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Author Topic: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*  (Read 1622 times)

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[Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« on: March 09, 2014, 11:53:53 PM »
*A game by Vostroya, with massive writing help from TheDarkMiko,and some plotting help from Thesunmaid *

"Welcome to the Phoenix Kings home..."

Thousands of years after the great plague ravished the world, wiping out three fourths of the world’s population and any animal larger than a pig almost went extinct, the world has been barely been rebuilt. No one knows what caused the plague or what the world was truly like before the collapse. Humanity lives in a new dark age of technology and a new world order. With the world without its advanced technology, knowledge, or work animals, all social order collapsed as people fought with each other over the small scraps of the remaining readily available resources, the world devolved into survival of the fittest. Countries no longer existed as they once were. Instead they were replaced by massive clans, each independent of each other and always were fighting with each other for greater power and wealth.

With work animals almost none existent a new source of labor was needed to plow the fields, pull carts, and provide transportation. Soon a new source of labor was found, in humans themselves. At first a few people would volunteer to provide labor to their clan due to not having any special skills so that they could be useful to the clan and not be abandoned due to being a burden. These volunteers would work the pull the heavy plows and carriages so that the clans could expand. As the years went on however the need for more and more labor exhausted all the people willing to volunteer to be labor. So a new strategy was composed. People would now be forced into slavery and forced to provide labor. So the Pony class was born, slaves whose entire purpose in life was to provide labor and transportation for the clan. As the years went by, ponies were breed and sold like commodities and the clans were able to produce more and more for themselves. Slavery quickly expanded past the Ponies and more and more people became slaves to the clan, providing all sorts of services from basic tasks to pleasure slaves for the nobles of the clans. Slavery had become so widespread throughout the world, no one questioned it anymore and only focused on how to breed better, more loyal, and stronger ponies and slaves for their clan. Clans became the new world order, if you did not belong to a clan, you were as good as dead.

The world slowly began to rebuild itself as people were no longer forced to merely survive from day to day. Clans became powerful and wealthy, taking up vast land as their territory and routinely went to war with each other over territory or even small infractions. Since the clans were more concerned with their own power and fighting with each other. Technology of the past became lost to the people. Some technology exists, but replicating it is extremely time consuming and expensive to do, so only the vastly wealthy or clans could afford to have any form of technology.

Now a young warrior has united the warring clans into one massive Empire, ruling with the power of once mysterious metal armies and technology far outreaching the capabilities of the strong clans. He rules with absolute authority, but has ensured the the clans fight each other. He ensures this by refocusing the clan leaders attention away from fighting each other on a battlefield and refocusing it on fighting each other in the bedroom. The Empires culture has become one of constant ecstasy and sexual tension. Clothing has become tight fitting and very revealing of the skin. Fashion and sexual skill has become the primary money spending tasks of the clans nobility. Each clan wants to be known for having the most wealth, best looking and acting slaves, and most important...the eye of the King. For with the Kings favor comes wealth, power, and their dreams. Without it, any noble clan is doomed to wither and die.

Basis of the Story:King fights the "Unification War" for several years with advanced technology and unifies all the clans under his leadership as the Phoenix King. Game now takes place three years after the end of the Unification War.  More detailed history below in the "Phoenix King" spoiler tab.

Where the story will take place: A celebration at the Kings Palace commemorating the third anniversary of the end of the Unification War as well as the Kings Birthday. All the Empires clans have sent their representatives and gifts to the palace for a massive orgy of sex, debauchery, and political intrigue.

The Phoenix King
Name: Malekith Nasbrí Songsteel
Played By: Vostroya
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Phoenix King, Emperor of the Clans
Clan: Metal Spider
Rank: Clan Ruler/King

Vital Statistics: Muscular, Lean build. Tall (6 ft. 6 in.). Heterochromia in Eyes (Right colored Brown, Left Hazel). Hair color is White (Dyed) and long enough to reach his shoulders when not in a specific style.

Personality: An extremely strong willed man, bred to be so by nine years leading an army against the Clans of the world to bring them under his boot. What was once a kind and shy book nerd, has turned into a confidant, intelligent, courageous character and warrior. Now enjoying his time as the King he has taken up training his immense stock of slaves and ponies as a pass time in between ruling over the nation and the clans. He has a keen eye for politics as his position requires it. Towards his close friends he is kind and gentle, especially towards the people when he is able to see them. Towards his servants he is like a dominate wind, just his presence alone sends fear and lust into the hearts of his servants. Ever since spending so long on the battlefield stressing about the next battle or losing the war, he has since become relaxed in his power and prestige. Letting his lust run rampant through the halls of the Royal Palace. As he has decreed. It is very rare for the King not to go a day without releasing his lust at least a few times.

History: The Man who would come to unite all of the warring clans under his clans banner was once just a small noble boy from a small and relatively weak clan obsessed with the past and its technology. His position as a noble in a clan that was under the protection of a larger clan afforded him alot of free time to read through the scrolls of the libraries and to take trips with an escort out into abandoned parts of the world to explore ruins of the old world. He became obsessed with the technology of the past and trying to recreate it. Much to the disappointment of his father who wanted him to be a politician and be more active as a noble and the political games they played. Malekith would have none of it. His time away from home became longer and longer as his expeditions even at pre teen level became more and more dangerous. More than once Malekith had to fend for himself or fight with a small escort against bandits or rival clan soldiers during his studies, this quickly meant the young book worm that could barely lift a sword was reborn on the field of battle, learning how to defend himself and becoming a tactical leader of his men and escorts. Through his teen years, Malekith barely spent even a few days with his clan or parents, always out in the world studying war and technology. It was at the tender age of 18 that Malekith found his greatest discovery, years of solely focusing on science, technology and research, he had become the worlds expert on the old world. The clans were always so busy fighting with themselves that they spent extremely little time trying to improve themselves technologically, it was always about how to become stronger, faster, and more powerful.

Deep in some ancient ruins, Malekith found his destiny, what he found deep in those ruins of the old world no one can say, It is his most closely guarded secret, even his closest friends do not know what happened down there. All that is known is that Malekith entered the Ruins a young, naive boy and one year later he exited the ruins a King with a new army. He had discovered what he had spent his whole life up until then searching for. His small army that he now had was stronger and more powerful than whole armies of the clans put together. His technology now had the power to turn him from a small and insignificant noble of a weak clan, into the most powerful human being on the planet. He then decided that it was time to end the constant warfare between clans and finally bring an end to the suffering he had seen of the common man. Endless wars and pillaging were destroying what remained of the world and Malekith knew that if it continued, the world would end just as it had so many centuries ago, in fire and rage. His home was now far away, it would take a long time to reach his ancestral home and claim his right to rule his Clan, he knew his father was becoming frail and his Clan needed a new ruler and Malekith was determined to give them a leader to look up to and follow with absolute loyalty. It was this time that history dubbed "The Long March", Malekith no longer hid and cowered away from fights, he marched with his new army across the lands of any Clan that was in his way back home.

With his new power, any foe that tried to cross swords with the young man were utterly devastated and destroyed with no mercy. What began with small raiding parties trying to kill a noble and steal what gold he had on him, began to turn into armies trying to destroy the young ruler to be. The clans slowly began to learn that this boy was a major threat to their power. At first they just tried to weaken him, when that failed completely, clans that had at one time been enemies soon began to unite against this rising threat. Malekith's small army also began to rise in power. Small clans began to swear their service to him, witnessing for themselves the might of his person first hand. Battles against him were often extremely short, masses of troops that would take an army several times the size Malekith's to defeat, were broken and scattered, running back to their masters and telling them of the Man who lead Metal beasts into war that breathed fire from their mouths, beasts that could not be harmed by their swords and arrows, soldiers that could cast magic from their hands and kill any who approached them. As the march continued Malekith found many new allies, allies that other clans had for years tried to being to their side. One of the most famous being the Amazon warriors of the Black-forest, warrior women that lived within the forbidden Black-forest, all who had gone into the forest before never came out. Legends of the Amazon's prowess in the fighting arts struck fear into any Clan. Malekith would hear nothing of it. The Black-forest stood between him and his destiny. Without any hesitation, Malekith lead his army into the forbidden forest, the Major Clans believing that it was the last they would see of the young brat, but it was not to be so. A week later his army emerged from the forest at the other end with another banner waving in the wind. The clan that could not be defeated and had turned all expeditions into dust emerged from the forest having pledged their loyalty and service to the young noble.

It was now that legends of the Kings power began to spread throughout the known world. Small clans began to seek audiences and began signing over their clans to the service of their new ruler. Malekiths army began to grow stronger by the day. A year into his March the young lord began to take whole clans underneath his banner. Among his new banner-men were the legendary Busai Calvary, considered by many major clans the most well organized and trained calvary and archer warriors in the world. Another clan that joined the young lords army were Iron Maiden Clan. Experts in heavy infantry and armor crafting. As he crossed into his rivals clans towns and cities he offered the common folk a simple choice, they could stay and toil away on their land as their masters grew rich while they died by the thousands, or they could join his army and be given a purpose in life greater than their own. He even offered the choice to slaves and even ponies that came across his path. Some refused, but a wide margin accepted his offer, the young lords army becoming stronger by the day. By the time he had reached his home another year later. His army had grown from a small elite force to a force that was rivaling the size of several clans combined forces. He arrived at his Clans castle just in time to watch his parents die of natural causes. At his side at the end, the young lord said goodbye to his parents, his father, who had once been disappointed with his son, now saw a King in his presence and with his dying breaths he for the first time, said that he loved his son. Legends tell that when his fathers eyes had closed for the final time, Malekith cried for the first time since he had left his clan so long ago. A week of mourning followed and the world held its breath, would the young lord continue his crusade to unite the clans or would grieve overtake him and his revolution fail?

Once the Mourning was over, the world had its answer. Calling an assembly of his now massive army into the streets of his Clans capital city. He appeared to his people on a balcony over looking the city from the castle. Taking a hold of the Metal Spider Clans crown in his hand and in a move that stunned the world, the young lord that stood at the edge of greatness crowned himself ruler of the clan and declared that clan was now reborn in the fires of war. He had dyed half of his hair pure angelic white, claiming that he would not dye the rest of his hair until the world was under his heel. He declared that he was now the Phoenix King and ruler of all the clans. Any who did not submit to his will would be crushed under his boot. In a single day the young lord had gone from grieving son, to warrior king. The streets roared and bells rang in the city so loudly that it felt like the city would have crumbled to its foundations. The Phoenix King then declared that his mish-mash of differing clans and soldiers would be united under the banner of the Metal Spider and would be renamed the "La Grande Armée", a name not used and forgotten so long ago. For weeks his army stood idle within his own lands. Building their strength and their training. His troops quickly became the best equipped, the best trained, and the most loyal army in history. It was on the day of his 21st birthday that Malekith once again left his birth home and left with his massive army to unite the world under his rule.

It was during this time that the Major Clans finally broke their generations of feuding and warring with each other and finally saw the threat that was looming across the horizon. For the first time in anyone's knowledge the worlds most powerful clans and their banner-men united against this common enemy, and thus began the great Unification War. Lasting for five years, the war took its toll on the worlds strongest clans. While their armies were massive, they could not stand up to the Phoenix King's superior technology and army skill. Battle after battle saw the United Clans get beaten back inch by inch of the massive war machine the King had built against them.

In one particular scene of devastation his army had come across a town that had just been attacked and burned by a rival clans paid mercenaries. It was a scene of horrible devastation, the King was one of the first into the town, wanting to see for himself the destruction the Clan had brought to the innocents. It was in the rubble that the King had found a small child barely old enough to be nine, sitting in the dirt in a tattered dress trying to hold back the tears as a small dog licked her on the hand. The King knew that the girls parents were probably killed during the raid and she would die alone and hungry if nothing was done. It was then that the King approached her from the fog and smoke of the burnt village and offered her a new home with him and a Clan to call her own. A new family that would protect her and care for her always. He also made promise to her that night when she had been properly cleaned and put to bed. He promised her that he would stop the fighting and unite the world under him. She then gave him her real name, Anouska, giving her the pet name of Anouk. He then kissed her on the forehead and left her to sleep for the first time in a real bed.

 Towards the end of the fourth year of war, the Clans began to crack under the strain of the constant advance of the King. Envoys sued for peace with the Warrior King, but were always left with two options for their lords once they returned to them. "Unconditional Surrender to the Phoenix King and a pledge of Servitude or utter annihilation". The clans old feuds and hatreds began to seep to the surface and the alliance they built to destroy the young king began to destroy itself from the inside. The clans broke off from the alliance, some deciding to accept the Kings terms, others declaring that they would fight to the end. It took another year of intense fighting for every foot, but eventually on the 26th birthday of the Phoenix King, the final clan was beaten into submission and signed the surrender. Ending the five year conflict and shoving the King to his place as Emperor of all the Clans. The Spider now stood above all. Making good on his deal with himself, one day after the war was over, the newly crowned king dyed the other half of his hair white, completing an ancient Metal Spider Clan nobility tradition of old. His hair was now shoulder length and silky. The King then went to the balcony of his new castle and looked upon the new lands that he taken. His newly dyed hair flowing in the light breeze of the afternoon. The King then set about the task of rebuilding his nation and reforming the clans so that the power would remain with the King and not fall back into the hands of the Clans that once held it. The culture of the new empire also rapidly changed. With no wars to fight, massive amounts of resources began to pour into the Scientific, Sexual, and Architectural arts. The clans now no longer fought over territory or power. They now fought with each other on who had the best trained ponys and slaves. Who had the newest art and most innovative sexual techniques. The common people were released from the heavy tax burdens the clans had once placed on them to pay for their endless wars and the King became almost onto a god to the people. Now the King rests after so much fighting as his Empire that he built from nothing has entered a golden age of peace.

On's: Dominance, Strong women, Obedience, Slave and Pony Training, BDSM, bondage, Master/Slave relationships, Anal, toys, oral, experimentation, Obidience training

Off's: Cowards, Traitors, Spies against him, Threats to his power, Weak willed nobles, Pee, Feces, Gore

Source Material for the overall game world and feel, please take a look at the comic links below so that you get a feel for the type of world that this game takes place in.
The Spider Garden:

1. The Spider Garden
2. Hydrophidian
3. In a Metal Web
4. In a Metal Web II


1. Book 1: The Way Station
2. Book 2: Iron Gauge

General Pic Ideas/World examples(Guides but you can choose your own)

Topics about the games planning, plots, or character development go here.

Story Board

Information Index

Technology of the Royal Palace
The Web

This mysterious and secretive technology is all encompassing inside of the Royal Palace grounds. It is the highway for the Constructs and the Receptresses. Without its interweaving spider web design, the Constructs would have to walk around the palace, and interrupt and crowd the walk ways of the palace, which are already filled with bustling activity from the army of slaves and nobles who stay and work inside the City sized Royal Palace. It is also the primary carrier that transport the Receptresses and other slaves and cargo around the palace. Using mechanics and technology that no other clan has, it is the Envy of any noble who tries to trump their clan as the best, only to have a construct lower itself down from the ceiling from a metal spider string to inform said leader that their meal is ready. Much like the Constructs have a mind of their own, so does the web, it can respond to requests and demands of persons within the palace who have the proper authority to do so. All the have to say is "Metal Web" followed by their request and their wish will quickly be


True to the Metal Spider Clan's name, these technological marvels serve dozens of tasks within the Palace. Made of a strange combination of flesh and metal. Autonomous and independently mobile, these machines serve the will of the King and his agents. While they are able to perform complex requests and tasks, they also serve to allow the King to rule with his own hand and not having to rely on others. The Constructs are his messengers, bureaucrats, and his servants. The normally endless amounts of messages, notes, paperwork, and duties that the King would have if he had to govern without the Constructs would ensure that the King would never be able to leave an office. However, since he does have them, The Kings government is efficient, and quick with with the Kings orders and requests to the Clans. The constructs also serve the guests of the Palace with their requests and wishes. Anything the noble wants all they have to do is request a construct and ask for it, knowing that it will soon be theirs.

The Hydrophidian

Deep within the palace, below the hustle and bustle of the nobles and the tireless efforts of the slaves, lies the Hydrophidian. The massive underground Aquifer and Lake beneath the soil that the Palace resides on. In fact it is large enough that it provides an abundant amount of clean water every day to the Royal Capital above it. Naturally spring fed, it is said to be the most clean and delicious water in the Empire to drink. It is also the Kings private retreat when he wants to escape the politics of the Palace, and enjoy some privacy or private company with a favored Clan lord or lady where they will not be disturbed. Inside the deep lakes are several independently climate controlled pods that are large enough to make a medium sized state room. Only the most favored of the Clan's leaders are allowed to stay in these pods, due to their opulence and privacy from the other Clans and their intense spying.

Common Slaves of the Palace


One of the most common sights on the Royal Palace grounds, the concubines of the Metal Spider Clan are world legendary in their mastery of the sensual and sexual arts. Trained since they are old enough to have sex, the concubine slaves are trained for years until they meet the Kings extremely high standards. Even when their training is complete, they are allowed to specialize in one form of sex. Becoming even more skilled in one form of their body to bring absolute pleasure to their charge. Not even the most capable lover can hope to last long under the care of a Royal Concubine. The concubines uniforms are ever changing, but the features that remain the same are that the slaves breasts, ass, mouth, and pussy are always uncovered so that they may service any one at any time without having to disrobe.

Specialty Concubines:



The receptresses of the Web are a specialty slaves who serve a special service to the Palace. When any guest arrives at the palace they are typically greeted by a Receptress. They are also the information kiosks of the Palace. Since they are connected to the massive machine that is the Metal Web, they can inform their patrons of the comings and goings of the palace, events, directions, and requests to other guests typically go through a Receptress. Another role they play is for the King to serve as a announcement system for his commands and requests when the King wants to be formal. Receptresses will be sent out to all the guests via the Web and inform the guests of the Palace what ever the King wants to be heard. As with the Concubine slaves, Receptresses also are trained in the sexual arts, but not to the full extent that the Concubines are.


Outside of the Royal Palace, Ponies are the main source of Farm labor, carriage and freight transportation, when the great collapse happened all the normal horses that would normally be used for plowing the fields or pulling the carriage became extremely rare and expensive, so that only the most wealthy people could afford a fully bred horse. So to compensate the Human pony was born. Now in the time of the Phoenix King, they have become the primary slave for labor in the fields and in transportation. Centuries of specialty breeding had ensured that the ponies of the world have become well suited to their tasks. A classification system for ponies ensures that people know what types of ponies are what.

Pony Classifications: (1-10p)

Levels 1-2 - Lowest class work pony. Bred for strength. Typically physically unattractive and only built for pure work and labor. Very heavily muscled and rough skin. Most common class of Farm pony. Only capable of understanding basic commands and incapable of speech.

Levels 3-4 - Lowest class transportation pony. Bred for their leg strength and endurance. Can run for miles without tiring while pulling carriages. Low physical attractiveness. Can understand basic talk, but no language ability outside anything more complex than elementary school.

Levels 4-6 - Mid range ponies. Ponies that typically serve under the middle class of the world. They are capable of better and more refined actions and commands. Lowest class of work ponies for the Nobility. Average attractiveness.

Levels 7-9 - High range ponies. Typically serve as the competition and show ponies for the clans. Bred for their beauty and grace. They are trained how to perform in competitions and racing, instead of work they are for the enjoyment of the nobles and the envy of the lower classes. Extremely expensive and very exclusive. Typically very beautiful. Lowest class of work pony for the Royal Palace. Also have basic education and are capable of complex speech. Also may be capable of writing.

Levels 10-10 plus - Royal ponies. Bred from only the best of the best genes and ponies. The Ponies of the Royal Stables are the epitome of the Pony world. Skin as smooth as silk, well toned and built muscles, and extreme beauty are the standard of the royal pony. Typically only seen with the favored Clans of the King as well as the Royal Palace grounds. Very high intelligence. Able to carry on a conversation with the highest of nobles fully comprehend what is being spoken about.

Service Slave

The service slaves of the royal palace perform many of the mundane tasks that would be beneath the majority of those who occupy the small city that is the palace. Anything from basic cleaning to gardening, these slaves perform their thankless task with ruthless precision and efficiency. Many of them wear special helmets on their heads that allow them special vision. When worn it allows the slave to see messages and commands from the constructs. It also has a system that allows the slave to transverse the Web and also has a full work up of the Palace that they are assigned to, so that anything that the slave is sent to retrieve can be brought to a certain location without having to memorize the palace. Allowing the construct to attend to its charge and merely send out a command to a waiting service slave for an item that is needed. The slave then can know exactly where to take said item without being confused.


The only other company to those inside of the Hydrophidian is the sensual Niad slaves. The erotic slaves who constantly swim around inside the water in an endless erotic ballet. Hooked up to special machines in all of their orifices, they need no food, no water, no bathroom breaks, and no rest. The strange powers of the Web they are hooked up to provides all these basic needs for the Niads. Rumors about the Niads are as numerous as the slaves that endlessly swim inside the lake. The King does not share details about who is chosen to be fated to be a Niad. That is not for the guest to know, it is for the guest to appreciate their complex water ballet. To watch as they seamlessly perform complex maneuvers with each other in the water for the enjoyment of those who occupy the apartments beneath the water. Some state that it is slaves who are being punished that are chosen to be Niads, others claim that they are there since they are old enough to take the technology. No one knows, all that they do know is that the Niads are for their pleasure, nothing more, nothing less. Before being released into the aquasphere, the naiads are shaved, corseted, and encased in latex. Hoses connected to their ball gags supply a mixture of oxygen and intoxicants while their anal plugs can deliver a variety of liquid stimulants and electric vibrations. Kept in a state of constant ecstasy, they fill Hydrophidians depths with their songs of pleasure.


A "pet" project of various nobles and authorized by the King are the Dog slaves. These slaves are an amalgamation of various other slaves for that some reason have angered their masters/mistresses and are being punished by quite literally becoming a dog. Muzzles and special foot and hand wear are given to the slave and they are never allowed to stand up fully. One of the special features of becoming a slave dog is the anal plug placed inside of their rectums. The plugs are combined with a strong metal spring loaded wire that becomes the dogs "tail". As the slave moves on all fours, the motion and swaying of their hips causes the wire to move back and forth from the motion, and in turn causes the plug to move inside of their body. Literally fucking the dog from the inside. Along with the aphrodisiacs given to the dogs to keep them constantly horny for attention, as well as the chastity devices affixed to their appendages, it makes for a frustrating bit of punishment of always being on the edge of an orgasm but never able to obtain it. When the dogs are walked around the palace it also adds a measure of humiliation to the dogs punishment. The dog slave punishment lasts for as long as the owner deems necessary and prudent. Sometimes it is even permanent.

*All slaves typically wear extremely high heels, due to the kings decree that slaves should have as minimum amount of their feet in contact with the same ground that nobles do.

The Tranceptory

The mysterious and feared right hand of the Phoenix King, The Tranceptors, make up the Kings secret police in the Empire, each chosen for their loyalty, strength, skill, grace, and experience. These mysterious agents of the Crown are feared throughout the Empire for their near limitless power in enforcing the Kings directives and laws. Stories abound throughout the land about Nobles and Commoners disappearing overnight or outright killed by members of the Tranceptory for crimes against the King. No one is above their judgement, not the highest noble to the lowest servant, all are watched through the eyes of the Kings police. They wield the authority of the King and have access to the Kings extensively advanced armory of technology that allows them to operate without much fear of the standard weaponry that the clans have. Giving them a particularly fearsome reputation as assassins and warriors.

First founded during the Unification Wars to serve as advance scouts and assassins for the Phoenix King. Their members were instrumental in giving the King vital intelligence about enemy troop movements and enemy defenses. More than one Clan castle was felled in one night from the success of a Tranceptor infiltrating the Castles walls and opening the gates for the Kings army to invade, saving the army from a costly and long siege. What started out as a small unit of elite operators soon became a small army of agents sent all throughout the Empire to ensure that the Kings will was properly observed and enforced. Even though the King is massively popular amongst the commoners, there are always the troublemakers and rebellion starters. This is the field that the Tranceptors excel at. Many small scale rebellions have been outright crushed by the operations of this secretive unit.

Possible Noble Positions/Classes

~Warrior - Noble is a well known and successful fighters within their clan. Keen with the sword and with a lust for battle. These were the last of the great Clans to surrender to the Phoenix King due to their unrelenting fighting spirit and honor.
~Politician - Noble has gained their position and prestige through careful manipulation and forging alliances with other nobles. Nobles like this generally were undecided when it came to the Unification Wars, choosing to side with whomever they thought would win in the end. Towards the end of the war when it became apparent that the Phoenix King would win, many clans that were once united quickly broke apart to sue for peace with the King separately trying to undermine the other to get favorable terms.
~Royal Advisor - Nobles of this position were some of the earliest clans to join with the Phoenix King during his bid for world conquest. These persons saw the potential and the power the young lord had early and sided with him quickly. Earning them positions of authority in his Imperial Court, vast wealth, and the Kings ear. Nobles of this position typically provide the King advice in matters that the King knows he is not adapt in.
~Merchant - Merchant clans try not to fight their own wars, but had no problem financing, funding, and supplying other clans wars. Growing fat upon their war economy, when the Phoenix King started his campaign to end the constant civil war of the Clans, many merchant clans joined up with the clans against the king. Wanting to keep the status quo. Only a few joined the King, the clans that joined the King have become immensely powerful and wealthy after the war, with the ones siding against him being almost financially bankrupt and having to rebuild their own clans power.
~Specialty - These nobles belong to clans that have specialized in a field that has gained them much influence and power. Some specialize in clothing, architecture, art, entertainment, and numerous other things. Becoming specialized in a certain field grants them prestige in their area of expertise.
~Slaver - These clans are essential to keeping the constant demand for labor that the growing Empire demands. Some are born into slavery, others join by choice due to crimes, debt, or lack of another choice. These clans train, equip, and transport slaves to their intended buyers. Slaver clans are typically incredibly wealthy and powerful in the Imperial Court. Only the most accomplished and experience Slaver Clans are allowed to train the slaves of the Metal Spider Clan and having the honor of doing so gains them immense political and social prestige and status within the Court. For they are seen as the best of the best.
~Forgesmiths - Clans that have become renown for their forging of weapons and armor. Making the best metals to forge the strongest and mightiest swords and shields. No clan can last for long without needing proper armor and weapons. That is why the come to the forgesmiths, to make their rabble, into an army.
~Scholars - A precious few of these clans existed before the Phoenix King took power. Typically they were weak clans under the protection of larger and more powerful clans that could protect them. They were keepers of what little knowledge of the worlds past remained. Great librarys built to store and create knowledge and cared for by these clans. Most of the worlds new poetry, literature, and schools belong to these clans. Now that the Phoenix King has taken power, he has taken a particular interest in the libraries of these clans. Now the once weak clans that needed the protection of other nobles are starting to make a rise in power and prominence with the Kings blessings.
~Scientists - A relatively new cadre of Nobles and Clans under the direct supervision of the King himself. These small clans work to help the King continue to recreate the technology of the past. Membership in these secretive clans is extremely supervised and watched by the Kings agents, ensuring that the Kings power and technological superiority over the other clans is assured. Working in secret laboratories known only to the King himself and his most trusted advisors.

*Will add more as I think of them

Posting Rule:

Everyone is to be given anywhere from three days to five to post. Once the last person has posted, the next person's timer starts. Once that time is up, the next person is allowed to post ahead of turn and the other person's turn is skipped. Of course, they would still be allowed to post whenever they get the chance.

The setting is one where extremes are played out. It is in the extreme section so to be fair if you are playing a slave while ooc you have choices and you would never be forced into anything. iccly you will not be cuddled and snuggled.Slaves are passed about and used as objects in some classes. It is a place where slaves are treated as slaves for the most part. They can belong to one person or passed about and used by various characters and npc's. We have characters who also do body modifications and experiment on characters to modify thier bodies or minds in different ways. That is of course up to the players to talk about what they want and what they will play. I hope I have not scared you off yet.We are currently looking for anyone would would be interested in playing any kind of character. You can be anything that might fit into the setting. We have sadly lost some of the players for various reasons. So slave and Dom alike are welcome. We are looking for anyone who enjoys writeing and is able to use their imaginations. This Game is driven mostly by players plots. I myself am plotting with another player to
start some for everyone to enjoy.

There is no current posting order, post as you like!

The poster has the obligation to have their (overdue) post adhere to the storyline that in established in their place, if applicable. This way it won't so much feel like a late post but a delayed post order.

Character Sheet for players:

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2014, 07:26:08 PM »
From the Desk of the GM

Hi everyone, I am bumping this thread up to hopefully garner some interest in our long running game. We are going through a major revamp and hope to bring new people aboard!

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2014, 03:51:54 PM »
The interest is here and ready to be a politician

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2014, 04:15:29 PM »
Excellent! The character sheet we use is at the bottom of the first post. You can look through the character thread of the game and look at some of the previous characters to help develop yours :) don't hesitate to PM me or one of the other GMs if you need help with anything?

Did you have an idea of what you wanted to play?

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2014, 04:22:36 PM »
I wanted to play the man that is on the outside, trying to push his way through the use of background politics and fights that way

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2014, 04:23:48 PM »
Very interesting concept

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2014, 04:25:41 PM »
One that could compete ever you for power, a rivalry if you will

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2014, 04:34:53 PM »
An ambitious noble trying to carve his way into the halls of power?

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2014, 04:47:41 PM »
You are very correct there... but he is on the verge to great power.

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2014, 05:00:05 PM »
I will warn you not to be too hasty when it comes to this great power. Too much to soon and you will find yourself in a Tranceptory dungeon faster than you could think to use it haha.

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #10 on: September 11, 2014, 05:02:55 PM »
Oh hardly, he is a young noble yes but not that stupid for his military command is quite good not to mention his ability to hide behind others to developed a plan to strike. That is why in the curt his name is "The Patient Snake"

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #11 on: September 11, 2014, 05:03:32 PM »
Smirks at Vos"Oh relax we will still love you would be nice to have another guy around that was not a submissive. :P

well make your sheet up we can get you set up. we have a few characters that can meet with you. :)
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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #12 on: September 11, 2014, 05:05:33 PM »
Sounds like it will be fun!

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #13 on: September 11, 2014, 05:15:32 PM »
Though I wonder.. is military still a factor? Second question... guns invented yet?

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #14 on: September 11, 2014, 05:30:20 PM »
Though I wonder.. is military still a factor? Second question... guns invented yet?

I'll give some clarification on that.

Each clan is allowed alot of freedom within their own sphere of influence. Think of it like the United States but modified. Each clan is its own government (Like a State government) and limited number of military forces (Like each states national guard, Limited by the Kings decree). As long as each clan obeys the Kings orders and does not interfere with his agents or personnel, they are allowed to do as they wish. Open war with one another is forbidden but lots happen that isn't that full blown.

The Kings clan. The Metal Spider Clan has the largest standing military (Like the US armed forces) and is the most technologically advanced. However they are not loyal too any of the clans but the King.  It allows the

As for weapons technology. The Metal Spider Clan, with the "Web" and the constructs, is able to have pretty modern weapons and firepower (It was one way the King won the Unification War so handily). Such as rifles and the like, the clans under him are pretty much still in a Medieval time frame when it comes to their weapons (Another way he keeps control). The King has many agents and Tranceptors throughout the empire who watch and report on each clans power and movements, making sure the balance of technology is always kept in favor of the King.

Say one clan were to steal weapons from the Kings army and try to reverse engineer it, they would probably be able to arm a small number of troops, but any significant numbers would be extremely hard to not hide from the watchful eyes of the Kings agents and the King or the Tranceptory would be swift to act.

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2014, 05:34:25 PM »
Can I have world war two weapons? Not modern and it would make my character seem weaker but he is going to be the speaker of the houses to where I am going for he is going to rule over the higher minds like a parasite feeding off of animals

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #16 on: September 11, 2014, 05:40:03 PM »
Yeah I can work with that. Perhaps the equipment was originally given to his clan during the Unification War as his clan sided with the King during the conflict and was allowed to have use them, and after the war as a reward they were allowed to keep them as a show of gratitude.

Also what do you mean by speaker of the houses? Like you are the head of a collection of clans or do you mean your clan itself has a congress like government?

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #17 on: September 11, 2014, 05:44:06 PM »
Alright I can work with that but the bottom is that in the clan I am in it had been able to take over a few other clans during the war so to deal with the other ideas and people they made a council and he is the head speaker and eight are under him 

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #18 on: September 11, 2014, 05:44:58 PM »
Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #19 on: September 11, 2014, 05:53:14 PM »
Building the character and clan as we speak but a few more things, I am going to be in need of a more personal concubine or pony to get through. Would there be any one volunteering? It pays in fine clothing and good food.

Second thing, I am going for a more world war two germany styled nation with no killing of course but the government controls everything to the point you have to have permission to have children ponies because we don't want to overbreed some classes of pony but I will have a fairly sized military about three-five divisions big and a secret police not to mention my personal guard

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #20 on: September 11, 2014, 05:57:40 PM »
Sounds good, I thought that you would go for that kind of vibe. If you have a secret police, it would have to be small. Not like the Gestapo was. The Tranceptory does not like having secrets hidden from them. It tends to go badly for those involved...

edit: Also I am sure that if we get more people you will be able to get someone to play one for you, maybe even one of the existing players would be open to it.

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #21 on: September 11, 2014, 06:04:25 PM »
Oh don't worry it would be no bigger then my personal guard

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #22 on: September 11, 2014, 06:06:56 PM »
Oh don't worry it would be no bigger then my personal guard


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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #23 on: September 11, 2014, 06:08:36 PM »
My personal guard is about the size of a regiment

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Re: [Realm of the Phoenix King] Recruitment (EX) *Open*
« Reply #24 on: September 11, 2014, 06:09:09 PM »
We will see what we can do about helping you out. there are slaves in the game.