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Author Topic: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Open!  (Read 13090 times)

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Offline Rel Mayer

Pretty sure all of us can be killed by bullets. This isn't a 'god tier' game.

We are all playing characters that are in training, in a way!

Offline Aiden

So after a plotting session with a few people in mumble, I'm gonna try to spin a joker offspring....there was more plotting but I don't know if it will fly.

So maybe no sibling rivalry rel  >:)

So I dropping the potential speedster idea

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Gilgamesh is correct. Being Invulnerable would make you significantly more resilient than everyone else, above average. Without it your character would be on par with everyone else. Since nobody has specifically picked up Invulnerability yet.

Frankly if these changes kind of kill the character in your mind, I would recommend rolling a new character entirely. Since you may not be happy playing him without those other powers at the beginning.

Offline Rel Mayer

So after a plotting session with a few people in mumble, I'm gonna try to spin a joker offspring....there was more plotting but I don't know if it will fly.

So maybe no sibling rivalry rel  >:)

So I dropping the potential speedster idea

It was hurting my brain trying to even figure out how it would be possible!

Offline Aiden

It would need some time travel or even some earth 2 shit and I'm like whoa... To deep

Offline Rel Mayer

It would need some time travel or even some earth 2 shit and I'm like whoa... To deep

A few time machines, setting destruction, world mashing, DNA cloning, God-modding and some non-con and it could happen.

I'm sure Red Lobster would be more than fine with that.

:) I hope my sarcasm is obvious enough.

Online Deathnote

You say that Death but being killed by a bullet is something most everyone can be. He might have the strength to pick up a section of the ground to act as a shield or some such. He could fly at high speed to avoid it. Come from odd angles or use he shapeshifting to change his form and dodge that way.

Invulnerability is overrated...okay, maybe not but his skillset still allows him to soak "damage" by being avoidance based rather than taking it to the chin.

Just my two cents for whatever it's worth!

All of those require some level of superhuman reflexes... or mind-reading abilities.  Thanks anyways.  Those are some creative uses of his abilities.  The only one I thought of already was the shape-shifting one (thanks to watching Beast Boy in action in Teen Titans :p).

It doesn't matter anyway.  The only ability that really matters for this character is the shape-shifting.  Everything else won't make or break this character.  I just noticed that the cast was missing the meat-shield and thought I'd try fulfilling that role.  That won't be possible if Jon can't "take one for the team".

Which is why I'm currently asking questions about the limits of each power, because I'm going to need to know them even if I'm going to create a new character.  I've been using the Young Justice tv show as a measuring stick for Jon's abilities.  Apparently, that's inaccurate for this game.

Offline mia h

Okay, got my character out, hope its good :-)

The Hawk
The Hawk.
Caroline M'ka Becker.

Origin Story: Caroline Becker was originally approached by none other than HawkGirl after doing some initial solo heroing out over in Kentucky, beating up minor thieves and criminals and dropping them off over at the police station, sometimes literally. She was the product of a Thanagarian father and a Human mother. Her father was a deserter from his homeland, tired of the fighting and wanting to find a place to settle down and live in peace. It just so happened to be Earth that he chose. Eventually marrying a Veterinarian from a small town they had two Children together. Caroline and her little sister Gretchen. With Hawkgirl and Hawkman as the only other Thanagarians like herself to see as role models it was only natural that she would want to be a hero like them.

There were lots of arguments back home, till her father eventually relented (while her mother was ecstatic that her daughter wanted to do something productive with her life). And eventually she ended up becoming a professional hero...well Amateur Hero.

Home City: None, was a freelance hero until being picked up by Hawkgirl.

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: When not out doing her superheroine thing, Carol will remove her wig and go about in any clothes that fit her mood of the day. Though she always wears jackets and coats, just in case she has need to pull her wings out and then hide them quickly. She usually prefers 5.11 Jackets because of how big they are and all the extra pockets to hide her stuff in. She actually dressed better and more appropriately while in civilian mode than in her superheroine persona.

Costume Description: Carol carries with her a leather Bomber's jacket with holes cut in it for her wings, a pair of gloves with Nth metal plates at the knuckles. She also wears a pair of goggles over her eyes along with a white haired wig she uses to help hide her identity.
Personality: Carol tries as hard as she can to be all cool and badass and look tough around others, but deep down she is a big softie. (much as she denies it) Despite her 'too good for you' act at times she really wants to have friends, and wont admit it, but she is a mega nerd. (She knows every Star Wars movie by heart.) Carol loves her mother, father, and little sister. When in the presence of her mother she is completely submissive to the point of even going to her room if told to. She also has a bad habit of letting out the occasional smart ass comment even when she doesn't mean to, sometimes talking without even thinking.

Powers/Weapons:Nth Metal Gauntlets.: well they are more like gloves with metal knuckles at the end. Created out of one of her Father’s spare weapons (Since no Thanagarian should be without their Nth weapon) She carried them into battle and uses them like Brass knuckles, they carry with them the attributes of Nth Metal

-Flight: As a Thanaga

-Extra breath: As part of her ability to fly, Caroline can hold more air in her lungs than a normal human. While not Olympic level she can hodl her breath for about 4 full minutes. 5 mins, 30secs. If she really tries hard.)

Weakness:[/b]-Higher Altitudes: Carol cannot fly as high as some planes, the cold will cause her joints to ache and go numb, making flapping her wings difficult. The Lack of Oxygen will also affect her flying abilities.

-Her Inner Ear: If she is hit with a sound weapon or struck on the ears/discombobulated she will be unable to fly. For if she does she will suffer a severe case of vertigo and either crash or vomit all over herself.

-Weak on the inside: Should a civilian ever be in danger or held as a hostage they will be the sole focus of Carol's attention and she will be the first to raise her hands in submission to avoid the civilian being harmed by the villain. But they better hope she doesn't get her hands on them after the civie is safe, for she has a tendency to go full 'Mama Bear'.

-Terrified of scary Eldritch monsters.: Despite her Nth Metal probably being able to knock Cthulhu's teeth out, Caroline has a big fear of things not from this dimension and if encountering them alone might end up running. Aliens are one thing, Eldritch abominations are another.

Now all we need is a Dove  ;D

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

@Death, Young Justice is actually a pretty good touchstone for the game! The speedster character and Robin get knocked around quite a lot even by things that obviously have Super Strength, but neither are Invulnerable. The groan in pain, maybe break a rib or a bone here and there, but they get back up and join right back in to the fight. Whereas Superboy takes the hit, then just gets back up more pissed off than he was before.

In terms of lifting ability for Telekinesis, you would be able to lift lift a few cars, or even a large 18-wheeler during combat. I would say the smaller you lift, the more easy it is to do without require some degree of needing to stop and concentrate on the action.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Posting my sheet for review by you guys! Let me know if you have any critiques or concerns.

The Blue Streak
Jason Grant

Origin Story: Jason was not born with his powers, nor did he inherit them through any particularly tragic accident. Jason had a fairly normal, happy upbringing in the classic American household! He went to public schools, had a large number of friends, and was even offered a scholarship to the University of Metropolis! His hope was to one day become an actor on the big screen, favoring the limelight above most other things. Though at best the boy above average, but nothing near close to being the big shot of his hopes and dreams. Just after turning 18 Jason moved out from Hub City and relocated to the live-in dorms at Metropolis University. He didn't excel in particularly any set of classes (particularly his Stage and Film Theater courses) and as a result lost his full-ride within the first year of being enrolled. Jason probably would have found this troubling if the boy had not spent most of his short college career partying like crazy!

One day, while visiting Downtown Metropolis to see a few shows, some giant Mech-thing started blowing a bunch of shit up. Trampling down the street, tossing cars left and right, shooting missiles like it was trying to see how many windows it could shatter at once. Generally just causing a bunch of mayhem to draw in the Justice League for a 'fair fight'. Jason and a few of his friends were, sadly, caught in the heart of the chaos. His friends made it out alright, but Jason was not so fortunate. A crumbled alleyway blocked him in, and within seconds Jason turned to find the big Mech-badass staring him down. He supposed the guy inside must have been an asshole, because the dick fired a goddamn missile at him. That's when he appeared in a Flash! The red speedster of legend scooped Jason up off the street zoomed down the sidewalk to rescue him.

Unfortunately the missile had somehow locked on to Jason directly. Which meant the Flash needed to run fast... really really fast in order to get away from it. Within seconds they were out of Downtown. Then out of Metropolis entirely. Further, but still not far enough to escape the Mech's missile guidance system. Finally, flashing Jason a sly smirk through his cowl, the Flash kicked his speed into overdrive! The pure essence of the Speed Force materialized around the Flash, boosting his capabilities 10-fold. Until the two were on the other side of the planet, and Jason was being set down safely in some backwater African village. “Don't thank me citizen... ummm... where are we?” That was the happiest day of Jason's life.

Within minutes Jason discovered that his DNA had been forever changed, altered after being so close to the Speed Force for even a short period of time. He had become a speedster, capable of accessing the Speed Force! After a 'quick sprint' alongside his new personal hero, Jason returned to Metropolis and started his career as a crime fighter! It was rough going at first, but over the next several years his alias The Blue Streak became well known enough to warrant a invite to the Justice Heroes directly from the Justice League!

Home City: Originally from Hub City, but he trained to become a hero in Metropolis

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: During the day Jason looks like any other guy in his mid-twenties. He has short cut, dirty blonde hair and almost perpetually wears a goofy, albeit handsome smile. His “go to” outfit is an older bomber jacket his mother bought for him a few Christmas's ago, a Metropolis Supermen (local football team) shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Costume Description: As seen in picture above.
Personality: Jason has developed a small ego problem with his speedster abilities. When you it's almost literally impossible for people to stop you, you start not caring about a lot of the normal rules! Taking a queue from old Flash interviews and video footage, he loves to chat up his villains before tying them up with everything he can find. Dress them up in funny hats before dropping the thugs off at the police station. One of his primary self-proclaimed catch-phrases is “Why not fight crime, and have fun while doin' it!”


Super Speed – Jason has accessed the Speed Force, just like the other Flash heroes and speed related villains before him! This allows him to run at speeds considered even greater than the average super-human speed! When the Blue Streak runs he leaves behind a matching blue blur, and trails of Speed Force lighting.

Super Healing – Jason has the ability to heal from injuries, even potentially life threatening ones, at incredible speeds. This doesn't mean he could heal a bullet or stab wound mid fight. But within a hour most bruises or cuts have disappeared, and within 24 most bone damage or deep wounds will have closed up.

Body Displacement – Jason has the ability to vibrate his molecules fast enough to phase through objects, like walls, or out of handcuffs


Super Metabolism! - Jason eats a ton. When he's not fighting crime... usually even when he's fighting crime he's eating something. His super speed requires tons of energy from his body, requiring that he eat a whole families worth of food a day in order to keep up.

« Last Edit: March 05, 2016, 02:30:08 AM by Red Lobster »

Offline Rel Mayer

If I could give a stamp or approval--I would!

Offline mia h

If you haven't got a stamp what about a.....
« Last Edit: March 05, 2016, 07:09:09 AM by mia h »

Offline Cuchulainn

...they're evolving.

P.s Here's a bio, still can't decide on a superhero name though.

Michael Curry
Your Superhero Name
Michael Curry

Origin Story: Michael Curry is the son of Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman) and his wife Meera. They were loving parents to Michael and sought to give him all the advantages in life they could and also to prepare him for the troubles he might face as their scion. So Michael’s time was split between the surface world and Atlantis. All in all his life was fairly normal despite his parenthood and the change in scenery he often faced.Problems didn’t begin to arise until he was around 10 and his powers began to surface. He got into an altercation with the school bully and when he attempted to push him back he accidently flung him half the length of a football field. After that he got a stern talking to from his parents about the power he possessed and the responsibilities that came with it.

Life went on, he continued to spend time between Atlantis and Earth being raised in the customs and ways of both (thought he quickly came to favour earth). But as he grew he began to realise that his parents were not simple his parents, nor were they simply atlantean royalty, they were superheros, defenders of the earth. So Michael did what any teenager with super powers would do, he tried to become a superhero. Sadly his first few forays into the world of crime fighting did not go to well. Although he had the mojo he never seemed to have the timing. He just couldn’t crimes to bust, he either heard about it too late or by the time he got there it was already sorted. He managed to bust a few bank robberies by hearing about the chase on the new and getting there on time but any time he tried to patrol the streets at night he found nothing. No rapings, no muggings, no shootings at most maybe littering. When he asked his parents about joining up with the justice league and doing the whole hero thing they agreed to help him find training but that he was too young and still had to prove himself to join up he couldn’t just ride their coattails to the top. So he continued the training and just go on with a normal life. He went off to university to study marine biology, enjoyed life, playing ultimate frisbee and went to keggers but he never forgot the dream of becoming a hero.

Home City: Boston Massachusetts

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: Michael is a fairly attractive guy in his early twenties. He stands in at  around 6’1 with a muscular, swimmer's body. His dark red hair is typically styled messily sticking up on top with the back and sides kept slightly shorter. He might have a bit of stubble around his jaw and chin depending on the day of the week and if he can be bothered to shave. His style, although fashionable, would be considered very casual, his wardrobe full of t shirts, jeans, shorts and a couple of shirts. He tends to dress for the summer regardless of the season.

Costume Description:Michael’s kind of between costumes at the minute, when he first attempted the whole superhero thing he pretty much just went in whatever he was wearing because he quickly found attempting to put on any type of suit and get their in time took far too long. Still he has access to a set of atlantean armour similar to those worn by his father.
Pictured here

Personality: Michael is a happy go lucky, devil may care individual. His chief desire in life is to enjoy it, to relax and kick back with some friends and have some fun. His attempts to become a hero are born more out of a desire to do good and help people as opposed to feeling of responsiblity. In fact when responsibility is thrust upon him he has a tendency to attempt to run the other way, which isn’t great for the heir to a throne. It started fro when his powers started to develop and the restrictions that had to be placed on him, he couldn’t compete at sports, he couldn’t fight back when kids insulted him or more typically his parents.

Atlantean Hybridized Physiology: Michael poesses the powers of his father, Arthur Curry, and so is an offshoot homosapian who is biologically adapted to the deep ocean environment. For most Atlanteans, this means they can breathe underwater, endure the pressures of the deep (among other adaptations), and can only spend a very limited time out of water. However due to either his heritage to royal blood and the fact his father was part human, he possesses a number traits Atlantean's do not, for instance while he shares many of their faults he can spend an elongated time out of the water with little ill effect and is shown to be 20-50 times stronger, faster, tougher and more or less tireless compared to others of his race. Also akin to other Merefolk is his ability to not only function indefinitely within water but can easily withstand the crushing depths of the ocean deep as well as harsh natures of the sea itself. Making Arthur among other things a super-Atlantean as well as super-human.
  • Superhuman Durability: Michael's enhanced physiology enables him to withstand impacts that would kill an ordinary human, and critically injure an average Atlantean. He has been able to travel to some of the deepest depths of the ocean and resist the extreme pressures. He is not completely durable against fire arms, but is able to take a direct hit at near point blank range from an assault rifle which made him bleed but otherwise glance off his thick skin.
  • Superhuman Durability: Michael's enhanced physiology enables him to withstand impacts that would kill an ordinary human, and critically injure an average Atlantean. He has been able to travel to some of the deepest depths of the ocean and resist the extreme pressures. He is not completely durable against fire arms, but is able to take a direct hit at near point blank range from an assault rifle which made him bleed but otherwise glance off his thick skin.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Michael possesses strength and stamina that allows him to swim up to 150 mph for at least a 4 hour period without significant breaks for rest or recuperation.
  • Superhuman Speed: On land he would be able to match the speed of Olympic atheletes but in water his regular speed is approximately 100mph swimming underwater. In times of distress this has shown to drastically increase, and he has reached 1,000 knots.
  • Superhuman Strength: Michael possesses superhuman strength on the order of 150 times human maximum with his strength is more than a match for most barriers such as wood, metals, brick or concrete walls. Only extremely durable metal reinforced barriers, have any chance of slowing him for any length of time. He has proven capable of performing standing high jumps of 4 stories (both on land and from water), lifting and throwing a car with ease. His strength would appear somewhat dependent on how hydrated he is.
  • Enhanced Vision: His ability to see in the murky depths of the ocean allows him exceptional night vision while on land.
  • Enhanced Hearing: several times more acute than human capacity, once even hearing a police siren from several miles away.
  • Enhanced Smell: several times more acute than human capacity.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: While no speedster, Aquaman's reflexes are superior to even near metahumans and are on the order of approximately 5 times faster than a normal human.

Water Deficiency: When not exposed to water, many of Michael’s physical attributes gradually decline and can reach a point where he possesses only a small fraction of his powers.

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Offline annarose

so i saw this and i knew i needed to join. DC is love. DC is life.

Jessica Winter

Origin Story: Jessica came from a seemingly perfect family with two parents and a older brother. After the unforeseen death of her mother when she was 4, her family moved to Central City.  Her father was then arrested for the suspected murder of her mother and thrown into jail. She was separated from her brother after that. She bounced around foster homes until adopted by a rich man and moved to Star City. By then she was already 12. For the next 9 years she lived with him. After graduating University with a Masters in Bio-engineering. She worked as a scientist in her adopted father's company under the research department in hopes to finding cures and other stuff to help people in the city. One day there was an explosion in the neighbouring lab (dealing with radioactive matter) across from hers and she awoke in the hospital. Her body temperature was much lower than an average human being's. The doctors could not figure out why she was like this but other than that, her body was fit and she was cleared to go home.
For the next few days, her body started to change. Her brown hair turned blonde and her fingertips were ice cold. It then progressed even more. Her touches were cold and soon she was freezing things around the house. Not wanting her father to know, she moved out, back to Central City to find answers. S.T.A.R labs was famous for the research on metahumans (after some deep digging on her part). She sought help there. There, she was taught to control her powers as they continued their research on her. It was then she found out that whatever that happened to her was irreversible. She resigned to her fate. Together with some other metahumans, they formed a small group and did some crime fighting. In the day she works at S.T.A.R labs like any other scientist but at night, she and the other metahumans fight crime, keeping the city safe.
She was only recently recruited by the Justice League after word got out. She thinks they probably need her because of her expertise not because of her powers but even so, she accepted anyways.

Home City: Central City/ Star City

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: Normally wearing a black leather clothes, skinny jeans or black leather leggings. Wears glasses when she reads. Lab coat when she is in the lab.

Costume Description: As in pictures.
Personality: Comes off as cold and unfriendly but is only warm and loves teasing her close friends. She does not trust a lot of people and is always on her guard.

Hand Blasts- Release ice/cold blasts from hands.
Expanding Ice Bolts- Project ice/cold that expands rapidly on contact with an object.
Formulated Ice Blasts- Release blasts of ice/cold object or weapon.
Cryostasis- Freeze cells, whole tissues, or any other substances susceptible to damage caused by chemical reactivity or time by cooling to sub-zero temperatures to preserve them.
Snow generation- Ability to create snow but not manipulate it.

Dry and hot places with little moisture. She cannot form ice/cold or snow in these places.
She has a sweet tooth. Likes chocolates and lollipops a bit too much.

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Offline Darwishi

Are you still recruiting for this game?

Online Deathnote

In terms of lifting ability for Telekinesis, you would be able to lift lift a few cars, or even a large 18-wheeler during combat. I would say the smaller you lift, the more easy it is to do without require some degree of needing to stop and concentrate on the action.

I can work with that.  An eighteen wheeler can weigh up to 80 tons (40 tons without an oversize permit... unless you're in Michigan).  That would be enough to handle a narrow-body passenger airliner like the Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320... or maybe slow down the descent of a Jumbo Jet like the Boeing 747.

Switching out super strength for telekinesis now.  >_>

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Approved Anna! Please transfer your sheet over to the Character Sheets thread, and pop in to the OOC to say hello!

Go ahead and repost your sheet when you are done Death.

I am closing recruitment for this game. Those who have already expressed interest can still create sheets for approval.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Closed
« Reply #117 on: March 05, 2016, 11:11:05 AM »
Approved Cuchu!

Offline Aiden

Re: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Closed
« Reply #118 on: March 05, 2016, 11:13:15 AM »
Joseph W. Kerr

Origin Story:
Nature vs Nurture, one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology. What does this have to do with Joe? That is up to whoever is currently profiling him or trying to, a shame no one truly knows who he is and how he came to be, except for one man.

A Large hammer comes down on narrators head before the Joker kicks the lifeless body over.
"I'll take it from here Mr. Narrator. Sit down kids, time for a story!" The Harlequin of Hate smiles as he wipes the remains of the narrator off the stool before sitting down.
"Now in a moment of clarity I realized something....I am just a man, yes me. And all men must die..." He motions towards the dead narrator. "Just like day you are alive, the next moment your head is split open like a ripe watermelon." The man in the purple suit drops the hammer and giggles. "So anyway....once upon a time, blah blah blah...when a certain billionaire was unaware his various dalliances had resulted in a child. That is when I decided to play a game! Take him and have Ms. Supermodel tell the daddy the baby didn't make it. SPOILER ALERT! He is Alive! Ok I am bored of this! Take it away Mr. Narrator....ohh yea. Ohh well Bye!HaaHaaaHahahahahaaaaaaa"

Back to that debate of Nature vs Nurture. A Wayne, the name itself is not enough to warrant anything or is it? Who knows the life Joseph might have had if Bruce knew about his son. What motivated his mother to follow along with the Joker's schemes. Last he heard, his mom was still locked up in Arkham, completely insane. As for Joe, what would he become if Bruce would have raised him? A privileged snob with far to much money and a complex after being unable to escape his father's shadow? Or the next victim to a brutal beating outside a warehouse? Bruce does not speak about his lost son, an empty grave visited every year on the alleged birthday. Whatever the Joker's intentions, he was unable to break the Black Knight of Gotham.

Joseph grew up in the system of Gotham, shuffled off from orphanage to foster home and back, sometimes the last one worst then the previous one. It was no surprise he took to the streets as soon as he could hustle a couple bucks from anything form running packages or a couple rounds of three card monty. As he grew older and began to show that Wayne ingenuity his schemes became more elaborate, his scores/paydays larger. Who needs school when you can learn all you need on the streets of Gotham? Need some firepower, learn some Russian. How about some tech, better brush up on some Mandarin so you can talk to the Triads. Don't forget about Diplomacy 101 when dealing with the crime families of Gotham. And then there was Mista J, Henchman number 2, The Red Hood, whatever identity he conceived to hide himself from Joe. Always watch, mentoring, showing him the ropes.

Like the fabled Icarus, he flew to close to the sun drew the attention to himself or maybe it was time to teach the kid some humility. The kid got pinched, his crew vanished as ordered before being brought face to face Jim Gordon and the estranged father he never knew he had. For all his crimes, for all the weapons dealings, extortion, robberies and some jobs they didn't even know about he nor his crew killed a single person. Batman profiled the young man, attempting to figure it out but just couldn't. Gordon suggested an alternative to life in jail, Young Justice. A chance of redemption, Joseph wasn't even sure if he wanted to be redeemed but it beat a 5x5 cell.

Bruce wanted to save him, unaware on how deep Joker's roots went. He asked for the impossible, one of the many who trained him to take him in. Unknowingly turning him over to the League of Assassins. Joseph Wayne Kerr went off to train, a furious young man whose entire life had been flipped upside down. The harsh regiment of the League under his various task masters broke him down in an attempt to break his anger but instead began to hone it into an even deadlier skill set. Covert actions, espionage, assassination, hand to hand combat, martial arts and weapon training became his life. During his time with them he killed his first target and found it liberating. Unfortunately the league never fully accepted him as one of their own. He was on "loan" despite all the training, bleeding and almost dying for them. Joseph took the name Wildcard and prepared to leave as ordered, unsure if he would return to Gotham, the home he only knew. A message found him somewhere in Egypt as he pondered returning to his previous life or finding a new city to loot.

The invitation to the Justice League was almost discarded at first. Was he so twisted he loathed the idea of being a Hero? As he pondered what path to take he found himself sitting face to face with a person who convinced him to join up.

Home City: Gotham

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: Tends to wear a stripped suit or jeans and a leather jacket. His appearance changes as needed.


Costume Description: As Payday (Before Training): Most heists/job tended to be incognito, suits and masks, never the same mask. Sometimes armor is worn and specialized equipment is used, guns as well but only as a last resort and only to suppress a threat.

As Wildcard: Despite having access to his estranged father's money, Joe refused it and any part of his legacy. The W. in his nicknamed almost seemed to taunt him at every turn, a part of his anger still lingering. His outfit was financed by what little he kept before going off to train. The suit, while colorful in appearance, is woven to shift colors as needed and reinforced with top of the line plating to resist/repel the impact of standard guns and melee weapons. Mounted grappling lines attached to both his wrist and ankles permit him to escape, repel or climb buildings stealthy. The mask changes from time to time but keeps a constant motif, a court jester.
Personality: Joseph doesn't have a personality, or at least one someone can sort into a little list. He has proven himself intelligent, characteristic or at the least manipulative enough to lead a crew. Maybe it was for the pay out, but either way he was running crews and getting away when criminals twice his age were unable to to tell their ass from their heads. He is definitely the Brains of the operation. Selfish and prideful to a certain degree, he is careful to split the loot fairly since good help is hard to find.

Sickle and chains- Wildcards weapon of choice, preferring to use martial weapons over guns. The sickle and chain is used as both a weapon and a tool that can be used to climb, repel and escape and works in sync with the wrist and ankle mounted grappling lines. When used alongside his uncanny agility and training, it creates an unpredictable fighting style that mixes capoeira, standard martial arts and his own unique style that keeps opponent guessing from what direction he will attack from next (if they are alive long after the initial engagement).

Supernaturally good sense of timing.-Whether granted or passed down from his mentor or a little bit of those Wayne genes paying off. Joseph has a great sense of timing, his schemes, plans that might seem doomed or failed somehow ends up working out in the end. So maybe he didn't get away with the jewels or the money but he managed to get away to steal another day.

Luck - A fickle mistress, but it tends to be on his side. Unless Gordon or Batman are involved...

Indomitable Will- unnaturally strong willpower, granting him resistance (to start) to all forms of temptation including subordination manipulation, telepathy, mind control and subliminal seduction. Able to suppress pain to an extent, his limits only being those of his human body. Now if only he can find a way to get his hands on one of those green rings...

Intellect - Even without the same opportunities other children took for granted, Joseph honed his knowledge through various mentors and various forms of self study. He might not know or care who ruled Egypt at the dawn of mankind but if there was a artifact to steal he might brush up and learn a few things. His knowledge base spans everything from what weapons come out of what countries to what type of locking mechanism a certain safe contains. A jack of all trades in that regard, give him enough time and he will figure it out, sometimes faster than you would expect.

Trained Assassin - Sent off to train with the league of assassins or jail. For a time he almost wished for death as he was pushed to the brink of his own by those appointed to him.  Demolitions, poisoning, subtly, espionage and everything in between to hone him into an assassin that would put other secret organizations to shame.

"Daddy's Belt, Joker's toy chest" Utility Belt - Various utility items with a twisted sense of humor. Bombs, smoke or duds, bobby trapped devices or make shift weapons. Vials of poison and random bag of skittles, who knows what one will find in Wildcard's arsenal.

Weakness: Human - Joseph is a human at peak agility and speed. He is weak to anything else humans are, his skin is not stronger or resistance, his bones will break and he bleeds, often.

Sanity- Not quite there to begin with, a few screws came lose during his time with the League. He is unpredictable at times or a different person all together.

Pride - It gets the best of him.

Trouble - He just can't seem to get away from it.
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Submitting sheet for review!

Online Deathnote

Jonathan 'Jon' Kent II

Origin Story:
The son (or possibly daughter) of Conner Kent (AKA Con-El) and M'gann M'orzz (AKA Megan Morse) and named after Clark Kent's foster father, Jonathan Kent.  Apparently, he was born as a pool of writhing white plasma before reforming into a normal-looking baby boy.  Even in his infancy, he had a bad habit of shape-shifting into different forms whether it was human or animal.  If he were born to any other set of parents, he probably would've been lost a long time ago.

Conner and Megan bought a place in Smallville and raised their child in the small town of Kansas.  Jon's favourite hobby growing up was changing into all different sorts of animals.  He was repeatedly scolded by his parents and constantly reminded about keeping his powers a secret from others.  By the time he reached his teens, he was impersonating other people for fun, including teachers and classmates.  As he grew older, his telekinetic abilities started showing up.  In spite of his bad habits, he would regularly use his powers for good, such as preventing accidents and distracting criminals from afar so that their victims could get away.

By the time Jon reached the age of sixteen, Conner had long since stopped using the name 'Superboy' and had taken up another.  Both of his parents were off helping the Justice League on another planet when Jon had his first taste of being a superhero.  An airplane was passing over Smallville when it suffered from an engine failure.  With no one else around to help, Jon shape-shifted into 'Superboy' and, using telekinesis, caught the airplane before it could crash, saving all of its passengers.  Since then, he has expressed an interest in following his parents' footsteps and becoming a superhero.  Believing that this would be good for their son (and maybe help him with his bad habits), his parents supported his decision and mentored him for the next one and a half years.

Jon would later receive an offer to join the Justice Heroes at the age of eighteen.

Home City: Smallville, Kansas (later moved to Metropolis for college)

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: T-Shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  Sometimes he'll throw on a leather jacket.

Costume Description: Based on one of the costumes his father once wore.  He also has a white martian form that he has no idea how to access as of yet.
Personality: Normally an easy-going person with a carefree and lackadaisical attitude and approach to things.  Jon also has a bit of a temper, which has gotten him into trouble more than once before.  He can be extremely stubborn and has a tendency to make reckless decisions at times.  Despite not exactly being the brightest bulb in class, he can be very perceptive and analytical to the point of practically becoming a human lie-detector.  He tries his best to be friendly and approachable to others, though it's obvious he's not very good at it.  He also displays great loyalty to his friends and family.


Telekinesis: Inherited telekinetic powers from both of his parents.  This ability also grants him super flight (approx. 100 mph).

Shape-Shifting: Has inherited the martian ability to shape-shift into any person or any animal of his choosing.  He has also accessed a White Martian form once in the past by complete accident and has yet to figure out how to do so on command.


Kryptonite: Is greatly weakened whenever he's around kryptonite.  Unless protected by lead or any other form of protection from radiation, he will experience severe physical pain and gradually lose his powers.  Prolonged exposure may result in death.

Red Solar Radiation: Exposure to red solar radiation will cause him to lose his telekinesis, but not his shape-shifting.

Solar Energy Exhaustion: If forced to engage in strenuous physical activity for a large amount of time or is forced to perform one very difficult task without continuous solar energy absorption, he will end up expending all of his stored solar energy.  Due to his young age, he is also less able to process the appropriate amount of solar energy as fast as a fully-grown Kryptonian.  As a result, overtaxing his powers to the point of physical depletion would spell his death, as his body would literally begin to feed on itself, unable to absorb solar energy fast enough to restore itself.

Fire: While he does not appear to have inherited the martians' fear of fire, he's still vulnerable.  Prolonged exposure to fire may interfere with his telekinesis and shape-shifting and cause him to "melt down" into a pool of writhing white plasma.

Identity Issues: Born with the martian ability to shape-shift, Jon has been using this power since day one.  As a kid, he'd regularly have fun changing into all types of animals and impersonating other people.  Up until his late teens, he's probably spent more time looking like other people than using his 'default' human form.  As a result, he has absolutely no idea what he's really supposed to look like.  He identifies as male, but couldn't be a hundred percent sure he actually is (he does know for sure, however, that he's only into women).  He's not even sure if he's supposed to look human or look martian or some combination in between.  The only reason why he's the splitting image of his father is because that's his best guess as to what his 'true form' probably looks like.

Impersonation: Has a bad habit of impersonating others without their express permission.  He's working on it.

Short-tempered: Has a bit of a short fuse and prone to flying off the handle.  This has led to him once nearly killing one of the more sociopathic villains during his youth.  Though he has learned quite a bit of self-control since then, his emotions will still get him into trouble every now and then.

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Hey Aiden!

Do you think it's possible that the Wayne family had two children and one went missing--rather than being swapped at birth. I hate to be a stickler, but I really wanted to keep my blood relation with the Wayne family.

I'm more than willing to work something out so it's fun for both of us!

Edit: Or it could be one of those twin situations. Maybe one 'died at birth' aka, Joker nabbed an infant and made it look like natural causes as to why a twin would die. I want you to be able to keep the essence of your character, because its cool!
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Brendan "Dan" Garrett

Origin Story:
Long ago in a galaxy far, far away (oh, and in a different universe altogether), Khaji Da was exiled from the Reach. While the Reach of this universe were a space-faring empire of conquest, the cyberorganic scarabs were not the tools of the Reach in this universe; rather, the cyberorganic scarabs were the Reach, parasites that wielded their hosts as tools and weapons of conquest until they were burnt out husks of their former selves, before moving onto the next host.

Khaji Da was an apostate and a heretic, wishing a permanent bond with its hosts, to have a symbiotic relationship with them, rather than a parasitic one, and so was sent into exile far from the furthest reaches of the empire.

Khaji Da landed on Earth, where it was discovered by the archaeologist Daniel "Dan" Garrett. Garrett was all too happy to bond with Khaji Da, wielding its tremendous power to become the Scarab, a fearsome outlaw. As time carried on, the line between Garrett and Khaji Da became increasingly blurred, so much so that even when Garrett perished in a battle with the heroes of Earth, Khaji Da had become more aggressive. Having fallen in love with Garrett, Khaji Da sought out the next best thing when he died – another of Garrett's bloodline, in this case, Garrett's bastard son.

Whether it was Khaji Da's influence, whether the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree, or both, Garrett's successor used the power of Khaji Da to follow the same life of crime that the first Scarab had, eventually joining the infamous Crime Syndicate and climbing the ranks to become one of their lieutenants.

When the Crime Syndicate discovered parallel Earths and staged an invasion, Scarab perished in the attempt, dying at the hands of a supervillain1 unwilling to allow the Crime Syndicate to conquer the world; many supervillains of this parallel Earth felt that if they couldn't conquer the world, they certainly weren't about to allow interlopers from a parallel Earth to claim the prize.

Again, Khaji Da sought out a new host, the most viable candidate of those who carried the bloodline of this Earth's Dan Garrett. It found Brendan Garrett, grandson of the first superhero to claim the nom de guerre Blue Beetle. While not a masked vigilante like his grandfather, the mild-mannered Brendan Garrett did good work as a seasoned EMT.

While finding himself bonded to an alien scarab was disconcerting, Brendan immediately sought out the current bearer of the title 'Blue Beetle', Jaime Reyes, who, in turn, brought the matter to the attention of the Justice League.

Despite immediate suspicions that the Reach might be plotting another invasion or revenge against Jaime Reyes and his scarab, it was quickly determined that the origin of Brendan's scarab was the same universe from which the Crime Syndicate had invaded.

While wary, they were unable to remove Khaji Da without killing Brendan, and despite some dissenting opinions within the League, the general consensus was that Brendan should not be imprisoned when he had done nothing wrong, only monitored closely.

Taken under the wing of Jaime Reyes, Brendan began training alongside him to master the Khaji Da's powers, and recently has even started to have costumed adventures of his own.

1 I figure this can be one of the villains from our `rogues gallery`.

Home City:

Civilian Appearance/Style Description:
Brendan dresses for the occasion. On a day when nothing in particular is required of him, however, he'll probably wear jeans and a t-shirt with a superhero's symbol on it, possibly with an open, short-sleeved collared shirt over it. In colder weather, he may be seen wearing sweaters.

Costume Description: [1]
Until Khaji Da came into his life, Brendan was a mild-mannered young man. It was a great sense of compassion that led him to becoming an EMT, a role he proved well-suited for. However, since becoming bonded to Khaji Da, Brendan's aggression has increased and he has started to demonstrate a lessening of impulse control. He has taken up Tai Chi and meditation in an attempt to mitigate Khaji Da's influence, and while the results have been promising, he is not back to his old self, only closer to who he was before.

Scarab's powers are, for the most part, functionally identical to those of Blue Beetle.

Danger Sense: Khaji Da is constantly scanning the surrounding for threats to Brendan's person. However, so far, Brendan hasn't been bonded to Khaji Da long enough to parse what Khaji Da is trying to communicate to him, save for a heightened awareness of danger.

Exoskeleton Armor: Once deployed, the exoskeleton armor grants Scarab enhanced durability and enhanced strength.

Armaments: Brendan may direct the forearms of the exoskeleton to take on a variety of forms, including a sonic cannon, an energy blaster, scythe-like blades, a mace, a battering ram, a lockpick, and a staple gun.

Flight: Use of the exoskeleton grants Brendan flight.

Holograms: Brendan may use the exoskeleton to project holograms. Their nature as holograms is patently obvious and could not be mistaken for anything other than holograms.

Technological Interface: Brendan may use the exoskeleton to interface with technology, including alien technology, with the exception of technology originating from the New Gods (Apokalips & New Genesis).


Aggression & Poor Impulse Control: As discussed above, due to Khaji Da's influence, Brendan, formerly mild-mannered, has become more aggressive, demonstrating less ability to control his impulses. Khaji Da's influence becomes even more pronounced when Brendan is actively using Khaji Da's powers.

Empathic: Unlike Jaime Reyes' scarab, Khaji Da is not capable of communicating via speech or telepathy. It can convey its emotions only to Brendan, which often manifest as 'instincts'. So far, Brendan lacks the experience to parse what Khaji Da is trying to communicate to him, save for a heightened awareness of danger. As a result, Khaji Da is also unable to serve as a universal translator in the same manner as Jaime Reyes' scarab.

Though Khaji Da tries to communicate with Brendan through dreams, the scarab's mind is alien to Brendan, and it has thus far been unsuccessful at making itself comprehensible to him.

Suit Up: Aside from his danger sense, Brendan is unable to access any of Khaji Da's powers unless the exoskeleton is deployed. As such, he is not particularly well-suited for missions that would require him to conceal the involvement of the Justice Heroes. Furthermore, deploying the exoskeleton in front of the public would carry a significant risk of outing Brendan as Scarab.

Of Two Minds: While Khaji Da desperately wants to keep Brendan alive, they have their differences on methodology. While Khaji Da generally does as Brendan directs, Khaji Da doesn't understand Brendan's reluctance to use lethal force. Should Brendan's directives put him at serious risk of death (for instance, risking his life by refusing to deploy the exoskeleton or by refusing to use lethal force against a superior foe), Khaji Da may temporarily override Brendan's will.

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Re: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Closed
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Ohh I didn't mean to close off the Wayne family. Joker swapped knew or found out about this kid and did the good old switcharoo.

I'm not sure if your girl is younger or older than Joe, I kept it vague for that reason. If you want to do the twin idea that might give him some magical powers or in the future?

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Re: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Closed
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Ohh I didn't mean to close off the Wayne family. Joker swapped knew or found out about this kid and did the good old switcharoo.

I'm not sure if your girl is younger or older than Joe, I kept it vague for that reason. If you want to do the twin idea that might give him some magical powers or in the future?

Whatever seems more fun to you! I kept Zoe's age vague as well, so we can match up their ages--if you'd like.

I'm thinking that magic can also manifest in different ways, which could be already showing through with Joe. Maybe that's also why his luck is so good,  part of the magic!