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Author Topic: *Warrior and the Battle* {Seeking dom Male} *Curerntly Closed*  (Read 2029 times)

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*Warrior and the Battle* {Seeking dom Male} *Curerntly Closed*
« on: September 04, 2009, 04:56:43 pm »
So I am in the mood for something war and warrior related. Possibly a twisted tale of some kind. Stockholm etc

Adding a few thoughts of my own. Would love to hear if you have any other plot ideas... I am going to lean heavily into the realm of fantasy/historical for these please. I do have a high interest in most of these leading to either pregnancy or death... please send me a pm message....

Prisoner of war
*I prefer my character to be the pow
* Language barrier, one has to learn the others language.
* Captured after battle, capture mid battle
* Raped on the battle field
* Captured and raped by an officer
* Captured and raped by entire unit
* Captured and used as entertainment, dancing, rape, animal rape
* During the day forced into intense manual labor, at night rape repeatedly
* Captured and impreged repeatedly to either create an heir or to replenish the soldiers

Prisoner of war (broken mind)
* Pick up the story with my character already broken, devastated, barely alive, almost insane
* Everyone breaks eventually
* She has been tortured to the point she has no more resistance left. That is where is really begins... or maybe she is thrown away for someone else to pick an interest in.
* She has seen so many horrible acts her mind broke, unable to deal with so much death, torture, and the screams that echo in her head.
* She has long passed the point of even thinking about escaping even if the doors were unlocked
* Possibly a story between her and another broken captive, or someone unbroken
* A predatory relationship between herself and another captive, or a soldier that has taken a new interest in her.

* Open to her being either a captive soldier, or a captive civilian, maybe even a noble
* The sacrifice of blood, body, sex, spirit, soul
* This can lead to death or not
* The sacrifice can be a long term event, her life force possibly continuously feeding a source

* Your character a viking warrior
* My character a younger woman captured during a raid
* Possible raped to death among the viking crew
* Possibly kept as a toy and sex toy for one of the men.
* Possible language barrier.
* My character's master dies and she is sacrificed to be sent with him into the afterlife

* I prefer my character to be the spy
* Spying as a solider and is caught and tortured
* Spy falls in love with an officer, he later finds out about her, has to decide what to do with her and their relationship
* She may or may not have stopped reporting back to her own army
* Your character is the spy and forces my character to cooperate/help him.
* She may or may not have stopped reporting back to her own army
* He may have had a long held suspicion

* I prefer my character to be the traitor
* Traitor is caught and tortured
* Once exposed, does he keep it to himself and use her, or expose her to everyone
* Exploring why she turned
* Does she have a lover, is he the one that turns her in or is he forced to watch her punishment
* Possibly raped, beaten, tortured till she is broken, then is simply left behind as camp moves on

* Gladiator vs Gladiator
* Your gladiator is given a slave (as a reward or incentive)
* Gladiator and slave fall in love
* Your gladiator has caught the interest of a noble woman, interested in taking advantage of his physical prowess
* My character is a gladiator forced to fight him in the arena
* She is raped in the areana, either as a slave or as a gladiator
* She is raped during her noble master's party
* Brother gladiator, sister slave
* Brother gladiator, sister gladiator, he is forced to rape her or watch others rape her

Warrior Incest
* Sister is jealous of her brothers numerous whores and sets herself up to be next
* Brother has always wanted sister and decides to take her, with or without her consent.
* While her brother is away from the army, she is raped and beaten, he returns to find her.

* Assassin vs. Assassin
* Collateral Damage, she is in the wrong place, wrong time
* Could be he rapes her and leaves
* Rape leading to snuff

* A princess captured from the battlefield
* A princess caught in a losing battle, forced to make a tough choice for the lives of her people

Centauress ^ Warrior(dom) ~Shield Maiden~ Fantasy Setting. He captures/buys a female centaur, begins to tame and train her as he would a horse. Intending to turn her into a war mount for battle. She is reluctant at first. Refusing to cooperate. Heavy bdsm, bondage and training theme.

Rebel ^ Enemy king... Her lover and her led a rebellion against  the king. After a few years, they are on the last battle. Its all or nothing left. The lovers are captured, she remains largely untouched while her lover is tortured and killed. Maybe she offers sexual favors for a chance to give him a break, or for the chance to be with him. Eventually he is killed. In order to avoid raising further unrest, maybe even to spin propaganda in his favor he announces that her lover denounced the rebellion, in his death had been forgiven his sins etc. To prevent further uprising he gives the illusion of respect and ending. Maybe sending his body home to be buried with custom, maybe she is given a title and position (provided she plays along with the kings charade.) The death of her lover has destroyed her own will to fight, barely feeling alive, like she is just going through the motions. The king decides to take advantage of this, she is a popular figure and the peasants are more likely to relent in the rebellion if she is seen at his side and part of his court. At this point, she doesnt care, her will easily manipulated into being his puppet at least in the public eye. I am open to something developing between herself and the king, or maybe another noble takes an interest her, or even a noble that wants to use her to cause another rebellion and make himself king.

Warrior ^ Enemy Warrior ~Price of Battle~ She was captured after battle. Given to the General of the enemy army as a victory toy. Maybe he likes her feisty attitude. he starts to break her down. Between raping her, sleep deprivation, forced to march with the army, given little food and water. After a couple of weeks she cant help but to start to have feelings. She fights less, becoming more accepting. When he notices he decides she is little more than a whore and tosses her out. Gives her a chance to return to her army. The next few months she tries to rebuild her life (She might discover she is pregnant.) After a few months pass and her people are being slaughtered and there is little her army can do to stop the invading force. In order to try to buy them some time, an offer is made to trade information about another enemy. She is sent as an envoy. As part of the deal, the General demands that she be his personal slut of  a certain amount of time.

Warrior Blind(sub) ^ Enemy Warrior ~Eyes in the Darkness~ Her army breaks during battle. The horn for retreat sounds, further sending the army into chaos. For a few more minutes she tried to hold her own before turning to retreat. Once she gains the back of the lines she begins to realize how few of her fellow soldiers are left alive. This wasn't a battle, it was a slaughter. The high ranking officers have long ago retreated heading toward safer ground. It becomes everyone for themselves and up to the common soldier to find their own way to safety. For the most part her injuries are only minor but after battling all day long her body is fatigued. She keeps moving till she can not even walk any further. Falling asleep she wakes to find herself unable to see anything but darkness, apparently blind. Trying not to panic she tries to continue moving toward safe ground knowing if she sits still waiting for someone to save her, she may be found by the enemy. (maybe she later finds that her vision temporarily returns only during very latenight)

rape victim ^ (open to suggestion)... he captured her, raped her, owned her.. until the day she escaped. Taking her chances she ran, fled... not for herself, but for the unborn life growing inside of her. She is pregnant. Months go by and she has sought a safe place to have the child. Just before the birth (or maybe soon after,) or maybe he shows up during the birth, when there is nothing she can do but submit to him.

Queen (exotic) ^ King(exotic/possible vampire)... She is spoils of war, made his queen and wife, he is a cruel man, she turns on him, betraying him, trying to kill him and thinks she succeeds. Years go by and he suddenly reappears to reclaims his throne and wife.

Warrior ^ Warrior Brother(dom) ~A Brothers Love~ Her brother is a general of the army. Determined to make a name for herself without him she transfers under a new general. Being a woman she is given a hard time by the predominately male army. Refusing to use her brothers name she tries her best to hold her own. It’s an up hill struggle and she soon falls. She finds her self chained up, whipped, beaten and raped. Thinking her brother was suppose to be at the camp within a week she still refuses to name drop. It’s almost a month before her brother finally arrives. He finds her severely injured and still chained up to a tree

Squire ^ Knight...  a girl that dresses like a boy. I was kinda thinking she is poor, living on the street. I figure she was probably living on the street. Or maybe she was orphaned. Life and times were harder for females. She feared rape, or being enslaved. She knew that as a boy, people would barely give her a second look. Just another street rat.He is a world renown knight and has recently sent the news that he is looking for a squire. A position most would kill for. Thinking this is her chance to become something more. She travels to compete to become that squire. Probably the first challenge or two she barely qualifies. Maybe she finishes as a winner to the challenge or maybe he merely likes what he sees and picks her.

Want to Play With (Your Character)
Vampire(dominate)... Dragon Lord(dominate)... Shapeshifter... Werewolf(dominate)... Were-animal(dominate)... Centuar(dominate)... Human... Elven... Demon(dominate)... Incubus(dominate)... Angel... Fallen Angel... Orc(dominate)... Zombie(dominate)... Goblin(dominate)... Brother(dominate)... Cousin(dominate/switch)... Twin Brothers(dominate/switch)... Warrior... Prisoner of War(sub/switch)... Soldier... Knight... Guard... Traitor... Assassin... Slayer... Hunter... Scout(sub)... Spy(sub)... Torturer(dominate)... Necromancer... Mage... Priest... Summoner... Wizard... Prince... King(sub/dominate)... Servant(dominate/switch)... Slave(sub/dominate/switch)...

Want to Play (My Character)
Vampire(sub/dominate)... Shapeshifter(sub/dominate/switch)... Human(sub)... Elven(sub)... Demon... Angel(sub)... Fallen Angel(sub)... Sister(sub)... Cousin(sub)... Amazon(sub/dominate)... Warrior(sub)... Soldier(sub/dominate)... Prisoner of War(sub)... Knight... Guard... Slayer(dominate/switch)... Spy... Traitor... Assassin(dominate/switch)... Mage... Priestess... Acolyte(sub)... Necromancer(dominate)... Princess(sub)... Witch... Servant(sub)(beg for it).... Stripper(sub/swtich)

... please send me a pm message if interested......
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Re: Warrior Rag Doll Seeking Male
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2009, 01:51:57 am »
Sent a PM. Interested in the first one.

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Re: Warrior Rag Doll Seeking Male
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2009, 03:01:14 am »
I sent you a PM about the spy/warrior one.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Warrior Rps... Seeking Male
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2009, 10:07:23 pm »
Ooh, looks interesting. What are your thoughts on fantasy races? Orcs, elves, etc?

Because I've been passively looking for a partner for a game like this. Orcs and elves... I'd control several orc characters who capture an elf during battle, or captures her spying on them. They keep her as a slave...

I'm pretty big on impregnation and things like that, and I noticed they're something you like in your O/O's.
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Re: Warrior Rps... Seeking Male
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2009, 06:04:28 pm »
    Im interested just generally in the genre, perhaps we could collaborate on a plot or you may find something interesting in my story posts?

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Re: Warrior Rps... Seeking Male
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2009, 05:42:06 pm »
I like all the ideas.