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Started by Aragem, June 12, 2011, 08:27:33 AM

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Setting:  An alternate modern world where everything is like real life except Nekos exist.  Nekos are a minority race of humans with cat like ears and tails, unfortunately, they aren't considered humans at all.  Despite the fact that they can speak english, have the same mental functions as humans, can raise families, etc, they are considered animals that can be used as entertaining slaves for humans.  Nekos have very few rights and are treated little better than pets.

Because of this, Neko clans tend to hide themselves in the deep wilderness to avoid humans and live their lives peacefully in a world that uses them as animals and slaves.  However, Lunar, a company that specializes in the sales of Neko slaves has hired out mercenaries to stalk into the forests to locate, capture, tag, and bring Nekos to an underground training facility where the Hunters are allowed to trained Nekos into becoming submissive servants.  The more well trained and groomed the Neko is the better price she fetches and the more money lands in the Hunter's pocket.

Hunters are given free rein in taming their chosen Neko.  They can use any technique short of mutilation to bring Nekos to heel.  They are also allowed to dress the Nekos in any apparel and control their diets, etc.  As long as it provides results.  They are supervised by the director of the facility who will often come around to check on statuses and offer advice or censure as needed.

The World

*excerpt from a Lunar brochure*

Lunar Corp is the leading provider of Neko service and Neko entertainment.  Their teams of trainers and handlers work around the clock to educate and prepare young Nekos to fulfill their place as servants of humanity.  Lunar Nekos can be found as waitresses in your favorite restaurants, maids in your homes, and playmates for your children.  Not to mention as adult entertainment in film, shows, and even in your own home. 

Our Nekos are rescued from the harsh elements of the wilderness where they endure and suffer from hunger, cold, disease, and attack from wild animals and from their own kind.  They are brought to our facilities where they are given the medical care they need, treatment for any injuries or illnesses, and receive education that they cannot receive in the wild.  Then Nekos are rehabilitated to live healthy and productive lives under humanities' care.  Let us open our arms to the little Nekos and invite them into our hearts.

For schedules for tours, please contact us at our website ************* 

*end of excerpt*


*excerpt from a FNN website*


Nekos are not savages nor are they suffering on their own.  They live in communities called Clans and they live healthily from the land.  They do not run around nude or in the cold, they wear clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even some makeups.  They also do not suffer from disease as Lunar would have your think.  Nekos live very clean, healthy, and happy lives when they aren't harassed or hunted by humans.

photo of a happy Neko girl.  See, not nude!

History:  Due to bones discovered in 1928 of large anthro-cat skeleton, it has been theorized that humans had interbred with a felinoid race which resulted with descendents being the Nekos of our time.  Nekos heavily populated the Canadian-US border before they were discover during the great westward expansion in 1800s.  Sadly, many Nekos were killed by humans who believed them to be abominations and devils which nearly led to the extinction of US Nekos.  Finally, in 1908, Congress passed a law forbidding Neko's from being killed for sport.  There had been hope that Nekos could replenished their population and nearly did, until in 1952, a man named Edward Lunar discovered a pregnant Neko and attempted to nurse her back to health, but she died while giving birth to three Neko kittens. 

Lunar kept the kittens and raised them, teaching them how to perform household chores.  Seeing how quickly they learned, and how eager they were to please him, Lunar decided to breed them and sold their kittens to his neighbors as house servants and thus Lunar Corp was born. 

Lunar Corp's Cruelty

Neko's are treated better than animals.  Mercenaries and ex-soldiers, even gang bangers are paid to go into forests and hunt down Nekos.  They will use nets, darts, and even illegal snares and traps to capture Nekos and bring them to facilities maintained by Lunar.  There Neko's are stripped of their clothes, undergo unnecessary invasive examinations, and then "trained".  They are beaten, humiliated, and brain wash to accept human superiority. 

Families are separated.  Kittens who are too young to be separated from their mothers are ripped away from her and taken to a nursery where they are bottle generic formula and brought up to believe that it is their place in life to serve humans.  Even worst, is that there are breeding camps where Nekos are drugged to make it easier to breed and separate the kittens from their mother after they are born. 

Please, write to your congressman and tell him that the criminal acts performed upon Nekos should be stopped!!!!  Please show your disgust for Lunar crimes by boycotting their products and any businesses that use Neko labor.  Show the World Lunar Corp's cimes against Nekos and against humanity!!!

Concerning Nekos

Physical Appearance:  Nekos resemble humans very closely, save for the long mobile tail and the feline ears in place of smaller human ears.  Nekos, both male and female tend to be petite and of shorter stature compared to humans.  Nekos' tail and ears can be a wide range of colors sometimes matching hair color and other times not.  Eye color varies as well. 

Ears are usually on either side of the head with the tips either slanting upward, sideways, or downward.  Can vary from Neko to Neko.  Tail length is anywhere from one foot to three and half feet long.  Tails have ranged from thin with short fur to thick with long fur.  There has been some Nekos with a tuft at the end of the tail. 

Nekos have sometimes been born with other catlike features, but this isn't always the case.  Clawed hands and toes, sharp teeth, narrow pupils, and even strips or spots on the skin.  So far, there had not been any recorded evidence of Nekos being born with excessive body hair.

Biology:  Nekos are omnivores, but do tend to prefer meat, fish, or fowl if given the choice.  They have high agility and dexterity compared to humans, but despite any science fiction movies or books, Nekos aren't nearly as strong as humans due to their petite bodies. 

The gestation period for female Nekos are five months and can normally give birth to one to five kittens at a time.  It has yet to be discovered as to why Neko's aren't biologically compatible with humans despite the evidence stating that they are descended from both humans and a felinoid race.  So far, there is no records of any half Neko-half human between the two species.

Culture:  Nekos come from tightly knit Clans of usually 20 to 30 members.  Whereas the Clans were stationary, living in small villages, due to human interference and threats, the Clans have become nomadic; moving from one place to another to find food and avoid human hunters.  The Clan is often ruled by female elders in Matriarchal societies.  Females head the household and family, whereas the males are in charge of hunting and protection.  Neko's usually don't mate for life.  A pair will stay together until their kittens are able to care for themselves, though there has been records of Nekos mating for life.  When a Neko turns the age of 13, they find their place in the Clan by either following in their parent's positions or becoming apprentice to an elder.  Neko's aren't considered adults until their first mating which doesn't occur they are of 16 when their bodies become sexually matured.  Nekos have less taboos regarding sex then most societies.  Neko females are more aware of their bodies and know when they are fertile and should avoid sex.  During times, when the chance for getting pregnant is minimum, females will have casual sex with male friends or lovers without any commitments. 

The level of technology varies.  Currently, Nekos would be on the same technological level as Native Americans of the early 1700, but due to human influence, Nekos now have access to radios, medical kits, battery powered tools, and even guns.  The majority of supplies are provided to Nekos from well wishing humans, but guns are strictly forbidden to be sold or given to Nekos, but there has been sympathizers who smuggled guns to Nekos for protection.


The Hunter's Handbook

Background:  Lunar started hiring Hunters since 1990's when the demand for Neko's skyrocketed.  Unable to breed Neko fast enough, and the genetic pool becoming too shallow, Hunters were contracted to capture feral Nekos for training and to add new blood for breeding.  Hunters were paid based upon number of Neko's captured and the quality of the Neko's themselves.  As the Neko Clans began to use weapons and became more remote, Hunters from military and law enforcement backgrounds were hired. 

Now Hunters come from all backgrounds.  The majority have come from a career that involved hand to hand combat, weapons, and even guerrilla tactics.  At first, Hunters were only needed to collect Nekos, but due to high demand for erotic servants, Hunters with a skill for domination were enlisted to help prepare young Neko's to become sexually submissive to their masters.  Then the Hunters may become known as Handlers.

Handlers are allowed to use any technique they deem fit as long as they follow the rules provided to them in handbooks and on the contract they signed.

Neko Handling Rules

1.  No permanent harm or killing the products is allowed.  Any Neko that is too feral for training will be heavily sedated and taken to a breeding camp and hunter will still get a percentage (though lower than if they were able to tame Neko).  Any killing or mutilation will result in fees against the Hunter for damaged or loss of property.

2.  No Nekos under the age of 16 are allowed to be trained with sexual practices.  As stated by USA law, any Nekos underage will be taken to a nursing facility where it is possible to raise the kittens to accept their human masters.  Any Nekos found to be underage MUST be handed over to the proper handlers and the Hunter will still receive his pay.

3.  Sex between male and female Nekos is allowed if it will expedite training procedures, but if sexual encounter results in pregnancy, the pregnant Neko will be claimed by handlers to be taken to a nursery where after birth she will be returned for further training, but there will be no extra pay to Hunter for any kittens and wages may be docked due to delay in training.  Hunters are responsible for seeing to birth control for their Nekos if they engage her with sex with another male.

4.  All Nekos MUST be tagged.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Tags are provided to all Hunters to administer to Nekos shortly after capture.  Tags serve to record information about Neko, name of Hunter, and serve as tracking device if there is an escape.  Instructions for tagging is on piercing gun and is meant for the right or left ear.  Any Neko without a tag cannot be processed correctly and may result in lost wages or rights to Neko.

5.  Nekos are open to any sudden inspections by the Director of facility at anytime.  This is to record Neko's health and progress and to ensure that Lunar's products are trained efficiently by talented Hunters.  Any complaints, requests, or reports can be given to the Director at anytime. 

Now as for Dragon's Mate, that is going to be put on the back burner for now.  I don't want to get too overwhelmed by trying to run two games.  I want to see how this one plays out before I get myself in over my head. 


I guess I'd be interested in either, if done well. I'd probably want to play a Neko in the first and a dragon in the second.

Zaer Darkwail

I would have interest firstmost to be neko hunter, second to play role as male dragon in other game.

TheHangedOne keeping with the theme, haha, being a male dragon sounds like fun.
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Okay, posted more details about Neko Hunter.  Sorry, Dragon's Mate is put on hold while I see whether this game will hit off or not.


Id be interested in being a neko


Interested in being a female Neko ;)


okay, so far that is 1 hunter and 3 nekos.


This looks interesting and I have yet to do anything involving nekos so I'll put in my application to be a hunter.


Awesome, thanks for your interest.  I would like to have an even number of nekos and hunters, but if a hunter thinks he/she can handle two Nekos, and the players being nekos agrees, then that is acceptable.


It's still early and another hunter may appear before all is ready for this to begin.

Zaer Darkwail

I think I can handle two nekos, even three if needed. Just need roll up badass enough characther who can deal with three feral nekos.

But as note; would it not be possible that male nekos are captured also and trained as house pets by female or male hunters? male hunters who have no interest on gay sex could try their neko by using hired prostitutes (or facility experts).


Yeah, she said you could play male or female nekos up in the intro.

However, I don't think you mentioned, are we limited to one character per poster, or is there going to be a higher character limit?


Hello. Thank you Aragem for mentioning this to me. I haven't been playing games at all on E for several weeks now - hit a dry patch - but something easy and cute and fun would be right up my street. If cross-gender play is not a problem I will try my hand at a boy neko, something I have never done before.

I think he may be quite well hung ;) and as forced cross dressing is a bit of a kink for me at the moment - and cock-and-ball bondage/torture is ALWAYS a kink of mine - some of that would be fun too.


Quote from: Haibane on June 13, 2011, 09:28:57 AM
Hello. Thank you Aragem for mentioning this to me. I haven't been playing games at all on E for several weeks now - hit a dry patch - but something easy and cute and fun would be right up my street. If cross-gender play is not a problem I will try my hand at a boy neko, something I have never done before.

I think he may be quite well hung ;) and as forced cross dressing is a bit of a kink for me at the moment - and cock-and-ball bondage/torture is ALWAYS a kink of mine - some of that would be fun too.

I was thinking of going for the same thing, actually, assuming there were any hunters that would be into that.


I was hoping to at least get same number of hunters as there are nekos.  If by chance we have more nekos than hunters, a hunter may take on two nekos.

Also, I am going to allow players to pair off as hunter-neko duo ( or possibly trio ) before we begin game play. 

Still working out details so feel free to fire questions. 

The Lunar Facility will have personel on hand to assist with neko training.  Men and women, hunters would just have to send in a request for them.

Zaer Darkwail

Ok, as I would imagine that some hunters could work up male neko's stamina up able please women (or men) long as they can. Anyways what comes my preferance I prefer female nekos but if I get double or three nekos I do not mind a male mixed in.


As an answer to an earlier question, you may play more than one character.  That may be even helpful if we lack nekos or hunters, etc.  I will allow players to handle 1 neko and 1 hunter or 2 of each. 


Apart from the existence of nekos are we saying this is otherwise 100% our world? Can we add some small extra fantasy elements like sexual recreational drugs that might enhance certain things?

What will the game concentrate on please, Aragem... the hunt itself or the training once the nekos are caught? How do nekos live in the wild? - naked or do they use clothes and tools? Any technology? I'm just trying to get a measure of this universe you've created.

EDIT: I would prefer not to take on too much of a load before I know I can get back into the writing mood but I might play a lady owner (not a trainer - I find the training thing a bit boring as a dominant character and like my nekos already broken in... )


Well, to be honest, I'm not particularly good at playing the dominant partner in a non-con situation, so I'll probably end up sticking to playing a neko of each gender, unless we have too few hunters for that to be necessary, in which case I'd prefer to stick with the male one for a try at something new.


Its very like our world and some "special" drugs for nekos can be used.  But be warned that any nekos addicted to narcotics will be considered damaged goods and using drugs isn't disallowed, but frowned upon since drugs cost money and an addicted neko is more costly than a clean one.


Just so everybody knows I will be playing a male hunter as I have never mastered playing crossed gendered characters.

Being straight myself I could not do all male pairings. I could possibly handle two nekos, but one would definitely have to be female, which would be used to perform the training on the male. Probably with assistance from the staff especially the male needs to be trained to serve males.

If need be to equal things out I could run a second hunter with same limitations.


I haven't really done any group games on here but would lovet to try this one. I would be a female neko if possible.
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My yes please and not so much. ;)
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Just posted more.  This is just tell a little bit about the world and two sides of a Neko debate that will be going on in this world.  Are Neko's humans and should they be treated as such? 

There will be two more bits, one is "Concerning Nekos"  tells a bit about their culture, biology, etc, and the Hunter's Handbook which is about the hunters themselves.

There has been talk about taking on more than one character.  As happy as I am that players are enthusiastic enough to want to play more than one character, right now let's not get in over our heads.  I've played more than one character in the past before and it's lot more to take on than you would think.  I'm not disallowing it, of course.  Right now I'm still working out how the world is going to be and I am certain that more people will be interested. 

If there are too many characters, then that might create problems.  What I recommend is right now, settling on one character and let that be the character your really want to play.   Once I set up the world, have an OOC thread and a CS thread, then we can see if we lack Nekos or Hunters and people who are willing can take on more than one character if need be.

Now this is a question to all who is interested.  I originally thought up this idea as it starting out with the hunters forming a hunting party to attack a located Neko clan and capture our Neko characters.  They can be taken to the facility to be processed and then handed over to their captor for training.

Now if the majority of players prefer, we can start with newly captured Neko's being assigned to Handlers instead of Hunters.  I just thought it would be fun to RP an outdoors scene at night with a chase and capture scene between our characters.  But if the majority overrules it, we can forgo the hunt altogether. 


the hunt thing sounds really fun to me.