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Started by Calie, August 03, 2010, 12:08:27 PM

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"Sold" The auctioneer shouted with a pound of his gavel. The young man was removed from the stage and a sigh seemed to roll though the room. Several hundred people had gathered for the auction tonight and the crowd seemed ancy.

"Now ladies and gentlemen, for the last "item" up for bid, we have a treat for you this evening. She is beautiful and innocent in every sense of the word." The auctioneer smiled when he said innocent as if it were something dirty. The fiery looking red head was dragged on stage wearing only what was once a white slip. Catherine was disheveled but beautiful even with the dirt and grime on her face and body. Two large men forced her onto the block and she looked around at the people in the audience with disdain. She was tall and curved in all of the ways a woman should be. Long red hair fell to her waist and was tossed over the large swell of each breast. Her flesh was creamy with only a hint of freckles on her face and down her bare arms. She was young perhaps 19 to  22 years old and a virgin. The latter alone would fetch quite purse full for the auction owner.

"Her own father sold her off, now I could bore you with the details but let's just say she is one of society's elite..." Dark green eyes looked around the room, men and women ogling her with their own brazen gaze. How dare they look upon her in such a state as she was in. The slip she wore was torn and worn and one of the straps had fallen down her arm. With her hands tied there was nothing she could do but allow the top of her alabaster breast to be put on display. How she hated these people; every single one. Rage had quickly taken the place of betrayal by her father and the embarrassment she suffered now; she took comfort in the idea of vengeance. As the auctioneer spoke, she looked every one she could see directly in the eyes. Some looked away and some did not. Those who did not, had a darkness in their eyes, something Catherine had never quite seen before.

"The bidding shall start at $8,000..."

This role play is something I have been thinking about for a while. The setting is modern day. The slave auction would only be accessible to the elite of society so opulence and snobbery run rampant. I am looking for a man who will purchase her with the strict idea of breaking her; knocking her down a peg or two. However, as she fights him and as time goes on I want a sort of dark and twisted romance to develop. Of course, the breaking could include any bondage and things of that nature. I have been deeply in the mood for some knife play recently. This is a little hard to explain, especially when it comes to the twisted romance so, if you need more information please feel free to PM me.

I am looking for a quality player. Someone that will not one line me. Someone who will take their time and imagine the pictures they are painting with their words. This is very important. I know that some posts will be shorter than others, but at the same time quality is key. Please feel free to PM and ask questions if you like. I look forward to playing with you...
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This sounds very interesting to me. You may be a little wary seeing as I've only just been approved on this site, but I have many years experience roleplaying and I like to think I'm a half decent writer. This is a link to my introduction thread which contains several examples of my writing style:

PM me if you think we could get something going.

Current roleplay status:  Looking for new stories.

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I am interested in this, if it is still available. I am looking for a darker brand of roleplay to take part in, and this seems like it. PM me if this is still available, please.


Updated. I never found anyone initially and kinda forgot I had this out there, but mmmm it is delicious.
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Calie, I am fairly new to this site, but to role playing on other sites. I have never done one on one or anything erotic but would like to give it a try. For an example of my RP style please check out my RP Culture Shock. As for the erotic you might want read my short story Stranger in the Dark.

I have also never done anything with NC or BDSM, but this role playing. A way to safely explore new things. If interested please let me know.


As she scans the group and her eyes meet his he does not turn away. The look in his eyes is that of a dark hunger and an anticipated challenge. His lips raise slightly into a malicious grin. She is something that he must posses. He puckers lips in a quick kissing motion, before licking them like a hungry predator.

The bidding starts out fast and furious. It does not slow until the price reaches $250,000. He has not even bid yet and just than takes his eyes off her to start watching the other bidders. It has become a test of wills between four other men and one lady. Soon the bids reach $500, 000 with the lady having the current top spot. The auctioneer says, "Going ... going..."

He looks directly at auctioneer and exclaims loudly, "One million."

The auctioneer looks back at him, "One million, the new bid is one million." He looks over to the woman. She shakes her head. "One million ... going ... going ... Gone! Sold for one million dollars."

Just thought I would throw that in, to wet your appetite.