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Author Topic: ○ Rainbow's Pretty Little Search Thread [ F for M characters. ]  (Read 22748 times)

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○ Rainbow's Pretty Little Search Thread [ F for M characters. ]
« on: September 03, 2012, 08:53:16 PM »
Request Thread for xSnorkleRainbow
Updated to add a certain

What I'm Looking For
○ Be able to write at least 3-4 paragraphs per post. The more the better as I tend to write 3 - 10+ paragraphs per post depending on what I receive in return.
○ Please check your spelling and grammar before posting. I tend to type my posts up in a Word document before posting, so I can get things as good as they can be for my partner. I'm not a Nazi about this, but if I can't read what you're typing then there is no point in us writing together.
○ Be able to write a male main character. Either for a F/M pairing or a M/M pairing. I will sometimes indulge in my curiosity to play a F/F pairing in a group game, but it isn't often that I write solo stories with a F/F pairing.
○ Do not approach me asking about a smut based roleplay because it's not likely to happen. I prefer story driven plots with smut sprinkled in the right places.
○ Please move the story along in your posts; I cannot do all of the work and I don't expect you to either. Likewise in messages. If we're plotting something over PM's, don't just expect me to come up with everything.
○ Put emotion into your posts. I want to feel what my character is feeling; happy, sad, scared. I want to be completely invested in the story.
○ Try and include images of characters, simply because I like looking for eye candy for my partners. (This isn't a must though.)
○ Feel free to check my O/O's to make sure we are compatible.
○ Please message me if anything here interests you.

Current Cravings

The Punisher: Particularly a Karen Page & Frank Castle story, with myself taking the role of Karen Page. Would be open to more of this any day of the week, haha. Obviously you'd need to have watched Netflix's Daredevil season 2 and The Punisher series. [ I made a thread specifically for this, so if you want more details, please look here. ]

The Walking Dead: I'm going to be straight to the point here. I'm mainly interested in discussing a Daryl/Beth story. Ever since the mid-season finale of season 5, Coda, I've wanted to change the ending and continue the story with all the characters from there. This is my biggest craving right now and I'm hoping this will kick start my muse for writing other stories again. If anyone can help me write this, I would truly be forever grateful and give you loads of cookies, promise c:

Overwatch: I'm a massive Overwatch lover and I'm so addicted to this game, it's insane. So I'm looking for something within this realm right now, something cannon. I would be interested in discussing something with Widowmaker and her 'deceased' husband Gérard Lacroix, where unbeknown to her, Talon 'cleaned up' his body and managed to revive him as one of their agents. As we have seen in Overwatch comics and voice lines, Widowmaker, or Amélie Lacroix, still feels something for her husband despite her being brainwashed and reconditioned by Talon. That is extremely basic, but I would love to hear some other expansions on this idea. I would also be happy writing something with Mercy and either of the following; Soldier 76, Reaper or Genji. I love all of these pairings but I've really been craving these lately, especially since the Uprising event has been released!

Music Legend x Up & Coming Artist of Same Genre: If anyone has seen the TV show Nashville then you already have a vague heads up as to what I want from this pairing. (For those that have seen it think Juliette x Rayna but a M/F pairing.) My basic idea is this: Both characters are under the same music label, the legend character has been in the business and with the label for many years and is extremely popular but is also very traditional within their music genre. The new artist is younger, new to the agency but has blown up with a massive online following and their first album is currently in the works. They are more of a fusion artist, something teeny-boppy depending on genre, but basically their music is very superficial and unoriginal; something that really appeals to the younger crowds. That being said, the new comer does have real, raw talent and will explore the growing need to write her own material and mature as a person and an artist, much to her labels dismay in the beginning. The legend will most likely dislike the new artist as their view on the genre is that of a traditionalist, as I have already mentioned, but I'm thinking that in order to freshen up their career and keep my character out of some sort of trouble the label puts the two together on a collab album/stage where the two of them start warming up to each other. I'm open to a few different types of genres, but my main would be country as I think it has very traditional values. I would also like to play the up and coming artist and would like this to be a long running, slow-burn story. Pm for more details and discussion c:

TV & Books
Daredevil/The Punisher
○ Frank Castle x Karen Page
○ Matthew Murdock x Karen Page

○ Original Character x Original Character

The Walking Dead
○ Daryl Dixon x Beth Greene
○ Rick Grimes x Beth Greene
○ Rick Grimes x Negan
○ Rosita Espinosa x Negan
○ Rosita Espinosa x Dwight
○ Shane Walsh x Original Character
○ Rick Grimes x Original Character
○ Daryl Dixon x Original Character
○ Glenn Rhee x Original Character
○ Original Character x Original Character

The Vampire Diaries
○ Caroline Forbes x Klaus Mikaelson
○ Original Character x Original Character

Stranger Things
○ Steve Harrington x Billy Hargrove
○ Billy Hargrove x Nancy Wheeler
○ Steve Harrington x Original Character
○ Billy Hargrove x Original Character

○ James Delaney x Lorna Bow
○ James Delaney x Original Character
○ Original Character x Original Character

True Blood
○ Sookie Stackhouse x Alcide Herveaux
○ Sookie Stackhouse x Eric Northman
○ Original Character x Original Character

○ CM Punk x AJ Lee
○ Open to Suggestions x AJ Lee
○ Original Character x Original Character

Game of Thrones*
○ Daenerys Targaryen x Khal Drogo
○ Daenerys Targaryen x Jon Snow
○ Sansa Stark x Sandor Clegane
○ Sansa Stark x Jon Snow
○ Sansa Stark x Reek / Theon Greyjoy
○ Myrcella Baratheon x Trystane Martell
○ Original Character x Original Character   

          Video Games
Mass Effect
○ Fem! Shepard x Thane Krios
○ Fem! Shepard x Garrus Vakarian
○ Fem! Shepard x James Vega
○ Fem! Shepard x Kai Leng
○ Jeff 'Joker' Moreau x EDI
○ Fem! Ryder x Jaal
○ Fem! Ryder x Reyes Vidal
○ Shepard (F or M) x Original Character
○ James Vega x Original Character
○ Jeff 'Joker' Moreau x Original Character
○ Original Character x Original Character

Dragon Age
○ Fem! Hawke x Fenris
○ Fem! Warden x Sten
○ Fem! Inquisitor x Cullen
○ M! Inquisitor x Dorian
○ (M or F) Inquisitor x Iron Bull
○ Original Character x Original Character

Resident Evil 6
○ Jake Muller x Sherry Birkin
○ Jake Muller x Piers Nivans
○ Sherry Birkin x Leon Kennedy
○ Chris Redfield x Piers Nivans

The Last Of Us
○ Joel x Original Character
○ Original Character x Original Character

○ Widowmaker x Reaper
○ Widowmaker x Gérard Lacroix
○ Mercy x Reaper
○ Mercy x Solider 76
○ Mercy x Genji
○ Mercy x McCree
○ Open to Suggestions x Open to Suggestions
○ Original Character x Original Character

Rise of the Tomb Raider
○ Lara Croft x Jacon
○ Lara Croft x Konstantin

○ Orihime Inoue x Ulquiorra
○ Orihime Inoue x Grimmjow
○ Orihime Inoue x Ichigo Kurosaki
○ Original Character x Original Character

DOGS: Bullet and Carnage
○ Heine Rammstiener x Naoto Fuyumine
○ Heine Rammstiener x Nill

Samurai Champloo
○ Mugen x Fuu
○ Jin x Fuu

Attack On Titan
○ Eren Jaeger x Annie Leonhart
○ Annie Leonhart x Reiner Braun
○ Original Character x Original Character

Wolf's Rain
○ Toboe x Tsume
○ Original Character x Original Character

Sengoku Basara
○ Kenshin Uesegi x Kasuga
○ Sasuke Sarutobi x Kasuga
○ Fuma Kotaro x Kasuga
○ Keiji Maeda x Kasuga

○ Nicholas Brown x Alex Benedetto
○ Original Character x Original Character

○ Original Character x Original Character

Fast and Furious
○ Original Character x Original Character

Please feel free to make any other suggestions, either Fandom or Pairing.
* - I am not completely up to date with the books, but I am up to date with the series.

Original Writing Prompts & Pairings

Post-Apocalyptic Setting
Arranged Marriage
Vigilante x Anything you can think of.
Music Legend x Up & Coming Artist of Same Genre.
Female student (Cross dresser/Is mistaken for a male student) x Male student OR Male Student (Cross dresser who is mistaken for a female student) x Male Student
Princess x Knight
Princess x Assassin
Assassin x Assassin/Target/Bystander
Contortionist x Other Circus member
Werewolf x Human
Newly Turned Vampire x Newly turned Werewolf
Vampire x Vampire Hunter/Human
Band Member x Rival Band Member
Band Member x Band Member
Mafia Boss x Rival Mafia Boss's Daughter
Mafia/Gang Member x Opposing Mafia/Gang Member
Master x Slave
Bully x Victim
Womanizer x Virgin
Fairytale x Fairytale
Zombie Survivor x Zombie Survivor
Sin x Sin
Virtue x Sin
Disney Character x Disney Character
Ex x Ex
Whore x Customer
Wild Man (Tarzan-esq) x Explorer

Love is Blind. [ Princess x Knight ] F/M
Ever since she was born she had been blind; never to know the colours of the world, the shapes, the people. Born into the royal family as the youngest child, just turning nineteen, it was obvious that she would have a well groomed life. It was also obvious that she would never become Queen. Her elder brother was to take the throne; it had been set out that way from the start. Because of her condition the King and Queen had always sheltered her from the world outside the castle and her curious nature only caused them to become more protective over the years. The halls were always a bustle with the many hired staff that resided in the castle; those who were paid to go about their jobs, some of those jobs being the Princess herself. Most changed fairly frequently; whether they would leave or get fired or even killed, she wasn't sure. It was hard to get attached to people who continued to leave. Her parents had often talked about an arranged marriage being off the cards for her, though it was expected that she marry well; it was surely inevitable. It took them years before they decided they would employ a companion for her; someone who could continue to be there for her and protect her without thought, though romance would never be encouraged. So how will everyone cope when the two start to fall in love with each other? How will they keep it a secret within the castle walls?

Auctioned in Hell. [ Angel x Demon ] M/F, M/M
A war has forever been raging between Heaven and Hell, between Angels and Demons. Currently, the demons are winning despite the force and persistence of Heaven. One angel, MC, a higher ranking warrior has been sent out on the front lines on many occasions. They have always returned victorious previously. Until now, that is. It wasn't until she/he spotted one of her kin in trouble that she decided to act, saving the other angles life in the process, while also willingly ending hers/his. Or so she thought. Instead of killing her on the spot, the demons took her/him in hopes of selling her off in Hell. Being a high ranking Angel, he/she simply isn't placed on the black market in a cage like the rest of the other captives, he/she is instead placed on stage and shown off to make things more interesting for the residents of hell. This is where YC comes in. He has caught wind of this special 'one day only' auction and makes it his business to see what the fuss is about. When he sees the Angel on stage he is completely taken with her/him and bids highly to ensure no one else would outbid him. Two of the things that set the higher ranking angels apart from the lower ones is that their wings are much larger and they have a crucifix marked somewhere on their body. That mark is extremely precious to them; they are very protective over it. Another thing to note is that when something devilish touches something as pure as an Angel, the two beings feel a hot, burning sensation that can be found both pleasurable and uncomfortable at the same time. Depending on the situation, it can be used as a torturing tool as well as a pleasurable one.

(Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic / Futuristic / Modern.) No Title M/F
A rare type of human has been discovered/genetically enhanced/mutated in a way that has given some humans animal ears, tails and traits among other things. They are extremely rare and when found are used for either experiments or sold in the sex industry as slaves or prostitutes. There are other options of what they could be used for but they aren't anywhere near as popular as the first two. My character would be one of these female rare human/animal hybrids. It’s very open as to where this could go and depending on the setting we go with there could be many different people you could play. You could play someone who picks her up off the street, saves her from a prostitution or gang ring. You could even be someone who picks her up to use her for his own gain in either money or power, but ends up getting too attached. (I would much prefer romance here than anything else.) Please PM me if you have idea or what not!

No Title (M/F)
Set in the near future where technology is reaching a higher tier in the modern world and crime from the political and entertainment business is on the rise. She is an average girl, a wannabe reporter with a fiery passion for her life goals. Despite graduating from an inferior college and never getting past the first stage of an interview with a news company, she continues to strive for her dream. She was adopted from a young age after being ‘kidnapped’ from her biological mother. The reality is that her step-father plotted and had her father murdered in order to get to her mother; the woman he'd been in love with since they were teens. In order to get rid of the last living reminder of her lover, he has their daughters death faked and gives her up for adoption, all of which hidden by the political power he has gathered over the years. Although she wishes to meet her real parents, her adopted father is all she has ever known. -- He is an underground ‘errand boy’; a night courier of sorts. With the help of an expert hacking partner, he goes out recovering items and information of importance, along with a few other tasks that will earn him money. He doesn't ask for his client’s names, nor do they know his identity; his business is based solely on trust. The two meet when he is contracted to find and get close to the missing daughter by an unknown client. Thus, after tracking her for a while, he takes a position in her adoptive father’s coffee shop, despite being warned multiple times by his partner not to show his face. Between her getting into trouble, often it finding her first, and her inquisitive mind, she was sure to be his hardest objective yet. (If anyone has seen the Korean Drama: Healer, this is loosely based off of that. It isn't necessary to have seen it though.)

Picture Inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by.
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Offline xSnorkleRainbowTopic starter

Below are a list of premade characters I would be willing to use for other stories.

Keep in mind that these character can be altered for various games.


Hired Assassin
Name: Miss Alexis 'Lexi' Kensington. (She also goes by 'Brit' to those she works with in the USA.)
Title/Status: Freelance Contract Killer/Assassin while in New York. Works under her father, despite taking on her own contracts occasionally.
Age: 24 Years.
Height: 5'2".
Weight: 119 lbs.
Hair: Dirty Blonde.
Eyes: Olive Green, sometimes appearing a light brown in certain lights.
Physical Description: Model = Hayden Panettiere

Additional Images.


Alexis was born in Central London, England. As far back as she could remember, her family was always well off and they never struggled; her father’s line of work was a high paying one and because of that they had many other businesses to thrive from. Her mother was a simple yet beautiful woman who enjoyed spending time with her family and making memories, looking after the home while her husband ran his many businesses. Alexis’s older brother, Gavin, was always protective over her; she remembered when he ended up beating the shit out of some guy in a bar for hitting on her and not letting go after she refused him. It wasn’t like she couldn’t handle herself at that point, but it was fun to watch nevertheless. Their family life was good; the kids never went without, maybe seeming a bit spoilt to some, and the parents loved each other dearly.

When Alexis was around seven, Gavin eleven, when something awful happened, something that would tear their family apart and change them all completely, their mother had a horrific car accident. Their father was a broken man after the loss of his soul mate and took to drinking alone in his study. Little did Alexis know at that time, her father was spending his time investigating his wife’s accident. Around a year later, maybe a little longer, their father started sending them to self-defense classes and kick boxing classes as well as him training them at home. They both excelled in their classes, as well as their school education.

It wasn’t until Alexis was fourteen, Gavin eighteen, that their father explained his past. He was a man contracted to kill. A freelancer, their father would take on contracts that requested certain people dead; politicians, terrorists, criminals, other assassins, he did it all. Whilst on a job he met their mother, a victim caught up in a prostitution ring. He was ordered to take out the man in charge, assured that once it was done the whole organization would fall apart. It was love at first sight and he saved her from the life she was about to fall victim to. He spent a couple of years continuing that work after the two of them married, only to buy other business and retire. He currently has nightclubs and bars under his name in London, as well as a few bars in Spain and France. He thought he’d given up his lifestyle for his love, only to later on have her taken from him. He was sure that her death wasn’t an accident, but a hit to get at him, forcing his hand back into the business.

Wanting to please her father and also avenge her mother, Alexis became serious about her work, becoming an assassin at the age of seventeen while her brother started the dirty work a few years before her. Her father controlled both of their contracts, acting as a boss of sorts from the guise of their night life businesses. Alexis was well versed in the world of killing for money by the time Gavin was sent abroad to New York to investigate and take out a lead in the states; where her father was originally from before moving to the UK and finding his wife. Whilst Gavin was in the US, he made sure to keep in contact as often as he could, relaying information to their father as he saw fit. Suddenly a few weeks passed without word from Gavin and expressing concern, Alexis was sent after her brother to either find him or find out what had happened to him on his job.

The youngest of the Kensington family has arrived in the big apple recently and it has been arranged by her father for her to stay at The Continental Hotel during her time there.

Infiltration: She is best suited to blending in. Her ability to act and change her appearance through wigs and costumes is what she's best at; stick her in any role and she can slip by undetected. She's willing to do the hard things to be completely believable in her role and her nerve is impenetrable. It also helps that she looks pretty unassuming, giving her the edge and ability to win over peoples trust.
Gymnastics: Alexis was a competitive gymnast for most of her life and although she no longer participates, she has a skill set that benefits from her flexibility and tumble ability.
Hand-To-Hand Combat: Her father was a skilled combatant and passed on most of what he learned over the years to both his children. This includes her ability to fight with close ranged weapons such as knives; her style is very quick and Alexis uses her height and flexibility to her advantage which is perfect for close quarters combat.
Bilingual: Alexis can speak a few different languages including but not limited to: Russian, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. She is also a self professed master of accents and can pick up someones accent extremely quickly.

Personality/Motivations: Alexis is appears to be a trustworthy, unassuming girl who's extremely easy to befriend and even easier to believe. In reality, she's sneaky, smart and an actress worthy of winning an Oscar. That being said, she is extremely loyal and sometimes relies too much on her connections with 'friends'. Betrayal is something she takes extremely seriously. After many infiltration style jobs back home, Alexis has trained herself to not become attached, despite wanting long lasting relationships with people and sometimes getting caught up in the act. She tries to act cool and collected most of the time with people she doesn't know but she enjoys bantering back and forth. Alexis can be fairly sarcastic; it's in her nature as a British citizen, and she tends to have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Her motivations whist outside of the UK are to find her brother alive and get him home. She's prepared to help him with his job, if he hasn't completed it already and has also been given other hits to carry out by her father, who she's in regular contact with. He's sure to give her more while she's abroad though, since he's a bit of a slave driver. No sightseeing for this tourist.

Likes (non sexual): Dressing Up, Other British People, Keeping in Shape, Stretching, Music, Dancing, Spending Money (hers or other peoples), People who understand her sarcasm and humor, Precision, Sweets & Cakes & Chocolate, Bubble Baths and Hot Showers.
Dislikes (non-sexual): Smoking, Drinking (not to say she doesn't do it), Spicy Foods, Betrayal, Getting Blood in her Hair, Lazy people, Persistent Retail Assistants.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual (though she would be open to scenes with women, she's just emotionally attracted to men.)
Turn Ons: Casual Sex, Meaningful Sex, Romance, Gentle Sex, Rough Sex, Kissing, Teasing, Flirting, Fights for Dominance, Bath/Shower/Water Scenes, Risk of Getting Caught, Light Bondage.
Turn Offs: Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Toilet Play (Feces, Vomit, Urine etc), Vore, Fisting, Foot Play. (Please check my O/O's for more info.)

RP Thoughts/Plans:
I'd be open to potential contacts whilst she's in America, maybe someone who knows or has worked with her father? Someone that he'd put her in contact with. Maybe someone who assisted her brother, but doesn't know where he is. I'd also be open to making friends during her stay, as well as enemies and potential love interests. I haven't got any specific idea's, but please PM me should you want to plot with Alexis.

Ditzy Racer
Jamie Rosa Mendez

Age: 21 Years.

Nickname: N/A.

Current Occupation: Mechanic apprenticeship. (Though she's done this kind of thing since she was young, so knows what she's doing. She's just not making much money.) She has been fixing up cars pretty much all her life from the age of 4, with the help of her father of course. She also considers herself a formidable driver, though more of a joyrider in it for the adrenaline rush.

Extra Eye Candy: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Hobbies outside of racing:
♦ Sports/Exercize - She enjoys taking part in things like dance, yoga, kick boxing and gymnastics as well as working out at home and at the Gym when she can.
♦ Dance - Mostly untrained; she did a few ballet classes when she was younger, but didn't keep it up. Her love of dance mostly implies getting down to a heavy bass in a club, rubbing up on someone she barely knows.
♦ Spending Money - Money she doesn't have. Though it doesn't necessarily have to be hers...
♦ Working Her Tan - She loves to just hang out on the beach and chill under the sun in as little clothing as she can manage; she doesn't like tan-lines.

Appearance/Style Description: Standing at 5'2" (158cm), Jamie is a curvy and athletic girl with mixed roots. Those roots being that she's a quarter Mexican, a quarter Taiwanese and half Caucasian. Jamie has long, dirty blond/caramel brown hair that just about reaches the small of her back. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost a chocolate colour. Her skin is tanned; a nice natural shade of bronze. She has a couple of piercings; her bellybutton and her ears. Jamie has one tattoo; a feminine rose and vine pattern along the spine of her back, reaching between her shoulder blades to beginning of her buttocks. She very much enjoys keeping fit and working out, so she a bit more toned than someone else of her stature may be; she does a work-out every night and enjoys going to the Gym when she can. Her style is somewhat promiscuous, though she just thinks it flirty, bubbly and fun, a bit like herself!
Personality: Jamie is an adrenaline junkie at heart. She's daring and isn't afraid to try new things. On one hand, Jamie can be a really friendly and helpful person to pretty much everyone. On the other hand however, she can be a bit grumpy at times and refuse to take instruction; she's a very proud girl. She's extremely bubbly and has been told she's quite a likable person; however that doesn't always mean she wants to make friends. Jamie is also a very touchy-feely person and likes to be intimate with everyone if possible. As a mechanic, Jamie is very good at her job and enjoys driving/being driven very much but can sometimes get distracted easily and veer off topic on occasion. She likes to think she's one of the best at her job, but at the same time Jamie really loves to learn new things; not only about cars. All in all, Jamie is a very trusting character, though shes not gullible enough to believe everything that's people tell her. She's a very honest, down-to-earth girl and at the end of the day, she'll tell it like it is; no mollycoddling.

History: Jamie grew up in a loving household in Los Angeles, California that included her mother and father and their 4 dogs; Benny, Patch, Razzle and Jude. The area they resided in wasn't exactly Boulevard Avenue, but it was better to have a house in a shitty neighborhood than not have a house at all. As far back as she can remember, Jamie had always been roped in with helping her father work on his and his friends cars; it was his only other passion other than her mother. She did enjoy the work, but more than the labor, she enjoyed her dads company. Of course, she loved her mum too, but they didn't spend half as much time together as her and her father. Her dad promised her when he'd finished fixing up his beautiful Ford Mustang that he would take her for a spin in it and when he left her, he would leave it to her. Of course, she was extremely excited though she wasn't pleased at the idea of her father leaving her. When she was 16, her father was murdered in a drive by shooting right out the front of their family home. It tore their world apart. Rather than sticking closer as a family, her mother distanced herself and Jamie found it hard to living with her. Her mother even tried selling the car her father had left for her, but Jamie protected it and promised she'd get it up and running so that she could move it to another location. Not only did she feel she wanted to fix it up for herself, she wanted to get it running for her fathers sake as well. Upon her 18th birthday, Jamie moved out of the house to live with a friend cross country in her apartment in the city of Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, due to her mother being a bit of a bitch, she had to leave her fathers car behind with her mother and thus has never fully felt 'complete'. In fact, this leaves her feeling a bit of a failure. She's since moved out of her friends small apartment and has moved in with a bunch of miss-match car and race enthusiasts which has helped her fill the void of her fathers dream car.

Car: A 1992 Honda Civic Si. (Modified.)

○ Her looks - Jamie knows that she looks good and she isn't afraid to use her looks and gender to get what she wants, whether that's winning a race or something else entirely. Because of her looks and her personality, she can also fit in easily with any group, therefore being the perfect 'bait' or 'spy'.
• Good with a Spanner - Obviously, Jamie is a mechanic and this helps her not only earn money, but tend to her own car with complete confidence.
○ Determination - When racing, she wants to win and that's just how it is. Her determination helps her concentrate and keep her eyes on the prize.
• All-rounder - Jamie has solid fundamentals when driving; she OK at turning, OK at starting a race and OK driving in most conditions. This doesn't mean she has no room to improve, because she has a lot of time to go before she's considered a great racer, but she has everything she needs to get to that point.

○ Easily Distracted - Jamie struggles to keep on topic most of the time and if she spots something that interests her, she usually doesn't have much self control in approaching or talking about it.
• Sensitive - Probably an understatement. Jamie can be a little emotional and this sometimes makes her reckless during any situation.
○ Lightweight - ...Another understatement. Jamie cannot take her alcohol whatsoever, but this doesn't stop her drinking it and partying it up. She is easily persuadable and will give in to peer pressure easily. This trait often leave her in messy situations.
• Slow Reactions - Simply when racing, Jamie can get panicky and is slow to react to things. This can often leave her losing out and that sucks for her, since she likes to win.
○ Drifting - She's not amazing at controlling herself for one, let alone controlling the car in such a way. Plus, it totally wrecks your tires and she doesn't have the cash to splash for that.

The College Guy
Jason Quinn Pierce

Nickname(s): Jay, Quinn or Quinny.
Age: 21 years.
Birthday: August 12th.
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual. (Has had more experience with women but prefers men.)

Extra Eye Candy.

Personality: Being the personable guy that he is, Jason's extremely social and enjoys having people around him. He's friendly, easy to approach and happy to help those in need; whether it's keeping a secret for a friend or just lending out a game, Jason's your man. Parties are his scene but when he's not boozing it up with his buddies he's either playing video games, reading comic books or just hanging out with mates. This being said, he's not exactly a sensible drinker and tends to give in to peer pressure when it comes to drinking; he just can't seem to stop himself and has pushed way past his limits, thanks to his friends, on more than one occasion. This can also lead to him doing stupid, reckless things; things he wouldn't normally agree with sober. Intelligent and a hard worker, Jason does well in school and keeps his parents happy with his report cards. He likes to get his work finished early so there is more time for him to do what he wants to do and sometimes he even throws in a little extra credit just to keep his professors happy. That way, if he ever gets in trouble, he'll always have something to fall back on.

Bio: Growing up in a big family experience for Jason. With two older sisters, two younger sisters and a new born baby brother, Jason didn't have a lot of attention when he was younger. Since there were so many girls in the family, he was automatically chosen for the cruel tricks such as make overs and dress up, though he wouldn't trade them for the world. He's a family man, through and through; part of growing up in an Asian household. His parents were busy running a restaurant (how original, right?) while he and his siblings pretty much occupied themselves. A lot of their 'family time' consisted of them sitting around the table, eating whatever food his mother prepared for them. It wasn't a bad thing though, the food was always great in their house.

As they grew up Jason and his siblings spent less and less time together. With the pressure from school and the work they needed to do, his older sisters drifted apart and a lot of the time the girls would spent hold up in their room doing homework. The family still continued to have dinner together, despite the children growing older. Jason soon started to feel the pressure of school. Not only was the work hard on him, the fact that he was an Asian boy in a predominately white class made things a little difficult; at least his sisters had each other. The bullying started when he was very young and lasted pretty much all through his time in education. It wasn't all bad though, he made a few very good friends and even found himself hanging out with children in other classes. Thanks to his personality, Jason found it easy to bounce back time and time again.

Through middle school he started to notice that his preference had started to shift; he'd had a couple of girlfriends by this point, like he was sure every boy had had. He still found girls attractive, but he was more open minded, curious even, to dating guys. Of course, this wasn't something he openly stated to anyone, not his sisters, his friends and definitely not his parents. Hah, imagine that. Jason found himself becoming closer to an upperclassman, just as friends at first. He was invited over to his house to play a couple matches of Gears of War one night and things went from their. He had his first kiss with another guy and things progressed further than he'd like to admit, but as soon as school started the next morning, things went back to normal. They two still remained friends, but it was like nothing had happened and Jason found himself on one hand a little disappointed, on the other a little relived. It didn't take him long to get another girlfriend, but his next relationship didn't last long; barely two months.

It was his parents who enrolled him at Ashton, a Boarding School that he hadn't even heard of. It surprised him at first, but he kind of liked the idea of being away from his family and becoming his own person. Jason agreed and that was that, he transferred in his first year and is currently still settling in at Ashton.

♦ Music.
♦ Fashion.
♦ Drinking.
♦ Partying.
♦ Swimming.
♦ Video Games.
♦ Sweets and Food in general.
♦ People who take care of themselves.
♦ Comic Books.
♦ Anime.

♦ Confrontation. (Doesn't mean he won't stand up for himself or his friends.)
♦ Watching sports.
♦ Unintelligent, air headed people.
♦ Heavy Rock / Metal music.
♦ One night stands.
♦ Being sick.

Ons: Kissing, Caressing, Oral, Teasing, Biting, Scratching, Risk Of Getting Caught. (O/O's for more.)
Offs: Scat, Fisting, Bloodplay, Needles. (O/O's for more.)

Fiesty Street Racer
Blake Riven Richardson

Age: 25 years.
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 110lbs.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Hazel.

Awareness:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
Reflexes:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
Handling:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
Drifting:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
Composure:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
Daredevilry:█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

Current Occupation: Waitress/Bartender.

Hobbies outside of racing: Occasional Smoker (You'll never catch her with one at home alone), Video Games, Comics, Go-Karting, Listening to Music, Exercising/Working Out, Photography, Yoga, Swimming, Gymnastics, Eating out, Occasionally drinking (She doesn't drink alone at home because she's actually quite a lightweight. If she's brought a drink or given one in front of a crowd then she won't turn it down.)

Appearance/Style: Blake's tough-girl exterior certainly shines through with the way she looks in some aspects; her left arm is completely covered in tattoo's that stretch across her chest and down her side and left thigh, stopping just above her knee. She has a few piercings that are obvious to the naked eye like her flesh tunnels, second piercing on her ear and her tragus, along with other piercings that aren't so obvious like her tongue and navel. She likes the idea of looking feminine, so it is obvious that she's female in what she usually wears, but would secretly like to be able to suit things a little more feminine. On her abdomen, just to the right, is a small scar that has been rumoured to be the wound of a fight she'd gotten into in her younger teen years, though really its from where she had her appendix removed when she was fifteen.
Personality: Because of her background, Blake likes to put on a 'tough girl' front but it's only to hide her real personality. In reality, she likes girly things and is rather delicate but she would never show this to anyone. She can be quite sensitive to what other people say to or about her, but her façade would not allow her to get emotional in front of anyone. Instead, she would rather start a fight or argue back, even if she didn't think she would be able to win. Although petite, Blake can be stubborn, quite snappy and argumentative to most; her work colleges refer to her as a little firecracker. She finds it hard to make friends most of the time as she can be quite a complex character but once she gets them she's very fierce about sticking up for them. Blake's aggressiveness can be a hindrance to her in most situations as it causes her to be reckless and clouds her judgement. It also causes her to be blunt with her words, without much thought as to what the consequences of them would be. Overall, she's very sceptical of strangers and finds others kindness suspicious but once she befriends someone she's hooked for life. Ever since she was little, Blake as been sworn off relationships for fear it might turn sour like her mother and fathers. She also doesn't like the idea of someone seeing her insecurities by getting too close to her.

History: Blake was born in the state of New Jersey, but her family moved down to South Carolina soon after her birth. Her upbringing wasn't the best; her and her 7 siblings had to practically fend for themselves. Between her alcoholic father and drug-addicted, bunny boiler mother, the kids had no chance. If it weren't for the older siblings growing up fast, some of them would have probably starved to death. Her three youngest siblings, a pair of boy twins and a slightly younger girl, was taken off them and fostered out as soon as the girl turned one. It wasn't unusual for them to be beaten occasionally, but the older ones always took the fall for the smaller kids. Blake will always remember the time that her oldest brother jumped in front of her when her father removed his belt to beat her. Her brother put up a good fight and argued with the man for ages but it only resulted in him taking her beating instead. One by one, her older brothers and sisters started moving out as soon as they could and when she was the oldest left, she took their places. Blake was the sixth oldest of the group. Another memory she would never forget is the time she stuck up for her little sister and her father actually ended up breaking a couple of her ribs after she retaliated back, giving him a hard slap. He shoved her so hard against the wall that it took her a while to catch her breath and realize where the pain was coming from. That instant happened when she was twelve and it wasn't the last.

As soon as she was eighteen, Blake moved to Florida to stay with a distant aunt until she could afford to live alone. She procured herself a job and began saving up money for a place to live. On her twentieth birthday, her aunt and uncle brought her a car and although it was beat up and rough, she loved it. Blake realized she loved cars from a young age and when she started driving in school, she loved it even more. It wasn't long before she moved out into her own apartment; it was only small and her bed was in her living room with an open plan kitchenette, the only other room being the old bathroom, but it completed its purpose and that's all she needed. Soon after moving to Florida, Blake secured a job at a restaurant and bar named 'Johnny's'. Her boss, along with the rest of the staff' were kind enough and she picked things up quickly.

Current Situation: She still works full-time at Johnny's and manages to find time to practice her racing skills, work out and sleep.

Car: A beat-up 1990 Nissan 300zx

Chinese Triad Racer
Meili (Mei) Song 美麗 松

Name: Meili Song. (May - Lee)
Age: 27.
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Position in Club: Dragon's Pride/Star Racer.
Specialty: Track/Street racing, Persuasion/Manipulation, Prostitution, Distraction, Spending money.

Extra Eye Candy: 1. 2. 3.

Physical Description: Meili stands at around 5'5" but always wear's heals to make her appear that much taller; they could add an extra 2 - 5 inches to her height. Her legs appear to go on forever and the heels only help the illusion. She weighs around 112lbs with a slender, toned figure that women would drool over; men too, though occasionally for different reason's. Her hair is a very dark chestnut colour, the kind that for some reason only Asians possess, and reaches to the middle of her back in natural, gentle waves. Her eyes are a dark chocolate and are large and almond shaped; again, hereditary to Asian's. Covering her back is a tattoo that she has had for years, since joining the Triad's. It's a large, beautiful peacock bird and contains the Chinese symbols for 'Dragon's Pride'. The tattoo is extremely colourful and large, extending down one buttock to allow for the enormity of the birds beautiful tail feathers. It also extends slightly onto her shoulders, though cannot be seen if she is looked at from the front.

Personality: Meili, or Mei for short, isn't the sort of person you would approach in the street to ask something trivial; she can be quite intimidating, although she doesn't necessarily mean to be. She is quite stone-faced and can be extremely focused when lost in thought or when she has something to do. In reality, she is as kind as you'll allow her to be, though not for good reason; she'll always find a way to get something from you, and in return, you can have something from her. (Whether it would be one of her girls, or herself, that is completely down to you.) Some say she can finish a man off with just her words, of course, you'd have to be very special to find that out first hand. Everything she says always has a double meaning and she isn't afraid to toy with that particular skill. Mei does enjoy a thrill and if you can be the one to give her the danger and attention she seeks, she'll stick to you until she no longer believes you capable of giving her what she wants. She very much enjoys any attention given to her. Meili can be quite witty at times and often have a sharp tongue, but in all honest she simply wants to find something that can satisfy her continuously and wholeheartedly.

History: Early memories consist of a buzzing family home; loving parents, adored children, patient pets. One of her fondest memories was of her father pushing in on the swing he'd constructed, with his children's help of course, in the green, flower filled backyard. She loved the way his hands felt on her lower back as he pushed her gently into the air, her small fingers grasping the strong rope either side of her, her bum planted firmly onto the painted plank of wood beneath her and the air flowing through her hair like her mother's fingers often did. It felt like peace to her. Meili wasn't one for looking back on memories, but as a child she simply couldn't help herself; it was what she needed to keep her sane. The feel of his fingers against her clothed skin felt so right then, felt so innocent, but after her father laid her bare for the first night, she couldn't look at his touches the same way again. Things started to feel wrong but he only pushed her further; his hands would creep over her shoulders as he leaned down to kiss the back of her head, they would creep into the top of her vest and fondle her in ways a child should not be fondled. No matter how much she told her truth, he would not back down. Things continued, spiralling downhill into an abyss that seemed forever endless; she would never escape his embrace that suffocated her, she would never again be free.

After years of abuse, Meili retreated into herself, even began telling herself that what he was doing to her was good; he said so, after all. He was transforming her into the 'perfect woman' and it made him love her even more. She wanted him to love her, she wanted his attention. Around the age of twelve, Mei began flaunting herself at him, wanting him and their disgusting affair to continue. Until one day, he was taken away from her and she was set free of his evil grasp. The man had collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital of which by then it was too late; a heart attack apparently. Meili was distraught at first, she simply didn't know where to turn or what to do with herself. All she'd ever known was his love and her mother despised her for the attention she'd received from him over his own wife. The woman cast her out at the age of thirteen, by which time; Mei knew what she had to do.

The girl slept in the streets for what seemed like years until she was finally picked up by a man in his late forties. He fed her, housed her, and kept her safe and dry. And then he paid her. Once she'd slept with him for the first time, he started to train her, showing her things she'd not imagined she could do; crude, lewd things. Meili continued her 'training' and once she was around sixteen, he began 'letting' her out to friends. Then family members. Then strangers. Then there was more than one person at a time. Women came into the equation somewhere down the line, though she could not tell you when exactly. She continued doing whatever he asked of her, whoever he brought to her, and he began giving her a small fraction of the money he took. The first thing she did was go downtown and buy herself a chocolate bar; something that was an extreme luxury to her. When she returned and showed the man her prize, he backhanded her across the face and told her she was forbidden to eat it as it would get her 'fat' and that fat wouldn't 'sell'. It wasn't the last time she'd earned a smack from him then on. Around the age of nineteen, the man she was living with died from a stabbing; he was mugged on his way downtown. He had left her the apartment in his will for her to continue his ‘business’, but she sold the crummy place and moved on as quickly as she could. Again, she was homeless. The difference was that this time, she had a bit of cash.

Meili was downtown the first time she saw her first modified car. It was a beautiful black, sleek thing and at the time she couldn't put a make to the bodywork; it looked like it had had a lot of work done to its exterior. She couldn't even imagine what it looked like inside. After doing some digging, she found out it was heading for a small street racing event just outside the main town and she simply couldn't resist. She hiked out of town after a job and watched the race; everything was so refreshing and exciting and new. It was as if she were a mere child again, riding her beautiful new garden swing. That's when she decided she wanted to do something else; she wanted to race. She wanted to own a car and drive a car and do whatever else you could do with that car! It was at the very same race that someone approached her by her name, which she hadn't told anyone. They said that their boss wanted to speak with her and that she needed to go with them immediately, which, of course, she did. Mei was loaded into a polished, silver car with a clean leather interior and driven to someplace she did not recognize; a large building that gave off a certain aura that Mei could not quite place her finger upon. She was guided inside and taken straight to a large, open room with a Chinese man sitting behind a desk. He said that her father was involved with them and that he owed the 'Chinese Triad' a lot of money and time. She was a little confused at first, but quickly countered with a proposal that was universally laughed at in the beginning; to earn money for them by driving. And so she has worked for them ever since.

Extra Info: Meili extremely enjoys spending money as she has never truly had the freedom to do as she pleases with her profits. She likes to buy clothes and shoes the most, though she has been known to have spent more on her car then the whole of her current double walk-in wardrobe full of designer brands. She will accept nothing but the best from herself, her clothing, her car and anyone else around her.
Mei owns half of a prostitution business from a small apartment building downtown; her partner is anonymous. It is said she has beauties from all over the world and has been known to take many self-requests to make extra cash.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

× Her baby. A heavily modified 98' Toyota Supra.

Troubled Teen
Player Name: xSnorkleRainbow.
Name: Bethany Maria Hopkins.
Age: 18 years.
Sex: Female.
Orientation: Heterosexual (Though not above messing with girls for fun.)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Band Position: Singer/Main Vocalist.
Current job employment: Bartender and Waitress at a local restaurant. (Think along similar lines of 'Hooters'.)

Character description: Bethany has a thin frame that is often hidden beneath her loose fitting clothing. She's a petite girl with an olive, youthful complexion and unusual grey/green eyes. Her hair is a beautiful, thickly textured chocolate brown and is kept long, reaching just over her bust in length. Her style is very loose fitting as mentioned before, and she tends to keep herself as covered as possible the majority of the time unless with girl friends that she's extremely close to or she's with someone she'd having sex (though then she'll try and keep her clothes on as much as possible) with due to the collection of scars all over her body. From circular burn marks that look like they could have been from a lit cigarette to ugly, long, lashing-type scars, the marks decorate her once clear skin each holding their own horrific story. Beth has a few piercings, putting it lightly. The first two are simple silver rings in her nose; one in her septum and the other in her left nostril. Her ears are also pierced three times on each lobe and her right ear has a double silver ringed helix piercing, as well as having a piercing in her tongue.

Personality: Bethany is a boisterous and loud girl when she wants to be, with strong opinions and an extremely black and white, matter of fact moral compass. If you ask her a question, you can one hundred percent trust that Beth with give you an honest answer and she usually won't take your feelings into consideration. That's not to say she doesn't care about people's feelings, she simply lets slip her answers without first thinking what she's going to say. Fiercely protective of her friends, Bethany isn't one to back out of a fight for someone she wants to protect and has been known to be a bit of a brawler in the past; she isn't one to back down from something or someone she believes in. Trouble always seems to find her and often she doesn't seem to be able to help herself from attracting it. Beth could be described as a bit headstrong and reckless, but she's not naive or stupid; she knows exactly what she's doing most of the time. By nature, Beth has an addictive personality and has had trouble with smoking and alcohol abuse in the past. Unless you're close to her, and that means actually close to her, she can use people and throw them away at the drop of a hat which has often lead her to sleeping around. Between that and her feelings of needing constant validation, she is an extremely complex character. Dealing with the abuse for the majority of her life was hard and it has taken a toll on Bethany and despite moving out of her Uncles home, she is even more fragile than ever, though she hides it well behind a hard, loud exterior.

History: Bethany grew up with a single mother in a low, working-class, christian household. Her father was never in the picture but her uncle from her mothers side and his family often helped them out and looked after Beth when her mother needed to work. They were quite a wealthy family and going to spend time with them was completely different from her mould-ridden, crummy one bed flat that her mother rented. She could have whatever she wanted to eat, do whatever she wanted, play in their huge yard and she always had her cousins to play with while she was there; a boy a little older than her and a girl around her age. Her early years were great when she spend time there.

That is until she reached about the age of eight when her uncle began getting angrier if she did something wrong or did something a way he didn't like. He would hit her and whip her with his belt all while his other children pleaded ignorance. It was only ever her who received the beatings. Physical abuse then turned into sexual abuse when she reached the age of eleven; Bethany was a quick bloomer and started her period just after her eleventh birthday. Without going into gruesome details, he used to molest her and force her to pleasure him all within what she thought was the safety of their family home. She felt she couldn't tell her aunt or mother; she was terrified for a long time. She started acting out with the abuse; kicking up a fuss in school, starting fights and lashing out at the teachers. She alienated most, if not all, of her friends and especially her cousins she spent so much time with; she could never understand how they just kept their mouths shut. They knew what was happening. Maybe they didn't understand it but they still saw it and not one of them said anything about it, not even to her.

When she finally plucked up the courage to tell her mother when she was around fifteen, something in the woman snapped. She was so certain that Bethany had lead him on some how or that she'd seduced him. The woman she thought she could trust, the woman her birthed her, she just turned on her with the snap of a finger; Bethany didn't know what to do. Her mother abandoned her, she just up and left with no goodbye, no nothing. Her uncle was her next of kin and got custody over Bethany until she was eighteen. That's when her behaviour become worse. Bethany turned to drinking and smoking anything she could get her hands on, she started self-harming for a while, everything was just fucked for the longest time. Thankfully, she did have one thing to keep her semi-sane and that was her music. Writing everything down into lyrics helped, singing them, screaming them helped, playing her guitar helped.

Finally, on her eighteenth birthday and with the help of a part time job she'd been holding down at the local corner shop, Bethany moved out of her uncles house in McCook, Nebraska and moved across state to the small city of Omaha into her own, little, shitty bedsit; an apartment that's just two rooms, a bedroom/kitchen/living space and a bathroom.

On's & Off's: My O/O's.

Additional Pictures:
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Re: ○ Rainbow's Pretty Little Search Thread [ F for M characters. ]
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Below are a list of premade characters I would be willing to use for other stories.

Keep in mind that these character can be altered for various games.


Pirate || Female Doctor
Adela Elizabeth Davenport
by xSnorkleRainbow
Age: 24 Years.
Gender: Female.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Appearance Details: Adela has an ugly, long scar on her lower abdomen from a badly preformed cesarean. She appears very delicate, standing at only 5'2" with a slender frame.
Position: Crew Doctor - Dealing with crew and captives alike.

Personality: Adela is calm, tender and caring; what one would expect of a Doctor, though maybe not a doctor aboard a Pirate ship. Despite being curious, she isn't intrusive or reckless. She remains calm under pressure most of the time and always completes her tasks to the best of her ability. Whenever she is stressed, hurt or upset she isn't one to seek out companionship; Adela is the type to bottle up her real emotions and sometimes that can make her hard to get to know. She can be quite maternal and this makes her a good listener if anybody has problems they want to share. When it comes to relationships and friendships, Adela can be somewhat guarded when it comes to strangers, men in particular. That being said, she knows deep down that not all men are like the ones who have previously hurt her, but she is still very cautious. Ultimately she wants to run away from her old life but this leaves her feeling very lonely and out of control.

Biography: Adela was born to a British family in a small harbor town over looking the beautiful sea; it's Harbor was the towns main source of new trade. Her father and mother owned a small clinic on the sea front and their clientele often included stray soldiers and occasional pirates, as well as many other citizens of the town who needed medical care. She doesn't remember a time when she wasn't in the family clinic. In fact, she was often roped into helping out from an extremely young age. It was safe to assume that she would follow in her parents footsteps. Adela didn't feel that she had much of a say in the matter; it was something she'd grown up doing and it was the obvious choice to help out and eventually take over.

As she grew older, Adela started to do more and more at the clinic, until she was there most of the time and could even handle shifts by herself. The clinic's clientele wasn't without its fair share of troublemakers; they didn't turn anybody in need away. One night, Adela was alone on a late shift; her parents were out for an anniversary dinner and they left her in charge of the clinic. It was late and things were slow, she was considering closing up early when two drunken British soldiers stumbled through her doors. One was bleeding from his shoulder and the other was laughing and joking about how it all happened. As usual, she cleaned the man up and dressed his wounds before sending him and his friend on their way. Only they refused to leave. No amount of alcohol excused what they did next. It was the worst experience of her life; they violated her, raped her inside her own clinic, practically her home, after over powering her. They were so drunk, the breathes against her face threatened to intoxicate her as well as they hunched over her. The girl was only nineteen years old at the time. What was worse? She conceived that night. Adela wasn't aware of it right away, but it became apparent that she was pregnant in the following months. She had the worst case of morning sickness she'd ever seen out of all the pregnant women she'd helped in the clinic. Adela carried the baby almost to full term. Upon the arrival of her due date there were complications and she had to have an emergency cesarean, which was preformed in some half burnt out building by a man who claimed to be a complete professional. It was traumatic to say the least, even more so when the baby was pulled from her unmoving. After the man patched her up, horribly I might add, she was left there with her stillborn child in a puddle of blood and in complete agony. It was a miracle she survived the birth. Adela never stepped a foot inside after her childbirth; She didn't know what to do with herself for months. Adela never told her parents; not telling her father was the biggest regret of her life. Adela's father passed away almost a year later of an illness that had spread rapidly, seemingly out of nowhere, throughout the town and her mother closed down the family clinic. When she decided to be brave and tell her mother of the ordeal she went through, things continued downhill. Her mother was disgusted with her, called her horrible names and treated her like scum.

After having put up with her mothers verbal and mental abuse for weeks, Adela found herself pining for a life away from the small harbor town she used to love. She found herself seeking out a placement on a Pirate ship; she could get away from her town and be out at sea, never having to deal with the pain she'd experienced ever again. She had never thought about adventure, never needed it, but the prospect of the open sea as well as doing what she loved, helping people, was something she would later seek out.

Talents & Skills: Adela is a highly skilled doctor and is well versed in biology and the human anatomy. She has been training for her position all her life and is therefore experienced with most techniques and such. She is also one heck of a masseuse.
Weapons/Equipment: Adela isn't well versed with weaponry, but she does keep a small dagger concealed on her person most of the time. It's quite an old thing; she'd picked it up before setting sail and becoming a member of the crew. It's nothing special. (She would possibly be interested in learning how to defend herself.)

Character's Ons: Romance, Passionate Partners, Seduction, Teasing, Biting, Scratching, Foreplay, People who know what they want, Water Scenes.
Character's Offs: Non-Con (not adverse to it happening to her in the game), Extreme Bondage, Anal, Bathroom Play, Cannibalism, Pregnancy, Needle Play, Weak willed partners, Timid Characters.
Player's Ons: I'd like to see Adela eventually open up and fall in love with someone aboard the ship (be them captive or crew.) That being said, I'm not against her being involved in non-con and other such relationships.
Player's Offs: [ Please look at my My O/O's! for more info. ]

Werewolf Huntress
Played by: xSnorkleRainbow

Name: Noelle Talbot.

Race: Human - Hunter.

Age: 24 Years.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Eye Candy: #1 #2 #3 #4

Appearance: Standing at 5'3", Noelle has a slender, slightly athletic figure; she is very petite. She has pale skin that contrasts with her dark brown eyes framed with long, thick black lashes. Her hair is a dark chestnut colour, reaching just past her shoulders; she likes to keep it a manageable length. She has a few scars littered over her body, the biggest one spanning most of her back, reaching diagonally from her right shoulder down to her left hip. The scar is made up of four long scratches, obviously from some sort of big beast. There is another small scar on the left of her abdomen as well as a small circular scar on her right shoulder. Her ears are pierced twice on each lobe, but that is the extent of her body jewellery. She also has one tattoo on her right hip of a tribal turtle which is positions slightly diagonal, facing her back as if swimming over her hip; it was something her dad had that he thought always brought him protection. Noelle's usual sense of dress is very dark, consisting of black/dark blue jeans, a black tank top under a dark checkered shirt under a slim fitting, black leather jacket.

Skill set: Being trained as a hunter by her father, she was put through rigorous training regimes and is skilled with various weaponry. Noelle is very good at improvising and can think up plans on the spot or use the environment to her advantage at the click of a button. She is also skilled in knives and guns, though prides herself on her hand to hand combat. Noelle is very agile and uses her height to get by enemies quickly and efficiently, while also being very flexible which helps her get through small gaps. Her flexibility also helps with causing damage to taller enemies, as she can jump, kick and reach farther than one her height would be expected to. It's safe to assume that she packs quite a lot of punch in the small package that is her body and her bite is definitely worse than her bark. That being said, she is still very young and hasn't been hunting alone for very long; she's not used to not having any back up.

Character History: Noelle was born to a family who seemed to everyone in the pretty suburban neighbourhood to be normal. With their white picket fence, their pristine garden and clean appearance, they were just like everybody else. That was until one night, when the family were vacationing in their wooden cabin out in the woods that everything changed for good. Noelle was only three years old at that time. A lone wolf had come out of the woodlands around the cabin and attacked her mother, leaving her with a fatal wound and screams that Noelle continued to dream about even to the present day. At that time she didn’t realize that the cabin would become her new home. After her mother passed, her father slipped into ‘revenge’ mode and Noelle was unfortunately dragged into that. He sold the family home and moved them both out to the cabin in the woods so that he could return to his roots that his daughter later found out was subjected around hunting. Not just fox hunting, however, hunting for things she had only imagined had existed in fairy tales; werewolves. It took her a long time to believe her father that these beasts were real, that they could look exactly like him or her and be a beast inside, but he began to train her up and she was soon brought on hunts with him once she turned eleven years old.

Her first hunt was terrifying; the wolves were terrifying, but her father showed her that they could be taken down just as any human could, you just needed to put in a bit more effort. She had the knowledge, she just needed the practice, he said. He would always have her back, he said. They had to rid the world of the were’s existence, he said. It took her years before her first kill, which she managed when she was only fourteen years old and she had to admit, in her early years of hunting she developed a taste for it, a thirst for blood that could not be quenched. Her training continued, only getting harder and harder as the years went on, her knowledge of her body, of their body and of the environment growing vast as her father unknowingly forced her to grow every single day. There were no breaks, or at least nothing decent that stood out in her mind. Everything grew to be about killing, about werewolves.

Life continued very much the same way, she began to learn first aid as the years went on; her father always said she should never go to a hospital unless she was dying, so she learned to stitch herself up and managed to improve her tolerance for pain. It was when she was twenty two that things changed yet again for her. The two of them went out on a hunt; he’d had a lead on a few were’s in the area, nothing they couldn’t handle. When they managed to hunt out the wolves, they found that it was a small pack and were quickly overwhelmed. She managed to dodge the attacks and retreated without question when her father gave the order, but it was later revealed to her that he hadn’t been so lucky. He had be bitten; a sure way for him to turn. It was devastating to her; she couldn’t lose her father, he was her entire world, they looked after each other. Her father saw the circumstance completely differently, however, and things seemed to go downhill for them once they’d returned home; it was obvious he didn’t have long from the severity of the wound. He’d either turn into the things he hated or bleed out before the day was up. It didn’t take him long to snap, to lose his mind; this was a sign that she needed to go on alone, that she needed to take his life and become an ultimate hunter. She needed to kill him. Of course, Noelle couldn’t do it, she refused at first and he continued to babble about it continuously as she tried to take care of him. He wanted her to do it, to take the silver knife on the counter and stab him straight in the heart. He spoke of the many ways she could kill him, as if he were enjoying it; he would even laugh occasionally. The whole thing fucked her up, she couldn’t think straight let alone act normal; she couldn’t eat, drink, keep still, think straight, everything was upside down and wrong. This wasn’t supposed to happen. When he turned, it was a horrible sight, it was almost like he’d lost who he was completely. He went for her, tried to bite her and that’s what forced her into action. Noelle murdered the only man she’d had throughout her life, the only person in the world who cared about her and now she was left alone forever, forced on this path of blood to complete his mission; the extinction of werewolves.

Personality: Noelle is quite reserved and could be described as cool and collected; that's how she appears on the outside any way. In reality, Noelle is constantly torn and conflicted. On one hand, she is angry, she's so angry over her mother and fathers death that she wants to rid the world of the plague that is the werewolves. Yet on the other, she wants to settle, to be content with her life and to be happy; she doesn't want to continuously be on the hunt for the rest of her life. Once one gets past her hard exterior, Noelle is a feminine, trustworthy, loyal friend to the very core. She enjoys the company of others, when she finds that she can trust them, but she is constantly struggling with the idea of trusting and it can be very hard for her to get past the first stages of meeting someone.

Additional Information: An OOC note! Yes, Noelle has a burning hatred for werewolves and her instinct in mostly always to kill them on sight. However, she is not physic and cannot tell one from a normal human so long as they appear and act fully human. It would be interesting for her to get close to a wolf as a human, only to discover later that he is a were, causing inner conflict. She would also be open to relationships with human's, of course! Please PM me if you have any questions about her or would like to start up a story line with her.

On’s: Passionate partners, Partners who know what they want, Cursing, Romance/Romantic Partners, Bath/Shower/Rain/Lake/Water-in-general scenes, Guys with facial hair, Older partners.

Off’s: Needles, Pregnancy, Anal, Fart/Feces/Urine/Vomit Fetish, Cannibalism/Vore. (For more details on my personal O/O's please go here!)

Werewolf / Shape Shifter
Name: K'ali Naggedze Luk'ae.

Race: Tikaan.

Age: 20 Years.

Mated: Unmated.

Orientation: Bisexual, leaning strongly towards men.

Pack Position: Beta, Gardener/Hunter/Gatherer.

Hair: Caramel Blonde.

Eyes: Hazel.

Height: 5'6", Short for a Tikaan Female.

Appearance: K'ali She isn't fussed with how she dresses and sometimes will have as little as her birthday suit on when inside, out of the snow. Her flesh is a light tanned colour; it's obvious she loves the sun more so than the winds the winter graces them with. She doesn't have any scar's or tattoo's, but is often seen wearing hand crafted jewelry, mostly around her ankles and wrists. She likes to leave her hair down a lot of the time as she enjoys feeling the wind wisp it's cold fingers through her locks and against her skin; one of her secret pleasures.

Wolf Form: A small, fluffy wolf.

Personality: K'ali is very open and abrupt with her speech and body language; she's not shy when it comes to saying what she thinks and the same applies to how she behaves. Though she may look innocent and sweet, K'ali is quite often grumpy and daring. Oddly enough, the blonde can be very naïve and gullible, which also leads to her being very, very curious. The young Tikaan is very reserved when it comes to befriending anyone, even her own kind and doesn't particularly enjoy being apart of such a large group. When it comes to future partner's, K'ali is very apprehensive; she doesn't believe in 'love', only in lust. Lust is the thing that she seems to think people are after, and that they will use her to satisfy their needs before dumping her afterwards. She can be very sensitive, and the expression 'she can give it but can't take it' is very true in her case. K'ali doesn't trust easily, but because of her sense of duty is a loyal friend and pack member. Sometimes she can slack off a little, but ultimately she does try to give back to the pack. K'ali much prefers the winter, even though she search high and low to complete her tasks to a satisfying degree, as it gives her a reason to be off with everyone; it was the cold, would be her excuse. Despite her outward façade, K'ali is a young girl with misplaced beliefs of the world and just like everyone else, she wants to be loved, even if she tells herself it's a lie.

Ons & Offs: My O/O's!

History: K'ali wasn't born into the Nadaecki Pack. In fact, she wasn't born into a Pack at all. K'ali was born to a full Tikaan mother in the middle of winter with no one around her. She managed the birth by herself, as well as nursing both of them back to health. She always thought her mother to be a strong woman, so when she died years later from a what should have been a simple infection thing took a  turn for the worst. She was only seven years of age when her mother passed and she was all alone. It wasn't clear why her mother was alone, why she wasn't apart of some Pack or even who or where her father was. She was a confused, seven year old little girl with no one but herself. She remembered laying with her mother for many nights after her passing; she tried her very best to keep her warm and acted as if she were only sleeping. K'ali was in denial for a long, long time, even after finally deciding to bury her when her decomposing body, slowed by the freezing weather, became to strong a smell to bare. She buried her mother when she was just seven years old, and that had a serious effect on her life.

It took her a long time to learn to hunt, which herbs and plants did and didn't upset your innards, but eventually she started to get the hang of it all. That was where she picked up most of her skills to date. K'ali would be lying if she said living along, surviving alone was a breeze. In all honesty, she thought wholeheartedly that she was going to die. The wind was bitter, the snow was cold and her life was lonely. Upon reaching the age of ten, she found herself in unknown territory. K'ali wasn't very cautious back then and she wasn't too versed on the whole 'Pack' situation. The two emotions that stood out to her upon meeting the Nadaecki Pack were relief that there was more people like her, and terrified of what was going to happen to her; they weren't very pleasant at first and their wolf forms intimidated her. K'ali was even afraid of her own wolf form at that time, so seeing more was just in some part a nightmare to her. After talking, with K'ali explaining some of her story, the Pack debated with one another before ultimately deciding to take her in; she was just a pup after all. However, the vote was hardly unanimous.

It took her a long while to adjust to the Pack lifestyle, but her skills came in handy in the summer and she began to take up gardening as a trade. The lifestyle was strange to her, there was an odd mix of people who shunned her, even as a pup, and then others that treated her like one of their own. It wasn't until she was twelve that she 'fell in love' with one of the male Tikaan. He was a handsome wolf, taller than her and slightly older too. He was a lot of fun and the two really hit it off together. They spent weeks, months even, alone together and even started calling each other partners; they were going to grow old together and have beautiful pups and make love all the time, or that's what he had told her. When his friends found out their meetings, he completely changed. They hated her, she wasn't one of them and never would be and all of a sudden, he felt the same. It broke her heart and to the present day K'ali still has yet to fully recover. After the humiliation, she stuck clear of all of them for a long time, though more recently she has come out of her shell a little and her opinion of what people think has decreased.

Newly Turned Vampire
Katherine Rose Holden

Standing at 5'5", her body slender and toned, Katherine is a girl of otherworldly beauty. She was always a pretty girl but people only started noticing her after the horrific incident that made her into what she now was. No longer just an average girl, now a...Vampire. Her chestnut hair is long, reaching the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her blue eyes seemed to have almost been enhanced in colour since being turned. Kathrine's style differs depending on her emotions; she loves wearing flats and heels equally. That being said, she's not a jewelry person unless it's a special piece or a special occasion.

Vampire age: 23 Years Old. Has only been a Vampire for a few weeks.

Special skill(s):

Up To Date - Being a freshly turned Vampire, although with all of it's cons, means she up to date with all technology. When she was human, she was always on her phone and laptop, though it could be said that she has more important things to worry about at this point in her life.

Gymnast - All through her life Katherine has taken gymnastics and dance classes, leaving her limber and acrobatic. This could help her out in all kinds of situations, but mostly it's just cool to be able to do.

Background: During her human years, she was raised in an average family, in an average town. She attended school, she did her home work, she helped out with chores and things were good, if a little boring for her tastes. Katherine moved out of her family household when she was nineteen years old to attend a university in the big city. She stayed alone in an apartment off campus, though not far enough to have to worry about transportation, which her parents helped her rent monthly. Of course, she helped out as well; she wasn't a sponge like some of her high school 'friends'. Katherine worked a part time job at a local coffee shop and although it wasn't exactly glamorous, she enjoyed it. She enjoyed face to face interactions with the customers and though at times making drinks could be stressful under the pressure of time, the brunette was pretty good at it. Kat made many friends at her college, where she studied journalism, and was often out with those friends either drinking and partying it up and night or having lunch during the day.

Everything and nothing changed when she was attacked. Katherine was out one night with friends and after leaving the club with one of her guy friends the two were jumped in a back alley leading to her apartment. They took that short cut every night they were out, during the day to. Yes, they were intoxicated, yes, they weren't fully aware of what was going on but they were capable of defending their selves if they had to. If it was a normal guy who jumped them, maybe the could have. It was so quick, Katherine was shocked into sobriety the moment her friend was throw across the alley and she was knocked to the ground. The next thing she saw was blood seeping from a wound in his neck, his body limp as this steel wall of a man held him up against the brick, his mouth lapping greedily at the thick red liquid streaming from his neck. She couldn't even scream when the man was upon her and all she could remember was intense pain in her neck, firm hands gripping at her bare biceps holding her up, then darkness. Katherine then awoke in a hospital bed, a nurse beside her changing the cover that was placed on her neck. When the woman noticed her eyes were open, she told the girl that she'd been out for three days after loosing so much blood and that it was a miracle she'd woken at all. Her wounds were healing intensely fast and although the hospital staff could not explain it, they released her a couple of days later, though after realizing her sensitivity to the sunlight through her hospital stay, she made sure she was able to leave in the evening when dark had already descended. It wasn't until after that she had been told her friend had been killed in the attack, but somehow she had survived?

The few days after she had been released from hospital Katherine stayed inside the confines of her apartment. She didn't attend school, or work, playing on the fact of her horrible experience even though she was already fully healed. She sat in the dark with nothing to concentrate on other than the hunger that was becoming more and more apparent. Despise eating as much as she possibly could, the hunger that she felt would not leave her and only became stronger as she wasted her days indoors, away from the normality of her old life. Katherine's friends managed to persuade her to go out the following weekends; if you fall off a bike, you should get back on it to save yourself being traumatized the rest of your life, right? So she did. She got back on that bike, dressed herself up nice and went out to a club with her friends. It made her nervous, scared even, and this made her drink more than she would have. She ended up pulling a stranger out of the club, a guy she'd never even met before; her hunger was insane by this point. After some kissing, she pulled him down the street and into an alley without even thinking. Katherine kissed at his neck, only to end up biting down on his skin and feeding on his blood. It tasted amazing; she was just so hungry. Upon realizing her mistake -- it was only when he stopped moving that she noticed -- Katherine pulled away and the man dropped to the ground, lifeless. She freaked out, blood staining her white and pink floral patterned dress. The hot liquid dripped down her neck, her hand moving to her lips to wipe away the mess, only to smear the blood further across her face. Before she could stop herself, she left, hiding out in her apartment where she would cry, and cry, and cry some more. It took her all night to be able to get cleaned up. It was then that Katherine realized that the man who'd attacked her must have done something to her, but she didn't know what. She was a monster. Since this incident, she has drained more humans and is becoming more and more out of control.

Sexuality: Heterosexual. (Please check my O/O's)
Personal interests: Fashion, Alcohol (despite being a lightweight, this helps her hunger by a minuet fraction) Music (all sorts), Dance (mostly ballet, modern, jazz and contemporary.)

Extra details: Being as new as she is to the whole Vampire thing, Katherine is struggling considerably with her hunger, as well as being in denial about what she is. She can be reckless due to her seemingly unsatisfied hunger and this could land her in a lot of trouble with mortals and even other vampires. She has no idea who her maker is or what coven he belongs to, if any at all, and this has left her completely alone during her transition from mortal to vampire.

Male Werewolf

Name : Jesse Devin Delaney
Nickname(s) : Goes by 'Dev' or 'Devin', dislikes the use of his first name 'Jesse' though people close to him could get away with it.
Age : 28 Years
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Occupation : Muscle for a Loan Shark, owns property overseas, doesn't have a day job.

Species : Werewolf ○ Bitten ○ Moon-Tied
Powers/Abilities : 
                           ○ The normal Were attributes: heightened senses, additional strength/speed/agility/stamina/endurance/durability.
Rank : Pack Enforcer

Height : 6'0"
Weight / Body type : Jesse is very focused on his looks; it's one of his 'gifts' if you will. He likes working out and letting off steam and his well-toned, muscular body shows that.
Hair : Mousy Brown, shorter sides & back, slightly longer on top.
Eyes : Baby Blues
Distinguishing Features : Jesse has a small, blacked out half moon tattoo (imagine it being on a male, haha) behind his right ear with a 'A' right next to it. This tattoo is a tribute to his sister 'Alison', explaining the 'A'. Her favourite thing to do during their time on the road was stay up at night and watch the moon, hence the idea for the tattoo. His larger tattoo is located on his left forearm and is of a wolves head in a very specific style giving the illusion of being roughly sketched on the skin. He also has a bite scar over his right shoulder and some deep scaring in the form of claw marks wrapped around his right thigh, most of it being on the inner part.
Were Form : Jesse's wolf form is rather large and bulky with a shaggy light brown coat. He's known for being quite unapproachable in this form and can be extremely vicious looking.

Additional Photos

Personality : Jesse is excruciatingly charming, almost as much so as he is up himself. Confidence is something that comes in buckets with Jesse and this often gives off the persona of being cocky and arrogant. He isn't afraid to say his piece when necessary and is very passive aggressive when he speaks, almost testing people and poking them in hopes they'll retort in the same way. He loves a challenge and is a hard worker; he'll put his all into something that he's interested in. That being said, he's very laid back and lacklustre when he's not passionate about something. It comes with the territory that Jesse is very focused on his looks and takes a lot of pride in the way he presents himself which can leave people who really get to know him thinking that he's very narcissistic. Which he is. Jesse has always had a bit of trouble when it comes to authority figures, so he struggles in that regard and can often get himself in trouble. Due to his childhood and how he was raised he's always had issues expressing himself; he puts up this very macho facade that he believes he should hide behind, being a man and all, and has ha difficult time placing trust in people or warming up to them beyond superficial encounters. Jesse is a bit bipolar in the sense that he has constant shifting mood swings; one minute he could be his charming, happy self, the next he could snap and lose his temper. Naturally persuasive and full of charisma, overall Jesse is a fun loving, yet volatile and troubled character.
Dominant or Submissive : Dominate for the most part.

Likes : Working out & New ways to exercise, Fighting, Sexcapades & One Night Stands, Smoking, Cigars, Drinking, Food (the way to this mans heart), Storms, Dogs, Swirling the Pot & Making trouble, Fast Cars & Bikes, Adrenaline rushes, Challenges, Money.
Dislikes : Being beaten or one-upped in any way, Authority, His Parents, Getting Attached to people, Weapons, Failure, Nightmares and Night Terrors, His past being brought up or used against him.
Fears : Losing everything: his money and his place in the world. Seeing his parents again. He also has nightmares about his blood sister often and the memories of her replaying in his head terrify him.

History :
Originally from Inglewood, California, Jesse was born into a working class family and he was a single child for five years before his parents had another baby, his younger sister named 'Alison Rose Delaney'. Unfortunately his family was either as far from normal as could be or miserably ordinary, depending on how you looked at it; their father was strict and often punished the children with belts, beatings and isolation. Their mother played the part of someone who was blissfully unaware, though she knew exactly what happened under the family roof. It's why he could never forgive her and as far as Jesse was concerned his mother played a hand in their abuse just as much as their father did. Neither of the children escaped their fathers stern punishments, though the discipline was different for both of them, mostly due to his blatant sexism. Jesse was subjected to more of the physical abuse while his sister, Alison, dealt with the mental side that came with isolation and other restrictions. That wasn't to say she was exempt from the occasional slap or that he was excused from being locked in the basement for days on end, it was just often the other way around. The older Jesse got, the more rebellious he was outside of home. He started feeling safer outside mixing with the wrong crowds, picking up awful habits, taking out his frustration on other people. It was his way of coping. He got into a lot of trouble, trouble that occasionally followed him home and his father sickeningly enjoyed taking him down a peg or two in his younger teenage years.

It wasn't the first time he'd talked back to his father, but on his seventeenth birthday was the most memorable one and that would be the last. It was over something stupid and trivial, like it always seemed to be. Alison had snuck another slice of strawberry cream birthday cake after being told no - she was only twelve, let her have her extra piece of cake - their dad had found out and marched straight into her room, dragged her out by her hair, mid-mouthful, screaming, cake going everywhere. He struck her across the face, called her fat along with many other horrible names, Jesse just watched. His mother had excused herself from the living room where the beating was taking place, even her favourite show didn't keep her there, and Jesse just watched the assault unfold from the couch. When their abuser punched her, full force, in the stomach, causing her to spill her guts of any cake she'd eaten that night and continued to hit her because she'd vomited in the living room, something inside Jesse snapped. He launched at him, practically screaming himself and all he could remember seeing was red. He didn't know how many times he'd hit his father after he knocked him to the ground but until he was being pulled off the bloodied, whimpering thing of a man by his mother he didn't stop.

The look his mother gave him, like she was scared, like he was a monster; why didn't she look at dad like that? He couldn't stay there anymore and he knew it.

The next day Jesse left with his sister with no plan, no money, no nothing; just them against the world. They managed to jump from state to state hitchhiking to start with until Jesse starting charming his way into richer, older women's beds. It wasn't perfect, but they had food and roofs over their heads and when the husbands came back into town or he got bored, they moved on like it was nothing. Alison didn't have much of a school life; she was always being pulled out as quickly as she enrolled. It wasn't perfect, but they managed.

The literal nail in the coffin happened when they were attempting to hitchhike after dark a few years after first leaving home. The siblings had ended up travelling in a rural part of Kansas, it was his fault really, he hadn't planned enough, he wasn't smart enough. And she paid the price for that. They were attacked, dragged off the side of a country road somewhere in ass backwards-ville, nowhere. Alison was maimed and killed by a wild animal, a wolf like nothing he'd ever seen before. It was huge and black and covered in his sisters blood. It was the stuff of nightmares. The wolf was driven away by what must have been road noise and someone coming toward them, otherwise he was sure to be dead too. Instead, he managed to survive with just a bite to his right shoulder and deep scratches to his right thigh. His guardian angel was an older man who lived out in the rural woods of the area and he'd happened across them when he had 'smelt' the blood near the road. It was surreal when he explained everything, Jesse hadn't paid much attention to the news about the supernatural other than what was said in passing by people he once knew; he'd had more important things to worry about at the time, something he'd never have ever again. The man explained that he was a part of a pack of Werewolves, that there were many people of all different backgrounds there and that he would take Jesse to meet the Alpha. It's safe to say that he wasn't about to turn that down after losing his place in the world, after losing his sister and being turned into one of those things that killed her.

Jesse followed the pack to Menagerie, Louisiana and has been with them ever since.

Sexuality : Bisexual. (No preference but has been with more women than men in the past.)
Sexual On's : Foreplay, Oral sex, Rough sex, Fighting for Dominance, Winning that fight, Passionate Sex, Multiple Partners, etc. (See my O/O's here!)
Sexual Off's : (See my O/O's here!)
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Below are a list of premade characters I would be willing to use for other stories.

Keep in mind that these character can be altered.


Mass Effect: Salarian Female

Name: Ledra Valene.

Race: Salarian.

Age: 24 years.

Gender: Female.

Class: Engineer.

Class Specialization: Ledra is a Tech specialist and is therefore handy with decrypting and reprogramming networks or mechs and such. She is also very handy with first aid, but still considers herself to be a novice at medical practice; this doesn't mean she isn't afraid to try and is actually very good at it.

Appearance: It is natural for Salarians to have elongated bodies, wide set hips (though not like a Turiens) and a very arched back; Ledra is no exception. She stands at around 5'9" and weighs around 130lbs. Her skin tone is mostly a fleshy peach colour, though around her eyes, her hands and wrists, her calves and just above her knees, her groin, the hollow of her back and the tips of her horn-like appendages protruding from the top of her skull gradually become a darker colour; almost crimson. Her large, oval eyes are black, though her irises are presumed to be a dark red, though the colour is hard to see. As the Salarians are an amphibious race, her fingers and toes are webbed.

History: Ledra was brought up on the Citadel by two Salarian parents and even though she has helpful knowledge of other worlds and solar systems, she has yet to travel to many of them. Her father taught her all she knows about Tech and it was something she excelled in from the beginning. Her mother was a doctor on the Citadel and Ledra always aspired to be like her; medical science was always intriguing to her, but she didn't take up learning the practice until her mother's death. Her mother was off world, though Ledra doesn't recall ever being told where specifically, when she was murdered, again the information was unspecific. It drove her father into a less enthusiastic state and he eventually passed away as well, simply from age; one of the downsides to Salarian Biology. Ledra remained on the Citadel for most of her life, studying both her father and mother's works and research while also gaining a deeper intergalactic knowledge.

In her more recent years, Ledra served a year at C-sec, but found the work to be boring and slow, which is why she resigned after such a short period of time. She found a job working on tech around the Citadel, mostly terminals and computer electronics, but found it very slow paced as well and resigned from that. She made quite a name for herself; mostly for hoping from job to job all over the Citadel rather than her skills, but a name all the same.

It was later on that she found her mother had kept a secret ‘lockbox’ of sorts at the Citadel's bank full of research on Human Colonies out in the Terminus Systems. She found it very strange and almost random, since it was never something she'd mentioned to either Ledra or her father before. None of the colonies stood out to her in particular, and Ledra had to admit she wasn't particularly versed in Human knowledge or interaction, but as she continued through the piles of research, a photo caught her attention; her mother, stood beside a human male, arms around each other and smiling. It was strange and there was no indication of who he was or where he was from, but it didn't look like it had been taken too long before her mother's death.

•   Sabotage.
•   Combat Drone.
•   AI Hacking.
•   First Aid//Unity.

•   Thunder Assault Rifle VII. ( Damage: 273 – Shots before Overheat: 51 – Accuracy: 24 )
•   Brawler Pistol VIII. ( Damage:  208 – Shots Before Overheat: 26.3 – Accuracy: 77 )

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Bi-curious. Ledra is open to interaction from any species/race.

Mass Effect: Human Female
Name: Abigail Penny Bryant.
Nickname: Abbi or Penny.
Age:  25 Years.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Race: Human.
Homeworld: Technically Earth. Born and raised on 'The Barn': A Cerberus Station near a desert planet; LV426. (She has never seen Earth.)

Appearance: Standing at 5'5", Abigail has a toned, hour-glass figure, her legs appearing quite long despite her not being that tall. Her skin is pale with freckles decorating her cheeks, nose and also more sparsely in some placed on her body like her arms and upper back. Her eyes are a bright green, standing out considerably on her pale face while her hair is a natural red. Abigail's hair is short and fluffy looking, cropping around the back of her neck, appearing longer on the left side then the right where it frames her face. Running along her right side from under her arm to around the top of her hip is a long, faded scar; it appears to be a clean incision. She also has another scar along her abdomen that is around four inches long; another clean cut.

Job Title/Occupation: Communication Specialist.
Class Specialization:  Sentinel.
Affiliation: Previously Cerberus - Now wannabe Alliance.

Weapons: A M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol.
Powers: Throw, Tech Armor, Overload, Cryo Blast & Warp.

Personality: Abigail is a friendly and knowledgeable woman. She's persistent (to the point of sometimes being a nag), determined and a sucker for a good cause. This can sometimes make her seem a bit naive and gullible (and whoever says this about her has a point) but ultimately her actions stem from her good heart. While she does get a lot of stick for being Cerberus (despite having left the organization) Abigail believes in rights and equality for humans, though she doesn't believe in racism and power hungry idiots who want to rid the galaxy of other spices. She hates being judged because of her past affiliation, but also understand that some people cannot get past her previously being a member of Cerberus. She tries to keep her past as off the radar as possible, though it isn't really working out that way. She can be very generous and caring about most people and enjoys company more so then being alone.

Being a natural redhead, Abigail can be very stubborn and feisty, even in the direst of situations. That being said, she's a great team player and can take direction, as she's always been an employee in a team environment. Abigail hates feeling like she's been pitied, but is a hypocrite in the sense that she can sometimes pity others. Overall, she does her best to help out those in need, even if it costs her, and is an extremely hard worker.

Background: Abigail was born and raised on a Cerberus station known only as 'The Barn'. Her parents were both well respected in the Cerberus ranks; a highly regarded engineer and a strong biotic powerhouse. Apparently. Her parents gave her to the organization at birth, no, even before her birth. She was raised by the many doctors and research staff aboard the station and to this day knows nothing about her parents; not their faces nor their names. The biotic ability she received from her mother made her a prime test subject for Cerberus; she was poked, prodded and generally used to their advantage as she grew older under their care. That being said, not everyday was a horrific obstacle she was forced to endure. Many of the people working there were kind to her, the looked after her, fed her, educated her even. The knowledge she learned whilst aboard that station were the things that would mould the rest of her life in space. Abigail grew to love some of those people back and she even thought of them as he own family when she was a child. Unfortunately, she didn't realize the true intentions behind the Cerberus organization.

When she was old enough, Abigail began shadowing the top Communications Specialist on the station. He was one of the men who had read to her as a child and he had been there all of her young life. There was one thing that she seemed to notice as a trend among some of the top staff members aboard The Barn though, and it was how they talked about and treated the aliens on board. To be honest, other then the staff members and the occasional lab rat, herself being one of those rats, most of the 'patients' were either Krogan or Asari. Since she was born, Abigail had been kept separate from t he aliens and was mostly grouped in with other human children. Seeing how the staff regarded the aliens made her uncomfortable at first, though she just assumed that was how every human treated them. In fact, she grew to hate aliens altogether at one stage in her early teen years. Abigail continued to shadow the Comm. Specialist all the way into her early twenties until she was given a permanent job below him. Things started to change for her once she had secured the position. A late night work session with him turned into an advance on her. She got used to knocking back his flirtatious comments that he'd gradually been sneaking into their conversations, but a full on assault was something she didn't expect from him. Thankfully the moment was interrupted by another of his colleagues.

After the assault, Abigail requested a transfer of positions, which actually turned into a transfer of stations. This new station had a much smaller population and was very different in how they treated their experiments. The things she saw whilst working there made her question the intentions of Cerberus. Could it have been orders directly from the Illusive man that was responsible for the abuse and death of so many aliens? Or was it a branch of Cerberus under control of a power hungry leader, swaying from his orders? Abigail didn't know and was too afraid to ask. This solidified her departure from Cerberus, though not without trouble. After only six months working on the new station, Abigail resigned and caught a ride to the Citadel where she swore to join a worth-while cause. That being said, Cerberus wasn't fond of her leave and would later try to retrieve their experiment.

The Alliance was the first place she looked to join, but because of her affiliation with Cerberus, it was near enough impossible for her to secure a position. Even something minor was apparently out of her reach. Abigail continues to nag the Alliance, sending in her CV and letters as often as she can. Despite being refused and eventually ignored, she has earned a bit of a name for herself on the Citadel and among the Alliance for her persistence.

Ons: Romance, Vanilla Sex, Rough/Passionate Sex, Kissing, Teasing, Flirting, Most Races.
Offs: Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Toilet Play (Feces, Vomit, Urine etc), Vore, Fisting, Foot Play. (Please check my O/O's for more info.)

Mass Effect: Quarian Female
Name: Remi'Xema nar Teera.
Nickname: Remi for short.
Age:  26 Years.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Race: Quarian.
Homeworld: Rannoch - Though Remi considers The Citadel her current home.

Appearance: Standing at around five foot, maybe slightly under, Remi has a slender frame with slightly wider hips then the average human and a tiny waist, creating an hour glass figure. As with all female Quarian's, she has three fingers on both hands (including thumbs) and two, pointed toes on each feet. Her lower legs are bowed backwards quite drastically compared to humans, who share a similar form. Under her suit, Remi's skin is a pale tinge of purple and her eyes are wide, though they are very similar to humans in that they have iris's (hers are a light blue) and pupils. Just like a human, her general face shape, nose and lips are the same. Her hair is long beneath her helm, though is always kept up to stop irritating her back inside her suit; it's colour is dark black and it reaches just past her shoulders when down.

Job Title/Occupation: (Undercover) Slave working under the Armali Council (known for producing Biotic Amps and Omni Tools) on Illuim. Actually an Assassin contacted by the Citadel Council to take down a corrupt leader of the Aramli Council. (Short term job.)
Class Specialization: Infiltrator.
Affiliation: The Migrant Fleet. (N/A for the most part, since she's out on her pilgrimage.)

Weapons: A M-11 Suppressor Heavy Pistol and A Black Widow Sniper Rifle.
Powers: Tactical Cloak, Sabotage, Incinerate, Cryo Ammo & Sticky Grenades.

Personality: A typical 'lone-wolf' type, Remi is fairly quiet and standoffish. She finds it quicker to work alone and is a bit of a perfectionist in her work. Due to having to constantly monitor her suit and and health, she can be very timely and that translates to her being fairly professional. She has always worked alone since leaving the Migrant Fleet on her Pilgrimage, so can appear antisocial and somewhat awkward with all other people. Despite her curiosity about other races and cultures, she has felt unable to act on them and constantly distances herself from people; she only feels half way comfortable around other Quarians, but even that is a push most of the time.

Remi tends to beat around the bush in her personal affairs. She feels like she's constantly walking on eggs shells simply because she doesn't know how to act or what to say around others without offending anyone. That being said, when it comes to her work or combat related situations Remi comes off as bossy and blunt. She will take charge, but just because she is capable of doing so doesn't mean she enjoys it and she will happily voice her irritation. Remi also has a bit of a short temper and tends to snap at people before thinking when in that frame of mind. Relaxing is practically a foreign concept to her, as she simply doesn't know how to chill out and have fun. Despite her uptight attitude being sorely obvious, Remi will defend herself to the end and refuse to accept it.

Background: Remi was born apart of the Migrant Fleet as most other Quarians were; dreaming of a day where they would see their home planet of Rannoch again, where they would one day step foot on their home world without their suits. The ship she was apart of was called Teera. It was a very small, community orientated home ship, meaning that everyone knew everyone. Well, technically it was like that on most Quarian ships. Growing up on the Migrant Fleet was tough. The hardest thing was having to be separated from your parents, being stuck behind a glass wall where you could only communicate with the ones who birthed you through a crackling speaker system bridging the glass. Her father was what she inspired to be; a hardworking, dedicated solider who fought for their people. Her mother was an engineer who tended to ships and equipment as best she could, though with the sparse metals and tools on the fleet, it was hardly an easy job.

The day she was given her first suit was both a day of joy and a day of sadness. Remi would never forget the feeling of hugging her parents for the first time, despite them having to be covered from head to toe; it was a touching moment in more ways then one. Happiness was the first emotion she felt overwhelm her, then loneliness. She longed to feel the touch of their skin. Of course, they had held her a couple of times as a baby, but Remi could barely remember what it felt like. The embrace left her wondering if that would be how she would feel the entirety of her lifespan.

When possible, her father would take her out on a small ship to see the darkness of space that enclosed the Migrant Fleet. He would also train her with weapons, but she didn't really start learning how to properly shoot until she joined a small group of Quarians who were taking to target practice in one of the halls of the ship. After a lot of patience, Remi became a pretty good shot and people even commented that she was 'naturally talented', that she 'got it from her father.' Besides shooting, her mother also showed her a thing or two; mostly repairing items and things along that line. When her father declared her old enough, she began training with the other fleet members.

The time of her Pilgrimage came quickly and although nervous, Remi was sent to the Citadel to find something of value to bring back to the fleet. If only it was that easy. If only someone gave you exactly what you needed to look for and where. After settling in on the Citadel in a crummy apartment, Remi released that she could no longer simply wait for something to appear before her, that she had to go out and search for it herself, even if it meant leaving the Citadel. Being a Quarian meant people looked on her with distrust and people tended to avoid her as much as they could, meaning she couldn't find simple work like most. She considered C-Sec at first, but quickly refused to be apart of that operation. Instead, she went searching on Omega for a while and ended up in the Eclipse Mercenary Group. She knew what it entailed and that it wasn't exactly legal or moral, but Remi went along with it anyway. When it was time for her induction into the group as a finality, Remi disappeared and left back to the Citadel. From there, she was messaged by an Asari woman to assassinate a higher up from the Armali Council on Illium. They created and sold Biotic Amps and Omni Tools, but one of the employees at the top had been stealing plans and interfering with manufacturing enough to be noticed. Remi was contacted to infiltrate the corporation and remove the corruption. If only things were that simple.

Ons: Trust, Romance, Vanilla Sex, Rough/Passionate Sex, Kissing, Teasing, Flirting, Most Races.
Offs: Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Toilet Play (Feces, Vomit, Urine etc), Vore, Fisting, Foot Play. (Please check my O/O's for more info.)
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Extremely picky on what I write at the moment, as I've only just come back from a Hiatus. I apologize to any partners who may have been left without knowing what happened or why I stopped posting suddenly. That being said, I'm hoping I can get back to writing again soon!

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Wanting to get back into the RP/Writing scene. But still extremely picky as I'm coming off hiatus.
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Walking Dead?

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- Selectively seeking partners.

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Wanting to get back into the RP/Writing/E scene. But still extremely picky as I'm coming off hiatus.

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- Selectively seeking partners. Added new current craving as well as editing some minor touches of the thread.

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