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Author Topic: *Emotional Masochist* {Seeking Dom Male} *Curerntly Closed*  (Read 967 times)

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*Emotional Masochist* {Seeking Dom Male}

I am craving something...

A dark romance... a twisted tale... a dark story... a mind fuck... Tragic twists, possible torture to make her fall in love with him, partners dying, partners kidnapped or lost, partners made to make near impossible decisions. I want to fall in love with the characters and be heart broken when they are.

... kinda in the mood for something new, something I have not played before,  so please feel free to suggest a plot or idea... ps if you are asking me to look at your request thread or a certain plot, please link it in the pm so I dont have to struggle to look for it.

This will be set in a fantasy or historical setting preferred... At this time I am only playing by Forum threads. Please PM if interested in discussing details. If we have played together in the past, dont hesitate to hit me up again. I will play with other females writers, as long as you are interested in playing a dom male character.

My character on the right
Green indicates that it is a new plot added here.

Prince (husband) ^ King (lover) ^ Wife/lover... I dont have a plot, but would be interested in playing with a pair of brothers, the older brother being king, the younger is prince and next in line for the throne, she married the prince, but some how ended up as a lover of the king.

Rapist ^ Female Lover... They are lovers, one day they are kidnapped, she is raped by the kidnapper in front of her lover. Prefer a fantasy setting for this. Maybe she is kidnapped first and when he comes to save her, he finds himself in over his head. Maybe he is captured and she makes an attempt to set him free, only to be captured too. I like explore the emotional side of them being captured and the mercy of another. This could possibly lead to one of their death, maybe through stockholm etc she comes to love both men.

Enemy king ^ Rebel... Her lover and her led a rebellion against  the king. After a few years, they are on the last battle. The lovers are captured, she remains largely untouched while her lover is tortured and killed. In order to avoid raising unrest, the king gives a few respects (maybe  his body sent home, maybe she is given a title...) It largely destroys her will to live. The king urges her to stay at the castle, he makes sure she functions, she shows up at events, she is her puppet until she finds a bit of will to live again

Master ^ slave(exotic)... When she came into his possession, she rebelled against him. Fought him at every step until  he broke her down. Slowly turning her into a loyal slave to him, hungry for his affection... but she has kept a secret... today he walks in and discovers it...

(open to suggestion) ^ former king's barren wife... the old king has died, his body is put to rest in a great tomb. The wives that have bore him a son will remain in the harem, passed down to the heir. Those that had no children are put to death and buried in the tomb with him for the after life. This could be played out with kings family member (brother or son), a member of her own, or part of his guard. Room for con/non scene, possible torture.

(open to suggestion) ^ slave of a dead master... Her master is dead, he is about to be put to rest in his final resting place. She volunteers to go with him, hoping that in the afterlife he will reward her and make her his wife. This could be played out with her masters family member, a member of her own, or part of his guard. Room for con/non scene, possible torture.

Servant ^ Servant... forbidden relationship between two slaves. Maybe he rapes her. Frustrated at his lack of  control, she is something he can force his control on.

Brother Servant ^ Sister Servant... They are slaves... maybe master makes them have sex. Maybe the forced sex was meant to be once, but in private they continue. This is no doubt forbidden.

Soldier ^ Spy lover... He is a higher ranked officer, and discovers his lover of several years is a spy... now he must decide to keep silent or to do something about it...

Soldier ^ Enemy soldier... He captures her, maybe rapes her on the battlefield.. Maybe makes her the camp whore... Maybe he breaks her and leaves her, or sends her home. Possible use for breeding.

Gladiator ^ Slave.... Possible forbidden love. Maybe she is given to him as a prize. Maybe she is part of the show, with no experience she is forced to fight him, or during a noble party she is raped for the entertainment of the crowd

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Re: Seeking a Lucifer or Demon
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2009, 04:34:18 pm »
I would like to take it if you haven't found another.

Offline Hyde

Re: Seeking a Lucifer or Demon
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2009, 03:04:42 pm »
I also would be interested if anything should fall through.