriller

Requirements: I am looking for a partner to take one of the roles (I am open to play either characters) and with whom we can discuss ideas and generally have fun. For the FxF and F x Trans Woman pairings I prefer to be the F, for the M x Trans Woman I prefer to be the M. 

Other info: I prefer the game to be played in a thread


I am in a bit of a taboo story mood... mostly keeping it in the family, preferences are to FxF pairings (mother x daughter, aunt x niece, sister x sister, female cousin x female cousin, you get the picture...)

Can consider father x daughter, aunt x nephew, brother x sister.

Lowest age of the younger character 18+ (non-negotiable)

Also prefer there to be some build up before the smutty part, don't want to jump "right into the action".


Name: A Welcome Surprise

Content: Light/Bondage/Human, Vanilla Romance, Slice of Life, MxTF


I have 2 possible scenarios that I am willing to discuss with a potential partner:

Scenario 1: MC recently went through a breakup/divorce and decides to give online dating a go. Finds a beautiful woman with whom he hits it off and decide to meet.

Scenario 2: High School/College (the characters should be at least 18 years of age - so final year) the two characters are "social outcasts" who develop a friendship and then something more

Setting: Modern, real world

Requirements: I am looking for a partner to play a Trans Woman (I prefer not to have any magical/sci-fi element), the ratio between smut and story can be discussed (though I lean more towards story)

Other info: I try to post at least once per week, but it mostly depends.


Name: Mass Effect: Harvest

Content: the smut part Light/Light Bondage, story can be Extreme, Human and Non-Human

Scenario: Set at the start of Mass Effect 3 on Earth. One of the characters is an Asari (a former commando) on visit to the planet. The other character (should preferably be a woman) is a human (can be from the Alliance) living or stationed in the city going through their daily routines when the Reapers attack. I would prefer part of the story to be set during the first hours (days) of the invasion. Then we can decide whether the characters should stay on Earth and join the resistance or find a way to leave the planet and join the fight.

Setting: Action, adventure, set during ME3 (we can decide whether or not Commander Shepard is a man or a woman in our PM discussion)

Requirements: I am looking for a player who is familiar with the setting. Both characters should be OC.

Other info: My posting rate varies, but I strive to post at least once per week. I prefer story to smut ratio to be 80:20

Name: Aunt knows best

Content: Light/Bondage/Human

Scenario: A modern story where an aunt gets a surprise visit by her nephew/niece, who needs a place to stay for a while. Wanting to provide them with a friendly and nice space until they land on their feet, though letting them go might prove to be harder, after all she had been so lonely.

Setting: A modern setting, I see it as a vanilla romance story but we can always add some spice

Requirements: Looking for a partner to play the nephew/niece, the character must be 18+ years old.

Other info: My posting rate varies, but I strive to post at least once per week. I prefer story to smut ratio to be 60:40


Updated Face Claim List

Current Cravings:

- Mass Effect
- The Witcher
- X-files inspired story
- Assassin's Creed
- Zombie Apocalypse story
- Political Thriller
- Warhammer 40k
- Taboo Relationship
- Trans Woman x Man
- Wheel of Time


Name: Second Chance

Content: Light, Human, FxF, MxM, MxF, MxTrans Woman, FxTrans Woman

Scenario: Everyone wants a second chance to try and share their feelings towards their high school crushes, now during the class reunion there is a chance for that. Our characters have not seen each other in a while. It is a classic tale of a nerd being too shy to ask their crush (can be a friend or the popular boy/girl) out when they were younger, so they are given a second chance to explore what they have missed...

Setting: Modern setting

Requirements: the story can be a simple one-night stand or can explore the relationship between the characters. I prefer to play the nerdy character, but can be flexible about it.

Other info: My schedule and muse changes frequently, but I try to post at least once per week (but can do more, though not daily postings).


Current Cravings:

- The Witcher
- X-files inspired story
- Assassin's Creed
- Zombie Apocalypse story
- Political Thriller
- Warhammer 40k
- Taboo Relationship
- Buddy Cop Story
- Wheel of Time
- Something historical


Name: The Exchange Student

Content: Light/Light-Bondage FxF

Scenario: The title speaks of itself, an exchange student coming to the States (or another character) from a country where same sex relationships are either frowned upon or are a taboo, who falls for her teacher/professor. And since it is the holiday season the story could revolve around a Christmas/New Year's party/ball thrown for the students and some faculty attending.

Setting: Modern, college campus, around town

Requirements: Can be a one shot or a longer term. I am open to playing either characters (we can discuss details). I also prefer slow burns for longer term stories. I am rather slow to reply (though try once per week, but it varies).

Other info: The game to be played on E, no PM or discord (though they can be used for OOC)

Name: The Governess

Content: Light/Light-Bondage FxF

Scenario: The title speaks of itself again. Set in late Victorian England (though can be another country), a young woman is employed as a governess in a rich family to teach but feelings start to form with either the mother or the eldest daughter (who is 18+). Again we can use the holiday season for a more cosy atmosphere.

Setting: Historical, set in a manor

Requirements: Can be a one shot or a longer term. I am open to playing either characters (we can discuss details). I also prefer slow burns for longer term stories. I am rather slow to reply (though try once per week, but it varies).

Other info: The game to be played on E, no PM or discord (though they can be used for OOC)