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Author Topic: Guys and Dolls Character Thread  (Read 3251 times)

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2010, 04:05:50 PM »
Clyde Wilkinson
Chief C

Sex: Male
Age: 36
Dossier: Minor juvenile record, Honorable discharge from the Army
Description: (Optional, used to supplement the photo)
Role: Chief of NYPD
Personality: The Chief carries much of his military background with him on a day to day basis. He's an early-riser. His methods are usually clear, concise, and to the point. In his mind, there is always another case to be working. He does manage to always stop in at Lou's Bakery on his way to work to pick up a cup of joe and a chocolate-iced donut with sprinkles (he's got an image to uphold after all). He likes women that can take care of themselves, that don't need his protection. In bed, he enjoys wrestling, bondage, and clothed sex to name a couple kinks.
History: Cylde was raised in the city he now serves and protects. Like most kids in New York, he was a troubled teen but came to respect the law rather than spit in its face. Taking the advice of a cop, he saddled up for the Army as soon as he was eighteen. The man served a total of twelve years before being honorably discharged.

Since then, Mr. Wilkinson has joined up with the NYPD to hopefully inspire youth like himself to do the right thing. On top of that, in his latest successful campaign to become Chief of Police, Clyde has asserted that unlike his predecessors he will clean up the city. His first target? The mobs. Of course, he had no idea what he's getting himself into by trying such a thing.
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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2010, 04:40:53 PM »
Sammy Porrello
'Sweet Cheeks'

Sex: Female
Age: 26
  • Drug trafficking
  • Weapon smuggling
  • Illegal gambling
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Extortion
Description: Sweet Cheeks is a petite young woman, with blue eyes and long blond hair usually kept in a ponytail. Her outfits usually consist of a stylish business suit (minus the slacks, as per her nickname). She is rarely seen without her trilby or a pair of driving gloves, even though she never drives herself anywhere.
Role: Head of the Porrello family
Personality: Cruel and arrogant with a strong sex drive. Her cohorts aren't even sure if she' prefers women over men. She is willing to do anything to benefit herself or gain more power. This also shapes her weaknesses: she is easily angered into rash behavior and greed. In addition, she is unafraid to get her hands into dirty places, whether it be pulling a trigger or interrogation.
History: Samantha Porrello was an accidental child of famous Italian mob boss Joe Porrello and one of his mistresses. Her mother, who worked mostly as a prostitute under the abusive hand of Porrello, refused to give up Samantha upon birth and raised her at her own expense.

What served as a household in Samantha was a life of crime and abuse. She received the bare minimum of a high school education, eventually getting expelled after numerous and violent altercations. The honest job market out of the question, she turned to her father’s line of work, even if all she could do was hang around the lower ranks. Her father never wanted her, or truly loved her more than a possession, and so she associated herself with hitmen, extortionists, and gamblers that worked under him.

The name ‘Sweet Cheeks’ came from her unrelenting sex drive. It wasn’t uncommon for her to screw a man quickly to seal a deal or just a quick fix. In these hasty love sessions, she would often just drop her bottoms and stay fully clothed. Eventually, she took to wearing only the top half of an outfit, and the name blossomed from the tight buttocks always just visible below the hem of a blazer or blouse. Also, there was a rumor that the name also tied to the method she supposedly uses rubbed out her personal enemies, though no one is sure if it's true...

On the week of her 25th birthday, she arranged a coup d’état  of her father’s family. It wasn’t difficult for Sweet Cheeks to gain loyalty. She was young, charismatic, not to mention beautiful and wicked, having inherited her father’s cruelty which was only nurtured through her childhood. Joe Porrello was having a hard time keeping his family together, with growing heat from both police and rival families muscling in. Overnight, she became both the youngest and the most powerful organized crime queen in New York, seizing her father’s property and his drug and weapons trade. She ferociously fended off the other criminal bosses, and quickly earned her official reputation and new organization.

She recently has been very successful in a new venture: human trafficking. Selling men and women as sex slaves proved to be easier than killing them; it kept the body count lower, the police confused, and ensured a large, steady stream of cash into her family's accounts.

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2010, 05:37:47 PM »
Alexis Phillips

Sex: Female
Age: 23
Dossier: (Pending review)
Role: New Police Officer
Personality: Alexis has a split personality, in the sense that she keeps her personal life and professional life very separate. Her work colleagues only know her as sweet and kind, she goes out of her way to make people like her; she never says a bad thing and rarely swears if she can help it.
On the other hand she’s very secretive about her home life, she lives alone in the “wrong” area of town, but she keeps her window open at night as she finds the ‘sounds of the city’ soothing.
Alexis has two boyfriends in her life and neither of them could satisfy her in bed (not for the lack of trying) it’s as if she doesn’t feel anything. The trouble was that she needed something more, she’s regularly hit a new place in town that caters for BDSM admirers. Her turn ones are leather (wearing), fear, (her own usually, although chasing bad guys down a dark alleyway…), hands; large ones (her theory is if their cock isn’t that big at least there hands can try), and the feel of cold steal against her skin (I’ll let you imagine that yourself).
History: Lucy Alexandra Jacobs was born in England, in a the outskirts of London, her parents Eric and Sarah were killed in front of her when she was 13 years old. A killer was never found, despite several appeals in newspapers and on the television all of them included a tearful Alexis wanting to know why this happened to her parents. 15 months after their deaths Alexis moved to Florida with her aunt and uncle to start a new life, but her quiet and moody personality soon had her guardians worried. No one would ever suspect a 13 year old girl with straight perfect grades could kill her parents and lie so convincingly to the police, the public and her closest family.
When Lucy turned 18 she was given the inheritance from her parents estate, changing her name to Alexis Phillips she worked for a few years in a Starbucks before taking the decision to become a police officer…but the killer she was is still there waiting for the right moment to be released. Will her love of danger destroy Alexis’ life and bring Lucy back?
(Hope this is ok.)

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2010, 06:32:07 PM »
Chase Brannigan

Sex: Male
Age: 29
  • Weapon Trafficking
  • Murder & Assault
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Pimping

Role: Top Soldier to Sammy Parrello, Manager of Gang run Strip Club/Brothel
Personality: You need a guy beaten to death? You need a Rival Mob Bosses daughter raped to send a message? Or maybe someone to keep your girls in line. Chase is your guy, nick named "Roughhouse" for his tendency to rough people up. He doesn't give a damn about damn near anything or anybody that ain't within in little circle of love, a small circle. He carved out his place in the gang for his penchant for ruthless violence and eventually rape (what can he say, he gets off on defiling someone's daughter). There is another side to him, Chase is in fact a married man (doesn't stop him from seeking sex elsewhere, but as he puts it "That's the woman that'll be kissing my kids good night, I don't need her breath smelling of my cock." He's a loving husband, but keeps both lives very separate.
History: Chase is one of those guys who was born in a dirtbag street to a dirtbag Dad, his Mom was alright. Either way, growing up on the mean streets you learned to push back when someone pushed you, turned out Chase could push back.....he could push back real hard. In his mid teens Chase took a job for friend of a friend of a friend, just to tag along and put some boxing classes he had been attending to use, if he had too. It was just shaking down some punk ass kids his own age who were selling stuff. When things did get rough, Chase handled himself pretty handy, so a guy who knew a guy asked if he'd like to do another job, make a little cash to buy his Mom something nice. This is what led to Chase becoming a part of the gang, doing a job here, earning trust there, making the money and meeting the girls.

As time passed by, Chase took on more responsibility, walking side by side with more important people. It didn't seem to matter what the job was, kill a cop, rape a guys daughter and send him the video to shut his mouth. Today, he's known in the criminal world as Rough House, the most dangerous S.O.B. around.

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2010, 08:39:46 PM »
Jose Rafferty
"Iron Joe"

Dossier: While he has never been investigated, and most likely never will be. Joe is guilty of  Rigging Cases, Forgery of Evidence, Witness Intimidation, and Destruction of Evidence.
Description:He has green eyes.
Role: District Attorney
Personality: Joe is cool headed, believing that a man should always be in control of himself, he has been known to place himself before others and not to back down to intimidation. He has power and he knows it. Sexually he likes to be in control, he likes to be rough, and he has no trouble using anyone for his own enjoyment. He is known to go through secretaries like they are candy. Each one tending to be even more attractive than the one she replaces.

    Personal History
Joe was born in what could be called the poor side of town, his mother was a proud Mexican woman, and his father a devout Irish Catholic. Needless to say Joe had a very disciplined child hood. His father, one of the few 'clean cops' in the NYPD,  tried his best to teach Joe a good set of morals, but even as he did Joe was learning lessons of his own. He was learning that being 'clean' was all well and good until the month's bills showed up in the mail.

And so it was at a young age that Joe decided at a young age that he would never be poor, that he would never have to live from check to check, and that anyone who crossed him on his way up to the top would find themselves at the bottom. Joe did well in both middle and high school. Due to his hard work he managed to get a scholarship to on of the better colleges in the state, and from there a scholarship into law school. While in law school Joe made several friends, friends with powerful families.

Upon his graduation Joe and five other students left with something that no other member of their class did. It was nothing flashy, just a small silver ring, worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Joe when asked where he got it Joe simply shrugs his shoulders and responds "A club." Now that ring is worn by two U.S. senators, one Congressman, a federal judge well on his way to the Supreme Court, the owner of a large banking firm, and Joe, the city of New York's brand new District Attorney.

True to his vow Joe has made sure that any who cross him find themselves on the down turn with their entire life under both state and federal investigation, their debts called in, and almost any case being found against them in a court of law.

Carrier History

Joe began his carrier as a city prosecutor, helping to put criminals behind bars any which way he could. As the months passed he began to develop a near perfect conviction record, even while pushing for the maximum sentence in nearly every case. This  earned him his nick name, Jose Rafferty became  "Iron Joe Rafferty." Or just Joe for short. Unbeknownest to the newspapers who heralded him as a champion of the law, Joe's reasons for playing such hard ball against crime weren't moral, they were political. From day one Joe had his eye on the District Attorney's desk and in a year and a half he got his chance and went for it. He ran for district attorney and with the support of  the papers, public opinion, and a anonymous income source for his campaign he won by a landslide on the slogan that "Iron Joe won't quit on crime." But now that the campaign is over it remains to be seen if he will make good on his promise.
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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2010, 03:37:27 PM »
Irina PavlovichBloody Butterfly
Sex:Female Age:25 Dossier:Within the Russian Mafia she is known as Bloody Butterfly, numerous murders and assaults are suspected to be done by her, but there are no convictions Description: (Optional, used to supplement the photo)Role:Mafia mollPersonality:Charming and flirtatious to those she just meets, bitchy and demanding with those she knows, and violent with those that cross herShe isn't afraid to take charge and run the show, but she likes being able to rely on a strong man to protect her too History:
Irina comes from a long line of illustrius Russians.  Her great-great grandfather was one of the Great Dukes in the Romanov family.  Fortunate to escape the bloodshed the Bolsheviks.  The family moved around Europe for years, before settling in America where her grandfather went into business with some other European financiers.  His investments were good, and it helped Irina's father when it was his turn to take charge of the family business.  While in Russia the Mafia grew in influence, Irina's father saw an opportunity to take down the oppressive system that had killed his grandfather's relatives.  That's how the Pavlovich family initially got involved in the Russian Mafia.  When Irina was a young girl the Communist government had collapsed, and Irina's father went back to Russia, to stake his claim in the pie.  Irina would have been raised to be a socialite lady, but deep down inside she wanted the darkly dangerous men of the Mafia...and so as she grew up she would make a name for herself within the Bratva as Bloody Butterfly but outside she has been seen as a successful businesswoman.

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #7 on: June 11, 2010, 04:09:47 PM »
Luca Marcovic
The One

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Dossier: Murder/Kidnapping ...whatever he's sent for.
Description: Apparel will most often be of black. His eyes are a strange combination of black and white, although if you're close enough to see his eyes, you must be lucky you haven't been murdered yet.
Role: Hitman (For those that pay him enough. Minimum is $20,000, paid up front.
Personality: Luca tends to speak more with a gun than with his own mouth, finding the common scumbag to not be worth speaking to face-to-face. His favorite phrase would be "Money Talks" as it is rarely anything else that will get him to do a job. He is all-around silent but when he feels threatened or insulted, he won't hesitate to bash a skull or break a few legs. The moral some people tend to learn is that as long as you pay, he'll play. It must be noted that his favorite past time is a forceful interrogation. In short, Luca enjoys violence, so long as you show none against him, you'll either be safe, or die quickly and painless-...well, slowly and painfully, depends a lot on your actions, and his own mood.

As far as Kink's go, it takes a heavy amount of persuasion to get him to personally move in, as women tend to be attracted to him first and foremost. Even if he is cold and uncaring, it doesn't make him a dominant kind of guy. If anything, he allows the woman to proceed unless he is under a period of stress where he doesn't care who or when he fucks. He is not into bondage, anal, or anything very unusual ..although the idea of rape sounds nice from time to time. Just ..don't piss him off, and it won't come to that.
History: Luca's family is either dead, dying, or managed to stay far away from the criminal underworld enough to see life past thirty. His home life consisted of his mother acting as a housewife, and his father figure was hardly around, but made sure to provide for him. Living in Russia and having an unusual sum of money, even in hard times, Luca began to suspect his father's long absences weren't just for 'business trips'. His father, Malkaev Marcovic was a ruthless but loyal-to-a-cause hitman. While he was taught by his father to be cunning and unmerciful to someone who does him wrong, his mother always made sure to teach him that when he had impregnated a desirable woman, to leave anything bad behind him and start a new life, to do the things his father wasn't always around to do. When nearing the end of his teens, his father ended up divorcing his mother and had somehow been able to coax her out of Russia. Even today Luca is not certain how and why his father did what he did, but living on the streets of New York City with a name earned for the past 8 years, it didn't really matter anymore.

If there was one thing his father did right, it was teach his son how to handle a gun. While his mother wouldn't approve of the road he's taking, he always had to think about his father, and what he did to provide. One day he'd like to provide in the same fashion to his children ...and perhaps he'd own up to the promise to his mother, and be there ..and drop it all.

Currently he is only a hitman for hire, and has no real faction on these streets. If you hire him, you have him for a single assignment, and then you'll need to pay another fee ...or somehow coax him into continuing.


I hope this is okay!
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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #8 on: June 13, 2010, 12:37:27 AM »
Arex Koutai
Iron Hand

Sex: Male
Age: 29
Dossier: Masters degree in criminal justice. Known in both the public and police's eye as an incorruptible officer. Excellent proficiency with firearms and hand-to-hand combat.
Role: Police Officer (Corporal)
Personality: While Arex is a very good, professional cop, he does tend to be cynical and sarcastic amoungst fellow cops and even citizens that truely annoy him. Nobody really knows what Arex is really like on the inside, he has never truely been with anyone except his police squad and even they don't know to much about him. Even with his outside barriers Arex still has several kinks (Bondage, BDSM, Typically dom but can be Sub) but he refuses to let them be known to anyone save himself. Many in the department like to call him by a few nicknames like "Sheriff", "SuperCop", or his favorite "Iron Hand" due to his reputation. His personal injuries have also earned him recognition in the department. He has been shot, stabbed, beaten, spit on, and kicked on many occasions, and each time it did not stop him from coming back and finishing his work. Contrary to what many would think, he takes days off and also takes vacation time. He does not like to over due his job for he believes in the long run he would burn himself out. When he sees new officers he always treats them as rookies until they have "earned their badge" in his mind.
History: A cop who has been on the force for a few years now, still relatively new to the force, but is very proficient at his job, has already been promoted to the ESU team for his exceptional abilities, but still is a patrol officer at heart, still getting in the car and patrolling the city. He has earned two medals in the line of duty. Has the highest arrest record in the department and has been on patrol and special operations all of his career. On record he has received three special commendations from Federal, State, and Local law enforcement departments. Due to his overzealous nature regarding routing out corruption and crime, his career has hit a wall, with superiors worried about their shady past and what this officer could report. He hasn't been fired from the NYPD due to his high connections within the state, and federal law enforcement agencies, who see him as a way into the city without being stonewalled by other members of the NYPD. He now spends his shifts on patrol in the city.

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #9 on: June 13, 2010, 01:09:52 AM »
Heather Gizeni
"Golden Goose"
Gizeni Family Masion

Sweetcheeks coined Heather as "Golden Goose" publically in reference to the "golden eggs" ("chicks") her family "produces". What annoyed Heather was how uncomfortably close such a term implied her business. Her family's distance from others was due to heather loosing her cool with Sweetcheeks in a restaurant after Cheeks spoke to Heather as such while introducing her to a set of other individuals Heather hoped to make a good impression with.

Immediately afterwards Heather rose from her seat and snapped back - making a scene none in that restaurant could beleive nor forget. The insults Heather replied with was more than reason enough for the Porrello's to rub her family out. The main reason it didnt happen is conjecture (The Porrello's have killed for a lot less) some think the Porrello's seriously considered it but deemed the casualties doing so would be unacceptable. Perhaps sweetcheeks was in an uncharacteristically tolerant mood ? (unlikely) Perhaps sweetcheeks is planing on still doing so ? Perhaps sweetcheeks no longer cares.

This incident heather regrets, and since then Heather has resolved not to retort when hearing it..

Sex: Female
Age: 37

The Gizeni family is suspected of

Selective Breeding of people
Owning and running Unethical Reproduction Clinics (unrestrained use of human cells)
People smuggling
Forgery (specializing in visa/passport/ birth certificates).
Money Laundering.

Although there is evidence everywhere of these things, cases are dropped quickly as witnesses and prosecution quickly become bribed beyond their means to care for the case progressing.


The Gizeni family specializes in selective breeding of people to perfectly cater for exotic sexual needs of the rich and powerful. Regardless of race or gender this family sees everyone who is beautiful or has sexual characteristics over and above the average as cattle to be experimented with and bred - such that specialized linages emerge. Many pornstar "freaks"come from this families doings and heather plans more to come, however linages specializing in beauty or other exaggerated virtues also fetch handsome prices.


Heather is business savvy and highly decadent. Being involved in the creation of people suited for extreme kinks has seemed to rub off on her family, most are considered highly perverted by other families standards, and the butt of their jokes when sexual jibes are prevalent.  Her sharp tongue is quick and often used before thinking which has caused considerable tension with others in the past.


Uncharacteristically for Italian families, Heather is the head of the family business, which does a cause quips she returns with suggestions of the kinks she suspects others annoying her have. On a few occasions she has insulted more powerful mob families to a point they seriously considered being rid of the "perverted Gizeni's" for good.  I

(by the Porrello's talking the high ground and letting it be water under the bridge - the Porrello decision was strategic. Several members of the family felt to make an example that none including other mob families should refer to them in the way heather did, and letting her without punishment would encourage others doing so. This almost was the case, until one debated that if they did it would make everyone else watch their tongues too closely and thus over time Porrello would be told only what they want to hear - something which would be more dangerous in the long run. Deciding to let the past slide had the added bonus of making the Porrellos more liked by other families, being deemed more moderated and ones with a sense of humour. Still the idea of letting her believe punishment could come any moment was something they felt the "bratty-loose-lipped-goose-bitch" deserves)

Heather seeks to repair damage and tension she has personally caused with other families but currently doesn't really know the best approach.
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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #10 on: June 13, 2010, 01:17:54 AM »
J.G. Redicker

Little Jim

Sex: Male
Age: 30
Bookie. Owner of a legitimate off-track betting institution, influential number runner and illegal gambling operator.
Role: Operates under the Porello family.

Personality: Shallow. Greedy. Arrogant. A typical criminal businessman, a man with a talent for turning numbers to his advantage and using any means available to turn a profit, but loathes getting his hands dirty, or possibly exposing himself. Not a risk taker, a careful, methodical engineer of finance.

He has a taste for high class callgirls, but few true kinks, that he's aware of anyway. Putting business before romance, he's got little experience in the more exotic tastes, preferring to spend his nights of passion at face value and leave a sizable tip before he returns to the office.

History: In the eighties, Big Jim Redicker was the go-to man. He knew all the right people made all the right deals, he was risky and outgoing and outrageously profitable. His betting organization was almost a mafia in it's own right, insisting on using his own protection and muscle, always staying away from the politics of the underworld. In the end, as one might imagine, it ended with his death, and his fortune was passed on to his quiet, studious, and unassuming son, James Jr.

While outwardly distancing himself from what he's called his family's "unseemly past", in reality J.G. took the remains of his father's once vast, opulent empire, and made a very lean, low key operation, using the contacts from his father's past who were now richer, influential, and all too eager for a new and discreet outlet for action. His reputation is golden, he's never been publicly outed, and his client confidentiality record is spotless. He's very careful about who he does business with, only large cash transactions from reputable sources, names that one would recognize from business trades and celebrity gossip mags. Knowing that he would need to be under the wing of a powerful organization to keep from getting robbed or threatened with exposure, he sought out the Porello crime family personally, not long after the shift in power that brought Samantha to power. Now he's one of their primary moneymakers, a person who's connections and savvy present a valuable resource for the Porello family. However, recently, rumors have been circulating that J.G.'s operations are larger in scope than the money coming in would indicate, and there's been pressure within the family to bring him to a very personal audit.
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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #11 on: June 14, 2010, 10:06:08 AM »
Jolene Bunnay (Jo)
Bunny Babe
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Dossier: Theft, Drug Abuse, Indecent Exposure, Homosexuality, Prostitution
Role: Employee of The Sweetest Sin; Entertainer/Pole Dancer/Stripper
Personality: A little bit of a smart ass, insecure, and competes for attention. Creative, lucky, and sometimes street-smart. Loves sex and has a weakness for strong-natured individuals. A perfectionist in skill and appearance.

Bunny Babe has established an entertaining reputation within the Sweetest Sin adult club, despite her young career. Although she may not be the best pole dancer or spotlight entertainer, she is excellent on a one-on-one basis. Lap dances are her strongest skill and is called upon to preform on the floor more often than the other girls. If the spice is right (and the money), she has also been known to pull a man or woman into a back room for some private entertaining. Naturally submissive, she will not pass away the money if someone wants her to sexually take control. Her ass may be good for bunny bumping and bunny hopping, but Jo has, on many occasions, refused to service if it meant losing her dignity, no matter the price tag.
History: There is nothing special about Jolene Bunnay or her family history. Somehow she managed to keep up a classy demeanor even in the midst of personal struggles. Her father was a drug addict, and when he wasn't home her mother was a hopeless, dying tramp. Her mother was her strongest influence, though Jolene was determined to not become like her - almost not like her, that is. Because while sex was instilled in Jo's veins like drugs being pumped through her father's, she would not become like her mother who acted miserable and vulnerable, with legs weakly spread for the next guy. Jo would make the most of her sexual skills and turn them into a profession; passionate and alive.

Working for the Sweetest Sin has not been so bad compared to the other places listed in her work history. She is young with the club, but has quickly learned to respect the rules. Simply said, Jo clocks in and clocks out. There has been a couple of times where trouble spurned some horns, and a guy or two wanted more of Bunny Babe than what she was willing to give, but the muscles of the club settled the situation by kicking the drunk bastard back onto the street curb. But her friends who work alongside keep on hinting to Bunny that the club operators allow her to pick and choose because she is not swimming in deep waters with them yet. For some older employees who have been entertaining in the club much longer than her, their employee-ship is more like slavery and operates on an entirely different level. Jo just turns her cheek when she hears this, hardly believing any words.

Romantically, Jo has a boyfriend. A unique boyfriend. His name is Guy Montag and works in the shipping industry. Jolene never thought it was possible, but she finally met a man who enjoys her profession and encourages her to keep at it. Even when he has found out that Bunny Babe had to 'privately' entertain that night, he still gives her a smile of kinky sorts. He seems to enjoy sharing - not bothered if another man shot his load in her or not. He seems to understand her duties and takes pride that Bunny Babe comes home to him at the end of every nightly shift.

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Re: Guys and Dolls Character Thread
« Reply #12 on: June 14, 2010, 03:10:18 PM »

The Cleaner; The Man With No Face, or alternatively, The Man of 100 Faces
Sex: Presumed Male
Age: Unknown (Presumed mid-to-late 30s to early 40s)
  The man (or men) known as Shaw will work for anyone with the connections or the money required to hire him, specializing in the hasty removal of incriminating evidence from a crime scene.  This includes everything from spilled blood and fingerprints to stray bullets and hair follicles; given a large enough window, Shaw is able to expertly cover up anything short of a full blown firefight.  When there is not enough time to clean the crime scene itself, he is more than willing to take corpses brought to him and make them "disappear". 

  • Information Broker:
Shaw is the best kept secret when it comes to finding information for trade, and for a very good reason: He's somehow managed to dip his fingers into just about every pocket in the city in some way or another, and a number of rather influential figures are kept in check by unsavory evidence that they would prefer did not get released to the public.  His web of contacts is both vast and seemingly untraceable, and include both criminals, law enforcement officers, politicians, and even seemingly normal civilians.  His loyalties are to no one, and he freely buys and sells information from and to interested parties regardless of their background or intent.  It has reached a point where many organizations have become dependent on his services, with all sides constantly trying to get the upper hand on their competitors.

  • Though concrete details concerning Shaw are scant at best and outright fabrications at worst, a few things can be assumed.  He is clearly a very intelligent man to be able to keep track of the comings and goings of so many people, not to mention playing each of them off of each other in order to achieve his desired results and open up doors that would otherwise be closed to him.  His meticulous knowledge of crime scene investigation could suggest a previous life in law enforcement, or at least an extensive education in the field.  Beyond that, everything about him is a wild card.  His ethnicity, skin colour, country of origin, and even his name are all unknown.  Even his gender is circumspect, as contacts have been previously met by (masked) women claiming to be Shaw.  Many assume that the man most often seen accepting corpses for disposal is the real Shaw, but even that is up for debate.

Description: The "Definitive Shaw" is man of average build, no taller than six foot two and prone to wearing extremely casual attire.  His face is hidden at all times with a solid black mask with a peculiar little blue lens at the center, and his oddly dreamy voice is mildly warped by a voice changer.  When on the job, he generally wears a surgeon's uniform, black rubber gloves that extend up to his elbows, and a round-goggled gas mask.

However, many men (and even some women) have called themselves Shaw in the past, suggesting that the moniker is less a name and more of a title bestowed upon a number of select individuals.  The comical sort of yuppie style of dress does not change between them, regardless of gender.  Most of them tend to be around the same height and build, though at least one of them is several inches taller and considerably bulkier.  Their skillset also seems largely the same, though whether they are all equals or simply puppets is unknown.

Role: Neutral Party

Shaw (The "Definitive" Shaw) is nothing but cordial to would-be buyers and sellers, greeting all with a cheerful nod of the head and an offer of a cigar or cup of coffee.  This cheerful demeanor becomes somewhat muted during discussions of business so as to not upset certain individuals that might take offense to it, but he has yet to reveal even the slightest ounce of negativity in all of his meetings.  Personal questions do not seem to irritate him in the slightest, though his voice does tend to take on a rather unsettling tone when he evades such probing.

In regards to his sexuality, that is very difficult to say.  If he does have romantic entanglements he certainly is not inclined to discuss them at any length, and it is unknown if he manages to balance any sort of social life with his unusual line of work.  It is doubtful, however, that such a man would harbor vanilla tastes when one considers the sort of gruesome activities that he seems to enjoy busying himself with.


If it was not already plainly obvious, there is no personal history of Shaw to be found anywhere.  His appearance in the city was so subtle and low-key that it is nearly impossible to determine just how long he has been stationed there, let alone when he actually took up the title and began to conduct his affairs more openly.  Disregarding those that are assumed to be nothing more than convenient stand-ins, doubles, and bodyguards, Shaw occasionally has leaked several rumors concerning his past to tantalize and confuse the curious.

One such story places him as an orphan in Harlem, a small and sickly boy that nevertheless had a bit of a knack for pickpocketing and eavesdropping.  His softspokenness and unassuming demeanor allowed him to hear things that he shouldn't have, and he used it to his advantage by blackmailing key individuals and working up a tidy fortune in the process.

Others describe him as the son of an affluent politician or other government official who used his own political influence to steal his father's support and supplant him, using his new-found connections to form a comfortable base before going underground and using his knowledge for far more underhanded purposes.

Still more say that he is a former member of some Black Ops team from a foreign country that has since been disbanded, and that the collective Shaws are the remnants of the organization putting their skills at subterfuge and infiltration to use by pitting criminals against each other in a bid for more power.

And then there's the rather amusing little rumor that Shaw is, in fact, a reptilian from Mars that hides his scaly hide beneath a mask at all times, and that he is merely collecting intelligence for the impending invasion.  One can only assume that all of these stories are merely fictitious, and that it is unlikely that any of them hold even a grain of truth between them.  Though there are many looking to dig up juicy dirt on the Information Broker, those that get in too deep tend to find their own secrets found out and dangled in front of their faces before they can get a hold of anything tantalizing.   

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Here is the draft as promised. Link to picture now included!

Serena Rosemarch
The Hot Scoop

Sex: Female
Age: 23
Dossier: Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism; Hacking; Data Theft; Extortion

Description: Serena is a petite 5'4" with pale creamy skin and red hair that she keeps in a neat, professional bun. Her face is round and soft, with piercing bluish-green eyes. She dresses in business attire that's specially cut and modified to emphasize her lush curves and never goes anywhere without her recorder and a notepad and pen.

Role: News reporter; neutral party

Personality: Serena presents a dazed, somewhat ditzy exterior. She likes to appear polite and approachable, speaking softly and pretending that she doesn't know that her top is unbuttoned to a scandalous degree or that her mini-skirt is just waiting for the wrong breeze to blow up on her. Playing dumb, clumsy, and innocent are her trademarks and it makes her smile when people assume she's just a bimbo. It makes it all the easier for her to steal their secrets that way.

Her true personality is coldly mercenary and self-aggrandizing. She wants to be the best at whatever she does and she wants glory and fame for it. Money wouldn't hurt either. To that end, she has no problem with breaking rules and scheming her way up the ladder at work. She prides herself on being the youngest ever at her news affiliate to reach undercover reporter status, pursuing the juiciest leads for the biggest stories. She believes in winning, whatever the cost.

As far as romance goes, Serena doesn't believe in that. She is bisexual and has the occasional one-off fling here and there, but her workaholic attitude and the sharp-tongued temper she conceals behind her klutzy facade have so far turned off potential suitors.

History: Serena's upbringing was nothing really special. Her parents, a lawyer and a banker, met, fell in love, raised her to the best of their abilities, with love and care. But there was an underlying vibe in her family home. Her father was a prosecuting attorney who always wanted the best. He was never satisfied with anything less than that and he always told Serena not to settle for second-best in anything. Similarly, her mother was the disappointment of her family and never could conceal her jealousy and resentment of her more successful siblings. These were the attitudes that shaped Serena.

Once she hit Junior High, she noticed how her blossoming looks affected both boys and girls but thought nothing of it until one day she was asked to stay after the cheerleading tryouts. The coach gave her some bourbon and then offered her a deal. Serena really wanted to get on the team this year, and if she would pleasure the coach, she could be on the team. It was from this experience that she learned of the power of sexuality and she never forgot that lesson. She made cheerleader, and proceeded to use her body with both male and female teachers over the next few years to guarantee the best grades. She learned other lessons too, like how to manipulate the gullible into doing her work for her, hack into computers, and the value of blackmail; all lessons she would take with her to college.

Having graduated early from college with top honors (thanks in no small part to sleeping with, secretly recording, and threatening to expose various teachers), Serena moved on to her journalism career. She wanted to be famous, rich, and powerful without really having to work for it, and where better to manipulate public opinion then the news? Reliance on her tried-and-true methods of advancement got her bumped up to the undercover investigative squad in under a year, and now she's pursuing leads on the crime situation in town. A tell-all expose on the crime families and their doings could be her big break to the national news media, or so she hopes anyways. 
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Viktor "Masterarm" Stukov
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Dossier: Suspiciously Clean -Current name-
Former name- Unknown, records blank.

Role: Weapons Trafficker/Dealer, Private security contractor
"The Motherland always watches out for one of its most loyal sons, even if he can never return home." -Final words of his Spetsnaz CO as he was sent to the US with his passport, a new identity and enough money to make something of himself.

Viktor is one of those men who came out of thin air, the sources and all history on file state the following.

He is the offspring of Russian Immigrants who came to the country some point in the 70's, living in Queens, New York. His father worked as a construction his worker, his mother a house keeper. Enough tax records to keep people from asking questions. The last note of his parents was they retired and returned to Russia, currently thought deceases leaving Viktor with no family. No friends, no neighbors, nothing to tie the man to his "birth" state.

Viktor speaks with a thick Russian accent, graduated from NYU about 14 years ago with a degree in business administration. Ten years ago he began a private security company named "Aegis Security" and takes individual contracts from large public events to private cases. His books are clean, his company nothing that sticks out but he his security guards tend to be ex-military or retried police officers. None of his guards are over weight or work for him after taking a 20 hour course at the local community center once they get a "guard card".

Those who know him a little better know that the small office building he owns serves as a armory to those who have the right amount to spend. In the last five years his company had nearly tripled in size, just around them time smaller independent weapons traffickers suddenly went missing and their caches stripped bare.

He intends on being the main supplier of weapons in New York and those on his payroll will see that it happens.

Viktor is a man who tends to be serious, his face always stoic or emotionless from his previous military training. He likes to be alert of his surroundings at all times and carries himself with a controlled poise many mistake for weakness. A mistake not many make when they realize just how quick they find themselves on the ground with a gun to the back of their head or a serrated knife to their throat.

He is not quick to anger but he does not like opposition. His work ethic is instilled with a discipline only those with a military or law enforcement background can handle. When compared to other security guards, those from Aegis Security have an intimidating commanding presence. While his record might be clean, Aegis Security has pending investigations over unnecessary force used by their employees at public events.

Rumors- Rumors are that Viktor sends all his workers through a training regiment that makes boot camp seem like a stay at the four seasons. Only a few who he picks out by hand know of the inner workings of Aegis Security.
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Carla Briaforte

Sex: female   
Age: 26
Dossier: dropped out of the police academy near graduation, even though she would have done so near the top of her class
Description: see photo
Role: vigilante whose goal in life is to take out the families
Personality: Carla is calm on the surface but has a temper at times. She is quite methodical and patient when it comes to her job, but some situation can make her turn to blind rage. She is a loner, having seemingly no real close personal relationship to speak of.
History: Carla had a pretty uneventful childhood. She was born and raised in New Jersey. Her father worked for a  private security firm, her mother was a school teacher. But it was her uncle, the police detective she looked up to. From the age of ten upwards, she dreamt of joining the force herself and was well on her way to doing that when she enrolled in the academy upon her graduating high school. The arrest of her uncle in a wide-spread police corruption case shattered her belief in the system, and she immediately dropped out of the academy, abandoning any desire to join the police. Instead she has been waging her own little war against the families. She seems like a lone vigilante, but then no one knows who is bankrolling her operation or indeed paying for her upscale Upper East Side loft. There is more than meets the eye to this one…

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Karlota Giordano

Sex: Female
Age: 24
Dossier: None, she is the definition of a 'good girl'.
Description: see photo
Role: Daughter of Lou from Lou Bakery, returned home from College in Florida.
Personality: She's a bubbly individual who has a heart of Gold. She is the only child and so she has promised herself to do good her entire life. She doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and her one flaw is that she's a bit naive. But she's a warm-hearted person with a quirky sense of humor. College thought her book smarts but not street-smarts.
History: Karlie was born late for her parents, she was deemed their miracle baby. Ever since she was small she has done her absolute best in life. She just refuses to bring shame to her family name. As a young child, Karlie knew that she had the best parents ever, so she never put them through any hardships. When her parents surprised her with money to go to the University of Florida she was stunned because they were in no way rich. What she didn't know is that her Pops had gone to 'higher powers' to get the money for her Tuition and was having to pay it back little by little. But now Lou's Bakery is struggling and Karlie has come home to help her Pops, much to his objections.

Karlie has heard of the growing issue of the Mobs and the crime but she would have never believed her Father to be involved with those types of people. She was unaware of just how deeply her family was tied in with them.