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Author Topic: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)  (Read 1883 times)

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Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

After a brief break from Eq I'm back and interested in reviving an old rp that started off well but trailed off sadly. (if any of the originals are about. you're more than welcome back)


It is the 41st Millenium and there is Only War. Mankind is beset on all sides from without by the alien, and from within by the the traitor and the heretic. For Ten thousand years the Emperor of mankind has sat on his Golden Throne on Holy Terra. His imesurable psychic powers protecting humanity and the Imperium.
The Imperium was founded by the Emperor, also called The Immortal Emperor, God-Emperor, and the Master of Mankind, at the end of the Age of Strife - a very long period of anarchy, war, and destructive regression which brought humanity to the brink of destruction and reversed the technological progression made during the Dark Age of Technology.
As the Warp storms of the Age of Strife subsided, after having secured the scientific posts and spacedocks of Luna, along with the factories and scientists on Mars, the Emperor began to unite mankind under his rule. A vast navy was built, with which his armies undertook the Great Crusade, which lasted for about two centuries.
During this two hundred year-long military campaign, the Emperor employed his most potent military units, the Space Marine Legions, led by their leaders, the Primarchs. These, combined with the might of the Imperial Army (which was later separated into the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy), brought thousands of human worlds together under the Imperium. The Great Crusade ended with the corruption and treachery of the Primarch Horus, the instigator of the Horus Heresy.
The rebellion was fought across the galaxy. Horus, seeking to achieve a swift and decisive victory, led most of the traitor forces in a direct strike at the capital of humanity, in the Battle of Terra. In the final decisive battle between the Emperor and the Arch-Traitor, Horus was slain, leading to the breakup of the rebellion. However the Master of Mankind was himself mortally wounded. According to his instructions he was placed on the life-preserving Golden Throne, where, for nearly ten thousand years, he has remained. Though physically a carcass incapable of movement or communication, his omnipotent will extends across the million worlds of the Imperium, beaming the psychic energy of the Astronomican, soul-binding psychic humans and struggling against the daemons of the Warp. He endures by his undying will, and by the sustenance that only the souls of sacrificial psykers can provide. By the numberless masses of humanity he is worshipped as a god.

Mankind Is largely defended by The Armies of men and war machines of the Imperial Guard (also called the Astra Miitarum). Countless Billions of men and women dying on battlefields literally as numberless as the stars in the night sky in defence of the Imperium and a planet that many have only heard of in legend.

How the Armies of Man traverse the stars is due to the Fleets of starships of the Imperial Navy.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Battleships and carriers containing Thousands of (more often than not press ganged) men, Escorts carrying hundreds and single pilot Fighter aircraft all fall under the preview of the Imperial Navy.

Where You come in

You are Members of the newly raised 187th Imperial Navy Fighter wing (name to be decided). You are all fresh out of spending the last 2 years of flight training at arguably the best academy in the segmentum and are heading out aboard the Dictator Class Cruiser "Righteous Fury" on route to your first real mission after years of training in piloting your Thunderbolt fighter-bombers in both atmospheric and space born action.

Righteous Fury

Thunderbolt Fighter

The Thunderbolts are armed with 2x Twin linked Autocannons and Twin linked Lascannons. With Under wing Hard points for air-to-ground/air-to-air missiles and/or bombs and/or extra fuel.


Pilots have a standard equipment that consists of: Flight suit incl. boots and gloves, Fight helmet with built in photo visor/com bead, Las pistol, combat knife, combi-tool, emergency rations (3 days), Emergency transponder, Mk 9k "archangel" emergency gravchute.

Now for the meat of the situation. Character sheets.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player Name:
Character Name:
Call sign: (If pilot) Usefull link ---->
Fighter name:
Age: (the average age is around 20-25 but you could be older. Just remember, you are new recruits after all.)
Sexuality: (can be undisclosed)
Appearance: you can include a picture or just a detailed description
Background: Including why you joined the Imperial Navy.

Any questions fell free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. So just post interest and/or a character sheet below and we'l see how things go.


But wait Ballborn! what are you doing?

I'll be running the NPC's and setting the scenes and describing the goings on.

Offline Phaia

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2016, 10:42:09 PM »
You had me at space fighter pilot!!
I have to admit though I know very very little about Warcraft 40k. Not even much of the history so the short version helped.

I remember a really cool TV show called, 'Space:above and beyond' always liked the idea...
I also once played in a system called  'Renegade Legion' which i thought was very cool idea at the time.


Online Ampere

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2016, 04:45:30 AM »
Private WurWazza reportin' for dootee!

"Shhhhhh, dem stoopid 'oomies will nevah guess Iz not really one ov 'em!"

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2016, 05:03:17 AM »
This seems cool.

Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2016, 08:01:13 AM »
Great interest so far. You have pilot ideas yet?

Online Lustful Bride

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2016, 09:13:14 AM »
I think I might just use an old character for this. One thing I would recommend from last time is to not put in the Machien spirits for the Fighters as it confuses things and adds unneeded difficulty and confusion.

Player Name: Lustful Bride

Character Name: Arla Thrace Ethina.

Call sign: Barbie

Nickname: None atm

Age: 20

Sex: F

Sexuality: She is unsure herself.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Background: A noble by birth, Thrace was brought up among the upper echelons of Imperial society, going to fancy gatherings, learning how to be a proper lady and only worrying about properly representing her family in the eyes of others and saying her prayers to the Emperor.

Arla’s family was from a Jungle Hive world by the name of Ranigast, a small insignificant world in the grand scheme of the Imperium but an imperial world non the less. They had found their fortune by discovering, accidentally, a local type of penicillin that was effective in treating many illnesses and infections. While it was not as effective as other types, it was enough to soon raise the family up over several generations into being amongst the lower noble houses of their world.

Arla never knew her real father, a sickness taking him a month before her birth which also forced her mother to remarry and combine her house with another lower house to strengthen both houses when Arla was around seven years old. It was a completely political marriage with very little love in it though there wasn't outright fighting either.

Arla always assumed that her stepfather tolerated her existence and perhaps even enjoyed it given how she would take care of her two half brothers when they were growing unruly, but a week after her 18th birthday he came to her one night and told her to pack her things for she was to enlist with the Imperial Navy.

The tithes that the Imperium demanded all to pay was growing difficult for her family to handle and threatening to reduce their standing. What made it worse in her stepfather's eyes was that in her father's will she was to receive a large sum of Thrones (imperial currency) on her 21st birthday and he just could not tolerate it. That night he gave her three options. The first was that she join the Imperial Navy and likely die in service to the Imperium, and where she would be so far away from her homeworld for so long he would have to give her Thrones to her half brothers.

Her second option was that she become a whore for the sons of other noble houses to use. The final option was that she stay but that she would expect to hear him abusing her mother every night from then on.

With little favorable options given to her, Arla enlisted in the Imperial navy, never letting herself give up and struggling to adapt to the new life for fear of what her stepfather would do to her mother. Thanks to all her hard work, Arla is now part of the new 187th Imperial Navy Fighter wing. She considers it a great achievement and has actually found pride in the idea of the work she does, defending the Imperium against the unholy and the alien. But still many nights before she sleeps she dreams of going into her stepfather's office and emptying a laspistol into his body until he was nothing but ashes.
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Offline majinmaster

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2016, 05:44:26 AM »
I'm curious to see how this will work, so I'm going to dive in :P Though it pains me to pick a human, I'm greekskin to my core ;)

Player Name: Majinmaster
Character Name: Zerno
Call sign: Mech
Fighter name: Forged in Flame
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Appearance: 5'11, short unruly black hair, slight build (though well defined due to pilot training), Grey eyes.

Zerno was born and raised on a minor Forgeworld, Eliptus Prime. The small satellite planet is mainly used as a refuelling station, churning out endless reems of ammunition for use in the never ending war. Asides from refuelling the station also served as a refit point for the smaller vehicles that see use through the Galaxy - chimeras, hellhounds, leman russes and on very rare occasions the mosntrous land raiders of the Adeptes Astartes.

Born on this world their was little choice of what to do and not wanting to work on a factory production line Zerno trained as a grease monkey. The lowest of the low mechanics wise. They'd have the unpleasant jobs of cleaning fuel lines, scrubbing remains and debris from the underside and tracks of the vehicles. The advantage was they would learn as they went, picking up the skills necessary to move up. The most standout mechanics would sometimes be chosen by the mechanicus adepts that oversaw the facility for competency testing, with those passing receving direct training from the adepts.

Zerno however had never been exceptional. Whilst he worked hard and was good at what he did it was not the repairs of machines that held his attention, but their operation. With an almost sixth sense for their operation he could manouvere vehicles and apparatus with much greater precision than his workmates, resulting in him being often volunteered to shift a vehicle.

It was during a particularly showy piece of driving, a 360 reverse skid parking of a chimera, that he came to the attention of the Imperium. he had chosen to park the wrong Chimera. This particular vehicle belonged to a Commissar, Commissar Balwell. Noticing the unusual handling of the vehicle Zerno was pulled asides, chastised, docked a weeks wages and let go.

That wasn't the end of the matter though, the Commissar spotting talent reported what he'd seen to the adepts. A review of various pieces of footage displayed that it wasn't a one off fluke and before he knew what was happening Zerno had found himself on a transport to an Imperial Navy flight school. 


Offline Baalborn87Topic starter

Re: Skies of Death (Warhammer 40k freeform fighter squadron rp)
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2016, 03:47:03 PM »
Lookin' good guys (an gals)