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Author Topic: [NC][Seeking More Players Who Want an In-Depth Game!] Burden City  (Read 43476 times)

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Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

[NC][Seeking More Players Who Want an In-Depth Game!] Burden City
« on: September 28, 2010, 01:14:14 pm »
    Burden City

    In a city whose population reaches almost one million souls, it is hard to control the amount of violent acts that happen daily. The reports of aggravated assault, kidnappings, robberies, and even rape are all too common for the far too small police force. Even the Heroes of Burden City can be corrupt; files go missing, as does evidence which allows those who are evil to walk free in the city. There are whispers of a Crime Lord amoungst the population; someone who is controlling all of these criminals to perform these acts.

    However there are a few true people in the Burden City Police Force that are honest with bringing about justice. But they are becoming less and less as the Crime Lord sinks their claws and teeth into them. There almost seems to be no hope in turning the city around and it very may well be lost. Now resting in the hands of just a few pure, good hearted people will it be cleansed? Or will they succumb to the Crime Lord's manipulations and caste Burden into a criminal wasteland forever?

    Burden City Location Specifics

    China Town
    Blue Dragon Casino
    Château Fardeau de la Ville
    San Angelo Apartments
    Burden City Streets
    Investigative Head Quarters
    Burden's Blooms
    Restaurant Auguste
    Burden's Beginnings Motel
    Club X-Stasy
    The Coffee Monster Cafe
    Luca's House
    St. Vincent Hospital
    Burden City Central Park
    Naomi Bell & Melody Anderen's Home
    Cardith Detective Agency
    Lexie Sanders House
    Balmoral Apartments
      The Wicked Sister's Gentlemen's Club


      A fictional city in the United States, tucked away in the northern state of Illinois set in our modern day. The last census report made there were 1, 115, 784 people living there. The number has been always a surprise as with as much crime as there is, it leaves wonder to why anyone would live there. Most, however, conclude that it is because of the failing economy and it is the cheapest place to live in America. People come here with promise of a easy and good life, but they only meet crime and passionate acts of violence.


      Crime Lord: I will only be allowing ONE Crime Lord, female or male. The person that chooses to play this character will have to be absolutely, positively, ACTIVE and DEDICATED to this game. This is a most important role because all of the criminals will be reporting to this character and will need direction. This is not a first come first serve character either. The one that can offer me the best profile, and convinces me that they are suitable for the position, then I will give that person the job.

      Criminal: The Criminals presented in this game will have to specialize in one particular crime. In example: murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, arson, or any other obscure act of passion that you can think of that I haven't mentioned. Please be creative with it. You're character doesn't necessarily have to be this macho guy with a thousand tattoos that looks like he just broke out of prison (though he can if you wish). They can look every part the businessman and normal, like a posh and ordinary citizen of Burden. Your creativity with their background and looks only have a limit on your imagination. You will be answering to the Crime Lord when your character is summoned, however you are not required to show, though it might be best unless you wish your character to be hunted down. If you have seen a specialization already submitted by another player, please choose another one. I do not want to see four rapists and one arsonist, and so on. MUST BE AT LEAST 21..

      Victim: I made the roles of victims playable to give depth to the story instead of having the criminals act on NPCs. That's no fun and I know that some of you enjoy playing the helpless female, male, or other. These will be preyed upon by the criminals, being kidnapped, raped, assaulted, etcetera. These are ordinary citizens of Burden, the ones that have come to the area in the promise of an easy life. They can have just arrived or have lived here for a long time. MUST BE AT LEAST 17.

      Investigator: What more is there to say other than a investigator is a Investigator. You can choose to either be pure or corrupt. I would like an even number though, I don't want an entire investigative force that is corrupt. AT LEAST ONE pure investigator is needed. Your character can be devious, deceptive, rude, crude, or one that believes in true justice and follows the law and regulations of the police force. You can even play an investigator that is undercover as a criminal in order to gain enough trust to be allowed to know the true identity of the Crime Lord in order to expose him. MUST BE AT LEAST 21.

      The Detective: This is my character, and she is not involved with the police force, though she works with them. Her main duty is to find the Crime Lord and solve the city's problems by bringing him to justice eventually. Though if she is successful or not remains a mystery. She will be heavily involved with what is going on in the Police Force of Burden City after being appointed there. This character will be very good at picking up clues and solving the mysteries of murders, rapes, burglaries, and etcetera. The Detective is to the Police Force as the Crime Lord is to the Criminals. The Victims are the neutral party.

      The Game Masters

      Creator - Lady Reign, who manages the GMs.
      Head Game Master - Christa McGinn, who runs the Criminals.
      Game Master - Aiden, who runs the Investigators.
      Game Master - AngelsDemonsCode, who runs the victims.

      All of us here are dedicated to you, the players who create this wonderful story with us. Any questions, comments, suggestions, feedback, or general complaining or raving can be brought to us via forum or in a private PM.

      Questions regarding Investigators should be directed to Aiden.
      Questions on criminals should be directed to Christa McGinn.
      And questions on victims should be directed to AngelsDemonsCode.

      Questions on location additions, or general story line guidance can be inquired for any of the Game Masters. Character applications can be approved by any of the Game Masters as well. Ideas for the game will be discussed between the three Game Masters and voted upon before insertion into Burden City's story line plot if needed.

      Character Sheet
      Code: [Select]
      [u]Act I. The Profile[/u]
      [b]Birth Name[/b]: [The name given at the time of your character's birth.]
      [b]Name[/b]: [The name your character goes by now.]
      [b]Alias[/b]: [Your character's criminal name if applies. N/A if you are not playing a criminal.]
      [b]Age[/b]: [Current or Apparent. Perhaps both.]
      [b]Sex[/b]: [The sex of your character.]
      [b]Orientation[/b]: [Heterosexual, Bisexual, Asexual, Homosexual, etcetera.]
      [b]Profession[/b]: [What does your character do for a living?]
      [b]Role[/b]: [What role are you applying for? Criminal, Investigator, or Victim.]
      [b]Alignment[/b]: [Crime Lord or Detective, perhaps Neutral?]

      [u]Act II. The Diagnostics[/u]
      [b]Height[/b]: [How tall they are?]
      [b]Weight[/b]: [How much they weigh?]
      [b]Hair[/b]: [What color/how long is their hair?]
      [b]Eyes[/b]: [The color of their eyes.]
      [b]Skin[/b]: [The color of their skin.]
      [b]Birth Mark[/b]: [Does your character have a birth mark?]
      [b]Tattoos[/b]: [Does your character have tattoos. If yes, please describe.]
      [b]Distinguishable Mark/Scar[/b]: [Does your character have anything else remarkable about them in appearance?]

      [u]Act III. The Dossier[/u]
      [b]Likes[/b]: [Character's Ons]
      [b]Dislikes[/b]: [Character's Offs]
      [b]Attitude[/b]: [Rude and stubborn or brash and valiant?]
      [b]Habit/Twitch[/b]: [Odd quirks or habits that define your character]
      [b]Quote[/b]: [Either a quote that fits or perhaps something your character may say]
      [b]Weapons[/b]: [Your character may or may not have weapons or items on them that allow for violent acts. All Investigators will have 9mm assigned to them, whether good or corrupt, handcuffs, and a riot stick and a bullet proof vest. Criminals weapons may range from guns, to chemicals like acid or lighter fluid. Please be creative with this.]
      [b]History[/b]: [This is very important, though by all means it does not have to be novel length. How did your character become the Crime Lord? How much time did your Criminal spend in prison, if they did? Have they ever been caught for a crime? Why did your Victim move to Burden City? When did your Investigator become corrupted? Why is it that through all of this your character can remain pure and seek out justice in an honest fashion?]

      [u][b][i]Possible Crimes for Victims[/i][/b][/u]
      [[i]Yes - No - Attempt[/i]]
      [b]Forced Criminal Activity[/b]:


      ••There will be NC content in this game most likely. However, permission must be obtained from the player's victim character if it is not an NPC. This permission will have to be granted in public on the OOC thread, or I will ask that the posts be edited. This goes as well for any type of murder that may happen in the game. Please heed this rule and respect your fellow players. All of us here took great care in making our character and only the creator has the ultimate say in what happens to their character.

      ••I do not want any god moding whatsoever. If I see it, I will ask you politely to edit your post. What happens in a small convenience store shouldn't be known to a victim unless they were there. What happened in a big business meeting shouldn't be known to a criminal unless they were present and so on. The Crime Lord will have to gain all their information via contacts. They can be criminal players or NPC characters. Either way, they cannot "just know" that these things happened. Same goes for my Detective, she will not just know that something happened but will be reported to by an Investigator player or by reading a report, the newspaper, etcetera.

      ••No Deus Ex Machina. For those that do not know what this means, it is a method used to get your character out of trouble in a difficult situation by creating something that is not plausible for the scenario. I don't want some seventeen year old girl pulling out an AK-47 in order to not be kidnapped. It just isn't real.

      ••Criminals, your character is not a tank. You cannot just walk around in plain daylight with a mortar strapped to your back unless you want to be a kamikaze killer. You do that an the police will capture you. Being a criminal is about tact and subtlety, about not getting caught. However, if you do get detained, if there is a willing corrupt Investigator to bail you out by stealing/hiding/presenting false evidence, then you may go free. But, you'll eventually have to deal with the Crime Lord who most likely won't be pleased at all that you got caught in the first place.

      ••Crime Lord, you have a huge responsibility and burden in this game. You are the only one aside from me that is allowed to order a death without permission beforehand from the player. This is the sole reason that I need someone considerate of others' characters because I do not want someone that is just going to kill everyone. If I see too much killing on your end that is NOT JUSTIFIED, I will have IC reasons to detain your character and the game will be over.

      ••Please, please, above all else, have fun. This is supposed to be a game that makes you think and be creative. I would love to see imaginations pushed to their furthest limits while in a restricted setting. I think with the right group of players, this could be a very good and enjoyable game.

      Question and Comments are loved and appreciated if you take interest in this game. I do ask that you post them here however, so that I am not answering the same questions over and over again which have the same answers.

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      Offline TastyBacon

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #1 on: September 28, 2010, 01:31:55 pm »
      Wow.  Wow, wow, wow.  This actually sounds really awesome, and I would definitely be interested in making a character in this.  I have no idea what exactly I would want to make yet, but I will definitely be working to come up with something.

      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #2 on: September 28, 2010, 01:33:43 pm »
      Thank you  for your interest, I look forward to your character rabidmonkey.

      Offline LongN4

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #3 on: September 28, 2010, 02:10:06 pm »
      Looks interesting. I've been toying around with the idea of playing as a Sam Spade rip-off and this RP looks like the perfect chance to do that.

      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #4 on: September 28, 2010, 02:16:36 pm »
      Sam Spade? That'd be awesome actually. I look forward to seeing how you translate that character concept to this RP, LongN4.

      Offline Shihong

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #5 on: September 28, 2010, 04:10:00 pm »
      I'm very much interested in a game like this!  Though I would have once loved to try and give the role of Crime Lord a shot, I'm afraid my schedule just wouldn't allow the sort of dedication you're looking for.  That being said, I'm more than eager to give whoever takes up that mantle a criminal to have under his thumb!  This is a work in progress, but before I got too far I wanted to see if this sort of character would work in the setting you've provided. 

      Act I. The Profile
      Birth Name: Jeremiah Fitch
      Name: Fester Culm
      Alias: Torrid
      Age: 28, but looks to be in his late thirties.
      Sex: Male
      Orientation: Bisexual
      Profession: Garbageman 
      Role: Criminal
      Alignment: Works under the Crime Lord, but his motives are his own.

      Act II. The Diagnostics
      Height: 6'3"
      Weight: 185
      Hair: Black, long, and curly.
      Eyes: Gun-Metal Blue
      Skin: Mostly Caucasian, with just the slightest hint of Persian ancestry.
      Birth Mark: None.
      Tattoos: None.
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: Numerous cigarette and cigar burns along his upper arms, chest, and inner thighs, and some rather severe burn scars around his neck and shoulder blades.   

      Act III. The Dossier
      Likes: Fire, Moral Fortitude, Faithfulness.  In his partners he desires total submission, though his is usually a warm and surprisingly gentle touch.
      Dislikes: Most other criminals, whores, grime, struggling (either himself against an attacker or someone in his grip), public acts of indiscretion or lewdness, and outspoken athiests (he doesn't mind a lack of faith so much as others being critical towards his own beliefs).
      Attitude: Generally soft-spoken and subtle.  At his most eccentric he turns into a completely different person, face contorted and voice warped by his own obsession and psychosis.  Regardless of his justifications, Jeremiah is nothing more than a raving lunatic underneath his kind, upstanding exterior. 
      Habit/Twitch: Lighting up cigarettes and immediately throwing them into a portable ashtray in quick succession, his nerves soothed less by tobacco and more by the act of creating a flame.
      Quote: "When the very foundation of your home has rotted away to nothing, when the supports are moldering and infected with parasites, when there is no longer any hope for the structure to ever be redeemed, you tear it down to nothing in order to start anew.  The same can and should be said for a society that has become so mired in its own decadent filth that it can no longer see the light of heaven.  You burn it down to cinders and grow from the ashes.  For indeed our God is a consuming fire..."
      Weapons: Lighters, lighter fluid, a blowtorch, gasoline, fuses, matches, black powder, various papers and other flammable materials.


      Jeremiah was born, unsurprisingly, into a very religious family that had settled into Burden City for the explicit purpose of spreading the Christian faith, perhaps in some poorly-planned attempt to redeem the corrupted populace.  His bible-thumping parents came from an older time, and were about as strict as one would expect, his father often employing physical violence in lieu of persuasive arguments or impassioned sermons.  As a boy he paid witness to many atrocities, most of which occurred in broad daylight on his way to school every morning.  He had a far more realistic view of the city than his mother and father, who remained cloistered within the apartment and the local church while ignoring the city around them.

      But the city would not ignore them.  It was a slow change, but after many years the corrosive atmosphere began to dig its claws into Jeremiah's old man, magnifying his irritability and abusive behavior into something altogether abominable.  The people of the city were beyond his help, and it ate away at his heart until it festered with maggots and hate.  He took up smoking, as if breathing in cigarettes was preferable to the smog belched from the factories, and took to putting them out in his son's skin as a form of punishment during his rebellious teenage years.  When Jeremiah brought a boy home one evening instead of a nice young woman, his father nearly castrated him then and there for his 'sinful nature'. 

      It was around that time that Jeremiah began to both loathe and be fascinated by the power and pain that heat and fire could bestow.  Though his father did nothing but belittle, berate, and harm him, he could appreciate what the man was attempting to do.  In his own small and ghastly way, he sought to cleanse his only child of impurity.  It was a lesson the increasingly disturbed young man took to heart
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      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #6 on: September 28, 2010, 04:58:56 pm »
      He's beautiful Shihong, and I appreciate your interest and even character submission to the game. You took the inch I gave you and stretched it into a mile. I love him.

      Offline Khoraz

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #7 on: September 28, 2010, 05:14:06 pm »
      I would certainly be interested in this roleplay, m'Lady... I won't be able to get a character sheet up until tomorrow however, but I would like to play the role of a victim, if you don't mind... What can I say? I enjoy playing the helpless characters. If you don't mind waiting, I will certainly have my character up here tomorrow.

      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #8 on: September 28, 2010, 05:17:58 pm »
      My dear friend Eros, you are always welcomed to my games. I adore you and your writing.

      Offline Shihong

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #9 on: September 28, 2010, 05:25:37 pm »
      I'm glad you like him!  I fixed the post so the picture went through, and just want to note that he doesn't normally look nearly so intimidating.  At the worse he comes across as a bit severe, but is very easy-going once he gets talking.

      Insanity, however, is rarely a beautiful thing to behold.

      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #10 on: September 28, 2010, 05:35:47 pm »
      Oh my goodness it's Spike from Cowboy Bebop. That man is the sexiest thing ever to come to anime.

      Offline Khoraz

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #11 on: September 28, 2010, 06:20:50 pm »
      As it turns out... I couldn't wait and I created my character right away... I blame your wonderful stories, m'Lady. I hope this is to your liking.

      Act I. The Profile

      Birth Name: Kale Hastings
      Name: Sometimes he simply goes by his first name, however to friends he goes by simply 'K'.
      Alias: N/A
      Age: Actual: 20   Appears: Perhaps 18; nothing drastically lower, however his dress sense often makes him seem more a teenager, rather than an adult.
      Sex: Male.
      Orientation: Bisexual - "Why limit yourself?"
      Profession: He currently works part-time in a small cafe in the center of the city; it is often rather busy and as such it gives him the funds he needs to make his way through university, where he is studying childcare and education.
      Role: Victim.
      Alignment: Detective initially, though there is scope for something of a Stockholm syndrome in the future.

      Act II. The Diagnostics

      Height: 5'9
      Weight: 148lbs
      Hair: His hair is dyed black from its natural blond, though it was done rather poorly at home and as such several irritating specks of blond can be seen within the shoulder-length strands.
      Eyes: Dark blue.
      Skin: Slightly tanned, thoughnothing overly noteworthy,
      Birth Mark: None.
      Tattoos: upon the back of his left shoulder; while not being religious, he believes  that everyone has his or her guardian angel, and he likes to keep his close by
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: None, other than the above tattoo.

      Act III. The Dossier

      Likes: Art (either drawing it himself or seeing others art), alcohol (though not to an obsessive level... Or so he tells himself), music of almost any kind, helping people in need, hiking.
      Dislikes: Ignorant or close-minded individuals, coffee or anything bitter, loud noises, enclosed spaces (this is a serious phobia for Kale; he breaks out into a deep panic attack when forced into small spaces. This is so extreme that even elevators are too much for him to handle).
      Attitude: He is a rather quiet person, preferring the company of his pencil and paper than that of people. This by no means makes him antisocial however; should he meet a person, he will do all he can to create a good impression owing to a fear of rejection that has no visible cause. He also enjoys helping people in need, making a point to drop loos change for any homeless people he passes, leaving tips in restaurants; small and anonymous favours are his forte as he dislikes being in the limelight, thinking himself as something of a wallflower and happy to be such.
      He is a very hard worker and applies himself completely to whatever task he is trying to complete, be it a painting, a cup of coffee for a customer or an essay for his university course. He is, however, extremely picky about submitting finished works; often taking longer than necessary to finish something basic as he is something of a perfectionist.
      Very rarely will he submit to a confrontation; much preferring to back away or end a possible conflict with a discussion instead of violence. Despite this however, he is no fool, and will try to defend himself if attacked and will likewise leap to the aid of someone else, should they be in trouble. Thankfully he has never had to do such, as he would most likely be more of a hindrance than aid.
      A rather negative trait which he possesses is that he will never ask for help; he frets that he bothers a person by telling them he is in distress and as such he has a bad habit of suffering in silence when there is an easy way for him to get help.
      Habit/Twitch: He often touches the tattoo upon his shoulder when nervous or concerned; the thought of his guardian angel being there is something of a comfort to him... Though whether it is true or not, is a different matter.
      Quote: "Do I need a reason to help someone?"
      Weapons: None. Even if he possessed some, he would have no idea how to go about using them; the limit of his weapon knowledge is that with a gun you point and pull the trigger.
      History:Kale was, in fact, born in the city; perhaps this is surprising considering his quiet and reserved nature in such a corrupt place, however somehow he has always managed to keep himself out of trouble, despite living upon it's doorstep. His mother sheltered him a great deal as an infant owing to the rough nature of the area where they live, his father having died many years previously when Kale was but a baby. Kale doesn't know the reason for this death in the family, however he dislikes talking about it as it upsets his mother, whom he loves dearly.
      His mother (while she could work) was a simple librarian in the small bookstore; a poor way of life, however the two needed little in the way of food and they never cared for luxuries, a trait which Kale still carries to this day.
      His mother was unfortunately struck down by a car in an unfortunate accident and had to have her left leg removed, rendering her somewhat useless to the world of work and at that point, Kale threw himself over the role of full time carer. This did not last long however; the boy at the time could not cope with so much pressure, and as such his mother committed herself into a hospital close to the family home, leaving Kale living in the small house alone.
      His life is basic and uneventful; he goes to university, works, comes home and often visits his mother, the reasoning behind his work ambitions being that he wishes to give something back to society, and he believes that supporting and helping children is the best way to go about it.

      Possible Means of Victimisation.[Yes - No - Attempt]

      Kidnapping Male: Yes
      Kidnapping Female: Yes
      Assault: Yes
      Arson: Attempt
      Blackmail: Yes
      Forced Criminal Activity: Yes (Depends what activity - Some things Kale would not do)
      Rape Male: Yes
      Rape Female: Yes
      Murder: Attempt/yes - I'd be willing for him to die eventually for the benefit of the story, though not for some time yet.
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      Offline Shihong

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #12 on: September 28, 2010, 06:36:20 pm »
      I do notice the resemblance, but it's actually just the hair!  As far as I know that picture is just someone's original character that I just so happened to pick up from Deviantart months back.  Sorta looks like Spike got fused with Vicious and a whole lot of extra crazy.

      Offline Lady ReignTopic starter

      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #13 on: September 28, 2010, 07:49:15 pm »
      The Detective

      Act I. The Profile
      Birth Name: Isabella Claire Hastings
      Name: Detective Hastings, or Claire
      Alias: N/A
      Age: Twenty Seven
      Sex: Female
      Orientation: Heterosexual
      Profession: Detective for Homicide and Missing Persons
      Role: Detective
      Alignment: Detective

      Act II. The Diagnostics
      Height: 5'7"
      Weight: 134lbs
      Hair: Brown, Shoulder Length, and Curly
      Eyes: Brown
      Skin: Fair and slightly tanned.
      Birth Mark: She has a marking that slightly resembles a cat's paw on her right knee.
      Tattoos: A purple iris on her left foot.
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: N/A

      Act III. The Dossier
      Likes: She likes when she doesn't have to be woken up in the middle of the night because of a murder, rape, or kidnapping. Brandy is her choice of alcohol, and preferred poison. You can't part the woman from her cigarettes as she claims them to be her great equalizer and stress reducer. She also adores classical music and is known for blasting it from her stereo speakers when others are blaring rap, or techno/pop. She couldn't put her brother here, she loves him too much to just "like" him.
      Dislikes: Not being able to get proper sleep and having to resort to sleeping aids like alcohol and pills. She also does not like it when her cat, Josel disappears for days on end when Claire swears she left the damned creature inside her flat. Burden's crime is her absolute number two dislike, almost as much as she hates that damned movie which is number one ...
      Attitude: Oh how to describe Claire. She's a very dynamic character and has all sorts of facets to her personality. She can be serious at times when the situation calls for it (more often than not), and then soft and caring when another calls. The Detective is a very ambitious woman and determined. There is not much that she wouldn't do in order to gain her next clue to solving the big mystery behind Burden's ongoing crime. There is not much that can be said that would break her spirit, nor much that can be used to threaten her with in order to blackmail, or coerce her into doing immoral deeds. Never, never would she ever succumb to the Crime Lord. She'd rather die instead.
      Habit/Twitch: Finger tapping. She will thrum or tap her fingers on various things in order to keep her nerves or temper from rising. It's a calming gesture and a highly used one.
      Quote: "Jesus Christ, I need to take a vacation. I don't know how much longer I can handle this."
      • One 9mm pistol with four magazines on her person, hidden and tucked away beneath her coat.
      • One Detective's badge.
      • A pad of paper and two gold plated pens.
      • Two pairs of handcuffs.
      • Zip ties.
      • Zip Lighter with an engraved angel on it.
      History: Claire was born in Burden City along with her brother Kale Hastings. Unlike Kale, she had a very close relationship with her father while her mother did nothing but push her aside. He was the Police Director when he had mysteriously disappeared, leaving their entire family fractured. This very event is what had inspired Claire to joining the Police Force like her father and has now risen up to the rank of Detective. When the woman had been old enough, Claire left her family after emancipating herself as an independent and struggled through her entire teenage years instead of enjoying them like the rest of her generation. She had left her brother behind, but Claire had done it so that she could provide for him when the time came. And that time is now, after being reassigned back to Burden with her new promotion, Claire returns back to her home city.

      She hopes to solve her father's untimely death, return to her brother, and rid the city of its crime. But if she can do this, there's no knowing. Claire can only hope because once one stops to hope then that is the moment when failure is found. Claire doesn't know how to fail.
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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #14 on: September 28, 2010, 09:02:23 pm »
      Act I. The Profile
      Birth Name: Jim Club
      Name: Jim, just Jim
      Alias: None
      Age: 35
      Sex: Male
      Orientation: Heterosexual
      Profession: Police Detective
      Role: Cop
      Alignment: Neutral "Just doing my job."

      Act II. The Diagnostics
      Height: 6'2
      Weight: 180lb
      Hair: short dark brown hair bordering on black, has begun to go gray around the edges
      Eyes: gray
      Skin: moderately tanned from priors years of walking the beat.
      Birth Mark: a mole on his left cheek.
      Tattoos: none, clean as a fresh canvas
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: None that can bee seen when fully clothed.

      Act III. The Dossier
      cheap Rum
      a fair deal
      strong women
      a guilty criminal going free
      a raw deal
      a strong woman's husband
      Attitude: Take your average rookie cop, you know the type. Full of bright optimism, a passion to lock away criminals by the book, and most of all a good heart. Put the guy through years of wandering the labyrinth of Burden city's bureaucracy, years of patrols through  neighborhood's that by all rights should have been evacuated years of ago and razed to the ground, years of losing trusted partners, rivals, and even old enemies from within the department. You'll find that his optimism has been stripped away with only a hard edged view of life in its place, his passion replaced by a sense of cool detachment, and a heart that while a little beat up is still as good as the day he entered the force.
      Habit/Twitch: Coffee, black, two spoons of sugar it's the only thing I'll ever ask someone else for.
      Quote: When you're slapped, you'll take it and like it.
      Weapons: Standard police gear, save for the 9mm which he has replaced with
      a more reliable Smith & Wesson Model 68

      ,and a Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket as a back up gun tucked away in his boot.

      History: Born to a single mother in New York City's infamous Hell's Kitchen Jim grew up surrounded by bad people who did bad things, and paid very bad prices for those crimes. Growing up he knew that the the criminals were strong, truly powerful even, but to him they were never as strong as the police who always seemed so courageous and so righteous in their pursuit of justice. Wanting that power to protect himself and his mother he dedicated himself to the goal of becoming a police officer. Shrugging off the stigma of being a "Kitchen Boy" through sheer determination and competence on his first patrols he gained a amount of grudging respect from his fellow officers. That was until his partner got killed, a fellow rookie who was learning the ropes alongside Club until a random bullet in a shoot out caught him in the face. His replacement was a corrupt little goon by the name of Matthews who conveniently enough also got gunned down in a mysterious subway shooting with no witnesses and too many leads too follow the case was abandoned. While he didn't much like Matthews, Spade was infuriated with how the department wouldn't even do a token investigation into Matthew's death. Yes the slimebag had connection to the mob, yes he openly took bribes, and yeah he often coerced woman into sexual acts by threatening jail time but he was still one of there own and despite the man Spade felt a duty to find out what happened to put some closure on his old partnership.

      What followed was a twisted and dark tale of corruption, back stabbing, and sleepless nights where "midnight visits" by people attempting to dissuade Club from his investigation were the norm. His investigation revealed that the corruption that had taken hold of the city reached too high, and that its pockets were too deep to ever be rooted out. Knowing too much, but too talented a cop to dismiss outright Club was transferred to Burden City. Where he hopes to lay low and just do his job.
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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #15 on: September 28, 2010, 09:05:30 pm »
      I sure hope that gun's not to scale!

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #16 on: September 28, 2010, 09:08:13 pm »
      fixed  :-)

      thank god

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #17 on: September 29, 2010, 12:21:09 am »
      Act I. The Profile
      Birth Name: Alexis Sanders
      Name: Lexie
      Alias: Candy
      Age: 21
      Sex: Female
      Orientation: Heterosexual
      Profession: Security expert
      Criminal Specialty: Cat Burglar
      Role: Criminal
      Alignment: works under the crime lord, completely loyal.

      Act II. The Diagnostics
      Height: 5'5
      Weight: 104lb
      Hair: dark red with natural highlights
      Eyes: blue/green
      Skin: Pale with the lightest bit of sun kissed tan
      Birth Mark: no
      Tattoos: no
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: no

      Act III. The Dossier
      Likes: Dominate men, bright colors, sweets fruity verses chocolate, music of any kind as long as it's loud, a challenge, extream sports, and high heels.
      Dislikes: Weak people, boredom, having to be serious in any form, wool, hot weather,  and opera.
      Attitude: Lexie is extremely outgoing. She is bright, bubbly, happy and extremely flirty. She is sometimes sarcastic and rude with a cutting sense of humor but she is so cute and endearing most people just think of it as part of her charm. She loves life and makes sure to have as much fun as possible every single day, she lothes the idea of letting an opportunity slip away. She takes chances and never hold back. She acts fearless, though shes not. She is non violent in most regards, She doesn't kill on her jobs and though she doesn't mind hurting people she isn't a killer.
      Habit/Twitch: hyper active(always moving), combs her fingers threw her hair when stressed, chews her lower lip and hums to herself when bored.
      Quote: Carpe Diem
      Weapons: A long range taser, zip ties, pepper spray.
      History: Lexie was born into the criminal world, her parents were both small time robbers and Lexie grew up getting gifts like lock picks instead of the average doll. Her parents wanted better for Lexie then what they could strive for, they groomed her from the day she was born to be the kind of thief the world would take notice of.
      At 13 Lexie was set to a friend of her parents be be taught some of the finer skills her parents were lacking. By the time Lexie came back at age 16 she could hack into ever security system known to man, was physically tried to be able to run, climb, and jump better then the average person and had an ego to match some of the biggest people in politics.
      Lexie started doing obs the day she came home, her favorite job being a museum where they said the thief was her former trainer. The lack of credit chaffed so Lexie invented Candy, an alias that with a calling card in the form of a business card(mat black with hot pink curly lettering with her name and a lip print) and a Hershey's kiss, Candy slipped easily into the criminal world.
      At 19 the need to actually work for a living became necessary so Lexie did what was natural she installed Security systems. She spent the next few years just having fun and gaining a well deserved name for herself among the criminal comunity.
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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #18 on: September 29, 2010, 12:33:23 am »
      I really want to join this! This is really thought out well.

      May I play two characters in this? One a Criminal and another person a Victim/Criminal's lover?
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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #19 on: September 29, 2010, 09:19:14 am »
      Those of you that have posted profiles are accepted. There has only been one application to the Crime Lord position so far, but I am withholding judgment so that I can get a few more and pick from the best. Call me picky, I know and I'm sorry.

      AngelsDemonCode, I'm only allowing just one character per player for now. We'll see if that opens up this weekend if I can't get a sufficient amount of players that I'd like.

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #20 on: September 29, 2010, 12:25:19 pm »
      Alright, I'll wait until then.  :-)

      I would send my Criminal's profile now, but I'm having issues, a lot, with the coding and I'm still struggling with it.

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
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      If you ever need help with code, Angels, just let me know.

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #22 on: September 29, 2010, 10:42:38 pm »
      I like to play.  Do you still have room for another criminal?

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #23 on: September 30, 2010, 09:17:33 am »
      Mhm. I sure do. Go ahead and make one.

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      Re: [NC][Interest Check] Burden City; A Game of Heroes, Criminals, and Victims
      « Reply #24 on: September 30, 2010, 12:34:14 pm »
      Act I. The Profile
      Birth Name: Daniel Steven Stewart
      Name: Adam Smith
      Alias: N/A
      Age: 30
      Sex: Male
      Orientation: Straight with some bisexual tendencies
      Profession: Businessman
      Role: Criminal
      Specialty: Murder
      Alignment: works for the crime lord but has no true loyalty

      Act II. The Diagnostics
      Height: 6'1"
      Weight: 195lbs
      Hair: Dark brown
      Eyes: Blue with a gold sun flare in them
      Skin: Caucasian, slightly tanned.
      Birth Mark: None
      Tattoos: Between shoulders and knees Adam is covered in tattoos.  All but one can be covered by a short sleeve shirt and shorts.  Two of the tattoos are prominent.  The first is Anubis holding an Ankh, starting at the top of his right arm and goes three quarters the way down his arm, only the base of the ankh can be seen in a short sleeve shirt.  The other is of a phoenix on his back extending from the base of his neck to nearly the base of his spine.  All of the tattoos have some reference to life and death.
      Distinguishable Mark/Scar: N/A

      Act III. The Dossier
      Likes: Simplicity in almost everything with two exceptions, murder and sex.  While Adam likes a quick clean kill or a roll in the sheets with the woman of the hour, he more desires extravagance and elaborate plannings in those two areas.
      Dislikes: Inconsiderate and intolerant people.  And brussel sprouts.
      Attitude: Adam is a passive person when it comes to initial contact.  He is friendly enough in his outward appearance.  He is not moved emotionally by the actions of others.  He follows directions but is hard to read.  His even keel attitude while in most situations is comforting while in a few it is very unnerving to others.
      Quote: "The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time."  ~Mark Twain
      Before he kills anyone he simply says in a calm and even voice "Someone wants you dead"
      • He always carries at least one knife on him.  When not at work in the office he will have multiple, but never the same knife.
      • When he is tasked with killing someone he will always carry a Barreta 92S, he is good at killing but he is not an idiot, things go wrong.
      History: Adam grew up in a middle class family in Colorado.  He attended the University of Colorado and attained his MBA from there.  While in the second year of schooling he was walking around one evening after dinner when a man tried to mug Adam, he got the knife away from the mugger and stabbed him right in the chest, killing him almost instantly.  It was the first time Adam had killed anything.  From that day on he was a changed man.  Everyday things tended to lose their luster until it all meant nothing.  The only thing that seemed to give any form of emotion was sex.  That is when he started getting the tattoos.  Each tattoo represented a form of life and death.  Death and rebirth.  Another change was his fascination with knives.  He began studying the art of knife fighting and human anatomy.  After over a decade of studying he became quite adept with the knife and knew all the places he could stab to kill both quickly and slowly, painlessly and with great suffering. When Adam graduated from CU he wasn't the top of his class or even in the top 10 percent.  He was right in the middle, average graduating position for an average guy.  He moved to Burden City in pursuit of a good paying job, which he found at on of the local businesses.  The new city was turning out nicely and he would be able to put the last few years of study to good use.  The thing Adam didn't realize was the city would afford him the opportunity to put his unconventional studies to use as well.  On a night while looking for some late night companionship, two men tried to rob and kill Adam.  He pulled one of the many knives he carries out and quickly killed the first.  For the second he was not so kind.  He made a handful of quick slashes cutting tendons in his arms and legs, virtually crippling him.  He walked up to the man, now lying helplessly on the ground, and with a cold calm voice said "you made a big mistake and now I want you dead."   Adam then stabbed the man with no more emotion than if he were turning on the TV.  The lone exception was his eyes.  His eyes burned with such intensity and hate it could not be determined if the man bled out or died of a heart attack.  Adam left the scene thinking no one would miss those scum. What Adam didn't know was there was a third member of the group, a spotter, who reported Adam to the Crime Lord.   

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