Curvy's Current Cravings (please PM/NSFW Images in spoilers)

Started by CurvyKitten, September 01, 2018, 09:19:17 PM

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I've had a few ideas bouncing about my head for some time now, and haven't had the chance to play them out. So I've decided to put what my active little muse has been holding back onto the interest threads and see if maybe someone couldn't help bring those ideas to life.

I've been with E for years now, but I don't mind giving someone new a chance if it seems our styles and ideas mesh well. So don't be afraid to send a pm my way, I am all for playing with the ideas presented below and making them something we both can enjoy. Most of the stories can be played with either a M/F or F/F couple. I may even be tempted to play a male character if the plot gets that sort of muse aching to write.

I would like to be able to have a partner that can post 2-3 paragraphs per post, and at least 1-3 times a week. If we go back in forth a bit in one night great, If we only get one post to each other that week, that is fine. But I do hate to be left waiting for weeks, especially if you just vanish in the middle of a story with no word. I HAVE BEEN A BIT SLOW AS OF LATE DUE TO RL ISSUES, SO PLEASE BE UNDERSTANDING OF THAT.

Also Good communication between myself and my writing partner. Have a craving, don't like what is happening, want to change things up or don't understand just pm me and we can chat to make sure this is fun for both of us. :)

None of these are first come first serve, if I feel we don't mesh or that my muse isn't into what your presenting I will be honest. I find that it is the best policy in the end. Please don't take it the wrong we, but sometimes if the writers don't mesh well, neither will the story.

Here are my on's and off's, I am willing to expand and try something new if it is present well enough. So don't be afraid to ask about a craving if it's not listed, but I'll be honest with you if it's not something I'm into.

~A few settings I have been really craving to rp in!(beyond the ones listed below)~
The Purge
Blood Drive
Walking Dead in a different country
American Horror Story (Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel and possibly Cult and the newest season but that may be hard LOL)
The Magicians
Percy Jackson Universe
Marvel OC’s

~Ava Jax VS OC (possible supernatural)~

Ava Jazz is an OC character that I created a while back. She is a wild rocker chick that has had many incarnations. But I have never been able to really finish her story in any way and it saddens me! So I am going to try and see if there are any takers. It would be Ava Vs a OC of your creation. Now she has been everything from a demigod, a vampire, even to a inhuman so the option is are only limited by our imagination.

~Stargate - Ronon Vs OC / Daniel Vs OC~

I always loved the stargate series, and have a strong craving to rp in the setting. Romantically (yes I know a girls wants what she wants :P) Ronon has always been a craving of mine, and I would love to play against(with) him. And recently I have been re-watching SG1 and find the idea of playing against Daniel Jackson really appealing. Of course working with the team and going on missions. I'm game for either pairing, as they both have interesting possibilities. 

~Vikings F/M~

I have been watching the new season of Vikings and find myself wanting to rp within the setting again. I am open to any characters, OC or not. Though I have had a particular craving for a rp with a OC of mine vs Ivar the boneless. I have an idea for a celtic woman that is being held by 'Christians' and found during one of their raids. I have an idea for Ivar's problem in the bedroom too. :P So there will indeed be sexy scenes. We don't have to follow the story in the show either. Again open to any ideas here, just love the setting and currently have a craving for it.

~A craving with all sorts of possible story lines MMF~

One of things I have never been able to rp in all my years on E is a MMF scene. And I have recently gotten a bit of a craving for it. It can be an on going story, or a one shot as well.

~Walking dead~

I know there are those that will GASP and think FOR SHAME! But there is this part of me that wants to have a Negan/OC rp. I keep picturing this woman that is just as rough and tumble...and crazy bad ass as him. A woman that keeps him on his toes, gives Lucille the love she needs and enjoys playing with his other wives. Granted it would have to build to that, I wanted to start where they first met. Maybe he even comes along a group he has to set straight and comes across her? Plenty of possibilities here, and I'm willing to plot with my partner to make it a great story. Also open to someone gming this as we go along.

~Settings I enjoy, but I am not limited to these of course :)~
Legends of Tomorrow
The Magicians
Harry potter
Guardians of the Galaxy
I am Zombie
The 100
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Into the Badlands
American Horror Story
Doctor Who
Sons of Anarchy
Altered Carbon
True Blood