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Author Topic: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play  (Read 5444 times)

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Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:43:28 pm »
well hello all

up here is a very general search for rp's, some ideas are below
it's more like a hint on what i would like to RP most but none of them has to be in a RP or even worse, all of it at once (i would not be angry if someone wants all of it within)
having written down this fetishes/interests does not mean, i have experience in them, one has to tap into new turf once in a while too ^^

cravings with strong preference to be the receiving part:
- nonconsensual
- Transformation
- Hypnotism and/or varying forms/degrees of Mind Control
- Bondage
- Master - slave/pet
- Publicity/Humiliation
- Blackmail, Coercion

generally interested in rp's including:
- becoming a ponygirl or some kind of farmanimal
- Objectification
- Latex/PVC
- different kinds of soft vore
- Superhero/ine or Villain/ess
- Magical Girl
- Gynoids / Robots, Cyborgs, Androids
- Bimbofication

tough, I found an interesting pic someone commissioned to an artist, and i loved the general idea ^^

 - new employee

i am pretty open to anything. my o&o's are a general rule.
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Possible Plot-Hooks
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2010, 12:15:15 pm »
A collection of ideas
Taken/Not interested (at the moment): Text of the description
Craving: Text of the description

Consensual Modifications - Focus on TF
You could convince me to let you put some sort of magical or sci-fi effect on me, just for fun -- making me smaller, or making me a bit more obedient, or anything like that, just to see if it works, just sort of fooling around. Then you convince me to let you do a bit more, and a bit more, and suddenly you are doing it without asking, taking more and more power over me as i squirm wide-eyed, belatedly realizing just how helpless I've become...

Foreign Mansion - D/s, NC, Bondage
I could be a runaway who broke into your mansion, thinking it's empty or abandoned, only for you to capture me and decide to make me your adorable little toy...

Taken - The Winner takes it all - Fantasy, NC, Humilation, Public, D/s, Bondage
You could be a goddess who conquered my city/land/world -- i could be a rival goddess reduced to mortality, or a princess or queen who you decide to use as a symbol of your conquest... like chaining me to your throne and keeping me writhing in you lap when holding court...

Not interested right now - A strange World - Futa/Herm, Fantasy, TF, D/s, NC
Maybe something set in a world where all children are genderless, and they transform into herms or females when they grow up -- and herms are firmly, utterly dominant in the setting, much much larger and stronger, able to easily reshape smaller softer females, gaining absolute ownership of them by fucking them; only they have the right to own property, while females are property to be owned, with children taught from birth that females are intended to be submissive. Your character matures first and becomes a herm; then she forces mine to become a female and claims them.

A Precious Item - Focus on MC

As an idea originating from one of the above, I could be someone guarding something valuable like a jewel/gem. Without knowing it, it is a magical object, slowly changing my mind (maybe even initiating changes in my body) which are controlled by you. It does not affect other people, since the magic is subtile so it is not easy to spot and needs a long time close to the object.

The Magical Academy - Fantasy, Magic, more to be discussed
I could have just-arrived at the school as someone with no real magical ability or just as a theoretical student... maybe a princess or other privileged child from a recently-discovered world/region/land with no magic. Or maybe I have very minor talents which I think are incredible, because my world has so little magic itself.

The Lost Gender - initial Focus on TF, D/s, NC, Bondage and possible MC or Bimbofication
My character is a male which is turned into a female. The exact means should be discussed but could be things like a device, an odd illness or simply magic. Your character is taking advantage of this or even is the initiator of those changes. This could be some kind of punishment or accident or something else open to discussion. In the end, initially planned or just taking advantage, you train the new female to your likings. In case of magic or technology used by you this could be slow and constant changes.

Just a Game - initial Focus on TF, D/s, NC - much more possible
My character has just received a new game, quite new, maybe not even officially released or only handed from one person to the next. It looks like a normal game of the RPG-Genre for console or PC (think as well known offline and online-examples Final Fantasy or WoW) and thus my character is not reading the manual. The character get’s sucked into the game, maybe after a character creation or as he is while sitting in front of the game. Thus, one moment it is the Monitor/TV and the next second blinking and looking around in a confused manner. Not having red the manual, the character now needs to find a way out of the game … like beating the boss.
Some additional ideas around that very general stuff, nothing mandatory and expandable:
  • there could be a HUD, giving it more of a game-feel but feeling all of it
  • the game is in some way online as GM’s can influence and contact the gamer but there are no other or very few players within the game
  • NPC’s could be adjusted (like initially not planned to leave a place and being a generic smith… but suddenly having a name and sticking along)
  • character-progression in some way, accessible through a HUD
  • Items just pop on/off or appear as loot
  • Items have special effects which could be more or less obvious (think of a bottle milk for healing showing a cow… you know what they say, milk helps breasts grow… or it could be a hint for ‘udders’)
As, there is a story which my character would follow within the game, so a GM-Like partner would be needed.
Many if not most Interests could apply…

Changing worlds
Imaging you are a more or less almighty being… maybe I somehow insulted you or I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time when you looked for a new toy.

Now imagine you are able to change the reality at least once a day, to a huge extend and do so every new day before I wake up.

The idea would be something a bit like the TV-Show “Sliders” but without the technology and actual traveling, instead you think up something new. It could be something small like changing my job or something bigger like all females have to wear certain clothes (and my wardrobe does not contain anything else of course) to more interesting changes like turning me into an anthro-dog while my living place is now owned by someone completely else and anthro animals replace all feral animals and might be used for more than just milking a cow or taking the dog for a walk.

I am pretty sure, by now you get the idea.
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Digital Captive
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2010, 06:07:25 am »
Digital Captive - most likely NC, TF and MC as major 3 kinks

You at you computer, toying with something on the screen. Me, trapped in a computer – trapped in your screen, in fact, at the mercy of your playful teasing.

What does it look like? What does it feel like? The world doesn't look two-dimensional to me, but close. It's like i am in a small white room, with an invulnerable glass wall on one side through which we can see each other. You look huge to me, needless to say – inside your screen, it's like i am the equivalent of a few inches tall. And i am actually confined a bit more tightly than just the screen – i am stuck in whatever window you drop me into.

Oh, yes, you can drag and drop me. Your cursor is like a God from my perspective – when it touches me, it's an absolute, irresistible force. It looks like a flat white arrow, feeling hard and slightly warm, but while i can touch it and grab it, i can't budge it an inch – and it can move me, very easily, pushing against me, teasing me. Your cursor has a big, intimidating point, too, which you'll often like to stroke over my little body, teasing me with it – not much i can do about it, is there? A light click from it is like a playful little slap or a tap, sending embarrassingly sensual quivers through my little body. If you use it to click and drag on one of my limbs, that limb moves just how you want it – i can struggle all i want, but the cursor might as well be God for all the good it'll do you. You can use it to lock my limbs in place, too, if you want to keep me from squirming. If you click and drag near my belly, you can move me around from one window to another, dropping me into new programs to do things to me.

And yeah, there's a lot of other things you can do to me. You can edit me easily – make me more feminine, make my breasts bigger, make me smaller, even reprogram my thought processes or set restrictions on me like that if you want. You can drag my clothes off and place new ones, or recolor my skin, hair, or eyes however you please. I am just a girl in a computer to you, after all – what can i do about it? It all feels more than a bit sensual and decidedly embarrassing – i can feel your power and your touch on the mouse and keyboard transmitted into my delicate little body, rewriting me, changing me, sculpting me to your whims.

How did i get here? Did i even exist before then – am i just a very clever little program on your screen, something you coded up for fun? Or did you force me in there somehow, pulling me in over the internet or pushing me into it after inviting me over to your house? It can vary. Maybe you are letting me think i am a real person, when i am really just some clever toy you coded up. But either way, somehow, i am stuck in your screen.

If you choose, you can reach through the screen to touch me with your hands, lean in to kiss me through the screen, or even to pull me out, deciding how big you want me to be in the process – though, you being you, i am always going to come out of it fairly petite. But being pulled out of the screen like that doesn't mean i am free – i am only out temporarily, as a sort of a hard, physical projection; i have no real strength in the real world. i can be touched, interacted with, pinned down, bent over and roughly fucked, whatever, but my virtual muscles are incapable of exerting force against real things - even a real-world pencil feels like it weighs a ton to me, and a single fingertip to my forehead can easily force me to my knees. If you will me back, i snap back into the screen, and if the computer gets switched off, i flick out of existence until it's turned back on, reappearing on the screen when it is. And it can still be used to edit me while i am outside it – no, i am unable to use the computer myself, as one of the basic restraints placed on me, so i don't get any ideas. Likewise, needless to say, the screen is permeable only for you (or for things you choose to pull through it) – for me, it's an invulnerable barrier either way, so i'll have to ask nicely if i want to be let out. You can pull other things from your screen, too – strange toys, sci-fi devices, magical things that shouldn't exist, anything You want to use to toy with me if you draw me into the real world.
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« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2010, 09:04:29 am »
Worthwhile Reads
Okay, let me add some more, i am reading a bit once in a while, lately mostly stories at a page centering around Mind Control.
The stories dip into different things, but considering what the pages are about, all have some kind of BDSM elements, so if you not like that stuff, maybe not read them.
  • "Mirrored in Your Eyes" which is no more available for free but available as eBook... so if you have eBook-subscription at amazon or the likes you can grab it
  • Lilac, Every Bit a Bimbo, though the changes after the first 2 chapters are a bit fast in my opinion
  • the more Sci-Fi-like Rogue, which has a nice conversion-flow over the 3 chapters
  • Hive, which inspired Rogue, where i love the slow process and the ending
  • The Battle Hooker Series Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for which i am thinking about making a whole profile as it is otherwise just to much... At this pont it includes Magic, Superpowers, Transformation and Mind Control, with all some kinds of things that can happen thanks to the last 2 (like turning someone into a slave or bimbo)
  • Carla and the Femdomza Tribe is really nice. I like how it happens step by step... turning the girl into a Bimbo and then placing limitations on her. Especially nice is the last part, the effects of introducing/revealing her to her 'tribe'. Her fate in general kinda obvious after the third part, but still...
  • The Nanny, with a quite obvious turn. While i not like the writing-style that much i really love the content
  • Cow’s Bargain is a nice bet. It felt a bit jumpy but a very nice idea.
  • Dairy Unit
  • A More Permanent Position has nice ideas as well... the glasses as an example.... or the 3 different colored batches... I dislike the humiliation-focus on feet and dirty panties with the author but everything else is really nice. Even if you not like the bits I pointed out as not liking them, you might want to have a read for a "tables turned" scenario and some more or less high-tech ideas.
  • The Collar (Sinsub)... imagine "Cow's Bargain" but go a few levels more into the darker corner. Personally it leans a bit to much on the negative reinforcement, but a few more words below. Will contain spoilers but will have important information!
  • ACRE is about getting into the clutches of an unfinished and fast working Prototype with 4 days no one getting around for a possible rescue ... it cuts off after the capture leaving anything else to the imagination.
  • Beta Test (Part 1, Part 2 linked at the bottom) is... I would say a mix between VR and classical gaming. I really like the idea, but feels as if it needs something more for a RP.
  • Milk is the stereotypical reporter who wants to uncover something and gets her brea... nose far to deep into it. A bit to fast and unpersonal but a good read and a good idea.

The Collar (Sinsub) - more words, spoilers included
First of all, thanks to someone called Griz in another world for showing me that story. It was an awesome read with a long buildup. As mentioned above, in my personal opinion, it leans heavy on negative reinforcements, in this case electroshock's from the collar, which is a genius piece of equipment. I see no need in knowing how it works, I kinda doubt with today's technology it would be possible. I have the feeling, most of the story is working, because Shannon has written down her "thought experiment" with a heavy influence from her personal fantasies, regardless how deep they might have been hidden, and because the 2 defining traits for her husband Jessi are the love for her and that he always finishes what he starts... and not in that order.

Story wise, I can accept, that Jessi is putting the goal to finish any begun project before anything else, sadly it is missing descriptions on his emotional state. At some point into the story, Shannon is disallowed to look up to above his waist but even before that, it is mostly impossible to tell if he is doing something because he has to or because he wants to. After that point ... well if the narrating character is not looking up anymore to read someone's face... But I can work with that as Shannon is still 'working' for me. To a great length, I can follow the whole thing, I have a basic grasp of what is happening.

Where it finally, really, breaks for me is, and I have no other words for it, when Shannon gets tortured and raped (really, I have no other words for this scene) to put her into a pliable state of mind and after that she gets hypnotized. I like that she is aware of it, somehow, but the whole thing, including the hypnosis is not fitting for me, it feels wrong in this story, and after it the story gets destroyed for me. It happens around... 80% or so of the story (I just go roughly by the scrollbar on my browser) and he strips away what makes Shannon ... well... Shannon. Up until that point, she has as sharp as a mind as possible for her. It had been dealt blows (which actually has to be expected with the methods used so far) but nothing like this. Afterwards she is nothing more than a doggy... not as in puppy/pet-play but... quite literally. This part I could only mostly skim over... it broke something in me and not let me sleep (hoping I can finally sleep after putting this thoughts down)

The end is not very satisfying for me. Jessie wants to end the experiment and it seems it might have been a month, as Shannon had only that much time leave she could take, but the state she is in. As I understand it, he ends the hypnosis, wants to bring her back... she speaks but seemingly has forgotten nearly everything what the thing started, even outside the hypnosis (something that showed muuuuch earlier!) and begs Jessi to continue while he wants his wife back, not a doggy.

I send a mail to sinsub, hoping he tells me how they continue to live on, I fear for the worst. Personally, I think, that Jessi should have ended the experiment much, much earlier, when he realized, that Shannon did not remember her own notes anymore. He is an engineer, no psychologist/psychiatrist who seemingly is even the more or less star in the place where she works, as in the best they have there. I mean, the "human time" where he asks her after the hypnosis shows at the end, it is still there, she just needed time, a trigger, to remember, so there is a chance to fix everything. The whole stuff continues, despite his huge, voiced ("I’m worried we can’t get you back after we’re done."), worries, already seeing it might lead to a point of no return.

If you ever want to play something heavily inspired by this... remember, I do not want to end with the intellect of an animal or the likes. My characters still should be intelligent, able to make own decisions, even if you are their world, after careful training. Of course, a much less bright mind is fitting for certain scenarios which likely will end shortly after. Actually playing an animal (even if it uses a human body without any alteration) or a single-minded lovedoll (read: stereotypical bimbo) is of no huge interest. The way until that point is reached and if I know it is what will happen at the end... that is a whole other and likely exciting story.
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Re: searching for rp's
« Reply #4 on: December 07, 2010, 12:40:21 pm »
Characters - This will be a place where I put some of my characters down, with a link to an other website where they might have received an Update

Kodan is a young and proud warrioress. She applied to the Arena-fights on her own accord, something that seldom occurs since there tend to be mostly deadly fights. She had trained to use her natural agility and speed together with the hard to master fighting style of 2 weapons. Her weapons of choice are a short sword and a dagger, and she managed to learn how to bypass most enemies defense. Her leatherarmor is a personal design, made so it fits her D-cups, something very few female fighters have and thus no armorer or leatherworker has in stock. The whole armor-design is made, so she can move very freely, while this is an advantage, the armor sports considerable few protection as many regions are only covered with cloth to protect those parts from views or weather. In addition, she only wears light boots and no helmet, maybe a circlet, bandana or similar at best, so her long very dark brown (nearly black) hair flows down freely. Her eyes, of a similar color as her hair, have an intelligent look and show a strong will to fight and never give up, regardless how futile her effords would be.

Some physical facts about Kodan

Build: Toned
Eye color: Dark Brown, nearly Black
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark Brown, nearly Black, full/voluminous and down just below her butt
Height/Length: 190 cm / 6' 2.8''
Occupation: Freelancer, Arena Fighter
Orientation: strong female preference
Species: Human
Weight: 85kg
Breast size: D
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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2012, 03:35:35 pm »
"The Lost Gender" added

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2013, 06:58:06 pm »
Added "Just a Game"

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2013, 06:49:48 am »
Just giving a little push after a lot of time.

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #8 on: August 17, 2016, 02:30:36 pm »
Feeling like reactivating this ... thinking about changes/additions to the posts.

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #9 on: August 20, 2016, 03:47:46 pm »
Adjusted what is taken in the 2nd post, what is craved and added "Changing Worlds" and as well the story-section is updated.
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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #10 on: September 09, 2016, 05:08:22 pm »
putting a little bump into it...v

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2016, 11:46:23 am »
Let's look for possible new interests

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #12 on: October 23, 2016, 04:24:56 am »

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Re: Searching for Female and Futa/Herm Characters for play
« Reply #13 on: December 23, 2016, 02:16:17 pm »