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Author Topic: Soul Society: Life in the Gotei 13 - Seeking Shinigami  (Read 4123 times)

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Offline KendreTopic starter

Soul Society: Life in the Gotei 13 - Seeking Shinigami
« on: December 17, 2012, 08:21:05 PM »
Alright, folks, this is try #2. Primarch gave it a good first attempt, but things got stagnant, and he felt that it was too much work for too little reward. As such, I'll be making an attempt based on the character sheet he presented, and trying to make sure that this time things actually get off the ground. I'll be supplying foes and NPCs until the time comes (if it does) that we have a large enough following to have the off-shoot types like Arrancars.

At the present time I am seeking the following:
  • Captains
  • Lieutenants
  • Rogue Shinigami

I'll be assigning the slots on a first-come-first-served basis. You may reserve slots without a character sheet, of course. For those who already have a sheet, feel free to simply copy/paste it here

1st Division - Leadership

Captain-Commander - Megami Ushinawareta-fū, played by Kendre
Lieutenant - (May opt to have a Bankai, or an extreme boon similar to Zaraki's ultra-spiritual-pressure.)

2nd Division - Special Forces/Onmitsukido

Captain - Ryou Kurosawa, played by Andol
Lieutenant -

3rd Division

Captain -
Lieutenant -

4th Division - Medical/Supply/Janitorial

Captain -
Lieutenant -

5th Division

Captain - Togashi Satsu, played by Togashi
Lieutenant -

6th Division

Captain - Shinobu Shihoin, played by ShadowFox89
Lieutenant -

7th Division

Captain - Uako Kinme, played by PrestaDGTation
Lieutenant -

8th Division

Captain -
Lieutenant -

9th Division - Security Force, Arts & Culture

Captain - Ryukishi Onizuka, played by Kendre (until a request for this slot is made)
Lieutenant -

10th Division

Captain -
Lieutenant -

11th Division - Melee Combat "The Fighting Squad"

Captain - Corin Kirikata, played by Red Lobster
Lieutenant - Aomine Sedai, played by Scarification

12th Division - R&D of new Technology and Spiritual Tools

Captain - >>>Reserved by Empyrean<<<
Lieutenant -

13th Division - Kido Squad

Captain - Airi Koizumi, played by Marie Reynolds
Lieutenant -

Rogue Shinigami
Kazuhiko Shuda, played by Zaer Darkwail

Please post your character sheets in the following format:
Code: [Select]




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Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2012, 08:33:47 PM »
Also, if you have any questions, concerns, etc, just go ahead an PM me. I'm on here pretty often, so I'll definitely get back to you within 24 hours, tops.

Offline Red Lobster

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2012, 08:53:22 PM »
I'd love to get in on this using my old Captain if I have your approval Kendre? Also would you like to create a separate section for making Arrancar, or would you like me to head up that? I can link it here and what not.

Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2012, 09:02:11 PM »
Well, we'll go ahead and wait and see how much interest we get. If I do decide to allow Arrancar players, we'd need at least most of the squads to have captains and lieutenants. If I do, I'd be happy to let you head that, Red Lobster. Also, go ahead and post your sheet here, and lemme know which squad you were in.

Offline Red Lobster

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #4 on: December 17, 2012, 09:13:08 PM »
Here you go Kendre. I was the 9th Squad Captain, but I would like to take the 11th if the previous 11th does not have an interest in playing this one or being that Captain again.

Player: Red Lobster
Name: Corin Kirikata
Division: 11th Division
Rank:  Captain
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Minus the actual sword that he is holding, and the symbol on the shield would be different (yet to be determined). The armor he is wearing is actually a great indication of what his Bankai armor would look like, save that he also is wearing a Samurai mask. The banner hanging from his waist would be white, and have the symbol of the 11th Division on it.


Rare Zanpakuto: Corin’s sword is among one of the most powerful Zanpakutos in existence, and is currently the strongest when it comes to defensive weapons.

Doing it for a while: Corin is not a new Captain. He has been Captain of the 11th Division long enough to have seen every position of Captain come and go, save of course for the General himself.

Strong Physical Combatant (Using Yama in Shikai) : Years of being a Captain have given Corin the edge at being a very powerful combatant, strictly through knowledge and experience rather than being a genius Shinigami.

Good Teacher: Having been a Captain for as long as he has, Corin is an exceptional teacher. He takes pride in every student, and often spends most of his time in the ‘classroom’.


Black and White attitude: Corin has been the Captain of the 11th Division for an extremely long time, and during those years he has adopted an extremely overzealous view of what is right and wrong. He is not often overtly rude, however the man has a dedication to his moral ideals that bridges on insanity. There is no gray area, and those who believe there is are unworthy of being a Shinigami.

Strategic Mind: Corin’s Bankai ability is extremely straight forward. He has almost never had the need to out-think his opponents in order to defeat them, he simply defeats them. As a result he has never developed a Captain level ability to dissect and find an opponent’s weakness, however he still excels at this over the Lieutenants.

Name: Yama

“Hold fast Yama” In this form Corin’s Zanpakuto blade disappears. What appears to replace it is a circular shield with a blade extending out from the area opposite where his fist would be sitting (Imagine wearing a Katar with a shield over your forearm). In this state Corin’s Zanpakuto can absorb any attack that is on a similar power scale to his own, that is to say anything less than a Bankai itself. In doing so Corin absorbs a large portion of the spiritual pressure from the attack into himself. He typically uses this as a means to outlast his opponents, rather than crushing them outright.


Very similar to his Shikai, however a set of ancient samurai armor appears and wraps around the Captain’s body along with his shield, all of which possess this defensive trait. Corin now has the ability to not only block the full-fledged attacks of the most powerful Bankai’s, but he likewise can absorb them. He does not directly gain power as a result of this, but it requires his opponents to use far more spiritual pressure to sustain the fight than is normally necessary. These attacks need not be directed offensive attacks. For instance if the Bankai was a radius affect that changed the environment, he could absorb this as well.

His primary tactic using his Bankai is to wear the opponent down as before until they are forced back into their Shikai state; tired and exhausted while he is still at his full strength.


Corin’s life before becoming Captain, as he tells it, was quite uninteresting. He was considered an average student with an above average spiritual pressure who, given the right training might one day aspire to something great. However he was not a quick learner, and had difficulty mastering several techniques and abilities. The only thing that initially set him apart from the other students was his Zanpakuto.

Slowly he gained recognition within the 11th squad after years of committed and loyal service, battling Hollows and rogue Shinagami. Likewise the true potential of his Shikai was eventually discovered. He was given the title of Captain after discovering his Bankai. At the time he was the only trainee who had attained this level of control, and there was need for a replacement of the 11th Division Captain. He took the position happily, and has been doing this ever since. The man has been known to use himself often as an example of what can be obtained by hard work. He professes to trainees on their first day that he was not gifted with anything special, and yet is the second most Veteran Captain next to the Captain-Commander to date.

This is, in truth less than accurate as Corin was always gifted with Yama’s power.
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Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #5 on: December 17, 2012, 09:30:47 PM »
I was actually the previous 11th squad Captain. You can have the slot, as I'll be taking the Captain-Commander, and crafting a whole new persona, although keeping the name "Hiroma."

Offline LeSane

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #6 on: December 17, 2012, 10:44:30 PM »
I'll throw mine in as he was before might change a few things in History.

青峰 大輝, Aomine Sedai
   11th Division
  Lieutenant Captain
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

   Expert Swordsmanship:
Despite being ranked as 2nd seat officer in his division, his rank does not reflect his fighting abilities, which are of near captain level. According to other Divisions the 2nd strongest man in the 11th Division. He uses two fighting styles that is noted to be rough but powerful alongside the use of complex movements. though he is ambidextrous and can easily switch between the two techniques. He commonly fights with his sword held in a normal grip while his other hand is gripping his sheath this showing his mastery of the two variations of sword fighting. He uses misdirection in his attacks and even though doing so allows for holes in his defense he is more than capable of making up for it with surprise attacks.
    Kendō: Has also displayed considerable knowledge and skill in Kendō. He was required to learn Kendō before officially joining the Gotei 13. However Aomine detests using skills and techniques learned from another source, and therefore uses Kendō only as a last resort. So he will only fight as if he had before becoming a shinigami. Using one hand to swing his long weapon as if it is apart of his own body.

   Hakuda Mastery
Before he became a Shinigami, Aomine was always roaming around looking for fights. Most opponents did not have swords, so he frequently fought barehanded. He won against everyone he fought and upon seeing his strength, most people fled from him. After joining the Gotei 13 he requested access to the Maggot's nest to train on his hand to hand combat since no weapons are allowed there. He spent an entire week inside its confines before take a wound that had any medical usage a feat most 2nd seats cannot do.

   Natural Talent in Hohō
Being considered very close to Expert in the manner of Hohō. He is fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time. While not as fast as a master Aomine can keep up quite effectively. Some holding the title are faster than others but none the less his application of the technique is highly advanced.

   Highly Perceptive Combatant
Despite his seeming disregard for any strategy in his fights and his self-admitted aversion to thinking during battle, he is a very insightful, regularly showing more understanding than one would expect coming from 11th company. He is also adept at adjusting to his opponent's attack patterns and battle methods to better counter them. While he admits to having no common sense or being simple minded at best. Aomine's actually very perceptive, noticing traits in people that others wouldn't notice, and seeing what drives a person's actions.

   Feared by peers due to background
He is feared by most of his squad mates due to his upbringing in the Rukongai. Most tend not to want to speak to him because his morality is rather low since coming from the district #77 of the North Alley of Rukongai. Due to this he is labeled a vagabond by more high status individuals. Those that do tend to break eye contact with him or drift away soon after. This has made him a solo or loner. He does not know if his Captain feels the same way of him.

   Stereotyped by Company
Being from the 11th company he has the reputation or claimed rep of wanting to always fight or kill people which is not true. Aomine may not be the greatest mind, but he has a above average intellect for someone of a slum upbringing. Though it is ignored by many. He tends to remain silent, and keep his ideas to himself unless asked.

   Lack of spiritual pressure sensibility
It is the one area he is not good at. Since most Shinigami can sense spiritual pressure fine from vast distances. He however cannot only able to sense those that have very strong energy. If not he will not pick it up. Those that fight him who can hide spiritual pressure can stealth fully evade him with ease.

   Proclaimed Illness
Due to his awkward relationship with his Zanpakutō. After releasing his shikai in battle he is rendered paralyzed from the waist down for a couple of hours from the extensive amount stress he puts on his body. This makes him open to sicknesses that most would not catch often or at all. Even if there is no symptoms visible he will be sick in some form or fashion. This is another reason for his partial shikai.

   Novice of Kido
Kido is one of the few sections he is not very suited for since most of the time swinging a sword can get the job done. He can do basic spells in Kido, but noting fancy. Aomine has this idea in his head that strength comes from hard work not some chanting, and some light show. This has made him very universalite in anything be it healing, communication, high level attacks, or barriers. These all seem to turn him away from those that use it extensively.

Name: 女郎蜘蛛, Jōrōgumo (Noblewoman Spider)
  Nickname バンディットスパイダー (Bandit Spider)
Is an Ōdachi meaning it is a very long sword compared to most Zanpakutō. The blade itself is three shaku (a little under a meter).  Regardless of size, most ōdachi have religious inscriptions on the tang. However, as with most terms in Japanese sword arts. This one has inscription has been faded out due to overuse from battle. The blade is chipped along the bottom, yet the rest is very sharp since sharpened daily. Jōrōgumo's hilt is dark violet, and black with gold trimming. at the bottom is a chain with three small dice attached.
Shikai  織り、彼らの運命, 女郎蜘蛛 (Weave their Fate, Noble Spider)
This is Aomine's real Shikai when seriously fighting. His sword turns a set of finger-less gloves with very long monomolecular razor wires that most untrained eyes cannot see, which he controls as if they where extensions of his own body. The wires are sharp enough to slice through rock and without minor issues trouble though, he can use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them. He demonstrated previously unseen abilities with his wires, including stopping a high fall, forming mesh shields to attacks, and binding targets and controlling them as puppets if he can. The battlefield itself can be set up as if his personal spider web trapping someone of something inside. Aomine hates to use this since he sees it as a cheap move when really wanting a fight to go on and has resorted to calling his sword by another name that it detests.
   Partial Shikai あなたのネットの中でそれらをトラップ, バンディットスパイダー  ( Trap them.... Bandit Spider)
His Zanpakutō dislikes this name and due to that only partially awakens. In this state its blade changes into a black tint with the inside of it seeming to look as if it is fragile like mosaic glass. When the owner of the sword fights it will slowly start to break apart until the scabbard and hilt remain. When it has be brought to such a state Aomine must simply call out its nickname and the shards will converge upon the one that broke it. The Lieutenant prefers this version of his shikai since it keeps him on his toes more then the real one.
Sedai was not like those who arrived here due to death coming into the Soul Society. He like some children are born into it. He didi not know his birth parents since like those who bear children it normally ends two ways; Either they abandon them since needing to eat, unable to look after them properly, or killed by someone if unlucky enough to live in the higher numbers. His mother had the latter of the three being dropped in the lowest of the low #80. The first thing he can remember as an infant was screaming and the color red so much of it that it still haunts him at night. Being so little he could of been stepped on and no one could of cared. Luckily for him he had been taken by a group of 'women' that lived some distance away and raised him the best they could. They gave him the name Aomine due to the grumpy look & fierce attitude he had as a baby.

As he grew older he saw things most #1- 30 districts would not see often. Death, violence, and whatever else a Young child should not see. This melded him early to accept the ways of the world. Around the age of seven he was able to show signs of spiritual pressure, as well as pick up a small sword to defend himself from the grown ups that sought him harm. Doing what any boy would do. Joining a group of boys that fought to survive. They stole to eat. Live. Belong in a world that did not want them. Months turned into years as this continued watching good friends die, and buried in shallow graves. Aomine hated how he was living. Tired of trying to survive and the people around him so he decided to become a Shinigami even if it was a low ranking position as long as he did not have to scratch a way in this hell he was currently living.
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Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #7 on: December 17, 2012, 11:06:14 PM »
You will need to edit the method by which he rose to the Vice-Captain position. As Primarch said, those methods only apply to Captains. Everyone aside from the Captain typically ascends through the ranks, unless the Captain him/herself chooses to appoint a specific Vice-Captain (Note Kenpachi Zaraki and his VC)

Offline LeSane

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #8 on: December 17, 2012, 11:18:21 PM »
I had edited it before Prim decided to leave the game. I had made it that the former captain had picked his Vice captain due to his hard work, but after he had died he was requested to be a Sub-Captain until one was found. I had based the last part on your character, but know that you switched him I took out that last paragraph explaining the sub part.

Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #9 on: December 17, 2012, 11:21:43 PM »
Ah, gotcha. Keep in mind it's also mention in "Feared by his peers". Aside from that, I like the character. You still want lieutenant of the 11th?

Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #10 on: December 18, 2012, 12:53:10 AM »
Player: Kendre
Name: Megami Ushinawareta-fū
Division: 1
Rank: Captain-Commander
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

1.) Menimienai Undō (Invisible Movement) - Taking the skills of Hohō and Shunpo even further, Megami created Menimienai Undō, which is faster, but taxes the user much more than even Shunpo. Almost like using a Kidou.

2.) Yokuatsu-tekina Rei-atsu (Oppressive Spirit Pressure) - Megami possesses a vast pool of Spiritual power, due to the training necessary to have once been a member of the Zero Squad.

3.) Unknowable - Only a handful of Shinigami still live who have ever seen Megami's Shikai, the youngest being Captain Corin Kirikata. No one living has ever seen her Bankai, excepting herself.

4.) Commanding Presence - Having been the original Captain of Squad 2, as well as the Zero Queen, and now the Captain-Commander, Megami Ushinawareta-fū doesn't command the respect of her peers, it simply happens.

1.) Pride - Megami, as her name implies, has an almost divine sense of pride. She often feels that if she enters a battle, she doesn't need the assistance of her peers (often accurately).

2.) Cocky - Megami typically doesn't think ahead. She deems strategy to be unworthy of her skills, and will often charge in recklessly.

3.) Secret - The previous Captain-Commander managed to defeat her bankai without drawing his Zanpakutou or using any Hadou or Kidou. Obviously, she has some critical weakness behind her abilities.

Name: Shadoukyatto no Tsume (Shadowcat's Claw)
In its typical form, Megami's Zanpakutou takes the form of a black-bladed dagger with a bejeweled golden handle.
Shikai Mugen no nani mo, Shadoukyatto no Tsume o yobiokosun (Call forth the endless nothing, Shadowcat's Claw)
In its released form, Shadoukyatto no Tsume and Megami both vanish from sight. Fading in and out of reality almost like a mirage or a dream, Megami seems not to be hindered by spacial differences nor by any form of obstruction such as shields or walls. It is rumored that she can only use this ability at night.


Megami Ushinawareta-fū, originally Megami Namaguchi, is the only daughter of the previous Captain-Commander. Carrying on his amazing genealogy, Megami swiftly rose to the rank of Squad 2 Captain and leader of the Onmitsukido. Holding that position for well over 90 years, her skills never stopped improving. Eventually, she was recruited by the Zero Squad, the personal guard of the Soul King himself. Rumors began circulating about the "Zero Queen", a woman who had single-handedly defeated the other three members of the Zero Squad in a 3v1 battle. After about 70 years in the Zero Squad, she surrendered her position there in order to return to the Seireitei and the Gotei 13. When she returned, her father tested her in battle, and defeated her without ever drawing his blade or using hadou or kidou. She was forced to join Squad 1 as his Vice-Captain until he said otherwise. About 10 years later, Captain-Commander Hanigami Namaguchi came down with an illness that neither the medical division nor the R&D division could cure. About a year after that, he died and Megami took over as Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13, changing her surname to Ushinawareta-fū.

Offline LeSane

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #11 on: December 18, 2012, 01:08:49 AM »
Removed the killing part so it fight the feared due to background. Made it more leaning to the fact he came from the more dangerous parts of the Rukongai. There is not a word about killing in it now.

Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #12 on: December 18, 2012, 01:19:22 AM »

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #13 on: December 18, 2012, 12:31:38 PM »
I would like to pick back up on this with my character for the other RP. Though I'm thinking of changing her position/abilities. Red Lobster, would you object to Ami being your Lieutenant? Let me know so I can change her profile (:


Offline Red Lobster

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #14 on: December 18, 2012, 01:20:37 PM »
Go right ahead! I'll PM you later and we can work on a bit of their back story.

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #15 on: December 18, 2012, 02:21:49 PM »
Awesome! Thank you (:


Offline Wolfy

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #16 on: December 18, 2012, 02:32:19 PM »
Hmm...considering recent developments in Soul Society, what are your views of Vizards?

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #17 on: December 18, 2012, 02:53:02 PM »
Player: xSnorkleRainbow
Name: (First)Ami (Last)Motoko
Division: 2nd Division
Rank: Lieutenant

* First to note would be her quickness. Due to her small size, Ami is extremely quick. Due to her speed, she easily picked up the art of Shunpo.
* Flexibility. She is very flexible again mostly due to her size and training.
* Ami is exceptional at hand to hand combat and trains by herself in her spare time.
* Ami is proud of her swordsmanship and enjoys sword fighting much more than hand to hand combat. She isn't one of the best swordsman, but she is still proud of it nonetheless.

* Patience. Ami is very, very inpatient. She hasn't got time to waste and will tell you when you are doing so.
* Hotheadedness. She can be extremely hot headed and can snap unpredictably. This also means she's quite headstrong, even though she isn't amazing at fighting on the front lines.
* Despite first impressions, anything outside of 'work' makes her extremely uncomfortable and she can be very timid because of that.
* Ami doesn't have an above average amount of spiritual pressure but can easily lose control of it if her temper flairs too wildly.

Name: Chimei-tekina nakkuru (Meaning 'Deadly Knuckle'.)

Shikai A simple 'Release' with the intent to release her Shikai is enough for her Zanpakuto to disengage. When activated, her kitana disperses into a thin mist which engulfs the user for a few brief moments, leaving them completely hidden to enemies and allies alike. When the mist clears, it simply falls to the ground into a water-like substance and revels the change. The kitana would have completely disappeared, instead turning into knuckle dusters that wrap around all four fingers of her right and left hands. The effects increase her speed and senses slightly, making her vision clearer, her nose more sensitive, her hearing more acute. Her touch and taste would also increase. When her Shikai ends, she gets very exhausted very quickly because of the boost in her already quick speed and would almost render her useless. (ALMOST.)

History: Ami was brought up in the 79th District in North Rukongai. She was taken into a household deep within the District after being found sleeping on the streets. The family was a large one, made up of a middle aged woman and man who appeared to be married, and around 7 other children; 3 girls, including herself and 5 boys. They weren't related in anyway, but the couple always talked about their dreams of children and they thought of each of them as their own. They treated them as if they were their own. It was different, having so many siblings; Ami defiantly wasn't used to it and often preferred being alone. If she wasn't by herself, she was probably getting into and losing fights with the neighbor rough boys who were a few years older than her and a lot bigger. She'd take on them all by herself though, of course. After losing one of these fights was she approached by a young, beautiful black haired woman her told her stories of a special school where she could learn things like how to fight and swords. Apparently, she sensed a immense pressure in the child, which was rare from children her age. She would often meet with this lady as she grew older, seeing her and stopping her in the streets.

Once she was old enough, the stranger, who's name she'd never heard, showed her the way to Shin'ō Academy; the school she had spoke of in her many stories before. Ami attended but she didn't have the most easiest of starts. She didn't make any close friends and still preferred to stay on her own. She struggled to even speak with her teachers, let alone other students and she failed to graduate around 4 times due to her temper and lack of control. Of course, she did manage to pass after she'd managed to learn a little restraint and sadly, she never saw the mysterious woman after her introducing Ami to Shin'ō Academy and wishing her the best of luck.
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Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #18 on: December 18, 2012, 02:53:31 PM »
Let me know if the changes to my profile are alright (:

« Last Edit: December 18, 2012, 03:19:51 PM by xSnorkleRainbow »

Offline KendreTopic starter

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #19 on: December 18, 2012, 03:17:47 PM »
xSnorkleRainbow, you'll need to talk with Scarification about being Squad 11 VC, since he already has his up and posted with that information and background. If he's okay with it, he could hop to another squad, or I'll even allow Corin to have 2 VCs, since there is technically nothing in Seireitei law forbidding it. However, I'll permit no more than 2 VCs, and likely only be doing it this once, if that's what you all choose.

@xSnorkleRainbow, Also, please be aware that with the increased tactile sense (sense of touch), the sensation of pain would also be increased. You don't need to list it under weaknesses or anything, since it's not extra damage and she'd be in the Combat Squad and thus more used to pain than others. Just an interesting roleplay note.

Wolfy, I WILL be including Arrancars and Vizards. However, there will be no "Ichigo" character to tie the Vizards with the Soul Society. They'll be outcasts, and treated the same as Arrancars. Basically, it'll be a 3-way battle if things progress that way. As it stands, I'm not presently accepting applications for them, until I get more people in the game. At that point, I wouldn't be against you playing 2 characters, if you so chose.

Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #20 on: December 18, 2012, 03:23:01 PM »
Holy Crap. Of course! I'm so sorry Scarification. I don't mind changing the Division, I'll edit it now. And yes, I realize that about her Shikai. I think that way it gives an equal balance. So not only is it a pro it's also a con.

Sorry Lobster, won't get to be your Lieutenant. Completely forgot about Scarification's character > < Really sorry again <3

EDIT: Changed her to the Special Forces; 2nd Division.

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Online PrestaDGTation

Re: Soul Society - Seeking Shinigami
« Reply #21 on: December 18, 2012, 03:27:08 PM »
  I'll submit one, just to see how it takes!

Player:  Presta~!

Name:   Uako Kinme

Division:  7th Squad

Rank:  Lieutenant

Appearance:  Uako appears to be a late twenties young woman, about 5'5" and thin.  Her hair is naturally red, but is dyed with streaks of yellow and white, tied into a clumsy braid which goes down to her shoulders.  She has a pair of large glasses that sometimes obfuscate her eyes almost completely, giving her a curiously distant quality.  But she only needs them for certain work.  The rest of the time, she can choose to wear them or not with no concerns to her sight, revealing dancing, sharp blue eyes.  She is typically smiling, or somehow jovial. 

Personality:  Like her namesake, Uako is almost always smiling about something, and is prone to fits of laughter with little or not provocation.  While Uako doesn't often give the attention she should to her own appearance, she has the raw material of a fairly beautiful lady, sometimes surprising others by accentuating it irregularly.  However, she typically doesn't see the point, much more concerned with her work and her training.  She carries a strange obsession with mythological things: yokai, faerie, dragons, etc, and seems to collect figures of them to store in her workshop.  Uako has a darker side, affectionately called Megane-Chan, in which she seems to trade her laughter for scientific method. 

   Personable - Uako is known among her compatriots as being spritely, helpful, energetic, and on occasion, really funny to watch.
   Practical - When pressed, Uako settles into her Megane-Chan mindset, which makes her a calculating and quick thinking opponent. 
   Open Minded - Of all her strengths, her ability to think outside the box is her favorite.  She is an original thinker, and resourceful.
   Arms-Savante - The girl makes weapons.  Weapons that make the Zanpakuto's of the lower seats wince. 

   Vauge - Uako is very secretive about her works, which leads to cryptic, vague explanations, and occasional mis-communication.
   Obsessive - She has a one track mind.  Whether it's work, laughter, fighting, or collecting myths, it's hard to tear herself away.
   Quirky - The weaknesses of her duplicitous nature aren't lost on her.  Her laughing self is just as bad for combat as her methodical Megane-chan persona is for social interaction, and she tends to slip between them without thinking.  She hopes to integrate them better.
   Nerdy - Uako is not typically military grade material.  She is frail, flighty, and inexperienced in direct combat compared to other Shinigami. 

Weaponry -  Uako has several weapons she likes to employ, her Zanpakuto being only one of them.

          In it's sealed state, Uako's Zanpakuto appears to be a Tai Chi sword with a square guard and a carving of a snake on the hilt, biting it's own tail.  There is a single black tassel on the edge of the hilt. 

     Shikai - 移り変わりの三頭ヘビ - Utsurikawari no Santou Hebi - Three Headed Snake of Changing Seasons
          Her Tai Chi Sword grows into a Longsword and becomes bronze.  The snake on the hilt coils around her arm, and the black tassel splits into three different ones, one red, one yellow, and one white.  In this state, the snake can wield the sword independently of her other two hands, allowing her to employ more than one weapon at a time.  While this makes her a fairly stubborn threat, owing to her many other tools, it's a pitiful power for a lieutenant.  In her usual cryptic way, she tries not to advertise that the true power it holds is in the tassels.
          Her sword has the common misconception of being able to make people 'happier.'  When she touches an ally with it, they have been known to start laughing involuntarily, as their combative powers increase 4-fold.  Indeed, the ability does make them happier, but that's not the goal, only the side effect.  The Red Tassel symbolizes open flames, while the Yellow Tassel represents sealed energy within fuel.  Using them, she is able to open sealed energy within a person or object, or to seal what energy they have into stasis.  With her in combat, people fight harder and injuries work slower under her influence.  The White Tassel carries another power, associated with the remains of fuel after the fire is burnt away, but no one is quite sure what it is.  Uako will only say she needs the right 'conditions' to employ it.

     Bankai - 完璧宇宙の黄金の蛇 - Kanpeki uchū no kogane no hebi - Golden Serpent of the Perfected Cosmos
         When Uako applied to become a Lieutenant, she was asked to demonstrate this ability to her superiors before she could be appointed.  She conceded, on the condition that the demonstration be kept secret, and involved hunting a Menos Grande.  When she and her superior returned, the higher rank was appropriately impressed with her abilities, and she was given her station.
         The two returned that day with a beautiful sword: a large, ghostly white metal, bordered with a golden blades and deep red stripes in its center.  When asked what the sword was, Uako replied cryptically: "It's the Menos."

        Uako's younger life was a haphazard series of studies, failures, and experiments.  She trained in Kidou for a time, excelling at it but quickly finding new interests in the works of R&D.  She became infatuated with it, and began to study to become a member of the scientific community.  A long series of trials, experiments, and wild interests summed up this life.  The directors of the primary organizations were almost inhuman in their methods.  Megane-Chan, more than anything, was born from her attempts to adapt to this society.  She became a talented weapons creator, at one point gaining her own small staff. 
        And then she achieved her Bankai: a spiritual and physical sum of everything she had studied and was aiming to learn.  Having done so, she suddenly saw no use for the community, and in fact was afraid that if they knew just what she had achieved, they would find a way to strip it from her.  After all she'd witnessed, tearing the strongest part of someone's soul out of their body was simply an afternoon of light work.  Rather than keep working, she quit and decided to join the Gotei, where at the least she'd be able to find more materials to experiment with.
        She refused, under any circumstances, to belong to Squad 10.  Instead, she sought a position in Squad 7, where she'd have a high enough rank to conduct herself as she pleased, but not have any genuine responsibilities.  At least, that was what she hoped for.
        Today, she has a workshop, located somewhere...  she goes there to practice her experiments, forge new weapons, and test the limits of her abilities.
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She looks sweet Presta (: But just letting you know, if she's a Lieutenant, like you said, she wouldn't have a Bankai as only Captains have Bankai's.


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  Hrm.. Well, if people would be willing for her to be a Captain, I suppose she would enjoy that better.

  Renji had a Bankai, though.. meh!  I'm easy going!  Thanks for the compliment, Snorkle!  I love your name, btw!

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I suppose you are right! I guess it's not really my place to say, haha. Its not down to me after all (: And thank you very much!