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Author Topic: My Humble Collection of Ideas (M/F, F/F, M/M, Futa/F or M, and so on)  (Read 1271 times)

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Offline RevenentTopic starter

Currently: Open to New RPs

Craving: -Something a bit shorter in average post length (two or three paragraphs on average would be good). I have a busy month ahead of me, so I'd like something where I can post without having to worry about if the length is enough.
-I'd be interested in doing something with futa in it, since I haven't seen too much of that around here. Other than that, I've done a lot of M/M recently, so I'd like to focus some on M/F and F/F too (or, better yet, bi; either F with M and F, M with F and M, or both).

Now that I have your attention, a few of those oh so important details before I get to what the topic is really about:

*Unless otherwise stated or made obvious (such as when I name a character in the description), any of the following ideas can be made M/F, F/F, M/M, or even futa/whatever, since I don't generally create my character for each scenario before I'm approached about the RP. Even if I do say I don't want a certain story to have a certain gender match-up, though, absolutely feel free to convince me if you want to try it that way. I try to be open to different suggestions.

*I've RPed with people who do one-liners and I've RPed with people who post a solid five paragraphs at a time, and I've had plenty of fun with both, so as long as both players are having fun, the story and characters are being moved forward, and it's not something ridiculous like ten paragraphs, how long or short each post is isn't an issue for me. However, keep in mind that I'll take a little longer to respond to RPs with longer average post length, so I try to avoid anything that is constantly over about three or four paragraphs max. I try to respond at least once a week to every RP, and much more whenever possible, but being a college junior and a part-time worker at a tedious job means it's usually open season for my energy and motivation.

*I'm a big boy. If you lose interest in continuing our RP for whatever reason, do the polite thing and inform me so I don't have to wait weeks to find out I now have room to take on another RP. I can take it. In fact, it would be more disrespectful if you were simply to walk away from the game and never say anything, since that means I'm not even worth saying anything to when you lose interest in the RP. Of course, I plan to show the same respect to all of my partners.

*Feel free to look at my O/Os and preferences, but if you see I put I Dislike something you would be interesting in, you can still contact me about it and see if I might have a change of heart. I'm pretty open-minded and it's hard to put everything you like and dislike into such concrete categories, so there's a chance I might not mind something if it's handled tastefully, other than the usual extreme stuff.

If you see something that interests you, as always, please PM me rather than posting in this thread. If some time passes and you don't get a reply to that PM, contact me again or go ahead and post in here letting me know, because I certainly don't plan on ignoring anyone on purpose. I'll try my best to keep updating this about what's taken, what's new, and whether or not I'm open for more RPs. And if none of the ideas below interest you, but you think I'd be a good partner anyway for some other idea you have or would be willing to come up with together, without a doubt send me a message. I prefer to focus on fantasy and sci-fi settings, but I'll enjoy anything as long as the characters are good.

If you want to do something with a story in a preexisting universe, here's a not-nearly-as-complete-as-I'd-like-it list of franchises you could very easily get my interested in doing an RP based on (mainly just anime and games, because I don't watch that much TV anymore and I tend to read more classic literature that I wouldn't necessarily want to RP). Note that it doesn't have to directly involve the plotline or characters from the work in question, I'm mainly just looking for similar world elements.

Franchises I Like (Updated 4/22/12)
-American Gods
-The Divine Comedy (you'll surprise me if you can think of a plot for that one, though)
-The Hunger Games

-Doctor Who
-The Walking Dead (haven't watched past the pilot, but put this here more for the tone)

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-The Warriors
-anything western

-Death Note
-Fullmetal Alchemist*

-Scott Pilgram vs. The World
-Hellboy and spin-off series*

-Mass Effect
-The Elder Scrolls
-Deus Ex*
-Armored Core*
-Final Fantasy
-Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku*
-Dead Rising
-Zone of the Enders*
-Resident Evil
-Silent Hill

* = Indicates my real favorites. If you want to do a story related to this, there's very little chance I'll say no.


Favorite Settings:
Light High Fantasy
Dark High Fantasy
Science Fiction
Science Fantasy

(NOTE: As far as dom/sub goes, I'm willing to play either side, but since I've played the dom part in almost every RP I've done recently, I'd definitely be interested in playing a sub role for a change. Who plays what side is always up for discussion, though.)

1. Across the Iron Curtain
Setting: 1960s, Cold War

I haven't thought of much for this beyond the setting and general theme, so there would be a fair bit of cooperation in planning it. As the title suggests, this would be set in the 60's under the looming threat of the Cold War, though it wouldn't be particularly grim or even realistic. I was thinking something more along the lines of the Connery Bond films: a slightly light-hearted spy thriller/adventure where a couple of spies (or perhaps one undercover spy and a government agent of some other kind) from opposite sides of the war meet up and get close to each other, either as part of one's (or both's) mission to get information from the other, or by total accident. There's a lot that can be tweaked here.

Like I said, though, if you're looking for a gritty, realistic story with dark, hard-hitting political commentary on how the Cold War led to so much suffering, look elsewhere. After all, what fun is a spy without lots of cool gadgets and witty dialogue?

2. Decisions Made in Haste
Setting: Alternate World, High Fantasy

Set in a grim fantasy world where the wonders of magical power and the variety of interesting races that bring spice to the world do little to slow the growth of an all-consuming war. Ideologies and other details aside for the moment, two soldiers, one from each side of the war, are mortally wounded in a fierce battle and are left behind when both armies pull back, leaving them to die in the field. However, neither soldier is quite willing to die for the cause they were sent to fight for, so, when they encounter each other, they make a magical pact seldom heard of in the world, and never heard of between enemies: by making this pact, both lives will be saved, but they will also be bound. Should one of them die, they both die, no exceptions.

With their lives returned, what happens next is a dilemma. Do they return to war on opposite sides and each risk the other one dying to their comrades, thus ensuring both die? Do they flee elsewhere, and hope for the best in a foreign land where order and safety are rare luxuries? Are they both willing to spend the rest of lives with each ensuring that the other remains alive?

3. From Steel to Dust
Setting: Alternate World, Science Fiction

To a human being who's been used to being on top of the food chain for all of his or her life, the world of Tarma would seem like a very difficult place to live. With the lands, seas, and even the skies to some extent teeming with creatures so enormous, powerful, and dangerous that any human on the surface would likely get eaten before he could finish putting his boots on, feeble-bodied little homo sapiens have had to evolve and build in different ways in order to remain alive without insect-like tenacity. Perhaps they're not far off, though: massive, mobile fortresses the size of (and sometimes containing) multiple cities trudge across the land and seas, each a nation with its own government and culture, cradling thousands upon thousands of humans each. Like an insect hive, they keep monstrous fauna away not by being stronger, but by having sheer annoying will to survive.

But not all hope for a more respectable human existence is lost. When one "nation discovers a small chain of islands strangely devoid of the giant creatures that populate the rest of the planet and surrounded by enough sand banks to keep the dangerous creatures of the sea at bay, it decides to launch the first ever human colonization program in Tarma's history. Selecting several experts and a massive number of volunteers, it gives them the equipment they need and sends them down to build the first stationary human sustainable settlement the surface of Tarma has ever seen...

4. A Demon Upon Winchcombe
Setting: England, 19th Century

For decades, maybe even a few centuries, Winchcombe had been the most unremarkable of little English towns, the sort of place that was hardly worth a mention on any map. Even its own inhabitants had a difficult time getting enthused about any of the dull events that took place in its dark wood structures and cobblestone streets, only murmuring to each other out of obligation when the darling woman Emilia Jones started ranting in the streets that she had been witness to a mighty and brilliant angel in her own home. Strange that such a sensible woman would go mad out of nowhere, but she had disappeared completely after three days, so there was little to be said about the manner.

Until it happened again. And again. Within four months, over twenty townsfolk of inconsistent age and gender had their turns crying out in public that the angel had visited them, only to be gone the third morning after. Confusion begat concern begat anxiety begat panic, and with very little capacity to investigate these disappearances themselves, the townsfolk hurried a message along to the state office to request aid. The response? A single investigator sent from London, whose bosses had just assumed the town's own law enforcers were too thick to discover an obvious underground cult on their own.

The investigator agrees with them at the start, but as soon as he/she arrives, a native of the town insists on helping his/her investigation, and starts to convince him/her that there may be a more dangerous force at work here...

5. Marooned
Setting: Science Fiction (with bits of Science Fantasy)

Through means either known or unknown, two or more survivors find themselves stranded on a planet they don't recognize. The survivors don't know each other, but have little choice other than to work together to keep surviving and try to find a way off the planet. Of course, they may end up encountering things they do not expect on this strange, strange world, including all sorts of unique flora and fauna, and maybe even more primitive intelligent life, that react to them in equally strange ways...

6. Contest of the Divines
Setting: High Fantasy, perhaps real world Mythological

As stories often show, the gods and their ilk are always looking forward ways to keep themselves amused, even (or perhaps especially) at the expense of humankind. On this occasion, a race of powerful demigods have crafted a gladiatorial arena up in their heaven sphere, and have each begun collecting and enslaving the best mortal warriors and mages they could find to battle against each other whenever they feel like making wages. Needless to say, the mortals aren't happy to be caged and lined up to slaughter each for the amusement of some higher beings, but perhaps some will get the idea in their heads to fight back eventually...

7. Lands of the Dark Rapture
Setting: Medieval Post-apocalyptic, Low or High Fantasy

After the sovereign of all the known land makes a pact with the wrong devil in a desperate grasp for even more power, all but a few cursed souls disappear from the world, leaving those who are still left to survive in the abandoned remains of human society. By some manner of luck, two such souls, possibly total strangers before this terrible event, find each other amidst the empty towns and cities and decide to go out together to find a place in this new, nearly empty world. Of course, things may not have only been taken out, but put in as well.

8. Hell on Earth
Setting: Modern Low Fantasy, Post-Biblical Apocalypse

The Rapture came and took the righteous up into Heaven. Armageddon came and wiped out Lucifer and the majority of his demon horde, leaving much of the earth as barren wastelands or lava-covered fields of death. The death of Prince of Lies, however, did not mean the death of all the demons and the wicked. Those demon lords who had survived and were left stranded on Earth decided to make the once-beautiful planet their new home, enslaving those humans that had also managed to survive and entering a new age of feudal wars and lordship amongst themselves. Lesser demons are sent off to fight and die to expand the territory and power of the stronger, more favored brethren, and humans are either slaves or livestock, aside from those crafty enough to escape, tough enough to fight back, or lucky enough to have stumbled upon angelic artifacts to defend themselves with. There is no escaping the new, hellish, abandoned Earth, though.

This is more a setting than a plot, obviously, but I can see a variety of plots based on this:
-Your standard "enslavement" plot, with a demon prince dominating a human slave.
-Two renegade humans coming together to fight against the demons or run.
-Two slaves falling for each other.
-A particularly tough human overpowering and dominating an unlucky demon/demoness.

And more I'm sure you can think of. Plenty of room for discussion here.

9. Traveler
Setting: Modern (or any other Earthly time period), Science Fiction

Created without explanation on the opposite end of the Milky Way, her race is immortal, beautiful, and has the power to change forms, manipulate minds, and travel through space without the need for a vessel. Had they an origin they knew of or the ability to procreate, they could have been great conquerors, but instead they chose to be explorers, traveling the galaxy to seek out the truth of their creation. The few thousand of her kind that exist wish only to know what race created theirs, and to come to understand their reasons, whatever they may be. After several centuries, her own journey has brought her to Earth, where she suspects the dominant species to be distantly related to her own. She will find a suitable "human" here and use them to learn more about this species, and what connections they have, either willingly or by psychic force...

WARNING: Likely to contain tentacles, transgender transformation, and other kinds of stuff you would expect from a form-shifting alien demigod. More vanilla stuff as well, but obviously this is meant for more exotic scenarios.

10. The Blackwalls and the Augustines
Setting: Low Fantasy, Multiple Eras

From the Yorks and Lancasters to the Hatfields and McCoys, great families have found themselves in terrible feuds since the dawn of time, but no feud was as terrible, yet also as secret, as the feud between the Blackwalls and the Augustines. The families had come together over a power they both shared, an incredible affinity toward black magic, but had split apart over who should lead the efforts of their dark manipulations. Now, seeking to eradicate each other without revealing their prowess to the world, the families use their magic not only for direct combat, but to travel into the past and either attempt to assassinate Blackwall and Augustine ancestors, or alter their history to make them weaker.

(This is another case where it's more of a setting and overarching plot than an actual idea for the relationship, but there are a few different ideas that could come from this. Maybe a Blackwall/Augustine goes into the past to kill an enemy ancestor, but finds out they like them too much to go through with it? Just one example.)

More on the way!

Taken Plots
Contractual Obligations

Setting: Science Fiction, Off-world (can be changed)

When you signed on with the Crowley group, you thought you had already hit the bottom of the barrel. They had the gear and the crew to match your skill as a soldier, but that didn't change the fact that they were seen as a bunch of childish, misfit criminals who couldn't even make up their mind as to what they were. When someone needed mercenaries, they were a PMC; when a trade ship tried to pass near one of their ships, they became a mob, taking "protection money" in return for escorting the ship; and when a trade ship passed that had some nice stuff on it, they just became pirates.

But as it turns out, there are ways to sink even lower than just working for Malcolm Crowley. Nope, turns out he has other needs from his newest crewmates, and if you want to stick around and not be dropped off at the nearest supernova, you'd better do as he says...

Present for the Lady (F/F)

Setting: Historical or Modern

The daughter of an extremely wealthy family grows bored and restless as she has little access with the outside world, and gets caught more than once trying to sneak out of the mansion to go find some "entertainment" with the ladies in town. Her parents, not wanting her secret hobby to become public and damage their reputation as a family, arrange to have a beautiful young woman of their daughter's age to be kidnapped from one of the poor areas and brought home to be kept as a plaything for her. Their daughter looks forward to having something new to pass the time with...

Up-and-"Coming" Star

Setting: Possibly Modern, Possibly Futuristic

Character 1 (submissive female or submissive male) is a young, popular new movie star and late teen idol, who's risen to stardom so fast that they've developed a massive superiority complex, growing condescending to even their friends and family. Character 2 is character 1's best friend/dating partner/sibling (if you want to go the incest route) who is the most affected by this sudden change in attitude. Deciding they need to be taught a lesson, C2 tricks the overconfident C1 into signing a contract that put him/her directly into C2's own new business, directing pornography. C1 suddenly finds themselves being forced into a variety of twisted sexual situations on-camera so that C2 can "fix" their serious attitude problem, though not until C2 joins in for themselves...
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Re: My Humble Collection of Ideas (M/F, F/F, and/or M/M)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 12:14:05 AM »
Updated for the first time! Just added a few more story ideas and made things a bit more detailed. I wanted more ideas, but it's getting late, so it will probably have to wait.

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Re: My Humble Collection of Ideas (M/F, F/F, M/M, Futa/F or M, and so on)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2012, 10:55:03 AM »
There we go, a couple more for your perusal.

UPDATE 2/2/12:
-Added Present for the Lady.
-Added Marooned.
-Added Contest of the Divines.

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Re: My Humble Collection of Ideas (M/F, F/F, M/M, Futa/F or M, and so on)
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2012, 10:40:51 PM »
Wanted to add at least three more ideas, but two was all I had at the moment. I'll keep thinking on it, though.

UPDATE 4/22/12:
-Added Lands of the Dark Rapture.
-Added Up-and-Coming Star.

Offline RevenentTopic starter

UPDATE 6/7/12:
-Added Hell on Earth.
-Added Craving header.

Probably going to add another idea or two tomorrow when it's not so damn late. D:

Offline RevenentTopic starter

UPDATE 6/10/12:
-Added Traveler.
-Added The Blackwalls and the Augustines.
-Tidied things up a bit. ;)