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Author Topic: Mia's Write Club  (Read 4885 times)

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Mia's Write Club
« on: June 21, 2014, 01:42:16 PM »
The Rules of Write Club

The first rule of Write Club : Tell everyone about write club
The second rule of Write Club : Sit down, take a load off. Have nice cup of tea and relax.
The third rule of Write Club : If you find something about an idea of mine that interests you or have an idea of your own, then PM me and we can talk about it. Really, what's the worst that could happen? (Don't answer that)

The thread is locked not because I'm not interested in taking on new ideas etc. but it just saves on the "Please don't reply here" type message that inevitable gets ignored or forgotten about  ;D

About me

I mainly play m\f games with me playing the female part but that has been changing a little bit recently, so who knows where things might end up.

While I enjoy exploring the shifting power dynamics of a relationship in a story, being an outright Domme isn't my thing, so don't ask.

On’s & Off’s
I've got a much more detailed list in the O's & O's section, but even then I don't have many absolute On’s & Off’s, what might be a turn on in one setting might a complete turn off in another context. But there are a few things on the “Cold day in Hell" list, Bestiality, Vore, Toilet play, Torture.

Other stuff
Plot v Smut. Although the stories invariably end up in the adult sections that doesn't mean constant sexytimes. There have been several occasions where if the game had stayed smut free it wouldn't have hurt the story one bit.

Like most people mistakes creep into my writing occasionally, I have a bad habit of missing out words in the middle of sentences and then not being able to see they are missing when I read it back. Taking that saying about glass houses and stone into consideration, as long as you don't break too many of your own windows we should be good.

Ever heard of micro-touch management? No, it's not micromanagement with added groping. If you have to make a big course correction it is usually very disruptive, but if to make lots of tiny adjustments then you can keep on course without all of the fuss. So if something isn't working or you've got an idea that could take a game in a different but interesting direction, then just say so. A few little tweaks is far better than having a game turn into a train wreck.

The ideas for stories are more skeleton's than fully fleshed out games, because different people will have different takes on the same idea and it's easier to suggest changes when there are fewer specifics (fact). So if there is something you like in an idea let me know, if you think something would work better in a different setting or with different characters drop me a PM. Getting a “Oh, I didn't think of that.” moment is very nice present.
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2014, 01:42:27 PM »
Active Ideas

Just in case you didn't read all the spiel above, these ideas can all be changed. If you think the male and female roles could be swapped or both roles could you find a part of an idea that you like and want to do it in a different setting just let me know.

Happy Trails
When they planned the hiking holiday it was all simple and civilized enough, a week of walking along some of the most picturesque trails along with the comfort of staying in nice small hotels and hostels. But then the night before they went away, the drinking started and the silly bets started. Before crawling off to bed, someone mentions a forfeit for the last person to check out of the hotel but it's quickly forgotten until the next morning when the group assembles and the last person stumbles out of the hotel. And then some bright spark chimes in "Cool, forfeit. Well, it looks kinda quiet and it's a nice day. So how about you a little more air on your skin?"

The Dread Crime Boss Roberts
There is a legend in the FBI, that of the 'Dread Crime Boss Roberts'. The story goes that the largest criminal empire on the West Coast has been headed up by an almost revolving door of crime bosses, with the criminal empire constantly reinventing itself. Every time the FBI has got close to identifying the workings of the organization, the person suspected of being at it's head becomes the worlds most legitimate businessman and all illegal activities disappear like so much smoke. What the FBI would find harder to believe is that the current 'Dread Crime Boss Roberts' is a young woman who has only recently started her tenure, despite her youth she is well trained for the role having been born into one of the families that share the role of the 'Dread Crime Boss Roberts'. Of course no hardened criminal would take her status seriously, so while she controls things from the background she employs a stand in to act as if they were the crime boss.

A couple of possible ideas, YC could be the woman's criminal stand in giving the orders but all the time knowing who's really in charge. Or possibly you an undercover FBI agent trying to make a case against the latest crime boss, and what better place to start than trying to manipulate one of the many party girls who the Boss keeps around.

Are you tough enough? or The Title IX Blues

Setting : Either Highschool or University
Wanted character(s) : Either a coach who's set in his ways or someone on jock who's head is wedged firmly up his own ass.

Following a court case [name of educational institution] has been forced to start a football team for women, much to the annoyance of the existing coach and male football team as the money for this project is coming out of their budget. Some of the male players try to be open minded about it a significant minority and the head coach are dead set against it and have no problems in vocalizing that displeasure.
There is a toxic environment between the two teams which erupts during training one day when one of the male players makes a particularly nasty comment about how the females should only be playing in hot pants or even less. Which gets one of the female players riled up enough to tell the exactly what she thinks of him and that how anything he can do she can do.
After peace is restored on the pitch it is decided that for the rest of the pre-season the two players, who needed to be forcibly restrained, will go head to head in a series of physical contests to see who is the toughest.

The best laid plans...
Joe came from a pretty humble background, he was the first person in his family that had gone to college and had a burning desire to leave his old life behind. He got his MBA in almost no time and found work at a large manufacturing company that was still family owned. He became the company's rising star and before long he was being invited to the CEO's house for dinner where he met the CEO's daughter. Joe's future had never looked brighter, in a few years time he'd be married to the CEO's daughter have a seat on the board and be running the company inside 10 years. There was only one problem, he might have been able to fake it but he wasn't in love or even that attracted to the CEO's daughter, she was just a means to and end.
Then one fateful night Joe took is prospective fiance to a small family restaurant where he saw a waitress that he just couldn't take his eyes off, or get out of his mind no matter how hard he tried. Sure she reminded him of his own humble beginnings but there was something beguiling about her, Joe had to get to know her better.

How far is Joe willing to go to be with the waitress and risking his shining future in the process?

Diamonds are a thief's best friend

Over the last three years there has been a small and barely noticed crime wave. In cities all across the global, on random weekends 10 or 15 houses
that range in size from one bedroom apartments to mansions, there is never any sign of entry and no alarms are ever tripped. There also seems to no pattern to when or when the crimes will occur or what will be taken, sometimes obviously expensive items are left untouched. The only two things of note are that whatever is taken from a house would fit into a small backpack and the thief does have a weakness for diamonds.

Playing opposite the thief could be her mentor or accomplice or the insurance investigator sent to track her down.

The camera always lies

Two friends share business premises, one runs a small web design company the other is photographer. The photographer despite dreams of the "big time" mainly does family portraits & weddings but he's always bragging to his friend about how much of ladies man he is and his camera is a passport to seeing woman naked. One day during a bragging session the photographers friend call him out on it "OK, I want to see naked photographs of the next woman that walks through that door." as if by magic in walks....

Exactly who walks in complete up for discussion just as long as it makes the photographers life very uncomfortable, so anything from the daughter of the Sheriff who allegedly put two guys in hospital for looking the wrong way at her to his college room mate's fiance or a hundred other possibilities.

Straight A student
There are times when you love being a teacher and other times when it's a real chore. This week had been a real bitch, so after a couple of drinks on Friday night your friends decide to go to a strip joint. Your usual response would be to say no, but for once you say yes. When you walk inside your jaw hits the floor as you see one of your students on stage wearing almost nothing. You spend the rest of the time in the club making sure you don't get too close to one of your star pupils, but when Monday rolls around and she walks into class you can't help but see her in a different light.

Blind Date
Life as a superhero\villain isn't as glamorous as the rest of the world thinks; the hours are terrible, the pay is worse and as for a social life, what's that? So you've decided to give online dating a chance, what's the worst that could happen ? How about a date with someone who you've crossed paths with so many times you've thought about adding them to your Christmas card list? Although you don't recognize them in normal clothes, there is something familiar and appealing about them, something that makes you eager for a second date. And what happens when you eventually discover who it is you've been skipping your nightly patrols of the city to be with?

The characters could be existing heroes and villians or completely original ones.

The Seducers

Life on the mortal plane has benefits, not least being well away from all of the endless political infighting that happens insides Hell's corridors of power. Here in the mortal world the years have flown by full of good food, great wine and every physical pleasure imaginable. You have even managed to achieve a certain detente with the 'other side', as long as you aren't too obvious or too excessive in your misdeeds then they have agreed not to "unleash their Righteous Fury" upon you (apparently the paperwork required for any "unleashing" is an absolute nightmare). That detente is now under threat as Master has a task for you and another of his minions; fail in your mission and you'll wish the 'other side' had got to you first, get caught in the act by the 'other side' and they won't bother with all proper paperwork, succeed and Hell will be unleashed on Earth and there goes your comfortable mortal life.

The mission, certain mystical nodes must be filled with lust filled sexual energy, and the quickest way to achieve that is to get mortals that live above those nodes to engage in acts they wouldn't normally consider. You and your partners task is to whisper into the ears of these mortals to influence them to act out of norm for them.

(The intention is for this to be a bit silly and lighthearted with the demonic pair having to influence various couples across a city, in ways that aren't too obvious)

What a difference a year makes

YC has been away from home for an extended period of time and hasn't really seen your family, sure there's been the occasional Skype or Facetime but everyone seemed pretty much unchanged. But when you walk through the front door there is a slow realization that your sister isn't exactly same as when you left, when she announces that she's got a costume party tonight and that you are welcome to tag along. Then when you see her in her costume you forget for a second that this is your sister you are staring at.

The New Neighbour

YC has a comfortable life and lives in a quiet, normal neighbourhood the kind of place where people would be happy to leave their doors unlocked if they weren't worried about gangs with cars. The news that YC's neighbours are moving didn't come as a shock, he announced his promotion and a week later she announced they were moving to a gated community. When the neighours moved out they needed three trucks for all of their stuff, but the people moving in only needed a small van. And unusually it's not a couple moving in but a young woman on her own, a single person moving into a family community seems odd but nobody in the street really comments on it, well not too loudly.

However what no one knows, even YC, is that the young woman is YC's daughter the product of a lust filled weekend many years ago. She is intent on getting to know her father and learning why he ran out on her and her mother.

I've never normally put up fandom requests but I love just The Librarians because it's so much fun and I'm kinda bummed that I now have to wait a whole year for another episode. So I love to kick around ideas about the ongoing escapades of the Library and it's protectors.
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2014, 01:42:38 PM »
Inspirational Images
Pretty pictures looking for plots

Come this way for lots of images that are just waiting for plots to find them.
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2014, 01:42:45 PM »
Ideas that are at best half finished, so enter at your own risk.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Seeing a whole new side.

Life as a photographer isn't anything like as glamorous as most people think, tight deadlines, demanding clients and diva models are just some of the problems. The whole job depends as much as who you know and who owes you favours as anything else. One Thursday afternoon YC gets a call from a marketing exec, they have a shoot lined up for Saturday it's simple catalogue work but the photographer has dropped out last minute and they need a replacement and are willing to pay a premium.  Then late on Friday YC gets another call, the model they had hired has dropped out and can you think of anyone who could fill in at short notice?
There is someone YC has used for small jobs and could use a little extra cash, [the relationship between the two characters is open to be discusion] and after a quick phone call MC agrees to help out.
Saturday morning arrives, as do the items for the shoot. It's not that YC is a prude and they have seen their fair share of models wearing this kind of 'beachwear' but because of the relationship with MC this is going to be an awkward\interesting day at the office.

The Chief's Daughter

Every year the local Fire Department tries to raise money by selling calendars, the usual pictures of half-dressed firefighters looking all buff and oiled up. But nothing can stay the same forever, the firefighters aren't getting younger and everyone's seen the normal beefcake shots before, so it's time for something different. You get landed with the job organizing the new calendar that will focus on the firefighters families instead of the firefighters themselves and that includes the Chief's daughter.

The Letter of the Law

The school had always had liberal attitudes to student behaviour and teaching methods and most of the parents weren't overly worried because the pupils were happy and getting good grades. But a minority of the parents had a very different view being constantly worried about lax discipline and loose moral values, slowly this minority was able to take over the running of the school board and was able to oust the school's principle and replace them with a new strict principle (YC) determined to introduce some moral fibre into the student bodies diet. While most of the students have grudgingly accepted the change, one student (MC) notices that there are more than a few loopholes in the new school policies, and her way of making a protest against the school is to stick to the letter of the policies in the most devious way possible. (So if the dress code was "Students must wear a blazer" MC might turn up only wearing a blazer)

The Competition
After college you did what most people do, sell out to the man and join a Fortune 500 company. You've worked hard and fought for every promotion, and have earned a bit respect for the more senior management. You recently moved departments because the rumors on the grapevine are that there will be a more senior position opening there soon, but on your second day there someone else joins the department. Someone else who it appears is after the same job, someone who's been promoted at least once a year, so there is your competition for the promotion, competition who's legs you can stop staring at.

Lets play Secretary and the Boss
Your rise to the top of the company was swift, well marrying the owners daughter did help a bit. But you also have a really bad habit, you can't keep your hands off the various secretaries you've employed. This has meant more than a couple of out of court settlements and now your wife and father-in-law have finally had enough. You get caught once more and you'll lose everything. The next day your new secretary arrives and that familiar impulse starts to surface.

Fashion college student
You are tipped to be one of the hottest designers once you leave college, just as long as you actually graduate. The 'only' problem is that your final collection is very daring and if you can't get anyone to wear it at the end of term fashion show you are screwed. Now with 2 weeks before the show you are desperate to find someone who can save your promising career.

The family business
You always had an agreement with your wife, you'd agreed that you'd never let the rest of your family know what you really did for a living. You always told everyone that you were involved in retail distribution, which is a true to a point you just didn't tell people what you were distributing was pornography. And it was more than just distribution you also run a small production company.
The cover story had been working for years with no problems up until one day; the day when your head of talent walked in with a folder containing potential new performers. Having kept your business and personal life separate how was your talent scout suppose to know that the third picture was of your daughter.
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2014, 01:54:23 PM »
Were old ideas go to die and get stripped down for parts. Not looking to play these but who knows maybe I could be convinced

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Attack of the Body Swappers!!!!
I haven't got a fixed idea about the characters or story line involved because the idea is very flexible. Two close friends buy matching pieces of jewelry (they could anything from rings to cuff links) but it turns out they items are more than they first appear as 2 days later the friends wake up in each other bodies, they know that the effects aren't permanent and so decide to have a little fun with it. For instance BFF's Ann & Beth wake up in each others lives, Ann has always had a crush on Beth's Dad and now sleeping under the same roof as him, likewise Beth can't resist to opportunity to have a closer look into the life of Ann's  brother.

The basic idea could be used as either a one shot (well two shot really), or a longer term game where they have to deal with fall out when the pair swap back or as an anthology of different swappers with the jewellery getting passed on to different people.

A Helping Hand

MC has just inherited the family farm, in a small town where the main competition is run by a dinosaur who thinks that a woman has no place running a business and so has been everything he can (legal and otherwise) to turn customers and employees against MC. It wouldn't so bad but he's gradually winning, employees are quitting and nobody wants to fill the empty positions. YC arrives in town unaware of the feud and in need of a job.

Frequent Flyer miles.
You have a busy but successful life, every week a different city. So take some of the stress away you used a very high class escort agency, which has it's own unique customer reward program. Once a year they hire out an exclusive venue, invite their most loyal customers to party all week long with their best girls all for free. But on the first night of the "vacation" the agency holds an auction where you can buy exclusive rights to one girl for the week, and to make life a little more interesting you can see them but they don't get to see you.
When the invite arrives you are delighted, the prospect of all those women de-stressing you for a week, but on that first night you look on in shock as <insert relationship here> walks out to be auctioned. What's worse the fatest, sweatiest, grossest man in the world is bidding on her.

You bet what?!

(The names have been changed to protect the guilty, and pretty much all the details can be changed, but partly inspired by this image)

John is charming, handsome, independently wealthy and a total Bro. However when it comes to his girlfriends John is a jealous asshole, him cheating on them is fine but nobody is allowed to look twice at his women.

YC is one John's closest Bro's but unlike John isn't a complete douche with women. There have been a number of John's girls that Duncan has been interested in but following the Bro code, he's never made a move on any of them. And after the way things normally end with John the ex's never want anything to do with John or anyone associated with John.

At the regular bro poker night John always walks away with more money than he came, but this night Lady Luck has left John far behind. Finaly John gets the hand he's been waiting for all night but has almost no money so he offers a different IOU, 24 hours with his current girlfriend Cara. After a few awkward glances around the table everyone agrees. However John's hand isn't quiet as good as he thought it was and he loses to YC.

Leaving John the task of having to explain things to Cara, YC comes up with an inspired idea. If YC can engineer things so that Cara can see what an asshat John really is then maybe she'll leave him and just maybe YC might have a chance with Cara. Cara agrees to pay off John's IOU, partly because she trusts YC not to take the IOU too far and partly to get back at John. The first part YC's plan is simple, put Cara on the beach wearing almost nothing and where John can see everything then sit back and wait for some stranger to look twice at Cara.

The Last Line of Defence
A Medieval/Fantasy tale. A town located deep inside a thick forrest is under constant attack of werewolves. The king sends out a platoon of fifty knights to secure the town and wipe out the furry threat. Soon after the knights arrive a landslide comes along wipes away a great chunk of the main road, effectively cutting the town off from the outside world. The werewolves grow even more fierce in their attacks, and after two long weeks barely half of the platoon remains. The lieutenant is dead, leaving his leadership to an inexperienced sergeant. The villagers are in a similar situation, their mayor having been killed by the werewolves, leaving his barely of age daughter to take responsibility and cooperate with the knight to survive the next attack. Food and fresh water are becoming scarce, and moral is at an alltime low. Will they survive or fall to the beasts just beyond the town's walls?

The details for this one are very much for discussion. YC works in a store or does charity work, something that's not out of the ordinary when if not their favourite celebrity at least someone in their top ten turns up. The celebrity is there as part of a hidden camera show and acts in ways that are very much out of line with their public persona, but for whatever reason the prank gets a little out hand. After the prank is revealed the celebrity makes a personal apology.

Exactly who turns and why YC was chosen we can decide between us.

The Unburglar
What would happen if someone started breaking into houses and instead of trashing the place and stealing stuff, they did something nice? People waking up in the morning to find the ironing has been done or the TV remote has been fixed, nothing earth shatteringly significant just something nice. On one hand people are worried about the break-in's but they aren't in a hurry to catch the person responsible either. So what happens when one resident wakes up in the middle of the night and finds the culprit?

Friendly Escort
An older married man decides to give himself a special birthday present, he's always had a fantasy about hiring a high class escort. He's both nervous and excited as he waits in the bar for his date, but that turns to surprise as his daughter's friend walks in.

The Con
You were never regarded as the world's best student but there were certain fields in which you excelled, like getting into trouble but being charming, suave, handsome and blessed with a silver tongue meant you were able to talk your way out of almost every situation. The talents that kept you out of trouble also became your living, why work hard for money when you can just talk other people out of theirs?
You have spent the last several years travelling around the world talking rich and gullible people out of their valuables, with your favourite hunting grounds being the summer resorts filled with rich tourists. As you head into the bar of one the more exclusive hotel, you see your next mark.

There are a few ways this game could go, is your target really just another mark or they a better grifter than you? What happens if they become more than just another mark?

Extracurricular activities
Seems like not ideas list is complete without at least one student\teacher idea. A man walks into a diner\bar and sees woman and instantly feels a burning passion for her, over the next few days they are almost inseparable. But then Monday morning rolls around and as the bell goes for the first class of the day there she is, walking into his classroom.
Now either she's a new student or he's a new teacher at the school, they both know they shouldn't keep seeing each other but they don't want to stop. I can this possibly being written as two parallel stories; what happenned when they first met & what happens after the first bell.

Rigging it
I was "inspired" (if that's the right word) by a visit to Maxim, they are in the middle of their Hottest Women of the year voting and I noticed there is a write in option, which got me thinking. What if someone worked out a way to rig the write in vote? Exactly why someone would want to do that and how they manage it is open to lots of different possibilities. As for who the vote is rigged for, again there are lots of possibilities; that sweet struggling actress working as a waitress, local TV weather girl. Basically someone who would never appear on the list but also wouldn't look totally out place there.

The weekend away
You and all of your friends have planned the ultimate weekend getaway, the kind of weekend that's four days long involves enough booze to sink a battleship and the kinds of debauchery that would make a hooker blush. One final legendary party just before you go back to college with one tiny fly in the ointment. Your parents have had a sudden invite to stay with some friends they haven't seen in years as you're just having a few "quiet" days away with your friends you won't mind if your sister tags along will you?

The house just down the street has new occupants, YC girlfriend\wife decides to polite and introduce themselves to the new neighbour and YC is going along weather they like it or not.  The grumbling half stops when you see the new owner, as they're not an unattractive addition to the street but the grumbling starts again when you are volunteered to help put with a few little jobs that need doing in the house.
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #5 on: July 08, 2014, 08:29:18 AM »
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
08/06 : Added 'Punk'd' and ideas to WIP
10/08 : Added 'Blind Date', plus various image updates
21/09 : Added 'The Seducers' & 'What a difference a year makes' to the active roster
25/09 : Added 'The New Neighbour'
02/10 : Reorganised and added to the images section
27/11 : Added 'The Letter of the Law' to the active roster
11/12 : Added 'You bet what?!' and relegated a couple of older ideas to the Junkyard

26/01 : Added and reorganized images, also a little bump
11/04 : Re-linking and bump
10/05 : Added 'Attack of the Body Swappers!!!!' & 'Seeing a whole new side'.
28/07 : Added 'The best laid plans...', 'Diamonds are a thief's best friend' & 'The camera always lies'. Also added a couple of random pics and did some re-linking
06/09 : Bumpage and general tidy up of the images section
04/11 : Added 'Title IX Blues'
29/12 : Added a Fandom section

30/05 : Added 'The Dread Crime Boss Roberts' & Happy Trails
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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2016, 01:21:13 PM »
Added 'The Dread Crime Boss Roberts' & Happy Trails

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Re: Mia's Write Club
« Reply #7 on: July 31, 2016, 09:34:59 AM »
Bi-monthly bump