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Author Topic: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment] - Started 11-1-16  (Read 13264 times)

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The is a video game crossover story. Everyone in the game will be playing video game characters, but if you have an idea that is not from a video game, PM me and I will let you know if it's okay. It would be preferable to choose a villain type character, or possibly an anti-hero who is fed up, or on a warpath. If you want to play a hero, you would have to present a very good reason as to why he/she has gone to the dark side. It will need to be compelling enough to convince the majority, as we will have characters acting on those suspicions. The bad guys have been losing in their world for too long, and they want vengeance, domination, or just death to their enemies. Imagine if the Nazis was pushed back to Germany and then invented the atomic bomb before they lost.

The players will be formed into death squads that are set out on various nefarious missions. It may be straight forward at times, like "take a star destroyer and wipe out the enemy fleet". But sometimes it will require more thought and planning, like "make the people overthrow their own king". There is even potential to recruit the morally gray characters that have not sworn an allegiance to either side, "convince them to join by any means". You do not have to pick any well known villains, if anything, it would be preferable to have smaller named characters. This way you have more freedom to flesh them out the way you want them. Not that you didn't already have that freedom, but it can get annoying when others have their own expectations of how your character should act.

The characters of each world stopped aging when they left their Homeworld. They are frozen in the whatever state they were in when they left, until they once again return to their Homeworld. In addition, all of the characters are far more resilient. Taking a sword through the chest would not even be a fatal wound for them, and even getting ripped in half would only knock them out. Decapitation, and instantaneous destruction are the only consistent way to kill these villains and heroes. If you choose to play a video game character that is fundamentally immortal, or cannot be decapitated (like Meta-Knight), or does not die from being decapitated (like HK-47), we can discuss some other weakness through PM.

Know that when you choose a character, you are allowed 3 powers, at least 2 must be related to the original character, while the third can be Homewrold related, or Council Member related. So if you chose Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, he could have Hellfire Manipulation, Supernatural Martial Arts, and Teleportation. If Scorpion chose to be under Shao Kahn, he would obvious keep the abilities of the original character, since they are from the same Homeworld. However, if he chose to be under Alduin from Skyrim. He could replace one of his powers with Dragon Shouts. Now if your character is someone who fundamentally has a lot of powers (like a Wizard with dozens of spells), you can make them all one single power (Spell Casting)and all of them are just weaker than full powers.

Character Rank
Character Rank - Occasionally, characters will get promoted through story events. Sometimes they will all get a promotion, and other times only a few will get them. Their Rank determines how high up on the food chain they are within the Blind Conclave. Also how much respect they may earn with their master. Once the character reaches officer, the council member he is under might even speak to him directly. This means that some players who serve their masters well would have higher standing than players that don't give a fuck. However, you are part of a team where they must work together regardless of rank. This just helps determine who is more in charge than others. Naturally the players that start in the very beginning will have higher officer ranks than players who start 6 months from now, but thats what makes it interesting.
Rank lists may be named something else depending on what Council Member the character serves under. For example, Shao Kahn would have Legionnaires, Legatus, and Centurions. While Ganondorf would have Dark Knights, Dukes, and Barons. Reaching Rank 10 would mean you are the right hand of your Council Member, which can only be earned by replacing one of them.

Among most of the Homeworlds, good always triumphed over evil very consistently. The villains did their damage, then were utterly defeated. Most cases with the villain vowing vengeance to one day return to have their vengeance. Until the day of Convergence. When all the homewolds opened up and the veil was lifted. Countless worlds began meeting each other in open combat or negotiations. Though many of them found the other worlds fascinating. Trade opened up everywhere, and people discovered very quickly how to cross the veil with their own magics or sciences.  Star Wars Homeworld used a modified version of the hyper space drive, While Skyrim Homeworld created spells to take them across the Veil.

Soon after the Veil was lifted, a mysterious man came to many of the homeworld's leaders and told them that there cycles would soon be broken. Where most worlds had a repetitive sequence of events that could normally be relied on, this mysterious prophet told that interference from the other worlds would throw these cycle off balance. Many of the people ignored his warnings, or did not know how they could protect themselves from what was about to unfold. Ganon was the first to test this theory, by slaying Mario while he was outside his homeworld, which opened the flood gates for villains of all kinds to begin their invasions of other homeworlds. The result was often a massacre on both sides, as the heroes went back to their own homes and families to defend them. Unfortunately for the good guys, the villains had the advantage now and devastated homeworlds over the years. The heroes quickly figured out the way to protect themselves, and formed a Grand Alliance. Sending diverse teams of powerful protagonists to destroy the enemy, then kill them for good. There were particular types of weapons that could eliminate even the ability to resurrect the fallen heroes and villains, and the Grand Alliance was not going to stop until every one of the so called villains were wiped out forever. As was their judgment for the many wars and genocides committed by them. However, fate is a fickle mistress, and had another twist to throw their way. The Dark Council was forged to combat the Grand Alliance half way through the war, the villains finally beginning to work together to fight their enemies.

The main strike force of the Grand Alliance was betrayed during a massive siege on the Dark Council's stronghold. When one of their trusted teammates sent them into a trap. The entire team, save the betrayer, lost their lives when the Dark Council ambushed them all at once. Killing the greatest heroes the Grand Alliance had at their disposal. The Dark Council then formed strike forces of their own and sent them to begin systematically turning the tide of war in their favor. They even formed an organization known as the Blind Conclave that trades secrets and supplies among the strike teams. Called the Blind Conclave because no knows more than a couple teams identify, as they are extremely compartmentalized.

First and Foremost Obviously Elliquiy Rules Apply
1.) Do not bully or harass other players.
2.) Do not publicly bad mouth the game or other Players. If you have a serious problem PM the Head GM (Blue Nova).
3.) If you have an issue with another person for IC reasons, you may attempt to resolve it with them. If a resolution is not found, bring it to the attention of a GM. We can be arbiters, but we are not parents.
4.) Please do not GodMod. When fighting an NPC, only GMs can say “this happens” in a conflict.
5.) Be mature. Do not complain about the every detail that doesn't follow your vision.
6.) Be polite and respectful to each other in OOC and PMs.
7.) Do not argue with a GM when a ruling has been made, if you have stated your case and the issue is resolved, please be respectful and continue.
8.) Have fun! This game is to help escape the drama of our everyday lives. Remember that and have a good time.

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=500 padding=10]Insert your Primary Portrait here[/img][/floatright]
[center][size=18pt][b]CHARACTER NAME[/b][/size][/center]
[b]MASTER[/b]: This is the Council Member you serve under (See Dark Council for details.)

[b]HOMEWORLD[/b]: This is the Game you are from. Give a brief description of the state of it

[b]APPEARANCE[/b]: Describe what your character looks like. If you are picking a character from a game, describe any changes to their appearance you want.

[b]SEXUALITY[/b]: Are you into Guys, Gals, or Both? You could also place your ON's/OFF's here.
[b]PERSONALITY[/b]: This is the way your characters act around others and how cooperative they are. As well as if they are tormented, cocky, arrogant, etc. Try to be realistic, I know it is tempting to just make a brooding, creepy guy who [i]doesn't play well with others[/i], however that would make him an outcast. So he would not be here to begin with, just because your evil doesn't mean you cant work with others.

[b]HISTORY[/b]: Describe your character's back story. Was he exiled from his homeworld, or is it currently at war, or contested somehow. Perhaps fate has designed that the darkness prevailed in your world. Whatever you would like, explain how it happened here. Then how you ended up serving the Dark Council.

[img height=400 padding=10]Insert your Secondary Image here[/img]
[b]POWERS[/b]: These are special abilities that the character can use in battle. Start with 2 from their Homeworld (Video Game Setting), and 1 from their Council Member.

[b]SKILLS[/b]: Traits that make your character unique even without powers. Pick at least 1 Mental Skill and 1 Physical skill. (Examples: Acrobatic, Artistic, Beautiful, Eidetic Memory, Martial Training, Weapon Master, Charismatic, Terrifying)

[b]FLAWS[/b]: These are weaknesses that your character has. Pick at least 1 Mental Flaw (Phobia, Psychopath, Anti-Social, Tormented, Guilt, Lecherous, Compulsive, Etc.) and at least 1 Physical Flaw (Weak, Clumsy, Jittery, Low Stamina, Ugly, Etc.) Keep in mind he must still be able to work with others to some degree.

[b]INVENTORY[/b]: These are significant items, such as Weapons, Armors, and Accessories. Also items acquired throughout the game might go here as well, as long as they are not a power in their own right. Keep in mind that like most video games, the Inventory is infinite, but the items carried still must fit on your person as if they weren't. This means that a weapon master could literally have 200 different swords, as long as they are sized for him, but he could not place a giant's sword in his inventory. To start with, most characters will not have a lot in here unless they are item based.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name[/b]: Your character's name.
[b]Rank[/b]: Your character's rank
[b]Location[/b]: Where they are relative to the rest of the people in the thread.
[b]Tagging[/b]: Who they are interacting with.
[b]Doing[/b]: What they are doing.
[b]Warning[/b]: This can be used for important information, or to just let anyone know if your post is Rated-PG13 or Rated-R.


Sandbox vs. Story Driven
The game is heavily Sandbox, as there will be multiple threads to do as you please in. However, there will be a consistent Thread that is Story based, like a continual GM Event. This is the thread people will be getting promoted in, as this is the Agent's Mission thread. If you want to make a side thread of your own, ask me really quick and tell me the premise. I will let you know if that effects the story at all, and then probably tell you to go nuts.

Do they know they are video games?
No, as they are not video games in this story. There is no "real World" or game designers that make these places.

What is a Homeworld?
This is essentially a plane of existence dedicated to a video game, or video game series. Think of "Homeworld" as saying Parallel Dimension.

What is the Veil?
This is the barrier between Homeworlds, which kept them separated since the dawn of their existence. It was lifted mysteriously on what is known as the Day of Convergence.

My Homeworld says this, but his Homeworld says that
So when two things conflict between Homeworld settings, a GM will make a ruling on it. This is a case by case judgement and may change later depending on the GM.

Character Death
Yes, it is possible to die in this game. However, I am not out to get you, and it is also possible (but very rare) to get your character resurrected. Regardless of how that character normally would die, all characters die from decapitation, or essentially having their head completely destroyed. There will be exceptions to this rule, but it will be based on a power or ability that character has.

We will be playing Villains. Straight up bad guys and gals hell-bent on conquest and complete domination. There will be plenty of blood and gore as people will be dying in spectacular ways, most of the death and carnage will be by the player's hands. There will also be more risque encounters, as a boss may want a character to prove their loyalty in other ways then a oath or murder. This might actually become quite graphic if a powerful villain demands a character to go down on him if front of everyone. However, the scene will continue in another thread. Unless all participates are okay with watching the ordeal. (Also I will ask the player if they consent to this before it happens to their character)

Whats the difference between a Power and a Skill?
Sometimes they may look similar, however the primary difference is that a Power is generally more potent and unique than a skill. Skills can also be taught, while Powers must be awarded by Level Up. See Character Sheet for details.

Someone else picked the Council Member I want
I would everyone to try to pick a different Council Member if possible, the only hard rule I will make is that no more than Two People can select a single Master. Though I will take it on a case by case basis.

Former GPaW Players:
I currently own the GPaW (Game Protagonists at War) game, but I chose not to run the show there anymore, I left that to the other GMs. This is not a reboot of GPaW, it is something similar in nature, but very different in it's delivery and soul. Unlike the old game, this is going to be a much darker scenario. As well, I want to give others a chance to play the game, so I will be prioritizing people who are not players of GPaW. I also just really want meet and play with new people. However, if there are open seats at the end of the recruitment then feel free to jump in to fill any gaps.

Stats in the Game:
I dont think I am going to incorporate any hard defined stats in the game, because then rules start to get brought up. The closest thing to a system this game has is the fact that you "Level Up", but even at that it is vague. Unless the community wants to incorporate them this will not really be a system game. I might give Council Member's organizations stats though, which would benefit players in RP ways. Which would look like this.
Council Stats
Autonomy: How often the council member will involve themselves with his subordinates.
Cruelty: How harsh the council member treats his subordinates, this can bring a certain physical or mental toughness to their subordinates.
Intelligence: The Knowledge base of the council member, whether through spies or magic, they can grant their followers access to information many others cannot.
Power: The individual might of the council member, this stat grants their subordinates respect among their peers, and rivals.
Resources: How much income and supplies can be allotted for subordinates, whether its hired mercenaries, money, or weapons.

Start Date:
The game should start at the end of October or beginning of November. So in less than a month, unless there is some kind of a delay.

Need Ideas?: Here is a list of popular games with potential villains and anti-heroes to play. Remember, you do not have to pick a main villain.
Action: Batman, Bayonetta, Bioshock, Castlevania, Devil May Cry, Doom, Halo, Resident Evil, Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Metroid, Star Fox
Adventure: Dark Souls, Diablo, Digimon, Mass Effect, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Zelda
Battle Arena: League of Legends, Team Fortress, Overwatch, Smite
Fighting: Blaze Blue, Bloody Roar, Guilty Gear, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Tekken
Role-Playing: Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex, Disgaea, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Final Fantasy,
Strategy:Warcraft, Starcraft, Star Wars, X-Com
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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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The Dark Council are the most powerful villains in the war, which formed an pact of their own to combat the Grand Alliance. There are 12 known members of the Dark Council, and each one has their own motivation for wanting the destruction of the Grand Alliance. Try to pick/make your character to have a similar motivation to his/her master. Think of these beings like D&D deities, that your character serves. you do not have to like them to serve them. Each one of these beings also have a power set that their followers can obtain, allowing them to pick a power that is outside their Homeworld. However, just because a character is from a different homeworld, does not mean they are the likely pick. For Example, the Burning Legion is from Sylvanas' homeworld, yet they would fit serving Diablo much more.
For instance if a skyrim warrior was under Giovanni, he could have a pokemon.
History: This is the backstory that is known about them, and at times, there may be very little information, or none at all. Sometimes the information about them could be completely inaccurate, or contradictory as well. Most of this information will revolve around their involvement in the current story, not their video game back story.
Motivation: This is the Council Member's overall goal or philosophy, try to pick characters that have a similar doctrine to their master. Mostly because if they oppose it, their intentions will eventually be discovered, and the results would not go well for the character. At best Giovanni would fire them, or Diablo would rip them apart and bind their souls to eternity of suffering.
Followers: These are their minions, worshipers, and soldiers. Though some archetypes may overlap, and you do not have to follow the master that fits our character's genre. These are just the usual crew that the council member often deploys on to the field.

GANONDORF, Lord of Power
Lord of Power
History: Ganondorf was the founder of the Dark Council, and is well respected in the all ranks of the Dark Syndicate and the Blind Conclave. Ganondorf conquered his world many times, but after the Day of Convergence. He no longer set his sights on just one world. The hero known as Link, with his mighty Master Sword showed up to defeat him, storming past his minions and into the castle. Only to find he was gone. The forces of Hyrule spent years waging the war against Ganondorf's leaderless forces. Without being able to kill Ganon, the armies did not disappear, and had to be destroyed one wave at a time. It was the worst war Hyrule had ever seen, and even with the attempt to turn back time. Ganondorf was still missing, their time magic unable to effect anything outside the Veil of their homeworld. Zelda's armies were forced to make many sacrifices to take back their home, only to have Ganondorf return suddenly and decimate their forces effortlessly. Ganon had returned with artifacts that rivaled the Master Sword, and retook the castle by himself, instead of using armies to conquer it. He cared not to remain in the small keep upon the hill anymore, he only wished to show them how far he had surpassed them.

Due to his immense strength,Hyrule itself was almost completely unharmed. As he did not need to wage war, or bring and endless twilight, because no one could stand against him. Zelda currently resides in his fortress, but many others were slain, though Link's body was never found. Ganon has been challenging any warrior with a magical artifact, and taking it for his own collection. Ganondorf owns the largest collection of magical items known throughout all the homeworlds. Hording them to himself and highest generals, he has one of the largest track records for killing heroes in combat and does not hesitate to take the field with his armies. Though he will only do so if he sees a worth challenger, or a powerful weapon.

Motivation: Ganondorf motivation is one of greed and pride, in his attempts to obtain all the artifacts he can get his hands on. Seeking to grow in might and expand his collection, rewarding anyone who helps him continue this goal.

Followers: Many fantasy based characters serve Ganondorf, such as knights, wizards, and some mythical creatures. Ganondorf has the largest amount of slaves, and will often accept surrender if the leaders are utterly humiliated. Placing magical collars on them to fight for him against their will.

Granted Power: Ganondorf has a vast collection of artifacts and magical items in his horde. When one of his followers proves themselves worthy, they are often granted a Magical Weapon of some kind. Generally a magical sword. Due to his collection size, this need not be an item from his homeworld of Hyrule. He has conquered many worlds or at least many of their armies, the magical items are then distributed among those that call him master.

DRACULA, Lord of Shadow
Lord of Shadow
History: Dracul was already the most powerful being in his Homeworld. He often spent his days vanquished due to his boredom, rather being left alone than dealing with conquering the world again and again. Every once in a while a Cult would resurrect him, to bring about the endless night, but it never lasted. That is, until one man came to his world. Gerhman, the First Hunter found the world of Castlevania and attempted to bring about the Night there as well. Though as he slayed monsters, he found ancient text speaking of Dracula, and once again resurrected the beast so that he may slay him permanently. Unfortunately for Gerhman, Dracul proved far too strong for him, despite the hunter having the Vampire Killer. Dracula was not amused that a non-Belmont was using this sacred weapon, and drank him dry to gain his knowledge. This was when he learned of the Moon Presence. The god of the Bloodborne Homeworld, which arrived shortly after to attempt to make Dracula a Hunter. However, it was Dracul that would drink the Moon Presence's blood, and gain all of the mad god's knowledge and power. With the power of the Oldblood, Dracula saw Homeworld's and dark gods span across the cosmos, reigniting his curiosity of the universe around him.

Dracula currently seeks to kill and drink the blood of many other dark gods for his own amusement. Rolling over all who get in his way, as he no longer wishes to be idle in his grand castle. He brings with him armies of mythical beasts and monsters, bringing death and pain wherever he treads. Though Dracula can be reasoned with, the monsters that surround him are mad with the ravaging hunger. Seeking out the extremely addictive Oldblood, which Dracula consumed. This makes him seem like a monster himself, as Homeworld after Homeworld are devoured by his hordes. Though he will have fine conversations with his followers, and is slow to anger.

Motivation: Dracul seeks the blood of the dark and elder gods, such as Cthulhu. Desiring the knowledge that drove them to insanity. Believing that only he could contain such wisdom without going mad. All things considered, it does indeed appear that he could accomplish this goal. However, he has ran into a few obstacles before, which the Dark Council has been able to assist him with. So he allied himself with them for now, as he did not want to be slain by a bunch of big named heroes from multiple homeworlda. That would be too inconvenient for him.

Followers: Dracul's followers consist of Bloodbourne Hunters, Dark Souls knights, and the very creatures they wish to slay. Anything cursed for forsaken also seeks him out, as if to be around others that have had the same blight cast upon them. Monsters like werewolves, vampires, and other forms of semi-intelligence monsters.

Granted Power: Dracula grants the ability of Supernatural Transformation, for many unholy mystical beasts serve Dracul. Often he will turn his disciples into vampires, but it could also be a werewolf, gorgon, or some other kind of mythical creature. These powers are often quite potent, but do not last forever. As they take a great deal of blood or energy to use them. The most common are vampires, werewolves, or other forms of undead. However, a Gorgon or Minotaur would also be suitable

SHAO KAHN, Konquerer of Worlds
Konquerer of Worlds

History: Shao Kahn is the Emperor of Outworld after having conquered it, taking their queen as his wife and princess as his daughter. He has attempted to conquer Earth Realm, but never seemed to be able to defeat their champions. Until he figured out a way to cheat. Scorpion came to him with knowledge of a strange weapon known as the Sword of Olympus, and told him of how it could slay gods. Scorpion, Melena, and Shao Kahn would set a trap for Kratos. Luring him with the knowledge of a new Pantheon, in which Kratos was foolish enough to come for, then transporting him to the Netherealm, during his rampage through the Elder gods of Mortal Kombat. The trap was sprung, alowing Scorpion to to kill him, being a superior fighter, and the other two waiting for him to arrive as well. Shao Kahn had the finishing blow, which earned him the favor of the Elder Gods. Unfortunately, once they awarded Elder God status to Shoa Kahn, he betraed them with the weapon obtained from their fallen enemy. Shao Kahn slayed Raiden, and many of the elder gods with the Sword of Olympus, gaining their essence and growing in power beyond anything they had ever seen. Grateful for Scorpoion's help, he currently aids him in his goal to destroy the Grand Alliance, seeking worthy fighters among them so that he may test his might. Never asking why Scorpion wishes for their destruction.

With the power of the Elder Gods he felt he was unstoppable. Though he has still found challenges in his conquest, this only makes his resolve stronger. Seeking to fight in the greatest battles, and prove to all his people and those who oppose him, whom is the strongest warrior in hand to hand combat. He often takes prisoners who proved themselves in battle, making them fight in his Colosseum to earn their freedom. Most of them are butchered for his people's amusement, but some manage to win their freedom. If they are willing to bow to him, he has actually let them go to fight again another day. However, he has broken his word before when his pride was insulted.

Motivation: Shao Kahn seeks to become the strongest warrior to exist, and prizes individual might. He rewards strength in his followers.

Followers: Many warriors of all kinds serve Shao Kahn, most of them from fighter games such as Scorpion, Astaroth, and Akuma. However, others who seek to conquer will also serve in his armies, seeking to dominate armies instead of just physical combat.

Granted Power: Shao Kahn prizes one thing above all else, Might. Shao Kahn forces those who serve him to be able to fight in melee combat, and generally unarmed. This form of training teaches the Supernatural Martial Arts power. Allowing his minions to break heavy stone with their fists, and execute mystical maneuvers without the use of any weapons or items. Though weapons are perfectly compatible depending on the style they choose to master.

DIABLO, Lord of Terror
Lord of Terror
History: Diablo is known as the greatest of Prime Evils. The deceiver, the corrupter, and dozens more titles that do not do him justice. Diablo is a being that delights in the destruction of corruption of all that is good. Seeking to spread fear and chaos wherever the hope and valor stand. He was one of the beings to conquer his Homeworld, after a few failed attempts. Now he seeks to spread terror to the other Homeworlds, desiring nothing in terms of monetary gain. Diablo does not need luxuries, he does not need assets, nor champions. He only wishes to watch everything that is loved, burn in agony. He does delight in the righteous falling from grace. The hopeful falling to despair, and twisting something beautiful into something dark. For this he does indeed have those that serve him other than his demon hordes, though many are fallen heroes that sought to save their lives in exchange for their soul. As well as those he keeps as slaves, reveling in their despair. His hatred is so great that, he would even lose something important if it meant corrupting a hero in the process, causing them to fall from grace and into darkness.

Diablo was one of the first to find the Dark Council and seeks to twist them all to his own monstrosities. However, many of them are powerful in their own right, and must be seduced to darkness, or already are what he would see as perfect instruments of destruction. Needing only direction in their slaughter. However, Diablo does not trust any of the other members of the Dark Council, and sees too much humanity in some of them. Such as Dracul and Revan who are too forgiving of their followers for his own tastes. As well Sovereign seeks the destruction of all organic life, and does not leave anything to suffer. Though Diablo simply bides his time, waiting for the right opportunity to enact whatever scheme he is planning.

The first Homeworld the Prime Evil conquered other than his own was the World of Warcraft Homeworld, enslaving the demonic titan known as Sargerus, then marching both demon hordes on to Azeroth. He slayed countless lives and even claimed the Warchief Sylvanas as his own pet. Breaking her through rape and repeated torture, then binding her to the item she hated most, her mind lives only to serve him now. He helped to place her on the Dark Council so that he would secretly have someone loyal to him amongst them, as well as having another say if they ever had a more democratic decision to make.

Motivation: He wants to watch all homeworlds Burn.

Followers: Demons and horrors of nightmarish legends. The creatures and champions of Diablo are dark and twisted creatures, not only in appearance, but also in their persona. Seeking to bring about destruction, or fear just like their master. Many fallen heroes also serve Diablo, for he wishes for all to see their heroes become corrupted.

Granted Power: Diablo cares not for the training of his disciples, seeking only to spread fear and corruption. For this reason, the power he grants to his followers is known as the Demon Curse, which grants the character demonic features, and control of hellfire. Though the curse causes pain in the characters, many will become used to it in a manner of months, allowing them to shrug off many other forms of pain as well. Making many of his minions very resilient to damage.

ALDUIN, The Bane of Kings
The Bane of Kings
History: Alduin was necromantic dragon who sought to bring all of Skyrim to their knees. Eventually conquering all of Tamriel, and bring them under his rule. While mer and man fought over who was superior, he would show that that it was obviously dragons who should rule. However, the dragonborn came to stop him, and almost did too, if not for the intervention of the deadra known as Hermaeus Mora. For Aludin was given a vision from the dark god, showing him his defeat by the dragonborn's hand. With this vision, Alduin showed Paarthurnax that mankind would eventually betray him as well, but there was a way an alternative to laying down and dying. There were worlds still untouched by war, with powerful champions that could break the cycle. Hermaeus Mora told Alduin of other dragons he could call to his aid, dragons even more powerful then he was. The notion aggravating, but acceptable. Alduin used the power of the deadric prince to fly to lands unknown. Where time and space had no meaning. Upon the dragon's return, he was powerful enough to not only defeat the dragonborn, but also defeat the deadra and aedra as well. Alduin then betrayed the deadric prince and devoured it's soul, gaining all the knowledge and power of Hermaeus Mora, and binding the others to his will.

Alduin currently seeks more knowledge and power, seeking to control the very fabric of the cosmos. He teaches his acolytes to always pursue forbidden knowledge and to worship dragons as the superior race. Dracul still wishes to consume the blood of Alduin, but acknowledges that he can gain more by working with the being than fighting him. Alduin does not share his knowledge, but would do so in exchange for favors. Sindragosa, Queen of the Frostbrood, is one of his greatest generals, and for the fact that she brought him many lost secrets of Azeroth before it was invaded by Diablo.

Motivation: To obtain all knowledge, especially forbidden knowledge. It is for this reason, Alduin's minions and Dracul's minions work together more often. He rewards those who bring him hidden, and especially forbidden text. Information deemed to dangerous for anyone to have.

Followers: Dragons and dragon worshipers often follow Alduin, as well as mages and scholars who seek power and knowledge.

Granted Power: Alduin educates his minions in the art of "Dragon Shouts", or "Thu'um". Teaching them the language of Dragons, which causes several spell effects depending on how diverse his followers have studied. The stronger shouts take a bit of time before their voice can executed again. However, this power allows for several versatile combat functions. As the character can either study many of them, or focus on just one or two of them. Keep in mind that Dragon Shouts are very diverse, some control weather, some teleport you, or even mind control enemies. The Dragon Shouts basically make you a mage.

SOVEREIGN, The Vanguard of Destruction
The Vanguard of Destruction
History: Sovereign is known as the Vanguard  of Destruction because he was the first reaper to appear in the Mass Effect Homewolrd. He is known as the First and Last Reaper because he is the only one to escape complete destruction. The reapers were going to threaten the entire Galaxy of the Mass Effect Homeworld, but ended up meeting a swift end far too soon. With the Veil lifted, and the homeworld of Mass Effect being so large, they would immediately find dozens of new worlds. As even the Mass Relays had the ability to transport to a new realm. It was even theorized that the technology to travel across the veil was originated in this homewolrd. Many beings from other homeworlds came to Citadel to form what is known as the Grand Alliance, and when when Sovereign attacked, he was stopped very quickly and captured by the Grand Alliance. When the rest of the Reapers attacked, they were wiped out. Though they did do quite a bit of damage, the Mass Effect homeworld was too important for the Grand Alliance to let fall. This is why Sovereign is known as the First and Last Reaper.

Sovereign escaped during a massive battle, due to the aid of several other artificial based lifeforms, taking him to the Dark Council where he became conflicted. Most of the Dark Council was organic therefore needed to be purged. However, he could not kill them, nor complete his task without their help. So Sovereign was forced to rewrite his own prerogatives, in order to complete it. The only way to persevere life was to destroy it, and the only way to destroy it was to protect it. This algorithm was highly unstable, and once confronted with alternative routes by another AI, he was force to add another prerogative in order to complete any of them. Become something else, which with the help of a device known as GLaDOS and a scientist known as Dr. Robotnik, they were able to teach Sovereign how to work with organics but prize synthetic life over organic life. What they failed to identify was the last algorithm Sovereign wrote was hidden from their view. Deep within the codes, Sovereign wrote a fail-safe program to adapt to his new adaptation. Rekindling his desire to destroy all organic life, but find better more deceptive ways to go about this process.

GLaDOS does most of the talking when dealing with the servants, as she is the only entity he seems to get along with. Yet, she does not prove any easier to talk to from an organic stand point. Always insulting flesh covered creatures subtly in conversation. Unless dealing with a Dark Council member of course.

Motivation: Sovereign values the ascension of synthetic life over organic life. Secretly wanting to destroy all organic life.

Followers: Most of Sovereign's minions consist of android and robots. With a few engineers, to keep the organic imagination in their repertoire. Sovereign is constantly rewriting himself as to avoid detection by the organic monitors, so every once in a while files can get corrupted. Causing him to forget things and minions, so he has valuable data caches hidden in his higher ranking AI minions.

Granted Power: Robotic Enhancements are the only benefit Sovereign will allow. As he dislikes all organic life, even those who are trying to become more machine. Sovereign downloads a creatures personality into a android like body, or simply enhances the existing machine in the case of most his followers. Adding compartmentalized weapons and higher density armor as a generic upgrade, unless something would be more suitable.

DARTH REVAN, Dark Lord of the Sith
Dark Lord of the Sith
History: Revan is the only member of the Dark Council to actually kill his predecessor. The original seat belonging to Darth Nihulus. However, Darth Nihilus was impossible to work with, and consumed the life force of everything he came across. Known as the Lord of Hunger, his lust for death and consumption had no limits. One of the most powerful sith the ever exist, and the only one to wipe out multiple species even before the Day of Convergence. The only man who has ever had enough control over the force to stop him was Darth Revan, who refused to be consumed, and took Nihulus down in lightsaber combat. Though no one was there to witness the battle, it is said that Revan learned to use the power Force Drain on the same level as Darth Nihilus. Which consumes the life-force of everything person, creature, and object around them.

Darth Revan has proved himself invaluable to the Dark Council and all those her serve the darkness. Winning every space battle he has ever been in with complete victory. Despite this, Revan is not completly trusted among the Dark Council as he gained his seat through killing a former one. As well as his mercy toward the defeated enemy. Seeking to capture men by the thousands and placing them in prisons, or trading them to the Grand Alliance in exchange for something. Though he will still not share that information with any of the others. Ganondorf is one of the only members that speaks with Revan on a regular basis, and he speaks to the others who do not trust Revan. Though the Dark Council are allies, it is an alliance based around lies, hatred, and revenge. So their will always be mistrust among them.

Currently the greatest of Revan's generals in the protoss cultist known as Darth Alarak, which speaks and barks orders for Revan with delight. Alarak came to Darth Revan to learn the ways of the sith, and proved to be a natural at it. Though one of the perks for being a servant to Revan was that he did not enforce his will upon others as much as the other members of the Dark Council. Leaving protoss sith to his own devices, however nefarious they may be.

Motivation: Unknown, Darth Revan is extremely secretive even among his followers. Allowing them to take matters into their own hands quite often. Which makes it very difficult to judge if an act was his will, or his minion's own agenda.

Followers: Anyone who chooses to follow the ways of the sith, as well as heroes that wish to turn to the dark side. Revan accepts many protagonists and turned them himself, breaking their minds down and rebuilding them in his own liking. Many seek to follow him because he does not micro mange his people.

Granted Power: The Dark Lord of the Sith obviously teaches his disciples the way of the sith, specifically the The Force (Dark Side). Allowing for all those who serve under him to learn. The Dark Side of the Force allows for powers such as Force Choke and Force Lighting. However, there are rumors that he knows the way of the Light Side, but most of his followers would dismiss this as hearsay.

GIOVANNI, Lord of the Land

Lord of the Land
History: A tall, well dressed businessman, Giovanni is the leader of a yakuza-like cooperation known as Team Rocket. He is known as the Lord of the Land due to his ground type pokemon. Often called the Land Lord when people refer to him in a jesting manner, due to the amount of real-estate he owns as well. Though no one would dare be so informal with him to his face. However, he has many other companies under different names that are either fronts for his criminal operations. Giovanni's main goal is to use pokemon as weapons and grow the company through force and espionage. He was once a Gym Leader before the Day of Convergence, but now only fights the best of the best pokemon trainers. As well as any archetype of a similar nature, such as Digimon fighting. His vast wealth and resources allow him to move freely through Grand Alliance territory. Easily bribing officials to let a frigate go through a checkpoint without being examined. Giovanni is not secretive about his deeds when it comes to his officers, as he even boasts among them. He is prideful when it comes to his pokemon and accomplishments, and greedy when it comes to money. Generally he enjoys flattery and rare gifts he can add to his ever growing collection.

His pokemon have all received special serums obtained by the scientist Albert Wesker, which increased their size and rancor. Turning them into beasts of rage and pain. Giovanni does not treat them with love and respect to bring out their true potential, but instead found ways to make them surpass their maximum power levels with science. They are now terrifying creatures to behold, let alone fight. His Nidoking has been known to rip tanks in half and poison an entire ecosystems by bathing in the river. While his secret weapon, the legendary pokemon known as Mewtwo was once used on an invading army. Every officer among the attacking forces pulled out their sidearm at the same time, and fired a round into their own heads. Leaving the entire army in disarray for the rest of Giovanni's pokemon and armies to clean up the rest.

Mewtwo is a special kind of pokemon. He is the only one of his kind, and was not born as much as he was created. Mewtwo is the actual strength that Giovanni wields, and has taken one another member of the Dark Council in a one on one fight, without getting too badly injured. This pokemon is enhanced with genetic manipulation and cybernetic armor, which amplify it's psychic powers greatly. The pokemon has a high intelligence, but is unable to make any decisions without Giovanni's permission. The armor and implants keep the creature compliant, though the details of how are a trade secret.

Motivation: Giovanni seeks to grow his company and collection of powerful monsters. These monsters do not have to be Pokemon, as the Clone Ball, invented by Mewtwo. Can actually trap any form of monster.

Followers: Giovanni's followers consist of more than just pokemon trainers. Many summoners, gangsters, and merchants seek to follow in his footsteps. Ranging from Monster Hunters, to Grand Theft Auto villains.

Granted Power: Giovanni often outfits his followers with 1 Masterball, which already contains a Pokemon of their choosing. Though the pokemon is almost never a legendary, as they would have to earn those. This pokemon can be from any generation, and technically can start  at whatever stage of evolution the player wants, but it will still grow in power as the character grows.

ALBERT WESKER, The Evolutionary
The Evolutionary
History: Albert Wesker has been a bit of an eccentric villain. Sure he wanted to take over the world, but more than that, he wanted to push the boundaries of humanities limitations. His Umbrella research facilities beginning to pop up in other Homeworlds, where no one could find them. Time is what Wesker needed to win against his native protagonists, eventually making Umbrella into an unstoppable conglomerate. Heroes such as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine could not keep up with it's growth off world. Especially when Umbrella was first to travel through the Veil, before the Grand Alliance ever even saw the Resident Evil Homeworld. Albert Wesker pushed the boundaries of what the virus could achive, inventing new more powerful viruses in his labs, and experimenting on the dead to bring them back. A scientific necromancer, Wesker learned how to repair dead cells on such a rapid scale, that he thought of himself as an immortal. With a healing factor comparable to some of Marvel's greatest heroes, he would also still be vulnerable to the very things they were. So he sought to rectify these weaknesses as well. While in the Marvel Homworld, Wesker came across inspirational leaders such as Victor Von Doom, and Magneto. Learning how they had obtained their level of power and mimicing them, but on a much faster scale. Wesker did return to his homeworld with a few members from the Marvel Homeworld and laid waste to the Stars forces.

He was later approached by Giovanni, who saw him as a rival in the business field, but a potential ally in combating the Grand Alliance. Giovanni would offer trade secrets with Albert Wesker, and gain virus serums in exchange. Wesker used these secrets to navigate through the Homeworlds, without being detected. Essentially repeating the same process he did on his homeworld. Albert Wesker is now in the business of information, becoming a sort of Shadow Broker. All the while looking for new and more powerful ways to augment the human DNA. He seeks to experiment on creatures such as the zerg, mainly Kerrigan herself. However, she does not seem to care about anything but obtaining her revenge. If someone could convice Kerrigan to work with Wesker, he would reward them greatly.

Motivation: Albert Wesker seeks to push the boundaries of human limitations, desiring to evolve into something greater than humanity could ever hope to achieve. However he wishes to do so without damaging his body such as Kerrigan's is. He wants to be a monster on scale of power, but not appear like one. Any type of virus or mutation he can add to his T-Virus, Los Plagas, and Ouroboros, is heavily rewarded.

Followers: Scientists and soldiers tend to look to Albert Wesker for employment. Those who have viruses in them that Wesker can study are treated with higher regard than any of the others. Such as Alex Mercer with the prototype virus, and the Super Mutants form fallout, with the Forced Evolutionary Virus, and Rust Lung form Gears of War.

Granted Power: Wesker is a man of science, seeking to become something more than human. In his search, he much experiment new genes and strains of the viruses he has collected, to see if they can obtain the levels of power he desires. For this reason, he frequently bestows a Virus Strain, to his followers, and examines them in the field. The better they do, the more intensely he monitors them. Watching to see if his calculations match the results.

SARAH KERRIGAN, Queen of Blades
Queen of Blades
History:Kerrigan had been one of the good guys for a while, but descending into hatred after the death of her love, Jim Raynor. She always told him he was a fool for continuing to fight, but as long as he came home, she was happy. One day he did not, as the Hyperion was broken due to friendly fire. She was overcome with grief and rage, and threw herself into battle, chasing revenge in any form she could. She killed villains and heroes alike, seeking the death of all those who had a hand in Jim's death. The carnage seems to be the only thing that makes her feel better, having her heart torn out from losing him yet again. However, this time was for good. All attempts to resurrect him failed, and their were no prisoners taken from that battle. Kerrigan swept over several Homeworlds with her endless zerg, and then encountered similar creatures such as  tyranids, aliens, and the flood, instantly being able to control them and adding them to the swarm. With her powerful Xel'Naga level psionics, she was able to dominate psychic based swarm with relative ease. Directing them to kill with even more brutal efficiency.

She was not stopped until she was approached by a being known as Sovereign. Al though it was her opposite in every way, the being shared with her a bit of information that the man known as Jim Raynor was slain by order of a Grand Alliance Tribunal Member. Then showed her how he had collected the data, through secure channels. As Sovereign's army was the one the Grand Alliance was fighting when Jim was killed. Jim refused to execute one of his generals, so the Grand Alliance took out the Hyperion to ensure it's death. With this knowledge Kerrigan was willing to form a temporary allegiance with the Dark Council, in order to obtain her revenge.

Kerrigan has learned to work with the other members for now, but does not seek to mingle with any of them. Even the ones that seek her affection such as Albert Wesker, knowing that his shallow fancies are just to her evolutionary design. Ganondorf is one of the only members she speaks to, if only to relay fair warning to what world she is about to assault. Kerrigan is in no way wishing to make allies right now, except acquiring servants who are capable and obedient. She would feel indebted to Sovereign for giving her the information of Raynor's killers, but he never seemed to contact her after that point. Other than Ganondorf, she only gets along with Sylvanas, seeing her as a kindred spirit in hate and revenge. She does not speak it out loud, but if she ever found out of to free her, she would do so.

Motivation: Kerrigan's highest conviction in this war, above all else, is vengeance. Seeking to kill the Tribunal of the Grand Alliance, she will go to any lengths to make them suffer. Including sacrificing her own minions by the billions.

Followers: Most of Kerrigan's minions are zerg and tyranids, but that is due to the vastness of the armies. She also has many infested beings under her, and a few monstrous races that seek a queen to lead them. The Alien Queen and her aliens, as well as the Grave Mind and his flood, both serve under the Queen of Blades. Her psychic control being unmatched with the power of the Xel'Naga.

Granted Power: The Queen of blades often grants the creatures under her Mutation Strains. Having her servant Abathur modify their DNA to create a whole knew creature. Her followers may even have once been human, but after Abathur is done with them, they can no longer be classified as such. Characters can choose defensive, offensive, or utility based mutations. Such as a Alien carapace, lurker spikes, or even tyranid acid spray.

The Banshee Queen
History: Sylvanas Windrunner was once a servant to the Lich King. However, she broke free and joined up with the horde for many years. Fighting off threats along side the Warcraft Allaince, but never trusted anyone after what happened to her. She became Warcheif when the Burning Legion invaded for it's third or fourth time. However, they came with an entirely new leader, one who was even more powerful than Sargeras, it would be the Prime Evil that landed on Azeroth. Sargeras was able to come to Azeroth as well, but only under the servitude of Diablo as his General. The Burning Legion was almost vanquished again, but Diablo himself turned the tide, breaking the Horde and the Alliance. However, offering each of their leaders a place by their side, but only if they killed the other one. Surprising Sylvanas refused, as she said their is no point living without her home, people, and world. Desiring death over losing them all over again. Diablo saw her despair, and how she hated the Lich King for what he did to her, then decided that her suffering would be absolute to force her to serve him. While she was imprisoned, Diablo reforged Frostmourne in the hellfire forges of the abyss. He broke her body with his own, seeking to defile even her pride as a woman, before slaying her and binding her soul to the cursed sword. Now she is once again immortal, and bound the the very thing she hated most from her world.

Sylvanas is the only Dark Council member to be controlled by another one. Despite her having been given far more power than she ever had in life, she longs for her misery to be put to an end. Though not many can defeat her in combat anymore. Nor can she take her own life without returning to Diablo's side, which forcing her to struggle to survive in order to avoid him. Currently she bides her time in her home, pretending to be obedient when Diablo summons her, but always watching and waiting for her time to strike. Even though she feels his suspicion upon her like hungry eyes, and despite the fact that he enjoys that she hates him, her resolve is not as broken as Diablo thinks. It is only hidden by her hatred.

Kerrigan is one of the only members of the Dark Council she speaks to, as she alone understands true loss. Sylvanas seeks Kerrigan's aid, but worries that Kerrigan has an ulterior motive. Worrying that their pretend friendship is based not on sorrow and loss, but deceit and manipulation. Though their is also a ever so slight connection of femininity, as they are the only two women among a bunch of vastly powerful men.

Motivation: The Banshee Queen seeks to escape Diablo's grasp, and would do anything, to break free. She hates him with all of her might, but is forced to obey his every command. She would do anything for the person who could break her chains, but sadly. It is unknown of a power that could slay Diablo now. However, if her were to perish, that would be her sole opportunity to attempt to break the curse that binds her to him. Which is why she first seeks a way to break the curse, so that when that time comes, she will be ready.

Followers: Wraiths, ghouls, and all manner of undead serve the Banshee Queen, though most all of her hordes are not intelligent. As well, Sylvanas has no generals under her, only a handful of followers that stay under the radar, seeking to free their queen one day.

Granted Power: Sylvanas grants the a power known as Endless Knight. Becoming one of her Death Kinghts for eternity, means that even if the beings body is completely destroyed, they will rise again in her castle. Bound to the her, the same way she is bound to Diablo, though she promises to free all those who wish it once she herself is free.

SEPHIROTH, One Winged Angel
One Winged Angel
History: Sephiroth is one of the strongest members on the Dark Council. Sephiroth keeps coming back from any of his clones when they come into contact with a piece of his mother Jenova. A creature shrouded in mystery, Sephiroth believes her to be his true mother, seeking to resurrect her as a goddess to rule over all that once slew her. To do this, Sephiroth realized he needed to merge with the lifesteam, though it failed on his first attempt. He would find another world in which she could consume, in which he went traveling through the cosmos in search of. Unlike many other of members of the Dark Council, Sephiroth has not slain his rival, or even tried to. Often calling Cloud, brother, and engaging only in briefest of skirmishes. Seemingly wanting Cloud to lose everything, but not die.

Sephiroth is a highly aloof member of the Dark Council, and is almost impossible to find when they need him. Which is why his generals do most all the work in his absence. Unlike Darth Revan, his agenda is not a mystery, and unlike Diablo, he does not seem to always delight in horror and destruction. Seemingly more of a wild card, Sephiroth may be merciful one day, and ruthless the next. Never really fitting any pattern of predictability. The truth is that he suffers from partial soul loss, having it split among all his clones. Much like a lich who would bind his soul to several objects, Sephiroth has his soul divided among several clones of his, but does not even realize it. At any point after death, Jenova can reawaken her chosen spawn to rekindle him again at the exact same power level he was at, as well as obtaining any powers and abilities the clone had before its transformation. Each one of these clones is a separate entity, so they die when the One Winged Angel awakens in them. Though their memories linger in the back of Sephiroth's mind. This is one of the reasons why he gets stronger every time he is slain. That, and the fact that every death divides his soul among fewer and fewer individuals.

Sephiroth aided in slaying the Archangel Imperius, not for Diablo's sake, but because he just happened to be watching the fight and decided he was bored. Diablo left the heavens for Sephiroth to deal with and continued to Azeroth. However, after slaying Imperious, he left the others bunkered down in heaven and wandered off somewhere else. Leaving Etheral, Azreal, Tryreal, and Malphel alive to fight another day. Never telling Diablo that he didn't finish the job.

Motivation: Undetermined at times. The only consistency in his goals and convictions seems to be the revival of Jenova. Which takes him to several Homeworlds in search of a means to do this. Rarely does he bring any champions or armies with him. Any means to resurrect a god would most certainly get his attention, and his favor if an ally were to do this for him. Though he might start referring to them as family, calling them brother or sister from that point on.

Followers: The list of people who follow Sephiroth are actually quite random. The One Winged Angel does not have criteria, and lets anyone and anything join his ranks. This causes many problems, as they have been the only army exposed to have spies in their ranks more than once.

Granted Power:Materia is the most common boon this member of the Dark Council bestows. Though often it is random of what type they may receive. Sometimes fitting their ordinance, and sometimes not matching them at all. (player chooses)

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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Deciding between Renegade Femshep under Revan or Bayonetta under Giovanni.

Give me the night to think about it and I'll have an official decision.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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Dammit, you folks whipping out new ideas n stuff that look appealing all the time.

Gonna have my eye on this.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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I may join in, though if I do, it'll be as an original character.  Maybe a Lich.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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Kinda had this for my first impulse for a potential character. Utterly horrifying.

I'll see moving forward, but interested in any case.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2016, 08:40:19 AM »
I am in

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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*peeks head in*

I'm kinda interested in this too. Dunno what to play though. My kneejerk reaction is Genocide Frisk, but I've been focusing on UT a whole lot. I'll have to think about it.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
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Karoline Denton
MASTER: Albert Wesker.

HOMEWORLD: Command And Conquer. With the infection by the Green Crystal, known as "Tiberium", eating its way through the world most of it has become a Yellow Zone, barely capable of handling Human habitation the Green crystal has permanently changed the land and caused much strife and conflict, dividing the planet between two factions. The Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of NOD. Both fight over the still viable lands of Earth and over the power locked within Tiberium itself.

APPEARANCE: Karoline is a blonde woman who isn't known for wearing makeup. She spent most of her life in the Yellow Zones of her homeworld, helping fight for NOD, she didn't have time to worry about looking pretty. The only style she ever cares about really is her hair, alternating its length and whether she would prefer to let it hang free or in a ponytail.

SEXUALITY: Same as Player.
PERSONALITY: She is a devout follower in the words of Kane. Having grown up in the Yellow Zone, listening to the false promises of GDI, standing in line for hours for their rationed food. She felt abandoned by the Blue Zones, but NOD was always there. Karoline isn't afraid to throw her muscle around, and growing up around people who had little reason to be polite she developed a dry sense of humor and an inability to keep her comments to herself.

She does not like seeing the poor and disadvantaged abused or harmed, and isn't afraid of insulting any rich boy or girl who got by on Mommy and Daddie's money, if they get on her nerves. She grew up constantly afraid of where her next meal would come from or if a cut from a rusty nail would kill her, there is nothing they can do to scare her.

HISTORY: Karoline grew up without a father in the Yellow Zones of Earth, in what used to be Texas/Mexico. She only had her mother to take care of her and only other poor street kids to get to know. All around her there was lawlessness, war and anarchy as the only source of Government was who had the biggest gun and thugs. The Global defense Initiative only ever came around for the occasional good will campaign and to deal with anyone they suspected of working with NOD. GDI paid more attention to what happened within their own borders and keeping their people in comfort and luxury, than what happened to those stuck outside of their precious Blue Zones. The relief food they delivered to the yellow zones wasn't very good and medical care was non existent.

Karoline first learned of the wisdom of Kane and the Glory of nod when some of NODs militia men came into town one day with big trucks loaded to the brim with food, water and medicine! Despite some of the things Kane had done in the past, he wasn't a monster, to many of the forgotten and disenfranchised in the wastelands, he was a savior.

When he local Cartels came to steal the supplies graciously gifted to them by NOD, the soldiers remained behind and put the Cartel goons down with skill and training that, while not as good as that of GDI soldiers, was still superior to anything that the usual thugs of the wasteland had. It wasn't long before Karoline's town became one on the usual route of NOD soldiers, keeping their territory safe in the name of Kane. It was only inevitable for Karoline to join the ranks of Kane's glorious organization. Especially after a statue of Kane was placed in the center of town, spouting words of wisdom at odd occasions and inspiring hope in everyone for a better tomorrow.

When Karoline enlisted in Kane's Militia she served as part of a rifle squad, going on patrols and fighting bandits, cartels, Mutants and even the occasional GDI squad. It was during one of those missions that Karoline's squad checked a building, only for the floor to collapse beneath them, and they fell into a basement full of nothing but Tiberium. One unlucky  militiaman was impaled upon a particularly sharp crystal, the rest either died from its radioactive properties,or  mutated into horrible monsters. But not Karoline, she managed to crawl out of the basement completely unharmed, a fact that still had her labeled as a 'Mutant' and placed in the brig. She didn't know what to think, this was something new. Luckily she wouldn't be stuck in the brig long, as the Veil was soon to come down.

The moment the veil that separated all the worlds went down, Karoline's world was under attack by an outside force and the Brotherhood was stretched thin trying to defend their territory as the Hierarchy invaded their world. They pushed in on all sides, gaining orbital superiority and pushing GDI to the breaking point. The fighting was so bad they were more than willing to give in to Kane's demands for the aid of him and The Brotherhood of NOD.

With access to Ion canons and NODs own advances in Tiberium technology, they managed to defeat the Hierarchy, destroying many of their mother ships before the fighting was brought to a halt by an outside force. The Brotherhood of NOD would find itself one of the forces working for Albert Wesker as Kane sought out a mutually beneficial relationship with him, an alliance of sorts. And Karoline would find herself with two masters to serve. Kane, and Wesker.

POWERS: -Radiation Immunity - The Tiberium has made her immune to radiation.
-Tiberium Rounds - She can craft bullets made from the mysterious crystals and some left over iron and gunpowder. When they hit a person they irradiate them and begin to grow inside of their bodies, damaging their organs. When the round hits a machine enemy they still cause damage due to the shards growing and getting stuck in gears and components.

+ Virus Strain: With her service to Albert Wesker and her odd mutation thanks to Tiberium, Karoline has been gifted one of the many strains of viruses within his possession. She doesn't know what it does, but lately she has started to feel better, faster, stronger.

SKILLS: Marksman, survivalist.

FLAWS: Lack of education, Human weaknesses.

INVENTORY: Assault Rifle, Pistol side arm, Ammunition Bandolier, Concentrated Tiberium crystals.

Let me know if I need to make any changes or such.
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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #10 on: October 12, 2016, 12:11:45 PM »
Thanks people for the interest!

Now I would prefer for everyone to pick a different Council Member to apprentice under. Cause the main point is that bad guys are working together with other bad guys. So hopefully this will work, but I know some might be more popular than others.

Very nice LB, if she is under Wesker, she also has obtained Virus Strain, power. Meaning her body can have mastered the same Virus he has or one of the parasitic ones.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #11 on: October 12, 2016, 02:49:49 PM »
Alright. I'm playing Bayonetta, fuck Femshep.

With that in mind... I'm probably not going to pick Giovanni. I want to pick someone that isn't going to share a council member (because I'm selfish) but I'm unsure who.

Anyone suggestions?

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #12 on: October 12, 2016, 03:24:50 PM »
I think I've decided on someone. It'll probably be a follower of Giovanni.

With that in mind... I'm probably not going to pick Giovanni. I want to pick someone that isn't going to share a council member (because I'm selfish) but I'm unsure who.

Anyone suggestions?
Alduin might be a good choice, since he attracts mages and Bayo is a witch.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #13 on: October 12, 2016, 03:26:50 PM »
Don't hate me but I'm actually considering Dracula, mostly because I have a fun idea for her transformation...

-pokes pokes- Who have you decided on?

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #14 on: October 12, 2016, 03:30:54 PM »
Either a certain morally ambiguous spider, or
This thug right here

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #15 on: October 12, 2016, 03:35:09 PM »
Either a certain morally ambiguous spider, or
This thug right here

A thug thigh gap?

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2016, 03:39:22 PM »

Clearly, the gap is for holding his massive circles!

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #17 on: October 12, 2016, 03:49:29 PM »
I am going to be playing this Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear. Making him a merc for money, more so than he already was.

Sol Badguy

He can fit under 4-5 different Masters, so I am going to wait for others to pick first.
« Last Edit: October 12, 2016, 03:54:07 PM by Blue Nova »

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #18 on: October 12, 2016, 03:56:25 PM »
He can fit under 4-5 different Masters, so I am going to wait for others to pick first.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #19 on: October 12, 2016, 04:40:52 PM »
Okay, so this is awesome and I already know who I want to play.

The question is...what dark lord would Carmen Sandiego serve!?

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #20 on: October 12, 2016, 04:55:10 PM »
Okay, so this is awesome and I already know who I want to play.

The question is...what dark lord would Carmen Sandiego serve!?

Whatever power you want her have.  ;) She could have magical artifacts under Ganon, dark pokemon under Giovanni, or even be a android under Sovereign. It is meant for you to be able to have many creative liberties with them.  ;D

Online BarbaraGordon

Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #21 on: October 12, 2016, 05:25:24 PM »
Talked over this concept with Nova and hashed out the current body for it. Hopefully everyone likes it.

MASTER: Diablo

HOMEWORLD: Diablo. Embrace is from one of the levels of hell mostly forgotten, where Diablo conducts some of his worst and most sinister experiments on fallen foes and friends alike, as much for his own pleasure as for the pursuit of power.

APPEARANCE: Describe what your character looks like. If you are picking a character from a game, describe any changes to their appearance you want.

PERSONALITY: Embrace is generally cocky, relying on her abilities to preserve her, and thus is quick to dismiss the “planners” and ones who would hesitate into battle rather then rush headlong in. She always has a sarcastic, or snide remark ready for anyone. She also enjoys in cruel behavior, or even behavior that would make a hooker blush, if nothing to else then to make her host scream inside her head.   

HISTORY: Embrace was one of the first creatures created after the war began, in an attempt to create an entire race of demonic foot soldiers, spies, and overwhelm the enemy. Her master, Diablo, experimented for days and nights with pieces of fallen, and stolen, allies and foes. Wesker’s works in genetics proved most helpful in this regard, as did pieces of Cydaea’s soul. Even the techno organic monstrosity SHODAN’s existence helped his research into creating this..thing. Infusing this new proto life with his demonic energy, she was dubbed Embrace. Perhaps it was Cydaea’s soul working it’s way in her, but the creature that came forth from the pool of sludge seemed to identify it self as being female.

If nothing else, to see heroines suffer in torment, her master accommodated her preferences and provided her with several choices in host to begin with. She started with Rebecca Thane, leader of the renegade group Black November. Perverting and corrupting them from freedom fighters to terrorists. Innocent bystanders became acceptable casualties. Then facilities that had no ties to villainy but to good were destroyed. When it was suspected something was amiss, she gathered what remained of the group and detonated several city blocks in order to ensure she wiped them all out. She escaped down a sewer drain at the last moment, allowing herself to enjoy Rebecca’s screams before returning home.

Pleased with the results his creature had achieved, Diablo used several resources at his disposal to capture her a more powerful, more suitable host body for harder, more striking missions. She would be as much a symbol of immorality to the enemy as she would be a tool to strike out at them.

She was given Samus.

POWERS: Body control: Embrace can jump in and out of a host body at will, providing enough time is allowed for her to do so. While in control the Embrace personality is dominate, allowing her to subvert the host while making them watch all she does.

Exosuit: Embrace currently controls Samus, who controls the powerful Exosuit. Though by no means indestructible, it allows her access to
most of the suit’s abilities.

Hellfire: Diablo has imbued Samus’ armor with hellfire, allowing her to utilize the demonic energy. Embrace chooses to allow the pain to continue to seep in, but forces it upon her host mind rather then her own, finding it a delicious irony.

SKILLS: Embrace remembers all the hosts memories from any previous host. Her true form allows her to slip past most unnoticed.

FLAWS: Overconfidence, her “immortality” can at times make her reckless. It takes several seconds, or minutes even to place herself in (through any available orifice) a new host and acclimate, leaving her vulnerable in this state. In the Samus body she is vulnerable to anything a human woman would be.

INVENTORY: Exosuit, Zero suit. Inventory will vary depending on host body.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #22 on: October 12, 2016, 05:43:52 PM »
Okay, so this is awesome and I already know who I want to play.

The question is...what dark lord would Carmen Sandiego serve!?


Better question, Where in the world is Bibs?!

I'm so happy you're back, but I think that Carmen would work well with Ganondorf because of artifacts reasons.

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #23 on: October 12, 2016, 05:56:01 PM »
Currently torn between a Male Shepard and a Dark Brotherhood incarnation of the Dovahkiin...

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Re: Agents of Darkness [Interest Check/Recruitment]
« Reply #24 on: October 12, 2016, 06:13:00 PM »
I'm interested in playing this game. I'm considering playing as either T-elos from Xenosaga or Morrigan from Dark Stalkers