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Author Topic: Princess Alexx's Royal Roleplay Request Thread (Now Easier To Read!)  (Read 2345 times)

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Offline Princess AlexxTopic starter

About The Author

How Long Have You Been Into Roleplay?
If I’m honest, I don’t really know. I started writing fanfiction when I was quite young, around Thirteen or Fourteen, and that was going well until a friend of mine said ‘Why Don’t You Try Roleplay?’ At first, I didn’t know what they meant, being in school and having to do roleplaying whilst in Drama class, I thought they meant actually acting out my stories, but no they explained to me that it was a text based thing where you play as your own character, either against other Original Characters or against a Canon character. So, I decided to give it a go. On the writing site that I used, there were places for Forums, and I made my own Forum where I started to Roleplay with other people. When I found that it was just like writing a story, just with two people, I was well chuffed and I think it was then that I got hooked.

What Was The First Roleplay Site You Ever Went On?
The first Roleplay site I started on is called Reign of Blood, a Vampire MMORPG. At first, I thought it was just a place where you can go and play as a vampire, but as I got into it I realised that no, it wasn’t just about Vampires, it was also about chatting and roleplaying with other people in real time. I did make quite a few friends there with my first account, before it got banned because another friend (who is no longer a friend) made a new account under my IP address and didn’t let me know so I could submit a family/friends help ticket.

You Said That You Were Writing Before You Started To Roleplay. Was Your Roleplay Style As Good As Your Writing Style Back Then?
They were both as bad as each other *Laughs*. At first, my Roleplay Style was simple one liners, mostly speech with the tiniest hint of an action. It was almost like I was just having a conversation, but I wasn’t having it as myself y’know. I was also pretty hesitant about doing smutty Roleplay too, because as much as I’d written Smut in my stories where people could read it, having people know what my thoughts at that exact moment and having them respond to those thoughts and actions was a bit terrifying. Gradually though, my Roleplay style became more paragraphs than one liners, and more and more detail was added into the posts and in the end I would have at least Four posts on the real time Roleplay Chat, describing my characters and what they looked like, how they felt etc. until eventually it became what it is today.

When It Comes Down To It, How Often Can You Reply To A Roleplay?
I can reply fairly quickly, as long as I’m given the right amount of stimulus to respond to. As I don’t work, I have until noon to do all of my chores in the house and once noon arrives, I have until five to three all for myself, so during that time frame I can post as rapidly as my partner can. Sometimes I’m on before that though, because I don’t usually get up until about eight AM.

How Often Would You Like Your Partner To Respond?
As often as they can really. I do understand that real life comes first, and I’ll not demand that my Roleplay partner have our Roleplay take precedence over whatever they have happening in real life. All I ask is that if possible, could they let me know if they’re not going to be around for a few days/weeks whatever. That way I don’t get worried or self conscious.

Is There Anything Your Roleplay Partners Need To Know About You?
Uh, yeah. I’m autistic, so if I come across a little pushy, please bear with me as I don’t mean to be. If you could let me know (in a polite manner), I’ll try to back off a little and give you room to work per se.

Okay Then. What Is Your Current Roleplay Status?
My current Roleplay status is: ACTIVE and LOOKING!

Roleplay Preferences

When Roleplaying, What Gender Do You Prefer To Play?
I prefer to play females. It’s not because I’m rubbish at playing males or anything, just being female myself, I prefer to play my own gender. That’s not to say that I won’t play a male character, it’s just that I have to be in the mood to play a guy and also a good argument has to be made as to why I should play that guy.

How Much Do You Prefer To Write Whilst Roleplaying?
In all honesty, my Roleplays tend to start off a decent length and then dwindle as time goes on. I try not to let that happen, but when and if a partner only does a single line or two lines or three etc. it’s disheartening and I tend to just copy them with a few longer posts situated in a sporadic manner. I would like to try to do an Roleplay where myself and my partner are doing around 2-3 paragraphs per post, but therein lies another problem of mine. I always think I’m rambling when and if I write more than a single paragraph, and I fear that it may put my partner off, which I think is why my posts also dwindle over time.

Do You Have Any Preferences Over The Gender Of Your Partner?
Nope. None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. I don’t care if my Roleplay partner is Male, Female, Both, Neither, Alien or whatever, as long as they’re okay with playing a male character, and their writing is good, I couldn’t really give a monkeys. That’s the same with sexuality, I don’t care whether you’re LGBT or even Q, as long as you have no qualms about playing a (usually) heterosexual male.

Where Do You Usually Like To Roleplay?
I can Roleplay in Threads or in PMs, as long as if we’re using the latter, there’s a clearly marked label on the message so I know it’s an actual RP and not a request.

How Do You Feel About Off-Site Communication?
That. Is a definite no go for me. After what happened on a previous Roleplay Site, where I actually fell in love with the guy I was Roleplaying with, only to have him lie to the owner of the site and get me permanently banned, I’m not going to put myself or my family through that again. So no Off-Site communication guys, sorry. I understand that it may be easier to plan and stuff, but I won’t do it.

Do You Prefer Original Settings or Fandom Settings For Your Roleplays?
Truthfully, I can do either, but I do prefer a fandom based setting, with my partner playing my favourite character and I’ll play theirs. As long as I know the character they want me to play that is.

So You Prefer Fandoms. What Are Your Favourite Fandoms And Characters?
That, I will put in the next post.

Do You Have Any Ons and Offs?
I do indeed, and any potential Roleplay partner can find them here.

Other Stuff
- Fandoms and Fandom Pairings
- Roleplay Plots
- Current and Completed Roleplays
- Character Sheets
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Offline Princess AlexxTopic starter

Fandoms and Fandom Pairings
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2018, 03:16:46 PM »
Fandoms I Am Interested In

-   Transformers (Bayverse & Prime)
-   Marvel’s Avengers.
-   Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
-   DinoTrux
-   Jurassic Park Film Series
-   Twilight
-   Trollhunters
-   The Expendables
-   Hellboy
-   Epic
-   Strange Magic
-   Pirates of the Caribbean Film Series
-   Rise of the Guardians
-   Lilo & Stitch
-   Primeval
-   Knight Rider
-   Deadpool
-   Dragonball Z
-   X-Men
-   The A-Team
-   CSI: Miami
-   Naruto
-   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2005)
-   Sonic X
-   Son of the Mask
-   Superman Returns
-   Star Trek
-   Gods of Egypt
-   Voltron: Legendary Defender
-   WWE
-   Dredd
-   Alice in Wonderland
-   Yo-Kai Watch
-   3Below
-   Stargate SG1
My Favourite Characters And Desired Pairings From The Above Fandoms.

-   Optimus Prime x OC (Transformers Bayverse)
-   Jazz x OC (Transformers Bayverse)
-   Ironhide x OC (Transformers Bayverse)
-   Ratchet x OC (Transformers Bayverse & Prime)
-   Wheeljack x OC (Transformers Prime)
-   Knockout x OC (Transformers Prime)
-   Breakdown x OC (Transformers Prime)
-   Bruce Banner/Hulk x OC (Marvel’s Avengers)
-   Rupert Giles x OC (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer)
-   D-Structs x OC (DinoTrux)
-   Carlisle Cullen x OC (Twilight)
-   Draal x OC was (Trollhunters)
-   Walt Strickler/Stricklander x OC (Trollhunters)
-   Angor Rot x OC (Trollhunters)
-   Gunnar Jensen x OC (The Expendables)
-   Anung un Rama/Hellboy x OC (Hellboy)
-   Ronin x OC (Epic)
-   Bog King x OC (Strange Magic)
-   Captain Jack Sparrow x OC (Pirates of the Caribbean)
-   Maccus x OC (Pirates of the Caribbean)
-   Pitch Black x OC (Rise of the Guardians)
-   Gantu x OC (Lilo & Stitch)
-   Captain Becker x OC (Primeval)
-   KITT x OC (Knight Rider)
-   KARR x OC (Knight Rider)
-   Colossus x OC (Deadpool)
-   Piccolo x OC (Dragonball Z)
-   Vegeta x OC (Dragonball Z)
-   Logan/Wolverine x OC (X-Men)
-   Murdock x OC (The A-Team)
-   Horatio Caine x OC (CSI: Miami)
-   Kisame Hoshigaki x OC (Naruto)
-   Itachi Uchiha x OC (Naruto)
-   Kakashi Hatake x OC (Naruto)
-   Maito Gai x OC (Naruto)
-   Raphael x OC (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
-   Leonardo x OC (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
-   Sonic The Hedgehog x OC (Sonic X)
-   Knuckles the Echidna x OC (Sonic X)
-   Loki x OC (Son of the Mask)
-   Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman x OC (Superman Returns)
-   Jim Kirk x OC (Star Trek)
-   Spock x OC (Star Trek)
-   Horus x OC (Gods of Egypt)
-   Anubis x OC (Gods of Egypt)
-   Shiro x OC (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
-   Kane x OC (WWE)
-   Jeff Hardy x OC (WWE)
-   Brock Lesnar x OC (WWE)
-   Judge Dredd x OC (Dredd)
-   Mad Hatter x OC (Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton Version))
-   Bruce Banner/Hulk x OC (Marvel’s Avengers) (CRAVING!!)
-   Roughraff x OC (Yo-Kai Watch)
-   Varvatos Vex x OC (3Below)
-   Teal’c x OC (Stargate SG1)
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Roleplay Plots
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2018, 03:20:05 PM »
Roleplay Plot Number: 1
Pairing: Teacher X Student
Setting: Modern
Note: Roles Can Be Reversed Depending On Partner's Preference
My Character: Student
My Partner's Character: Teacher
Plot: MC has always been a diligent student, but lately her grades have been dropping due to problems at home. YC sees this and offers to help her get her grades up, by teaching her after school and spending one-on-one time with her. A friendship develops that eventually turns into more than friendship, with loads of sexual tension and masturbation.
Content Warnings: Masturbation, Oral Sex, Desk Sex, Rough Sex, Urination (If my partner is agreeable).
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: I'd like my partner to be able to play a history/English teacher.

Roleplay Plot Number: 2
Pairing: Werewolf X Vampire
Setting: Modern Wild West
Note: Roles can be reversed depending on my partner's preference
My Character: Vampire
My Partner's Character: Werewolf
Plot: The RP is set in an old west-style town, but has a modern twist. MC is a vampire who is The Mayor, The Innkeeper, The Sheriff and The Doctor. YC is a werewolf who has been injured in a fight (How is up to you to decide) and MC is the one to patch him up. YC is grateful for the help, but isn't one who will let a good deed be done without repaying the kindness. MC tells YC that he can help with the Sheriff duties whilst she deals with everything else.
Content Warnings: Masturbation, Urination (If my partner is agreeable), Rough Sex, Transformed Sex, Blood Play
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: N/A

Roleplay Plot Number: 3
Pairing: Alien X Human
Setting: Modern
Note: Roles Can Be Reversed depending on my partner's preference
My Character: Human
My Partner's Character: Alien
Plot: YC has been captured by the US government and taken to Area 51, where he's kept in a Plexiglas confinement area and experimented on. MC is one of the medical staff that helps to heal his wounds after the experiments. MC is also the only human that YC trusts to take the Urine samples, Blood Samples and Semen Samples
Content Warnings: Hand Jobs, Interspecies Sex, Urination, Forced Urination, Accidental Urination, Accidental Ejaculation
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: N/A

Roleplay Plot Number: 4
Pairing: Knight X Princess
Setting: Medieval
Note: N/A
My Character: Princess
My Partner's Character: Knight
Plot: MC is constantly sneaking out of the palace/castle to go and enjoy the company of commoners in the taverns around the town/village. The King employs YC to keep tabs on MC and hopefully tame her enough for her to get married. What the King doesn't count on, is our characters falling in love and eventually wanting to get married.
Content Warnings: Pregnancy, Rough Sex, Making Love, Urination (If my partner is agreeable), Oral Sex, Wall Sex
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: I'd like it if my partner could have the Knight being a rough/outlaw type of person.

Roleplay Plot Number: 5
Pairing: Human X Human
Setting: Jurassic Park Universe
Note: Will contain scenes of Animal Mating and will contain violence and gore, as well as sex
My Character: Human Female
My Partner's Character: Human Male
Plot: 10 years ago, a ferry sunk off the coast of Isla Nublar, killing several of the passengers on board. Whilst the other survivors were rescued, a young girl was washed up on the beach of Isla Nublar. Left to fend for herself on an island full of prehistoric creatures, she managed to survive by hunting the only food source available to her. Dinosaurs. Now, 10 years later, a research team has heard about the woman who lives with dinosaurs, and one of them has orders to bring her home. But what if she doesn't want to come home? Who will help her stay with the only family she's known for 10 years?
Content Warnings: Animal Mating, Blood, Gore, Violence, Unreal possibilities.
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: I'd like for my partner to play the researcher who helps MC to stay on her home island.

Roleplay Plot Number: 6
Pairing: Centaur x Human
Setting: Modern/Medieval/Fantasy
My Character: Female Human
My Partner's Character: Male Centaur
Plot: MC is training to be a warrior, but because most of the trainees come from wealthy backgrounds, they all pick on MC because she's the daughter of a farmer or something. One day, the 'entitled' warriors take MC into the Dark Forest, claiming that they were going to help her get her strength up or something, but they end up tying her to a tree and beating her almost to death. YC is out hunting/foraging when he stumbles across the scene and he scared the 'entitled' warriors away, before rescuing MC and taking her back to his house where he takes care of her whilst she recovers. She could then ask him to teach her and he reluctantly agrees, and from this a romance is born.
Content Warnings: Smut, Urination (if my partner is agreeable), feelings
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: Play a handsome Centaur.

Roleplay Plot Number: 7
Pairing: Human x Vampire
Setting: Modern/Fantasy
Note: Roles can be reversed depending on my partner's preference
My Character: Vampire
My Partner's Character: Human
Plot: In the not too distant future, Vampires rule the U.S and do so with iron fists. Any human who is not 'owned' or 'claimed' by a Vampire or clan is deemed to be fair game for clanless Vampires to feast on. One night, whilst YC is walking home from work/school he/she is jumped by a gang of 'The Lawless' who all try to drink from YC without their permission. MC happens to be passing by and steps in, claiming YC and therefore making them untouchable by any other. At first YC can be either happy about it, or not so happy about it, especially when they learn about what 'The Claiming' is and how it is done. Things can go from there.
Content Warnings: Smut, Blood Play, Violence, Maybe some Gore, Urination (if my partner is agreeable).
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: Play a human who ends up being 'claimed' by MC.

Roleplay Plot Number: 8
Pairing: HumanxHuman
Setting: Modern Day
My Character: Female
My Partner's Character: Male
Plot: After finding out that her boyfriend had an accident whilst climbing and is no longer able to produce children, a young woman places an advert for a baby daddy. The boyfriend agrees to allow his girlfriend to have sex with one other man as many times as it takes for her to get pregnant. What he doesn't count on, is his girlfriend falling for the other man and the other man feeling the same.
Content Warnings: Pregnancy, Open Relationship, Voyeur (perhaps), Romance.
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: Play the guy who starts off as the baby daddy, but then becomes the boyfriend and eventually husband.

Roleplay Plot Number: 9
Pairing: Alien x Human
Setting: Futuristic with a bit of Fantasy
Note: WILL contain urination and an instance of a Golden Shower
My Character: Alien
My Partner's Character: Human
Plot: In a world where space travel is as easy as stepping into your hovercar, one man will change an entire planet’s way of thinking. Regarded as ‘primitive’ and ‘unworthy’, Shifters look like humans and they sound like humans, but they don’t act like humans and are as far from human as one could get, or so people think. Your character will change people’s way of thinking by forming a relationship with one of the Shifters, the heir to the Panthera Clan throne no less.
Content Warnings: Urinary desperation/wetting, Golden Shower, Masturbation, Mating Cycles, Marking, Claiming, Public Fornication
What I'd Like My Partner To Do: Play the human who will change the outlook of Shifters

Roleplay Plot Number: 10
My Character:
My Partner's Character:
Content Warnings:
What I'd Like My Partner To Do:

Roleplay Plot Number: 11
My Character:
My Partner's Character:
Content Warnings:
What I'd Like My Partner To Do:

Roleplay Plot Number: 12
My Character:
My Partner's Character:
Content Warnings:
What I'd Like My Partner To Do:

Roleplay Plot Number: 13
My Character:
My Partner's Character:
Content Warnings:
What I'd Like My Partner To Do:
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Current and Completed Roleplays
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2018, 03:20:59 PM »
Completed Forum Roleplays
- Hellboy and The New Girl with CutiebyNight
- A Knights Tale with Reno

Forum Roleplays On Hold
- Broad of Back, Strong of Arm with Justric

Current Forum Roleplays
- The Lost Girl of Jurassic Park  with AcademicCuriosity
- Captive Alien with rpguy37
- The Lost Girl of Jurassic Park with kurioustoohear
- The Dinosaur Girl with Archer2112
- A Story of Fur and Fang with Nephos
- The Claimed with JaySwitch
- Doctor Who: Savage with Villain
- Claimed By a Vampire with DisgustingHobo
- Star Trek Blood and Fire with BlackStone
- A Hero’s Need with Dark Horse
- Saint Trinity with Jason Hunter
- The Claiming with Gannameade
- The Quest for The Porcelain Grail with DeMalachine
- HULK SPLASH! with DeMalachine
- The Adventures of Sapphire and Superman with Gannameade
- Helping Out His Friend with VeiledDesires

Abandoned Roleplays
- Star Trek: Life Aboard The USS: Enterprise with pickett12
- The Morbidity Of Morbose with Theta Sigma
- Superman Returns with Gannameade
- Strange Magic Bog King x OC with Levi
- A Hero’s Need with ChicagoOkie
- An Enchanting Adventure with Galactic Druid
- The Underground with kurioustoohear
- Santa Baby with Reno
- Mysterious Assassin with JaySwitch
- The Spirits of Spiritua with Spectre
- The RP That Has No Name Yet with Writersblockade
- Welcome To Your New Life with Galactic Druid
- I’ll Make A Warrior Out of You with Countdown
- I’m in your care with Mac84
- Superman Cums Again! with Gannameade
- The Knight of The Realm with stormwyrm
- Almost made it in time with Moebus57
- Jurassic Girls with AmandaShow
- Tale of a forbidden romance with Fierbali111
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Character Sheets!
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2019, 09:11:46 AM »