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Author Topic: Dark Delights {WIP / ON HOLD}  (Read 1273 times)

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Dark Delights {WIP / ON HOLD}
« on: May 29, 2014, 08:58:53 am »
Currently Seeking One to Two 1x1 Requests.

Announcements: Latest May 30, 2014, 07:43:01 AM
May 30, 2014, 07:43:01 AM
It is very likely that I will not be 'bumping' my thread. If somehow I run out of room. SOMEHOW. SOMEWAY. Not sure if there is a character limit, but if there happens to be, then I might add another post. Otherwise, I will not be bumping this. Do not bump this either. What about games? Why, I will leave a shameless ad for this in my siggy, when I get around to it, plus another in my preferences. 

Updates: Latest September 20, 2014, 07:56:53 PM
May 30, 2014, 07:43:01 AM
Updated some game names in, no information involving them presently. Again it is most likely Monday that I will get any written in.
May 30, 2014, 08:22:28 PM
Summarize two game ideas. Millennium War in Modern Fantasy and The Betrayer in Medieval Fantasy.
September 20, 2014, 07:56:53 PM

Added two additional games Medieval Section. The Exorcists and The Brothers Applied Interest levels and smut/story levels for games.

Before You Decide
I. I do not write romance, not sappy romance. Things that are macabre on the contrary, twisted and sadistic, yes; but general fluff I detest. Seeking a Prince? You won’t find one here.
II. I will only play with someone who gender identifies as male in a group RP. Intimacy between characters are between male and female. I do not feel comfortable as of yet to make a commitment to a fellow ‘Lord’ for solo play, no offense. Positive some of you can probably write some convincing females, but I will pass.
III.  My activity is spontaneous at times. I usually aim to post at least once weekly, but I do get busy. I also will not give deadlines to reply, because more often than not I will not meet those deadlines; just being honest.
IV. I lean towards more freeform and open plots vs. a strict storyline. I prefer the characters to do the story telling with minor ‘GM’ involvement. I do not mind hearing opinions on things, but honestly I don’t like to string my creations to fiddle of someone else’s ideas.
V. I am mostly dominate as are my characters become portrayed as such. I do poorly with sub creations, I can switch; although this chemistry highly depends on who I am writing with. I will not play a strict sub under any circumstances.
VI. On dom and sub, I do not enjoy heavy S&M centered games. It is not that appealing to me, I tried my hand at such before and it just horribly failed as my interest just ‘poof.’
VII. My writing style is third person. First person narrative irritates me to no end. I will usually aim to match my partner in post amount in quality and quantity as through my years of roleplay, I accumulated a status of ‘mirror’ poster. What you give is what you get. Though I do like to avoid 1k+ word posts, it breaks my muse.
VIII. Violence is often a must; although I am not much of a fan for ‘senseless’ violence. Everything must fall in place in a game.
IX. I usually prefer use of visuals for characters. This can be artwork or real images, it doesn’t make a difference to me, I will always match whatever visual style my partner may wish for.
X. The more you can tickle my interests, the more likely I will write with you. For a bigger outline, check my preferences and O/Os.
XI. I do not do canon play, I do not do heavy Sci-fi, I do not do Historical. I can do my own fandom writing, lasers pew-pewing never appealed to me, and History is my worst of subjects. Go somewhere else for that.

Basic Requirements
I. Female or identify as such to some extent.
II. Two-Three+ paragraph posting capability.
III. Weekly or so posting rate.
IV. Good grammar. I am not a grammar Nazi, I am sure I make tons of mistakes. If I can’t understand your writing, than we have problems.
V. Active imagination / flexibility in creativity.
VI. Sexual flexibility. I won’t push every extremity, but all your character’s intimate holes should not be limited in being violated.
VII.  Character flexibility. I am getting bored of bland humans. Unless the human is a psychopath, insane, or something else bloodthirstily, mentally ill than I am not going to bat an eye to it.
VIII. Multiple charactering or NPC handling. I tend to play multiples myself, not all in one scene as that gets hectic, but just in general. I expect my partner to do the same to some variation.
IX, Opinionated. At least open to voice them or suggest something. Someone just going along with the flow makes me feel like I am just directly steering the game. 
X. Open to non-con themes. To what extent can be discussed upon.

Ideas - IV Described, Others Placeholders
Modern Fantasy - II Listed and I Described
Millennium War
Somewhat Interested in Doing
Story Driven with some Smut
The conflict between vampires and werewolves has been going on through the ages. Humans were ignorant to the supernatural world, never truly believing that other forces were out there, some of which in power. Now humanity is in dire straits, the world of vampires and lycans has expanded to be a recognizable power. The battles between the two have left countless causalities, although heavier toils on the regular mortals that end up caught between the rivaling entities. There is only one hope to potentially rid the world of these monstrosities, but the cost alone is a hefty price for any to pay. A dirty secret that the Vatican has been concealing, an entity of a different breed bathed in the sins of mortals. This creature has tempt many of its partners to the darker side, intoxicating them with unfathomable power. Fortunately the being cannot act alone, its main body remains sealed at all times; although the shell that accommodates whoever is no simple pushover.  Will the next 'hero' of humanity be able to wield this darkness or will they fall into the abyss of madness as many before them?  Will the destruction of the World surely come should this monster become free or will there be a side in which it may favor more and allow to live?   
Mind Break
Vacant Spot
Medieval Fantasy - III Listed and III Described
The Betrayer
Heavily Interested in Doing.
Story Driven with mix of smut.
What is the price for peace?  Many may dream for an end of war, but not everyone shares similar opinions; even fewer know the truth behind the mask of lies. With the age of tranquility,  religion has been completely abolished. It is even a crime to worship former Gods and Goddesses, most of their temples lay in ruins and their believers imprison or put to the sword one. This is only known as a small sacrifice to ensure humanity never has any desire for conflict, but also this is to limit any chance for individual power. It is known that all magic comes from the faith in the Deities, but it has now been labeled as a source of 'evil,' and those that attempt it being enemies of the new world.

One individual seeks to throw the world into conflict once again. A renown member of the seven heroes who once establish this mockery of peace. This individual alone knows the greater truth. To restore the world, everything that is cherished must be sacrifice. Fame, riches, family, morals, even the divinity that was once worshiped long ago is tossed aside for something else.Devoting one's very soul to Chaos, an immeasurable power that once shook the world through the past age of conflict. With this power, the Betrayer intends to bring the world into a second plunge of war.   
The Exorcists
Somewhat Interested in Doing
Mix of smut/story.
This will mostly focus upon the adventures of a small band of exorcists trained in eliminating spirits, demons, and other evil entities. They are by far no professionals, having just graduated from the academy, teamed up, and set about in the world to fulfill their roles to the best of their capabilities. Many hardships and danger awaits them along with corruption and temptation. Will the group manage to resist falling victim to the dark creatures from beyond and continue to prevail in lifting the veil of evil from the kingdom? 
The Brothers
Moderate Interest in Doing
Potentially a bit more smut than story.
Welcome to the Silverfang Estate a mansion dominated in rule by two halfbreed brothers that stole the control away from their full blooded demonic mother and demonic half sister. With the demonic war long over they now try to make a living managing their mansion, servants and pets along with seeking additional merchandise to add to their keep. Although to successfully maintain a healthy household, their first of many goals is breaking their mother that aimed to steal their rightful home away from them. She will learn a darker of lessons of the folly of betraying those of lycan bloodlines.
Vacant Spot
Other Musings
Fall of Wonderland
Vacant Spot
Vacant Spot

Reaching Me
Preferably through PM with what idea may interest you. Though as you can currently see, I got a ways to go. I do not mind world building with other ideas.

One to two games, I am more geared presently towards Medieval Fantasy or Post Apocalyptic worlds than anything else.
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