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Author Topic: Athos' Pathos - Plot ideas - Bondage, extreme, fandoms - Looking for F players  (Read 4816 times)

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Offline AthosTopic starter

Athos' Pathos:

I'd invite anyone who see's something they like to send me a PM. Feel free to reply here, but be aware that I may not notice it as quickly as I would a PM. There are a few things I'd like any prospective roleplay partner to take into consideration:

1. Most likely I will not post everyday. I do try and sometimes I even get the chance to post more than once a day, but between school, work and other obligations it rarely happens for long. That being said, if I think I'm going to take more than a week I'll be sure to send you a PM.

2. Sometimes my muse quits on me in the middle of a story. If that happens it may take a while for it to come back. By a while I usually mean a week or two, but sometimes it takes longer. Again if this happens, I'll be sure to let you know and we can either, end the story altogether, or postpone it until I get my creativity back.

3. I invite you to read my on's/off's. Now that you've done this, I'm going to give you some leeway to disregard some of it. What I mean is, the things that are on my off's are not necessarily set in stone. There are times when I feel more adventurous than others, so if there's something on my off's that you'd like to include in a story, please feel free to ask me and I'll tell you if I'm up for it.

Current Status: Looking for new stories.

My plot ideas:

Modern Day/Supernatural:

Corporate Sex Slaves
Corporate Sex Slaves

Consensual, Slavery
Status: Taken

In the not too distant future, changes in the laws governing prostitution have allowed Corporations to begin hiring their own, in-house, sex slaves. Essentially, a women signs a contract, promising to fulfill any of the sexual whims of anyone in the Corporation for a period of time (usually two years) in exchange for a lump sum payment (approximately 1 million dollars) to paid at the end of the contract term. The only rules governing the treatment of these slaves is that:

1)   A slave must receive adequate rest, sleep and diet to remain at optimal health.
2)   If a slave develops a medical condition, through no fault of her own, during her term that keeps her from fulfilling her duties, she must be released from the contract early with full payment.
3)   A slave must never be permanently harmed or disfigured as a result of performing her service. If this occurs, the slave is to be immediately released from her contract and paid in full with a bonus of ten times the original sum.
4)   Any slave who refuses to perform any duty assigned to them can be punished in any manner, so long as the punishment does not violate the above rules. Severe offenses can result in immediate cancelling of their contract with no pay.

In general, these companies are not looking for the average street walker. They’re looking for young, eager, attractive women from a good background and with a good education. Someone who can provide meaningful service to the Corporation and its members. This can include serving company employees, clients and potential clients while simultaneously negotiating terms for their owner companies. Women who apply for these positions are vetted extensively and psychologically profiled before ever even stepping in for an interview. If you think you have what it takes, please drop off a resume as well as head and body shots at your nearest recruiter today!

The Dungeon Below Me
The Dungeon Below Me

Bondage, Consensual, Ghost Story
Status: Taken


A recently divorced writer moves into a new apartment, trying to come to grips with the loss of his family and hoping to write the next great novel. His days are plagued with bouts of writer’s block and depression and his nights are long and lonely, as he is unable to find sleep due to strange sounds coming from beneath him. He searches for days, looking for the source of the noise until finally he finds a trap door leading to a hidden room beneath the building. There, much to his surprise, he finds a dungeon and in it: The most beautiful woman he’s ever seen chained to the wall.

He brings her up and is all ready to call the police, but she begs him not to. She insists that her Master, the previous occupant of the apartment, hadn’t intended to leave her there and that he’ll be back for her in the morning. He allows her to sleep on the couch and returns to bed. In the morning, he finds the apartment empty and assumes that the girl has gone to be with her Master. As he settles in to work, he finds that for the first time in ages he is able to write freely without difficulty. In fact, he spends hours turning out some of the best writing he’s ever done. That night, he goes to bed for the first time in a long time, feeling like he’s accomplished something. Until he is woken by the same noise from the basement.

He goes to check is out, only to find that the girl chained to the wall exactly as he’d found her the night before. She explains to him that he is her master now and if he wishes to continue to be inspired, he must use her each and every night he remains in the apartment.

Notes: I'm looking for someone to play the part of the girl, while I will play the writer. Essentially what is going on here is that she is a spirit of some type, able to bestow good fortune on those who use her. Ideally, I would like this story to have a very otherworldly/supernatural feel to it. Not like a "Boo! I scared you because I'm a ghost!" but more of a "I'm dead but I don't know it and I'm just reliving the same shit over and over again with new people." I don't know if that makes a lot of sense, but if you think you understand what I'm going for and want to give it a try, feel free to give me a shout.

Selling Sarah
Selling Sarah

Bondage, Non-consensual
Status: Open


“No! Please no!” Cried Ivan Roshenko as his head snapped back from the blow. Droplets of blood from his broken nose splattered the nearby cupboard as he fell against the kitchen cabinet, In front of him stood the figure who had struck him, Sergei Faustin: enforcer for the Baikov crime syndicate. He flexed his fingers and looked down at his bruised knuckles.

“Now look at what you have made me do, Ivan.” Sergei spoke softly, his voice as thin and sharp as a razor blade. “I did not come to hear you beg. I came to be paid what I’m owed.”

Cowering on the floor, Ivan looked up at his attacker. “I’m sorry, I don’t have the money!” He all but sobbed. “Please don’t kill me, I’ll do anything!” There was a wild desperation in his eyes that made Sergei sick to his stomach. The man didn’t deserve to be called Russian, hell he didn’t even deserve to be called a man. Sergei couldn’t help but sneer as he lashed out with his foot and kicked Ivan squarely in the stomach.

The noises that the beaten man made as he wretched and heaved on the ground only made all the more pathetic by his begging. “Please, no more! I’ll do whatever you want.”

“What I want is my money,” Sergei repeated as he squatted down next to Ivan’s prone form. From inside of his finely cut suit jacket he pulled a .22 caliber pistol and placed it against Ivan’s forehead. “It’s not such a hard thing to you understand, I think. I’ve waited patiently until now, Ivan. This is your last chance.”

“No!” Screamed Ivan as his eyes seemed to pop out of his head. Realizing that he was about to die, he  searched frantically back and forth, looking for something, anything to appease Sergei. “No, please! You can take anything...anything at all.” Sergei had seen this before, many times. Ivan would beg and plea and cry until the very end.

Looking around, Sergei followed Ivan’s gaze slowly but found only trinkets, nothing that would begin to settle the debt. “I’m sorry, Ivan.” He replied quietly. “There’s nothing you could give me that I would want.”

“N-no, no daughter!” Ivan exclaimed, tears running down his face. “Sarah, you can take her! Look!” He said pointing to a picture of a teenage girl hanging on the wall. “She’s beautiful and she just turned sixteen! Take her and let me live! Please, I beg you.”

Just when Sergei’s opinion of the man seemed like it could not have gotten any lower, it did. Yet as he looked at the photograph, his cold mind calculated. She was old enough to be useful as a whore and young enough to earn for many years, but that wasn’t his business. He knew many pimps and they were all slime. He didn’t want to associate with that. Still, there was something in girl’s eyes that spoke of a delicious sweetness. If he took her, that didn’t mean he had to put her on the streets.

He could keep her all to himself.

“Fine, where is she?” He said after several moments.

“At school,” replied Ivan. “S-she won’t be home for another hour.”

“Get up,” ordered Sergei as he stood and put his gun back inside his jacket. “We will wait.”

Plot: The story would follow sixteen year old Sarah as she is given to Sergei as payment for her father’s debt. Rather than put her on the streets as a whore, Sergei decides to keep her as his own personal slave.

Drag me to Hell
Drag me to hell

One-shot, Non-consensual, Extreme, Death (after a fashion)
Status: Open

Before her birth, Sarah’s parents made a pact with a demon. In return for power and wealth, the demon would have sexual rights to Sarah on her eighteenth birthday. The story would take place three days before Sarah is to turn eighteen. Strange begin to happen: Objects seem to move on their own, Sarah would begin to hear voices calling her name, and she would see things out of the corner of her eye. At night, she would have incredibly realistic dreams where she is being raped by some unseen figure and when she wakes up there would be marks on her body and/or her clothes would be torn. Eventually, she would become so freaked out that she would confront her parents and learn the truth. The story would conclude on the night of Sarah’s birthday when she is finally taken by the demon.

The Rape Game
The Rape Game

Non-consensual, extreme 
Status: Open

Background: Rape fantasy is nothing new and many women (some studies would suggest the majority of women) have had at least one in their lifetime. As well, rape imagery is deeply ingrained in our society. Romance novels have been portraying “bodice ripper” storylines for decades. For most, these are just fantasies and nothing else. For a few others, attempts made to reconstruct their fantasies in a safe environment are enough to sate their needs. But for advertising executive Lisa Lexington, rape fantasies have taken over her entire life. Three weeks ago she was attacked on her way home from work and raped. Feeling ashamed, she didn't report it, but ever since then she can't stop thinking about. To her shock, she actually finds it exciting and the fantasies have become so vivid and encompassing that she can’t think or do anything at work except dream about being violated. With a big deadline coming, she knows she needs to get this out of her system of she risks losing everything, so in an act of desperation she’s put out an ad on craigslist – inviting any man who sees her on the street to come up and rape her in any way they see fit. She’s even gone so far as to post pictures of herself; the address the building she works in, the locations of her favourite restaurants and her weekly schedule.

Basically, I'm looking for someone to play Lisa. The story will begin shortly after she posted the ad on craigslist. I'm looking to act out a few different rape scenarios, some that come to mind being gang raped by a group of teenagers, being abducted, being attacked while sleeping in her apartment etc... In addition to this, I also want to work in an story arc that will eventually bring Lisa face to face with her original attacker with potentially disastrous (fatal?) consequences.

Simon Says
Simon Says

Bondage, Consensual (kind of), Extreme
Status: Open

Want to play a game?

Background: Jennifer is a young attractive professional woman with has become bored with life. One day she gets a text from someone called “Simon,” telling her to do something harmless but embarrassing. Thinking it’s one of her friends who’s watching, she decides to play along. She does it and soon she is sent another text telling her to do something a little more risky. Again, because she’s bored, she does it only to be given yet another text. This time she’s told to do something even worse, something that could hurt her career or personal life if it was seen. She refuses, but the text keeps repeating every few minutes. She tries to call the number but it’s not in service. She’s starting to get really creeped out, but there’s a part of her that feels excited in a way that she can’t remember being before. Eventually she breaks down as she does what she’s told. As she fears, every time she does what she’s told she’s given another task and then another. Each time she gives in, she finds herself more and more unable to resist. The game seems to take on a life of its own as it sees her doing things to herself and other people that she never would have thought herself capable of. Will she continue the game? If she does, into what depths will it take her?

The Red Door
The Red Door
(click the picture for more)

Bondage, Non-consensual, Extreme
Status: Open
Welcome to the...

The Red Door is a gentlemen’s club located somewhere in the depths of New York’s underground. On the surface its what you might expect, the home to lavish parties and expensive champagne. But away from the music and the girls there is another section. Some might call it the VIP section, but most simply refer to it as the Jungle. It is not simply a room but a labyrinth of tunnels and in these tunnels there are no rules. Torture, degradation, rape and even murder are perfectly acceptable. You can do whatever you want to do, hurt whomever you want to hurt and even kill whoever you want to kill. But just remember, you’re not alone.

Plot: I don't really have a specific scenario in mind for this story. It's really more of a venue than anything else, though I have begun to flesh out the character of its owner a little in the one story I've already started in this area. You can have a look if you like, warning though, its pretty graphic. This is a pretty good example of the kind of subject matter a taking place at the Red Door. That being said, the characters/events leading up to the place don't have to be anything like this. Another idea might be to kind of merge this venue into the Rape Game scenario I've laid out above. Anyway, if this strikes your fancy and you have a few ideas feel free to give me a shout.

Addendum: Recently I've been getting into screenwriting and I would love to turn this idea into a short movie script. If you're someone who's got interest and/or experience in screenwriting and would like to collaborate on this project, please give me a shout.

Snuff Dot Com
Snuff Dot Com

Bondage, Consensual (kind of), Extreme
Status: Open
Welcome to!

We are currently seeking new models!

A little bit about us:

Our site combines elements of reality television with extreme hardcore porn. offers a unique viewing experience and an unprecedented level of audience participation. Starting with a prospective model’s audition tape, members vote on which models they want to star on the site. Successful models are then contacted for an interview. While the audience watches, models are asked a series of deeply personal and penetrating questions.  Following the interview, models are then taken inside the studio where they can be forced into any number of situations as voted by the public. Some of these situations have included gang rape, electrocution, whipping, caning, extreme bondage and/or all of the above.

At Snuff, the sky is the limit!

Models who make it through their scene receive ten thousand dollars in cash.

How to apply:

Models who are interested in applying should create an audition tape (Note: This is actually to be a WRITTEN post where the CHARACTER is making a video, not an actual video) via a webcam. In the tape they should appear wearing only a bra and panties. They must verbally give the following information about themselves with the full knowledge that it will be posted on our member boards for voting:

Audition template

<Paste picture here>

<Actions – Example: Cindy appears in front of the camera, visibly nervous. She’s wearing a black lace bra and panties. After taking a deep breath she looks into the camera and begins to speak...>

<Content – Everything your character should talk about during the audition tape>

First name:
Age(must be over 18):
Cup size:
Turn ons:
Turn offs:
Any medical conditions that may affect their safety during a scene.

The model must then verbally acknowledge the sites conditions of employment by reading out loud the following statement:

I, <character’s first name> acknowledge that if I am called back and arrive for the scheduled interview, I have commited myself to the following and may not rescind my consent at any time after the beginning of the interview. First, I accept that I may be released following the interview if I am not chosen for a scene. If this is the case, I understand that I will not be paid and agree to leave the building immediately. Second, if I am chosen to work in a scene I understand that I may be called upon to perform any number of acts for any duration of time and that the scene will be filmed and that film will be posted on the internet. I understand that upon the completion of the scene, the site will pay me the sum of ten thousand U.S. dollars in cash. I agree that the site will not be responsible for any physical or psychological trauma I incur while performing in this manner.

Audition tapes like the one above are welcome to PM to the site (Note: Fictional site, not any real website) administrator Athos.

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Be My Sacrifice
By My Sacrifice

Non-consensual, Extreme, Death
Status: Closed


It was the Year of Our Lord 1893. Her name was Helena Selene Mortimer. She was the daughter of Lord James Mortimer, a minor but wealthy English aristocrat. Growing up she spent most of her life in London, going to the best schools and attending the best parties. To all outward appearances, she was the picture of Victorian perfection. With her angelic features, keen intellect, and wealthy background, she seemed destined for a life of wonder and excitement. However, Helena hid a dark secret. Since the Middle Ages, her family had been part of a secret occult society: The Order of the Sacred Star.

Of which, her father was the High Priest. From the time of her birth she had been promised, not to a man for marriage, but as a human sacrifice.
On the evening of August 12th, 1893, the very night of her 20th birthday, Helena left her childhood home in London and travelled by coach to her family’s country manor. Upon arrival, she took a light supper alone in the dining room before retiring to her suite. Over the next hour, she donned her finest dress and fixed her makeup until she was flawless. Then she went downstairs, said her final farewell to the staff and stepped out into the darkness. She travelled alone, walking along a dark wooded path. Despite the lack of visibility, she strode confidently. She’d been down this path before, many times over the years as she’d been prepared by her father for her destiny.

As she came within sight of the sacred grove, she saw dark cloaked figures silhouetted against torchlight. They were waiting for her, ready to begin. Her heart beat madly inside her breast, but she continued forward. It wasn’t fear that gripped her, or at least not entirely. There was also an excitement, even an eagerness to fulfill her part in what was to come. As she came closer, the cloaked figures began to fan out around her. In front of her, stood a man holding a human skull, the mark of the High Priest: her father.

“Have you come to fulfill your purpose?” He spoke loudly, his dark voice filling the night air.

“Yes, father.” She replied, her voice strong and firm. She held out her arms and as she did, two of the figures approached her from either side. With their long ceremonial blades, they roughly cut her clothes from her body until she stood completely nude in front of them. Her skin turned to gooseflesh as the crisp night air washed over her. She could feel their eyes on her as she walked slowly passed her father and approached the altar. With each step she could feel their eyes on her, yet she felt no shame. She offered no struggle as they chained her to the altar’s stone surface. She felt cold in her bones as she lay there, but as they began to chant from the sacred book, a strange warmth began to envelope her. As the rite continued, she felt almost feverish and her skin glistened with sweat.

She became aware of a presence looming over her. He was hooded like the others, yet somehow ethereal in existence. In the torchlight she caught a glimpse of his face. He was impossibly beautiful, blond hair and deep blue eyes that seemed to stare right into her soul. His features were perfect, as if they had been chiselled in pure granite. She arched her back, trying to thrust herself toward him all the while being held by the chains. She ached to be near him with every fibre of her being. “Master take me!” She cried, desperately trying to force her legs wider. He reached forward, running a single finger over her breast all the way down between her legs. She moaned and screamed. His touch was hot like fire, equal parts pleasure and pain.

He climbed on top of her, and forced himself inside of her. He fucked her hard, savagely tearing apart her virginity. He bit deep into her and scratched her with his nails until blood flowed freely from her body. He defiled her in every manner possible as the rest watched, silent. The noises she made were utterly inhuman, the kind that would send even the fiercest predator into hiding. When he was finished, she lay completely broken. Her blood stained the altar and ran down the side of, creating little pools on the ground.

Standing over her once more, he produced the blade. Her eyes widened slightly, and her breath quickened. She licked her lips, tasting metal. He raised it high and then plunged it downward. There was a flash of pain coupled with her final release and then darkness took her forever.


Star Trek
To Boldly Go (Craving)

Status: Taken

Background:Premise: While on a deep space patrol, the U.S.S. Majestic is ambushed by a Hirogen hunting party and the ship is boarded. Though the crew fight valiantly to defend their ship, they are eventually overwhelmed and captured. In keeping with Hirogen tradition, most of the crew are killed but a few of the female officers are kept alive to serve as living trophies. One in a particular is a young female ensign who is gifted to the son of the Hirogen Alpha. As she learns to serve her new master, she begins to learn of deep divisions occurring between father and son. The father, struggling to maintain the centuries old tradition of nomadic hunting is met with constant resistance from his son who feels that the species will die if they do not make peace and find a home of their own.

I am looking for a female player to play the role of the Ensign. I don’t really have much of this planned out, so I’m certainly open to ideas/suggestions. I would rather the Ensign character be human, but that’s not set in stone. This will contain some exotic and possible Non-con between the Ensign and her kidnapper though I'm not looking for this to get too into the extreme. Eventually I would like the Ensign's starfleet ideals to begin to rub off on/reinforce the Hirogen's ideas for peace.

A "Dressing Down."

One-shot, Non-consensual/dubious consent
Status: Open

Premise: A junior officer is called into the Captain’s office after making a rather large mistake while in the performance of her duties. When she arrives, she expects a severe dressing down but is surprised when the punishment actually requires the removal of her clothes.

Other information: Not my explanation with this one, this is essentially just a pure smut scene which I don’t intend to last longer than a few posts. I would prefer that the Ensign be humanoid (Andorian, Vulcan, Human etc...) and be female. Other than that, the sky is the limit.

Star Wars (Craving)
Redemption (Craving)

Status: Open

Background:A former war hero, now fallen from grace, is found to be force sensitive. At the invitation of the Jedi Council, he arrives at the Jedi Temple to begin training. Although he excels in his training, the more he grows in power, the more unstable he becomes. As his condition worsens, he begins to suffer terrible nightmares and the council fears that someone is using the Force to corrupt him. To discover the cause, or culprit, of this, a young female Jedi Sentinel is assigned to continue his training. Once together, they immediately develop an attraction for each other, which blurs the line between master and apprentice into something else.

Other information: This story can be set at some point in the Old Republic, a few thousand years before the Clone wars when the Jedi Order still accepted adult candidates or it can be set in Skywalker’s New Jedi Order, preferably after the Yuuzhan Vong war. My only requirement for the Jedi Sentinel is that she be female and from a humanoid race (Human, Twi’lek, Zeltron etc...). My character will be a male human.

More Than Meets The Eye

Status: Open

Background: To the outside world Danathan Kade is nothing but a simple smuggler working for the Hutt Clans on the Outer Rim. An expert pilot and known gunslinger, he gets the job done and he gets paid. That’s it. Or is it? Ten years ago, Danathan Kade was known as Nox Intempesta and was one of the best Assassins in the Sith Order. But when his ambition began to overshadow his usefulness, his superiors decided it was time for him to die. He escaped, but he’s been forced into hiding ever since. He’s tried to forget about his former life and just get by, but his world comes apart at the seams when he takes on a beautiful female passenger who just happens to be a Jedi on a secret mission. Although he’s quite adept at hiding his Force abilities, in such close quarters it’s only a matter of time before the Jedi learns who he really is.

Additional Information: I don’t have anything really planned out for this, so I’m pretty much willing to go just about anywhere with this story. We can discuss what the Jedi’s mission is and how Kade will fit in with it as well as what sexual elements will be included. The only requirement I have for the Jedi is that she be female and from a humanoid race (Twi’leks, Humans, Zeltrons tec...).

Lost Stars

Status: Open

Admittedly I'm not as up-to-date on the new cannon as I'd like to be, but I just finished reading Lost Stars by Claudia Gray and loved it. Though I normally shy away from playing canon characters, I'd really like to explore the futures of Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree.

No plot ideas at the moment, open to discussion.

Being Human
No plot ideas at the moment, open to discussion. Right now I'm only familiar with the U.S. version.

Game of Thrones
No plot ideas at the moment, open to discussion. I'm not quite up to date yet.

Loved the first one and just saw the second one. Amazing! Would love to do something involving some OC's in this universe. This would definitely involve some non-con and probably some extreme themes as well.

The 100: (Craving)
Becoming increasingly addicted to this show. I don't have any specific ideas right now, but I'd love to play a Grounder.

The Hunger Games: (Craving)
Huge fan of both the books and movies, love to do something in this universe. Maybe a story set during the first rebellion?

The Walking Dead:
Huge fan of this show, not really familiar with the comics. Would love to do something in this universe.

The Equalizer:
Used to watch the old TV show when I was a kid and saw the remake with Denzel when it came out. I love the entire concept, maybe with some darker undertones. PM me if you're interested in discussing my ideas.

Babylon 5:
Love this show, would love to do something in this universe.

Amazing show, would love to do something in this universe as well.

Super Heroes/Comics/Other Fandoms:

Marvel Universe: (Craving X-Men roleplay)
I'm really craving something in the X-Men universe involving OC's. I'd rather not play any canon characters if I can get away with it. I'd also like to do something with Non-Con or possibly Extreme undertones, but that's not a must.

DC Universe:
I'd love to do something in the Batman universe (either the Animated Series or the Nolan movies) but like I said above, I'd rather not play any canon characters so I would like to play an OC. The only exception to this is possibly Two-Face, because I love him so much.

The Crow:
Loved the graphic novel and the movie (first one). It might be interesting to delve into this universe a little.

V for Vendetta:
Again, fond of both the movie and the graphic novel.

The Watchmen:
The graphic novel blew my socks off! I loved the ending, it was so good. I haven't seen the movie so I don't know whether or not it's the same as the novel.

Warhammer 40k
To paraphrase an RP partner of mine: there are myriad ways for a woman to find herself wearing a collar in this universe. I'd like to explore a few of them, if you're game.


Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Fiest
Huge fan of these novels, Fiest was the first Fantasy author I ever read and still my favorite.

Star Wars Expanded Universe
Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire is single-handed responsible for my love of reading. I read it for the first time in 1999 and I've been reading Star Wars novels ever since.

Star Trek Relaunch Series
I never really read to many of the Star Trek books until they began the relaunches. Big fan of the Typhon Pact storyline though.

The Forever War
This book knocked my socks off. It was also an inspiration of one of the few Anime's that I like Voices of the Distant Star.

Frank Herbert's Dune Series
Need I say more?

The Vorkosigan Saga
I've been rereading this series by Lois Mcmaster Bujold. For those who are familiar with this universe, I'd love to do something.

Gor (Craving)
I've recently been thinking about Gor quite a bit and would be interested in playing with anyone looking for RP in this universe.


Vampire: The Masquerade

In the Heat of the Night

Status: Open

Premise: Raven Mendez is a private investigator specializing in the supernatural, and good news, he’s based right here in Miami, Florida. He’s also a Vampire; did I forget to mention that? Has been for years, but don’t worry about it; he almost never eats his clients. He’s willing to take on all manner of cases from all manners of clients so if you have a problem and you need a solution, call him toll free at 1-800-DONT-BITE.

Additional Info: Pretty much what the premise says, if you have a case that only a vampiric P.I. can solve, feel free to shoot me a PM. We can play this using the VtM system (I use the 20th anniversary edition) or we can do it free form.

I'm somewhat familiar with this and have played a few games with it. Not my go-to favorite, but I do like the versatility. Would be willing to kick around a few ideas.

Iron Kingdoms
Just starting to delve into this with some friends, could be interesting.

Star Wars Saga Edition
Just starting to delve into this and would be interested in joining or perhaps running a game using this system. Could be paired with any of the above Star Wars scenarios.
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Under construction
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Retired Plots:

These are plots that I've played previously that I've enjoyed, but that I doubt I'll be revisiting anytime soon. I keep them up here as a reminder for myself and so that people can have a look. You're welcome to ask about them, but if they're here I probably won't be interested in returning to them so don't be disappointed.

There are currently no plots on my retired list.
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Re-Opened 'The Red Door'

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Added 'Simon Says'

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Okay there is a link for my ons and offs , I read your posts and am totally into the Rape one if you are still looking for a partner. I shall be walking down an alley waiting for you lol

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My apologies Harmony, but unfortunately someone already beat you to the punch. Thanks for your interest though, maybe we can play some other time. :)

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Removed 'Use me father, I am your slave.' Restructured the layout. New plots incoming.

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Added 'To Steal From a Vampire'

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Removed 'To Steal From a Vampire' and added 'Snuff Dot Com'.

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Added 'To Boldly Go.

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Revamped the layout, added a few things. A little spritz here, a dash there. Have look and enjoy!

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Re: Athos' Pathos - Plot ideas (bondage, some extreme) - Looking for F partners
« Reply #12 on: September 15, 2013, 09:41:49 AM »
Open for one new story. See first post for selected plots and fandoms. Thanks!

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Re: Athos' Pathos - Plot ideas (bondage, some extreme) - Looking for F partners
« Reply #13 on: November 11, 2013, 10:25:59 PM »
Open for one new story. See first post for details.

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Open for one or two new stories. See first post for details.

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Open for one or two new stories. Really craving something in the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. See above for specific ideas or PM me and we can create our own. Thanks!

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Updates made to Star Trek, Star Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade sections.

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Open for new roleplays.

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Open for new roleplays, craving something in Star Wars or Star Trek but willing to discuss anything.

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Looking for RP's, basically everything is up for grabs.

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Added 'The Dungeon Below Me'

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Looking for new stories.

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I'm quite a fan of both your "rape game" and "simon says" scenarios - a combination of the two would be very nice, in fact that's pretty much the plot of a scene I've been looking for for a little while. If you're interested let me know!

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Haven't been around for awhile and looking to do some writing.

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I haven't done a lot of roleplaying on this site in quite some time as I've been in school. Recently, I've had some issues come up that have forced me to take a bit of a break from that and now I find myself with some free time and am looking to slide back into the old groove. Anyone who's played with me before and wants to pick up where we left off, of start something new, please shoot me a PM. Anyone else who finds they like something I've written here or would like to write something totally different, do likewise!