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Author Topic: Lustful's Lusty Longings!(Request Thread M/F, F/F)  (Read 7766 times)

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Lustful's Lusty Longings!(Request Thread M/F, F/F)
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:49:16 PM »
Lustful Bride's Lusty Desires!

(Check the Second Post for my Crossover Ideas,
third for my feedback)

So I finally decided to go around and make my own request thread so that I didn't end up taking up more space on the boards here. Below you will find my ideas and cravings, and hopefully you may find something that you like. Please take a look through it and see if any catch your interest.

Be sure to check my Cravings in the second post to see what I am after primarily at the moment.

PM me if you have any interests, questions or comments ;D

This here will be where I will place pictures which inspire plot bunnies in me, or perhaps send said plot bunnies bouncing around your own mind, please let me know if they catch your interest.
Welcome Home
Cat in Suit
Naughty Angel
King Sombra
A Human Fetish (NSFW)
Sister of Battle
Sexy Adeptus Sororitas
sexy Halfling (NSFW)
Lord Smaug
Phantasma 2
Dr. Vahlen
Dr Vahlen escapes Advent
Bath Time (NSFW)
King Asgore
Delicious Goat Dad bod.
Lady Puazi
Tribal Gals
Chasing the White Rabbit
Chasing the Rabbit 2.
Sexy Pyramid Head
Forbidden Love
Shield Maiden
Beautiful Girl in a Saree
For the Everlasting Glory of the Federation

I got nine lives and six rounds.
Just for you

Zuko and Elsa
I greatly approve of this ship
Government Sanctioned Monster
Sexy Plague Doctor. (NSFW)
Sexy Plague Doctor 2 (NSFW)
Owen and Blue

Sad Yandere?
Oh Mr. Toffee ~<3

Lieutenant Shimmer
Lieutenant Surge
Gunslinger gal
M.E. Headcannon
Sunset Angel Vs. Sunset Devil
Excuse me, Sir.
Noir Mystery
Female naval officer

Welcome to the Plot Garden! All you have to do is reach down and choose one. I will add or remove plots and such as they become whole in my mind or
taken by other eager players. Some may even return if it doesn't work out.

One Night in Seoul (F / F)
One Night in Seoul.

Finally on leave. Thank GOD!.

It's of course an honor to be assigned as a guard at the North/South Korean border crossing station. Ensuring the freedoms and safety of our allies and all that. But It has become more of a ceremonial posting than anything else, but because of that the brass only assigns those who they know can stand the stress of it all and still look Fabulous! But after standing at attention for 10 hours straight, totally silent, in the hot sun, staring over to the other side of that ominous white line painted on the cement, anyone would be exhausted. It's my job specifically not to show how exhausted I get... Or how bored I get, to be as a shield against the North and their aggression. Still, at the very least we aren't alone, and during a break I have a chance to talk to Blair, Sujin and Ji-woo. I'm so glad we met those girls, they always know the best places to go to and I could never ask for a better language teacher than Lil Suji.

I cant wait to get off my shift today, me and Blair are going with the girls tonight! They said they were going to show us the best place to party and drink. After all the bullshit we had to deal with this week thanks to Lil Kim being an asshole, we really need some down time. But its all worth it for a chance to see how cute Suji gets when she drinks. I'll bet she is a lil pogjug. That's "Firecracker" in Korean. Thank you, Suji.

Officer Aldridge has been deployed to the Demilitarized Zone along the infamous 38th parallel between North and South Korea for almost two years now. She enjoys this posting as she gets to experience a new culture, people and language as well as do her part fighting for the freedoms of others. She understands that one needs to support one's friends, and she is all for that. Besides, she could have also gotten a worse posting, like the Arctic Circle. So she has little to no complaints, aside from the mind numbing hours of standing still and staring forward, trying to force all of North Korea to spontaneously combust with her mind. If that day ever comes, she was gonna be a superhero! Maybe Flash-Bang? 

The better part of her posting though is that her friend from Basic, Jessie Blair, is there and she and Blair had made good friends with Sujin and Ji-woo. Their South Korean counterparts. The ROK girls have been more than welcoming and even helped them with their Korean. Their constant hours stuck together has made them forge a real bond of Sistership. They end up spending more time off duty with each other than other members of their own military or units.

Thanks to all of the recent tensions with the North though, the girls haven't had a chance to let their hair down in weeks, even being made to take part in the war games and joint unit training in order to be ready to counter or hold off Northern aggression. But things have been quiet enough lately to return to normal and the plans are already underway for a weekend break. With their Sisters in Arms, Aldridge and Blair decide to go out for a night on the town with Sujin and Ji-woo, enjoying themselves and each other. They head to a local club across from a motel and after a night of drinking, karaoke, and debauchery they make use of that nearby Motel. Booking themselves in for a full night.

Still addled by the buzz of alcohol, the ladies all end up being much more honest and sensual with each other, holding one another's gazes, holding hands. It culminates in a night that each of them will remember, and nothing could erase. So much so that their neighbors in the other rooms actually ended up filing noise complaints on them.

That night of lust, passion and love the four women shared with one another would be a great memory of a better time, one that will give the ladies strength in the harder days to come, as the whole world begins to tear itself apart, as the communist north, run by its insane leader, reignites old tensions and sets ablaze the fires of war. The girls will have only each other to rely upon as their world is turned upside down, and every second death itself stares them in the face. Even in the Trenches that are to come, the bonds that Sujin, Blair, Ji-Woo, and Aldridge have formed, is more unbreakable than titanium.

(This idea is very flexible and we can workout what happens to the girls as some tensions arise again and they must fight off a combined PLA and NK invasion. Or we could have them fight off an alien invasion, or swarm of giant bugs if you want to keep it form being too political or from feeling bad about fighting other humans. )

Ryoko's New plaything (F/F)

To say that Ryoko Hakubi was still bitter over Tenchi choosing that empty headed princess over her, would be an understatement. For so long she and the princess had vied for Tenchi's affections


The New Human of Endtown (M/F
This idea is heavily inspired by and set in The Webcomic Endtown.

It has been close to seven years since the great cataclysm obliterated our pretty blue ball and turned it into a wasteland of sand and death. It started with the end of civilization as we know it. A mutagenic plague seemed to hit everywhere in the world at once, turning people into mutations, half human, half animal hybrids. Sometimes the transformation was instant, other times it was slow and agonizing and not everyone survived it. Sometimes it even had absolutely no effect on the person at all and they remained a Human. The virus left no traces to be identified, it had no exact origin point and was far too fast acting to be natural, leaving some to wonder if it was even a virus at all. Only the most advanced Biohazard measures could keep the infection away, and within an hour it had hit the entire globe. Still, despite its relatively harmless effects (when compared to other types of diseases and bioweapons), the fear and panic that it sowed was just as destructive, if not more so, and twice as infectious. Riots broke out everywhere, with people attacking the mutants, or vice versa, and government action unseen. But even without police of military intervention, the riots didn't last long. A cold war between several economic blocs had been building up for many years already, with an arms race that lead to major advances in robotics, sustainable food, nanimachines and direct energy weapons.

The chaos of the virus was followed by a global war fought with nuclear warheads, orbital bombardments and disintegration weaponry that has left much of the Earth a desert of fine powder, bleached white bones, atomic shadows on walls, and charred corpses. What remains of humanity fragmented into humans, animal-like mutants, and cannibalistic abominations that hunt any and all survivors. And that is just what we know about.

The surface, still teeming with the mutagenic virus, has become the domain of the dreaded Topsiders — well-organized, technologically advanced, and heavily armed un-mutated humans who wear advanced powered suits to protect them from the virus. They have sworn to exterminate mutations of any kind in order to clear the way for the eventual resurgence of a new, genetically clean humanity. A better race than what existed before, no mutation is tolerated, not even simple disabilities that existed before the war. It is Eugenics taken to its worst form.

The Topsiders are hunting us all down now. With countless drones and Hunter Killer machines, they track us down, corner us, and burn us to ashes. Even those who are 100% human, are still considered genetically inferior as their immunity to the virus is considered a mutation…and thus they must be killed.

Though as mighty as the Topsider's are, they still cannot destroy our spirit and will to survive. Many survivors (both Human and Hybrid)have banded together and formed large communities, hidden underground in massive bunkers, some as small as a house, and others as large as an entire town. Endtown is one of those survivor communities. It has been some time since any new survivors have made their way to Endtown, the large underground survival shelter made by one of the old world's greatest scientific teams, capable of holding and sustaining thousands of souls, and even less since any 'pure human' has been discovered.

One such young woman managed to accidentally make her way to the edge of where Endtown was located, passing out where a scavenger team could find her after running for her life when she picked a fight with a Topsider kill team with nothing but a .32 revolver and a big dose of luck. 

She was lucky that the Scav team picked her up and risked discovery to bring her back. She has been on her own for months now, wandering the scorching wastes and braving the deadly sandstorms in hopes of surviving. When she awakens she will have a big surprise to find herself not only safe, but as part of something she hasn't had in a long time. A community.

Super Villain Dating Service. (M/F)

The name Mr. Cromwell strikes terror in the hearts of most people in the world when they hear it uttered. It is not a name to be used lightly, as Cromwell is one of the top 15 Villains on Earth, having already killed seven 'Capes' so far and even took out his former employer before usurping his position. He plans for a hostile takeover of the world with the mind, cunning, and skill, of a shrewd business man, or business lizard in his case. Cromwell's name commands respect from nearly all who hear it, with good reason. His tale would almost be inspiring if it weren't for his cruel deeds, rising up from a lowly hench mutant to running an evil empire and helping establish several nations completely under villain control.

The only thing that stands in his way now is that plucky young 'Superheroine' who keeps blowing up his factories and liberating his 'workers'. Its a source of constant anger for the normally refined mutant. He likes to think of himself as above the normal rabble and setting a good example for henchmen everywhere. He isn't a thug, he is a ruler and he will have the world under his control.

Lately though the attacks of this rabble has been picking up and Cromwell fell from the 13th best the 14th! An utter disgrace! The nerve of this girl. If only he could identify who she was, but even with all his money and influence he still cannot find her. The stress is getting to him and making him lash out at others, most ungentlemanly. So Cromwell begins finding ways to keep himself from growing too stressed out, taking on hobbies, breathing exercises, killing minions who slack off, and even joining one of the new Supervillain/Hero dating sites. With so much on his mind he forgets about it though and goes about trying to continue his world domination plans. After a while he suddenly finds an email sent to his private account, notifying him of all things that he has a match, interested in meeting him for dinner no less.

The universe and whatever cosmic forces or god that runs it, must have a sense of humor. When Cromwell arrives at the neutral meeting spot, he finds that thorn in his side, cape that humiliated him, sitting down at his table. Though due to it being a neutral zone he cannot bring himself to end her existence right there. (Something for which he will be thankful for.) '

To his surprise, this unnamed goodie two shoe who had been ruining his plans was actually the grand daughter of a former villain, who owned one of the various corporations that Cromwell had bought out and absorbed into his own and all the gadgets she used to fight him were actually from his own R and D department.

This RP could go any number of ways, form sorrowful to action packed to funny and romantic. For some extra inspiration

Two worlds, one enemy. (M/F or F/F)

There are creatures out there, in the black seas of infinity. Eternal in their existence, and unknowable in their thoughts. They look upon our little, placid, island of ignorance in the void with hunger and greed. They feel we do not deserve our existence, and wish to wipe us out like pests. The horrible truth about them is that they could so easily accomplish their desires, and without the Ether to separate us from them, they would completely exterminate us, down to the last man woman and child. The Ether has been our unyielding protect since the beginning, acting as a barrier even they cannot cross our dimension and world. Keeping us safe, and ignorant. The only way for them to enter to our world is through the tides of the Ether, which is very difficult even for them and gives us advanced warning, or through a portal that can be opened from our side using arcane arts and sciences. There are any number of reasons why someone would open up a portal, but it usually boiled down to Greed, the want of Immortality, and Lust for Power. Yet the result is always the same, Death and Destruction. For the most part agencies in various governments managed to keep their backyards clean and prevent any real portal openings, keeping Them out of our existence. No human truly understood the horrors that were waiting for us on the other side, until the day we failed to stop a full portal opening down in Mexico. The whole world would come to realize how close we always were to annihilation.

The Infection and invasion that followed took out a chunk of Mexico, Texas and more. We got lucky though, it was only a small invasion. Though the results nearly led to a full global destabilization. The Portal's opening was unstable, and closed shortly after its opening. However, the damage was done and we were forced to reveal our existence as the world now knew the enemy existed. It brought with it many problems, of politicians meddling in our duties, and of civilians panicking. Many calling it the "End of the World", the Mass suicides, and demonic cults wanting to worship Them, trying to appease our annihilators and hope for some measure of mercy. Things were very touch and go in those days, but after a while, after some hard work, and a few morally questionable acts, order was reestablished and all of the anti-mythos agencies were put together to better coordinate the global war on the Eldritch.

Funding, manpower, and resources that were once so scare and hard to come by increased exponentially overnight. We were able to keep the Mexico Hotzone from spreading, and were even able to mount scientific expeditions to Ground Zero, to be able to learn what we could. It turned out to be a huge boon to us scientifically and Thaumaturgically. Giving us a way to detect new portals being created, and even open up one of our own. Though our portal could only go to one place.

The tides of the Ether are strange things, and almost seem to have a mind of their own. All of our Agency attempts to open up a portal of our own always led to one world. It would be in different places of the world but it still only go to one world. There were many theories as to why but no real answers. So we decided to explore this world, getting data and readings on this Earth like planet we visited, as a possible fallback point should the Earth be beyond saving. It didn't take us too long to find that the world was not only inhabited, but had a defense agency as well. 'Her Majesty's Thaumic Guardians' as one of the Knights of Magi would say.

The world that the Agency had opened a portal to had intelligent people running it. Though it would seem evolution had taken an alternate route with them. They had developed their own culture, language and countries. Democracy had only recently been a thought in a handful of nations, and most of the major global powers were still run by Monarchies. The first nation we made contact with was Galcia, and their Queen. After a touch and go first contact that nearly turned hostile, both species were able to open a dialogue and establish communications between one another. That was two years ago, since then we have made contact with the other nations on their world, establishing trade of our own and getting a better understanding of the universe we live in. The people of this world dealt with otherworldy horrors the same as we had, but where we used technology to protect us, these people used magic, something we had long since forgotten. Their Technological level has stalled in the equivalent of the 1930s, making us look like space aliens to them. Soon enough, a marriage of convenience was born as we traded with one another and made plans for hwo to better combat and prevent the threats that lay beyond.

Two worlds, together in Peace and in War. That was the promise made between the two agencies, sharing resources, knowledge, technology, magic and personnel in their shared fight to beat back the ancient enemy that threatened all and keep our worlds alive. We have entered into a joint exchange of magic and technology to better aid both member races anyway we can. Be it Militarily, economically and medically. It is only through our cooperation, and determination that we'll survive to see Tomorrow.

Plots 2

The Resource Wars. (M/F) or (F/F)

In the year 2022, a new type of computer virus swept the world in a matter of days. It infected everything connected to the Net from Videogame consoles, to Smartphones, to Missile Defense systems, electricity regulators, and even the computers within secret nuclear bunkers were infected. Every single computer on Earth was permanently shut down in a blink of an eye. The chaos that followed was the stuff of nightmares. Stocks crashed, food supply trucks failed to arrive, planes crashed and trains derailed. Anarchy reigned supreme all over the world as mankind fell back into its most basic instincts, to survive at any cost.

In the span of two weeks, the entirety of the Modern World came to a crashing, and violent halt. It took 15 years for mankind to crawl its way out of the lawlessness as every government on Earth instituted every last 'Continuity of Government' plan that they had. Luckily, despite the damage, mass starvation, and destruction of modern infrastructure, the damage was surprisingly less severe than most of the expert predictions accounted for. The Governments of the world had planned for Nuclear warfare to leave vast amounts of land uninhabitable, poisoned by radiation. But most of the damage to infrastructure would be repaired in the coming decades, and despite the untold Millions, possibly even as high as a billion, lost. There was still enough people that the human species could survive.

And so Humanity did what it always did. It adapted, and it began to rebuild and repopulate. It seemed as if mankind was finally on the way to a better future, as contact was reestablished with other countries, some old, some new, some in new alliances with others. But that was soon to change.

The Year is now 2085. The world is locked in yet another global conflict. A conflict over natural resources needed to establish themselves as superpowers once again. The collapse of the old world, and the rebirth of the new one, opened up many new opportunities. For those with the strength and determination to act, to be able to redraw the global map and take hold of new territories. And some began to wonder, why take a few countries, when they could have the entire World!

It is an age of constant conflict and hasty alliances for self preservation. The North American Union has been formed by the three nations that once called themselves Canada, USA, and Mexico, along with the former independent states of Hawaii and Texas, to spread out and battle with the other alliances that held a monopoly over the natural resources needed for the 3 nations to remain alive and powerful enough to maintain their sovereignty.

With the oil from the US, Canada, and the metal veins in Mexico, a new mighty War Machine enters the fray. One not seen even before the fall of the Computer Age. But will the N.A.U. be able to hold its own against the South American Federation, the Russo Federation or the Chinese Empire? Especially now since the NAU's former allies in Europe have declared neutrality.

Only time will tell, as some of the other Neutral Alliances watch and wait to see which of the emerging new superpowers is strong enough to curry their favor, in what many are whispering, is to be the true war to end all wars.

Marshall of the Cursed Earth. (M/F)

Most of the world is an irradiated wasteland, a lawless madhouse with cannibals, mutants, rogue combat robots and worse roaming the cursed earth, killing, stealing, raping. There is no end to the horrors that happen in the wastes, and not even life in the megacities is much better. Only difference there is good TV reception.

After the wars and plagues that ravaged the world, the humans built and moved into Megacities, capable of handling their needs and keeping them safe. Self Contained cities that will house and keep Billions of Humans safe from the harsh world outside, allowing mankind to rise up from the hole it had dug for itself. They were large, self sufficient, and at every second they teeter on the edge of societal collapse. It is hard for people to live and thrive under the constant threat of gang violence and harsh punishment by the law, so some choose to live outside of the Megacities and take their chances on the frontier. They are given a job to do outside of the city and head out to either a location chosen for them or one they choose for themselves. Few among them last long out there, but some manage to thrive, and even help bring civilization back to the wastes.

Such was the case for a former nurse turned lawwoman, who signed up to be a marshall out in the wastes when she grew tired of constantly treating gunshot wounds, consoling crying mothers whose children died as collateral damage in a drive-by or by being given a drug at school by a 'friend', and countless other horrors that now plagued city life. She had taken her medical training to help people and make the Megacity a better place to live. She couldn't believe how stupidly naïve she was. So when she just couldn't take it anymore she walked to the proper government building, jumped over the countless red tape, and got herself signed on to be a Marshal, a lawbringer. And was sent out into the wastes, after two months of training, with what supplies she could carry, a rifle on her back and pistol on her hip.

After many weeks of travel she reached a settlement that had no lawperson at all, and she got the job because she could read and write. With the small trade town of 'Jack's town' now under her jurisdiction, Marshall Sarah Rayner aims to bring order, peace, and the rule of law to the region. But there are those out there with other ideas. 

Several miles from the town to the south lies a favela and to the west lies an old destroyed city that houses many settlers. Both areas are rampantly full of crime, mutants, and hybrids. There is no law in those areas, only gangs fighting an eternal war for control. Many innocents get caught in the crossfire and some are killed just for target practice. They think they can act without reprocussion, without punishment, but it was only a matter of time till someone crazier than them decided to pick up a gun and shoot back. Now a vigilante stalks both areas, taking out as many gang members and organized raider groups as he possibly can.

They rarely see him coming, and when they do, its always too late to act. No one suspects a hybrid that looks like a damn squirrel to be a real threat. Until he's emptying the magazine of a mac-10 into him and his buddies. He may be crazy, but in this world he is the most sane person around, and although he doesn't believe the law has a place in this world, he will still help the Marshall if he can, because she just might be able to help him.

Doom Girl Returns. (F/ ? )
The Evil awakens once more, and I must rise to challenge it.

Every age, evil takes a new shape and rises to the mortal plain. Either wearing the flesh of man and convincing them to shed innocent blood, or as its true form seeking to feast on mankind and make the oceans of the world run red with blood. And every age I awaken to help put it back into the abyss where it belongs. It Is my duty, my penance, my eternal mission.

I once fell for the ruse of the Prince of Lies, thinking he was a lost soul who needed love, and that I could be the one to redeem him. And it lead to the death of all my brothers and sisters. I am the Last Archon, and my duty is to ensure the darkness forever remains trapped.

I will tear and rip every demon I lay eyes upon for it is my duty. I will never see Heaven, maybe not even Purgatory, but that is fine with me. Hell is the only place where my fury belongs.

The time of evil comes again and its time to kick ass, chew bubblegum and strap on my Sports Bra.

What? Were you expecting a man?

Heaven hath no Fury like a woman wanting to Rip and Tear!

I just love the idea of playing a lady Doom Marine. Id love to explore what happens if she awakens early on the Mars colony before the portals to hell arrive. Allowing her to meet the people and realize she is actually famous among the populace for how many times she has defeated the demon hordes.

And best of all, they made Action figures of her!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Borrowed from my friend Thesithchicken

The Dragon and His Princess

Who: Dragon/Human
Where: Modern Day Mid-Apocalypse

Idea: The first post of the linked thread explains it wonderfully. In the modern age dragons awake. Most are little more than cunning beasts but they are led by the Great Dragons. Beings of intelligence and powers. The true monsters of myth and legend. They plunge the world into war beating back humanity at every turn till the Battle of New York when the Great Dragon Vermigen laid siege to the one of humanity's greatest cities. On the first day the world watched in terror as New York burned. The second day they watched as two Great Dragons battled as a second attacked the first and in a great battle slew him. After the victor went to the media and the world learned that the Great Dragons could speak.

His name was
and he would help humanity fight the other Great Dragons - for a price. Like all dragons he had a lust for treasures and Princess'. But a Princess was not some mere royal title to them. A Princess was not an escort. Not some high priced whore meant to keep him happy. They were companionship. They were restraint. Confidant and caretaker and - yes - often a lover but such a bond naturally led to such things. It was the way of things and not one without benefits for the Princess. They were protected and cared for. Showered with affection and given the right to speak with the dragon's voice.

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Re: Lustful's Lusty Longings!(Request Thread M/F, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2015, 10:12:43 AM »
Crossover plots

So here is where I will put all of my crazy, insane crossover ideas since they will not fit in the post up above. If you want to see where I will put my stranger ideas feel free to look down. Hopefully these combos will be fun.

Hey if it worked for Chocolate and Peanutbutter, it should work for me :P

Metro: 2033 series with the Fallout series
Metro: The Fallout Chronicles.

War, War never changes, the world as we knew it was destroyed in the horrors of atomic fire. All of mankind forgot its passions, its joys, its loves, and traded them in for savagery and barbarism. The day the world died, nothing was learned. The Wheels of Conflict still move and turn, with mankind running in the center of the wheel like a rodent, forever trapped. Even with so little, and mankind pushed to the very brink of extinction, we found more reasons to kill each other. Not just in the post apocalyptic wastes of America, but all across the world, from the tribes of Alaska, to Mongol like hordes in China, to the survivors in the Moscow Metro, all fighting for scraps of food and mouthfuls of water. It seems that conflict is as much a part of our nature as anything else.

New nations and empires rose and fell, new discoveries were made, and wars were fought. In a way it was business as usual. Among the more successful factions to rise up in the bombed out wastes of America, was the NCR. The New California Republic. After a victorious campaign against Ceasar's Legion, and the absorption of the Vegas Strip into the NCR, the Republic opened up diplomatic relations with some of the other factions present in the Nevada region, including the Boomers, the Brotherhood of Steel, and several surviving remnants of the Enclave. Though the NCR would downplay it, all of this was thanks in large part to the actions of one

Character Example/My character
Name: Katherine Straus.
Age: 25
Role: Support rifleman/NCR liason.

PERKS: (Can have 3)

Gun Nut: Growing up outside of the main settled region of the NCR, Katherine learned how to handle a weapon at a young age. To respect the gun, to know its killing power and to only touch it when it. So when the time came that she enlisted into the NCR army, Katherine already had a working knowledge of firearms, which was only made better by her training and experience in the field. She can do some minor repairs for firearms and may spot things that only someone familiar with such weapons would notice in certain encounters.

Black Widow: They keep saying its a man's world. Well, from where Katherine is sitting that might not be so. Entering into a primarily male profession, in a world where a weak woman was at risk of being harmed in several ways. Katherine has learned how to charm and fight her way out of situations involving men. 

Entomologist: Before being chosen to be part of the most elite members of the NCR military, Katherine was a frontline soldier like many others. But with the end of the Second battle for the Hoover Damn, most of the soldiers in the Mojave were reassigned to peace keeping duties, and Pest control. There was no shortage of insects prowling the Mojave, ranging from Radscorpions, Mirelurks, Bloatflies,Cazadores, Giant Praying Mantids and Giant Ants. (Both the regular and Fire breathing variety). With all of the corpses and dead livestock left behind by the conflict with the Legion, the bugs were having a field day with all the food and breeding in numbers large enough to threaten some of the settlements.

So when Katherine was placed in the 183rd 'Bug Stomperz', she was sent on missions with her squad that specifically dealt with pest control. She spent her initial enlistment scouring caves for Cazadores, dropping charges down the holes of Radscorpion hives. Or forming firing lines against swarms of Giant Ants. It was as fun as it was harrowing. One wrong move and the bugs would eat her alive. She even saw them do so to one of her friends.

But as difficult, and sometimes vomit enducing, as the work was, Katherine really did enjoy it. Some of her fondest memories of that time included firing a Fatman round down a bughole and listening to the buggers roast in nuclear fire. After serving her tour with the 183rd Katherine has developed a working knowledge of various Wasteland Insects and how best to dispatch of them. IF she is being truthful, she honestly prefers killing bugs to humans. Bugs don't have families that miss them.


-NCR Service Rifle

-10MM Pistol.

Apparel: Katherine dresses proudly in her NCR Ranger gear, sans her helmet. She prefers not to wear a helmet since it slows her down and blocks her peripheral vision. The most she might wear on her head is the 'dishpan' like helmet of the NCR grunt, or a hat, just to keep the sun from hurting her, while not obscuring her vision. On occasion she might be noticed to wear a pair of sunglasses, but will take them off in combat if she can.

Personality: Katherine is a professional soldier. She wouldn't want to do anything else, and isn't entirely sure what she will do when her age or an injury prevents her from fighting. Unlike some NCR rangers, Katherine hasn't let her position go to her head, and doesn't think herself superior to anyone, just better trained. She believes in the promise of the NCR, to bring back the old world and make the wasteland a better place for everyone, where all people are equal.

History: Katherine grew up on one of the outer regions of the NCR. While not necessarily wild, it still had its share of dangers and Katherine more than once saw NCR soldiers racing in to save the day, fending off raiders or other threats to the locals. (Usually something small like Mirelurks or a rabid pack of dogs.) It planted the idea in her head that the New California Republic was legitimate, and the right pat for the wasteland. She studied what books she could find to be as smart as those back in Vault City and Shady Sands. Some didn't agree with her thoughts on the NCR, seeing them only as an imperialistic government out for resources, but Katherine knew in her heart this was the right path. She readied herself in every way that she could until it was time to leave her family's homestead and journey out to find her own path.

Enlisting in the NCR at the age of 22 she served with honor and distinction, committed to her cause and proud to have a purpose. For a time she served mostly with the 183rd Infantry Regiment, affectionately known as the 'Bug Stomperz' which specialized in insect extermination and other non human threats to the wasteland. Katherine fought the most disgusting horrors that the wasteland had to offer, and in time caught the eye of an NCR ranger when helping clear out a Fire Ant nest. He was impressed enough that he put forth for her to be selected to the Ranger program and undergo the training necessary to become one of the best that the NCR had to offer.

Her training was completed only a week before the Midwestern Brotherhood made contact with the Hidden Valley BoS and the NCR. Since it would take too long for the message to go all the way back to the capitol and then back to the Mojave with forces. Time was of the essence so that Mojave Garrison and those at the Hoover Damn parted with that they could in the interim while they dispatched runners back to the main force out West.

Among those sent was Katherine, because even a rookie Ranger was worth 10 regular soldiers. And the Midwestern Brotherhood needed all the help it could get to beat the Legion.

(Mass Effect / Cthulhutech)
Eldritch Effect.

The allied Human and Nazzadi forces of the NEG managed to finally liberated the cradle world of Earth. Their home that had been ravaged by otherworldly monsters for so long. The  demons, and Eldritch beings from time immemorial were stopped in their tracks byt he sacrifice of many and daring raids that over time crushed the heart of their enemies . With defeat the Rapient Storm, the Mi-gou and other Eldritch evils on their world the Earth is now theirs again. Barely. With much of the land no longer suitable for habitation and billions dead over the 80 year long conflict, the NEG officials knew that they. The Mi-gou were sent running all the way back to Pluto by Humanity's resistance. So the NEG Set up military bases, armed with Rail Guns that could hit a bug ship from orbit,  around the planet Mars to better defend the Earth form another invasion. On one of the digs to install a strange cave system was discovered, along with signs of technology. Mars Defense Force units were quickly summoned. Within this system technology strange and foriegn was discovered.

This techonology with the ability to alter the very mass of an object (something never before thought possible) would be named Mass Effect, and would be used to give the NEG fleet technology and weapons that the Mi-gou had not been prepared for. When the Earth fleet suddenly appeared over Pluto unannounced the Mi-gou spent a good five minutes trying to process in their hive mind what was going on, just as the bombardment began.

The Mi gou were wiped out from their system and sent running. There had never been more cheers and joy among humanity and Nazzadi than there was when the last Mi gou ship was struck and blown up by a Mass Accelerator Cannon. And with all the resources left behind by the Mi-Gou, along with the machinery, provided yet another gift to humanity, allowing them to rebuild and colonize the entire Sol system during the prosperous time of peace that was soon to follow. There was a Second Baby Boom and for a good 50 years all was good. Until the Mass Relay was discovered and the Message Arrived.

The only allies outside of their system the Humans and Nazzadi of the newly founded Terran Coalition is the Great Race of Yith. Scholars who travel through time and only seek to record all things for themselves and wishing to know everything that there is. Their allies, who have given them vital intel during the war, tell them that while Earth carved out a victory from an uncertain future, much is left to be found. The future is unwritten and even they who travel through time and live with it, cannot fully guess what is to come. But they are able to see hints. When Humanity is ready and back on its feet properly, the Great Race of Yith sends some coordinates, with the location of a Mi-Gou mining operation. And Humanity takes the bait, not knowing the Yithians are gambling with the lives of all sentient beings, on the slim chance, that just maybe...the elder things and all others like them, may be defeated. The cycle must be broken. The Undying must die, and new races must rise...

The Humans prepare for a full year before launching their invasion of the world with a sizeable Mi-gou hive on it. The first to hit the ground are Mech troopers in dropods, with plans to hit the Mi-gou hard and fast, to send the bugs running and skittering about while the rest of the army comes. But while the two longtime foes duke it out in an all out meat grinder between their forces, things are about to change quickly.

Turian patrols will be arriving soon, catching the signals of combat and the signs of Eezo and some unknown energy being used in the combat zone. They will arrive to discover the Terran Confederation and Mi-gou forces doing battle with one another with the savagery that would match a Krogan.

The game is set now, the players are at their stations, and the clock is ticking. The Awakening of the Reapers is on its way.

(Star Wars and Xcom Crossover.)
Star-Com (F/F)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Except that it wasn't. The planet known to it's inhabitants as Earth, or Terra, sits in an isolated system in the depths of unexplored space, completely isolated from the epic interstellar struggles that were taking place on the other side of the Galactic Core and the constant struggle between two cosmic forces. Though that did not mean that Earth itself was devoid of the destruction of interstellar conflicts. Generations ago, the race known as the Ethereals found Earth, and tried to conquer it for their own mysterious ends. They had almost succeeded. For 20 years the Ethereals occupied the Earth and nearly subjugated the entire planet and its peoples as they herded them into Police state like cities, and treated the people like cattle. It was only through the desperate efforts of the remnants of the X-Com organization that managed to thwart their machinations.

It was thanks to X-com that the Ethereals were not able to reduce Humanity to one of their other slave races, and use them to fight their wars for them. But, somewhat ironically, thanks to them Humanity now had cities with advanced technology, access to weapons and energy sources never thought possible before, and even the secrets to the future of Human evolution and powers of Mind over Matter.

Now the nations of Earth remain somewhat united under the Council of Nations, albeit a tense peace, as they go about reclaiming lost territory, finding survivors and preparing for an uncertain future. Post war reconstruction began with X-Com acting as the enforcement arm of this new world government. The technologies of the Ethereals require rare elements- Elerium and Meld- to function, which can only be produced in small quantities, usually on the captured factory on Mars (Cydonia). X-Com has been left with a near monopoly on them, giving them a measure of clout in this new age of Man. From the already elite numbers of X-Com, a small ultra elite force, enhanced to superhuman levels and equipped with advanced Ethereal tech, has been tasked to maintain the uneasy peace between the nation-states of Earth, its colonies in the Sol system and explore the new frontier. Since the liberation of Earth and the capture of the Cydonia factory, X-Com has been the champion of Human development, raising mankind out of the ashes towards a brighter future, where the Ethereals will be the ones in hiding for a change.

Outside of X-Com work has been done to advance technology without the use of Elerium and the like, but while far more advanced than the level that Earth was at before the Ethereals arrived these discoveries are a far cry from the level of technology that the Ethereals used on Earth. Soldiers still use projectile weapons or Magnetic weapons. If they are lucky they may have access to Laser weaponry the likes of which used by Xcom. The new FTL engines still need weeks, or months to reach Earth's nearest outposts outside the Sol system. Years to reach the most distant colonies that Earth has begun setting up.

This is the state of the Earth Sphere as a long-range X-Com exploration ship pushes past the Core from an outpost on an ice covered world known as Valhalla. It serves as the forward warning should the Ethereals return as well as one of many important scientific facilities for X-Com researchers. Soon it will stumble into the edges of a vast conflict, as an ancient Republic falls and an Empire rises. This civilization spans half the galaxy, and whilst Ethereal technology exceeds what they have, their numbers eclipse anything that X-Com can bring to bear on this threat- and the rest of the Earth military will be far outclassed by it. How will X-Com face this new threat to the security of Earth- especially when they discover that many of them are human as well?

The research and scouting ship will respond to a command from its homebase on Valhalla, when it manages to pick up a strange anomalous signal, where one of the last surviving force users has crashed and is being hunted by the Empire.

Their meeting, for better or for worse, will shift the course of the entire Galaxy. As Xcom learns to better tap into their Psionic potential, as well as giving them important knowledge they need, to realize where they fit into the greater Galaxy at large.

In return, the rebellion will begin to get aid from an anonymous source with weapons that are both advanced and yet primitive in some ways.

((X-Com will be at least 50 years after the second game, and Star Wars will be in the late Clone Wars/Early Rebellion era.))
(I am thinking that the Jedi/Sith that the Xcom team could find would either be maybe Asajj Ventress or Ahsoka Tano. (Female Jedi/Sith is preferred as I would kind of like to make this a F/F story BUT I am perfectly fine with Lords and Lieges who wish to join and play female characters. That is alright with me.)

Lets make it our own AU verse. I am willing to discuss the plot and make some changes around to it. So feel free to brainstorm with me.)

Here is the original RP I played with another person, take a look and see if maybe it interests you.

I am interested in world building, writing a story together. Sex will eventually come but I don't want it to be the main focus, I want it to arrive in its own time when its best.
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Feedback from writing partners:
"Lusty Wife is a pleasure to write with. Full of energy and always filled to the brim with ideas, she is guaranteed to keep you wanting more as her posting quality is stellar. She's also amazing when it comes to communication - while some writing partners fall quiet after the planning phase, Lustful Bride will actively and eagerly continue discussion with you, which I greatly and sincerely appreciate." - Jason

"I've been on Elliquiy for quite a number of years, and writen with many different types of people. In doing so, I had the pleasure of writing with Lustful Bride for close to two years now. We worked on group projects as well as One, on Ones. She is a wonderful, imaginative, and very intelligent partner that I've enjoyed writing with for all this time. She is never short of ideas, and always fun to simply talk to. I hope to continue writing with her for a long time to come." - Mac84
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Did abit of an overhaul, removed some plots. Edited some of the older ones, added in newer pictures and added in the "Birdcage" and Fallout Plots

:P Heres hoping it looks less cluttered than it did before.


Edits made and I added in a "Holiday Cravings' spot just for this season :P
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Happy new Years!

Did some editing and put in new ideas and pictures.

Removed the Holiday Cravings, Added in "Soldier and the Otaku" "Dollmaster" and "East Meets West" to my plot ideas.

Also added in a "Crossover Plot" section with the plot "Xenonauts Effect"

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Phew, did a major overhaul to my thread here. Adjusted the Feedback and Crossover sections, hopefully it will be better now and lok much more appealing.  ;D

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-Added in Ghostly Girlfriend (F/F) and
The Petshop of Horrors. (M/F) To my plot threads.

I also removed like half of my other ideas since they were collecting dust and..well I don't think anyone wanted them or ever would :/
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-Added in One Night in Seoul (F/F) and
-My Little Tanker. (M/F)

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-Added in "The Lady Eagle and the Panther Queen." (F/F)

-Added in "An Officer and a Lady" (F/F)

-Removed Noir Story and my SH RP.

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-Added in Star-Com to Crossover Section.

-Editted Petshop of Horrors and craving this one a fair bit.

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Just a General Update.

-Added in "BPRD Agent Valkyrie."

-and "I need you to be my new Igor."

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Cleaned out a lot of old pictures that no longer worked, removed some plots and added in.

"The New Human of Endtown" and

"Marshall of the Cursed Earth"