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Author Topic: *Extreme: Pregnancy & Breeding* {Seeking Dom Male}  (Read 2349 times)

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*Extreme: Pregnancy & Breeding* {Seeking Dom Male}
« on: February 03, 2011, 01:43:39 AM »
*Extreme: Pregnancy & Breeding* {Extremes}

... Egg Laying... Pregnancy... Impregnation... Insemination... Breeding...

I am looking for possible extreme, non con, and darker aspects of impregnation... Painful impregnation, possible torture during pregnancy, breeding to death, complications with pregnancy, offspring too large to be delivered naturally, large nest of eggs, natural miscarriage, forced miscarriage, sex during delivery, offspring that cause internal damage, offspring that eat their way out...  open to other suggestions...

Most likely these will be in the realm of fantasy worlds. I am not a big fan of modern settings (I will hear you out if  you have an amazing idea that needs a modern setting)

While I am looking for this to have pregnancy/breeding, I am in the mood for this to be more than just smut or random fucking. I do want a bit of a plot. I would really love for this to be something emotional. A twisted love tale, a serious mind fuck, pain and suffering to make one more grateful for the gentle moments. Possible Stockholm or dealing with depression, the harshness of a master and the miracle of a childs love.

~ Impregnation for humiliation and degradation...
Various situations from rape to prisoner of war rape to rape of someone in an upper class.

~ Impregnation for the purpose of creating a strong heir...
Demanding lover. Possibly miscarriage if he suspects she is not pregnant with his child.
~ Impregnation for the purpose of procreation of a race (exotics and tentacles)...
Possibly being used for breeding with a number of exotics. Possible breeding her nearly or to death.

~ Possible incest, brother, father, cousin...
Raped by one of the children she eventually births.

~Impregnation to resupply ranks during war time...
Put into a breeding program for woman captured during war and they forced to bear child after child.

~ Raped by nearly an entire soldier unit over and over again...
She is the sole entertainment for a unit of soldiers for months or years on end. Forced to breed a new generation of soldiers.

~ Carrying another man's child...
She is allowed to have sex with other but only allowed to have his child. She is forced to have sex with other men but their are consequences if she becomes pregnant

~ Sacrificed on an alter to a god to carry his child...

~ Fucked by a barbed cock, only pain can make her ovulate...

~ Egg laying, possibly as often as every two weeks until her body is completely used up.

~ Torturing her, beating her until she becomes pregnant with his child

~ Torturing her, beating her until she consents to become pregnant with his child

~ Possible miscarriage just to torture her. 

~Possible death during child birth

Plots with the pics below... Open to other suggestions.

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(I have no problem playing with non females... As long as you are willing to play a dominant male, I am willing.)

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Offline stormkittenTopic starter

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Re: ~ Doll seeking Sadist Male~ {Extremes}
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2011, 12:58:26 PM »
1... For whatever reason, its become rare for women to become pregnant... Women that have managed to become pregnant and give birth are considered a rare commodity.

2... Soldier impregnated, either by enmey troops, or maybe her own unit

3... Impregnated for religion... by a god/demi god/ or cult.

4... Something to do with a ghost/religion. Likely a pairing involving a necromancer. Summoning ghost that died while they were pregnant and forcing their soul into a healthy woman's body so that she gives birth. Maybe the necromancers lover died while pregnant and his ghost lover are desperate for their child to be born.

5... Some pairing with a master and his sub/slave. Maybe she is forcefully impregnated. Maybe willingly

6... Aliens? Tentacles? Lab experiments? Oviposition, yes please
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7... I want to do something of a bit reverse opposition. She can be a mermaid/mershark/merpus, maybe just a human scuba diver, water dryad, some other water creature. She is captured by a anthro seahorse, and as the male seahorses give birth, her eggs would have to be extracted. (I imagine painfully...maybe there is something leading up that causes her to produce more eggs than normal)

8... He has been brutal to her, demanding. Either actively torturing her, or forcing her into long days of labor, than the long evenings of satisfying his desires. His promise, that if she gave him an heir life could be so much sweeter for her. Maybe she has some kind of magick, or blessing, or religion that keeps her from becoming pregnant against her will. Maybe he just wants her to crave a child as much as he does.

9... The city has been invaded. Her husband, a soldier, died trying to get her to safety. She is pregnant with his child. When she is captured, she is desperate to protect the pregnancy and child.
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Re: ~ Doll seeking Sadist Male~ {Possible Ex}
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2011, 11:21:23 PM »
Sold! We can discuss details.