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Author Topic: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)  (Read 956 times)

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Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« on: December 30, 2014, 08:21:48 AM »
Welcome to my latest version of a request thread.

If anything here appeals to you and you like explore the possibility of us working together on a story please send me a PM and not post to this thread.

I am looking for literate partners to play female characters that will usually give me three plus paragraphs per post and can reply at least on a weekly basis. I only play male characters and only do MxF pairings.

Below is a list of characters I have created and would really love to play.

Supernatural in the wild west
Name: Oyohusa Adawehi (from Cherokee: Death Angel)

Age: 28
Gender: male
Race: Human
Height: 6’
Weight: 187lbs
Eyes: black, cold and distant filled with sorrow and death.
Hair: Black, braided ponytail running down between shoulder blades with leather band braided into it with different beads and small feathers attached to leather band, one eagle tail feather hanging over his left ear.
Skin: copper colored (native American)
Appearance: In keeping with the tradition of his ancestors, he has no masculine facial hair, but there is no doubt that it is the face of a man there is nothing feminine about him. He has the cut and defined muscular build of a man used to working hard at what ever he does. He wears a simple unadorned collarless v-necked pull over buckskin long sleeve shirt, a hand made leather belt holding his smaller weapons and pouches. He has a leather string hanging around his neck with small beaded leather pouch on it. His legs are covered by buckskin pants with intricate but not flashy beadwork running up the outer seams, tucked into his knee high fringe topped buckskin moccasins.

Weapons: he has studied and is an expert with virtually all known weapons including firearms, but he prefers unarmed combat unless badly out numbered or classed. He carries one standard 8” bladed hunting/skinning knife, 2 Kukri blades made of pure silver (14” single edged blades about 2” near the handle widening and curving inward to a width of nearly 4” before rounding up to a point.) 2 tomahawks heads also made of silver. A standard tribal longbow and quiver of arrows with steel heads, and finally an 8’ spear with a 10” double edged silver spearhead.

He spent many hours as a youth learning from the tribe’s shaman (aka medicine man) and thus learned some of the secrets of the ancient magics. He focused primarily on those that would help make him the best hunter/warrior in the tribe, enhancing his senses, strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He also learned quite a bit about the healing arts, both with herbs and magic. For as long as anyone could remember there was always a gifted Shaman in his tribe, and only the most gifted and interested children were trained to possibly follow the ways of the shaman.

History: When he was 24 he went out alone on a vision quest. He was in the desert for nearly a week, only to have the most horrific vision he has even ever heard of anybody ever having. He had a vision of his entire tribe being massacred by blood thirsty demons in the night. When he returned it was only to find that had not just been a vision, but he had actually witnessed it really happen through his minds eye. In the ruins of his home he cast two spells, one to verify that it was indeed vampires that killed every man, woman and child, and one to forever give him the ability to identify vampires for what they truly are. Before the massacre of his tribe he knew nothing of vampires, except from the horror stories considered to be just fiction.

After searching all that remained of the village, and gathering together all the silver he could find with which to make his vampire slaying weapons, he cast one more spell. He permanently forgot the name he was given, and took the new one that will he take to his grave, as he swears to hunt the monsters responsible and destroy them.

Four years have now passed and through his hunt has learned about other supernatural beings such as werewolves, through the use of his detection ability. It seems that he can sense supernatural’s different energies, but can only positively identify vampires as such. He has also learned a little about vampires culture, now knows that most strive to remain hidden from humans and avoid such acts. He still has a very strong dislike and distrust of all vampires, but is focused on finding the group that killed his people.

When hunting he wears the traditional buckskins and war paint which after applying during a rictual gives him the strength, speed, and enhanced senses of supernatural creatures. Once the war paint comes off he goes back to normal human standards.

Personality: He used to be a fun loving, if some what serious. Now he is very serious. He seems to have lost any sense of humor.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. Has never thought about sentient bestiality, but then has not given much thought to sex at all in 4 years. With the proper persuasion anything is possible though.

We could put him in either a wild west setting or modern. Vampires and other supernaturals obviously exist but for the most part general human population does not know or want to know they are real. I am thinking that your character be somebody he encounters during his hunting that he becomes some how connected with and she starts to bring the humanity back out in him.

We can discuss what exactly she is, from a human needing rescuing, or some other supernatural creature, or even a vampire that was not involved in the slaughter of his people.

Play with an Elf
Name: Feldor Kelmaric

Race: elf
Age: 235
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: stark white hair running to between shoulder blades
Eyes: bright crystalline sky blue
Class: mage/fighter
Appearance: knee high soft leather boots in dark brown with grey pants tucked into them. Black leather belt with numerous pouches and a dagger sheath attached to it. Dark blue shirt with long billowy sleeves clamped down at the forearm by the leather and steel bracers. A forest green open vest with tails running almost down to the back of his knees. A golden head band worn across his forehead and above his ears to help keep the long white hair out of his face.

Equipment and abilities:

Bracers of protection: magically gives equivalent protection to full plate mail armor.
Dagger: just a standard 8" bladed double edged dagger.
Wand of force: his primary weapon this 12" long approx. 1" diameter piece of polish yew. It’s standard ability is a nearly invisible blade of force which can cut through most anything not protected by enchantments and functions as an enchanted bastard sword. Secondary abilities: by using charges it can create force walls and force bubbles.

Works Magic but does not use specified spells: uses fire, air, water, earth, and spirit in different combinations to produce desired results is only limited by imagination and available energy mostly personal, but can tap into flows of energy across the world like rivers of magical energy only visible to those that use it. The use of this magic has leeched the color out of his hair and changed his eye color to the sky blue

Also carries an elven longbow and quiver of arrows

Companion: White tiger, Seiceron, which is a friend and partner not a pet or owned beast

Secret Id – Nathanial Jackson
Hero Tag – Black Flag
Orientation - Heterosexual
Age - 27
Appearance – He is 5’7” tall and weighs 140 lbs. He has a slender but well defined build. His hair is a medium dark brown with waves usually worn cut short, if he grows it out it will curl to the point of becoming a rather goofy looking afro type of mess. His eyes are hazel but can appear green, blue, or brown depending on lighting, current clothing and mood. His preferred mode of dress is casual consisting of jeans usually black, a tee shirt, jean or leather jacket, and comfortable gym shoes.

In hero/vigilante mode he wears a black helmet that covers his face completely. A black turtleneck shirt so even his neck is covered in black which is tucked in black leather pants. His feet are covered in black leather boots. The whole package is covered by a black leather knee length jacket and finished off with black leather gloves. None of his skin can be seen.

Powers – Telekinesis at level where can lift the equivalent weight of midsize car. Through use of this he has developed several other abilities based on the telekinesis. He can augment his physical strength, speed, and dexterity. He has also developed a means to make his body highly resistant to damage. Concentrating on his body and forcing rapid cellular growth has turned into uncontrolled healing, as a result he heals at an incredible rate, is immune to virtually all diseases, drugs, and toxins. It is still too early to tell but he may also be immune to aging. He is also unable to sleep. He can feel the world around him as if actually touching it. He can manipulate matter on a molecular level repairing and altering objects. He can also fly by exerting force against the planet.

Bio – He is a computer hardware technician whose hobbies include working on anything mechanical, he loves to do driveway repairs on any type of vehicle. One night he had a dream in which he was asked to choose a super power that he would granted, he chose telekinesis. When awakened the next morning he found that he could literally feel everything around him. From there he experimented with what he could do with the telekinesis.

He now goes out at night searching for crimes to stop. He has also taken to hunting drug dealers who he kills and confiscates their cash to augment his income. When he does anything heroic or kills those dealing in drugs he leaves some sort pest control product behind always of the “Black Flag” brand.

Something a little darker
Here is another character I would like to play, but do not have a specific story idea. This is something a bit different for as I normal play the good heroic type but have a taste to do something a bit different and try my hand at playing the villain. Although under the right circumstance he maybe be brought over to the good if it can be proved to him that love exists he he can be loved.

Name: Zentius Yerodin
Nickname: the Nightterror, Terror
Race: half-drow (Half human & half dark elf)
Age: 27
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Occupation: Assassin
Class: Psionicist
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: shoulder length white hair usually worn in a ponytail
Skin: charcoal black
Eyes: jet black (can become red almost demonic in appearance)
Appearance: wears black studded leather armor, black knee high leather boots with a soft sole, black soft leather gloves, and a long dark cloak with hood usually up to hide his face.

He was born the product of a rape, a drow raid on small human village, the commander of the raiding party raped a sixteen year old girl and left her for dead. Well she didn’t die and gave birth to Zentius 9 months later. She raised him out of responsibility, but never loved him. When he was 14 he discovered his unique abilities and ran away to learn how to properly use them. He found an old psionicist to teach him what he needed to know, and quickly discovered that he could use his powers to kill and could make good money killing for pay and thus became an assassin.

Skills / Abilities: very observant misses almost nothing of his surroundings, has studied plants and herbs intensively focusing on the making and refining of poisons to cause death or incapacitation.
As from elven heritage is naturally dexterous and agile, with keen hearing and eye sight with active infrared vision
Life drain: just what it sounds like, with physical touch he transfer life energy directly from another to himself, healing his own wounds or getting a temporary boost to life energy.
Death Field: by sacrificing some of his own life energy he do equal amount of damage to any thing living within a 15’ radius of him.
Cause Sleep: can cause a single target to go to sleep for as long as the power is maintained, on rare occasion (critical success) target will remain in a normal sleep without maintenance.
Body Control: can adapt his body to harmful environments, can breath under water, or in poisonous gas without ill effect.
Body Weaponry: can cause hands and arms to actually become various nonmagical melee weapons.
Flesh Armor: can cause skin harden and become resistant to physical injury, as if protected by metal armor.
Cell Adjustment: allows him to heal minor to moderate wounds in himself or others with concentration.
Body Equilibrium: allows him to make his almost completely weightless, allowing for slowed falling, easier climbing, and the ability to walk/run across short distances of water. Has the draw back of making him vulnerable to strong winds.
Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with power of his mind. The heavier the object the more draining it is.
Animate Object: Is essentially a refinement of telekinesis, making objects seem to come alive, chairs or tables to walk attack and grab.
Control Body: Through the use of telekinesis, take over control of another’s body and work them like a puppet.
Control Flames: Can control flames, get larger or smaller, change shape and move around leaving its original source.
Molecular Agitation: Using telekinesis to cause rapid or slowed movement of the molecules of any object. Rapid movement causes increased heat and with time can cause flames. Slowing movement reduces heat can cause extreme cold and brittleness.
Invincible Foes: Can either cause an opponent to believe that there is no way to win the fight against a selected subject, or make one enemy believe that the next hit will kill him outright.
Truthear: Has a high possibility to detect lies.
Inflict Pain: Can cause intense pain as if all the nerves are on fire or double the intensity of pain caused by injures.

Leather armor is enchanted for better protection and bestowed with chameleon power allowing him to blend almost perfectly with his surroundings.

Carries a dagger nothing special, just an 8” double edged razor sharp dagger. Also carries a hand crossbow for launching his poison darts, with variety of poisons. Also has a scimitar, which has been enchanted with cold powers, it will protect its wielder from fire by absorbing a great deal of heat energy and in return will send an equal amount of cold energy back at the source of the fire attack.

His view on life is quite simple, he has never experienced love; therefore, does not believe it is possible. He goes into every situation looking to see how he can gain from it, be it money, pleasure, fame, knowledge, etc. He can be fiercely loyal, but don’t cross him. Once he accepts a contract, he never breaks it. His greatest goal in life is to find and kill his father.

The Dove

Basic Information
Name: Nathaniel Reaver
Code-Name: The Dove
Nickname: Nathan or Dove for those who him as such
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Physical Appearance
Height: 5'11”
Build: Nathan has the lean build of a martial artist or gymnast. He is not bulky nor is he too thin but he is well sculpted with every muscle defined.
Eye Color: Gray like dark steel.
Hair: His black hair is kept short in a very military style.
Distinguishing Marks: He has a complete lack of any distinguishing marks, without a single scar even.
Description: Nathan can usually be found wearing black or dark blue docker style pants with casual comfortable shoes. For shirt it is usually a simply button down shirt in shades of blue or gray. On rare occasions he adds a casual sport coat. He always has an air of confidence about him.
Important Info
Personality: For the most part Nathan is a happy easy going guy. He will talk and be jovial with anybody around. He will flirt and tease playfully with any female he finds attractive. He is very confident to the point of being over confident I any type of situation.

While having a sense of humor and enjoying a good joke he does not go in for practical jokes especially those that are cruel. Has little tolerance for those that are into those things. He also is very intolerant of those that do not show respect or consideration for other people. He likes to enjoy life but not at another person's expense.

Power(s): Through extensive training and hard work he has developed his chi abilities beyond that of any chi master he knows of. Instead of short term requiring constant concentration he activates each power during his morning ritual kata and the remain in place until he releases them. Through this his dexterity and agility exceed normal human abilities, giving him lightning reflexes and actions.

He also enhances his strength to well above human capabilities giving the ability to lift over 3000 pounds and to make jumps and leaps that would break world records. From standing he can jump over 15 feet straight up or 30 feet in distance.

His strength and agility combined give him the ability to run in excess of 40 miles an hour which he can push in dead sprints to over 60 for a very short amount of time.

He also has a spacial awareness giving him the ability to simply feel the world around him so he does not require sight to function. This is also quite useful in spotting things hidden or obscured to sight.

He has develop the “iron skin” ability to make him resistant to damage. His resistance is such that most blades and small arms will be unable to injure him. A well placed or luck shot could injure him though. He has focused this ability hardening it as it were so that armor piercing attacks do affect him any more than normal attacks.

He has also developed a healing ability that is strictly personal and uncontrollable. Any injury or illness he suffers heals completely in a matter of hours. This is why he has no scars as his body completely regenerates damaged tissue as if the injury never happened, but it is not instantaneous.

Through using his Chi he has created virtually indestructible weapons with a near monofilament edge that can cut through just about anything except things hardened the way he hardened his own defenses. Being able to handle these weapons is why he hardened his resistance. During the development process he has shed much of his own blood by slipping with his own weapons. These weapons are a sword (katana), throwing stars and and spikes.

Skills/Specialty(s): Nathan is ninja trained giving him stealth, martial arts, disguise, climbing, concealing, lock picking, … etc.

He is skilled in virtually all melee weapons but is specialized in the katana and unarmed combat. He is also skilled with modern small arms but dislikes using firearms.

He has also trained at combat driving.

The Ninjas taught him Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
He has since learned Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, and Russian.

History: Born the only child of American missionaries he spent the first years of his life traveling with them to whatever impoverished area they felt they were needed. At the age of 11 they were in rural Japan when he came down with an illness with all the symptoms of Polio. When his parents were about to abandon their mission and take him back to the States for medical treatment an elder local man approached them saying he could treat young Nathan.

The old man is the head of a secret ninja clan and used old medical teachings known only to the clan and teaching him their ways to learn to control his muscles. Using this method he recovers and excels at it. By 15 he was so far beyond those of his own age he was training with the adults. By 17 he had exceeded even what his master could do.
Really craving a good story for this one.
Star Wars/Jedi

Name: Jektair (Jek) Lar-Kulmar

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Personality: Most of the time Jek is fairly stoic and reserved not showing much emotion or sense of humor. On rare occasions though his emotions do show themselves along with a sense of humor. Despite his appearance and usual lack of emotional response he is a kind and compassionate individual and will go out of his way to help those in need. He however has little compassion for those able to help themselves but do not. Anybody seeking his assistance that he perceives as capable of doing for themselves will not receive his aid.

Weapons: Dual lighter sabers color violet modified to lock together to become a double blade saber. Ion rifle. Ion and plasma grenades. Small holdout blaster. Natural claws on fingers and toes.

Force Powers/Strengths: Force leap, Force push, force camouflage, Healing, Reflection both with and without light saber, Speed and strength boost.

Weaknesses: As with all Cathar especially the males his has anger management issues sometimes going into a berserker like rage. His technical skills are at the bare minimum to just get by. Detests space travel or large urban areas, prefers natural surroundings and nonrecycled air.

History: Jek was orphaned at the age of six when slavers came to his home and killed his father who was trying to defend his family. His mother was taken as a slave and died shortly after in attempt to regain her freedom. Being a male cathar the slavers did not think he would be worth taking even at his young at trainable age. He was beaten and left for dead. After awakening he survived as best he could primarily by reverting to his instincts and living like an animal. A few weeks a Jedi discovered him and sensed his connection to the force and took him back to an enclave to be trained as a Jedi.

As the years passed and he grow he studied and trained in the use of the force but always had trouble with many of the Jedi teachings. After completing his training and at the first chance he got he left the enclave and stopped responding to the calls of the masters. He believes that the Jedi are extremists and limit the individuals too much. He believes that as living being everybody is given emotions and it is a part of who and what they are, what he is, denying them is denying a part of one’s self thus leaving an incomplete person. He does not agree with the Sith teachings either they give too much over to their emotions without the balance of reason. He also believes that by not allowing Jedi to love and have families they are slowly breeding the ability to sense the force out of the population.

I can also create new characters for different stories. I much prefer to have fantasy or scifi in my stories to do something modern without it would have to be a really unusual idea.
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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2015, 06:52:43 PM »
I am really craving something a bit heavier on the smut in FFM threesome.

I started a story awhile back but my partner bailed on me. I would love to give it another try this time maybe with two ladies instead of just one and us both handling the extra female character.

The idea is simple. MC married his high school sweetheart and still very much loves her. They both knew they were destined to be together and planned their college education together then married after graduation. He got a good job that had him traveling a couple of times a year. For the first couple of years he always took his wife with him. However a few years back she was unable to accompany him to a conference in Vegas. Up to this point he has been completely faithful, she was his first and the only woman he had been with. In Vegas alone though he drinks too much and gives into the temptation another woman provides. He is thus introduced to more passionate and kinky acts. With his wife he has always just made sweet love to her. After that he started taking more trips without taking the wife to indulge in his new taste for more than just making love.

For a while he keeps these indiscretions to out of town trips, but then a new woman comes to work in his office. This new woman is very sexual with no desire to ever marry as she likes having different partners and gets a thrill out of being the other woman. She comes on strong to him and he soon gives into this new temptation and starts an on going affair. Then something happens and she has to leave her apartment and needs a place to temporarily. She convinces him to let her stay with him and his wife, this is where the real fun begins. The wife should be reluctant, but as she loves him, knows he still loves her and not wanting to end the marriage. The mistress will then work on getting the wife involved.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2015, 09:56:48 AM »
Some added thoughts to go with a couple of the above characters.

Superhero: I would love to partner him up with another vigilante and perhaps a "Damsel in Distress" for a lovely FFM threesome.

The Dove: I had a wonderful story going for this one before I was forced to leave the site. When I came back my partner would not even respond to the multiple PM's that I sent, so it did not continue. In it the female lead was on the run from those trying to get information from her and then kill her. Dove's connection with government agencies allowed to find out about it and came to protect her. I would love to something along those lines. I don't think this one would lend itself well to a threesome but am willing to see ideas.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2015, 01:58:26 PM »
Marked "Something a little darker" as taken as I now have a partner for him.

I would also like to add that I am looking for something with a Sith for my Jedi to go up against, but in such a way that they will be forced to work together. It could either for mutual survival, or perhaps the Sith is in disguise and trying to bring him over to the dark side. Would love to discuss this with somebody for a setting in the Old Republic.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #4 on: March 03, 2015, 01:52:51 AM »
Updated with those no longer available. Those unmarked are still ones that I would very much like to find good stories for.

Also "Something a little darker" maybe available again as the story has stalled and I have not heard from my partner in quite some time.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2015, 10:45:13 AM »
Updated what is currently available and still in need of a partner.

Also lately I have been craving something more real life like with some age difference. An older male with a young female, high school or early college student. I have even been thinking of incest with father and daughter as a possibility.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #6 on: April 30, 2015, 09:11:14 PM »
Changed status of "Something a little darker" as it has become available again due to partner withdrawing for RL reasons.

I am also still very much craving the father/daughter theme.

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Re: Come play with an Elf (M for F for plot heavy stories)
« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2015, 12:56:27 PM »
Update: "Something a little darker" is once again taken.

I am still looking for a good home for my kickass ninja character "The Dove"

Also I am still very much craving the old/young father/daughter story. I'm thinking MC would in his early 40's and divorced from his high school sweetheart. He has never really been in the adult dating world and does not know how to meet a woman close to his own age. He has only one child, his daughter. We could either go with something pushing over the edge from loving father to sexually abusing his daughter or one of her friends.