Caehlim's ideas (Plot heavy, GLBTQA friendly)

Started by Caehlim, June 02, 2015, 08:06:00 AM

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Lords, Ladies and Lieges welcome.

General information

  • I'm looking to focus on plot and story, with a lesser focus on erotic or sexual material. While I'm comfortable writing these scenes, I would prefer to keep them from being the central focus of these games. Even in stories which focus upon a particular pairing of characters it should be about far more than simply their interactions in the bedroom.
  • I write characters of any gender but I'm most comfortable writing any romantic or erotic content between male homosexual pairings.
  • I prefer to write freeform stories without using a system.
  • I'm a slow writer with no set schedule, if you write with me you may be waiting a while between posts.
  • I like to do stories with multiple characters potentially focusing on a set of main characters but also including NPCs and a more varied cast. For an example of what I mean, look at Those that can pay.
  • If you're looking to write with me, please make sure you read through my Ons and Offs.
  • Please contact me via PM rather than posting on this thread.
  • There are specific ideas below that are in my head but if you think we'd write well together feel free to contact me with any other ideas you might have.
  • The ideas below are just a starting point, I'd like to work with you on fleshing it out and include some ideas and interests of yours as well.

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Freeform and Original Ideas

Dystopian Future

Cyberpunk is a cynical take on speculative science fiction imagining that as science progresses people aren't going to get much better than they are now. It focuses on the downsides of technology as much as its good sides and thinks about how things might go wrong. I may not be quite that cynical myself, but it's a great genre for telling interesting stories about our lives being changed by technology. This is a genre I always love writing in. There are so many different possibilities and every story offers its own predictions for what the future might hold.

Potential Inspirations: Bladerunner, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, Robocop, Deus Ex, Johnny Mnemonic, Fifth Element
For a cyberpunk writing example from me, have a look at Urban Exploration which I write with Kaila (contains NC content).

No longer available
Heavy Metal Apocalypse
Urban Fantasy

Taking a break from too much realism and leaning a bit more towards the rule of cool, I'd like to do something along the lines of the war between angels and demons as shown on the cover of heavy metal albums. This would be all about theme and mood. A modern urban fantasy story painted in shades of leather, chrome, tatoo ink, cheap whiskey and neon.

For this idea, I'm happy to go all out for the sake of cool.
Angels and demons drag racing at night through the city streets in muscle cars for the soul of an honest man? Go for it. Junkie demons smoking pipes of burning angel feathers in mystic crack dens covered in Enochian graffiti? Hell yeah. The four bikers of the apocalypse, original hells angels cruising down the highway spreading misery in their wake? I'm ready to roll.

Potential Inspirations: Constantine, Dusk to Dawn, Supernatural, Buffy/Angel, Fallen.
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Ideas inspired from other works

New World of Darkness
Urban Fantasy, Freeform preferred

For those familiar with the New World of Darkness brought out by White Wolf and published by Onyx Path, I would be interested in working on stories inspired by the setting of this game but would prefer a freeform story rather than actually using the system or dice. I'm most familiar with Mage and Werewolf, these are also my favourites by far but I'm familiar with almost all of the product lines except for Mummy and Promethean.

It's the strength and detail of the setting that draws me back to these games. For any stories I'd love to focus on that setting and write about characters belonging to the groups and factions of that world, breathing more life into the setting and helping to develop it. The different books offer so many ideas that I've never been able to include them all in any table-top game, so I'd love to try some of the less seen things out in an online story or even take another look at some old familiar ones.

I'm currently doing a set of solo stories on my own set in the World of Darkness called the London Chronicles. These are still a work in progress and there's not much there yet, but I'm hoping to expand on it further.

If anyone is wondering, I started playing World of Darkness back in the old days of the classic setting so I am familiar with it, however I've mostly forgotten those older details and I do prefer the new setting. We can discuss Old World of Darkness but it'll be a bit of a struggle for me.

My home is not a place, it is people.
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