The Story Lottery - March 2021 - Sign Up Thread

Started by Britwitch, March 21, 2021, 11:58:24 PM

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If you'd like to be entered into this month's Lottery, please leave a link to your Participant profile in this thread.

Please make sure you have updated your Participant profile to include the new element of 'Preferred content' as well as your current RP preferences and the maximum number of stories you'd be willing to take on during this month's draw.

Registration is open between 22nd and 27th March..

Here are the Story Lottery partnerships for this month...

We would recommend checking out one another's O/Os threads and RP request threads to give you a starting point for discussions together. If you'd like some extra inspiration, you'll find this month's prompts beneath the spoiler below.


Once your story is up in the One Shot forum, please PM a link to Britwitch so she can include it in the story listing over in the Feedback and Chatter thread.

Current status : Selectively seeking new stories


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Registration for the March draw is now closed - massive thanks to all who've signed up!!

Partnerships will be announced over Easter!

Current status : Selectively seeking new stories