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Author Topic: School for the Super-Gifted NEEDS MORE LADIES!!!! LOOKING FOR FRESH RECRUITS!!!  (Read 18371 times)

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Offline MelisaArtemis

This is a school for supers.  There are no secrets when it comes to powers.  You know exactly what she can do.....

I mean the fact that Mizuki is basically naked 24/7 and on all four in private :P

You know... girls has their secrets that they only share between them ;)
« Last Edit: July 23, 2015, 09:40:26 pm by MelisaArtemis »

Offline Captain Whitebread

Sorry.  Misunderstood.  You'd make her blush furiously....  lol

Offline MelisaArtemis

Think we have enough character to start now?

Offline Captain Whitebread

If you noticed, Chreestafer said he'd be setting things up this weekend....

Offline MelisaArtemis

Nice. I'll be looking forward to it :3

Offline PhantomPistoleer

Can the character submission page change it's title name?  I object to the use of the word "children."

Offline Captain Whitebread

I'm thinking 'Not likely'....

Any reason why you object?

Offline CurvyKitten

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I'm thinking 'Not likely'....

Any reason why you object?

I get why he says it, since its a game with possible sexual content. Maybe changing it to Individuals would be better? The person who posted the thread should be able to edit the title if they click modify post. :)

Offline PhantomPistoleer

I'm thinking 'Not likely'....

Any reason why you object?

The reason I object is because (EDIT:  I think) it violates Elliquiy's site rules.

All sexual role playing and sexual storytelling must involve physically and mentally mature characters. They must be sixteen years of age or over, and/or the physical and mental equivalent. Banned role playing and story subjects include lolicon, shotacon, or any other form of sexualizing prepubescent minors.

And children is defined as: 

noun, plural children.
a person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl:
books for children.
a son or daughter:
All my children are married.
a baby or infant.
a human fetus.
a childish person:
He's such a child about money.
a descendant:
a child of an ancient breed.
any person or thing regarded as the product or result of particular agencies, influences, etc.:
Abstract art is a child of the 20th century.
« Last Edit: July 23, 2015, 10:52:01 pm by PhantomPistoleer »

Offline Captain Whitebread

There is actually a better definition than that...


noun: child; plural noun: children

    a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.

It specifies that a 'child' is prepubescent, which supports your argument. 

You might want to PM Chreestafer.....

Offline MaiMizzu

As long as all the characters are at least sixteen, does it matter all that much?

Offline mia h


noun: child; plural noun: children

    a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.

Outiside of Saudi Arabian and Iran the age of majority is at least 18, so it's not a big a problem as you think.

Offline Drake Valentine

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Technically I think 'Children' doesn't really fit in the title now that someone pointed it out. After all, there are Faculty characters as well.

Not trying to title nitpick on that note or anything....

Offline apygoos

lets remember that student at this facility could warrant ANY age, and should likely be assumed to be adults/teens  at the minimum age of sixteen on this site.while they are faculty, there could be students older than them.

Offline PhantomPistoleer

I feel that it does matter, otherwise I would not have objected to it.

Further, I do not think that wording should be left to assumption.  The title must clearly represent what the game is and what the game isn't.  All of us are aware that we are not violating the site rules--but I am not concerned about that.  I am thinking purely from the context of an outsider, skimming through game titles.  Wihin this forum, the word "children" is a huge red flag.  Especially when there are more appropriate, age-neutral words that would convey the intended meaning more acutely, like students.

Using a more appropriate word in the title might seem like being overly cautious, but I do not understand why any of you would NOT want to change it given the sensitivity and nature of the subject matter.

Offline Caehlim

I thought the title was School for the Super-Gifted? *is confused*

But regardless, I think we're better off avoiding using the word children in the title if it's in there. Regardless of how it's meant we don't want it to be misinterpreted.

Offline mia h

The title for the accepted characters thread is slightly different. Personally I don't care either way but it does seem certain people are remarkably sensitive about it.

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

The title has been changed, so we are all good on that front.  No bickering about what is written and PC bs.  Tonight I'll get an OOC thread set up and we can go from there :)

Offline ShadowFox89

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Player Name: Shadowfox89
Character Name: Tess L. Coils
Character Alias: Tesla
Student or Teacher: Student
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious (has never really explored
Photos Physical Description: Tess is a rather petite girl, standing at only 5'2 and weighing about 100lbs. While her red hair and pale skin would normally make her stand out, her slight, almost nonexistent, chest lends itself to her social anxiety and self doubt. Tess tends to wear a pair of half-frame glasses over her brilliant green eyes. Her typical form of dress is a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt, though often she will be found wearing a white lab coat.

Super Powers / Abilities: Tess can generate and manipulate electricity to a great degree. However, while she can generate electricity, her best ability lies in the ability to absorb and redirect it. Tess also has the benefit of having a much higher intelligence than most and is able to think several times faster. She tends to use her intellect in conjunction with her electrical powers, having built several high capacity batteries that can easily fit on a belt and connect to various devices such as shock gloves. Building a suit of power armor is on her to-do list.

Weakness: Water would be her biggest weakness, as well as her powers being dependent upon her state of mind. If she isn't focused, she can generate a passive, though weak, electrical aura that is nonetheless strong enough to cause minor pain and short out appliances. Tess can also run out of juice rather quickly, firing off more electricity than she can regenerate. In addition, her intelligence makes it easy to overthink a situation, forgetting the minor details in pursuit of the larger.
Bio / History: Tess was born in Chicago Illinois to two theoretical physics researchers at FermiLab. Unbeknownst to her, her grandfather was the supervillain Megavolt. Tess, for the most part, grew up with no supernatural powers of any sort. Growing up, Tess had a strong interest in science and electronics, building her first computer at the age of ten. It was when she moved on to primitive robots that her parents began to take note. Then, on her sixteenth birthday, her grandfather appeared. Kidnapping her and bringing her to a place he dubbed Castle Volt, Megavolt began experiments to try and awaken Tess's latent electrokinetic abilities. He succeeded, but shortly after Tess rewired the castle to explode and somehow fashioned a one-use teleportation device from the various super-tech he had in his lair.
 Returning home, Tess said little about what had happened, only saying that she wished to go back to school. And, for the next two years, she managed to do so. It wasn't until she was showering after gym class in the girl's locker room that she shorted out half of Chicago's power grid, that her parents decided to enroll her in somewhere more... fitting, for someone with super-powers.

Basic Ons: Tess likes working with her hands and her mind, building things from simple models to complex engines.
Basic Offs: Violence in general is something Tess tries to avoid.
Sexual Ons: Tess has experimented in self bondage, tying herself up, as well as having found that recharging herself is extremely stimulating. She has on occasion attached electrodes to her nipples, clit, and labia to recharge.
Sexual Offs: Anything involve scat or gore.
Extras: Tess is a virgin and, while she's done experimenting alone, doesn't really have any sexual experience with a human partner. Various machines however... well, she does like to build things.

 A bit late, will finish tomorrow after work.
« Last Edit: July 29, 2015, 10:59:04 pm by ShadowFox89 »

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Offline MelisaArtemis

Second character:

Player Name: MelisaArtemis
Character Name: Melisa Jones (Real name: Melisa Vi Lumieria)
Character Alias: Valkyrie
Student or Teacher: Teacher
Age: 22 (Normal Human Equivalent)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi (Leaning more toward Les)
Super Powers / Abilities: Magic

Weakness: Technology
Bio / History:

Melisa was actually born of a Royal Family from a Kingdom that had ruled the world thousands of years ago but has long been forgotten. Unfortunately, war tore the kingdom apart and in desperate attempt to safe her, her parents put her in a suspension sleep and hid her away in hope that when she awoken, the war was over and the world would be in peace. She was 14 when it happened.

She was awoken several years ago by accident when an excavation team found her resting place. The leader of the excavation team, a husband and wife couple took her in and adopted her, treating her as their own children even after they found out about her magical ability.

At first, her “parents” decided to keep her magical ability secret from the outside world and Melisa agreed with them. For better or worse, she figured out that “magic” had been a thing of the past and her parents concern of her being exploited by the government had they found out about her was a valid excuse.

However, it was soon apparent that it became a challenge to keep her special ability under wrap. Not helped by the fact that as she grew up, her ability grew along with it. In fact, her magical ability had become so strong that it interfered with modern technology around her.

It was then that they heard about the existence of a hidden school for “gifted” children. It had been little more than a rumor but they searched for clue about it anyway. Their effort bear fruit when a letter came with no return address confirming the existence… and invitation for their daughter to join the school.

It was both good and bad news for the family, on one side, they now knew that their daughter wasn’t the only one… on the other hand, it means that they would have to be separated from her. The three discussed it as a family but in the end, they knew there was no other option to take, thus they let Melisa to join the school. Melisa was 16 when she enrolled

2 years pass and the school soon became a second home away from home for the ex-royalty. During her time at the school, Melisa proved to be beyond anyone’s expectation. Her talent shined and lead her to graduate in record time with high honor.

After graduating from the school, she goes into real hero work for 3 years and manages to make a name of herself and one of the most prominent local and national superhero. As a hero, there was no work too small or too big for her, from helping kitten down from a tree to stopping a villain hell-bent on world domination with the other heroes. It was during her 3 years of active hero work that the people coined her alias "Valkyrie" due to her look, attitude and massive sense of justice.

It was then that an offer from the headmaster came… for her to be part of the school permanently, as teacher. She accepted the position without a second thought. She enrolled into 1 year of teaching college before finally officially becomes one of the the teaching staff. She was now officially 22... and a professor.


Melisa is generally a kind and gentle character. She loves the school and everyone in it, staffs and students alike and will do her best to keep them safe and sound. It wasn’t rare for students to come to her for relationship advice, especially girls.

While it is a rather rare occasion however, angering her would be a terrible mistake. One of the running rumor was that when she was student, one of the bully tried to rape her… and she had ripped out his manhood before blasting it to ash with her magic.

Basic Ons: Novel and movie (Romantic and Comedy), Nice people, Jokes.
Basic Offs: Horror movies (Hate it, absolutely hate it), Bullies, Electronics (Because they broke when she touches them....)
Sexual Ons: Public (Exhibitionism), Light BDSM, Vanilla (O/O)
Sexual Offs: Rape, Gore, Vore (Basically my O/O)
-   Her dress is actually made of condensation of her magic. It will never tear, never need to be washed and never gets worn out. It provides some degree of resistance against physical and non-physical force. However, since it’s made with her magic, it will disappear if she is unconscious.
-   Although her magical power is huge, it isn’t infinite. If it is necessary, her dress can be used as reserve “battery” as she is able to absorb it to recover her magic power slightly. It is however, nothing more than emergency measure.
-   Her bishop staff was actually the last remaining relic of her true heritage. It was extremely light and durable, allowing her to use it as physical weapon and / or magic focus if necessary. It can also change to another form, that of a bladed bow if necessary.
-   Her magic is basically multi-purpose allowing her several abilities such as levitation, barrier, energy blast and so on. Depending on the amount of magic power she pour into it, her barrier may defend against a tank cannon without so much of a scratch or her energy blast can punch through a 20 inch solid steel as if it is made of paper.
-      Since training of Magic includes significant mental discipline, Melisa unconsciously able to create advanced mental barrier against basic mental attacks. From brainwashing, mind control, up to hypnotism or mind reading doesn't affect her unless the user has greater strength than her or learned how to get around her protection.

Aditional Photos:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

« Last Edit: August 03, 2015, 10:13:37 pm by MelisaArtemis »

Offline Myrra

Hi there !
So, where is this game at right now ? Has it started ? Is there still room for one more ?   ;D

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Us gms are working on main thread. Game is still open :)

Pm me if you need help, otherwise feel free to post up a character :)

Offline ShadowFox89

 Is a text description fine? I'm piss-poor at finding a suitable picture for characters.

 And Melisa is going to have an interesting time around Tess :P

Offline JoanieSappho

There shall be much bonding over seafood!
And possibly something with the exhibitionist and voyeur sides of them ...