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May 24, 2018, 01:34:09 AM

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Author Topic: *Dark and Death plays* {Seeking Dom M} death themes *Curerntly Closed*  (Read 1029 times)

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Advised: This thread specifically deals with themes of death and torture. If those are not your kinks, this thread is not for you.

This will be set in a fantasy or historical setting only... no modern settings. Seeking dominant male characters.

I am only playing by Forum threads. Please PM if interested in discussing details. If we have played together in the past, dont hesitate to hit me up again. I will play with other females writers, as long as you are interested in playing a dom male character.

I am wanting to explore some themes that will lead to character death. Death, murder, snuff (death during the act of sex), necro (sex with a corpse or dead being), suicide, forced suicide, accidental death...

While the ending I am looking for is death, I would like to build up the scene and story first.

My character on the right

Religious figure ^ Sacrifice... wanting to explore sacrificial situations. Anything from a sacrifice to a god, or a demon, to a sacrifice for a spell. Explore sacrifices that are important (only sacrifices of value/worth will work) to sacrifices that are less worthless other than their life given over as a source of power.

Enemy soldieir ^ Female Lover... Lovers, one day they are captured, leading to one/both of their deaths. Maybe she is raped and tortured in front of her lover, maybe she is forced to watch him be tortured. What would she offer/do to try to save him, at least for a little while? I am open to them being soldiers or civilians or even  nobles on the wrong side of the war

New King ^ prince's mistress... She was a commoner that joined the army as her father had too many daughters to pay dowry for. At some point she was assigned to the army in which a younger prince led. He fell for her, or maybe he raped her and a relationship bloomed. The prince is killed, along with much of the royal family and heirs. His remaining has ascended the throne, she is brought before him on charges of treason. As a soldier and body guard she should have died in the attack that killed his brother, she barely survived. Her wounds causing her to miscarry, which is the final straw as the new king seeks to put her to death

Enemy king ^ Rebel... Her lover led a rebellion against  the king. After a few years, they are on the last battle. The lovers are captured, she remains largely untouched while her lover is tortured and killed. In order to avoid raising unrest, the king gives a few respects (maybe  his body sent home, maybe she is given a title...) It largely destroys her will to live. The king urges her to stay at the castle, he makes sure she functions, she shows up at events, she is her puppet until she finds a bit of will to live again

King ^ former king's barren wife... the old king has died, his body is put to rest in a great tomb. The wives that have bore him a son will remain in the harem and possession passed down to the heir. Those that had no children are put to death and buried in the tomb with him to be sent into the after life to keep him company. This could be played out with kings family member (brother or son), or part of his guard. Room for con/non scene, possible torture.

Master/viking ^ slave of a dead master... Her master is dead, he is about to be put to rest in his final resting place. She volunteers to go with him, hoping that in the afterlife he will reward her and finally make her his wife. This could be played out with her masters family member, or part of his guard. Possibly raping, torturing her before killing her Room for con/non scene, possible torture.

new Master ^ slave of a dead master... Her master has died and his harem, like his possessions, is about to be split up among family and heirs. She is a slave of his, either distraught with his death or with the new master that will soon claim her that she decides to throw herself on his funeral pyre to join him. Instead of succeeding she is stopped, for her foolishness she is raped and tortured before being granted death.

Servant ^ Servant... forbidden relationship between two slaves. Maybe he rapes her. Frustrated at his lack of  control, she is something he can force his control on. The situtation leads to her death. Whether the male slave cannot bear her in pain or cant bear to share her. Maybe the master catches them and punishes them, one or both killed/ forced to commit suicide.

Necromancer ^ Some kind of undead... He has found a female that would make a perfect slave, only problem is she is still alive, that is something he can easily fix...

Soldier ^ Spy... A spy is found among the camp and taught a lesson and made an example of leading to her death.

Soldier ^ Spy lover... He is a higher ranked officer, and discovers his lover of several years is a spy... now he must decide to keep silent or to do something about it...

Soldier ^ Enemy soldier... He captures her, maybe rapes her on the battlefield... open to how this ends in death, if she kills him and escapes or if she commits  suicide, or is killed along the way

Gladiator ^ Slave.... Possible forbidden love. Maybe she is given to him as a prize. Maybe she is part of the show, with no experience she is forced to fight him, or during a noble party she is raped for the entertainment of the crowd, eventually ending in her death, whether by design or accident.

the Wild Hunt ^ exotic female... the wild hunt is a phantasmal, spectral group of huntsmen with the accoutrements of hunting, with horses and hounds in mad pursuit across the skies or along the ground, or just above it. The hunters may be the dead or the fairies (often in folklore connected with the dead). The hunter may be an unidentified lost soul, a deity or spirit of either gender, or may be a historical or legendary figure. Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage the death of the one who witnessed it. Mortals getting in the path of or following the Hunt could be kidnapped and brought to the land of the dead.

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