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Author Topic: Justice Heroes (Young Justice/Justice League Inspired RP) - Open!  (Read 25218 times)

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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Welcome everyone!

We have recently changed this to a free-form game! If you are interested in joining, please feel free to throw a sheet together! Everyone is welcome.

The Justice Heroes

If you have seen Young Justice or the Justice League, those are going to be used as creative inspiration for the story! The world of this game will be set in the DC universe. The Justice League exists, and defend the earth from major threats using the Watchtower (space station) as their base of operations. While the Justice League is very large, operating with 200+ members, it only makes up a fraction of the total number of superheros on earth. Almost every hero in existence wants to become an official Justice League member, but few ever do. The team of player superheros will be a group of young superheros who have just made it to the big time. The Justice League has setup a new base on earth, and filling it with a new team of superheros on their 'trial run' as League members. The team, or potentially teams of Justice Leaguers in training will be assigned specially selected missions that fit their skill level, and current power level.

The team has been named the Justice Heroes. As time goes on, the Justice Heroes will receive more difficult and more high profile missions to defend earth or stop criminal syndicates. I will be constructing a unique Rogue's Gallery of villains which will become reoccurring pain in the asses for the Justice Heroes, as well as utilizing tons of the per-existing villains in the DC universe! Though of course you will not be going up against big names like Lex Luthor, Synestro, Braniac, or Vandal Savage for quite a while. We need to prove ourselves first.

While you can feel free to copy/paste the power set of a pre-existing DC/Marvel hero (or villain) as your power set, all characters must be original characters! Characters can be any age as long as they are older than 18.

The Superpowers

At character creation players will be able to establish their power set. As we complete missions and the major story events of the game, players will be allowed to add 1 new power to their character sheet, or improve existing powers. In this way individual characters will grow more powerful and be able to take on more powerful enemies!

Everyone is going to start off on relatively the same level as far as power is concerned. Obviously some will be better at certain things over others, like a Batman vs. Superman archetype. Please make sure to describe the origin of your powers in your backstory. Whether mutation, gift from the gods, alien, magical item, whatever!

Players will also have the option of selecting “Weaknesses” at character creation. By adopting a weakness for your character you will be allowed to choose more powers than I would normally consider appropriate for a starting level character. Relative to the power of the Weakness. Some Weakness examples would be Superman's vulnerability to Kryptonite, Mr. Freeze's need to always be in sub-zero temperatures, Green Lantern's ring needing to be charged regularly.

Game Structure

We have recently changed this game to be totally free-form! Players will be able to create their own threads and host their own GM-like events. The only rule is that you must make me as the GM aware of any thread after you have created them. You may make them closed for specific scenes, or open for interaction.

Justice Heroes H.Q.

The main base of the Justice Heroes is called “The Cove”. It was constructed by Batman during the early years of the Justice League, and acted as the prototype for what the Watchtower would eventually become. The base actually spans two major facilities. One is a large, hollowed out mountain with several unique facilities oriented towards training and information gathering. The second facility is a underwater base located next to the first, mountain facility. The Cove can support up to 50 heroes, though it has never been used by a team larger than 10.

The Sex

All of the characters work together, so this is inevitable! I am going to handle this mostly by player request when it comes to format. Either we can keep smut scenes strictly in private PM's between players, or in side threads.

The Rules

Here are my main rules

 - Be nice to one another in OOC chat
 - We are all busy. I have a job which requires a lot of my time, though I am usually always available via PM. If you need to step away from the game, or put your character on pause, please just let me know! Real life comes first above everything
 - If you want to start your own side thread, or have an idea for a GM event, please let me know.

Character Sheet

Please PM me or post your character sheet if you are interested.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=12pt][b]Your Superhero Name[b][/size]
Your Real Name[/center]

[floatright][img padding=10]Flavor Image[/img][/floatright]

[b]Origin Story:[/b] How did you become a hero? Were you raised in to it by Justice League parents? How did you get your powers? You can feel free to make any existing DC character one of your parents/mentors. Now that you are a part of the Justice Heroes they are going to take the training wheels off, and will no longer be assisting you except through advice.

[b]Home City:[/b] Which city did you fight crime in before joining the Justice Heroes? Gotham? Central City? Metropolis? You can feel free to leave this one blank if you don't have a preference. This will help determine which villain's you've already fought with, and not fought with. Also, which Justice League members may already know you.

[b]Civilian Appearance/Style Description:[/b] How your character looks during their days off. How your character looks without their hood/cowl/mask on.

[b]Costume Description:[/b] What your characters costume looks like. You are welcome to use concept images of existing DC heroes to support your description. Just note the subtle differences, if any.
[b]Personality:[/b] This one is pretty obvious

[b]Powers/Weapons:[/b] This is where I would like you to describe your powers and/or weapons that your character uses! Please provide as much detail as you think is necessary. Also, remember that your character (while not an amateur) is not a veteran hero. I recommend giving yourself room to grow in your power capabilities so that we can RP them out in game.

[b]Weakness:[/b] From my explanation later in the recruitment thread - "Something that negates your powers is a Weakness, or something that is "Super Effective" Pokemon style on you is a Weakness. For instance RedPhoenix's character sheet states that she is weak against Cold attacks, which means she would be at a large disadvantage anytime she fights a person of equal power to her with Cold type powers"

[img]Flavor Image[/img]
« Last Edit: April 20, 2016, 12:43:09 AM by Red Lobster »

Offline Rel Mayer

I'm totally game! I'm going to claim a Zatanna styled character that is related to the Wayne family, if that's alright.

Really excited for this!

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Thanks for your interest Rel! Excited to see your character

Offline Deathnote

AAARRRGGGHHH!!!  I really wanna join this one, but I don't know if I can handle one more game... >_<

I even have a character that might be a good fit.  >_>

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

@Deathnote, you can always make your sheet and decide later!

@RedPhoenix, great to hear Red! I've always wanted to have a reason to start going by Lobster instead, haha

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

So my concept began as "Poison Ivy, but with Snakes" and ended up as "Hippie Medusa Spiderman." :)

That's awesome! Reminds me of those pictures where they are like "What I thought I was" - "What I ended up playing" - "What the group saw"

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Approved Red!

Offline indarkestknight

Posting to express tentative interest. Biggest hurdle at the moment is that I don't have a strong sense of what kind of OC I'd like to conjure for this.

Offline Rel Mayer

Total props to RedPhoenix for coming up with such an original OC! Love it!

I have to admit mine is pretty much a copy of Zatanna, but here is she!

The Charmer
Zoe Wayne

Origin Story:

Almost everyone who was anyone knew that Zoe was going to be a hero the second she was born. Not because she showed off any sort of magical power, but because of the family she came from. While the family wasn't known for publicly displaying their affairs to the Justice League or to the public, Zoe still received a bit of fame as a child. It came to no wonder that, after her mother mysteriously died in a train accident by an attack by a few escaped prisoners from Arkham, she quickly went to a school at a very young age to foster her talents. Zoe always excelled at the education part of her class, an excellent combat fighter and she was known for almost living up to the genius and talent of her father.

But she couldn't help but feel like she was always living in the shadow of the bat.

Zoe knew very little about her mother, so when she was sixteen and began developing a very particular set of powers and people began to raise their eyebrows. There is little information on who Zoe's mother actually is, but there is a suspicion that she may be related to Zatanna. The dark hair, the piercing blue eyes and the uncanny ability to make small animals appear and disappear! With what began as her summoning a pet rabbit to keep her occupied through the lonely day at Private School (Bugsy--a favorite animal that she's known to speak to) it manifested into Zoe becoming one of the stronger heroes in her class with her uncanny use of magic, and for one of the first times Zoe felt like she had a direction!

No longer would she have to live under her father's shadow, and she could manifest into her own mark into victorious heroism with the Justice Heroes. She quickly moved back to Gotham after graduating and she begged, pleaded, and did everything she did to prove to Batman that she was worthy enough to at least help with the Justice League in any way. Zoe was thrilled beyond measure when the Justice League invited her to join the Justice Heroes, and she comes off as something of a star struck fangirl. Some may call it nepotism, but Zoe brushes it off of her shoulder, confident that she is more than capable of proving herself alongside her friends and teammates.

Home City: Gotham

Batman - Father (Open for Connections!)

Civilian Appearance/Style Description:

Zoe doesn't the most mysterious costume, because it shows off her face, thighs, the curvy swell of her breast and ass. When she's not in a traditional magician's outfit with either a black cape or a black tailcoat jacket--she wears normal civilian clothes. Zoe is also rather rich (considering she's part of the Wayne family) and will often dress in the latest and greatest fashionable items from the very luxury brand fashion designers--that tailor it to fit her and enhance the natural gifts of curves.

"What!? Just because I am doing good in the world doesn't mean that I can't look fucking hot while I do it!" she often says with a coy wink and a confident smile when people make comments about her outfits.

Zoe also has a white bunny that she often brings with her everywhere. Those who are close to her know that she can somehow speak to her pet rabbit, Bugsy, (magical experiment gone wrong while in school), and that he's a snarky motherfucker.

Costume Description:

Zoe is going to have a very similar outfit to Zatanna. She wears the high heels black shoes, the tight black fishnets, and usually a black thong that slips in-between the swell of her toned ass cheeks. She likes wearing a tight white corset and a tailcoat when she's casually fighting crime around cities, but when she's feeling particularly serious (and less sexual) she will dress herself in a tight black and white outfit with a black cape. Of course a slit to show off her cleavage (because she's rather vain about her looks), and long black boots rather than heels. Zoe doesn't always wear a black top-hat, but sometimes she brings it along for fun.

One thing that she almost always carries is a large black bag that holds far too much that even her magic struggles to keep it contained.

Zoe in positive, bubbly, confident and vain. She's the one that often enjoys supporting leader roles and working the extra hours to make sure things get done correctly. Never one to rush anything out, because she likes to savor the moment. At the same time, although she's cocky and confident, she truly believes in her teammates and works hard to make sure they're safe. At the same time, Zoe is able to make the tough decisions when it comes to the greater good.

The only issue with Zoe is that she is rather vain and particular about organization. She gets easily flustered when someone messes up their paperwork or gets too much blood on her favorite outfits that dry cleaners just can't get out. Those are the times that she loses her temper, and the positive persona that she displays. Zoe is also rather flirtatious and seductive, but she often uses it for distraction to enemies or privately depending on who is involved. She can't help that she's a flirt to males and females!


The Summoning and Disappearing Act: Zoe can make this appear and re-appear out of many different outlets. She often likes using other people's hats (or her big black bag), but she can also pull it out of pretty much anywhere. All she has to do is snap her fingers, wiggle her nose, or clap her hands together to make things appear or disappear. She can't do this with humans though, because she has not mastered it yet.

Magic Wand/Cane - Zoe has a magic wand which she uses to channel her magical abilities. While she is not unable to cast magic without it, the device amplifies her spells dramatically! She's been known to use it as a offensive weapon and defensive weapon. Summoning constructs to ensare, bludgeon, or otherwise beat up the bad guys! Usually she fashions it into a cane, because she believes they're coming back in style.

Exploding Kittens Cards - Pretty much says it all. Zoe can throw cards and make them explode using a sort of fire magic.

Magic Spellbook - Hidden somewhere in the black bag, she often uses this to either summon very heavy and intense magical spells or to discover new spells! Zoe is unsure of how new spells appear, but they come every so often (which is why she keeps the book with her so much).


Fresh Meat - Zoe lacks the years under her belt that most Justice Heroes may already have.

"Oh, it's that girl." - While this may seem like an advantage, Zoe has a bit of fame so can't mysteriously hide and disappear. She runs the risk of revealing who she is everyday, since she's an unmasked hero who is open about her real life identity.

Fashionista - She's obsessed with her clothing and costumes, and can get distracted if her outfit doesn't look exactly the way she wants it to!

Need More Mana - While Zoe has a huge arsenal of spells and weapons to pick from, she can't overuse her abilities and cast strong spells consecutively yet. It also takes her a few tries to master a new spell, so she runs the risk of a dark magical spell going horribly wrong.

Flavor Image? How about a few!

« Last Edit: March 04, 2016, 01:09:09 AM by Rel Mayer »

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Awesome sheet Rel! Approved

I will have a character thread up tomorrow where you guys can post your sheets.

Offline Foxy Oni

I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring...

Jennifer Hex

Origin Story: Jennifer is a direct descendant of the legendary Old Western bounty hunter Jonah Hex and his wife Tall Bird. Growing up in Wyoming she heard many stories about her famous ancestor and his contemporaries. She tried to emulate them as best she could, learning to ride a horse, shoot a gun, and survive in the outdoors at an early age. Then when she was thirteen Jennifer started having vision problems and brief blackouts. Doctors were unable to find a cause but eventually these problems stopped. What Jennifer didn't let anyone know is that she could now see eight seconds into the future. The most likely cause was that Jonah Hex's encounters with time travelers and his own extended stay in a post-apocalyptic future had created a temporal instability that manifested with Jennifer. At sixteen, an age when most might take a job flipping burgers, Jennifer decided to become a bounty hunter. Since there wasn't much action in Wyoming, she decided relocated to Seattle since it didn't have a resident hero after Green Arrow went back to Star City. Jennifer proved quite capable at catching bad guys there for about a year. Then some Justice League members decided to investigate her. Discovering a seventeen year old runaway was traipsing around Seattle with guns, they were about  to send her back to Wyoming when she told them about her powers. Realizing her potential, the League offered Jennifer a place in the Justice Heroes in hopes that she can be guided toward a more socially acceptable methodology. 

Home City: Jennifer is originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming. However, her short solo career took place in Seattle, Washington. Unknown to her, this is also where Jonah Hex lived when he was taken out of his own time.

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: A slim and fit young lady, Jennifer has lightly tanned skin and brown hair that she dyes blonde to emulate the legendary ancestor. She prefers wearing jeans and a t-shirt when not adventuring.

Costume Description: Hex's costume is a studded black leather bikini along with some matching chaps. She sometimes wears a cowboy hat but it tends to fall off when the action starts.
Personality: A tough talking stick of dynamite, Hex fights hard and parties hard. She has a strong anti-authority streak that is tempered by an equally strong sense of honor. While not bloodthirsty, she has no problem with the idea of putting down an enemy permanently if need be. Jennifer possesses just about every vice known to man and is proud of it. She's up for trying anything once, twice if she was drunk and/or stoned the first time.   

Powers/Weapons: Hex utilizes various Western themed weapons. The League seems to frown on Colt revolvers and Bowie knives, so she is more likely to opt for lassos and whips while with the Justice Heroes. Her current powers is the ability to see eight seconds into the future, allowing her to be warned of danger and predict where enemies will be. Hex can also see eight seconds into the past but this ability isn't quite as useful unless she thinks she missed something. She has the potential to develop other time-related abilities.

Weakness: The biggest problem Hex has is overconfidence. She thinks knowing when trouble is coming means that she can handle it on her own. While she isn't aware of it at this time, whatever temporal abilities she develops will always be limited to eight seconds into the past or future.

Offline mia h

Absolutely interested, just need to find the right character or at least narrow it down to 3 or 4  ;D

Offline Rel Mayer

Absolutely interested, just need to find the right character or at least narrow it down to 3 or 4  ;D

Mia is the informant!


Just kidding. Excited we may write together!

Offline mia h

So much for 3 or 4, down to a short list of 11
Halo - maybe with a GL\Emotional spectrum take on her abilities
Stargirl - any excuse to re-read Stars & STRIPE
Starfire - the new Amanda Conner version and not the Scott Lobdell effort

Mary Marvel
Impulse\Kid Flash
Speedy - Willa Holland 'nuf said
Supergirl - Melissa Benoist, see Willa Holland.
Mogo - although not sure how that would work.

Offline Lustful Bride

*Really wants to play* Dammit Red! Why is everything you make always so awesome! >3<

Offline indarkestknight

Pssst mia.

While you can feel free to copy/paste the power set of a pre-existing DC/Marvel hero (or villain) as your power set, all characters must be original characters! Characters can be any age as long as they are older than 16.

Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Approved Foxy!

I'd like to get 5-6 players before we kick things off!

Offline mia h

Pssst mia.
Not yet but I haven't started drinking  :P

And yes I might have over looked a minor detail there but with a least four of those it wouldn't be too difficult to have the same exterior and abilities but give them a different backstory.

Offline Norwegian One

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Isaac Baric

Origin Story:
Isaac Baric is a researcher and scientist at the University of South Carolina, working in the field of marine studies. His studies of ocean currents lead him stumble upon unusual fluctuations in the streams, and further investigation lead to Isaac discovering a ploy by the aquatic villain Dagon, who was trying to alter the flow of underwater streams in order to devastate Atlantis. At personal risk, Isaac took a research submarine down to Atlantis and pleaded for a meeting with the king of Atlantis, his research data convincing Aquaman to investigate the matter.

The Atlantean army led by Aquaman quickly located Dagon and defeated him, and as a token of gratitude from the king, Isaac was granted a medallion allowing him to breathe underwater and survive immense pressures. However, having discovered in himself a desire to aid others and not merely studying things in a laboratory, Isaac humbly asked for another request, and after some consideration Aquaman granted the scientist a minor treasure from Atlantis' vaults, the bracers of Atom.

Home City: Columbia SC, Atlantis

- Known acquaintance of Aquaman

Civilian Appearance/Style Description: Isaac is a known researcher and opts not to wear a mask when donning his alter-ego of Atmosphere. Instead, when in his civilian life as a scientist he is usually seen wearing jeans, shirts and sneakers, or diving gear. He has short, dark hair, blue eyes and a dark goatee.

Costume Description: Atmosphere wears a tight-fitting, turquoise wet-suit covering his torso and legs, as well as pieces of navy-blue Atlantean armour on his legs, groin as well as worn as a vest. The most important aspects of his costume are two metal bracers on his wrists, one orange and one red, as well as a golden medallion. The golden medallion grants him the power to breathe underwater and brave the immense pressure of the deep sea, while the two bracers allow him to manipulate gravity and atmospheric pressure. The medallion and the bracers are both gifts granted to him from Aquaman, as a token of gratitude for the work done to aid Atlantis and further respect and understanding between the Atlanteans and the surface world.
Personality: An educated man and a scientist, Isaac is calm and analytic in most situations, rarely letting himself get stressed by things happening around him. A compassionate soul despite the limitations of his powers and his own vulnerability, Isaac won't hesitate to help others in need, even when it would put him in danger.

Powers/Weapons: Atmosphere has the ability to manipulate atmospheric mass density, in other words to alter the way the Earth's atmosphere affects objects and living beings in his immediate vicinity. The bracers he wears confers him the ability to either increase or decrease the density or weight of an object. Using his thoughts as a conduit, he can will the bracers into affecting things around him. Using the right-hand bracer will decrease the atmosphere's pressure upon an object, making it lighter, while using the left-hand bracer will increase the pressure, thereby making something heavier.

- Only human: Even with his powers, Isaac is still merely a human being. He does not have amazing healing powers or super strength, and though he can affect himself somewhat with his powers, his body is still vulnerable to excessive forces just like any other normal person. For instance, he could decrease his own weight to jump higher, but he would still be relying on the limitations of an average human muscle mass. Likewise, he could drop from a three-storey building and use the decreased weight of his own body to lessen the impact, but he could still hurt himself falling from such a height.
- Earthbound: As his powers rely on the Earth's atmosphere, Isaac is at a disadvantage anywhere else. He could conceivably be able to use his powers on other planets, but he would need time to get accustomed to a foreign atmosphere before he could begin to manipulate it. Needless to say, he is absolutely useless in space, where the vacuum renders his powers impotent.

Offline Cuchulainn

...And I was just gonna voice interest in playing an Atlantean *Rages against the cruel hands of fate*

Offline Norwegian One

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...And I was just gonna voice interest in playing an Atlantean *Rages against the cruel hands of fate*

Muahahaha! ;D

Offline Rel Mayer

Thanks sweetie! So gonna get Zoe high and make her do magic tricks. :)

Don't tempt me with such amazing ideas!'d be hilarious to see her go a little crazy with magic!
« Last Edit: March 04, 2016, 11:05:13 AM by Rel Mayer »

Offline wander

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I have a super character I've been tweaking I'd like to play. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find the time to get a character sheet PMed in. :)

Offline Gilgameshian

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I'm interested what with my recent resurgent interest in the Young Justice style world.

Any ideas/list of what we have power-wise so we know what gaps to fill? (Scratch that.)

RedPhoenix - Snake Scientist Hippie (Medusa Based Powers, sans turning you to stone literally)
Rel Mayer - Wayne Heir (Magic Based Power)
Foxy Oni - Confident Heroine (Time Based Power)
Norwegian One - Scientist Weather Man (Weather/Atmosphere Based Powers)

So that gives ya 3 ladies and 1 guy and a basic idea of powers. Hope that helps other people too! Didn't add the ones who noted interest just because it was easier to focus on the done ones. I can edit this as more come in if people want.

That said I'm aiming to throw my hat in the ring. Thinking something along the lines of a fighting based Taskmaster/Deathstroke style or a tech based hero. I'll figure him out before the end of the day I think.

Offline Lustful Bride

Im gonna be joining up with a Thanagarian like character. (Ive literally been trying to play this character so many times ive lost count X3 But it just seemed that countless things would get in my way :P )