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Author Topic: The Naughty Sweepings of Haibane's Mind, M/M, M/F, F/F, mostly BDSM, etc  (Read 2380 times)

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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

I tend towards writing highly detailed, descriptive, narrative style posts in the first person past tense. If you enjoy or want to have a try at writing in the first person as well, that would be lovely, though if third person is your preference, that's fine too. I do ask though that you write in the past tense, please - present tense written RPing somewhat jars with me and makes me feel uncomfortable, as does a post where the tenses switch about unless its for a specific and deliberate effect.

I can write in the third person as well and enjoy doing so, more these days than I used to.

I like my games to have good consistency, continuity and realism (even in the fantasy elements). Please write enough, and in a manner that gives me a hook to work onwards from. I do write short posts when the pacing requires them but I usually write well above the average for the site, so I'm told. Long posts from you are not essential, but they will always be appreciated, though quality of content is always preferable over length (the two not surprisingly often go hand-in-hand).

I also enjoy working through a story via PMs and planning things and generally getting to know my writing partners so you'll need to be an outgoing friendly person who enjoys communicating. RPing with someone who never sends a PM I find rather cold and uninspiring; I dislike the detachment, I like to get to know my partners and swap ideas with them constantly.

I don't enjoy spontaneous ad-libbed stories or sudden plot twists I wasn't expecting - planning ahead is vital to my enjoyment though when I'm dominating and have the plan all formed in my head I do enjoy springing surprises on my writing partner and their submissive character - though you can trust me that I know exactly where such twists are headed.

Your gender or sex does not need to correspond to that of your character. A skilled imaginative writer is far more important to me than one with the right body parts.

My O/Os are linked to in my sig. My O/O thread also contains links to a few of my favourite games which will give you an idea of my writing style, or if it's easier, just peek in my post history.

Game ideas struck out like this are not currently available.

Please send me a PM if you are interested, or if you have a general question, ask it here. Thanks!


1) Naked in School [M/F, M/M/F, M/M, F/F possibly, Dom/Sub and NC possibly]

I am currently running a group game based on this idea but I think it would work equally well as a solo (single thread) game. Inspired by the website of the same name. A group of fiction writers began writing in 2003 and produced a body of work all set in the same universe. This erotic fiction is based around a government program to aid teenagers in understanding their sexuality and developing healthy and improved attitudes to sex and nudity and to achieve this aim, one girl and one boy in each class in high school are selected by a lottery to go naked at school for a week. They should agree to respond positively to all "reasonable requests" to pose, be touched, touch themselves or others and to make themselves available for teaching purposes in lessons (such as posing in art class, being live models or demonstrators in sex-ed classes and so on). All sports are conducted nude except for protective equipment and at all other times the student may only wear shoes and socks (or in the case of girls, stockings or thigh-highs/hold ups). All after school activities and clubs are also spent in the nude. The student must strip naked just inside the main door before starting school in the morning and dress themselves just inside the main door when leaving in the evening.

The students wear official tags which are collars to identify them. They are encouraged to do 'Outreach' work; that is to go nude outside school especially when travelling to and from home or when going into town at the weekends.

A game would centre around two characters who need not even know each other or who could be GF/BF and their experiences - enjoying (or enduring) a week of naked schooling with all the invasive lessons and interest from other students that this entails. The characters could be straight, gay or bi.

A game could have a utopian or a dystopian experience and setting, with the former building up the naked students so they grow in their sexual understanding of themselves and society or in the latter, being ruthlessly abused, even raped or virtually enslaved. In many of the dystopian versions of NiS stories, teachers, school and education officials and others in authority abuse the program for their own perverted ends.

A game could thus have any setting from "light" to "non-con" and depending on what is done to the naked students, even "extreme".


2) Tag! [f/F and M/f, (I could run an m/M and m/F version if that is your preference) forced NC public nudity, rape, group-sex, humiliation and exhibitionism, some elements of BDSM, mind control and/or some mild 'magic' or hypnotism elements]

Based on a wonderful doujin of the same name (which you will download and enjoy almost as much as I do if you're to be my partner here). Set in Japan, a high school girl sees a naked girl running furtively and in some panic across the school grounds one Sunday when she attends her cram class. Later the next week she thinks she recognizes the same girl in the school cafeteria but when questioned the girl tells her "you do not want to know or be involved".

A week or two later the girl is attending the school's culture festival with her best friend and out of simple curiosity goes to have her fortune told by a figure in a black gown and shawl (very much like a burka). The girl passes out and comes-to some hours later in a classroom where a friend is there watching over her.

A week or two later she hears a whistle from a doorway to the gym store. Going over she looks inside to find it is her best friend (from the culture festival). She is stark naked and very nervous, just like the strange girl she saw some weeks ago. The main character's friend grabs her and kisses her and as she does so a guy on a pushbike rides by and throws a parcel down. The naked friend grabs the parcel, rips it open to find it contains her clothes. She gratefully and hurriedly gets dressed and gives, from the parcel, a note to the main character. The now dressed friend says "strip naked" and the main character finds she is doing so, unable to resist the command and unable to control her body. Once nude, she's given the note which says she must go to a certain address and kiss the girl she finds there, whereupon the mysterious Organisation of this Tag game will give her clothes back and she'll be free to go.

The "Tag" game goes on (I won't go into more detail) but the main character is drawn deeper and deeper into a mysterious underground world of sexual domination, abuse, rape and forced exhibitionism, all of which she's both powerless to resist and which she begins to find she loves... then craves, her addiction becoming complete when she is "released" but even when no longer forced by the Organisation to do such acts she still needs to, wilfully streaking and going to addresses to be raped and abused by strangers. In this game my writing partner would play the exploited main character and I would play everyone else. I'd have to feed bits of info of the various situations and if you have a fantasy about exhibitionism and public nudity this game will appeal to you.


3) Your Father's Wish [M/f and M/f/f, BDSM, Mother-Daughter incest]

I'm seeking a partner to play the role of a man in a three-way story based on a doujin that I recently read and was inspired by so much that I'd like to try converting it to an RP. While we'll be following the main storyline we'll have opportunity to flesh out scenes with our own style and content. The story is told from the POV of the daughter plus some flashbacks about her deceased father's behest. The original story is set in Japan and I think it works best in that setting.

The story concerns a mother and daughter and a male friend of the mother (in fact the deceased father's best and lifelong friend). There is going to be incest between mother and daughter but that is effectively the closing act of the story.

I will be playing both female roles, unless one of my regular writing partners voices an interest in taking the role of the mother.


4) Walking on Clouds. [F/F and M/F, public nudity, exhibitionism, naturism, some bondage/mild BDSM, orgies]

Based on a fantastically erotic doujin called Kumo no Michi. A girl stands in class to read her creative writing piece only to start relating a fantasy of hers, to be naked in public, to walk about the city in daylight with everyone staring at her. Her shocked teacher angrily demands she stop at once and berates her for submitting such a ridiculous assignment, disruptive to her class. Later in study time her friends come round to ask what she thought she was doing. She says again that it's her fantasy and that she'd love to be naked among strangers. One of the pushier, more confident girls suggests she strips right there... Some girls are horrified (though some are curious) while the boys all grin and wait eagerly.

The game is about the situation that develops from here; the girl eventually becoming the pet of the entire class and agreeing to do anything her male and female classmates tell her as long as it is passed by the 'committee' which consists of the pushy girl (who is all for the idea and revealed - not unsurprisingly - as a lesbian) and the rather strict, straight-laced proper class rep, who is against it. The one is the 'accelerator', the other the 'brake'. Over time the nudity spreads to other class members until the class forms a club based around being naked in public with various games, dares, punishments and rewards.

A 1-on-1 game would require both players to play multiple roles and numerous NPCs.

The doujin has very little in the way of BDSM other than the main character submitting to what the class tell her to do, and later on some mild bondage but we could take the game into a slightly darker, more vigorous direction if BDSM is your kink.


5) Special Incentives Scheme. [School setting, group sex, public sex, D/s themes, some public humiliation and nudity, M/F and M-M-M-M/F].

Loosely based on a number of doujins where I've seen this theme used, and a previous group game of mine called Swan Academy, a school class is underperforming, boys are playing truant and grades are dropping. The headmaster calls in his teachers to discuss ways to correct the trend and one lady teacher makes a rather unorthodox suggestion; sexual favours as rewards to the students for good attendance and for doing well in tests. The teacher suggests a range of rewards and prizes from hand jobs to blow jobs to full sex in class with the ultimate reward to the top three ranked students each month in attendance and grades being a weekend at the teachers apartment with her, where she will do anything they ask.

In the way these mucky Japanese school stories go, the headmaster accepts her offer granting her permission to be as indecent as she likes on school grounds, and the lady teacher is moved to be put in charge of the affected class and puts her proposals to her new students...

I'll be playing the teacher here, I'm looking for one or more players to play a male student each, or preferably several students. If the teacher finds the demand for giving rewwards is too high for her, she will co-opt a couple of the girls from her class into assisting. Although inspired by a doujin, the game can be given any setting, Europe, America, as you wish.


6) Bible Black. [School setting, magic, witchcraft, occult, demons, human corruption, NC, M/F and F/F - I could even turn this into an M/M story]

I'd like to play either a one-on-one or a group game based around the original 6-part hentai anime, not the sequel. Open to change things around, it doesn't have to follow the original story closely. A one-on-one game would require both players to play multiple characters.


7) Forbidden Love. [Vanilla, F/F, taboo, romance, possibly age-difference, possibly going towards some BDSM later]

Two girls meet, become friends and fall in love. This can be set in a high schooll or be a setting with an age difference (high-schooler and adult, though NOT a teacher). The pair could even be childhood friends who already know each other well. In this game I'm seeking depth of character and romance as the key elements over and above any smut. I'd like us both to create characters who have backgrounds that will impinge on the relationship and I also want pressure put onto their love by the taboo of lesbianism, either because they are immature and only just understanding what this is, or one is aged 16-17 and the other is about ten years older.

Inspiration comes from a doujin called "I Fell in Love for the First Time".


8) If you go down to the woods today... [Monster/f, rape, huge &/or barbed cocks, medieval fantasy, anal penetration, full body penetration, breeding, egg-laying, public humiliation]

I've tried this game twice now but sadly it stalled both times. I'd play a young woman who is a princess or high-born lady betrothed in marriage to the son of a neighbouring kingdom, the marriage will bring an aliance of the two families. There is a short overland route between the two human states and a very much longer sea journey but the quickly shifting political climate requires the lady's caravan of coach and guards to take the overland route. This road goes through the Blackwood, a forbidding place humans rarely enter and the lady's guards are slain by a dragonkin and she is taken hostage for use in breeding and as a 'body ornament'. This game will involve the following elements:

A lizard-like dominant creature of around 10 feet/3 m height with some magical powers and enormous genitalia will use the female for breeding. The dragonkin/lizardmen also wear their female breeding vessels strapped to their chests and stomachs via a leather harness and the female vessel is penetrated in both lower holes almost permanently. The RP will involve capture, communication across a language barrier, harsh sex and violence, bondage, flogging, huge and deep penetrations and a special kink of mine I've wanted to RP for a long time - full body penetration into the anus and out through the mouth via all the tubing of the bowels and up through the stomach. Magical means will be used here of course, without it death would result, by asphixiation if nothing else!

The lizardman/dragonkin will learn of the human female's mission and work to bring either political pressure on the humans via blackmail or humiliate them and the female captive by 'wearing' her to a council meeting of men.

There could be other public humiliations in other towns as well, and the story is set against a backdrop of a gathering war between the kingdoms of men and a race of northern barbarians with half-human allies.

I am looking for a player to play the lizardman/dragonkin.


9) To Feed The Dark [Monster/m/m/m, rape, huge &/or barbed cocks, medieval fantasy, male anal penetration, posibly full body penetration, breeding,  public humiliation, body enhancement, cock/balls enlarging, CBT]

A mage of humanoid race uncovers a tome that promises great powers by 'dark breeding' with certain males who can be human or elf. Using charms the mage wins over one or more warriors or religious adepts and  forms a party to scour the land for certain plants or animals whose flesh or stems when fed to males imbues them with the ability to become sources of power for the mage. The mage grows his power by anally mating with his male concubines and filling them with his seed. It is his magical seed combined with their enhanced metabolism from the herbs, plants and animal meat that grants him firther powers.

I would like this game (1-on-1 with several victims to be played by one player or a small group game) to focus on the assembly of the 'victim party' and their journeys across the realm in vanilla D&D style. The males will come under the mage's spell and either willingly or unwillingly submnit to his sexual advances. The party will be raped and milked or suffer orgasm denial for the mages pleasure and dark purpose. There will be body enhancements involved (huge cocks and balls), plenty of CBT and CBB (cock and ball bondage) as well as public nudity or public humiliation.

More details can be worked out, especially a deeper plot beyond the sexual domination one.

Inspired by a wonderful idea by PaleEnchantress.

I will play one of the party/victims. I'm looking for a seriously kinky and extreme dom to play the mage and others to play other party members/victims if necessary. Force sex between the victims is a possibility as well.


10) Anime inspirations

I'm looking to play canon characters from these series, so please have an extremely good understanding of both the setting, its meaning and the character(s).

Eve no Jikan - this would be a background world only with OCs. I think two female androids neither of which knows the other isn't human could make for an extremely convoluted and unusual RP relationship.

Monogatari - Araragi with Senjougahara, Hanekawa or Kanbaru... Or all of them. Or just the girls with each other... Or shifting combinations worked in around oddities, manifestations and strange spirit entities. ;)

Haruhi Suzumiya - Kyon vs the world! Or is it Kyon changes the world to what he wants without realising it?

Evangelion - any of the pilots... and pretty much any of the NERV personnel. And political skulduggery. Nuff said.
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Added Tag! from another older game request post. Added a couple of anime series. Deleted one idea.

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Added game idea #7, Special Incentive Scheme.
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Added two more game ideas, Bible Black and Forbidden Love.

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Expunged a couple of ideas. Added ideas 8 & 9.

I'm especially looking for M/m game ideas at the moment, with me playing the submissive role. If you have your own M/m ideas set either in a fantasy or contemporary setting, please drop me a PM.

EDIT: I had deleted my anime listing some time ago but just added a very few select settings back in which especially fascinate me in terms of the character situations in them. These aren't boy meets girl, boy shags girl stories, they all bend and shift in various convoluted ways because of the world-setting of the series. Its that background that gives them interest for me.
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