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Author Topic: The Chronicles of the Deamonbane (M searching for F) Many, many Ideas!  (Read 2582 times)

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Alright, I've decided to do a little cleanup on this thread to make it more user/reader-friendly!

Anyway... I tend to post at the very least once a week... please feel free to poke me if it takes longer than that, and if I am still around, I will explain whatever unforseen circumstances that threw my writing out of wack. I post according to the time in which I received a post most of the time. I try to adhere to that, and if I don't, and you don't approve, I am sorry, but I cannot write with you. I need understanding partners. Anyway, I am always open to being poked over some discrepancy in my work, and I expect you to be as well. Don't get pissed!

I like being in regular contact with the people I write with, but, please note, this is absolutely not a requirement. If you would rather just keep it a story, I am fine with that, and will completely understand.

Anything else before I get to the fun stuffs? Oh yes...

I primarily do M/F. I can't write a woman to save my life, and I have tried... if you would be willing to try something like that with me, I would be open to practice, but be warned... I am not a woman, therefore my views into a woman's mind might be a little wierd, and you may correct me on that as you will. M/M... Yes, I would be and have been willing to try, with pretty good results.

I tend to write plot based stories. Sex is awesome, heavenly, and... well, sexy, but having a plot simply based around sex does not appeal to me as a rule. I can and have done it before, but it would only be with writers that I trust, know, and am in regular contact with. BDSM is still a new world for me, note, and while it has its fun, I am still tentative to it. So please, bear with me. The plots that I tend to like include violence, sexual tension, unrequited love, the works...

I guess that is all? I think so... I will be adding plots around here as they come along in my highly frantic brain, and if you are interested, please PM me about it. DO NOT post your interest here. My Thread!*grins*

Before the Seven Hills
Troy has fallen to the trickery of the Greeks. Agamemnon has triumped, at a heavy cost, but now the army he commands is raping, pillaging, burning and looting the countryside around the once great City. Many have escaped. Paris, killer of the Great Achilles, has fallen, and his love, the beautiful Helen is being taken back to Greece. Led by Helikaon Aeneas, a small group of Trojans have escaped the destruction of their city. Andromache, the wife to Hector, is at his side, with a cunning mind. Helen, almost a sister to the both of them, must be rescued.

(Characters played: Me - Aeneas, You - Andromache and (if you like) Helen)

Shut Up and Drive
Taken from the Premise of Death Race, failed after the death of it's runner and head, a new prison is bringing in from penitentiaries all over the world the best fighters, drivers, and gunners that can be found for an all new presentation of it. With men fighting in rings, driving with heavily armored and armed cars, the next few presentations of Death Games are all the rage, people all of the world clamoring to watch and bet.

Carl Lucas, formerly known as Frankenstein and escaped convict, has just be caught attempting to enter the United States and his past as Frankenstein is discovered. This past, made more popular due to his raucus escape from prison, make him a prime cadidate for the Death Games, and, more importantly, a target for the rest of the competitors.

Wakey Wakey
Former Special forces fighter, in the distant future has lost his legs in combat. Bitter, depressed, gone to drugs and alcohol for solace. But a new chance is presented to him. A cryo-sleep that has can make his lost limbs grow back has just been invented, and needs someone to test it. He is the first applicant, and is accepted. But there are rules. He will be held intact for a long time in the cryo-sleep, even if the regrowing of his lost legs will only take fifteen years, and he will be as good as new. He agrees, signs the papers, and is put to sleep. But something happens. Ten years into his Cryo sleep, the great nation for which he fought for has descended into the largest war in it's history, and it forgets all about the sleeping soldier.

Five hundred years later, the war has ended, and the world has changed. He is found and awakened. What will he find in this strange new world?

( I really want this one, if the concept is still a little vague... we would work on plots, world building etc... if you choose to accept... you could play the soldier, the person that finds him, or someone that needs his help once he is found... the sky is the limit in this one...)

Night Terrors
A young woman. Her father and mother were never there. She was an orphan. And yet, not your regular orphan. Intelligent beyond compare, slick, a natural leader. The only thing holding her back would be a violent streak that she tends to have. Still, she becomes an officer of the law. All goes well for her there. She has everything she will ever need in life. But she dreams of more. And she gets it. A serial killer get's captured in her town, and yet he doesn't seem quite like the serial killer type. He tells a crazy story though. Involving monsters, vampires, lycans, the like. But when he sees her, his expression changes. He seems to recognize her...

The Games Gods Play
She, a goddess, is bored. How could she be bored? Well, it is simple. There is nothing to do in the heavens, at least nothing fun to do. So she takes on the shape of a woman, immortal though she is, mortal is what she appears. But still, as beautiful as a goddess. Kings fell to her beauty. She took over the world with he beauty, with her charisma, with her skill. Her lover, another god, left her as he did not like what she had become. She shunned him as well. How could he not love a goddess?

And yet, years later, she became bored again. Sports were made to entertain her. Gladiatorial sports spread over the country as the new rage. The best from every land were brought to her, for her games. One man rose above the rest. Still a mortal, she thought, and was bored... until she saw him... he looked so familiar... so much like... her former lover.

What Meets the Eye
She works in an Asylum. When she was hired by the government after getting her degree in criminal psychology, she thought she was going to be doing something exciting, like working in the CIA, FBI, catching criminals, the kind that she read about in novels and watched in Movies and TV series. But no. Here she was, granted in a location in which she could not disclose, treating men that had been served their country, and lost their minds over it. It was nice, and patriotic... but it wasn't what she had gone to school for. But she slugs it out, hoping, somewhere along the line, that something will come along, what she has dreamed of.

Eventually, she notices one of the patients. He isn't particularly handsome. He doesn't have nice muscles. He first caught her attention because... well, he didn't look like he belonged. He made an effort to keep himself looking nice, and sharp, and presentable. Always greeting her, always cordial, polite. Out of curiosity, she looked into his file, and was surprised to find... well nothing. He wasn't a veteran. He wasn't former... anything. For all intents and purposes...

He was normal? So why was he there?

The Fighter
He has a dead-end job. What could be expected from an ex-con? He was in jail for helping his brother, but who would believe him?  He was out of prison. He met a girl in a bar. Her parents were devout Catholics, so after a drunken and very exciting night in the hay, and when they found out she was pregnant, marriage was the only option. And so he married her. Not that they loved each other or anything, but they did want their daughter to live in a united household. But things were tough. Her parents were rich, by comparison, anyway, and he could tell that his loving wife was chomping at the bit for something better. So he went and did something that he hated. Something that he swore he wouldn't do again since he left prison: Illegal ring fighting.

She is from a rich family, rich enough for her to be supported by her parents while she tries a career at journalism. And she gets her big break: An undercover story offered to her by her editor on illegal ring fighting. She would be reporting to the police as well, and she would be given a whole 30 minutes coverage in a national television if she can pull it off. She is that good. So she agrees, not telling her folks the details involving this 'Awesome job'. And, so like everything she does in life, she dives right into it, working hard to get one bad ass new story. She even goes so far as to go to one of the bars that have the ring fights, and watch several of the fights.

And then she sees him fighting in the ring...

Agent Hunt - Not Currently Available
We can't find him. That's the whole truth of it. He just disappeared without a trace, along with a special package that he was supposed to have delivered to us. We don't know if he has disappeared. He might have been found, captured, and/or killed, and we aren't sure. The psychoanalysts in charge of the case have not put it beyond him to use that package that he has found as a ticket to disappear, a rich man, and we cannot risk that. We need you to track him down, kill him if you have to, but retrieve that package. At all costs.

He knows every trick in the book... hell, he wrote the goddamned book. That's why we need you. You are a natural, and he doesn't know you, he doesn't know who you are, and what you're doing going after him. You're unpredictable. Which makes you the only chance we have at getting him back. Not only is there a huge financial reward for his capture, but we can erase your past, give you a new life, and makes sure that they never come after you again.

If you think you can do it, a file with everything we have on him will arrive in you email account 12 after your return message.

Darkness Follows - Potential as a Group RP Idea as well
Earth has been taken over. Aliens came from a nearby Galaxy, and in a quick and bloodless battle, took the earth, enslaving the human race. Tales of what they did once removing all living things, which took about 10 rotations, or as they used to be termed 'years', were everywhere. Most believed that they had torched the place, making it inhabitable, as to keep their newfound slaves from dreaming of escaping back. Other said that they removed all larger life forms, allowing the trees and smaller animals to evolve and make it their earth. Others said that they had been colonized, more said that earth was now a giant factory, being used to promote more takeovers of more worlds. But stories were useless. Humans couldn't escape. They didn't know how to. So, after a few examples were made, they resolved to not resist their new masters. They were allowed to mate at a reasonable rate, given food, drink, and not worked too hard. Drugs were given to make them more submissive, and to allow them to take on their jobs with more heartiness. They were seen, by their new masters as cattle, pets, taking all forms of uses in their new society.

Until, oddly enough, in the eyes of their new masters, with the help of the drugs that they had been given, their evolution process began to accelerate. At first it was only one or two, here or there, ones that grew increasingly resistant to the drugs, learning faster, some even managed to escape the atmosphere of their new world, only to get shot down. After that, intensive genetic checkups were mandatory for all humans and human owners.

But one or two, here and there escaped the notice of their overlords...

Opposing Forces
They grew up together. How they managed that, only God knows. She was rich, pampered, royalty of the state, her father the rich owner of oil companies both foreign and domestic, and her mother was a supermodel. He was the kid of the groundskeeper, and they met as he was helping his father with his work on a school holiday. She was bored, her friends all traveling elsewhere and she sickened, forced to stay home for the holidays. So they got to talking and a friendship quickly bonded between the two of them. They grew into their teen years, and as her parents saw this friendship budding at first, they thought it was quite adorable, but as thoughts that such a friendship between a boy and a girl growing into puberty might turn into something a bit more romantic, her parents sought for a way to end the friendship in as smooth a way as possible.

And then something happened. Something that marked them very deeply. Something that they never spoke to anybody else about. So deep was it that it thoroughly derailed their relationship, and she was sent off to a boarding school, and they never saw each other again.

10 years later, and instead of following in his father's footsteps working for her family, he became a police detective, and a fairly successful one. During a time that the police were investigating a certain vigilante character, a kind of guy that sneaked around in the shadows, face covered by a deep hood, and went about doing good and catching bad guys. Seen as something of a hero to the populace of the city. About that time, she returns, successful after studying law, and with a little help from her father, a heavy hitter in one of the largest law firms in the country. They don't run in the same circles, but they run into each other on the street, him investigating the that vigilante, her busy with some sort of family business. Her father was very ill, see? They agree to meet for dinner the very next day.

None of Your Business
Times are tough all around, and all people are having a rough time of things. Economy, politics, all sorts of crap happening all over the world, but she didn't care much. She had married well, her hubby the young head of a prestigious law firm, and it had been well known that their's had been a marriage of convenience, their parents both setting them up together early on. They had never been close, so drifting apart hadn't been an option, and they had never really gotten together. Sure, a few nights a week they shared a bed and sometimes that led to some fun, but most of the time they were only married for show. They were both very discrete about all of this, of course.

Until one night she decided to fuck it all. On her hubby's credit card, she ordered a party at their house while he was away on a business trip. She was bored, she got drunk and the next morning she woke up with a pounding hangover. And she thought that that had been all of it, memories of the night before a bit hazy. It had been a good time, and that was all she remembered.

Until later along in the week, she finds out that her husband had secretly hired a PI to investigate his wife pending a divorce, and that this PI was now in the possession of some very compromising photos of just what had happened during that party.

Make a Wish
He works, he breathes, he eats, he sleeps. He even has a job and a bank account, but few know of his true secret. Well, secrets. Lots of them. One of a lost species, the kind that was lost in the deep reaches of time and space. They were called the Djinn in their time, Genies and other such names being adapted to them. One of the most powerful creatures in existence, a long time ago their was controlled and cursed. Cursed so that they were never allowed to use it themselves. Only someone that was not their kind, holding their pendant, anything from a gold coin to a vase or even a house for some, would be able to wield their powers through them.

Of course, as time went on, they were lost in history because, as all should know, a Djinn can only die when his pendant is destroyed, and if a Djinn touches his own pendant. Their powers became myths, some even saying of them giving only three wishes to those who controlled them.

His own had been lost for a long, long time, buried beneath the sands of the great Egyptian Empire, and he felt he was finally free. His brothers and sisters had all died as their pendants fell into the hands of those that knew nothing of what they held, destroying them, breaking them down, melting them for gold. He was lucky. One of the few.

But, one night, he felt the tug of his pendant, the first time in thousands of years, and he had to answer it's call.

Murky Darkness
The Church had never been the forgiving type. Their gratitude was short lived, but their memories towards Grievances had a long, long life. It was why they hated the witches so much. The reason of the Church's meteoric rise to power in the world, the Witches and Wizards were the ones behind the scenes, helping destiny along it's merry path, Until they saw what the Church had become on the inside, and quickly decided to have nothing to do with it, thinking that, knowing of their power, the Church would leave them alone.

No such luck.

Witches and Wizards were quickly declared to be traitors, blasphemers, and just about anything. The Tales of horrors that they had unleashed grew with each telling, and, sadly most of it was true. However, the tellers of the tales failed to mention that these powerful beings had done so with the blessing of the Church. Witch-hunts were quickly formed and, through sheer numbers, they managed to take down a handful of those most powerful Magic-wielders, and all those that came forward as Witch-killers were well rewarded for their efforts.

As time went by, a troop of warrior monks were trained in the ways of defeating Magic, men and women whose sole task was the hunting down of the remnants of those that had been trained in Magic, and destroying them, burning them. They were largely successful, but one night, a troop of these monks were ambushed by their quarry and all but one had been destroyed. All but one, a younger monk whom had seen it fit to run for his life into the forest, not caring about the famed dangers to be found in the forest. Night was cold and it was raining, so the young Monk found his way into some shelter, a cave to spend the night in.

He wasn't alone in that cave.

Beauty and the Beast
She is an ordinary country girl, or so it would seem on paper. In reality, she is a woman with enviable beauty, smart, sharp and intelligent, every man's favorite. But she has no intention of remaining in the country. She has her eyes on the world outside, wanting more than just a quaint country life, although she is sure that she could accommodate that if her father wants it. Mother dead, her father fighting a daily battle to keep food on their table, her in school, and still trying to be a good father. While not as 'there' as he should be, he does a downright decent job of being a father for her. He loves her dearly and knows of her dream, so when the offer to work in a household of quite a bit of repute in the city, he reluctantly gives her his blessing to go.

She arrives in the city and is introduced as the new maid in the household. The people in the household are warm and accepting, and her main job is to keep the elderly lady of the house company. Both women immediately hit it off, both fiercely intelligent and with wits as sharp as well honed blades, so when the young woman notes that the top floor of the house is cordoned off, with none of the servants allowed to come close to the shut door, except for a meal 3 times a day. The Mystery eats at the young woman for a long time until the matron of the house is invited to a party at another prestigious house, along with her son.

The first time she sees this son, a chill runs down her spine. Handsome, darkly so, with well refined features and well kept face, there is something inherently... off about him. His smile is just a bit too icy, his moves just a bit too fluid, his voice chilling and heartwarming at the same time. He seems well acquainted with everyone in his mother's circle of friends, as well as having quite a few of his own despite the fact that the young country woman never saw him before. His eyes, a chilling blue, have a look of haunting and repressed pain that oddly terrifies and intrigues the young woman, and she is now determined to find out this young man's history and, of course, why no one, not even his mother, is allowed up into what he called his "Sanctuary."

(Sooooo much to work with here... we could go with something truly supernatural and fairy-tale based, involving vampires, werewolves, or something else entirely, or we could go to the darker supernatural theme, possession, exorcism, the works, or we could just approach it from the human angle, a beast in human form... and we could also explore just where his 'mother' fits into all of this, as well as all of the staff...)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
(Yes, I know this movie was based off of the Victor Hugo book, but damn, they changed so much and yet managed to come up with such a compelling story line, with an unusual and uncommon protagonist, and one awesome villain. So yeah, the idea I came up with might be even more warped and altered, but dammit, it is a good idea! I think so anyway... So, a fantasy twist on a well known dark tale just sent shivers all the way down my spine...)

The Dark Ages are a recent memory in everyone's mind. Everyone remembers the Vampires in Eastern Europe, the Lycans in the North, the Wendol, also known as trolls, in further East and North than anyone cares to remember, Witches in the south and many more. The Church rose to the challenge, a shining beacon of light, hope, protection and civilization in the dark times. They spread their faith, their hope and a blanket of protection over all those that would be baptized, and, in time, these creatures that were stuff of nightmares eventually faded from the lives of the common folk in Europe, but certainly not from their memories. From time to time sightings were called in, a huge uproar caused and, very occasionally, a true threat revealed and quickly dealt with. But as time passed, these occasions became fewer and further between.

Until a Gypsy camp is travelling through the wilds of Romania and they hear a commotion near the mountains. A crowd has gathered, and fear is rank in them, as a witch is told to have taken refuge in the caves there. She fights back but is eventually overwhelmed and tied to a stake and burned. But a secret is revealed to these gypsies, and she was not alone in that cave. They return to it to find a bundle of her clothes moving about.

And what they find is both horrifying and amazing. Not quite troll, but not quite human, a hideous creature, immensely strong, is found there. Without the heart to kill this... thing, they bring him along with them. A Gypsy woman, already a mother of a young daughter, takes the child in as her own. The child is half starved and takes to it's new mother with much affection.

Tragedy strikes in Paris however, and the mother is also accused of witchcraft and burned to the stake. Her young daughter is left alone, but the Bishop in charge of her burning finds the monster among her things and takes it away to dispose of it. Such an abomination cannot be allowed to live, after all, an affront to God. But kindness, in an odd fashion, works it's way into the bishop's heart as well, and he cannot put his heart to murdering the beast. But he cannot allow it to live like he does now. So, locked up in the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral, he is cared for and taught by the bishop, but never allowed to forget what he is, and never allowed to leave his Sanctuary. The cost for all of this? Once he is able, he rings the church bells whenever told.

Years pass. 20 of them.

A young Gypsy woman, with the scarring event of watching her mother burned to death deeply burned into her mind, she appears a bit odder than the rest of her group. She almost refuses to return to Paris with them, that image too deeply held in her mind. But she returns and finds the place more... mellow than she remembers. A festival is being held, and they are being paid to be a part of it. And so she throws herself fully into her duties, loving her work. But, come Sunday, everyone goes to Church. And, as not to be singled out in suspicion, the gypsies go as well.

All is fine in this young woman's world until she looks up into the tower and sees the tall, muscular, warped figure  high in the tower. None ever look up, but she does, and the sight of his sparks something... odd in her mind, memories long given up as childish. Of a creature that she had held in her arms as a little girl.

Let it Go!
The kingdom of Arendelle is finally at peace, the winter being expelled and it's queen Elsa finally taking her place at the throne as a righteous and loved queen. Her sister, also well loved, marrying a commoner, the oaf Kristoff would have been something of an uproar, but after his role in helping the princess and queen lift the winter, the people of Arendelle turned a blind eye to it, accepting the young man as a their prince just fine, and for the moment, with trade flourishing, the people happy, it seemed like this peace was here to stay.

But like all moments, it would pass. While it seemed like Elsa, Anna and their Queendom had no enemies to speak of, one in particular, Hans, the youngest prince among thirteen, managed to escape his confines and, with the help of his many contacts back home, met with an emissary of assassins in the Middle East named the Hashishin, paying him an immense amount to end the life of the Ice Queen.

And this dark order of assassins sent their finest to the Northern lands to fulfill this contract, but what neither the Assassin or the Ice Queen know is that something far darker is in the works, something that will force these two polar opposites to join forces if either of them are to survive.

Catch Me If You Can
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He’s on the run. He’s done this before, of course, but it isn’t easy. He’s stolen a priceless artifact from someone that you really shouldn’t steal priceless things from, and he needs to get out of the country before he is caught red handed. He is in a hotel that he has a previous arrangement with over not using his real name, and he is lying low, waiting for the moment to strike.

She is a politician’s daughter. International woman, raised to be at the head of her game, all the time. But she’s tired. Photo shoots with celebrities and other politicians, travelling around incessantly, being groomed to be just like mum and dad, trained to be under the spotlight all the time. She’s tired of it, tired of having her whole life planned ahead of time by industrious assistants. She wants to have fun, go on an adventure, live on the lam for a bit. Just those thoughts are running through her head as she eyes a ruggedly handsome man across the bar.

One really should be careful over what one wishes for.

Do Not Feed the Werewolves
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Brothers. You’d hate them if you didn’t love them. This one in particular is being a dreadful nuisance. He’s rushing off around town, making scenes, getting into fights… clawing people’s chests open. Yeah, that’s what werewolves do when they’re cranky and excited. That’s what werewolves do when they lose their mates. He would have sympathized with his brother’s plight if he hadn’t been tasked by daddy to go and find said brother and end his killing spree before people start getting a whiff of these supernatural killings. They might get smart.

She’s an INTERPOL agent. Never really having had much more to do at her job than running around trying to track international criminals through paperwork, she wants a real case. Something exciting, something thrilling. Something… like a string of particularly brutal murders that are popping up around Europe? Yes, something like that. She’s tasked with acquainting this villain with INTERPOL sleeping quarters, and she’s on the job like a hound after a….

She finally catches up with him. She reaches the scene of the crime right after it happens, finding a young, rather large man looking over the evidence there first,” Hey! That’s my Crime scene!”

Win Me My Kingdom
She was barely a woman when it happened. She is princess, born and raised in the lap of luxury, but her father knew that it wouldn't last, and he was right. When she was 17, she watched her father's Kingdom crumble under the weight of the Powerful Empire, and eventually, she was forced to watch, when the capital city was taken, as her father and mother were publicly executed to the cheers of the people that had once been their subjects.

But she wasn't any other petite little flower princess. Since she could stand, she had been taught to fight by the finest blademen in the world, and she was a consummate actress. She escaped her bonds, with the help of those still loyal to her family, and she was hidden. However, something went wrong, and word spread that she had escaped before they were able to smuggle her out of the city, so they were stuck. They couldn't leave, with the gates and the ports too heavily guarded, and it was only a matter of time until the Emperor's men found her.

That was when she met him. Well, they had met before, as they had been trained by the same blademaster. He was the son of a lesser nobleman, and apparently possessing a skill with the blade that few could match. He was young, he was reckless, and he was filled with dreams of honor and glory, and he still felt loyalty to her family, as his own had been murdered by the current regime, and he proves a useful ally. His father, a famed smuggler who had bought his nobility, had taught the boy how to escape the city unnoticed. With intentions to use this boy to get her out of the city, she finds herself somewhat attached to him, enamored with his sense of chivalry and honor. But she still has her plot. She has every intention to take back the kingdom that was stolen from her family, to take revenge on those that would have seen her humiliated and executed. She has plans to rule, and while this young man appears to be completely devoted to her... does he have the same place in her plans as he does in her heart?

(The idea for this RP would at first be a simple cat-and-mouse, where the princess and her loyal noble are scurrying about the city and then the countryside, trying to survive, heading for some allies of her father's that are deep in the northern highlands. They laugh, they talk, they fight, and for once the princess feels like she is with an equal, not a man wanting her dead or naked, but a friend. However, when it becomes apparent that the allies will only join with her over promises of marriage and positions in her new kingdom, she must choose between her vengeance and her friend (or lover, depending on how you want it to play out).)

Picture Inspirations
The White Forest

The Forgotten Cathedral

Faceless Warrior - (Warning, Large Picture)

We'll Have a Little Fun Instead
Jack Frost, accepting his place as one of the Guardians is now the Guadian of Fun Times. However, he takes his job very seriously. He finds that the once defeated Pitch Black a.k.a. The Bogeyman, is travelling back in time to a past form of himself to undermine the efforts of the Guardians in defeating him. What he plans to do is unknown, but Jack is sent back to find Pitch and stop home, hopefully.

He ends up in Renaissance Norway, in the Kingdom of Arendelle...

(Yeah yeah, another Jack Frost/Elsa working, but I thought a twist might help things out a bit. Because Frost would be going back to a time when he wasn't believed in, he would be invisible to all but Elsa, for reasons that I cannot tell because... you know, spoilers.)

One Shot Ideas

What a Woman
Image Inspirations

Of course, you can select another image inspiration for your character.

What a Woman

Human. I'm flexible as to how it goes. Hints of fantasy.

How could things have gone this wrong?

The Legendary Ninth Legion had gone unbeaten through the entire campaign through Gaul. Their warriors had been brave, but unorganized. The battles were brief, but served to inflate the egos of the Ninth's legionaries. Then they moved into Britannia, a country that had been plagued by revolts for a long time now. The Ninth lands on the shores of the Land of the Mist, confident that they would correct the deviant ways of these barbarians soon enough.

Enter your character. She is a legend among men. The daughter of a goddess, it is said. Her skill with the blade is legendary, her tactical skill without peer (Insert her having killed a giant, troll or dragon here, if you like. A seeress or magicker of some kind would be fun too). She has united many of the northern Britannic tribes into a fighting machine that the Ninth does not expect. One a misty morning as the Legion marches through a wood, they are attacked. A blood and overly brief battle ensues, with what remains of the Romans running in fear, men who have stood before larger forces and impossible odds without flinching soiling themselves as they run for their lives. All but one. A centurion, on his horse, drives his men forward into the barbarian horde, drawing them away from the retreating forces. He is forced from his mount where he proves his martial skill by defeating six of the finest warriors of the Iceni tribes, when, as all of his men lie dead at his feet, the golden eagle of the ninth still standing behind him, the barbarians hold off on their attack. The centurion is confused for a minute until he sees this Warrior Woman ride forward on her black stallion.

Ancient Rome. Slight fantasy, if it interests you. If not, taking a little lee-way with historical facts.

Well rounded characters on both sides. I don't need long posts, just two or three paragraphs per post. Giving me something to work with in your posts would be appreciated.

Name: Revenge

Content: NC-Human, at most.

Scenario: It's her wedding day. Everything's going to be perfect. Sure, the guy isn't what she had always dreamed, but they never are. Love isn't an issue in this marriage. Convenience (work or parents arranging the marriage since when they were tykes?) is what dictated that the marriage take place, but there's no reason that she shouldn't feel special on her day. Except when, during the wedding reception, she walks in on her soon-to-be hubby in tryst with one of her Bridesmaids.

Her Bridesmaids.

She's angry. Not because he's cheating on her, they've been in a relationship where one or the other can do whatever they want so long as appearances are kept. No, because this is her day. And he chose her day to get it on with one of her high-school friends? Unacceptable. While she's fuming, she runs into (Insert former lover/boyfriend/crush or just handsome stranger here). They get to talking, and while she doesn't mention what's happening with her fiance, a plan of revenge begins to hatch in her mind...

Setting: High-class wedding reception

Requirements: The character, and her decisions and personality are up to you. Good grammar, a general avoidance of one-liners is preferred.

Other info: PM if interested.

Joker/Harley One Shot
Name: Oh, I'm Not Gonna Kill Ya...

Content: Extreme. This is the Joker we're talking about, folks.

Scenario: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, M.D., is a psychiatrist and well respected in her field too. Young, successful and receiving accolades the world over, a hint of arrogance is detected by many of her peers as she makes it her life's biggest challenge, and possibly her biggest accomplishment, to take on and diagnose, as well as make a career out of, the Infamous Clown Prince of Crime of Gotham. The man becomes something of an obsession to her even before she meets him. Meeting him while he still prowls the streets is considered to be rather dangerous after all. But one day, the opportunity plops down on her lap. The Equally Infamous Batman has taken on the Joker and, while beating him to a pulp, leaves him alive to be treated and incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. Quinzel packs her bags immediately upon hearing the news, calling in favors in order to make herself the doctor to treat the unhinged clown.

The nuts have taken over the nuthouse. The Joker's influence over the minds of those imprisoned inside Arkham has been underestimated, and the riot that resulted was inevitable. She knew it was coming, as he had made small references to it in their sessions, but she didn't leave. She didn't even warn the warden of the impending assault on their facility, wanting to watch the man that she had been treating flourish under an unshackled environment.  Maybe she didn't think it through too well, as one of the first things that the inmates did once free was break into her office and drag her to one of the clinic rooms. The result, in her mind, was not in doubt. Men left so long and far away from the gentle touch of a woman would be taking it by force from the one woman they could get their hands on. But as soon as she was strapped down to one of the gurneys, the inmates backed away.

And all she could see was his glittering smile.

Setting: Arkham Asylum, for the beginning.

Requirements: Someone to play Harleen Quinzel. Again, this is the Joker we're talking about, so it will be on the extreme side of the spectrum. Torture, both psychological and physical, visceral scenes of brutal violence. Not for the faint of heart or squeamish of stomach.

Other info: I wanted to try mirroring sides to the encounter, with each post being a bit of the time when Quinzel is treating the Joker, and a bit of when the Joker is treating her.

I have recently been craving something dark and sinister involving Clopin from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The uh... guy on the right.
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Re: The Chronicles of the Deamonbane (M searching for F) Many, many Ideas!
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A six month bump?

Also, including a handful of cravings.

Bane (Nolan Universe, not the luchador). Lots of ideas, mostly dark.
Deadpool (Any universe. Really craving and lots of ideas too)
Geralt of Rivia (Just got through reading all the books and have a hankering to try to tackle the witcher myself for a bit, see how it works out)

PM if you have any interest any of the above ideas!